Solunar Best Hunting Times

4.6 (4.5K)
26.9 MB
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7 months ago
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14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Solunar Best Hunting Times

4.64 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Tangle Eye
This is it!
I’ve been looking for a reliable sunset and sunrise app. This is a jewel - it not only has sunset and sunrise times but also a simple to use solunar tables app and weather. And - its easy to put in all of my hunting locations and see future solunar activity and weather. Best of all - the Apple Watch support is perfect. This is just the app I was looking for and well worth the price.
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5 years ago, SHDeerHunter1991
Not Impressed
Honestly disappointed with this app. Was looking forward to fine tuning my hunting times and locations, but it just hasn’t been accurate for my area at all. I don’t rely on this app to determine when I go hunt or not. I’m out there rain or shine. But on days where it showed 5 deer for movement I did not see a single deer all day. It’s been warm this year so far where I hunt, and I have a ton of corn all around me hunting area. So the deer just aren’t moving right but the app says otherwise. I wish I didn’t spend the $2.99 on this. Not trying to badmouth it at all. Because it seems like it’s working for some other people. But I will not be purchasing again.
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5 years ago, hunting123456789
The best app ever!
I use this app when me and my dad goes hunting. The reason I like this app is because you can tell when the major and minor eating times are at and if they are moving. Thank you hunting times😀
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9 months ago, Bcliff🤙
Same deer movement for every state
I have checked 3 different states and they all almost say the same thing. I got the premium I gonna see how it works, if I’m not wrong I think they only go off the moon. That’s not the only factor in play while deer hunting, Should expect that with it being as cheaper as it is. I will let y’all know how it works, wish I looked into it like I did before I paid
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6 years ago, Wolfbow123456
Love the app but it has a bug
If I create a custom location in another time zone, the app does not recognize this and reports the sunset, sunrise and major/ minor feeding times in the time zone where I am presently located. This makes planning a trip to another time zone unnecessarily challenging and also seems to break the hunting rating, as it depends upon these data points. I have reported this problem to the developer via his website and have not heard back.
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2 years ago, big time hunters in the USA
Very nice app I wish for you to see in more then 1 day you did not have to buy the membership but otherwise then that perfect app
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8 months ago, billy bibbb
Fairly Accurate
Not entirely accurate but I did kill a buck around the time it said they would be moving.
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5 months ago, Raxkmaster
Right on point
For hunting and fishing time this puts you where you need to be at the right times.
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6 years ago, IanB1970ish
Best Watch Support
I looked through A LOT of hunt time apps for Apple Watch support. This is the best one by far. If I remember right, it was the ONLY one that actually has the hunt times on the watch.
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3 years ago, babtbum
Feeding times
On point! Timed it with my cell cameras and sure enough would have action on the times stated.
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3 years ago, Double Amp
Right On!
This gave me important info when I needed it, + helped me be more patient to get the 2 deer I could get!
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10 months ago, mmbvcxzlkjf192837465
Not accurate
Nothing I saw on this app is accurate for my location. The sunset/sunrise times aren’t even close, the low temp was off by 15 degrees and the high by 20 degrees. Moon phase was close. But if the app can’t even get weather and sunset/sunrise times close, how can I put any faith in the predictions based on that faulty data??
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4 years ago, JLewis2020
No go. Pay the $5 for the better isolunar app
Better off paying $5 for the better isolunar app. GPS is always off. All you really get is major/ minor feed times and the weather. For what you pay for you’d think the app should be free. It’s almost like a gimmick to get bargainer to go for the cheaper deal. Quality over quantity.
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7 months ago, CEJ2023
Nice program, but expensive
Nice program but expensive
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5 years ago, RG31503
If I’m sitting and see wildlife and check my tables the times are usually spot on
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5 months ago, D Crochet
Haven’t used it that much but will see if it works. Thanks
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3 years ago, jjjjjjjjjjpppppppwwwwww
Hunting times
Great information when going into the woods to hunt
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2 years ago, red grouper
Red Grouoer
Good, quick, accurate data. I use to determine best times to hunt and fish
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7 months ago, PN the runner
Great app
Easy to use and very accurate.
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6 months ago, bigguage
Not very accurate.
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5 years ago, not no but hell no
Killing Deer
I have used this app and have killed more deer because I used it👍
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5 years ago, Willis38756
This app is in perfect alignment with what I'm seeing on my cameras!! Very nice! The no moon days with five deer are on the money with mid day buck behavior!
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5 years ago, 24daddyrabbit
Great for hunting
Been correct every time
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2 years ago, 23bummed
In app purchases required
Charges to go beyond a couple of days
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2 years ago, bigg gammer
Important knowledge
Love our app thank u
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1 year ago, coopers deer camp
Weather , temperature, wind ect
Can figure out how to get the weather . Temperature and other s to come up on my phone. Direction of the wind . Just buffers
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2 years ago, gregsherry
Great app and give good information
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7 months ago, Germam1951
I like this app.
Is very good
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1 year ago, ftvtfvtfvtfvtfv
Works sometimes
I have seen slot of sign on the days it says 1 star
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4 years ago, Stinky whistle teeth
The watchers
Great app glad I made the purchase I can go out and take some great pictures
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5 years ago, Slocom66
Great App
Love this app!!!! A must have
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6 years ago, 1978MattN.
Hunting Times bad
I would never ecomend this app to a friend coming letely unreliable and bad. I want my money back
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8 months ago, Turkey, hunter
Deer hunting
The best hunting app ever
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3 years ago, Wilo T
Great App
Best app so far!!!!!
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2 years ago, Caleb231213
Do not download this is terrible
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8 years ago, Abcde56123
No frills. Just good solid info. Feed patterns are consistent with the times listed in the app. Killed a nice 8 point the first day I used it. Of course there's more to the hunt than just the feed times, but this app gives you the best chance for success. I was originally concerned with how it would do in the Deep South of the US, as deer down this way tend to be harder to pattern than other places, but it has been spot on every time. Thanks for a great app guys. Keep it up.
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5 years ago, swanhunter
Apple Watch
I can’t get it to go to my Apple Watch
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9 years ago, apiihhbxciebf0iyr
Provides what I need
App provides the information I need to make a decision. Displays quickly and has become a tool I use to plan my times.
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9 years ago, Hamfe6
Works great
Very consistent when compared to other apps and it's always right.
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9 years ago, CristolOS
Works great!
This app works great, provides helpful info, and is worth the small charge!
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9 years ago, Gmachine21
Alabama hunter
The best app it provides wind direction, temperature, and much more! I give this a 5 star review!
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9 years ago, bbflashdaddy
Great app. Really helps me decide which area I will hunt. Very accurate.
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8 years ago, Marc Carpenter 11
Spot on
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8 years ago, Scottie610
Good info. Pretty basic. Easy to use. I like it
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7 years ago, foxusmc
I don't hunt where I live, I need to save a location. Map will not load, this app is a piece of junk.
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9 years ago, Dwigo
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