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SonicWall Inc.
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User Reviews for SonicWall Mobile Connect

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1 year ago, Alex in Minneapolis
Connection drops on battery power in Monterey
I've used this app for years, it's been... adequate. But now, on Monterey, whenever I unplug my MacBook from the charger, the VPN connection drops. WITHOUT leaving my home wifi, or closing the clamshell. The workarounds I've found all involve checking the option "Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display is off" in power/battery settings, but in Monterey (12.6) this option is NOT AVAILABLE in the Battery panel. (If I leave the Mac plugged in, the same connection can stay up for days.) Another annoyance is saving passwords for connections. It's available in the UI, but it usually ignores the saved password and prompts me to enter. OK fine, but then once a week or so it DOES use my saved password. Like, just to tease me with how much easier life could be!
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7 years ago, ObeyTheFist
Update your SonicWall's firmware
If you're having trouble using this app to connect, talk to IT and get the firmware on your SonicWall updated. I suffered with this app's inconsistent ability to connect to my company VPN through our SonicWall for a couple of years, angry that working from home always meant spending half an hour getting connected and then carefully keeping my laptop open to maintain the connection. A few weeks ago IT was reviewing this issue and found that we were several releases behind on firmware updates. They ran the updates one night (be careful, these aren't just bug fixes but additional features that will need to be reviewed - our system was down for a while due to new and more intense DPI), and suddenly I connect within seconds every time. If I forget to disconnect it before I close my laptop, the VPN now reconnects within seconds. This app has completely dropped off my radar as a tech hassle since upgrading our firmware.
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4 years ago, Smithy...
Sonicwall needs to support this like it supports Windows VPN
3 Stars because when it works it works well and lets me do what I need to do remotely and at a good speed. I hear if I upgraded to Catalina this app would implode. Not good. Onto the bad... We have to pay for additional SSL VPN licenses so any excuses about "free" are not allowed. Even before Sierra this app was incredibly prone to randomly disconnecting from my employer's rocksteady nodes. Then it does the disconnect dance where it says "disconnecting" until you disconnect it by force quitting because the disconnect button does not work when the connection has hung. Sometimes then when you restart the app it is still in that mode so you have to give it a few before you reconnect to your perfectly stable VPN node back in HQ. I do this dance several times a week. It depends on the mood of the App or the Sonicwall. Not sure which as we keep our Sonicwall devices very up to date and in good shape.
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6 years ago, Neowolfwitch
Works great for me...
I really don’t get all the hate for this app. I have a SonicWALL VPN appliance that is properly configured and regularly updated. The only issue I have ever had with earlier versions were caused by Apple MacOS upgrades, and not the app/SonicWALL itself. Apple changes things with every new release, and it takes vendors a while to catch up. Beyond that- this has been rock-solid for me. I travel quite a bit on business and need this to access my LAN. A lot of times I completely forget I’m running it- it’s been fast and reliable.
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7 years ago, MV Kid
Does not work most of the time
I have Sierra and I can connect around 1 out of 30 times I try this. Please update this app to work in later versions of Mac OS reliably. I had to actually buy a PC laptop (I know painful, right?) so I could do my work on the server, since support for the PC version of the software seems to be much more up to date. Please pay more attention to us Mac users, and test all OS versions when creating your application. Its been months since this new version release (March 2017 I think) and nothing has been done to address this issue. If you see a problem that is consistent, address it and get a new release out promptly.
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5 years ago, The Real Providence
This app loses it’s (bleep)… when swtching network connections...
This app has a very difficut time switching network connections. Crashing out of it or disconnecting and reconnecting (which takes forever) doesn’t seem to work most of time when you switch/failover to a better network connection. It’s frustrating in the extreme. Even when you crash out of the app, only a reboot appears to really clear up what’s happening with the network stack. I’m looking forward to switching to Meraki.
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4 years ago, ForceBlast
I'm not sure if this is a MacOS Catalina issue, or a problem with this app, but recently it started forgetting my VPN settings and I have to constantly reenter them. Very frustrating. Whereever the issue lies it needs to be fixed. Once it's fixed I'll update my rating. Until then I'll have to agree with most of the other reviews here - 2 stars.
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6 years ago, woodman3
Must have current firewall updates
This app would not work correctly till we upgraded our firewall firmware. Worked first time and still working great since our Sonic Wall update. Before you write a negative review I recommend confirming you have the latest software and firmware, I think you will be amazed!
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3 years ago, The Forever Machine
Simple Bugs Needing Fixing
Everytime I'm logged in, and the connection interrupts, it disconnects me. Then I try to reconnect, and the VPN still thinks there's someone logged in (my previous session) and says the maximum licenses is reached and can't log in. Please, for the love of god, add a feature to the Managment Software, where you can set the VPN to automatically kick the current session when a new connection is established (when you only own 1 license, for instance) This would fix the bug that I encounter multiple times each day. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Hbee
Works Perfectly Fine And Always Has
I've never had an issue with this. It works the way it's supposed to with no intervention. SW firmware doesn't seem to make a difference the way it does on Windows sometimes. I've got 5 different profiles from 5 different companies and each works perfectly, including reconnect after reopening the lid.
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6 years ago, His Choice
Works Great if not using Apple Wireless AP
I run an information technology company for a living. Using this app was very inconsistent. After troubleshooting the connectivity for a while, we discovered that if you use a wireless access point other than Apple's wireless access point the application connects immediately. Beware of using Apple's wireless products.
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2 years ago, inlandjetstream
Works Great
It works great on Monterey and earlier macOS versions. I've been using this app for many years without issues. Make sure you're OS and software are running the latest versions and you likely will not have issues.
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4 years ago, blacksun
My rating used to be 5 stars
Prior to Catalina, this app always performed flawlessly. It still makes a good connectgion now that I've upgraded to Catalina, but configs no longer get saved and one is forced to enter VPN connection info manually each time. This is quite aggravating when one has several VPN connections uses regularly. I attempted to contact support at Sonic Wall, but no reply!
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6 years ago, tdlnx
Absolutely garbage
Constant connection problems, being forced to force quit the application or manually kill the process via terminal, and when it finally does decide to connect the connection is so unstable anything can throw it offline again. Meanwhile the Windows version of the application works perfectly. It appears Mac OS users have been tossed aside, which is a shame because this is the required VPN application for my company and I’m unable to get any work done most of the time.
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4 years ago, kserritiello
Extremely buggy and unreliable
Just now I walked away from the computer for less than 10 minutes and when i came back my session had disconnected and it refuses to conect again giving the error "The request timed out." This has happened a few times in the past. Other times the connection juts drops like crazy several times every 3-5 minutes
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6 years ago, Annorr44
Not bad at all
We use this in all of our PCs & Mac computers. It has worked flawlessly. Thank you! Just make sure you got all the configuration settings correctly and you should be fine.
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6 years ago, Jmercado567
Worked perfectly on first config and try!
The app installed quickly, entered credentials and voila, all was well. If you are having issues, you are likely on old updated systems. Update your firewalls! Why run outdated unpatched hardware? MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - HighSierra SonicWall TZ600
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4 years ago, bgdnlp
DNS doesn't work on Mac OS
Connects fine, sets the routes as expected, but it doesn't set the DNS server. SonicWall firmware is up to date, not that it should matter. The only support page I found says that it's a bug in Mac OS (doubtful) and the resolution is to "Manually configure the MAC computer to use the secondary DNS". That is not helpful. At all. Other solutions work with no issues.
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3 months ago, Voo-doo Lou
Works good but...
Works good but you guys really need to add the "eye" option next to the password box. That omission can be really annoying at times. Not everybody is in a situation where that kind of discretion is needed.
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4 years ago, Oz 5.0.6
Issues with the last update 5.0.6
Until now I have been very happy with this app. Since the last update I have been experiencing issues with it signing out ever 2-3 minutes. I tried removing and reinstalling the app but it didn't help.
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2 years ago, enz1ey
Uneccessary Headache
I don't understand why Sonicwall is seemingly the only "major" vendor that requires a standalone app to use a client VPN. It just creates an additional step to authenticate on macOS, because apparently the built-in client isn't good enough, even though that works just fine for the other five appliances I VPN into.
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4 years ago, Charlie_Pittsburgh
Forgets VPN Settigns
It seems that at least once per week I have to re-enter my VPN settings. The app consistently forgets all VPN connection settings and this is VERY annoying. Other than that, it seems to work fine, but this bug needs to be fixed as quickly as you can!
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6 years ago, Perfect service
DNS Issues
Interesting it connects get th routes shows the routes, but doesn’t resolve anything, you have to access everything via IP address, which can be a pain in the rear. The sonicwall connect for windows works extremely well and handles DNS like a champ.
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11 months ago, Qazwdxedcrt
Needs the password eye!
PLEASE add the "eye" next to the password box so those in privacy have the OPTION of seeing the password they are typing. This is endless annoyance and a time waster.
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10 months ago, kafelatte
Not going to win any rewards
As long as it is going to randomly drop the connection, it would be best to add an auto-reconnect function, or if that's too difficult, color "Status: Connected"; green, and "Status: Disconnected"; red. Flash the Men icon when connection drops? Color that red/green as status too! Amusing that the connection dropped just now while I was typing this.
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1 month ago, zmcpherson92
Perfect Apple VPN
The mac/ios version of this vpn is much better than Windows.
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6 years ago, Daniel Harlow
5.0 no longer works with the Sonicwalls’ that I was connecting too. IT swears the firmware is updated. In the logs something about OPSWAT not being able to be loaded from the local disk, looking at the path the files are not even there. Something is just wrong with this version.
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6 years ago, squqqledo
Don’t Use This to Upgrade a Working Mobile Connect
I just upgraded my Mobile Connect to V5.0.0 and can no longer connect to my SonicWall Firewall. According to SonicWall, the fix is to upgrade my firewall to the latest firmware version. Unfortunately, being the only Mac user in my organization, I am SOL.
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6 years ago, Integr8d
v5 totally broken… 4.0.16 works half of the time...
We’ve updated to the latest firmware and this is still garbage. Something Dell did (or didn’t do) completely borked this software. Running on High Sierra… It seems to have an issue with Wi-Fi. Tethering over a physical cable is the only thing that works. No bueno.
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7 years ago, Cruiser deluxe
Does not work with OS Sierra
Like so many others, it just will not work. The computer I am sending this from is a Macbook Air running OS El Capitan. The SonicWall Mobile Connect software works perfectly. When I upgraded my 2016 MacBook from El Capitan to Sierra, this same version of SonicWall stopped working and still won’t work.
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5 years ago, jander147
Constantly forgets my password, and I have to dig up my password every time to connect/reconnect. Gets stuck "disconnecting" and I have to force quit the SonicWall app. Needs some stability improvements.
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6 years ago, Cplus451
Doesn’t work - even with new OS and new SonicWall firmware
I recently setup SonicWall’s Global VPN client on several PCs at work and it works without issue. SonicWall Mobile Connect DOES NOT work on a Mac running High Sierra. The SonicWall box is running the latest firmware, and the VPN configuration is working with the Global VPN client. The Mobile Connect app v5 is junk.
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5 years ago, Al-Mothafar
Does not work actually
First time worked with freezes and a lot of disconnects, now it is not workign and keep ask for password connect successfully then disconenct and ask for password again, can't quit it, and I can't uninstall it. The Worst App ever, DON"T INSTALL.
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6 years ago, Jim ji
Can’t save password properly, pretty easy to achieve on almost all other apps
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4 years ago, JB Bryant
Connections lost after reboot on Catalina
Since support is so hard to get a hold of, I guess I'll have to leave a 1 star review. On Catalina, all connections are deleted after a reboot. I have 3 customers that use this VPN, and I have to set them up again every reboot.
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6 years ago, iamniral
Takes longer to connect...
The latest version takes too long to connect and eventually fails to connect. after multiple attempts it connects...
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4 years ago, DA216251241
Doesn’t disconnect cleanly
After using this to connect to a company VPN, and disconnecting, it leaves the networking on my iMac messed up, preventing other network applications from connecting, and which requires a full reboot of the computer to fix.
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6 years ago, Rodriguise
Hot Garbage
This is the worst VPN client experience I have every had. If its not hanging its timing out (and yes the applicance firmware is up to date). The app provides no useful feedback of what is going on, the logs are buried in the console, and on a good day I don't have to reboot every time it has an error.
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6 years ago, jukesaan
Results in an error message
It results in an error message when trying to open the installed application. Re-installed it and still doesn’t work. Any advice?
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4 years ago, Fossilk420
Catalina broke saving profiles
After Catalina even I close the lid or restart my workstation, SonicWall will not save the connection. I have to manually retype.
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6 years ago, David D 1972C
Absolutely useless
I’ve read some reviews stating “works half the time”. I cannot say it works 10% of the time. Absolutely useless. Luckily, I am the one making decisions about company firewalls. Meraki it is, time to trash this “solution”.
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5 years ago, Pablovian
Works great for a while, however when firmware is updates its useless and sadly the versions dont match, ever. Horrible, why dont they update everything simultaneously - ridiculous.
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2 years ago, ScootrOnline
Don't upgrade to Ventura
Since Beta 6, I can no longer connect to our VPN. Issue reported to Apple and Sonicwall.
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6 years ago, postcromag
Stopped working since upgrading to High Sierra
Worked seamlessly for years on my Mac Air running El Capitan. Upgraded to High Sierra and upgraded the App to the latest — and it simply won’t connect. “Timed out” time and again.
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7 years ago, Towamencin
not functioning right
Most of the time this app won’t connect to the server
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5 years ago, chadik79
Buggy software
Constant error messages say "VPN server did not respond" when not in use. I would run from this software if there was another way to VPN into my client.
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2 years ago, BillyLee
Does not work with Monterey
Please update ASAP! We've been going round-and-round with tech support to no avail. Monterey broke the app for all our mac users!
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4 years ago, RAY.RAY。
can not store connection
every time I close sonicwall app, stored connection information lost.
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6 years ago, Bmasse21
0 Stars
Why is 0 stars not an option. This is the only program my company uses and I cannot even open it. Programers should be ashamed.
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4 years ago, Adityavikram777
Disconnection issues
Keeps disconnecting every few minutes
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