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User Reviews for Sony | Headphones Connect

4.46 out of 5
40.5K Ratings
5 years ago, .slim.
Not as bad as ratings suggest
With a 1000XM2, I’ve had no big problems with the app. The interface is nice looking and easy to navigate, and I’ve encountered no crashing or bugs with the interface when it connects to my headphones. However, I do have problems with the app failing to connect with my headphones all the time; sometimes it freezes on the connect screen, but restarting the app solves it 99% of the time. Although one time it didn’t connect even after a restart, turning the headphones off/on did solve this. A problem I have with the app is that it has to connect every time you go go back to it, which is a 5 second process that is frustrating to sit through when you’re constantly going back to the app to adjust an EQ. This is slightly more frustrating when it not-uncommonly freezes on the connect screen and I have to restart the app. It would be great if the app stayed connected in the background for just a minute after you switch away from it. The EQ function of the app is wonderful, but you are limited to six frequency sliders to adjust. If an update were to add more frequency sliders (maybe up to ten instead of six), it would make this app perfect.
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4 years ago, GreenPrell
Unstable; I’m questioning my purchase
Update, Mar 31, 2020: I’m angry that Sony was the cause of my WF-1000XM3 constantly changing volumes, but I’m glad they finally fixed it. Took them the better part of a year. Really unprofessional. Update: The new update makes it so that if you have one earphone set to use Alexa, when you take just that earphone out it completely disconnects both of them and you can never listen with just one. This is really frustrating because I like using Alexa but I also need to be able to only listen with one earphone frequently. Sony’s very poor support of these expensive earphones is degrading and disconcerting. Original: The support for the new WF-1000MX3 earphones has been bizarre. There’s apparently been a bug with the Google Assistant integration that Sony has been alternately releasing patches for and blaming Apple for. However, the patches meant to address this issue have apparently introduced new stability and unreliability issues with my brand new, very expensive WF-1000MX3s. Sound skips a little, and often (1-10 times a day), this app either refuses to connect to them, or the settings don’t ‘take.’ This is an unbelievable failure from Sony. It really just seems like they don’t know what they’re doing at a fundamental level. I’m still within the returned period for these and am considering returning them and getting the new AirPod Pros, even though those have awful batteries and will undoubtedly sound worse. Fix this, Sony.
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3 years ago, sjeh
Which bluetooth device?
I have had my Sony headphones for awhile. They were as easy to connect via bluetooth as any other device. But lately, it has gotten harder and much worse. What has changed? The number of devices around our house that use bluetooth. The app is completely useless because while settings shows the headphones are connected, the app does not say to WHICH bluetooth device. Is it the speakers? Is it the treadmill? Is it my iPad? Even from a room farthest away, doors closed to rooms with bluetooth devices, the headphones connect to something, just not my iPhone two inches away. While I credit the strength of connecting to an unknown bluetooth farther away than the one in front of it, or even to the last bluetooth connected a day or so ago; it is annoying and frustrating not to know which device(s) I should turn off just so I can use the headphones. Turning off every single bluetooth except for my iPhone is not practical. While the headphones work great, Sony did not include in the accompanying app, a means for me to know with WHAT bluetooth device the headphones are connected. I don’t have time to run around the house turning off bluetooth devices. I need to look for headphones or an app that stops this digital whackamole and still gives me quality sound or noise cancellation from my headphones.
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3 years ago, adamusic72
Good but almost great
The most annoying “feature” of these excellent wh1000m4 headphones that sync with this app is that it gives you no control over how long the headphones stay in standby mode. If I take them off while watching a show, I don’t want the headphones turning off so quickly. So when I come back to listen, the headphones are off, they have to be turned on, reconnect, then I have to find my remote and continue. This would be an easy software fix function — not sure why this hasn’t been addressed yet because it seems like a pretty obvious customization that most users would want on a high end headphone. Also annoying is that the headphones don’t maintaining my noise cancellation settings. I wish they’d keep the same setting “ambient sound” when I turn them on and not keep defaulting to “noise cancelling.” So if the headphones shut themselves off (because I can’t set the timer), I have to turn them back on, reconnect, then modify noise cancellation settings again before I can continue watching the show I was watching. Very silly, this could all be avoided with an app update.
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2 years ago, macaddiict
Works great with 1000x4 and 1000x5
I usually have trouble with this type of app, but this one has worked well and the functions all work reliably to set the different settings on my X4 headphones. No crashing, bugs, or timeouts for me! I really like the Bass Boost feature and it is the reason I kept these headphones rather than returning them, so the app is a must have for me. Note - if seems like you can delete the app after you get your settings set the way you like... they are stored locally on the headphones, so the app is more like a preferences screen than anything. I wish the custom button on the headphones could switch between EQ or have other options beyond the 3 custom button options provided. Update: just bought the X5 and the app is very similar, but has more screens of junk I didn’t want. I wish Sony could clean up and simplify the app and get rid of the silly/useless stuff that they keep adding (like points for using your headphones) 🙈
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4 years ago, tefloncat2
I’m torn between 4 stars and 5 stars, but, gave it 5 stars. I bought mine refurbished for $100 with absolutely no regret so without further ado my review. My ONLY complaint is fit which is personal to my anatomy not how the device works. However, a solid 5 star with no complaints would be including, or even making for sale ear “attachment” similar to Bose, which for ME is brilliant. But I find Sony’s sound quality and ACTIVE noise cancelling superior. But, I find Bose in ear passive “canceling” superior, and possibly the Bose bass quality is a bit better. (As a caveat with 11 years of playing in orchestras, MAY have affected my hearing...yes those violins, violas, cellos, etc, all add up and can be loud, as well as NOW playing bass with my son who plays brilliantly on a VERY large drum kit may have affected my low, as well as high end hearing). So to sum up my ONLY complaints with the WF-1000XM2, they should offer variations on a theme (pun intended) with ear fit and possibly tweak bass. Both issues may be personal. Would I buy again ABSOLUTELY!
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4 years ago, CharlesP74
Great headphones...meh on the app
Love the headphones. Sound quality is great. Noise cancelling is amazing. The app itself has a lot of potential and I do like the different modes, etc. The biggest problem with it is the pairing. I have a $17 pair of headphones I use for working out and these connect super fast and no problems switching between devices. With the Sony headphones, it’s always an ordeal with connecting, especially if you were connected to another device and need to switch. I’ve been in the basement trying to workout with them on and they kept connecting to my iPad upstairs, even though they were saying they were connected to my phone. I had to go back upstairs and go into iPad settings to disconnect and then try two more times to reconnect to my phone. Of course once I wanted to use it on my iPad again, I had to do the same thing. It sounds like others are experiencing this same frustration and why some chose the Bose headphones. Any chance this can be a priority fix in a software update? Again, love the headphones and quality but my $17 headphones shouldn’t be far less frustrating to pair. :)
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10 months ago, Kash Matto
The app is pretty good all around. That being said, there has to be a way to add more features to the WF XM4 ear buds. I got my earbuds about a month ago and have been very disappointed with the controls. Just add custom set user controls! Please!? I’d be fine with a tap and hold and double tap and hold option for certain functions. And example could be, pause play and rewind are all the same but if I wanted to use ambient sound I would tap and tap again but hold to active the function. Or the constant tapping like on the WF XM5 earbuds. I’m not sure if it would be possible but my previous pair of earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, used a double tap on the side of the earbuds for volume control with was beyond convenient for having playback and volume on the same earbud. I would enjoy using these earbuds so much more if they had more refined controls. Please consider what I have said here as I think a lot of people would benefit from having tailored controls for just having a single earbud in your ear instead both. I rarely use both earbuds as I like to have better hearing for the sound around me. Thanks. -Kash M.
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4 years ago, anonoymous boi
Why one star?
I see a a lot of people rating it one star and saying how bad this app is. To me it works perfectly I about 3 months ago bout a pair of Sony 900xb headphones which you can adjust the bass the noise cancelling and much more. I got the app I had to set it up and it worked good and I’ve had it now same condition basically and I don’t touch the app because I have it all set up to my likeing. And basically how the app works for mine is turn the headphones on and it automatically says “Bluetooth Connected” and I just use them from there. And maybe people have different Sony devices and don’t work the same but those with this or other headphones from Sony this app works great no problem and even when I go to the app and change stuff it is just fine no problem so if your nervous because of all the other ratings take my advice it is a fine app don’t worry. Hope this helps! Ps I have an iPhone 7 and my friend uses this app flawlessly on his iPhone 8+
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3 years ago, Wite Rabbit
Quality app compliments quality earbuds
So I just got the XM3 buds for Christmas and they blew me away, partly because of this app. It really makes these already fantastic ear buds that much better with all the features you are given. The customizability you get was far above my expectations, being able to use 20 different levels of ambient sound control and many options with the equalizer, all of which actually sound vastly different. I like how the app can also keep track of the battery level of the case in addition to the individual earbuds. The only problem I have is that the buds seem to disconnect sometimes when changing to another app however this app is so well designed that I’ll quickly look past that. All in all, I just want to say thanks for putting so much time into this app, it truly is the best companion app for a 3rd party device that I have used so far.
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5 years ago, JJOverlord
I think everybody else is overly critical of this app, IT IS NOT BAD. The interface to me is simple and looks nice. You don’t end up getting muddy sounds when you distort the music (e.g. to Concert Hall), however the music does sound less loud at the same volume you were just at when the music was undistorted. But there’s nothing horrible about these headphones or the app, it’s actually really cool (in my opinion) that they have an accompanying app to their headphones and allow you to make these awesome distortions. Anyways, don’t believe all the negative hype, AND even if some of those reviews are true, look at it like this: if you’re just now downloading the app, then you’re gonna get the most up-to-date version of this app, free of whatever bugs or glitches people complained about that are now fixed. So believe in Sony, they make a quality product.
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2 years ago, anecbs
Pitiful software experience
I've installed this app on iOS 15.5 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it simply crashes readily and repeatedly. I've been using this app for no more than 5 minutes with XM5 headphones acquired just today and all I want to do is update the firmware on the headphones. Sony, do you have a legitimate QA department? I did disable automatic software updates because frankyly it wasn't working either. The download of the new firmware was sticking at 1% indefinitely (I have gigabit bandwidth from my ISP, there's no reason for this modem-era download performance from your CDNs), so as a shot in the dark I disabled automatic software updates. When I attempt to do the update manually the app insta-crashes. Reproducible 100% of the time. My iOS devices are configured to send crash logs to Apple and third-party developers. I hope, for the sake of these 400USD headphones, you pay attention to those logs. Garbage software experience so far. Oh, lastly: the English usage throughout this app is embarassingly bad. Please consider addressing it and use Google Translate if you have to.
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2 years ago, ChironOfStyx
Minimal Customization
I’m extremely frustrated by the fact that out of a $200 pair of Linkbuds S I am unable to customize the touch controls. This app needs to be able to let the user define button presses. The sound canceling can only be changed to “Ambient/On” through touch despite there being other touch controls that are stuck in “Not Assigned.” There is no reason why the app can’t be changed to allow user defined inputs. I would love it if I could have playback control settings then be able to user define a long press for my sound canceling features. As well as be able to change my sound canceling features to “noise canceling/off” instead of it being permanently set to “noise canceling/ambient sound” so I don’t have to launch the app and turn the noise canceling/ambient noise to “off” through the app after accidentally touching the headphones while repositioning them. Overall it’s extremely shortsighted of Sony to not give users more freedom. The technology is there and I’ve had other pairs of wireless headphones that allow the user to customize how they want to use their headphones.
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4 years ago, Ujpesti
Very poorly working app
I just bought the Sony headphones and also just downloaded this app.I’m still trying to find my way around and it seems that there sould be more help navigating. I also own a Bose 700 and find their app easier to navigate. My main issue is that I use an iPad and this app will only work in the vertical position but not in the horizantal position. Makes it very awkward to use. Please fix that. When I first charged my earphones they showed 100% full for a couple of days. Then it dropped to 70% and within a couple of hours down to 30%. Later it went back to 70%. Then back to 30%. Now it's back to 70%. Also I start listening to music then I open the app and it says connecting but never connects. I AM listening to it. Come on Sony I have $50 earphones that work better! The sound is great, no doubt but the app is garbage.
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5 years ago, Jameson M.
So here are the most common problems and the fixes. **BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE APP: PAIR YOUR HEADPHONES TO YOUR PHONE** ______________________________________________ PROBLEM: Headphones not connecting to the phone FIX: Hold the power button for 7 SECONDS and the headphones will say “Bluetooth pairing” or something similar, and the blue light near the power button should flash too. ______________________________________________ PROBLEM: You have connected/paired your headphones to your phone but the app does not show that the headphones are connected FIX: Turn off Bluetooth (One if the first settings on the top of the page) on your phone and completely turn off your headphones( after pressing the power button twice, the headphones should say “power off”). After you have completed that, hold the power button on the headphones until they say “Bluetooth pairing,” the blue light near the power button should flash too. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and make sure the headphones and the phone are sitting very close together. Repeat as necessary or when you want to use your headphones on a new device. _____________________________________________ Thanks and hope this helps, because it did for me. These Sony headphones are also better than Beats By Dr. Dre or Bose’s comparable models, and I know this from experience because I have owned them.
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1 month ago, evets rellim
Sony1000MX5 vs Sennheiser Motion 4
I’ve had two pairs of Sennheiser Motion 4 Headphones and they’re superior to the Sony 1000MX5 except they just stop working after around a month. The Sony Headphones have far less contact area and much more padding on the ear cups. The Sennheiser Motion 4 will stay put better, I’m in a wheelchair and live by my headphones, I wear them 23 hours a day, I sleep with them on. The imaging is great on both but when you turn up the Sony MX5’s they flap or distort unless you remove all the bass. They are both great but I don’t game, I’m an audio nut that has a somewhat trained ear. I listen to everything except opera. The Sennheiser is like the wall and ceiling are speakers because they have “Ambient Aware” that allows me to jam but people don’t startle me, the Sony MX5 is like wearing hearing protection. They’re so different that it’s almost not fair to compare them!
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3 years ago, Willis2.00000000000000005
I’ve had the wf-1000xm3’s for a little over a year now and I’ve never had any problem with them…….. until now. For the last 2-3 months I’ve had some pretty bad connection issues with the earbuds. These problems range from drops in clarity and continuous connection to full disconnection of either a single earbud or both in the middle of use. I’ve had to go through the connection process multiple times to get a stable connection or for the headset to even be read by the phone/computer as “connected”. I know this is just a firmware problem that can be easily fixed, but it is discomforting that the earbuds have not been updated since September. I know they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but as iOS and Windows continue to make multiple updates a month, connectivity from third party apps is going to start suffering. 3 stars until updates start rolling out again.
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3 years ago, Gherman22
Disappointing in so many ways
OK, I hope that somebody from Sony reads this but considering my complaints have been mirrored in other reviews and not addressed I doubt it. My new 1000XM4’s are terrific headphones and fix the one major gripe I had with the 1000XM3’s in allowing for multiple connections. But the Connect app is written for phones period. There is no app for Windows and I would assume for Mac. And the app for iPad doesn’t autorotate so if you have a keyboard you either need to detach it or try reading sideways. And even on my iPhone If I have my headphones on while I am moving around doing something like gardening or even walking I get a constant “ding” every few seconds even with notifications turned off. I assume it is because it keeps changing modes but the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of dinging while I am trying to listen to music. Especially with headphones I purchased specifically for their noise cancelation.
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1 year ago, Lil Nuks
Horrible app
Don’t get me wrong, I love the headphones but I don’t understand how company can do so many complicated things but they can’t even get an app to work. I can have my headphones connected to my phone playing music but the app will still say I’m not connected. If I press connect, nothing happens and I’m just stuck at the Home Screen unable to get in. If by some miracle I actually do get in the app, I’m not allowed to even swipe off the app for a second because if I do, then the app says I’m no longer connected and I have to go through the whole process over again. The Alexa app basically can’t do anything except tell me the weather on the headphones because the connection between the app and Alexa is garbage and I can’t even connect to 2 devices without the app crashing and completely blocking out the audio from one of the devices. Frustrating and extremely confused on how such great headphones can have such a terrible app. Just disappointed
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2 years ago, DaveCrave
Sony App
So far I’m pretty please with this app and the headphones I bought but I got to say I which they implemented a gaming setting so you could play games with better clarity. The sound is great but for games…there’s just more to be expected. And if they added more custom settings as well maybe if they made it so that you can pay for more or just add on atleast 2-3 more options so that audiophiles can really mess around with stuff. I don’t know too much about sound myself but I like to see things personally pushed to their boundaries and I think there is more for Sony to accomplish in the near future especially with PlayStation. But that is a whole other topic entirely. Please fix this Sony..we need this on our phones and thank you for everything else!
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2 years ago, Pam252681
Way better than expected.
Sometimes when you buy a product that uses electricity and has an app the app is almost completely useless with only one or two functions. This app is the exact opposite, it has many different settings that accommodate to the genre you listen to and the environment you’re in. The badges you get for using headphones and interacting with the app encourages me to do the updates and play with the settings that would otherwise be very difficult and annoying. The only suggestion I have is for the ability to change what action the headphones detect you are doing, for example sometimes I’ll be sitting down and instead, the app will show that I’m standing.
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3 years ago, Wanted_DOA
Connection issues keep this app from 5 stars
I like the app, like the layout, etc. Very user-friendly, and the EQ is outstanding (I tinkered with it for a week, playing with different manual settings after receiving the headphones and drawing some well-earned jeers of “You’re such a geek” from my girlfriend”). If only I didn’t have to fight with the app to get it to connect to my headphones. I’d say I have a 50% success rate of headphones and app connecting to one another on the first try when I turn on my XM4. The other 50% of the time I have to repeatedly close the app, reopen it, and click connect, which is usually successful after the third or fourth try. The headphones connect to my phone whether the app is connected or not, so I’m sure the app is at fault and it’s not a hardware problem. Given this issue was reported by users literally years ago, it’d be nice for Sony figure this out.
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1 year ago, Chiffon cdn x
There’s only one reason to use this app
There’s only ONE reason to use this app. Change your headphones from pass through audio to noise cancelation. When you launch the app there’s always a pop up add that I have to wait to load up and then click out. Then I have to navigate to a different tab and press the drop down to change the noise cancellation to pass though. I wear my headphones on my motorcycle so when I want to go to a store it takes me five minutes just to change my audio settings. I can change my AirPods setting in two seconds. When people start talking to me it takes me ages to change it so I can hear what they’re saying. THAT OPTION SHOULD BE ON THE FIRST PAGE AS SOON AS YOU LOAD THE APP. NO ADDS OR POPUPS. JUST WHAT AUDIO SETTINGS DO YOU WANT RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT. That’s the only reason anyone uses the app. My 4 year old can design a better app than this. I will not buy another Sony headphone product just because this app is so horrible.
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4 years ago, Razre
Crashes on startup
This 1 star is for your quality control. I can ignore the small problems with your program and I love my 1000-XM3s, but now this is broken. For some reason with the latest update for iOS, after accepting the latest privacy policy the screen shows nothing, no matter how many times I restart the program. I reinstalled the software to try and fix this and now it crashes every time I try to accept the policy. Your headphone volume and device volume are independent, and the only way to adjust your headphone volume is with touch. I turn off touch controls most days, but sometimes (for seemingly no reason) the headphone volume will be low even with the device volume turned all the way up. Since the app won’t work, I’m now stuck without touch controls. I have the sound cranked on my device, but my $300 headphones are still quiet, and I have no way of fixing it until Sony releases a patch. How this ever made it past QA is astonishing.
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5 years ago, EspressoFiend5000
Awful privacy policy - Invasive tracking
I just got a new pair of Sony’s wireless NC headphones and installed the app to use with them. However, when opening the app, you’re immediately presented with an “I agree” type checkbox and if you review the privacy policy, you find out that you basically agree that the app will send Sony the data about when and how you’re using your headphones (including what it is you’re listening to through them)! On top of that, in the policy, Sony gives itself permission to tie that to your device’s unique identifier (ie - the data is NOT anonymous, not that anonymization would make it ok to collect that much data). I’m sorry, just being able to control my headphones via Bluetooth is not justification for such invasive tracking. I have no idea how well the app actually works, I immediately deleted it. Dear Sony: I paid serious $$$ for these headphones: please provide a companion app and Privacy policy that doesn’t track me or send any data back to you.
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4 years ago, It's pronounced "maroon"
The App Doesn’t Work
I rarely write reviews but alas I’ve found a reason to. The newest version of the app Sony uses for their headphones is unusable- literally. Like for many others, the app either doesn’t launch, or freezes, or crashes. I know Sony will address this eventually, but currently these genuinely fantastic headphones (WH-1000M3), which cost twice their weight in pure silver, can’t be used correctly. Please fix this one ya’ll, it’s a bit of a let down... EDIT: Their customer service was fantastic and they gave me a work-around for the privacy policy problem. For IOS the app only works on update 13.3. Kind of a bad idea to make the app only function a specific update (and also likely future updates- I doubt that’ll happen again), but I can launch the app now so good enough :)
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4 years ago, screwseven
Okay so I think I know why there are some bad ratings
So I had an issue with the app when I first downloaded it so I agreed with the bad reviews, but I deleted it and re-downloaded it and realized that the first time I didn’t complete the startup completely before I got in the app, I followed the startup completely until everything was set up and decided on and then the app started working fine. It looks like there might be a glitch during the startup that sets up before it’s finished actually setting up, or maybe re-downloading it just works to fix it? Regardless, it didn’t work, and after deleting it and re-downloading it it works
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4 years ago, chitownflyboy
Product/app ehhh
Let me explain, the app is tied to the product and that ultimately brings my rating down. Context...I’ve been in a love hateRelationship with proprietary Sony products for the last 20 years or so. I was at the airport and lost my Powerbeats pro and needed some thing for the trip and the only viable option at the electronics store were the 1000xm3. Surprisingly they stayed in my ear and the sound was amazing however the app experience over the last year or so has been very lackluster. The app provides some of the function of the buds but 25% of the time the app shows disconnected until I do a fix. It’s annoying and delayed, compared to my Powerbeats pro’s that just work with my iPhone. I bear with the app for the 1000xm3 only when I have to use it. Yes I will buy product again, and the app experience is the only con to that purchase.
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6 years ago, shemmmmmmm
I really enjoy my new set of headphones
So I really enjoyed my new set of headphones on my iPhone. Allows me to change the base the boys all different types of settings. Something that you were do not get on the beats I am a owner of beats as well. When I do find funny is when I was looking for the same application on my iPad it is not available. So if I wanted to enjoy your movie and change the sound settings I would not be able to. So I wanted to play a video game and change the sound settings I would not be able to. Great set of headphones whose idea was it to nap with the same application on the iPad let me guess blame it on Apple. And I’m sure there’s some things that you can blame Apple I don’t think this is one of them.
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2 years ago, BenjaminRF
App Changes Headphone Settings
This app can be very frustrating when updates are ready for my headphones (WH-XM5s and WF-XM4s). I've noticed that the behavior of my headphones changes upon an update becoming available. Often in a way that nukes their usability. Today, I was listening to music on my phone prior to hopping on a Zoom call. While listening to music, this app picked up a headphone update. Just the action of know an update was available activated the "Speak to Chat" feature on my XM5s. "Speak to Chat" makes Zoom unusable. This is why I keep it turned off. But the app decided I should have it turned on. No user input from me. I can't be going into virtual meetings without reliable headphones. No update is so important as to justify overriding my preferences. The headphones are great, but this app needs to do a better job respecting user settings.
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4 years ago, SaintKatelyn
Great sound, wish I could use it with my macbook
A friend bought them for me as a gift since they knew I wanted some good noise cancelling headphones. The noise cancellation is great, wish there were more precise sound control (sometimes I want it to be a LITTLE louder, but when I press the volume up it’s TOO loud, wish there was a middle setting for each volume level) Biggest problem is I can’t connect it to my laptop, which I use to make music. What’s the purpose of these headphones if I can only connect them to one device? I’ve asked my more technically inclined friends how to do this and NO ONE can figure out how to get these headphones to switch between my phone and MacBook sound. I can ONLY use it on my phone, I guess. Dear Sony: is this a feature or a bug? Am I supposed to buy a second set to pair with my laptop? 😅
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3 years ago, Mkr5091
These headphones and app drive me nuts
I used to have the WH1000XM3 which worked really well and had no issues but since upgrading to the WH1000XM4s 6 months ago, I’ve been really frustrated. The volume constantly changes or the settings in the app will change even after I explicitly tried to change them. I emailed support and they tried to claim it was user error after it kept happening 5 times. The headphone buttons are also way to sensitive now. The hood of my coat or my hair will cause my podcast to restart constantly. Living in a cold and rainy climate it just gets really annoying to have to constantly take my hands out of my gloves and update everything, knowing it’s just going to happen again in 30-90 seconds. I definitely won’t be going with Sony again after this experience.
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4 years ago, Aaron6991
App will not work!!!!!
The title says it all. I open the app check the box for agree. It then takes me to the Sony Privacy Policy with the next button in the bottom right corner of the screen. When I hit next the app freezes and will not move past the screen. I cannot go back I just have to close the app out. I tried it on WiFi in case it was my cellular connection with the same results. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and restarted my phone. I heard things about the Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones, but this makes me want to return the headphones and just wait for the AirPod pro to come back to the shelves. If you have to have an app to get the most out of the headphones and the app doesn’t work it says a lot about the company. I saw there was an update 5 days ago. If this is the result of the update then Sony is worse than I thought they were to let an issue go unresolved for that long.
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4 years ago, Uncle Ter
Outstanding! SONY Headphones WH-H910N
For the excellent sale price at Costco, these headphones are just about all I could want. They are easy on the ears, and they keep out ambient noise just enough so that one’s surroundings are still part of the scene. The SONY Bluetooth App works okay with enough adjustments available and so do the touch controls on the right earpiece although it takes a little while to get used to it. I am using these with Apple iOS devices - iPad Pro 2020 and iPhone XR. Pairing is not an issue at all. I would guess pairing with a Mac or PC would not be a problem either. The audio response across the spectrum is on par with my wired Sennheiser phones, which are quite good. So I am very pleased. 🎧
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2 years ago, Jocollier133
Great app, but big problem:
Well, I was having trouble connecting my Sony WH-1000XM5, wouldn’t connect first, then it finally worked, I was trying to update them, then when I closed the app, it was working, then I got a notification talking about the update being aborted, I checked it and it was disconnected. Then, when I tried to connect it, it wouldn’t connect, it says can’t connect to YY2954? Why is this is happening? This needs to be fixed asap. I’ll keep trying to connect and get it to update, but if this is going to be a reoccuring problem, then it’s going to have to be fixed quick.
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2 years ago, SonyIgnoresAppLermissions
Annoying Connect to Bluetooth Popups
I use this all when I want to connect to my headphones. But when not using the headphones, I get incessant popups from the app to turn on my Bluetooth. This is incredibly aggravating, as I have all notifications turned off for the app and yet I will get pop ups multiple times throughout the day. I will get them when on calls, while using the GPS, while doing anything. It is a dangerous thing to forcibly put out a popup when the user has specifically expressed to have no permissions. I do not want to have Bluetooth on every second of the day and I do not want to have popups telling me to turn on my Bluetooth for an app I am not actively using. This is the reason I have marked two stars. Update with a fix and I’ll change my review and rating.
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5 years ago, raesirman
User Interface Issues
So overall, this app is somewhat decent. Gets the job done, but I don’t suggest messing with surround sound because it doesn’t really fit with audio unless you somehow can only listen to music in that condition. My issue with this app is that it DOES not load on startup. The screen appears white/blank and all my features are gone. Hopefully a very soon bug release update for the app should fix the problem, but this failure to smooth out all these bugs especially by the end of 2019 with all these bugs that were shown in apps of other sorts. I just don’t understand why app developers can’t get these bugs to smooth out when we’re in a time period where a majority of software and technology issues have been smoothed out.
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5 years ago, pprai2019
Multiple issues with earbuds
I have purchased sony wf 1000xm3 for the 2nd time. In the first set i had faced issues with microphone as the callers were unable to listen to my voice. I thought it to be faulty piece and returned it. As i liked the music i ordered it again. In the second pair the microphone issue still exists. I can’t make any call through headphone as the person on other side can’t hear you. In addition to that right side headset doesn’t work independently. This ears phones should work with single earpiece but if i place the left side earpiece the headphone disconnected. And right side headphone doesn’t get connected independently. No doubt these earphones sound amazingly well but hardware and connectivity issues are so frustrating. I have no choice but to return these and go for some other brand. I trusted sony for their quality but this time i am disappointed.
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9 months ago, Mary887766
Confusing Errors
I know I was using this app a lot a few months ago, but recently I downloaded it again and been wanting to sign to have access to the 360 hearing effect and to control all the bass and noise levels. But, unfortunately, the song website and through this app is giving me errors saying I cannot access because I have a child account or something it’s just a long of things that come up not making sense cause my google account and through the account I made shows I’m 18. Please help me sign in, I cannot even create a new account. I have used my apple account and my regular email and it’s still giving issues and not letting me sign in.
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2 years ago, BangBrc
Updated review
The app is intermittently working. If the automated update is completed, the app crashes and no longer functions. During the period where it actually does function, Sony needs to provide some sort of update that allows more flexibility and festers to be controlled by the touch sensors on the ear buds. The basics which need to be controlled and simultaneously enabled (without having to constantly switch functions via the app) are music playback features (play/pause/skip forward/back), volume up/down control, noise cancellation on/off, assistant access, AND call accept/hang up. Please note I didn’t say “or”. Get this done and add an option for silicone wing tip inserts and you have a winning combination.
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3 years ago, JetMan{007}
Doesn’t see any BT around
This app never works well enough except the very first version probably. At least i could walk through all the settings that time. Now, I can’t even connect or pair device with headphones and it because of that you can’t move forward in this “wonderful” app. So forget about all features your headphones have as you can’t use most of them without the app that basically kills all the headphones performance. This is a great example how to build relatively decent hardware and destroy that advantage with a layer of an unusable software that creates all customer user experience. Please consider of hiring an another dev team skilled enough for a rebuilding this app from scratch. Think of those clients who stuck with your headphones and a crappy app seems like forever and can’t use noise canceling with special settings for example.
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8 months ago, Charlie bradford
Inconsistent Connection
When this app works, it is great. Great control of the devices and functions. The big game is ‘if’ … if it will connect, or if you need to spend the next 15 minutes in a game of turning on/off the app, device and Bluetooth. I have both the Xm4 earbuds and the XM5 headphones. Both benefit from a great app experience IF it connects, and suffer the waste of time trying to connect when it doesn’t. I thought the Bose team was behind on their app, until I shifted to Sony. Update: the connection dance is only getting worse. The push from Sony to combine your accounts does not work and constantly provides an error and kicks me out to start again. The devices are nice, but will not be replaced in kind. I will go back to Bose or Apple.
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4 years ago, the bass head
Really good but could use some improvement
Still is a little glitchy when it comes to when the headphones or speakers ( the other app) doesn’t automatically connect to the app, but other than that and software update stuff being confusing, I wish there was a separate section of the app that lets you know that your headphones are up to date. Anyways , it’s a pretty good interface and is a lot better in terms of glitchy ness and smooth animations than what it used to be years ago. Well done Sony, but still can use some improvement. 👍🏼.
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4 years ago, Dschmidt55
I bought a pair of the Sony headphones about two weeks ago. I was so flipping excited because I knew they are great quality and that I was going to enjoy listening to music a lot more. I was especially excited to have an app that would allow me to adjust the headphones settings right then and there and I could hear the difference. But with the new update I am no longer able to use the app. Every time you click the accept terms of use button it freezes! So I no longer am able to adjust anything. I enjoy the sleek modern design of not having many buttons on my headphones. It makes it so much easier to navigate and control. Especially with the swipe sensor. But I guess the draw back of having everything controlled on the phone is that you’re kinda sol until it’s fixed 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ please fix soon!!
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6 years ago, URelic
Great; Add Manual Control for “Focus on Voice”
I am bewildered by the contrasting reviews here, but for my experience with my new WH-1000XM3’s this app just works well! Never had any issue with it whatsoever. I do have some extra wishes for the app such as: (a) being able to increase the ambient volume microphone pickup even further; or (b) manually controlling some other stuff. For (a), it’s for me to be able to increase the pickup volume for the “Focus on Voice” option on the “Ambient Sound Control” part. I could hear voices with it but I’d like to be able to increase the voice volume even further. But with that said, great work with the app!
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4 years ago, madster_24
Really Stupid
I literally just found out about this app today when trying to connect my MDR-X50BS. Yesterday and the MONTHS before when I bought them, they were perfect. I LOVED those head phones. And today, the sound was off, so I thought it was my phone and connected a different pair of Sony headphones to see if they were effected. Then my phone prompted me saying that I don’t have the app necessary for listen with my headphones that I have had for a long tike without this app. I downloaded this app and it does NOTHING to fix the issues. Now both pairs are very quiet and unusable. And my MDRs don’t even connect to the app! I don’t understand how this is even possible! I used these headphones every single day for school, music, and when I exercise, and they are too quiet now. I’m very disappointed and I don’t think I’ll be buying Sony headphones in the future.
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5 years ago, Fiji Fugitive
How do I get rid of this?
The interface is horribly slow and extremely complicated. Setting up the Bluetooth requires first connecting through settings and then connecting again through this app. Since others say “it just works”, I wonder if they only use their headphones with one device. Sometimes I’ll connect through the app but the sound still comes through the device. Then I was told to update the app and now there is another set of headphones with an LE- prefix. In settings I can Bluetooth connect to it but it isn’t in this app. So sound doesn’t come through the headphones. Once connected though the app does provide some interesting functionality. Which is useless on the iPhone because one has to switch back and forth between this app and whatever is providing the sound you want to modify. On the iPad (perhaps it requires the new os) the app providing the sound continues to play so you can immediately hear the change. Still, l haven’t found a setting that matters to me. Others might care. But I found (I think) that with out the app nothing works. I guess I’ll have to try it again. I still like the headphones though
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3 years ago, 🍔•••••••🐢
quality app for quality headphones
been using for a little more than a year and i can say that its not as bad as most rating suggest, sure connecting with the app may take 5 seconds, but you really only tweak your settings once every month. and with the latest update the headphones and app feel more FUN to use, being able to see how often you use them is very cool, as well as the badges you unlock by customizing your settings, it makes you want to really explore the settings and see what the app has to offer, great work developers.
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4 years ago, Tom1606
App Constantly Crashes
I never write reviews, but this app has to be the worst piece of junk I've ever been forced to use. My 1 year old WH-1000XM3 headphones recently developed an issue where the audio cuts out for 1-2 seconds every minute or so which is ridiculously annoying when just trying to listen to audio while working at my computer. I decided to check the app on my phone to see if I could upgrade or roll back the firmware and to my surprise, the app no longer works. I attempted re-downloading the app twice and after accepting the privacy policy the app just crashes. I re-open the app, and every single time it immediately crashes. Beware if you recently purchased Sony headphones, you're probably better off returning them if this is the kind of software support Sony gives you for purchasing their expensive hardware.
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10 months ago, Userrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerer
Worst Sony Product
This app is a nightmare. You can’t select custom controls for tap inputs; there are preset right and left controls, and you cannot swap them. So if you want to only wear one earbud while you’re working, guess what? It has to be the right one, or you can’t control playback. I specifically bought these earbuds because of their multipoint connective capabilities, but that’s where these things perform the worst. The sound drifts from the right to the left earbud if you’re connected to two devices, and it cannot maintain the fidelity of the sound for more than like ten minutes at a time. For $200 new, these ended up being one of the worst purchases I’ve made in recent history (I have the WF-1000XM4 earbuds), and I wish I’d spent $40 or something on any competitor’s product
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