Sortly: Inventory Simplified

4.7 (8.2K)
64.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sortly Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Sortly: Inventory Simplified

4.73 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
5 years ago, DestinedForGreatness4Ever
It was all good until this last update, very disappointed!
I really enjoy this app, but now after this last update it has gone down hill. I used this app because I had the ability to keep my info secure if anyone was using my phone. You were able to have a security options to put a passcode or Face ID to open the app. Now anyone can open if anyone was using my phone in passing. So now someone who is using my phone in passing for some odd situation, they could accidentally open my app and see all my inventory. Why would you pay for a secure service that doesn’t let you keep your app secure. Also, you were able to choose stock images for your photos and they took that away as well. If you’re going to make an update, why would you make it worse, it was better before. Please give us back the features that make this app worth having, if this app doesn’t allow to have a passcode option anymore, I may have to go to a different app. May have to do the whole file & folder option in Dropbox, at least I can keep someone from opening my files encase I had my phone unlocked and they picked it up. This really is a downgrade, I’m so disappointed.
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5 years ago, BrendaDoc
Amazing!! Made organizing super easy and effortless.
For some context - I spent months trying and testing out almost 10 different apps to help me organize my office and home. After a comprehensive search I decided on Sortly. I have never given a review before but I think this was deserved. Each app had its flaws and advantages but with Sortly there was no compromise. I was amazed by how simple and visual it was. It took me almost no time to get started It’s incredibly intuitive and their folders based system makes it really easy to see/organize your stuff. I was able to catalog my items by location and then tag items based on type. In the last 2 weeks I have logged almost all stuff (over 300 items) and it saves me about 4-5 hours each week not having to manually search for items every time a client calls asking for them. I did have a couple of issues syncing between my sortly desktop and sortly mobile but I think it was temporary (maybe because of my bad rural internet) aside from that it’s been near perfect. My next step is to start using the qr labels feature to so that I can start searching for stuff by scanning to start saving myself more time. I have also sent their team suggestions to make the app work even better ( they are saying some of them are already in the works) If you are looking for an app to get your office organized, I could not be more confident to recommend Sortly.
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5 years ago, Kakcpw
Outrageous Pricing
First let me say that app functions quite well. The one huge feature missing is when you have several folders nested and then an item in the final folder. When you are actually in the item it does not show you the path of how to find the item. For example: Attic > Back Shelves > Middle Shelf > Box 1 > Video Camera. It does show this path (albeit very small font) in the Search function. But it should be inside the detailed view as well. Otherwise it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the app. But it doesn’t matter if this is the greatest app in the world because the price is so far out of bounds. Developer’s have gone crazy lately with this subscription based pricing. This app is basically used to inventory your household or business items. So it stands to reason that people will be using this app for a long period of time. But if I want to use this app to inventory my house over a 10 year period it will cost me $500. That is crazy!!! $500 for an app on my iPhone? That is almost as much as the phone itself. Absolute insanity and greed. Luckily there are other great options out there with flat fee pricing so I can actually own my data. I don’t like the fact that I am only “renting” my data with this app and they can change the pricing plan on me anytime they choose.
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3 years ago, SillyMe1020
Not efficient. Look elsewhere
We’re a home stage business so we have quite a lot of inventory. This system’s theory is great but in reality, it’s a pain in the @&$. And yes, it’s expensive bc it doesn’t put out any value for the money we’re paying and investing our resources and manpower into. It lacks a drag and drop system. There are days when we can see quick snap shots of items in each subfolder, then there are days when it shows those folders are empty. It doesn’t track where the item’s been history if that job site gets deleted. We’re limited to listing out only 50 vendors when we need to track a lot more. You’re constantly needing to use more clicks than necessary. By the time we’re done creating a manifest/pull for each job, my arm and wrist is sore because the “next” and “save” buttons aren’t near each other. We can’t see the “Available” inventory without having to go out of the screen to go into a job site’s catalog and vice versa. We sent them a whole list of things that could use improving but barely anything has been done. The system’s always down. We reply on this every single day. I wish we had never gotten into this system to begin with. Now we’re stuck with an inferior product.
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6 years ago, Laceylace26
Great for collectibles, kids toys, books, or any list!
I love this app! I'm still using the free version and its so easy to use that not only do I have a couple of my collections uploaded and organized, but I have started to use it for my kids toys and books too. Amelia Bedelia, fancy Nancy, and Skippy Jon Jones are some favorites. Because we go to the library to borrow books I can't always remember which titles we actually own, so when I'm at a second hand store I no longer end up buying duplicate copies of a book we already have. Same with their toys- trolls, my little pony, hatchamils, shopkins, etc. one of my kids loves to "check on their stuff" so I added folders for stuffed animals, super heroes, Lego sets, etc with just a picture of the item for them to scroll through & they love it. And because you can export and save the data, my spouse is considering using the app to keep track of all the household manuals, receipts, etc. Highly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, epsmith4
Works better than expected
Sortly is hands’ down the best app I’ve come across. It is so intuitive to learn and I continue to be amazed at the practical functionality. It does what I need without overdoing it (unlike most of the other apps I’ve come across). This is a real game changer for me as I am trying to get my inventory organized. I sell in different places and up until Sortly came along, honestly I didn’t really know where all my pots were! Now, I have a photo to go along with the listing so I know which piece is where and I can generate a .pdf that has the listing and photo to keep my books straight. I would love to upgrade to be able to generate barcodes but maybe on down the road I can do that. Thank you for a truly helpful app that made my life EASIER instead of HARDER! Hope you have lots of success with this. I think you will.
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3 years ago, Brianna Griffin 338
Sortly. No customer service
Have had nothing but problems with this program. It is very simple programming errors that they seem not to care about or address at all. Every time we have had issues, we try to call, but there is no number they just make you email. However I receive a response saying they will get back to us and then never respond from there. We are basically just communicating with a computer system with no human interaction. Problems we have: (1) website doesn’t communicate with app and is severely delayed. (2) Items don’t update when you edit them. For instance, I change a quantity on an item, press save, and it doesn’t update. Have to do that about ten times or more for it to register. Causes major problems. (3) when you move like items back into a folder, they don’t merge. So if you have 2 of the same item, move one over to a stage, and then move it back, it duplicates the item instead of merging back with the original. OVERALL LOTS OF PROBLEM AND ABSOLUTELY NO HELP ON BEHALF OF SORTLY. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A BASIC INVENTORY SYSTEM WITH LOTS OF GLITCHES, THIS IS FOR YOU!
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6 years ago, charloch
Can't seem to work offline
My goods are located in a place with weak wifi. This app apparently requires updating in real time for every single adjustment? It's so tedious and time consuming to wait for it to reboot the entire catalog and all the photos after every entry that it makes pencil and paper look like a rocket ship. So you can't for example, do a count of all goods in a folder off line, and then sync it when you are done. It works offline, but as soon as you go on line you lose all the data you just entered (it reverts). Perhaps there is a work around, who knows? As far as I can tell from 30 minutes of looking, their customer service consist of a list of questions and answers, none of which mention off line adjustments. They don't seem to have interest in communicating/servicing customers. So if your goods are in a refer, or basement or anywhere that does not have smoking broadband, or if your wifi plunks out occasionally, good luck. Maybe I am wrong, who knows, no one to ask.
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4 years ago, KStough
Hook you in, then raise to ridiculous price
I subscribed to this app a year ago to inventory a small children’s book collection. At $4.99/month, I felt this was a reasonable price. For the last year, I’ve taken pictures and painstakingly entered books/details, up to over 700 entries. Two days ago, I receive notice that my subscription is no longer available and the only plans that are offered cost around $500/year. The only option I’m given is a free account with up to 100 entries or exporting my info within 3 days and canceling my subscription. I’ve looked over other complaints about their high pricing and see their excuse is that they’ve “transitioned to business plans” and see that they don’t offer smaller pricing to people like me, that were attracted by what it appeared an app with a name like “Sortly” would be meant to do (i.e. sort and inventory household items and collections). Now that I’ve entered everything and used it for the last year (and yes, it worked great for my needs) I guess they expect me to give in and pay the higher price. This is an awful way to treat people.
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3 years ago, Dragonberry11
Ridiculously OVERPRICED!
I have been using this app since 2014 for moving. I have moved around 5 times since first using the app. I loved everything about it from taking photos and printing out QR labels. It really helped keep my move organized. I loved finding something that I had packed up in a moving box quickly and easily using the QR label. It sure did beat opening tons of boxes and throwing items around trying to find the one thing I needed. I am moving again here soon and I went to Sortly right away to start the tedious task of packing only to find to my dismay that the once free tools within the app are now priced. I’m not saying affordability priced, but RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED! Over $400 for a tool that used to be free! I’m seriously disappointed with the developers of Sortly. They definitely lost my recommendations to friends and family(which I have on numerous times)HIGHLY suggested they too use this app. Not any longer. I’m very sad to be parting ways with Sortly. Time to find another more affordable app to assist in making my move less stressful. -No longer a valued user for this once great app.
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4 years ago, Ituyyrdgrdhg
Pretty easy and useful, a little young
I’ve enjoyed using Sortly to get my team workshop inventory organized. The apps are very handy. Using the Advanced level. I imported around 700 items and missed fixing something before importing the data. So I am clicking on each item via their web interface and fixing each. So many clicks! I should have been more careful. I would really, really like it if they supported a wireless label printer, like the Dymo model. They only support the Dymo label writer 450 which connects to a PC via USB. So all those smartphones and iPads in the office can’t make a label. We end up making a label, sending it via email to the person with the label printer and then they print it. Yuck. Looking forward to this obvious need.
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5 years ago, NOLA Gurl
Update makes things harder
I like this app. I use it to manage my supplement inventory so it’s easier to order more. Before the latest update that requires you to register, this was simple to use. Now, if I want to update the quantity of something, instead of just being able to touch one button and then a minus sign to decrease it, I have to do a bunch of keystrokes. I get that this is easier for business users who may be increasing or decreasing inventory by large quantities, but could you go back to having it all on one screen and maybe letting people have the option of just pressing a + or - to change in single increments and a second option for larger changes. Fewer strokes are better and now, doing something simple takes three times the strokes than it did before. There is a way to please everyone, I think.
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6 years ago, JustTooBusy
Amazing App — amazing support
I read about this app in a news article just over a year ago. It had amazing reviews so I decided to try it to do an inventory of my extensive novelty collection. The app is awesome! Using my own list of folders and tags I am able to catalog and index my collection. I use the folders to distinguish different groups of items in my collection and tags to cross reference the items by a multitude of categories. This process has simplified my inventory while giving me a powerful set of tools to pull out subgroups in a variety of ways. I can change folder names and tag names on the fly and add or delete folders or tags at any time. I have complete control of my collection. In addition, I can print out a catalog of my collection by main category or export the data and manipulate it in any way I want. We will be moving soon and I look forward to using Sortly tools to help me move more effectively than I have ever done before. I have used Sortly help/support on several occasions and the team always provides responses quickly and completely. Honestly, I don’t know what I ever did without this app!
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6 years ago, luvhorsz
Love This App
I’ve always struggled with how to digitally organize things, and this app is fabulous! For example, I like to decorate cookies, and I have a lot of cookie cutters. This app helps me to keep them organized and allows me to quickly see what I already have so I don’t duplicate a cutter. My only request: It would be great if I could add a second picture. The first picture is of the cutter with a ruler so I can quickly see the size. It would be nice to be able to also add a picture of a cookie that has been decorated with that cutter. Or for the cutters that are designed for words ( like “Mom”) to see a pic of the word design since it is hard to tell when you are just looking at the cutter what word it represents.
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1 year ago, Tim T
Literally So Good I Could Not Run My Bussines Without It.
I own and operate a small scale automatic door installation and service company with a few vehicles. This app saves me time and money by letting me know if an item is on truck #1 or #2 or sitting back in the shop inventory. And it couldn’t be easier to use too. I highly recommend to anyone who needs an inventory management system. Many years user/happy customer. The only thing it’s missing is some kind of integration into QuickBooks Online/inventory system. Would be nice to import into that… as Quicksbooks has an inventory but it’s pretty bad apart from the financial side of it. Hence why I use Sortly the superior inventory system.
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5 years ago, Fabric-frenzy
Organizing my scrapbook room
I used to use an app called iInventory. I had logged in all of my stuff at that time that I had purchased so I would not purchase it again. When I was at a scrapbook Expo or shopping. Apple kept warning me that the company did not update the app so one time when I updated my Apple items the app had disappeared. Heartbroken I looked for another app. My son told me about Sortly. I have used it ever since. It is a little expensive… But I know that they keep updating the app and also it wouldn’t all the sudden disappear after logging in over 3000 items. Can’t take photos sent how much I paid for except where it is in my house… For that reason it is worth the price.
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3 years ago, Ocpd1382
Can’t live without it!
This is the 2nd Militaria Collection organizer that I have used. The first app I put 100’s of hours into plugging in all the info, and the creator abandoned the app leaving me to start all over. This app is much more professional. I subscribe to the online version as well and can look at my collection from anywhere in the world, and from any device. The only suggestions I wish they would improve on is the amount of pictures per item allowed, and I wish they had two categories for value. One for the purchase price and one for what the item is worth. Other than that, great job guys and gals.
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11 months ago, Bandisahn
Simple and exactly what I need
This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for an app. I operate a commercial shipping container depot and rental fleet. I looked all over for inventory software that was easy to use and didn’t have 300 extra features I don’t need getting in the way. I downloaded this app and within two hours, our intern had the entire inventory organized, with pictures! Possibly the best part is it creates QR labels for all your items so the driver can just scan and check out a box. Absolutely perfect. Wish I’d found this years ago.
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6 years ago, Davyator
Worst app of all time!
They have tried to turn this app into a money-making machine, and they have disabled core functions for long-term users. It is worse than extortion because you are not compensated for all the time you wasted using this app. I’m serious. My wife spent 5 hours uploading pictures to the app. They were only saved on the app and not her camera roll on her iPhone. Anyway, she couldn’t get the photos to synchronize for some reason. We tried everything to resolve it to no avail. So, we tried logging out and logging back in. All of her latest photos (like 250) were lost, and hours upon end of work was lost. I logout and login to systems all day, and I don’t expect to lose data and photos when I do so. Shame on you Sortly! My request for help has gone unanswered to my satisfaction. It is like they play run-around games when you try to find out what happened to your pictures.
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6 years ago, Designfolly
Easy app for the tech-impaired! Very handy
This app helps you get the most out of your iPhone - great for home inventory, or any hobby or small business. You don’t need fancy bookkeeping software to track your inventory. Softly will turn it into a spreadsheet. You can see the value of your items at a glance right in your phone too, so if you’re a reseller it’s a huge help. The perfect solution for anyone dealing with one-of-kind items. Use it for shopping lists, moving lists, or travel. Keep track of your home improvement and decorating projects with a couple of clicks. Save your stuff to your computer, online storage, or just email it to yourself. Super simple.
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5 years ago, LuckyNeecy
Great all around app for getting organized!
I started off using the free app on my iPhone to catalogue my father’s estate. Once the enormity of the task hit me, I quickly upgraded to Sortly Pro to have multiple users and sync to make the task more manageable. The app is very easy to use and allows photos to be taken and uploaded quickly. Finding Sortly has been a lifesaver and the monthly pro fee is very reasonable. The support staff is very dedicated and recently went above and beyond to recover a folder that I accidentally deleted that had over 80 items that would have taken hours to re-catalog. Thanks Sortly team!!
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6 years ago, GuyLock
The Best App for tracking items of value
I've been using this application for about two years. I forgot to write a review because I was too busy using the application. It's important to give credit to very good applications and this is one of those. I use this for every type of cataloging that's imaginable. It's so easy to use ! I also bought the pro version so that I could use the QR labels. I found those to speed up my workflow dramatically. And all I do to make labels is just print them on the printer and then tape them on the box. I don't go out and buy fancy Avery labels.
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2 years ago, en liri
Price Checker
This could be a perfect Price Checker if the developer could only lock the search page with a password and keep the cursor on the search bar all the time so customers can scan items, with the barcode scanner, for checking the price and instead of showing the full details of the item it will only show the picture and the price of the item. This app could also be use as a self checkout and use square card reader as credit card processor.
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5 years ago, Hineniyhvh
Very Versatile
Excellent app and very versatile. I was able to combine this app with my Collectorz apps and when I got tired of details, could just take a picture and give a general description. Only one quirk was discovered. I couldn't create sub-locations within other sub-locations. Other than that, it was great. I wrote this review before Sorty decided they wanted my money. I had everything in storage for years, and the program was helpful for me finding things in their specific boxes. Then Sorty wouldn’t let me update unless I purchased it. I started losing track of what I had and where it was. Now Sorty won’t even let me use what I had unless I create a login. I’m very unhappy at this moment because I can’t tell which of my boxes I should open to find specific items.
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5 years ago, MsNBell
Sortly Plus
I love this program!! I just put together a photo record and provenance of family keepsakes for my two daughters. Each item has a story about their ancestors, a memory of mine and/or the story behind the acquisition. I put it in a pdf and used the album feature. The list feature "notes" does not expand to fill in all I had to say. I may add more items in the next few weeks until my monthly membership is over. Thank You!! and I am highly recommending your product to family and friends!!
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4 years ago, Mil84es
Beware: Sortly will not guarantee your account is secure
I purchased the Sortly app in the spring of 2019 and spent a considerable amount of time uploading pictures of all my keepsakes and collectibles. Then, 15 months later, while making arrangements to move, I found my Sortly account had disappeared. Sortly Customer Service said they had no record of my account, despite me having the original “Welcome to Sortly” email and records of my paying for the account through the App Store. All the work I put into my Sortly account was for nothing; worse yet, I’ve paid the company for the past 15 months for the privilege of NOT having an account with them. Stay away from Sortly if you want dependable customer service and security of your account. It may not be there when you really need it.
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5 years ago, FourFortuneCookies
Made The Most Organized Move Ever!!
This app saved my my sanity as we packed up to move! I have recommended it to others as it is the best!!! It was beyond awesome to be able to search for specific items and know which boxes they were in, and exactly what those boxes looked like. I made a paper back up, writing the contents of boxes down in a notebook, but it was completely unnecessary. This app is so much better and is always handy in my phone. I’m hoping to use it next to fully organize our home.
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4 years ago, Idjdndbd
Amazing app but completely ridiculous pricing
I downloaded this app to manage my salon inventory. I decided I could live without the advanced package despite wanting the features after seeing the $500+ yearly charge. After adding some items I got a screen saying I’d used 10 of my 100 free items and would have to pay the $500 a year to add more. I understand and respect that apps cost money to develop but I find it shady that they don’t inform you of the charge for <100 items until you’ve spent time figuring out how to add ten items. Yet the other advanced features are brought up right as you open the app the first time.
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2 years ago, Calikid24/7
Decent and clean but extremely over priced
They want you to pay 400+ a year to use a simple software. Extremely over priced. For that amount of money you can pay someone to make this app as its very simple and honestly won’t take a long time to develop for personal use if you had programming experience. For the regular person wanting to use this for a small business or to keep track of items for events other use cases this wouldn’t not be feasible financially. Your better off just making a spread sheet or downloading another option. No need for the developers to send a response. Fair price would be 20-40$ a year or flat 100 for life time use. Not 400 something each year my gawd.
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6 years ago, a rag
OCD Lovers!! Lol
I have always known I had hidden OCD within my personality; but wow this fueled it and it felt great to organize our closet using cube shelving with fabric cubes. We were able to label each Bin with a # and then Inventory the contents and tag them for ease of knowing which cubicle had which stuff. As the cubes were all up high in our shelves it made for zero guess work and can find anything we need on the app and now know exactly where to find it... if only organizing the rest of the house was this easy!! Thanks for such a great App.
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1 year ago, swabs045
Best option for Thor that don’t have crazy needs
It’s a helpful app and works as intended. Wish the search allowed me to search items containing characters and not having to the things exactly. For instance one item I have is F125 part if it’s item number, but if I’m in a hurry don’t want to go back and type in that F. Minor but super useful. Also would be nice to have a drop-down for variations. Lastly adding tags for each item, like sofa, table, chair, rug, etc. So far this works best for my small furniture store (display inventory)
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5 years ago, Cheerfulte
I LOVE this app! It helps me organize my closet and stops me from purchasing double items. I know it doesn’t sound like much but to me it’s a lifesaver. With the pricing option I can also keep track of how much I’m spending on purses, shoes, etc! When I updated my renters insurance it was a breeze to figure out my total amount of coverage because of this app!!! I also move a lot so already having pictures of my high value items makes life so easy! Thanks so much for developing this app!
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2 years ago, 741963852
Introduced a bug
UPDATE: latest update repaired the glitch. Thanks! The app was working great for me. Then this latest app update now makes the scan feature with a quick action set annoying. Every time the app gets quit from running in the background, the app forgets any quick actions that were memorized and therefore I have to set them up again. It is not remembering these quick action settings for me.
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3 years ago, Lifelong Sesame Street Fan
Great App, Crazy Expensive
The app is great and easy to use. But it caps out at 100 items for the free version and then it costs $500 PER YEAR to increase that limit to 1k or 2k (can’t remember which). That’s an insanely high cost, especially for a recurring payment. I’d pay less for a one time up-front cost to just increase my total inventory space (don’t need an additional/fancy features). Not using for a business. Just wanted an easy to use app to have a visual inventory of the many baby supplies/clothes we’ve been accumulating while we plan to start a family.
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6 years ago, Ylva 01
Perfect for me
This app is great, like Pinterest boards for categorizing your stuff. I got it to keep track of which paint colors I already own so I know what to get when I go to the store, and it works great for that. I would give five stars but the storage is limited, which is somewhat understandable as it is a free app but still is a pain when you start keeping track of multiple lists. There also seems to be no way of upgrading the storage without a monthly fee, a single payment would be much more reasonable. But if you're only keeping track of a few things it works fine.
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5 years ago, prolocallocksmith
Download Sortly now! Save money and time!
I love your app, I’m a locksmith and I use Sortly to keep track of my inventory (the best I can). The app is wicked user friendly and being able to search for an item based on info I put in notes for each item is great. I have nothing negative about Sortly to say and even have recommended it to other locksmiths. Honestly I couldn’t even give you input based on over a year of experience using it to make it better.
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6 years ago, ForceFour
Nice application...but not another subscription.
I like the application. Elegant, easy to use. But ...a subscription? Really? Just to maintain a database of my home inventory they want to charge me $50/year (now, surely will go higher later once they have you well into using it). I would pay a reasonable price for the app, not an ongoing one for a ‘plan’. There are a number of good options out there that do not require ongoing payment from simple spreadsheets to pay once applications like Binary Systems Home Inventory (my current). Sortly is prettier than my current, not $50/year prettier. Hard pass!
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3 years ago, JakeDrakeGames
I use this app to keep track of all my Milwaukee tools and some of my other tools at work, but mainly my milwaukee! I would love if they could release a version for windows so that I could access my files from my laptop, that would be really great and make things easier! Other than that, this app is great for managing every little thing you have, if I own a business I would for sure use this for inventory of my items!!!
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3 years ago, Lulu-P
Priced out as a home user!
So disappointed they left the home consumer on the curb when devising their newer pricing model. I would happily give this app 5 stars if they offered a reasonably priced paid version for non-business customers. The free one is nice, but doesn’t allow you to inventory a whole house of items with the 100 item limit (mines a little higher because I’ve had the app for a little while). Perhaps if I stick to only furniture I could make it work. But that just means it’s not a fully functional option anymore. So sad! I have family in the military who move a lot and it had always been my top recommendation.
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6 years ago, Majorgeneral5eva
Great for lab management
I am using this app to organize the technology tools in my lab, and it has been really helpful! The interface is easy to use. I especially like the tagging feature that allows you to create tags for different devices, it makes searching much easier. I appreciate that most of the features are available for free, but in the future I may buy the subscription to be able to export my list to a PDF.
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5 years ago, D19091
Over priced
It’s actually a good app. The problems are 1 - the cost and 2 - you’ll lose all of your inventory information if you try a subscription and then cancel. 160 free items sounds like a lot, but I used it up very quickly with my personal items. It should be a one time fee. This app doesn’t really provide any service that needs support. Even considering updates and fixes, other apps manage to factor that into their one time fee. I’d pay $20 flat for this app (I like it that much) if it had unlimited items. Even the “discount” rate of $50 / per year is far too much. I want something that I can keep for multiple years and at a reasonable cost.
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5 years ago, Sandy the cook
A real time- and sanity-saver!
Just wanted to say I think Sortly is the greatest!! No more searching through boxes. Everything can be put away without spending a lot of time planning where it should go. Easy to use, with the assurance that whatever you’re looking for later will be easily found. I can’t tell you how it’s helped my family’s household. Looking forward to exploring the new features. Thank you for such a wonderful app!!
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6 years ago, 1232123432345543
Great app for organizing anything
I use this app to organize fabric and patterns for sewing. I love that I can check on fabric requirements for a pattern at the store, see if another fabric coordinates with one I already have or just realize that I already have that fabric, and shouldn’t get more. I plan to branch out into the books my daughter has too. I am so glad I upgraded from the free program. I thought 100 items was a lot, but I was off by a few 100 more.
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5 years ago, stegel
Sortly eases my OCD
After our baby was born, I needed ways to keep track of all the gifts and toys that we can’t use until she gets older. In the city, we get really creative with storage spaces. Fortunately I found sortly which allows me to track where everything is. Tagging helps me find specific items like all the Stroller accessories throughout the house. With that, I have gone beyond baby’s thing and started tracking everything.
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5 years ago, trgreene
Sortly Plus
I love this app!! I have a small home based cookie business and I use this app to organize my cookie cutters. I love it! I have a picture of all my cutters, so when I am shopping, I can see what I already have in stock. I also use it when a customer contacts me & places an order. I can quickly see what cutters I have and begin planning their delicious cookie order. It works great for me!! Thanks!
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5 years ago, PICUABBYRN
Love the update but...
Love this app. Just logged in and my app updated which is great. Love the updates except... the ability to sort alphabetically inside folders is gone. Here’s what I mean; I have several items with the same names inside of folders and use the notes field to sort by color. I use to be able to manually sort by that field but now I cannot. Can you bring that back?
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3 years ago, A Shooks
Very dissapointed
I have been paying for this service for several years. I was probably one of there first customers. I stopped using for about a year and come to find out all my data is gone. I brought it to there attention and they simply said sorry. I would not recommend a company that does not stand by there product. I paid thinking my data was there and now I have to redo my inventory which will be costly. There excuse was they upgraded there system. Who plans an upgrade without protecting there customer data. I am frustrated and would not recommend them at all
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6 years ago, ChristieArrrr
Great framework for collecting!
I have had this app for several years, and love the flexibility to organize and track multiple collections. I've never had an app that was good for coins, but still useful for trains and knives. Fully customizable and searchable by keyword. All additions and changes upload to the cloud and to all my connected devices. I have 4,500 plus items cataloged and never had a problem.
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5 years ago, Danimal2011
No app support!
It’s clear there has been quite a bit of effort put into building this app. I downloaded the app to track my liquor and cigar collections. My database isn’t large (nearing 400 items) when considering this app promotes that it is built for businesses to track inventory. I’ve had several issues and features I needed support on and reached out. After weeks of trying to get help or even a response from the company I have given up and moved to another app which does have staff that will respond to support emails. Don’t waste your money on this app if you are going to rely on it to keep track of valuable items.
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3 years ago, :!:Edeio:!:
Great app
Great app, thanks heaps. One thing that makes things quite difficult is that I can’t see to have the option to manually choose the order of items listed, it’s either alphabetical, by quantity, price, etc. if there was a way that I could sort out my own order in the way it makes sense to me, it would make it much easier to find. Please make this option possible!!
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