Speaker Box Lite

4.2 (305)
71.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexey Abdulin
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speaker Box Lite

4.22 out of 5
305 Ratings
3 years ago, Fredo Two Wheels
Give it a shot
This is a very useful app. Much more than anything currently out there on a Mac platform. The $5 fee to check it out isn’t bad, but I have a problem with not owning my tools. I would pay a good amount for this to be purchased then maybe subscribe to their speaker database. Otherwise I’m going to use it this one month and then probably wait around to see if any other programs pop up before I need it again. Maybe that model works for some but you’re leaving money on the table from me.
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8 months ago, Casey Chura
Buggy, formulas are incorrect, etc.
I was stoked about this app and happy to pay $6/ month until I realized how badly it was butchering my designs. What sold me was the fact you can search a driver and it fills out the TS parameters for you, until I realized that more than half of the parameters are always WAY off. Enough for it to tell me that my ported box should be tuned to 36 cubic feet instead of 2.5. Completely defeats the purpose of the app. It will also change parameters on you seemingly randomly, so you constantly have to bounce around and check everything, wasting time having to reference the specs for the driver you’re designing for. I definitely don’t trust anything this app spits out and wouldn’t recommend going near it with a 10’ pole until they fix all of the bugs/ incorrect formulas.
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4 years ago, Cajun C.
Used for a few hrs then paid for pro version
Was working well the 3 D box and first day using app it crashed after about 2 hrs 😳. Had to delete app and reload. Still didn’t work till next day. 😖 🤗 Well the next day it loaded up and worked, I been on it testing it out, it seems to be working well now. If it doesn’t crash anymore I like do like the app. 🙌🏼🔥🙌🏼 Ok it’s been a week or so since last I wrote, and I have been designing many new different box’s, and I must say the app is working very well, and saves all my designs! So I must say I am loving this app now, so I,m giving y’all : 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for a great tool that does the heavy lifting so much faster that I used to have to do it by hand/myself. 👍🏼 I also love how the data base has so many subwoofers 🔊 loaded and when you pick the one your using it adds all the info in for the build, nice 👍🏼
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4 years ago, PonoSunrider
Subscription required
I could see paying once and being able to use it but the subscription is ridiculous! I subbed twice and got little use out of it. The cut sheet also shapes it oddly. It would be a lot more user friendly if it calculated cuts as perfect rectangles instead of making us do L shaped cuts. Not everyone has the tools or workspace for this. Even when I lived in a home with a garage, my tools were limited and getting perfect cuts wasn’t easy. Home Depot did the crucial rectangle cuts and I just had to sand a bit at times. I don’t want odd shapes. Paying monthly to be able to use the app is not worthwhile. Ultimatecaraudioapp is light years ahead of speakerboxlite... the cut sheets aren’t as in-depth as far as the port cuts, but it is still much better than this app.
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6 years ago, bigceeboogie
Great utility!
Cannot overemphasize the value of a good sub enclosure volume calculator! The fact that this app is completely free of charge is amazing! You have to know a decent amount about speakers and parameters to be able to make use of this tool if your speakers of choice are not in the database but it works great for fundamentals and an entry level enclosure calculator. Not quite sure how accurate it is until I compare calculations with my overpriced computer based software. But it’s a great tool for quick calculations and enclosure quotes.. great job. Wonder if there’s a pro version and how much more it’s capable of !
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4 years ago, Jstewmane
great app
Really nice app. if they could add air velocity graph it would be unbeatable. Wish the pro version wasn’t a monthly subscription but would pay a one time fee for all the features with no problem
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7 years ago, Logieemonds
Initial impression
So far I have only designed one box with this app but I like the user interface and the fact that I can contribute to the data base of speaker information. That feature alone is amazing, it is possible to enter in the tablet parameters for any speaker and request that is be added to the data base for your future use and for the use of others as well. Your information gets checked by a moderator as well.
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4 years ago, rek-rap
Great tool!
Makes finding the perfect enclosure type and size a breeze - I recently purchased a $600 sub and threw it in a “recommended box size” ported box it did well but come to find out the app actually recommends a SEALED box for best sound with my driver. Just got done knocking one out quick (letting it dry overnight) im about a .10 off but I don’t think it’ll be noticeable and should play pretty flat! thanks speaker box lite!
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6 years ago, Lexi&annie1
Just found this app and it being FREE was the icing on the cake!!! Great app you all and easy to use as well. Trying to build an accurate box for a pick-up truck is a challenge unless you know what your doing. With this tool it takes a lot of the guess work out of the job.. Thanks so much for offering this for Free to the public. Very generous of you..
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6 years ago, missriss123123
I’m actually very impressed with this app. They have every subwoofer and loudspeaker that I have tried to search for!! Not only did they have all of the TS parameters but the app even has a plethora of information regarding several types of recommendations for each speaker and what enclosure should be used for each specific application. Five stars wow!!
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5 years ago, 355 ss
Diy sub box
Hey guys, well this app is a very good starting point to help you get your hands dirty. I have used this app to help me with cubic feet and a rough sizing of the box for the style/brand of woofer and let me tell you never been so proud. The woofer blow my mind. It a big difference when the box is made to the manufacture specs. And it tells how to cut the pieces for your new custom box.
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3 years ago, don't need a name 17711771
Don’t update!
Older version used to model passive radiator enclosures for free, now you want to charge $5/month for it?! C’mon now... If you’re going to charge, at least make the program on par with Unibox! This program still has some bugs and inaccuracies, doesn’t warrant the price at all as far as I can see. Room gain feature is nice, if a bit simplistic. Overall, left a sour taste in my mouth for it when you took away enclosure design options from the free version though.
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4 years ago, Etboxma
I have been looking for a simple quick program that covers most of the boxes I build. This is it , every thing you need, fast and simple. I’m not going to say that all the things that are not covered is never used but not most of the time. Thanks SBL. Etboxman .
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6 years ago, Ryan 7241
I am new to speaker building and I knew I couldn’t build a quality speaker with out having software to make the various different calculations. I love the built in library with all the manufacturers specs. This apps makes it super easy to create a quality design.
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2 years ago, Bam Bam259
Best app for enclosure design
Works amazingly!! So easy to use plenty of tutorials guiding you at first and even after using it for several months the tutorials help out a lot.
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3 months ago, NicknTammy2488
Great app
Great app if u want the most out of ur car audio download this app it has every possible thing u need to make sure ur waking up the neighborhood before u ever get to it love this app
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4 months ago, johnrehm
Not worth it
Why would I waste money on a app that doesn’t work online tried to design a box for 4 12’s. I tried and tried but it don’t let you move anything. so you end up with a picture where the 4 12’s are in a square configuration with half the speaker outside the box on the top and bottom. the port’s are overlapping each other.
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3 years ago, Mucklechumps
Easy to get started, but advanced functionality
This app allows for easy speaker enclosure designing but has incredible flexibility for advanced users. Love it!
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5 years ago, GT500&Raptor
Great program
Been using this for the last couple years. It seems to be pretty accurate in its calculations and i have had good luck with it.
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2 years ago, Stichay68
Wish their was a one time purchase option
The app is great, but for people that might only build a few boxes a year the subscription only option for pro is off putting.
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5 years ago, dabtome
Was the best app until I updated.
Was able to calculate my box volume and tuning pretty easily with this app in the past, but now when I updated it it’s asking me to buy pro just to put in box perimeters is stupid, why take away features and ask people to pay now or sign up and possibly get a free account if your active enough I don’t have time for that.
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6 years ago, Doolilltle63
Doug G
As a sound engineer,this is very useful now to the dev it will be very helpful if you can develop a glossary for the different technical meaning to help those that desire to learn more about speaker building...
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7 years ago, Schpickel schpakel
Incredibly Useful
I have to say, I just downloaded this and have yet to build a box with it. The fact that this app has preloaded drivers and multiple options to calculate box parameters has me really excited. I also love the idea that you can save builds. I’ve check the calculations against some of my own (long hand) and it all matches up quite nicely. A+ stuff.
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2 years ago, scotch008
Money back app off
I would like my money back I turn this app off last week last month because you stop giving me certain views on the 3-D speaker box app so guess what I shut it off don’t have the app anymore you shouldn’t be able to charge me so give me my money back please
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5 years ago, fzzynsoft
Nice App
This app seems like a really cool way to figure specs out. I’ve been building systems for 20yrs but this I think should really be beneficial in my work. Thx
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4 years ago, 66eyman6
Works good
I think it would be better if it explained measurements and things
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6 years ago, LeeHerron
Good overall, but should offer an ad free option with donation.
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2 years ago, BrianHaupu
Stupidest app in the world
Wish I could give this a zero stars! No tutorials on how to use it. I’ve filled out every box and still gives me error messages. Dumbest $6 I’ve spent ever in my live. Do not download this it’s no help and dosnt work.
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6 years ago, Asp2427
Excellent app and database for DIYers ,,,,, with this app i can customize speaker dimension so easily to fit in my custom hone theater project...... awesome database .... thank you
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4 years ago, BlacksmithLT
Real bad glitch
It’s the best app .. but it glitches and shut down or sticks when using the adjust vb/fb
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11 months ago, abstractience
Not nearly enough trial functionality to make a value assessment
There’s so little functionality in the free version purchasing feels like a gamble at best.
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6 years ago, Threeshove
Great app
Works great, let’s u look up other speakers and find out specs without their manual
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6 years ago, SilverBlade45
Simple to use and very useful to have a database of speaker parameters.
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11 months ago, User28_
App crashes
Please fix this issue after latest update the app crashes and does not work at all That not good for a paid app
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3 years ago, aleriafitness
No video or demos on how to use, numbers change themselves, hard to use app overall. I’ll stick to my computer when designing boxes instead.
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5 years ago, <>+^#}{
Update is terrible
I’ve used this for a couple years. I really liked it. New update as rendered it useless to me. I need to find a new program. 😞
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6 years ago, valhallanv13
very usefull
great app! speaker database is awsome!! the cut sheet is a nice added bonus!!!
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3 years ago, Jonesy1104
Not able to see a drawing or 3D model of a box after buying pro version. Keeps telling me to fill in all the info, which I’ve done...
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5 years ago, Jayice3
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work at all, not even slightly, at least not anymore. Nothing happens when you enter in specs.
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1 month ago, User with no nickname.
Great Idea, Poor Execution
This app seems to do the calculations and graphing correctly but the user interface is really bad.
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4 years ago, dmatlock86
Paid for app only for it not to work and still charge me for it
Show more
5 years ago, SeedyTunner
Doesn’t work. Period.
Enter as much data as you want. It does nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing. Zero. Wasted time
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4 years ago, Gundriver
Subscription really?
Thought I might like it then saw the subscription. Total waste.
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3 years ago, HiMay88
Was a good tool. Latest versions don’t work at all.
Show more
4 years ago, 1KillarKittyKat
Waste of time
Entered all calculations that were asked for! Nothing happens just hit drawing and it just spins for ever!!!!!!! What a waste
Show more
4 years ago, **Roddy**
Great if you want to pay money...
Title says it all. Will soon delete.
Show more
3 years ago, Corey 01010
Don't waste your money.
Show more
4 years ago, Dsilva916
Don’t buy pro it’s a waste of money
This app is lame
Show more
6 years ago, Bigcoolarrow
Great app!
Great app!
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1 year ago, MellyDawgTx
No bueno on latest iOS, refund me plz
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