Speco Player

1.8 (145)
19.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Components Specialties, Inc
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speco Player

1.84 out of 5
145 Ratings
5 years ago, Battery111
Not well thought out
Plenty of minor gripes regarding buggy functionality. But the biggest is the app's demand to overtake your audio output if you open it. This is even if the site in question doesn't even support audio. So forget about using this app to check your cameras while sitting in the parking lot listening to music, or you have a bar using an iPad to play music over the PA; Speco says you will either listen to music OR review your cameras. NOT both, and they're gonna tell you when you're gonna listen to the non-existent audio feed from your silent site, and when you are gonna listen to your chosen audio. You can't both use the app to watch the video footage in one part of your bar while entertaining the customers with music. It's either/or. An app with the option to disable audio is an unreasonable and gratuitous request.
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6 years ago, Bubbles McFinn for FARMY
Why?!! What did you do!?!
So you rewind looking at the full screen with 16 cameras and then you go to the one camera that has what you're looking for just to suddenly have to start over 10 minutes before! It rewind or fast-forward without you even asking you to, even the opening logo is fuzzy LOL! What did you do? Something told me not to "update"but because it said the fix was for connectivity I thought will yeah that would be nice to have that fixed and then you screwed up everything else why? Why would you do that? It's always been sketchy, unstable, but you figure out ways to make it work for you and then out of the blue you decide to create a whole new set of issues LOL? How hard can it be?
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5 years ago, tbird201
So frustrating
I’ve had the app for 3 + years I wanted to love this app but truthfully it’s clunky and super buggy. I just updated it and it basically has stopped working. It starts to connect and then just freezes shuts down entirely. If you guys can’t manage the software please acquire a startup that can bc you will die out to easier more user friendly companies like ring and nest. Ps I tried to hit the contact app support and the page is 404 dead
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2 years ago, Firefly9009
Trash App
My alarm company “upgraded” our equipment and downloaded this app so we could view our cameras. The app worked for about a week and after that it kept giving a “Connection failed, trying to reconnect,” message on all of our devices. I have tried everything to get it working again. The developers of this trash app couldn’t care less about the lack of function, because I tried contacting them and they didn’t even attempt to resolve my problem. They also obviously don’t care, because they never respond to or even try to resolve all of the negative reviews posted here. It doesn’t make sense. The app doesn’t work, just remove the trash out of the App Store.
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6 years ago, Cdwags
Big time fail waste of money DO NOT BUY
I have had this Speco system installed with my house and it never worked! I had it working one day that was a year ago. I feel like there should be a lawsuit for such false advertising I have a swann camera system I bought that took literally 20 minutes to set up with no issue and has worked nonstop for over a year!!! This speco system cost three times as much and has never worked. I have the most expensive router and repeater money can buy I am also an IT oil and gas. Do not buy this system it is a lie and is fraudulent. Someone needs to litigate them so they are off the shelves immediately!!!!!
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5 years ago, RSI Audio Video Security
This Is A Great App!
I’m an installer and work with this app on a daily basis. I will say it does have a learning curve... probably why end users don’t understand it and have problems getting it to work, therefore, all the negative reviews. When installed correctly and programmed the right way this app is nearly flawless.
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2 years ago, Bullymsu99
Great when it works but most of the time it does not
It does not matter if you are trying to see a live view or a playback the app won’t load. You connect and it just says connecting and the cameras do not appear. Pretty worthless when you need to go back and look at your cameras to see what happened
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5 years ago, rossavenue
Doesn’t save all settings
Camera views are good, but I wish the app would save the setting for 10 minute limit. I change it every time I open the app, and it loses my preference every time. It didn’t turn off when used last, and it used 1.5 GB of data in one night. I’ve been using this app for a while now, and just started having this issue.
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6 months ago, Chanston Chanston
Better than speco’s app
But still a piece of crap. Can’t keep one channel as the main view which is beyond annoying. Super buggy overall but not as bad as Speco’s own app
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7 years ago, biotech1111
It's back and works great!
Once again it works good! Too bad it took almost three months to get the app to ivp6 so it can work again. Put a side that bad experience, this app is now great again!
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5 years ago, Demon 76
Latest update 2.2.9 Killed App on iPad
Just updated to latest update 2.2.9 and can no longer use the app on my older iPad. Works on my iPhone 8, but no longer on the iPad. Tried to get support via the App Support link in the App Store on my phone and it can’t find the site. If there is a way to revert to the old version that worked, it would be great, but as it stands I just lost my monitoring capability.
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6 years ago, zeex
Don’t like extra step
If I’m doing something wrong let me know I look at all my camera feeds, I click one to enlarge, when I hit back button it jumps back to the CONNECT screen and I have to connect to get all camera back Why can’t you go from one camera back to all?
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5 years ago, Fedup with Speco
This app needs to be fixed!!! Why don’t they get someone in there who knows how to make this app work so you can view all the camera playbacks/events. It is really useless. I am so sick of paying to get this set up fixed. It is very expensive and nothing compared to less expensive DVN and cameras. You can’t view backup in the app. I have called and begged for help. Do not buy
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5 years ago, Booster fail
Fail to launch
Update does not work on iPad. I cannot access my cameras with this update. What gives? Update also does not work on the iPhone. Version 2.2.7 worked just fine. There are still some of us that have older iPhones such as 4 and iPads. Player should work no matter what version of the iPhone ect. one has
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2 years ago, GodzFave
It would be nice if there were a way to delete a device without removing and reinstalling the app. Also, I couldn’t get the ddns service to work.
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6 years ago, m0m3030
Terrible app
My app keeps crashing when I use my data and does not connect when I use Wifi. There is always a different problem with this app. Once you can hear some weird sound coming from it, some times the play back isn’t in sync and much more. Do not recommend
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7 years ago, garypgriggs
Does not work
I am so aggravated at this product. It simply does not work. I have contacted the company that sold it to me (Protection One). They refuse to help. I have contacted Speco and they say open ports 80 and 5445 they have been open. I can see my cameras on my phone only when I am at home. The last place I need them. HELP !!!!
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6 years ago, PastorCarol
Apple Upgrade IOS 12
Since Apple has upgraded their software this app has been crashing. Can you please update the app to be compatible with the new software update. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Sharonscaf
Won’t work with Apple IOS 12
I just downloaded the latest iOS (12) on my iPhone and Speco app will no longer work. I upgraded the app to 2.2.2 and that made no difference. It attempts to connect and then app closes out. Worked fine before iOS upgrade on my phone
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6 years ago, Not exact
Keep up
I used this app to review our cameras this morning, then I updated my iPhone and iPad to IOS 12 today, now the app will open but when I choose the camera system to view the app closes and reverts to the home screen. Please keep up with IOS updates.
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6 years ago, 207NE
New update
The new update from few days ago has caused some cameras not to go full screen in the app Please fix and update again speco !!
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5 years ago, Twin2ja
Won’t connect
March 2019 update caused the app to not connect with my cameras while using my iPad and my Samsung S8 phone. I have never had a problem with this app until yesterday! All users on my school campus can no longer view cameras! Please fix this problem!
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6 years ago, polyport
Crashes on iOS 12 when trying to view video
The app worked fine on iOS 11. Even though an updated was released after iOS 12 came out, it now crashes the moment it tries to connect to the NVR.
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6 years ago, Dea7hVypeR
On ios 12.0 the app crashes when trying to connect to cameras and erases the devices from device list. Please fix.
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4 years ago, StuckinNycity
Quit working
I run this on a macOS and IPhone. Quit working last summer, Mac says it hasn’t been updated to work on Mac current system. No tech support. Never answered my emails, still doesn’t work. Our camera system is completely useless.
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6 years ago, sawyerone
The event log playback feature has quit working. This needs to be fix. This is a very helpful feature but not any more. Plus there is too many other bugs to mention.
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4 years ago, jeff 8386
Worst company ever
Don’t deal with these people Waste of time and money I would rather use google nest I post a ideas about the the full experience in Facebook and instagram about these people Unprofessional company poor customer service 0 zero respect
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1 year ago, DLWKC
The last update appears to be 3 years ago. Constantly unable to load. Is the developer even monitoring this anymore?
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6 years ago, allensull
Can’t connect to cameras
Since updating to IOS to 12. Tried app support says page can’t be found. Please fix.
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6 years ago, ClaytonClaytonClayton
Video playback almost always crashes, and the remote log doesn’t work at all. Really disappointing to spend so much on cameras and not have access to any of the footage
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6 years ago, Signchik
iOS 12 and the Speco Player
Updated my iPhone to iOS 12 and now Speco Player no longer works. Help!
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6 years ago, Jfbuice
Working ok until...
I just upgraded to the latest iOS and now it doesn’t open. Developer needs to upgrade so it works. I would give it a 3 star review if the app worked like before
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6 years ago, mjdavis328
Crashes with iOS 12
Won’t open just keeps crashing. Should have done beta tests so when new software comes out your product works from day 1. Get an update out ASAP.
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5 years ago, Schroeder85
Every time I tap + to add my site, the app crashes. It went from counterintuitive to completely worthless in one small update. Also, the app support link is dead.
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4 years ago, Dmack115
Quite possibly the absolute worst under managed app for security. DO NOT BUY SPECO CAMERAS AND EXPECT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The app rarely works and is rarely updated. When it does work the connection can take 4-5 minutes to view the cameras.
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4 years ago, Dave9284
Just Terrible
I’ll keep it short and sweet! Looks like this was created and designed for the iPhone 2 and has never been updated since! Terrible, just terrible!
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6 years ago, DanielJS
Doesn’t work with ios12
iOS 12 is not compatible with this app. It crashes as soon as you connect to cameras. Tried on multiple devices.
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5 years ago, Messiewessie
Never works
This app is the worse. The video is great if the app ever worked. What a bummer! Need to just go with Arlo.
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6 years ago, Carmish
Playback doesn’t work anymore
When clicking on event log to playback recordings, nothing comes up. I click on the event and nothing happens. Please fix!!!
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5 years ago, vin vee
Update ruined it
When i did latest update program stopped working on two different ipad devices
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4 years ago, j3gekiere
Worst app ever
Good when it connects, which is almost never. We have our house and business using it and will be changing soon. Total waste.
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6 years ago, Grioghar
No longer works in ios 12.
The application no longer works in ios 12. It can no longer connect with the cameras.
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6 years ago, KoltonMama
Doesn’t work with new update
Updated my phone to the new software and now the app keeps crashing. Can not view my cameras
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5 years ago, Stuffandnonsense420
App has ceased to function
After pretty consistent use for a couple years the app has ceased to function. Please fix
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4 years ago, aslkhglkqerv
Never works
The app hasnt been updated in NINE MONTHS!!! And it still has MAJOR issues. Pay so much for this stuff just for it to not work
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6 years ago, Ksant003
Not working on iOS 12
Stopped working when iOS 12 installed. App crashes when connecting
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3 years ago, Slimtink
Update for newer IOS
Cannot get playback features for newer iOS. Developers need to update!!!!
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6 years ago, tgater
Doesn’t work after iOS 12
Does the app need to be updated, if so how long will it take?
Show more
6 years ago, DineRochester
Poor excuse for viewing. Constantly offline or down.
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5 years ago, Michaela Y
This app is terrible. Please update or make a new app.
I can never replay my business cameras, the app is outdated and slow.
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