Speedtest by Ookla

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3 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speedtest by Ookla

4.41 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
5 years ago, The Zohn
New Tools Are Great, But ...
The latest update introducing separate “multi” and “single” connections testing was a dandy. Just a great idea that provides very, very useful information in terms of gauging in-the-moment download/upload bandwidth capacity. On top of that, the app continues to run as reliably and smoothly as ever. All that being said, however, I’ve found the “Notes” option for results less and less useful because of the inability to filter test results so that those with notes can be viewed separately. Scrolling through dozens and dozens of test results to find those with tagged with note icons so that they can be analyzed and cross-referenced while tracking long term connectivity performance is far too cumbersome and time-consuming. Call it nitpicking, but it voids the usefulness of the “Notes” feature as an analytical tool. With a simple filter option, though, that issue vanishes. If/when that happens, I’ll gladly bump my rating up to five stars and send due praise in an updated review.
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8 months ago, Browskiez
Ookla Makes the Best Speedtest App Available
Wow, has this app come a long way. Just realized the last time I left a review I was begging for an iPad version, and I can’t even think of what year that was because I’ve used the iPad app for so long. The app is so well designed and never ever has it crashed on me. There’s so many servers to test from, but you can also choose a favorite to default to for testing. I’ve been able to use this app for more than claiming bragging rights about the network speeds I get on 5G and my Home WiFi. It’s just so reliable and truly useful. On trips I can quickly get a read on whether a backup of my photos is going to take forever and I should just wait to get to the airport, find the best spot to install my security cameras, oh and there’s quite a bit of free VPN usage included. It’s impossible to overstate how useful this Speedtest app is. There’s even a dark mode that I have just kept on and really the team behind this app is really thoughtful for bothering to carry support for nuance features like that. There’s even a way to skip the almost non-existent ads by paying, which I haven’t done but I appreciate the option.
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3 years ago, pumblino
Not accurate at all
I have tried using this app many times and never get an accurate reading. I go on laptop and use another speed test that is much closer to reality. When it searches for nearby signals, it shows that it reads from areas near 100 miles away from my home while the web based finds signals only 5 miles from home. This app will tell me I only have 14 mbps while I actually pay for 200. When I use laptop it will show my almost 150 mbps out of possible 200. Then i compare to 2 other web based speed tests and they run very close to each other. Then try this app again and still between 14 to 20. Totally useless if they can’t get real readings. Am deleting after many many failed attempts. It just seems they want you to download the app for information collection on users rather than to supply services as stated in descriptions. Totally not cool and just reconfirms my reason not to trust apps very much. Apps are not here for you, they are more about collecting personal information for ads and informational sales to other parties. Ads are killing the positive internet experience. Not the reason I buy a computer, laptop or any other device.
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4 years ago, dirtyxwhitexkid
Extremely useful
I have used this app and website to measure real time download and upload speeds both in professional settings and in my own home for about the last 4 years. But I have noticed something peculiar lately. I use the Nighthawk app for my home network management and they recently added a Speedtest feature. So the curious thing is that most of the time the Nighthawk app will show somewhere between 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps but every other device will show only about 10% of the download speed, sometimes including my phone running the app. Regardless of being on the manual 2.4/5ghz bands or in the router’s smart mode. The upload speed is usually consistent between all devices. And the speeds shown really don’t change as devices are taken off the network. This includes a smart tv, PCs and other peripheral devices, gaming consoles, phones and tablets. Any idea as to why the major difference between the two?
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2 years ago, Vince damaster
Great app
Something that needs to be put back in is the cat Easter egg. Little touches like that are what caught my eye in the first place. That would make it five stars again! Brought a smile to my face. Otherwise great work guys! Anyone who is having trouble getting a read from their phone: your cell phone connect in different ways than your computer. Most carriers tether you to two or three towers to give you stable signal. These towers aren’t always close by and can be over 100 miles away depending on where you live. In mountainous regions your phone will connect to any tower it gets a signal from which won’t give a proper reading but the app can only work with the signal it’s given. There are apps that let you choose what towers you are tethered to but I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to sing the praises of almighty Ookla! Long may she reign!
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6 years ago, TJJ99
Excellent utility
I’m just a normal user of iOS devices and probably don’t understand all that I could do with Ookla, but I love having it available in my “utilities” folder. I probably use it 3 or 4 times a month, both traveling and around town, as I find myself running into “performance” issues. With Ookla, I can quickly pinpoint if there are any connectivity/speed issues with the internet provider at hand or if there are other things I need to check out. Just last week at home, I thought I noticed an issue. I ran Ookla and discovered that for the first time since we signed up with CableOne as our provider 18 months ago, they were delivering only half the guaranteed download rate. I called them, they verified the problem was theirs and resolved it. Without Ookla, I would not have had the data to back up my concerns when I called them.
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6 years ago, Shanexxl
One of the few apps I pay for!
I use this app in many different aspects. Not only is it super helpful at home in testing both my 2.4 GHZ speeds but also in mapping my 5GHZ signal strength and assisting in laying out range boosters to get the most out of my ISP. I also use this app in the work place and assist in internet hook ups and networking on the job so my bosses company can run fluidly. I love the ability to hold the internet companies accountable and to detect problems early by simply running a speed test. My only suggestion to the devs would be to add that info to the home screen when running the test. I’d love to be able to see the signal strength and potential packet loss and such right on the main test screen but with some knowledge and know how this info can be guessed at for the meantime. Thanks again Ookla for an awesome app and hope to see more in the future.
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4 months ago, Majin {B0bby}
Worldwide known accurate networking info!
Most used for a reason. I find it seems to be dependable. Only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because 1) I get nervous about giving out Hundos. B: it seems to sometimes knock your connection off; at least to where ipv6(which is only a minor part of the whole internet, I believe, but it’s all going towards there) cuts off in weird ways; one being that the site and desktop version won’t connect, and you may have to reset your router/General setup if you wanna be sure. I’ve seen tests that, while I Can’t pick which “internet” it’s testing; but I can see on the results; which seem to match regardless, though. Highly recommended by me and millions of others. We are legion. lol
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5 years ago, Ahajej
I’ve got an idea for feedback. This speed test really just does a speed test. One thing I’d love to see added is tests that’ll indicate throttling, speed drops because I notice a lot of internet companies will shoot max speed at the beginning for a speed test then drop a lot during downloads, and a test for frequency stability because that can cause problems with an internet company. I had problems with that with an internet company before with frequency instability causing bandwidth drops and disconnections. Once the internet company puts a stabilizer box between the router and cable, fixes the problem. If your Moro is to keep internet companies honest these sort of testers would be amazing. I work in the military for networking so I know a decent amount of how it all works but not as good as I want to know yet.
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7 months ago, JDplaysdrums
Put it quick; like Ookla’s Speedtest:
This app seems to work pretty flawlessly, 95% of the time or more. Gives me reliable results when I double check with other programs I have installed on my desktop or MacBook Pro., I also like that you can choose between different test servers whenever you want, and then not only that but login and save your results under our profile so that you can log them in case you need to report them as evidence of slow down or a problem to your Internet provider like I just did have to do last week :-/ . Overall; the graphic user interface is pretty intuitive and clean. My only problem would be the couple ads that seem to be placed in not good areas of the app. Maybe there’s a way to pay a dollar or two and get rid of those completely? Otherwise : reliable, doesn’t put tracking devices and cookies into your Internet (as far as I’ve tested so far?) (some apps do and MANY VPNs do this so PLEASE watch out for all those “free vpn” apps. They are mostly very bad for your device, and privacy!!) Finally, Speedtest works efficiently. Shows at a glance info, then can go further into your results if you wish for more advanced users. Thanks!
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5 years ago, exsposethefakes
Not good at all
As of a couple weeks ago this app has failed in many ways. It does not read the connectivity of your internet, it also sticks n glitches extremely bad. I uninstalled this app cause it mislead the readings n i had the internet provider come out only for it to show this app was way wrong. When running the speed app against theres it was clear this app was not correctly reading my speeds. I re downloaded the app today may 5th to see if they addressed the glitching issues and can clearly see they have not. It say my internet was running fine. Yet the app cannot read connections correctly if its glitching out extremely bad and sticking about 7x during the read. N stops short of the actual speed due to all the glitching issues the app has. I would suggest this app but as of recently the app has failed miserably n i wouldn't suggest using this app until they fix the issues at hand n from what ive seen the developers are in no hurry at all to fix the issues. So il be deleting this app once again.
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5 years ago, BTD78
Excellent App!
Speedtest is exactly what I have been looking for to determine the speed of my internet connection no matter where I am. It quickly tests and displays the speed of any WiFi or cellular data connection, no matter whether you are on a private or public network. I use it constantly to see whether to use the closest WIFi network, the cellular data connection on my phone, or the Onstar data connection in my car. The app is easy to use and automatically saves each test result, which is great for comparing the speeds available on various devices and for determining whether the speed on a particular device has changed (such as when your cellular provider chokes your cellular data speed after you reach a certain data limit). Well done Speedtest!
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4 years ago, isidvgomez
Confusing: bits and Bauds?
I love the app and it is the best one out there for testing network speed. However, in the settings, it seems that if you want the results in the Mega (M) range, the speeds are displayed in bits (small "b") per second and if you want results in the kilo (k) range, the speeds are displayed in Bauds (capital "B") per second. This becomes confusing and I would prefer if results were always displayed in bits (b) per second. This is the only criticism I have of this app as I find it exceptionally utilitarian. I use this app every day to check my home broadband connection download speed (50Mb/sec) and whenever I am out to check the cellular broadband speed as well as the download/upload speeds of any WiFi Networks that I might use. ThankYou. Update: Still a great and essential app. ThankYou!
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6 years ago, d-bass
Ad free version breaks the app completely
UPDATE: fixed, bravo! 5* Ookla is a great app, but has become useless. Given the new data directives, I opened the app this evening and was presented with privacy options (I have been using the app over a year). I chose to pay in order to be ad free and wound up in a loop. The GO button would appear momentarily and then immediately is replaced by the Security Option screen. When I clock done I get the GO screen which is immediately replaced by the Security screen. A loop. I see I have an update and figure this must be the issue. I get the update and, for good measure, reboot. Now I get the Security screen and am asked to again pay for the ad free version - it’s ground hog day and I appear to be out a buck. Kindly fix this & I’d be delighted to give you 5 stars.
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9 months ago, Wm.
Speed Testing is Good, Map-Noir is Poor
The speed testing has been great and maybe this app should stick to what it is good at because… Using the Map feature to do a simple speed comparison between carriers for a location is largely useless and frustrating. You cannot find a location using the Map, it identifies where you are and that’s it. It advertises the ability to find signal information where you plan to go on vacation… good luck and happy scrolling! You end up having to use Apple Maps to find things around your target location and then scroll around on the blacked-out hard to read SpeedTest map to try and find same. I spent roughly 30 minutes trying to find a street location in Pacifica CA in SpeedTest and could not. (Like driving at midnight with dark sunglasses on.) Maps is also useless for carrier comparison. You have to switch back and forth to identify blotchy colors on a “map-noir” to try and figure out best carrier by guessing. By contrast (actually high contrast) OpenSignal provides a search, an easily readable map that’s not all sun-glasses-at-night map-noir, and will give you numeric comparison for the carriers. SpeedTest, stick to what you are good at, your name sake. Either fix the map or flush it because right now it stinks.
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5 years ago, Sue Midland
Ookla saved my sanity!
Several months ago I noticed while updating apps on my iPhone that the connection speed was terribly slow... the WiFi symbol on the phone showed “full strength” so I was confused. The Speedtest app saved my sanity, because it proved there was a problem with my Spectrum connection. This could have been costly had I activated the “use data when WiFi is slow” iPhone button. After calling Spectrum, the router was reconnected remotely; the iPhone had detected an active router, but could not determine the router was not connected to the system. Spectrum technicians had suggested I download the app on both my phone and computer during system setup and now use the data I report for troubleshooting. Thanks, Ookla!
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4 years ago, Fffflats
No longer effective
Has Ookla become operationally irrelevant? Testing technical speed, sure, it will still work and show slowdowns of service due to connection and transmission issues. But, with regulations no longer making service providers treat content the same, does Ookla now give false sense of speed? Seems provides can now let Ookla have preferential treatment thus getting what appears to be great results while in actually still providing poor service with many sites to include news services being slow. Streaming and gaming win as they pay service providers while loading a simple page takes multiple minutes often with restarts. Ookla no longer reflects such slow speeds hence customers can’t complain to their providers for not providing advertised speeds. Ookla needs to disguise itself while running tests so as to reflect actual operational environments.
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4 years ago, Notapaidreviewer
The best speed test go to site, but...
I've used this app since the iPhone 3. Back in the day the ads weren't so in your face like now. If you have an older device you might experience sluggishness because of the ads running during your speed test. Support has always been helpful but nothing really has changed much in 12 years which I consider useful...with the app that is. With the desktop version I can log into my account and see my speed test history. Can I do the same with the app? Nope. At best I can email myself the results as a CSV. I don't see much point using the VPN test mode even though I use a VPN. Doing so results in significantly slower speed results regardless of WAP. Many carriers and ISP’s don’t like it's when you use Ookla. Often they'll try to dispute the results in their favour. It's not keeping them honest. What it shows is how dishonest they can be. They usually steer you to another site that provides better, less accuracy or make an excuse for the poor speeds. Oh, the app is a ridiculous data hog. It's easy to chew up a gigabyte of data in minutes simply because the app uses large files. It’s no longer feasible to test my mobile carrier’s LTE data speeds because of this. In most of North America unlimited data remains a unicorn. As a result, only 2.5 stars.
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5 years ago, Comander fox
Upload readings are off... what happened?
I’ve used this app for quite awhile for testing my internet speed. However, for the past little while I’ve noticed that the app (both on iPhone and on the windows store) has been reporting my upload speed way higher than it really is (2 to 3 times greater, so ~6 mbps as 12-18 mbps). That being said, because its done over a webpage, the website version reports the proper values! (Yay) I noticed this started happening with the app several months ago and its still there... and its also ONLY the upload speed. Download seems to still be reporting properly. It agrees with the website version and my knowledge on what my download should be and has always been.
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6 years ago, DennyPeters
Keeping The World Honest
30Oct2018 Uninstalled again. Even with today’s update it will not connect while others do. The gage only goes to 50MB but in Singapore live testing goes to 78/88 so the app crashes. Might consider a fix for that. The high rating from other users tells the story. Great app. I use it to check my wifi performance before starting anything. The app is right there in my start-up folder. My service provider could careless if I complain of slow connection times. But this app keeps a public record of service provider performance worldwide for everyone to see and compare. Market place performance reporting provided by this app is my insurance for good service. Many times the upload/download speed is just too slow for email or Facebook to work properly so I look for another connection that is faster. I can also check my previous readings to see if there is a better time of day to be logged on.
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6 years ago, acemanawc
Please fix Glitch - App rendered useless
Update: just checked my wife’s iPhone 7 Plus, also uses iOS 11.3.1. Same problem. Please remove this Privacy Page please! Thank You. I uninstalled app, shut down my iPhone X, then reinstalled the Speedtest app. I accepted the location and allowed data sharing. Again, when I tapped Done it keeps going back to the Privacy Page over and over. I’m about to head out on vacation for 10 days. I use this app the most when I’m traveling to ensure bandwidth integrity. When will you issue fix for iOS? Thank you. Ok, I have the paid version. I reviewed the new privacy policy. I tap next, then Done. Then it keeps going back to the “Welcome to Speedtest, Lets review your privacy options page with the giant padlock in the middle. What’s going on? I keep tapping Next, then Done over and over and it keeps going back the the privacy page. Please fix ASAP. Thank You.
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5 years ago, GregH1974
Love It!!
Love the app. If anyone complains about internet connectivity or speed, I just pop open the app and flash my FAST speeds in their face. Also I like to get what I pay for so it’s great to keep your provider honest. I do wish there was a video for dummies at the top of the page so that they could get told about the features and explain what jitter and ping are along with common reasons your speed could be slowed down, such as having interference objects next to your router, etc. Having a video would save some of us from having to explain more than once to some folks. That said, easiest tool to use to check your internet speed. AWESOME!! Keep up the good work y’all.
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6 years ago, Nytron 117
Effective and efficient
Positive: Most people just leave a five star review and don’t actually say a lot about it, but I really do believe this app deserves is. It’s a very quick, reliable app that runs efficiently and effectively. Speedtest is one the fastest apps(of any type) to load. Even with a measly 2mbps out in the boonies where I live, Speedtest is extremely fast with providing live speeds to me in a split second. It never freezes up on me like many of my built in iPhone apps do. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an app of this kind. Negative: this may sound a bit odd, but I am trying to think of any honest improvements that could be made, but I cannot think of one. 👍
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5 years ago, SoccerMeistah
Understanding results
Great app, I use it often, but comprehending what I’m looking at is hard. Something to think about with the app - for certain regions or networks, tell the user how fast the average test is, or what they should expect to be seeing based on traffic in their area. Then they could know if they are actually experiencing a slow connection. Also think about saying “x” upload speed is considered standard or “y” jitter is totally normal so that users can get a real sense of what we are looking at. Right now it’s very obscure. The numbers alone may make sense to someone accustomed to this line of work, but a normal person just needs bad, good, excellent to help understand our results. Thanks!
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4 years ago, TopCat100005
Keeping them honest
Every now and then I have to contact my Internet providers from cable to cell phone Internet. Funny thing is when I use their speed test I always show higher numbers. But when I run this test it shows a more accurate numbers which is always a lot lower. I have even used other competitor testers which comes out to about the same as this. Keep your Internet providers honest. I didn’t insist that they start using this app as a standard. Usually the person that was in the call center totally understands. Like they already know there are throttling down your Internet. Keeping them honest using this awesome tool
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5 years ago, misskristanrose
Great App! A must have!
All around, a great, stable, efficient, and attractive app! I've used Ookla for as long as I've had my iPhone, and a quick thirty seconds seems to be just what my particular iDevice needs to get it going in the morning 😉 On a side note, if you use this app like I do, and you haven't discovered the Easter Egg yet.... You've got some strange and random good times ahead of you! Lol I was actually creeped out at first when i found the initial clue, not realizing what I had stumbled across ... That line was chilling... But also just enough to get me started digging🤓🕵️🏽‍♀️🐈⏱👁‍🗨 Keep up the great work, guys! Thanks again for all you've done with this hidden gem of an app!
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5 years ago, Motorjed
Good app but lacking key element
Seems to work flawlessly, has useful notes feature, trustworthy results I’ve come to expect but would be MUCH more useful to have some sort of aggregate of average speeds in my area for context. Thanks to this app, I know *what* my up/down is but it sure would be nice to have comparative numbers to arm myself with knowledge if my service wasn’t up to local standards - otherwise how does a non-techie know what their speeds *should/could* be? Please consider adding something along those lines for those who want the best local internet service but who may not be technologically inclined enough to fully understand your results.
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6 years ago, Goat Rhythms
iP SE | iOS v10.3.3 | app v3.9.0
This app ver will work with iOS 11 and was perfect when v3.9.0 was released and works flawless with iOS 10.3.3, so I never updated it, because I never had any issues with it and I don't recall if I paid to remove ads, but if I did I may upgrade it and review it. If what I read about v4.x.x is true, then I'll wait for more miscellaneous "bug fixes," which tells us nothing. More information about what your updates exactly are would be nice. If the Dev(s), of this app could reach out to me and let me know if I did pay for this to be ad free (I thought it was due to configuring AdChoice and my special Content Blockers), then I will be more inclined to update this app and write a review for v4.x.x - I'd even be down to do some beta testing for you. You should expand your service and incorporate VPNs into your speed testing, because the app apparently rarely [if ever] notices and picks a server located near that locale. The web version does that. I hope this helps. ~S~ 2-RECAP: 5⭐️ v3.9.0 | iOS v10-v11
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6 years ago, ElvisJr01
Fake news
This app is just a huge scam, i have AT&T fiber at my house and had been having lots of problems with it after 6+ months of having it so i called support to come help me fix it, the guy told me to download this and look at my mbps, they were high 200s but I still wasnt able to even to gain internet access. I started running tests with different apps and sites and even my PS4 and they all said that mbps were under 20. Take in mind I spend and over a hour running tests and this app was the only one always getting anything even in the 100s. After all that the AT&T people tried to convince me that my 7 electronic devices at home are all messed up... (take in mind i had just bought 2 brand new PS4 Pros two weeks before this) Horrible app will never trust it again. Also i didn't run this on just one app on just one device..
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6 years ago, geenosr
Great app!
I use this app all the time to identify my internet connections and speeds. I am going to buy your “ad-removal”, and is like to tell you that I use your app way more than I ever thought that I would! I agree with some of your reviewers that a notes app would really benefit my use of your app. Geo location would be nice to have in the notes section, but please don’t keep or track that information. I know there’s no such thing as anonymity any more, but less tracking is always better and it makes you all at Ookla look a little more honest to your customers! Thank you for reading my comments.
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6 years ago, gotpancreas
Ookla lives on!
Aside from this being the most reliable and accurate app that I use on a regular basis, it’s clear that the developers are the kind of people I would love to know in real life. Even after a redesign of the App, they still included a reference to the old Easter Egg that they had in the previous version. I used to love pulling down on the screen to see the (sometimes frightening) images of Ookla the cat and am delighted that they left a small piece of that in place with this version. I’ll admit, I kept pulling down on the screen over and over just in case there was more to see! This app is awesome! RIP Ookla!!
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7 years ago, cp77
Personal 1st choice for checking internet performance
I have been using this app for a while now and find it to be an invaluable tool for evaluating the overall performance of an internet connection, both wifi and cell. The only recommendation I have for the developers is that when I set and save my preferred internet connection in the app Settings on the OS-X laptop edition, it resets back to its default setting after each use. I also have the app on my iPhone 7 Plus and it stays where I set it, not duplicating the issue found on the laptop. For the developers: MacBook Pro 17” 2009 year model, OS-X 10.9.5
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2 years ago, Nbdyfoo
Excellent tool
I love Ookla as I have a high end Netgear router on a true gig network. Meaning even a gigabit fiber internet connection. The router has Oookla Speedtest built in which is perfect for checking the main speed from router to ISP and then each portable unit has individual Ookla Speedtest to verify from each device to router. It’s amazing the speed. Of course ISP only guarantee is to within 10% of top speed but they know of my setup so no longer any question of what I have for speed. Thanks Ookla for your Speedtest. Never any question as to speed or a problem if one should exist.
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5 years ago, Ernmink
Great tool for tracking my ISP
I depend on this tool for not only testing my speed from ISP but also use it for testing the Quality of my mess WiFi as my home is difficult to distribute maximum WiFi to all areas. My wish list for this APP would be a feature to also record to history the failures when I do not even register a ping. Also would like a feature to fix the server to my ISP so I don’t have to keep changing even though there exists better servers in my area. I typically send my ISP the history report showing my record at various times and dates but all from their server.
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2 years ago, warren_ds
Fantastic and easy to use app
I’ve been using this app for years. Occasionally at home but almost always on the road I like to see just how slow (or sometimes fast) my hotel/airport/wherever connection is. This is so easy to use. Click to fire it up. Wait about 4 seconds for the app to find the local network. Click again for Go. Then see your results. And it saves past results and locations so you can compare over time. Definitely download and pay the few bucks to help support further development.
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3 years ago, Shas96
Good app
Not a fan of the latest UI change where you have to slide up to change the server. There isn’t anything else on the main screen other than the go button so it’s not like it was taking up any extra space. Also I’ve noticed that Speedtest doesn’t pick the server with the fastest speed automatically. Sometimes when I test I have to change the server to get accurate results (when I know my internet is performing at full speed). Also would like to see a ping feature built in and the option to monitor download and upload speeds on a schedule.
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6 years ago, MoMdebi
Keeps my IT companies honest!
I love this app. I’ve been using it for years but my best experience was last year in my Florida home and my WiFi was HORRIBLE. Now I know there is some bleed but I was paying for 40mbs and when I used Speedtest it was registering 5mbs. Holy smokes. I called my provider and of course they always tell you to hardwire your appliances (yeah right) but I was mad. Amazingly when I tested about 10 min later I was up to 50mbs! It was a miracle lol. Winters in Florida are very crowded (but really warm) so I understand that occasionally traffic needs to be slowed but that was ridiculous. Thanks Speedtest for keeping them honest. ❤️
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1 year ago, Dan_MICH
Not interested in account sign up
I’ve had this app for years, and it has worked well. There is absolutely no reason for me to have an account sign in, I don’t plan to use this app on any device except for the device it’s installed on. I don’t need my history ported from device to device, I just want to know my Internet speed at the moment I want to know it. As such, I have refused to install the latest update, and will continue to use the old version until I’m not allowed to… At which point I will just uninstall the app. I am not a fan of this trend on all things Internet to require an account in order to use a free product. Please remove this requirement in your next release, you spent a lot of time and money on it for no good reason in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Gator5000e
Accurate or Not?
I am not sure what to make of this. I installed it on my iPhone 10 and ran a test of my download speed. I am currently being provided with download speed of 100 Mbps From my Internet provider. When I ran the test using this app, it consistently shows that I’m only getting 40Mbps down. Yet, when I use other testing apps I’ve downloaded from the App Store, they show I’m getting speeds of approximately 100Mbps. I get similar results on my iPad Air 2. So I’m not sure if this app is returning accurate test results or not. Is this app correct and the other two are wrong or are the other two wrong and this is correct. I have no way to determine what is going on. So beware if you’re using this as your soul app to text your download speed.
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4 years ago, 2Rickie
A useful app over and over 2.0 comment from 1.0 comment
This product has been very resourceful and feedback on issues are addressed by programmers on issues or improvements. It’s great job you guys/gals have done with this useful tool to help keep providers honest. Thanks!!! 6 stars in my book. It provides what its name implies. It test the speed of your connection. Nice job on the interface. There was a feature when you turned it sideways that provided a more overall view of info but I cannot remember what it was but it was nice. Either way thank you for a very handy app.
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5 years ago, kelseybenoit
Hands Down Must Have App
I manage all aspects of IT for a medium-sized fire department, and this app is my go-to app when it comes to diagnosing any network related issues in our facilities and on our entire public safety campus. When someone tells me they suspect the network is down, once I’m on site, this app is the first app I open. It’s really quick to let me know if the internet connection is non-existent, or if the issue is related to network speed or packet loss. This app has saved me a tremendous amount of time when trying to figure out what the issue is.
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3 years ago, notgls
Speed depends on device
I like your app, but running it on certain devices (iPad 6 and iPhone XR) give much lower speeds than I receive with other speed testers. I tried your app on an iPhone SE (2nd generation) and it runs at the expected speed as does your app on an old MacBook Pro. There was a 60x speed difference between the iPad 6 and iPhone XR (which both got the same slow result), than I got running your software on all other devices. When I downloaded another speed tester to the iPhone XR and iPad 6 they tested the same as the other devices. So the problem seems to be your software running on these two devices. All devices are running the latest version of OS.
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4 years ago, tlczek
The Gold Standard
Can’t tell you how many times I’ve run Speedtest when my home internet connection seemed to be running slow. Sometimes it was user error of some sort, but other times it gave me the confidence to notify my provider. After the first couple times of having to escalate my complaint, backed up by my saved Speedtests, now my provider seems to just magically fix my slow internet almost the moment I report it. Thanks for helping us keep them honest, Speedtest! There’s a reason even Tony Stark uses you – you’re the best out there.
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1 year ago, Phil Boyd Studge
Useful in a surprising way
After years of observation we find that after weather effects bargain ISPs are about as good as any other and involve less billing hassles. Relevant to SpeedTest is that I think when whomever is our current ISP, from time to time service is throttled for one reason or another. When I notice this I bring up SpeedTest on my phone — and I think that the Current ISP is watching for this. I notice that the throttling of our bandwidth *often* is removed. I use SpeedTest as a lever to *effect* the behavior of the Current ISP!
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6 years ago, Frijitz
Erroneous reading
There seems to be no way to report errors in this app. All nearby servers report download speeds of about 40 Mbps, except Albuquerque Comcast which reads about 5 Mbps. Other apps and PCs report correctly for this server. Looks like this app is reporting MBps instead of Mbps for downloads from just this one server. Edit: It took about a month, but this weird issue is now fixed. Edit: But now its results are off again, reading about half of what it should. Edit: Try clicking the “developer’s website” link below. What do you get? A pretty picture and a link back to where you already were.
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3 years ago, Missing shop safe
The Speedtest on a PC is better than the app
This is a great app but I have 1 complaint. I have Speedtest bookmarked on my PC and I can also sign in and select a specific server to do the test. Why can't the mobile app have the same feature? There is one specific server on our carrier's network that is really slow and if I select a different server I can get a much better speed. I am wasting a lot of time on my mobile devices trying to find a better speed because this app does not have the same features as desktop.
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3 months ago, TylerMiller5
The Best Internet Speed Validation Tool
I have been using Speedtest for years and have not found any other tool that works as well as this one. If you're looking for a tool to help you keep your internet service provider honest, look no further. The amount of servers you can select from far outnumbers any of the other speed test platforms. If you are a network admin, IT professional, IT hobbyist, or just curious about your internet speed, download this app. You will not be disappointed.
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2 years ago, Thecrazydonut111
Really helpful
This is the first time I will ever make a review because this app was actually really useful. Best part about it is even being in the app it doesn’t make the download or uploads speed slower just being open it’s extremely accurate aswell. I haven’t had any issues with it yet either. I highly suggest Ookla for any speed tests as it can work even if your internet is slow as heck otherwise a very good choice in getting really accurate speeds. Definitely my first choice
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4 years ago, Themusicman08
Great app but needs more service to test in local areas
So I’m a little confused. I’ve been using this app for years and I have to say that with voiceover since I use it, it’s great. Why though do you only have a number of local servers but not all of them in say, Kansas City Missouri? For instance, why not have the spectrum servers listed in Kansas City Missouri? That would help. If you show them on spectrum wireless, then you should be able to tell me if I’m on a spectrum server. To be very honest, I’m on my own network. Yes spectrum is providing the Internet, but I am on my own network.
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4 years ago, HarrisonSCook
I love this app! If you know anything about this space then you know Ookla is blowing everyone else out of the water, including Google! I just thought of one quick recommendation though... I used this app on all Apple devices (iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro 11", MacBook Air etc.), and it would be awesome for iOS to have a Speedtest widget. Swipe over from the home screen to the widgets and start a test with one quick tap. Super convenient. Anyways, that's all I have. I love the app and won't go back to anything else. Keep the updates coming! Thanks
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