Spiffy On-Demand Car Care

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User Reviews for Spiffy On-Demand Car Care

4.79 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Kaiserosu
Loved the service as hassle free booking
I loved my service for my Escalade and also limited edition F150. They did a great job with protecting my driveway and were very courteous especially since I have a newborn and not making too much noise. I highly recommend this company, both vehicles turned out beautiful. I think I created neighboritis as all of of neighbors now use Spiffy. Thank you for the great car wash! My wife loves it as well! 😎
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10 months ago, Fl0werp0wered
Horrible-don’t use
PSA: Do NOT use Spiffy - On-Demand Car Care. My car was in desperate need of a full detail and I decided to go for a pricy detailing at home. A technician named Angelo came to do the detail. He took about 2.5 hours and then we went to look. He already had the tarp rolled up, but there were so many places he missed along edges, a headlight left with green black mess, the gas cap area wasn’t touched. There was a whole tree up along the edge under the hood. Inside the tailgate was a mess. He made comments like, ‘well I used my pressure washer’. He agreed to touch up and spent a half hour doing so before telling us he was done. There were still so many areas along edges and such that I just gave up and told him fine, but we still have lots of areas to finish. I took a lot of pictures for the company. After he finished touching up, I could still see an area up by the tailgate hinges that has stuff packed in. He said ‘well that’s caked on’. I expected that he would know how to clean this. He also said ‘I don’t like having an unsatisfied customer’. The last was said while he finished packing up. I could have taken my car to the local hand wash car wash and gotten it done better. I gave no tip and sent a bad review. I received a reply from the company with an email to send more details and my pictures to. It’s now been several days and no response. So their customer service is as bad as the detailing.
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11 months ago, S. Martin
Service great, app horrendous
First, let me state that Spiffy has been a solid mobile detail service. The technicians they sound out are friendly and do great work. Given this is the App Store though, this rating is for the app. The app is consistently unreliable. On more than 1 occasion I have given up on trying to book through the app and driven to the local car wash. Bugs I’ve experienced: adding a new car gave an error message, areas in checkout have loading animations that never stop, after paying I received a black screen, sometimes different pages don’t load at all, text messages have the same information as the message that the text tells you to click through to read, on almost every booking I receive a message stating the booking slot wasn’t really available. Please fix the app or your hard working techs won’t have any cars to detail.
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10 months ago, nedzeplin
Great idea, horrible execution
I downloaded the app and was pleasantly surprised that I could schedule a carwash appointment right within the app. After setting up an appointment time, I got a notification that my appointment had been rescheduled to a completely random time, which didn't work for me. I reached out via app chat to let them know and they replied that the owner couldn't make that time. Then why show it as available? Then I had a back and forth text convo with the owner to setup a time, so why even have the scheduler in the app? When they came out, they were 45 minutes late. After they were finished, I checked out the car and there were brown streaks all over my windows. I left a comment about that in my review and they contacted me via the app and asked me to email photos. I explained that photos don't show the steaks. Again they asked for photos lol. I finally give up. Great idea but horrible customer service.
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5 years ago, Luec0040
Great service but app needs work
I have been using Spiffy for a few years and love the simplicity of the service. As with any on demand/ we come to you service, there are good and bad technicians that complete the work. If a tech ever missed an area, the customer service team through the app has been great to make sure it’s taken care of. All in all I have had great techs and will continue to use the service. The new app version with the dashboard just doesn’t vibe for me. Unfortunately it’s become a marketing haven for their extra services when the prior versions had a cleaner simpler flow when the app launched. I’d love to have the optional features of the new services spiffy is integrating with (like auto maintenance & recall info) be shifted off the main dashboard.
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6 years ago, Dnuno123
Crooks who up charge way to much and don’t advertise the actual price
I saw one of their vans at a petrol station and thought that was pretty cool concept. I run a tech start up and thought it’d be cool to help another one out. Go up the driver of the van and he gives me a break down of what they do and then offers me $30 off my first service. I thought “$30 is pretty good since I pay $70 at my Lexus dealership for an oil change, so $30 off what ever they charge can’t be bad!” WRONG !!! I try to place an appointment via their crappy app and upon waiting 2 hours with no information what so ever, I get a text: 19:47 [Spiffy] Thanks for your message, Daniel! The Spiffy penguins are home for the evening, but will respond to your message first thing in the morning! What App closes their customer support at 17:20 ! The following morning I have a notification stating my appointment was set for a tune I didn’t select ! I contact customer support and tell them everything and their response is “we don’t offer discounts” when clearly they do ! Then their horrible sassy CS agent just starts bickering banter ! Don’t set your expectations too high for this app. DONT even try them . Not worth the time and effort
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3 years ago, MDS86
Buyer Beware: Do not use for oil changes!
Used Spiffy for an oil change on my BMW because I did not feel safe going to a Jiffy Lube or the dealership during the pandemic. The technician had to come and go twice, spent a total of 3 hours doing the change and, after all of that, did not put enough oil in the car. I received a warning message that my oil was too low when starting up the car. Company reimbursed me for the extra oil I had to buy at AutoZone (a trip that defeated my original safety purpose) and gave me a $20 credit to use for future oil changes on the Spiffy app. The total of this did not even compensate the total cost of my oil change. The extent of the damage of their service is yet to be known. If they didn’t know how to put oil in the car, what else did they mess us? Buyer beware.
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4 months ago, wayne19857
They rescheduled the appointment for MULTIPLE time and finally came on a rainy day. Then they CLAIMED they halfway cleaned my car although I feel they did almost nothing since they are still a lot of places not cleaned, including interior , exterior, tires, glass, water marks, and light scratches, none of them were taken care of. I called the customer service and they promised me for a “redo”, then they send someone but said “they will NOT redo but will finished the uncompleted work from that rainy day.” Not surprised, all those exterior water marks, light scratches, interior dirts…etc. are still there. I paid for 4 hours service (Totally Awesome Detail, which is their most expensive service) yet they spent less than 2 hours in total on my car.
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8 months ago, bobithump
Booking and appointment times are useless
Booking through the app is completely useless, as the available appointment times are not actually appointment times. It does not show available appointment times in your area, so if you’re in a pinch, you are still out of luck. I was wanting this service to be top tier, but offering imagined, utterly meaningless ghost times, is the most useless feature of any app I have ever seen. I was directed to call the customer service number to see “actual available times.” The app is useless and I’m not sure how it has more than a 2 star rating. Clearly they have two different systems and the one they provided value to the consumer isn’t consumer facing and that’s a joke.
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2 years ago, Scootermc
The app is cool….the customer services makes the difference
The app is def cool and all…but the active/live customer care you get with the app makes the difference. Most apps like this are all about automating every interaction you have with the brand. Spiffy weaves customer care (like a live human) together with the app…which makes me a fan1
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3 years ago, AnneMarieMarie
They will cancel your appointment and don’t notify
I’ve try to schedule an appointment but spiffy keep “rescheduling” and then cancel it. The platform should be able to book you for a time slot and then mark it as unavailable. Unfortunately that’s not the case. It would look like one day it’s free but then is completely booked. Second time I try to schedule an appointment, they “reschedulle” due to rain at 4pm when my appointment was at 12. They cancel that appointment too. Honestly, I was trying to support this service but after they cancel your appointment twice… just disappointed
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10 months ago, tilliebug823
Worst app!
Tried booking multiple times. Was told that there was services offered in my area but every time I tried to book, it showed no services available, would not let me select dates, and even when I was logged in to the app, support chat would tell me it showed on their end that I wasn’t! Even when I deleted the app and redownloaded it, still couldn’t get services. I went to put all my information in to the app and it showed my email was already in use and I had to log in to merge accounts. This app is not very user friendly!
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1 year ago, fubothu
Engine oil leak
Poor engine oil change service and bad warranty. Started noticing the drips under the engine on my driveway. At beginning I thought it may be some splash from the job. Then it was raining in the following week and the driveway was wet. After two to three weeks, the stain didn’t go away but got bigger. Then I confirmed it is the engine oil, because it is fresh yellow oil. But when I contacted Spiffy, I was told that their warranty is only for 7 days!!! They won’t do anything about it, and asked me to bring my car to dealer shop. This is insane. Will never use Spiffy again.
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3 years ago, pamela.o.v
Great service and great support
I’ve been using Spiffy for a couple of years now, and I’ve had services done on several cars at both my office and home. The communication with the technician and support line is always top notch, the convenience is unmatched, and the quality of the work is solid.
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3 years ago, P David Alexander
Wanted To Love It, But Nope
This is a really great concept, poorly executed. The app is clunky and buggy. And, apparently, the available appointment times are not live. Booked a wash for today and got a response telling me that the appointment time I selected was not available, and they did not have anything until next week. If you’re going to offer an app that allows clients to select an appointment time, it it must show live availability otherwise you’re going to lose clients. It is 2020, after all. It’s not a difficult concept. Sadly, I’m deleting the app and moving on to something else.
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5 years ago, Schwandy
Good service, app itself is sketchy
I was happy with the job they did on my car, but when I went to pay and add a tip, the app way overinflated the percentage. It was a $149 charge, and when I tapped the button for a 20% tip, it added another $49. That’s almost 33%, not 20! Seems like they’re trying to trick people into bigger tips. I still recommend it for the service but watch out when you pay.
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2 years ago, Rideshare123
A must for high producers and top achievers
I’m usually making sales calls while my car gets a spiffy wash inside/outside during my biz working hours. Highly recommend😎
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6 years ago, talamiel
Rip off company
If i could give 0 stars i would. The guy come and i just replaced my windshield so i told him not to do my top and my windshield and my hood, very light on the side i told him. Just vacuum well the front. 30 min goes by and he calls me and told me it will 30$ more just lifting the front mats. I ask him why u didn’t tell me when i showed you what i need. The setting up than they try from r you to upgrade if you dont than they become nasty. Lets see if the will refund me since they didn’t do anything
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4 years ago, JoelGoods
Cancelled on me 3 minutes before appointment
Can you give zero stars? Scheduled an appointment for 11am on a Thursday a few days beforehand and confirmed it both on the app and over the phone. Ran errands and rushed home to be there for the appointment and at 10:57am got a text that they were "busy in the area helping other costumers". Couldn't perform a service all day (or the next!). Cancelled on me 3 minutes beforehand. Why even have the appointment? Not a proper way to do business at all and I'm disappointed I even game Spiffy a chance.
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6 years ago, smuckleness
Mostly very good
Only good things to say about Spiffy’s service. As far as the app goes, I have one problem and one wishlist item: 1) I can’t add a second car. The button straight up doesn’t do anything. 2) Where’s landscape mode for iPad? I use my iPad Pro with a keyboard so it’s sideways most of the time. This would make the app a lot easier to use.
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6 years ago, Gatemeister
I’m pleased with the service
Last week, I was disappointed with being unable to get service. Today, I received my first Spiffy car wash and am pleased at the results. Thank you for rectifying the issue and making good on your service offering. You just won a new customer.
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11 months ago, bensall
Scheduling Nightmare
Currently on my 5th reschedule by Spiffy after selecting an initial (confirmed) time-slot a week ago. This was after rearranging my work schedule and a road trip for the cleaning to be done today. The earliest they can get me in is now several days after my original ‘confirmed date. Not really sure what the point of the app is if your scheduled time & date will change and/or be cancelled non-stop after booking.
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4 years ago, erinlivecc
Wonderful service
My car looks like new after Spiffy comes!!! It is so convenient with 3 kids too and car seats to clean!
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2 years ago, jwill818
Horrible service for the price
I paid $199 to have have my Porsche detailed and the technician that arrived did a horrible job. I a guy to do what I could have done at a automatic cash was and vacuum station. There was debris left I. The car and white residue from the car wax. They offer to send a senior technician out, but why wasn’t a experienced technician out in the first place ! The app and service seems convent, but it’s more trouble than what it’s worth. BUYER BEWARE!
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6 years ago, EvNChris
Unusable App on iPhone X
I’m not sure which update broke the Spiffy App but it’s unusable on my iPhone X. I emailed them about it a couple of weeks ago but never heard back. The buttons aren’t working. You try clicking on “Book Now” and it seems to bounce on the screen but nothing happens. Also none of the functionality is working within the App. I may just uninstall for now since it’s unfortunately useless for me and taking up space.
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6 months ago, Olguis43
First time customer experience
I set up a car wash service for a same day appt, and after receiving confirmation through the app via text, the tech never showed up. I also never received a call, or a response to my texts and chats when I asked for an update/status. Based on my bad experience, I would say that Spiffy seems more of a scam, than a legitimate business.
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5 years ago, Tip Iuliucci
Car wash on demand - yes!
This app works really good and so far all of our experiences with the detailers have been wonderful. They’ve done great work and they’ve been pleasant to engage with.
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10 months ago, FatManYogi
Unreliable and constantly freezing
I love the Spiffy service and the business, but this app is the worst. Unreliable, constantly freezing, doesn’t load. I have spent 20 minutes trying to update the Rating on my car wash service.
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3 years ago, PO'd in Raleigh NC
Doesn’t recognize account
Had to spend too much time trying to set up payment. Didn’t recognize my account password and got stuck in a loop.
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5 years ago, Salnottodd
Wonderful service! Quick response. Person who cleaned my car was great! Thanks, my car looks so good!
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4 years ago, ROCACOCE
Easy to get member ship!!
Was quickly to do it!! And this is really good to know this company come to your house and cleaning and detailing little thing in my car THANKS SPIFFY!!!
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4 years ago, pozezanc
Great app
Having issues saving credit card datat. Not saving a new card properly.
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5 years ago, Trodgers8506
Amateur Hour-don't bother
Download the app, schedule an appointment for an oil change, drop my keys in the envelope. Come to find out my appointment was in a parking garage half a block away that I don't have access to and that the appointment was going to be rescheduled. Then the mechanic tries to tell me i don't know how to communicate. Real pros here. Don't waste your time.
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2 years ago, Vaiyra
Wow! The person who cleaned my card is amazing I give 10 stars to him.
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6 years ago, jjordanasu
No brainer
Easiest way to get a car wash. Hands down. Worth every penny.
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6 years ago, Atlanta frequent customer
App degrading
App has lost the functionality to remember my Work location (where Spiffy comes twice a week). Worse, payment through the app does not work. It says it does, but then never goes through, resulting in an autopay. The issue there is that it the team doesn’t get a tip. Not fair.
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5 years ago, Goobleator
Waste of time to Schedule
You guys Seriously need a better appointment scheduling system. If someone books 8:30, it should be Greyed Out!! Waste of my Fricken Time you guys cannot deliver on day and time chosen! Thursday at 8:30 does not mean 3:30...ohh sorry Friday 8:30....ohhh sorry 12:00...ohhh bit of delay, another hour...get organized!!!
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4 years ago, 2puttchuckwoolery
No Real Time Scheduling
For months now I can’t get an appointment when I need one. I say 9:00 three days out and get a text 24 hours later “we can’t accommodate your time”, EVERY TIME! There’s no reason you can’t have real time scheduling in the app. I won’t use the service again till it’s done.
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6 years ago, klwdallas
Good app and service
Pretty good app and service. Price for the basic wash is reasonable, but after this it gets less reasonable. Will use again.
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5 years ago, keray13
Convenient car service, somewhat glitchy app
See above
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6 years ago, Moltenharp
Too many bugs
Wouldn’t let me use my first email, had to try another. Then it wanted me to reconfirm info, couldn’t get past screen. Had to hard close 3 times to finally get through. Hope the wash is better then the app.
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6 years ago, Just a guy.
Cool concept but useless service
Used the app. Set a time. Then they randomly choose a different time!?!? The best part of this app was when you long press it until it jiggles and then hit the little “x”.
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6 years ago, jplay2519
Great service
They do a great job in a timely fashion. Always on time and coordinates when they have earlier times.
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5 years ago, JumpingJOlds
App is good, but still needs improvements/fixes
Need ability to cancel appointment in App.
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9 months ago, Panoramuh
App Crashing
App crashes every time I try to log in using my Google account. I gave up trying to sign up for the service.
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4 years ago, ~rl
Reservations are not in real time
Service is good but the app is buggy and doesn’t allow real-time scheduling. You have to follow up via phone call to find out when they’re ACTUALLY able to clean your car — if at all.
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3 years ago, Joancol
The App has glitches
You need to fix the App it has a lot of glitches!
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3 years ago, athron11
App broken
Service is great but I can’t schedule it rn because I get a blank blue screen every time I hit “location”. Deleted and reloaded app. Still happening.
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3 years ago, HardCurrency
Simply amazing
Spiffy is professional, on time and a breeze to work with.
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2 years ago, sfabmia
I loved the idea but… Ordered an Awesome Detail package at $179 for my car at my office, but no one showed up… Got charged a “No Show” fee of $15… Will obviously mark the charge as fraud, and get another car wash app! Too bad for a first time!
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