Splashtop Business

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Splashtop Inc.
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Splashtop Business

4.84 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
3 years ago, SMS82
Over RemotePC, GOTOMYPC: This is the best for me
I like this over many others because of one key thing. It works fabulous well for running a remote session on PCs from iPad. I have an iPad Pro with magic keyboard, and the experience on a PC via SplashTop is fabulous. The trackpad is smooth, the mousing with it works perfectly, and even two finger scrolling with the iPad Pro magic keyboard is great via SplashTop. I have used various remote login systems. I have extensively used GOTOMYPC (GT). I tried RemotePC for a while and it was super clunky. GT was always quite good but it’s very expensive and it is terrible. With GT on an iPad, you get this icon of a mouse you can move around, but then have to use a separate arrow on it to select stuff. You have to invoke a separate keyboard to allow yours to work, and you cannot scroll in any way. you have to click within the scroll bars on the right of windows to move things up and down with the pointer. So, SplashTop has won me over. I can run a PC or Mac flawlessly with it, remotely. I purchased the business user single license and it’s a great deal to, compared to some of the others. Highly recommend this. It’s not only solving a problem for me, it’s making it enjoyable to remote access PCs via an iPad.
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1 year ago, Fieldmedic
Very happy with it
I have used dozens of VNC programs over the decades and they all have issues, they all have problems, some are free, some cost lots of money (TeamViewer)and I’ve never been happy with any of them. About 15 years ago I retired from emergency medicine and needed a reliable way to access my computer at my vacation home and vice versa as I travel back-and-forth between the two homes. I ran across an employee of Splashtop and we got to chatting and he said give it a try. I was using the free TeamViewer at the time and TeamViewer got real pissy about people using it for free even though I was only using it for one computer. So I decided to give Splashtop a try. I’ve been using it now for about two years and I am very pleased. The cost is relatively minor and is made up due to its ease of use. I have only had one issue and it was fixed in about 20 minutes with a call to tech-support. I like that I can use it with my iOS devices and can transfer files over different computers. I can’t really think of any cons to say about it. I use it to check in on four computers. Each home is run by a computer so I check in on those fairly often and really haven’t had any issues. The one feature I would like is that if for some reason Splashtop is not responding it would be nice if it restarted itself, or even restarted the computer. The way I have it now is that I have to remotely shut down the computer and restart it for which I use a Z wave module on the server.
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11 months ago, gamist
Far easier to use than Logmein
I’ve been using logmein since 2008. One of the “features” is the tiny mouse that you move around and right or left click. Unfortunately, on the iPad, half the time you can’t click the correct button since your finger is so big relative to the button size. In addition, the service was for free at first for a few years, but the price has continued to climb, and is now stratospheric for access to just two computers. When I first tried splashtop when it first came out, it was too clunky and slow. Given the price of logmein (I had to buy TWO licenses since I have four computers! Ouch!…$700/yr!), I finally tried splashtop again. Boy, what a difference! The mouse scheme chosen by splashtop is far and away superior to logmein. It’s a joy to control excel on huge spreadsheets. No more cut/paste mistakes. Grabbing and scrolling are simple. I have doubled the speed at which I can do things. Whew! Thank you for the money-saving and time saving product. I am definitely not renewing my subscriptions with logmeiN. I AM PERFECTLY HAPPY WITH SPLASHTOP.
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8 months ago, Simon Hewett
Best iPad/iPhone to Mac option I’ve found
I’m a big fan of the iPad and it’s the only large screen device I want to carry everywhere with me, but sometimes you just need MacOS. Splashtop’s implementation makes the iPad a first class citizen. Scrolling works! Not just that you can scroll, but the speed and precision of the gestures matches that of on device apps. What little lag there is due to the laws of physics is completely reasonable even when the iPad is on 5G and the Mac is on Wi-Fi. Both touch and trackpad/mouse keyboard are equally well supported. Stage Manager is supported! The window can be resized and the content grows or shrinks accordingly. And using this from an iPhone is completely usable too. Very impressive and even their most expensive plan is a completely reasonable price if you make good use of all the features.
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5 years ago, bluepine
Splashtop Experience Review
I have used GoToMyPC for decades and since they were purchased, in my opinion, by LogMeIn I saw the service decrease and the cost increase. I recently switched to Splashtop for a free trail and fell in love with the service. The desktop application makes it so easy to connect to remote clients and the ease of the UI when connected is so much better than that of my prior. I wanted to share my experience that I intend to be a long term customer as long as the service remain reasonable and reliable for my use. I would definitely share my experience with all my colleagues and friends.
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2 years ago, wonthing
Great for iPad remote access, but…
The actual application is easy to use, logs in smoothly, and rarely has connection issues (with exception to internet disruption). Compared to others, this is far superior. If you have two screens on the computer you’re logging into, there’s support for both at once, or one at a time. There’s an easy Control-Alt-Delete function for locking/restarting, etc. In terms of connectivity, it works well. However, there’s a major update needed for this to be viable long-term… After a year+, Apple’s Magic Keyboard is not fully supported. Keys such as arrows and shift/control commands don’t work. Splashtop has work-arounds within the on-screen keyboard controls, but it takes twice as long to click through the additional menu bars. Apparently there’s a fix in place, but this significantly impacts usability. Definitely 5-star material once the usability is resolved.
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4 years ago, Onspared
Easy and convenient
Easy to connect and control my computers even though I’m using a small phone for that. I just have to get use to the controls and how to move around the mouse which is not very hard. I don’t think I can work very long on it though, probably the longest will be 40mins and that is stretching it because of the size of my phone screen. It’s also very convenient because I can just connect to my computers anytime and anywhere as long as I have internet connection.
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7 months ago, JoeF07
Works with a few glitches
Overall, I like the app as it allows me to easily remote in to my office even with high GPU programs like CAD. My main issue (which I feel should be a simple fix) is the shift issue. It will randomly “hold” shift and only type in caps. You have to open the keyboard and click shift twice to get rid of the caps. Not totally debilitating, but pretty annoying. While it hasn’t happened to me, I’ve read on forums where this has locked people out of their computer because the shift issue happens when they are typing their password. Seems like this is something that should be addressed. I’m hopeful!
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4 years ago, HPSsecure
Best remote control app!!
I have been using your software for 2 years already, and it just keeps getting better! Have close to 200 controls devices on it already. I have zero issues to complain about, but would like to request to have the ability to switch clients groups, from within the app, like can be done in the desktop app. Amazing product, and keep it up!!
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5 years ago, JohnH7758
Destroys Battery
I’m reviewing the iOS app specifically. I’ve been using Splashtop Business for several years now, and been largely happy with it on PC/Mac, and it seems to work well even on iOS with one caveat: It absolutely destroys battery life. If I forget to force close the app, it will tank the battery on my iPhone 8 Plus in a matter of hours. Another user posted a review, and Splashtop responded that this was a known issue and it would be fixed in the next version. That was six months ago. Why is it still an issue?! I don’t know what the app is doing in the background (it’s not supposed to be doing ANYTHING,) but it is using a whole lot of battery. I wonder if someone is mining crypto currency or something?!
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5 years ago, DaveAGa
Great remote app for the price
I use to use Teamviewer and LogMeIn with the company I work for, but the high price for these 2 apps are insane. My boss found Splashtop so we have it a try. For the low price, it’s well worth it. I give 4 stars because my only problem so far is, I use my phone to remote into PC’s quite frequently and I wish Splashtop had the option to blank screen and disable the keyboard & mouse on the remote PC. This feature is available on the TeamViewer & LogMeIn app which is a must have option. Splashtop team PLEASE ROLL OUT THIS FEATURE on the next app update!!!!
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5 years ago, Anikdan1
Needs update for newer devices
Works well, but needs to be updated for newer devices. Devices such as the iPhone X and newer will have the screen cut off on the top and sides when zooming. I’m constantly switching between landscape and portrait to see the side of the screen! Reply: Update your app. Changing the resolution of the remote computers is not a viable solution. The app should properly handle zooming with any resolution. The top and bottom should be considered. See Apple’s app design documentation on “safe space.” Also, check out how other apps handle this correctly. TeamViewer is a good example.
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7 months ago, Cooky-Architect
Great app / missing transfer feature
The app works great and i use it constantly. The only issue i have with the apple version is its missing the transfer files feature. I need to transfer files from my pc to my ipad because i do design work and only apple has the programs i use for that. I have to download them from my work computer to my home computer then from there to my ipad and its a major hastle. If we can get to that point with this app then i will have no other compliants with splashtop.
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6 years ago, lamike1123
Fails on iPhone
I’ve had this app a while. It worked at first and I was satisfied but for 3 months I’ve been unable to log in from my iPhone. No luck with Splashtop support. I only give it a 2 because I can still use it if I have access to a pc or iMac to access via browser. Update: support has been working with me. I’m able to access with iPhone in non-wireless mode. That’s an improvement and I’m encouraged that they will find the complete solution. Upgrading rating to 4
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3 years ago, JoshuaHouston
iPhone app great iPad app ok
On the iPhone it’s such a small screen that you “push” the mouse around but the iPad, since the screen is bigger, it’s essentially a touch screen. However, I have difficulty in selecting icons. It would be better if there was an option to control the mouse cursor the same way as on the iPhone.
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6 months ago, Engrguy2
Latest Business Update
The latest business update has bugs. To see your computer list you have to uncheck “show groups”. Just backwards from previous versions. Also in the latest update “Favorites “ shows no computers either checked or unchecked. Hope this gets fixed quick as I don’t want to have to wade through over 300 computers to login to my favorites. Help please! Normally a great app! UPDATE: today’s update fixed the problem! Many thanks!!
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6 years ago, Cptn nimans
Not very reliable
I’ve been using splashtop for business for a few months now. Sometimes it works, other times the mouse response is horrible. This last time was the last straw. My right clicks were not registering. It is imperative that when I need to access my work computer from home, that it works. I even logged in from my windows pc at home thinking that maybe it’s the iOS app, but still very poor response from my mouse to the work computer mouse. Will look for another program.
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2 years ago, Goldrush73r
Best solution for remote access
I have used several remote access platforms in the past and Splashtop is hands down the best so far. Super easy to deploy and install on my mobile device and computer. The streaming is fast with no lag whatsoever. Great work team Splashtop!
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4 months ago, RL-ASAP
Great But No Retina Support
It works pretty good in a pinch but if you need retina support you won’t get it. I’m sure going retina hogs up bandwidth and this is why it doesn’t even give you that option. However, if you’re using the Business version, you should at least get the option… if it detected speeds of at least 500 mbs before offering it to the user.
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6 years ago, Boleys
Great for travel
I’ve been using it several years and the ability to provide client support at any time has been invaluable. I also use it to provide remote access for my clients to their own machines under my account using the manage groups and users feature.
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12 months ago, BKBKBK11215
been using Splashtop for 7+ years
The service is generally very good and connection issues are infrequent. This is my business’s primary screen share platform and I am a happy customer. I applaud the developers for constantly improving the apps and infrastructure.
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4 years ago, carkramm
Provides what I need for our business
So easy to use. Never had issues. Gives me ability to remote into our computer for quick look ups for customers instead of returning to the site to access the computer . Pricing is very good also.
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2 years ago, MatthewGuski
I switched over to Splashtop a few years ago when the previous remote we used tripled their yearly fee. I couldn’t be happier. Splashtop Business works great and was a true lifeline saver during the pandemic. A great value all around.
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2 years ago, dirtyankle
Jump Desktop iPad
Good client for iPad. Splashtop Devs — Can you please add the same experience we have with Jump Desktop? When an external display is attached to the iPad, Jump is able to use 16:9 resolution of the screen + different resolutions than native to the iPad. Please add!
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3 years ago, Angry Roofer (again)
Works perfect with an iPad
Go to my pc was trash when connecting from an iPad. I read a review that this worked well with an iPad and I gave it a shot. It’s been perfect so far. Just as smooth as if I was in front of my pc. I couldn’t be happier!!!
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4 years ago, 0gopog0
Thank you Splashtop
I want to thank Splashtop for helping me set up a business account trial during Covid-19 lockdown so that I could remotely help my 7yr old log onto her Zoom classes. It was invaluable for me. Thank you to Kadiatou Toure and the Sales team for offering their assistance.
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6 years ago, StephenD~
Nice update
I like the improved features and the actual remote control seems a lot smoother with no mouse mode glitches (so far) when first connected. REQUEST: Can you please make the scroll bar and the three buttons at the bottom go transparent along with the onscreen mouse buttons when the transparency slider is adjusted?
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4 years ago, signmakerman
Beats All Others
I’ve used all other remote software and this is light years ahead of all others. I now have 50 computers for the cost of 10 at competitors. Our employees are working remotely and love the speed. 10 stars if I could give it.
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6 years ago, Opieus
Decent, but going the wrong direction
As another user said, special character support is very poor. And it’s getting worse. I use a bluetooth keyboard, and it used to work fine with the apostrophe (‘). Now, after some update, this character is no longer supported. Some characters like hyphen (-) and plus (+) send as the numpad character, which makes a significant difference for macro settings in some apps. I can’t imagine anybody using this app for significant typing is going to be using the software keyboard. Please fix the keyboard support, and stop making it worse. (Edit: I just checked, and even the software keyboard won’t send apostrophes.)
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6 years ago, MrTrainer
Excellent Value
Have used the very pricey log me in for years to access my health club computers. I had been waiting for a Splashtop to allow remote printing and black out my monitor in use. Finally everything is working great. Highly recommend.
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5 months ago, TimInSc
Great for working from home
Great way to access my work computer from home and my home computer from my phone or tablet. Good performance and easy to use.
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3 years ago, dabbajay
A good app BUT…..
One BIG problem, it loses the connection often, even if idle for just a few seconds. Other times, it will drop the connection after a minute or two while working on another app and there doesn’t seem to be any way to control connection timeout.
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5 years ago, Vlvman
Fix the app for iPad Pro 11
I have been using Splashtop for a few years now. I love the access and how everything integrates.. The app for the 11” iPad Pro I have begged to have it re-designed to fit the screen properly. I keep getting pushed back on the re-design. It works properly on the other Splashtop apps Enterprise etc...... Fix this and I will change to 5 starts.. Lots of screen real estate loss as it stands now...... Thanks.
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2 years ago, Pianoman countdown
Excellent and reliable
Been using this for almost a decade now and it just gets better all the time. Started when Logmein stopped being free. Never looked back.
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4 months ago, Kendu Nghia Nguyen
Fast connect, Simple Step
I have tried other software This time, I told my IT guy to find me something more simple and minimum lagging time Solution found….
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4 years ago, ivysoft
Great product. Reasonable pricing.
I have been using this product for 3 years after switching from Logmein. It does a great job to let me remote to 10 computers via PC and iPhone.
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3 months ago, ROBINTPOOLE
Logging into work
This app is totally worth the money. I am able to log into work or home or both from my iPad if needed.. it is the best.
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2 years ago, MariMariNYC
Best Remote Access tool EVER
I can install the app in all my devices ( my cellphone, mac and windows) and easily remote control and support in any device. The high performance amazed me. Simply the best
Show more
4 years ago, Restaraunt GM
Very helpful!
The app is absolutely the best I have ever used to connect to my stations on the go! Very user friendly and very simple ten stars if I could!
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3 years ago, Satisfied Small business owner
Totally satisfied
The best software ever. In a nutshell the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you for making my business run as smooth as a babies bottom.
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5 years ago, ajzdaee
Good way to remote in
The app is a versatile way to remote into multiple computers. The business version however does not utilize all of the iPad Pro 11” screen. The personal version does, yet the Buisness cost more. I hope they update the buisness app soon.
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11 months ago, Obee-one
Caps lock issue
I would give it 5 stars but no matter what keyboard I use, there is a bug to where it is being read as caps lock. So everyone thinks I am screaming at them……
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5 years ago, NR145986
Best remote access app out there!
Very reliable and responsive. Use this app for a while now and it never lets me down. 100% recommend it. Great on iPad as well.
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4 years ago, arrowbali
Awesome for PC
Works like a charm for my PCs. Stop working on my Mac Pro mini though. Had it not stop working on my Mac, I would’ve given it a 5 stars.
Show more
5 months ago, Alex ........
So easy to access my work computers from my phone
It really just works.
Show more
2 years ago, Zatchmo1988
IPad issue fixed!
Overall great product!
Show more
3 years ago, bld5018
Impressive performance
Moved from Parallels Access. Easier to use with more features.
Show more
5 years ago, BklynJimZ
Needs update
This app should be updated for the new 11" iPad. Cannot take advantage of full screen real estate with this app compared to the personal app, which does not offer the same professional features.
Show more
7 years ago, DydekD
Apple Pen not supported
The app would receive 5 stars, as it does what is supposed to do and is quite stable, but the remote mouse could use the support of Apple Pen for accuracy. Fingers are not as accurate,
Show more
2 years ago, 98spyder
Handy Item
A great tool to work from anywhere!
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