Spy Cam

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Alice Dev Team
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.8 or later
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User Reviews for Spy Cam

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
4 years ago, hmm1111111111
Not saving files to Dropbox
This worked… for about 5 minutes. After that, the app stopped uploading the files to Dropbox, so it’s now completely useless. I’ve tried every setting, and nothing seems to remedy the problem. Don’t buy this app unless you want to waste your $10. And I NEVER write reviews.
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3 years ago, Benj L
Used to work perfectly
It worked just fine before BigSur, dropbox and everyting, now it just sit there "." I'm out 10 bucks!
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3 years ago, fromnewamsterdam
Does not work with Big Sur
Don't waste your money on this app. Used to work fine. Very disappointing.
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9 months ago, iAngelDJ
Simple Doesnt work
so sad, used to work very well
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6 years ago, Wd836
lost password they never answered me to help retrive it they suckl!!!!!
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12 years ago, Joshuamccabe319
This would be a better app if you could control a few of the options, like where to save the video files, being able to program what time of day the app will start and stop recording. You should also have to option to record with motion detection this is the only one that does not!. The only good thing about this app is that it runs in the background undetected… if they would polish this app and make it more user friendly and better option control it would be a fantastic app, but as is, it needs MAJOR updates…. DEFINATELY not worth 10 dollars!!!
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9 years ago, Rporter31
Caught a snooping neighbor
This app helped us catch a snooping neighbor that we had suspected was breaking into our place when we went out of town. Well it did and he had to face the cops. No more of that!!! The only thing that needs to be changed is the ability to get a better video quality. We almost werent able to prove who broke in but luckily he got really close to my laptop so the graininess wasnt so bad the cops couldnt use the video. Please increase video quality on the next update. Also being able to change the location files are saved would be awesome too.
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8 years ago, TGR82
It’s not working properly
I have it to where it takes continuous video because there are people in the building 24/7, but ever since this last update, it hasn’t been working properly at night. I come in and have to stop it and then restart it so it will resume recording video. The app says it’s recording, but it’s not. I really wish I could go back to the previous version. It was great. This one is awful.
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7 years ago, Schmelding
I Want to Like This
Overall, I really like this app. Sure, it could potentially have more features, but I’m generally happy with what it does. My largest concern is that, for whatever reason, sometimes it stops recording even though it says “RECORDING” in big, red letters. It’s unreliable as to when or why it does this, so I can’t depend on it to be a consistent source for a security cam, unfortunately. Hopefully that will be fixed, but other than that I like what it does.
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11 years ago, SpookyBFC
Not very spy like
What they mean by "App can be hidden from users..." they mean the window can be hidden. You still see this spy logo with the name SPY CAM hitting your face if someone uses your computer and looks at any running application. You also see the camera light on when recoring. Not worth it unless you have a laptop and hide it behind a wall.
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10 years ago, Jijistorm
Not subtle at all
As far as setting time intervals to record, recording length, etc, it does the job. However, the main purpose of a “spy cam” is to be concealed. Not only is the app visible in the menu bar when activated, but the green cameral light also pops up when it’s recording. Kind of defeats the point.
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10 years ago, apatanio
Doesn’t Work
I have roommtes that like to snoop into my laptop when I’m not home. I got this app so that it could record/snap a photo when someone tried to log in. But useless, it didn’t work. What a waste of $10.
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11 years ago, AngelaSR
Great for home security Excellent app which lets me use my Mac to watch my house so I don't have to but an expensive security system.
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11 years ago, andrea939
Thank you for update this app. Incredibly simple to use and it just works. Works like charm!
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12 years ago, MacJuggernaut2000
Simple and Useful!
Very nice and very straightforward! No useless options. Just useful. Very impressed by this app. Cheers to developers :)
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12 years ago, victorlgarcia_US
Where is the black menu bar icon?
Need similar features like the gray/black menubar icon on the menubar...
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11 years ago, Aaryn Adams
Must have this app. No more words to say. Thank you for update this app.
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12 years ago, LadyBeee
Works very well !
Easy to use and very effective. Works very well!
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12 years ago, snahum2000
The App doesnt work as advertised
The App was working fine the first two hours after that, is not recording any more and I need to reset the imac to start recording again. Very bad app!!
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12 years ago, briiice
more control
I need to be able to control the length of the recording thats a must.
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11 years ago, xtreme762
Does not work on MacBook Air mid 2013
Only says I need to install a suitable video device, and restart the app. It won't do anything else! I don't recommend this to those of you with the new MacBook Air.
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12 years ago, Big-Pit
App needs upgrades!!!
I agree with the review on the app page. Ill give this app a 5 star ratting if it gets these improvements.
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12 years ago, Josh Highland
No motion detection
I should have read closer, there is no motion detector. BUYER BEWARE! The app records based on a schedule, not on activity. Not effective for security at all. I would return this app if possible,
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11 years ago, PAlexis)
Good Update!!!!
This really does do a good job at what it's for.
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11 years ago, Caldwellone
No Motion detection
Good app except it is missing the one thing that is actually useful with nanny cams.. Motion detection. Useless without it and just fills up your dropbox.
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12 years ago, LoveHunger
Did exactly as advertised!
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12 years ago, If You See Kay, You!
WASTE of money!!!
"Spy" Camera only turns on periodically, not motion sensor. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE video quality with no options to change!!! Only records every 1-10 minutes Maximum recording time is 60 SECONDS?! What about what happens between each recording?! I hate app makers like this! I want my $$$ back!!!
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10 years ago, claude20001
No motion detection!!!
No motion detection makes this app useless. Other ones same price wth motion...
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