Square Invoices: Invoice Maker

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Block, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Square Invoices: Invoice Maker

4.84 out of 5
79.7K Ratings
4 years ago, zheroux
Best system ever!
We use the Square Estimates on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. We also use the Square card reader system for all of our card transactions in the field and even for regular invoicing for cash and check payments. Great system for record keeping, you can find an invoice via a name or even an item so it’s really easy to go back and find previous invoices and it keeps track of your repeat customers transactions. You can pull a report on any user at any time to see how many sales for the day, week month and year. Estimates is extremely helpful. You can make an estimate via the app when mobile or from your desktop or tablet. The Estimates App syncs with the standard Square app, all you have to do is log in and it’s all on the same cloud. We use all Apple devices and sync with each other so really easy to pick up an estimate or invoice from any device. You may have generated an invoice or estimate on let’s say your phone and not your tablet, just log in and it’s all there. Highly recommend for the small business owner or big business. Fees are pretty well rounded and fair besides we will typically add the card fees into our pricing. Whether you have a brick and motor/store front or mobile business there are options for all. We use the contactless chip reader and save about 1/2 a percent on fees. Using the Square system is one of the Best decisions we have made for our business!
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1 year ago, Treyvontavian
Deactivated account and holding money hostage
Extremely disappointed and upset with Square. My account was deactivated out of the blue with no warning. I have a 100% legal business with documentation and a business license. I provided all of this information to them. I spoke to six or more representatives on the phone for a grand total of about three or four hours, trying to get to the bottom of this, but was told that per Square policy they were unable to give me the actual reason why is was deactivated. No, I’m not making this up. This put me in a huge bind, and made my business look extremely unprofessional when I couldn’t send invoices all of the sudden. I sent multiple emails and even spoke to a manager supervisor or something but was told the decision was final even though there was no reason as to why it was deactivated. I also never heard back on any of my emails that I sent in even when I was told the case was “ escalated to higher management”. Not to mention Square is holding onto over $1600 that I had in my Square account for 90 days. They told me if I want the money sooner I would need to refund my customers and have them Venmo me or something.. I’m not one to write reviews but this whole situation was absolutely ridiculous.
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2 years ago, MrsKristieS
Square is awesome!
I love square. Simple, quick, self explanatory! I’m not good with technology. This system is so easy to use I learned it as I’m setting it up. It was so quick to pick up! I love that I can do what I need to do for my business and I love that square will offer loans, and debit cards, savings, etc. I use this for all my companies. Love it love it love it. The price is a little high, but this is the only issue! I know a few systems that are much cheaper that I can use and thought about using but I am already familiar with this one, and it’s too easy! If I switch it will be bc the fees are much cheaper with the other companies, not bc I don’t love this system. We’ll see! But I wouldn’t change bc I dislike this one! Who knows, maybe if I switch I won’t like it as much as this one. And switch back or I will use both. I hate to give this up. Also, in order to qualify for a loan, it takes too long to build up. Square should offer the loan much quicker so companies and new businesses can build up faster and be able to get the company going and then pay it off. Those are my only 2 issues with square. Other than that, I love love love it and wouldn’t want to change anything!
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3 weeks ago, Dbl950510!
Absolutely worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. They tell you to set up a checking account through them that comes with the debit card and that when you get paid via credit card that your funds will be available instantly instead of having to wait at the end of the day for them to transfer all of your sales that day to your bank account. It’s all lies. They hold funds for no reason, I’ve talked to over 25 Square employees and get told the same thing there’s nothing wrong with, or unusual, or missing on your account that would warrant the automated system to continuously flag every transaction but here we are 11 invoices paid so far over $13,000 and Square has held every single one of them. I’ve lost clients, jobs, bank account shut down, credit accounts shutdown due to nonpayment which has directly had a negative impact on my personal and business credit rating, and now I am facing legal action because I cannot pay vendors and subcontractors that did work for me because Square is holding the money and will not release it. Absolutely disgusting company that needs to be shut down immediately. I’m not the only person that has had this problem. Just go look at all the rest of the reviews. If you’re looking for a point of sales service to accept credit card payments and do your invoicing through, I suggest you look at any other company besides Square, they will rob you and laugh your face as they do it.
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2 months ago, Mr,AJJ100%
A.J.J TreeServices L.L.C
Five star best app ever 🤟🇺🇸. I highly recommend it to business owners. It literally helps you and saves you so many headaches specially creating invoices and customers can pay off through the phone. You don’t have to go all the way back go pick up the check and then go to the bank and then the bank will tell you all something is wrong with it or they forgot to sign it or they forgot to put the exact amount or they cannot read it is always something with a check or customer will give Certain excuse but now this, no excuse now was just sending the invoice and they can just pay it off right there, so no excuses no hustling and they can give a down payment or at least something to start the job site. I honestly love this app, and I highly recommend it to everybody.
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4 years ago, chrissy glam
If I can give it zero stars I would!
Now let me explain. Two weeks ago I started using square . I sell jewelry from home and needed an app that would help me with invoices . A friend of mine told me to use square. She’s been using this app for two years with no problem, so I took her up on it and decided to use square . Two weeks in and 21 invoices sent, I get a email stating my account is under review! I was mind boggled . I emailed them and no response, called and I wasn’t able to get a live rep to speak to. Next day, I get 2 invoices and waiting on 21 more to come within the day. As soon as my two invoices went in my account was deactivated!!! dEACTIVATED! With funds in my account. I get an email stating my account was viewed and square no longer will have me as their customer!! I have emails from them if you don’t believe me. I email, call, write to them on Twitter, IG and Facebook and I was blocked!! I’m a mom of three with multiple health conditions and on chemo, I was just trying to make extra money and do what I love best, socializing with the community . I never violated anything, I spoke with a lawyer and they’re going to take action. Now I have to wait 90 days to get my money “back”. I researched square and they have so many complaints with the same issues. They’ve been on the news for scandals and holding peoples money. Please don’t join them, my friend deactivated her own account after reading up on them as well. Good luck!
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4 months ago, Square is out of shape
It still has bugs to be worked out, and they have too much taking your money
The application is buggy, it has downtime, security issues, issues with tap to pay and linked devices, and this isn’t just coming from me, but other people whom I know that use Square in their business. Also, square can too easily remove money out of your account and any linked external bank accounts, all without warning. We currently have a customer disputing an item who is clearly in the wrong, however, instead of Square reaching out to us to investigate the matter first, they removed the entirety of the disputed amount in favor of the customer who violated a contract, and now we must prove why they are wrong, and in addition, Square proceeded to pull additional funds out of our linked bank account without notice and now we must go through the time and inconvenience of explaining why they should not have done that and why our customer violated the agreement, lest they give 100% of the funds to the customer. Square has way too much power in control over the funds. Our business works hard for, when Square should just be a third-party, that provides invoicing, payroll, marketing services, and leave any civil disputes between the Square subscriber and the customer, and not be an intermediary with 100% control of Square subscriber funds.
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4 years ago, Antwan07*
They are holding the money .. won’t release it concerning my very first invoice.. then states it because of chargebacks that’s don’t even exist on the account . Deactivated my account over one invoice .. I was only using the app as a means to create an invoice for professionalism .. and the means to send fund through it was a plus. Not only have they deactivated my account but are attempting to withhold funds from the client and myself. Stating that they will give it back sept 27th. As if it makes a difference to release the funds as of July 1 and sept 27th. My clients wedding who is also my best friend .. is aug 22nd. And there’s nothing bad even happening on the account and the amount was only a little over $500. In this invoice I even broke down what was being spent and amount concerning her table decor. I spoke with someone in salsa because the system won’t allow me to speak to anyone else. And Landon told me that square was supposed to send review documentation. It was so pleasant knowing what square was supposed to do. I wish that would have helped me today . Also Landon does not have any contacts to transfer to a supervisor and can not do a soft transfer to transfer me to another human. I called 16 times.. selected sales twice and for Landon twice. He informed me that he can’t go get a supervisor because he is at home. Square ruined a woman’s wedding and my first business transaction. .. I couldn’t be more disappointed..
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2 years ago, Theylove_CC
My small business makes $50k+ sometimes on a good month and $35k on a bad month. The first month with this app I had a cap put on my account of $25k a month when my business clearly made more. They said it was “risk management” to be sure no invoices are disputed. IVE NEVER HAD A DISPUTE , not one TIL THIS DAY and It’s been 8 months with them. I was told to email for a reuqest in increasing I have done that. I’ve emailed over a dozen times for a request in increase and it’s unbelievable to me that literally, no lie or exaggeration, NO ONE I mean no one had got back to me. I’ve called multiple times to put in a request for a call back and still no one has got back to me. It’s crazy to me that such a big company is so unprofessional and had no protocol actually in place for things like this. I’ve had to integrate QUICKBOOKS invoicing into my billing system because of this cap and let me tell I’m SO MUCH HAPPIER WITH THEM!!!!. They have no caps at all and everything is done with one app. They even give you advances on qualified invoices (if needed). Quickbooks doesn’t put a cap on how much my small businesses can make :) Now I only use square platform for last resort invoicing. Sad because I never wanted to use quickbooks and wanted nothing more but to stay with square. I even reached out to them on twitter!! Haha. Still nothing , SMH !!
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1 year ago, DC The Snapper
They randomly canceled my account
As a full-time photographer I used this app quite a bit for my business. I gave them 2 stars because although it’s a great tool to use for small business owners to send invoices, collect payments, send estimates, contracts, ect... Unfortunately the customer service is nonexistent. They literally canceled my account for no reason, and when you call to ask what’s going, they say that can’t assist because the account is disabled and refers you back to an email. Via email, I begged the to give me some sort of explanation but instead they told me the read the clause that states they can pretty much cancel your account for no reason. I never had a refund issued, or any issues with a client. All that happened was a client wanted to pay via bank transfer, square asked some questions about they client, and then emailed me to notify the account is closed. If it sounds weird and confusing, trust me, I’m with you. All in all, it’s really good to use for your small business but there is a chance they’ll close your account for no reason at all. Zoho has been a pretty viable alternative for me and offers some of the same things as square for free as well.
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11 months ago, juanie22
Money is not available when you need it
On more than one occasion, I’ve had customers pay invoices and when I try to use my square card after the fact, I have yo go through the embarrassing moment of having my card declined because the payment hasn’t posted to my balance due to issues on squares end. This is not right at all. Had the customer paid through a different platform, money would be available when I need it the most. This is ridiculous. So not recommend to any business out there. Find another app to use. I am currently looking for the best one to use that doesn’t hold my money and make me go through an embarrassing situation like square has. On another occasion my account was in the negative and I wasn’t aware because it showed my balance at 0. Because I was negative when a customer sent a payment it went towards the negative without even alerting me. Still showed my balance at 0. Had to play detective and figure out what was going on. Finally I had to take another payment from that customer through another service after issued refund on square. This is the most inconvenient ridiculous app. Not worth The headache especially not when ur trying to run your business.
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1 year ago, MichelleNicole85
I rarely write reviews, but I’m so disappointed in this company. Our business had a customer who reversed their payment that they made to our company through Square via their credit card. They contacted their credit card company and made up an absurd lie to get their money back. I disputed the payment reversal and provided all of the documentation for the services they received INCLUDING a signed contract by the party. Despite me sending proof, Square was unable to get our money back and refused to continue to fight for us. Now we are having to take the customers to court over something that should’ve been a no brainer to get our money back. To top it all off, Square has now informed us that they’re keeping a portion of any of the profits we make for at least 60 days because of this ordeal. I still have yet to see them release any of the funds they’ve already kept from us after the 60 days. Once our current customers have finished paying their payments to us, we will absolutely be dropping this service and never returning. If you’re thinking about using Square, I highly encourage you not to. Sadly, I used to refer people to this service constantly. Never again.
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1 year ago, dank0116
All in one
I’m loving the square up app the invoices is great. It keeps track of everything for me as far as I can make a template for my most booked services so I can put together new invoices more efficiently. It keeps track of start dates when the invoice is sent when my payments are laid out I can remind my clients if they have missed a payment or if there is one coming. I can offer payments that I accept to make it more convenient for clients to pay me. This app is so well rounded I love it it co era everything. I can make an estimate if it is accepted I can turn it o ed to an invoice I can attach a square contract that I choose from one of their templates or can make my own contract. I also can add attachments to the invoice like if there is communication between my clients and I I have been attaching a copy of the correspondence for my records and any note or reminder to sell in the future. They have it all at square and I’m going to excel at using the features for my convenience and clients together.
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4 years ago, JB Drinks
Arbitrarily holds your money hostage. Negative stars! Terrible.
I setup this app to conduct a couple sales transactions as a test bed for possibly using it for a business I’m building. Very first sale went through fine, but even though I had “successfully” linked my checking account at setup, Square would not release my money for transfer. First it supposed to transfer the next day, then the day after, then the next, then all of a sudden the transfer was suspended pending additional review. The whole time my money is just stuck in Square limbo. Then they asked for a bunch of very personal documents like months of my private bank records and invoices for the items from the manufacturer for items I was selling.. All so they could decide to release MY money they were already holding. Seriously?!? What a joke. I ended up refunding the money and luckily the buyer was cool enough to redo the transaction through a different processor after they had already received the items. That could have ended very badly for me. Btw, the other processor did the transaction flawlessly and transferred the money into my account the very next morning with no drama. Never again Square. Terrible.
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4 months ago, KChelynn
I can’t access support because my accounts been deactivated. After only one transaction, with no prior warning, and money in my account that they froze! I had to wait THREE MONTHS to access. The 3 months has passed and square claims to have released the funds to my linked bank account but my bank has no record of a deposit from them and again, I CANNOT ACCESS SUPPORT to get this resolved. I will never use this platform in any way ever again. If I could give less than one star I would. I suggest you stay far away from this app unless you want your business and income to come to a screeching halt through no fault of your own and with no recourse to solve the issue. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I’ve tried calling they gave me 2 or 3 automated options that did not help then hung up on me. I’ve tried chat where they simply say no support available because your account is deactivated check your email for further assistance. I’ve emailed and am waiting for a response but it says it can take 1-2 days which is ridiculous. Save yourself the trouble and use any other software!!!
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3 years ago, Thor Zean
Square has become a train wreck!!!
I have been happily using square for many years but lately they have become an intolerable mess. I opened a new company and had planned on using squares add ones on my website like appointments, payments, invoicing, etc. BIG MISTAKE! None worked well and the invoice was the worst. Square collected the money from the customers but never deposited the money in my account. When I contacted them they gave me the never ending run around and implied that I was lying. I accumulated documentation proving they had in fact collected the money from my clients and deposited it into their account but not mine. When I contacted them again they locked me out of my account and refuse to deposit my money. At this point I think my best option is to file a wire fraud complaint with the FDIC. I have been notifying people I work with who use square and it appears I am not the only one having problems with square collecting and keeping money that is not theirs. I’m going to social media to see how widespread this issue has become and suggest anyone using square check you bank account diligently.
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2 years ago, E's25
Holding my money
You are holding a payment for my services I have performed. I perform landscape installation services. When I deposit a large check to my bank they don’t withhold my money because they need to verify where it came from? You took your 3.5% fee so you are happy but what about me? I have to go through 2 apps to take a manual payment and had a hard time knowing how to split a payment because it’s not very clear. Now you’re calling my payment “fraud” who gives you the right to call it that? That’s my money !!! that a customer paid with their card. I have high end clients that have assitants that pay for everything for them. You ruined my Memorial Day vacation and I won’t be paying some bills because your holding my money for extra “business days “. I was hesitant on using your services because of a high % percentage and you also charge for instant deposit as well. ??? This is not the way to treat small business where every cent counts towards my bottom line. I will be canceling my services after you give me my money back.
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1 year ago, Lori Russ-Sias
Better than ALL of the others. I absolutely love Square 👍🏽
If anyone gives a bad review, you had a negative experience, and we all have had those experiences from a lack of knowledge regarding not putting in the four work on learning how to use a certain product. Read directions, ask questions, and contact support if you need to. Now that I'm done lecturing, if it wasn't for Square, my business wouldn't be as organized as it is when it comes to my invoicing going out to my clients timely, being able to quickly revise something on the mobile app on the go (busy life), connecting with my Google page, and a multitude of other things that makes my life easier. They are the best in the business and they WILL take over the whole market....watch and see. Jump on now!
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4 years ago, 409Carpenter
Suggestion & glitch
1. When a job is being done and is completed before the scheduled last payment. ** some clients wait on that scheduled date or for the invoice to arrive. *Note(neither side wants to keep sending & receiving updated invoices as if something changed). *** Suggestion- within the custom payment scheduled date should also be the option to add a send upon completion request, that changes the due date to Upon arrival or day day the completed option is selected. When work is done we should be able to press completed as well instead of sending a reminder that has the later date or an update invoice that has no changes.🤓 2. The invoice keeps sending an invoice that I keep having to cancel & yet still sending to my client daily. Ugggh. My trying to lose active invoices uninstalling & installing 😥.
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5 years ago, And-0
Could be slightly better
I would like option to keep some of the already paid for items on an invoice so the customer has a record of what he’s already paid but yet also keep the items not yet paid for. To have a drop down item that says paid would be nice. Sometimes my customers pay in chucks. It just gets complicated when I have multiple invoices sometimes. Sometimes they pay cask or check for items in person before I invoice for the whole lot. But still need to send them a receipt of payment for those items. I’m sure there would be other people with this same issue. Thanks for your time and willingness to improve this amazing technology. :)
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4 years ago, UberFilmsLtd
Needs an auto-save future for invoices and especially estimates
Lots of nice features in the app I’m still learning to use it I like everything about it except it needs an auto save feature, especially when compiling an estimate with multiple packages which can be a lot of work. Several times, right in the middle of it my mobile device battery died, or somehow the app crashed or I got interrupted and had a good dip some thing in after a pro long period of time I come back and my estimate is gone, whatever the reason. It’s infuriating to have to start all over again from scratch. An auto save feature would really save me a lot of headaches, right now I’m having a repeat of the click “safe to draft“ every minute or two to make sure I don’t lose my progress on a complicated estimate with a lot of packages involved.
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1 month ago, Motsumi
Square “Blocked” my business.
I’m a data consultant. My client wanted to pay by credit card. I called Square and they said this is exactly what they do. I signed up, verified my business, and sent my client an invoice. My client paid but Square never delivered the money. They held it hostage, claiming I didn’t have any account history. What were they expecting? I had just signed up. I tried to work through it with Square, but then they blocked my account with no warning, no explanation, and wouldn’t take any calls from me. I had to apologize to my client, refund their money and start over with another service. It was embarrassing. I switched to PayPal. They didn’t give me any trouble. Square and this app have been a terrible experience for me. They blocked my ability to run my business. And now they are changing their name to Block. Seems appropriate. Update: developer response says to contact support. Don’t they know once square blocks your account, they block access to support? Square is a greedy, unethical bully.
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4 years ago, softwareuser12190900
App is overall clumsy and unprofessional
So I’ve process thousands of dollars with the app and planned to do thousands more ilas I do mobile mechanic work and just started a engine building company . I received a $1400 payment and square suspended my account leaving me without access to MY funds. Even worse is the loss poor process that you have to go through to have to prove to them what business you do. They target minority business unfairly and are not transparent about letting you know of a transaction is subject to review Z it’s almost as if the company doest believe your making the money . Here it is Monday and I started the process Friday in addition they are asking for extra information about a transaction that I do not have. Bad business practices as a company proctoring payment processing you should have transparency at the forefront for merchants
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1 year ago, square is horrible
Please read
If I could leave negative stars I would. I like to thank square for putting me in a horrible situation and horrible standing with my company and customers. Due to square shutting down my account for absolutely no reason because even customer service or should I say no service can’t tell me why. Square is holding 16,000 plus of my deposits/working capital that customers put deposits in for work to be done to their boats. Due to the funds being stuck in square I have lost business I have lost a reputation and I have been made look bad to my customers well used to be customers. Square is a huge SCAM and extremely UNPROFESSIONAL customer service is non existent and my problem has not been resolved. I am a new small business and this was a great way to ruin my business. Thank you for absolutely nothing but headaches stress to me and my family caused by this UNNECESSARY action that square has taken. By the way square has absolutely no issues taking their cut in all of this.
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1 year ago, @ unhappy customer
Don't recommend
To make a long story short, I am a therapist and some of my clients asked to use credit card as a form of payment. I signed up for square because I was able to create a invoice and email it directly to the client for payment . My client paid the invoice and square stop it for fraudulent activity. Asking for additional information and what I provided all the information. I later received another email saying my money will be held for 90 days. I attempted to contact the company to see if there was any additional information or clarification. I was unable to get a live person. I received a automated system they made the decision, and they cannot no longer service me. As a professional, it was Embarrassing to have to call my client and tell my client to no longer use the invoice I sent. I recommend simple practice because it’s a one stop shop for all your therapeutic needs including processing credit card payments.
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7 months ago, Alaskastephanie
Disappointed with updates
Invoices was a great app to have for on-the-go business needs. Something happened and now you can’t add multiples of the same line item. You have to add additional line items. In the editing mode you can’t change the number of a line item once it’s been input (which has to be done on the web desktop version only). When making updates please think like a business person before removing or adding features. No one wants to have to add multiplied line items of the same items. Once I add an item to my square library it would be nice to have that same item available across all of the apps. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case so now I have duplicates from several different square apps and it’s taken me a long time to pare this down. Time is not something small business owners have to waste. There is no feature in this app for me to send online questions or complaints the only method is to call a support number. This goes back to not having time to waste on hold to be helped. It would be nice to be able to submit a request or question via the app and get a reply without having to spend time on the phone on hold. Please consider changing these items.
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5 years ago, JordanWagner
Worst customer service
I was paid $600 from a client 2 weeks ago and the money is still in my “square account” but hasn’t been deposited for 2 weeks. I have emailed customer service about the issue 3 times now with absolutely NO RESPONSE. I tried to call Square for help on this, but they would not allow me to call. Only email. I’ve never seen such a “modern company” with such horrible customer service. The fact that they don't let businesses call in to get help is absolutely horrible. At this point, there is literally nothing I can do. Money is just sitting in square but I cannot access MY OWN MONEY! Not sure if this is a way for square to hold your money and make interest on it, instead of giving it to you...or if this is just horrible customer service, but either way SQUARE is becoming my LEAST favorite payment processor and I am feeling ripped off and completely abandoned since they wont return emails or allow me to call in. Avoid using this company if possible!
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1 year ago, Allie11051990
I had received an email that said my account is held and I would no longer be able to transfer my funds to my bank until I answered some ridiculous questions about CBD. I do not sell CBD nor do I want to anytime soon- I sell sex toys. NOT PLANTS! However SQUARE allowed my customers to continue paying me through their app…. But I am NO LONGER ABLE to withdraw my money. This has ruined my business. And my finances quite frankly I am screwed without my funds. I have had to lose many customers due to not being able to invoice through square anymore and use my card reader and it’s not fair!!! I DONT EVEN SELL CBD! The questions they’re making me answer do not have any “other” spots or a place to write that. There is also not a NO answer option. The first question reads “The type of CBD I sell is manufactured: 1. In a factory with safe protocols (blah blah whatever) 2. Within state regulations and guidelines 3. Something scientific that I don’t even know how to pronounce And I cannot SKIP any questions! This is ILLEGAL. And I deserve my funds released immediately. I have already passed this onto my family lawyer who is looking into it for me. And he agrees this is not a fair practice and I have a solid case. At the end of the day- I am going to get my money back and then all the damages as well. Thanks ALOT square you are HORRIBLE!
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4 years ago, love carla
So far so good
So far so good. It’s definitely more convenient than doing the invoice from the desktop. There’s a few quirks here and there but nothing too serious. For example, to add a payment broken into smaller payments to a current balance, I tried opening up the current bill and clicking the “add payment” button where you can send a link to customer thinking the customer can just put in whatever payment they want and the balance will readjust. But doing it that way it doesn’t allow the customer to change it. It’s only a non changeable full amount due. I also could not see this screen until I sent it to the customer (by checking my sent folder than checking the link). So ended up having to resend to customer using the payment schedules.
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2 years ago, Tyrie91
Square is very unreliable!
I don’t think highly of Square Invoices. It’s imperative for any business to have a financial institution that is reliable. From experience I can testify that Square is definitely not reliable. My business had been temporarily out of service due to a divorce I went thru. Now that I’m up and running( or trying to be. Square has prevented this from happening though.) I can’t operate without cash flow. I stupidly made a deposit with Square and now am paying the price for it. Instead of my deposit going thru, Square decides to keep it, leaving my business inoperable. I can’t bank with someone who keeps my money from me. It’s not just the money I deposited that is affected. I ended up losing the job I just started because of this. Now, not only do I not have any money, but I have no job to make more money. I would definitely not recommend square to anyone. They are arrogant thieves!
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3 years ago, Emmaroseeeeeee
Used to love
It used to be great but they don’t help you at all if a random customer lies and says they don’t recall buying something they automatically take YOUR money from you and give it back to the lying customer and they make out with your service you sold them or product AND they get their money back… then, twice now they just cut me off from being able to use my account at all, I sell popular affordable jewelry, but they tried saying twice now that they see “suspicious activity “ which is so aggravating , if anything, that is suspicious to me! You shouldn’t be able to just take peoples hard earned money and then cut them off from using it for no good reason… now, my card will not work unless I’m using it online or a transfer and forget getting a hold of anyone to help you. I’m sick of this and it’s very upsetting.
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3 years ago, DSlayer78
Easy to fraud. you will end up paying.
A “Customer” used multiple cards to fraud square invoices easily. There was a disclaimer in the body of the email of which I look for before I dispatch. The email subject stated “customer paid invoice!” The only difference between that and a normal invoice is the exclamation point. I look thru the emails after services were performed as the customer just feels “off” and in the body of the email it states that the customer used multiple cards and multiple zip codes. To pay the invoices. If square knows that information and that looks like fraud, can they not add a stop, pause, or hold to the transaction. Maybe even a warning and a button I could click to stop the transaction or throw all caution to the wind and go ahead any way. Either way a more efficient warning would goa long way, and more visibility on card information the customers put in the invoice so that I can make my own fraud assessment. If square would make those changes or create those features I would change my rating to 5 as it was great to use until this happened. In conclusion. Did square invoices stop the transactions (nope) Did they call me or alert me (nope) ( kinda i guess an ! Means they did ) Did I lose out on my time and materials (yup) Can I dispute the chargeback yes, will I win I doubt it unless it really wasn’t a fraud.
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3 years ago, Ortizlop
Love it!
I used to have payment processing as part of my business checking with Chase and I hated it. They’re always reviewing payments and take forever to release the funds. There’s a weekly limit on how much you can bring in and a whole lot of other issues. One payment got delayed for 90 days because it was under review. I’m so glad I chose to switch to Square. Everything is so easy, modern lay out, and up to date. Chase’s system looked antiquated and not easy to use or update. Everything is just easier and looks amazing on Square. Customer invoices look very professional and modern. I also love all their customization tools!
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5 months ago, Corimous_Grande
All great, with one exception…
Allow the ability to download Estimates as PDF (the same way that invoices are able to be downloaded currently) and you’ll have your 5th star. ***** We cannot tell you how much of a nuisance running a business is when everything that we need can be done in the app and on mobile devices EXCEPT the one thing utilized as the means of securing work in the first place, and that is being able to quickly send a professional-looking Estimate as a PDF to companies who do not accept Square’s “share” links. Not good enough. After 10 years of using y’all, this one item has put our use of your company on the chopping block numerous times at our monthly meets.
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2 months ago, Mayabxx
Stolen Money
After just applying which is IRONICALLY an easy process, my customer has paid for 2 orders that I no longer can get due to square holding my money so they can “verify my business” without doing that in the first place ! I’m a small business, no workers, just me & I serve fruits that are in my states cottage food laws and totally legal. They are asking I provide my identity, bank statements, paychecks. Listen! I’m a stay at home mom just trying to support my kids ! They’re LITERALLY taking food out of my kids mouths for what !? I’m so heartbroken and disappointed. This is what it’s come down too ? Scamming from a top business builder app that services THOUSANDS of local vendors, businesses etc. the fact that the fees have already been taken out as well wasn’t enough ? You wanted my entire payment? DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP YOU WILL LITERALLY GO BROKE AND YOUR BUSINESS WILL FAIL BECAUSE THEY HOLD YOUR MONEY AS SOON AS SOMEONE MAKES A PAYMENT !!.
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4 years ago, Coder12345
Square Lacks Ethics
On July 14th I sent a $6000 invoice on square. On July 30th my invoice was paid. On July 31st I tried to transfer those funds into my account. Later in the day on July 31st I was told my account was deactivated, and square would not release my funds for at least 90 days. Not only did Square withhold my money, but they gave me no reason why, or any recourse on how to get it back. I have no phone number, or email I can use to contact them. I called square 5 times - nothing. The only reason they gave for withholding my money was that Square is “unable to support my business needs right now.” However, my business needs did not change between July 14th and July 30th. If Square knew they could not support my business needs, they should not have let me send my invoices through Square. Additionally, Square is still letting my employer pay my outstanding invoices, even though they’ve already deactivated my account! That behaviors seems to be the definition of unethical. If I ordered a pizza, paid for my pizza, and then the pizza restaurant said they'll give me my pizza in 90 days, that would be immoral and likely illegal. This case is no different. Apple should remove the square app from their platform until Square resolves these issues. Being a large business should not abdicate you from basic ethics.
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10 months ago, auntpenna
CS blocked me and withheld money
I opened a new account for a new small dance studio business so I could collect monthly class fees conveniently online via invoices. We had about 30 clients beginning to pay their first invoices and registration fees when square flagged me as “suspicious” and I submitted all sorts of requested documentation to support the business’s legal integrity. Next thing I know I get an email saying our account was terminated and square has decided they cannot serve our business needs. Furthermore, they’re holding $4k of our money for 90 days. As a small business starting, that’s devastating! Customer Service blocked my number from speaking to a real person, I’m now placed in an endless loop of recorded messages. Emails have been vague with no discernible reason why we were shut down. Absolutely terrible! I chose square because they claim support small business, but this is an outrage!
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1 year ago, flynryder
Don’t use
Don’t use this system. They let you use it for a year, let you get really comfortable with it then they put a “risk reserve” on your account. This is in case there is a dispute with one of your transactions which is fine. What is not fine is that it is 20% and they hold it for THREE FREAKING MONTHS! It is not being held in escrow so they are making money off of it in interest. When you talk to them they tell you that the department that put the reserve on your account cannot be reached by phone so you have to email them. But surprise surprise, they never get back with you. If you are fortunate to get someone to give you a survey of how they conduct business then the only thing you get out of that meeting is frustration and ZERO answers. Then they have the gall to ask you how it makes you feel! Total bull crap! Pay the $30 per month and use QuickBooks.
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2 years ago, Paparazzi Seller
Account Reviews
Square will randomly freeze your account and block access to your money and then take a week to review your account. And I have never even had a chargeback in 2 years - so there is no real good reason to freeze my funds. This is supposed to be a platform for small business but how can I run my business when you freeze my account for even a day let alone a week. Paparazzi sellers will soon be leaving square to go over to paparazzi premiere and it’s probably a good idea because square can’t even review an account fast enough to make sure it’s customers aren’t being held from their funds for this long.
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3 months ago, Boats and motors
Great tool for small hospitality business…
I have been using another service and switched to Square last year. I have been able to use several of the features that they have created for small businesses, like invoicing, automatic maintenance and tax savings accounts set up to put a percentage of revenue into separate accounts for tax payments and maintenance costs. The app features Tap to Pay, and accepts a lot of common touch less payments, cards and digital payments. You can also store commonly used items and customize your invoices and add on other features to scale your marketing and customer relationships.
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2 years ago, TheVeryHungCaterpillar
From hitting download to receiving payment was less than 10 minutes.
I literally downloaded the app, set it up within two minutes, put together an invoice with the two items I needed to add to it, sent it to the client, and received payment in full within 10 minutes of hitting download. I was also able to intuitively and instantly add discounts, payment reminders, and link my personal checking acct and debit card to my square account to be able to instantly transfer funds. You literally cannot get more simple, transparent and intuitive than this app has been. 10 STARS
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5 years ago, Hellfire Construction
Do not use this service unless you enjoy being extorted
I had to cancel a several thousand dollar job because square decided they wanted to hold the money. The money was intended to purchase the materials, they would not release the money, they didn’t care that I lost that customer because of their extortion, they initially told me the account was suspended because of suspicious activity but when I asked exactly what that suspicious activity was, they told me there was no suspicious activity. They had absolutely no explanation as to why they were holding my money and insisting on me losing my customer. I will just keep using PayPal, they have never extorted my money. I think I should be reimbursed for the losses that they caused. Nobody else caused me to lose my customer except for square. Worse way to accept payment as a business, take heed when you have a $10,000 job that you can’t do because square is holding the money!!!!
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2 years ago, StormyDev
Good app but could use improvements
Invoice and payment dates should be editable, I don’t know if anyone who goes and marks the exact time each invoice is paid and drops everything else they’re doing. It could use a navigation update or at least easier instructions as to how to use app. One of the things that bothers me is not being able to quickly access invoices from regular square app, I have to go into square invoices, and then I can’t build a new invoice and mark it easily if I’m not going to run a card they square or I wish it gave me options for other connected services, PayPal, venmo etc, that can pay directly to square. Anyway. Otherwise I appreciate them.
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5 years ago, NotShadyEver
I laugh at the bad reviews.
I have used square for years and run multiple business. While I do wish they would go down on their fees, I wouldn’t use another invoicing app as of right now. It’s really easy to use, have an invoice or estimate emailed within two minutes if you have it set up correctly. These bad reviews about square holding money is probably shady contractors that are getting charge backs. I wish all shady contractors would shut down and go work at McDonald’s. It makes us all look bad. Especially those us of with integrity. Square is great when you use it correctly, just like anything else. Get it and you won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, Josh184573
DO NOT USE!!!! Avoid at all costs
Real rating “negative 5 stars” I’ve used square for years with my other business. Signed up for square for our second business. Went fo process our first card transaction for the same kind of product in the same kind of price range as we have been for years with our other business with no problems. At 8pm square sent an email with no warning and no way to appeal that they deactivated our account and will hold onto our funds for up to 90 days. All we did was sell printed vinyl window stickers. How is that a high risk transaction? We have never had a charge back and our business does not fall into the unsupported business types. If you want to use square I would recommend googling “square complaints” and check out their BBB profile (which is currently as of this post “NR” not rated due to the volume of unresolved complaints) first.
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2 years ago, aschad777
Great for small business
We love the Square Products, it has helped us tremendously with payment options and upping our look professionally. The only thing I would like to see changed is the options for payment terms. Our small business takes in the work, sometimes requiring an initial deposit and the balance is due when we deliver (upon receipt). It’s not a specific number of days. I love the deposit % or $, being able to break up into multiple payments,etc. But if the “Final Payment Due On Receipt” If this was fixed the app would be perfect.
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2 years ago, Walby70
They hold up money over $600
It’s wonderful to use, easy, professional looking, and I want to stay with it but….. I am a cleaning company that’s also under my telecommunications company that has been in business 34 years but the cleaning business I opened last may. If you invoice a client over $600, or the invoices total over $600 they will hold up your money for days. At this moment I have $2,400 I can’t touch and it was paid yesterday. Everytime I get a deposit over $600 it gets reviewed and payment is held up. Does anyone know of any other app that I can use that is similar to this one?
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3 years ago, Tmaxtt
Great just a little to be the best
I’ve been using square since 2017 and I have see many positive changes to the way transactions can be processed. There isn’t another format I would use but there is still a tad bit they can work on. I feel like there are too many redundancies that can be sorted out to make using the app smoother. I have two apps run by the same company. I provide a service so I wish that once an invoice is paid an appointment is made automatically. Instead I have to go to my appointment app to manually add it. I can add a payment to an appointment but with my business you don’t make an appointment before being paid.
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4 years ago, Digrace
Offers a lot of value
I use Square and I cover the cost for processing fees. I feel the product offers a lot of value and here’s why: 1. Included with invoicing is a customizable contracts function so I can send everyone their contract to e-sign and maintain a repository. 2. It includes free online booking which I link from my website. It sends reminders via text or email. 3. Like QuickBooks, which usually costs (from $10 to $20 a month) it offers reporting like profit and loss, etc. I enter all of my transactions even if people pay by check which of course they don’t charge me for. 4. The credit card fees are tax deductible. 5. The more convenient I make it for people to pay the better. I just feel like i wouldn’t like a merchant charging me extra for paying with a card. I thought a lot about their fees too but as you can see I have a lot of thoughts about this subject. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial for Square but they are always adding new features for businesses. When you first start they give you the first $2,000 free of any fees.
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5 months ago, bob B 23
No help in time of need
I got a square loan of $4500 I paid that loan back in full( which has zero impact on building my business credit btw)Then a dishonest customer said they didn’t receive goods or services totalling $3700. Square did almost nothing to assist me in proving that I did in fact deliver the goods to the customers bank. Square also wouldn’t let me know the customers bank so I could dispute this myself. (I own a moving company) they also offer no charge back insurance. Then after staying in good standing with my loan and literally every other transaction over past two years they say that I’m not a good candidate to get loans because of this customers charge back. So customers scams me big time with zero help from square and then square won’t extend my line of credit because of said scam.
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