Square - Restaurants POS

4.3 (3.4K)
592.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Block, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Square - Restaurants POS

4.3 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
3 years ago, 263538
New bug - “mark in progress” needs to be pressed twice
Firstly, Square has been super helpful and I love all the features and how easy to use it has been. Thank you! One minor bug that I noticed recently is that when I mark online orders as “mark in progress” it prints for the kitchen, but then stays marked in progress until I press it again. Then a second ticket prints in the kitchen. I can deal with this when it’s slow and I can catch duplicate orders before they’re made but when it’s busy we end up with several duplicates of the same order because they’re marked in progress twice. Can the developers look into this bug please? Thank you!
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2 years ago, greg chs
Needs help from people who are in restaurants
Have used square for restaurants for two years. Their service tes, gives the run around on bugs. I wish they could provide an avenue for our servers/bartenders to input orders and have them on a true hold. Squares version puts items on hold but still sends a ticket to the kitchen. They’re fire button then sends a second ticket to fire the ticket on hold. It would be much easier for items on hold to not be sent to the kitchen and needing a fire ticket. Items on hold should stay in the computer and not sent as a physical ticket. Square has said this is impossible to figure out and can only use a multi-ticket fire sequence. Every other platform is able to do this but square will not take any effort to make this sequence happen
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3 years ago, ksoccerball2
Great app but new sales report not ideal
The new update on the sales report leaves a lot of details out about which items have sold in a day. They used to be all available from the app, and now it seems only the top items are available and you must either email or print the whole report to see these features. Kinda frustrating. Otherwise, I really like this app for restaurant use.
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3 years ago, Lfowler801
Easy to use
Easy to use,love the layout only complaint is I wish there was a way to full turn offline mode on so even if there is a little service it will just stay in offline mode as we do some jobs where there is spotty service and it will keep trying to go online but not enough service to process cards. We are a food truck and have had a few jobs where we had to turn people way cause we could run cards at all. So please make a button to fully turn on offline please
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3 years ago, Port3r02
Every update has many bugs.
Last week’s update caused all of our discounts to apply for everything instead of the set hours and days we had them set. So I had to delete my entire discounts section on a busy Friday night. Then a new update came out so I updated in hopes of fixing this issue, which it did. The only problem is when people start tabs and order more food or drinks it will also send everything they previously ordered to the printers. A busy Friday night and we made about $150 worth of double food orders from this bug. It’s so frustrating that they put these updates out at the start of the weekend when restaurants are the busiest and then no one to take your phone calls when problems happen.
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4 years ago, jerrginn
Can’t do a lot of things
Wondering when we will get an update that addresses functionality issues...? There hasn’t been a useful update since we started over a year ago. 1. Cant split one item among multiple checks 2. No pizza toppings feature 3. Can’t accept check for over payment amount to accommodate tip 4. Can’t hold items and send when ready for the kitchen 5. Can’t see personal sales throughout day without adjusting all tips first 6. Can’t see a list of all server sales under live sales report to compare 7. Can’t open tabs in the bar with payment information attached for closing out an open tab 8. Can’t print receipt with new total when splitting check into multiple payments 9. Can’t see voids on server checkout, have to go through SquareUp 10. Cant hold items And much more
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4 years ago, CSkbthdibfjsiusbx222
We have tried to use this restaurant version of square multiple times and each time we try to move our item library over from our free version to this one it doesn’t work. I have spent hours on the phone with useless support people that are not able to help and I have sent emails that are replied to saying that they will get it done but nothing happens. You would think they would want you to use the paid version but the tech support is so poor that it’s not worth the hassle. So take my advice, they have a good idea but are unable to support it. Until things get better I will tell everyone I meet to use something else.
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3 years ago, Rocco and Bev
End of shift report bug
When we go to run the end of shift report and print it, it is only printing straight lines on the paper instead of the actual shift report. This became a problem shortly after updating iPad to iPadOS 15. Any guidance on how to fix this issue would be appreciated. Also credit card amounts for each day are not being deposited since the update was issued and installed…again these are pretty significant issues that need to be addressed in following app updates.
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4 years ago, worldsendtavern
Splitting checks
Need to be able to split by the item otherwise it’s difficult to split for people who only want to pay for theirs
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5 years ago, nyc cocktail hustle
Big mistake in latest update
The other reviews have covered what this system does not do well, and at times, square developers have responded. The most recent update splits the home screen unnecessarily in half and makes logging in for workers at the point of sale more difficult because the numbers are smaller. In a high volume environment, this adds precious seconds to each interaction, causing stress, diminishing the customer experience. Also, it’s aesthetically uglier for customer facing ipads. Go back to the big number pad as the lock screen.
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5 years ago, ShrektacularLove6969
Disastrous update
Square needs to focus on functionality over cosmetic changes. You still can’t split items across checks, still can’t save/hold orders, item remaining count still doesn’t work, and a million other irritations... BUT HEY! At least we get a new login screen that is tiny and difficult to use when you are rushing to get orders in, a precious waste of time and difficult to use in a fast paced environment. I truly believe that no one at square has ever worked in a restaurant, or even consulted someone who has, based on the way this app handles certain things.
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3 years ago, Anne&Salim
Receipt font too small
Love using the app but printing the receipt for dine in customers using the Square printer results in font so small no one can read it especially not our older clientele. I called the help desk and was told it wasn’t possible to increase the font size but they would submit a help desk ticket. Hmmmm.
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3 years ago, Rep.Manger
Menu Issue
When I add an item to a display group I can’t open the display group anymore, it just closes the app. If I create a new display group it fine until I add an item under that display group. Again it just closes the app as soon as I tap on a display.
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4 years ago, josef barbados
Bad functionality
We have had many issues not happy at all
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3 years ago, //M3
Great app.. but!
Everything it’s great except the thing that if the server has already sent an item they can be able to move around and print tickets with that item to different customers. That solution will be to able/enable the server to move around items between tables. Whenever that option is able I will put five stars. Thank you.
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3 years ago, CKD Bar
Owner not satisfied
I çalled support still has not fixed my problem and my customers are still being over charged now I have to refund again every single transaction. I’m not going to use this if it does not get fixed and I am very unhappy with this.
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4 years ago, Blu Jazz Cafe
Servers claiming tips
Need servers to be able to claim tips at the end of shift when they clock out n
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4 years ago, kskewa
Need more settings
I would like more settings
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4 years ago, Med school
No phone support during critical downtimes
They update the restaurant app during the middle of the day lunch rush which shuts my business down and they turn off all support lines and online so that they don’t get complaints for their obvious shortcomings. They need someone who has at least worked in the restaurant industry to lead them.
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4 years ago, willcotton72
Wasted a week of my life setting this up to find out it has multiple limitations that literally disqualify it from use in an actual sit down restaurant. Beyond worthless. Second course can’t be seen in kitchen until fired, bar can’t dip card to secure tab, the list goes on. Stay away
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3 years ago, JW AVB
Reporting issues
With the new update printed versions of the shift report are only showing cash sales for the night and not any credit card information. We rely on these reports for end of night financials. Please fix.
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2 years ago, Jack0995
No tip section on cash bill
This app does not print a tip section for cash payments. When will this functionality ever appear in an update, especially since it’s been requested for several years now?
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1 year ago, x restaurant group
No support
No support, just people reading off of scripts. Inaccurate reporting terrible for tax purposes. “Support” claims dashboard app for phones to check live sales is not affiliated with square despite square onboarding set it up with our square for restaurant. Would go with clover, toast or other.
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1 week ago, Teluwut III
Old UI was better
Ever since updates certain functions don’t work anymore. Sorting tips, splitting tickets takes longer, make it simpler again.
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5 years ago, Noci Cafe
What a mess
This app is not user friendly at all. I downloaded the free trial and am getting a headache trying to even ring up an order. It was worth a try... do better square, you have the ability to make this better.
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1 year ago, djg209
Was fine
Card reader constantly disconnects and reconnecting will cause app to hang for 10 to 15 seconds after each transaction. Reinstall and updates are no help.
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4 years ago, jwillchinski
Good but a little unorganized for user friendliness making it hard to train for some employees
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1 year ago, tap haus
Daytime bartender
I love the square ! Woul$not use anything else
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2 years ago, annamaria hatala
Thursday dinner
Ernesztina was great. We loved the food and cocktail. Will be back
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4 years ago, Appmatic7
App closes
App closes every time I click on table or display group to add a item to check.
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6 years ago, Shocked123!!
Can’t split items!
Was about to go live with square for restaurant when I found out square for restaurant cannot split items. Customer service can not provide a patch date for this profound oversight.
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9 months ago, BoMo’s
Credit card payment issues
Our version of Square is currently not connecting to the credit card reader. It’s been down all day. Beau and Mo’s Italian Restaurant n Saint Petersburg Florida.
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4 years ago, moochola
This software makes running a restaurant effortless.
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3 years ago, JamaicanCoffeeMan
The Dub Shack Loves Square
So easy to set up and use
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3 years ago, knox 2ndgrade
It is great
I run a restaurant and it is very helpful
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6 years ago, kongos pizza
Most Restaurants now day has delivery, can u add delivery feature , many pizza restaurant will use ur app , at least can u allow when u create a customer in ur app to be included in the receipt
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4 years ago, the corner lalos kitchen
The corner lalos kitchen
We stills need help but so far is good
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3 years ago, bad r3view
Constant problems
Every week we have problems with square. Do your homework before buying this p.o.s..
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3 years ago, oc270
Not for sit down restaurant
This app. Is for quick service or counter restaurants but not good if you have table service.
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4 years ago, restranteurtothemax
Get your act together!
Quit changing so many things that affect order taking etc!
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1 year ago, Enzo Valdes
Very good app
Square Restaurant is a very goo app for restaurants
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3 years ago, butyjudy
Big Forensics
Oh yes!
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3 months ago, Crown and rye
Friday night
Excellent way to screw my business, team, and guests with a 2hour gap on screens and tickets and tons of money wasted on doubled tickets..
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4 months ago, jeff at creekside
To many updates
Worst performance in the industry
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2 years ago, nonopenahno
Constant issues
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5 years ago, kushala2015
Latest update affected the chip reader
After *3 latest update the chip doesn’t read the cards
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3 years ago, blarghityblonkerson
Not for restaurants
You can’t split items
Show more
3 years ago, jnyrcxswea
Hardware trash
Too many wires hardware hardly ever works
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3 years ago, Mr. Hairy Tickles
Square? More like Circle, amirite?
I’m like pillows😵‍💫
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1 year ago, 5AD :(
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