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Block, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Square Team

4.66 out of 5
21.8K Ratings
2 months ago, HotFudgeMondays
Impossible to pay contractors from app
Under the pay contractors section, it’s impossible to do anything beside select the person you want to pay. You can’t input hours or pay. Kind of makes the app useless. It’s been a problem in the app since forever but you could do it on the mobile site. Now the mobile site just mirrors the app.
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3 years ago, zdw1432
Decent app but could use improvements.
The app seems to work as intended. It displays timecards in an easily readable fashion, accurately showing times clocked in and hours worked (regular, overtime, double time, and total). The timecards section also offers a feature to allow you to view your hours worked over a user-selected period of days. This helpful feature can also be found in the paystubs section. Here, paystubs are presented so that pertinent information is easily located with detailed breakdowns of pay and taxes found at the press of an arrow. The app also offers an option to download a PDF version of your paystubs. While these two sections seem to serve their purpose well, the scheduling part of the app leaves much to be desired. There are options to set your availability, but not by date, only day of the week. This leads to team members having to set availability week by week should they need to report availability accurately through the app. Additionally, there is no option to make yourself unavailable on a day or future date. That is to say, the scheduling aspect of the app could be improved by adding features to allow you to make yourself unavailable and to set your availability by date and not day of the week. I also think as a “team app”, the app should offer a messaging system for communicating with your team. There also seems to be no option to integrate your schedule with your Apple Calendar.
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10 months ago, dg-gd
Updates are not Improvements
Why is there such a need among the tech community to constantly change a perfectly fine app? I’m convinced they are just keeping themselves busy and trying to justify their jobs. These changes are not needed. Just make a functional app that works and is not full of glitches and… leave it alone! Believe it or not people do not enjoy constantly having to get used to new changes or find their way around a redesigned app for no reason. We have lives! These apps are tools! We don’t want new “experiences”. We want reliability and ease of use. I’ve been using this Square Teams app for about 4 months. It worked fine. Today it was updated, unnecessarily. The “new redesigned home tab with updated clock-in experience” is crap. It no longer says “your next shift is” and instead just shows a HUGE date and time which, because it lacks a title almost looks as though it’s displaying the current time. This was initially confusing rather than informative and now that I know what it is, it actually just annoys me. The change was not a good one. The remaining info on the home screen is just less informative doubled up info that’s already available on the time sheets screen. The old home screen was easier to look at, simpler, more organized. Stop changing things for the sake of change. It’s obvious you are just keeping employees busy for no reason. Make a good app, and then leave it alone!
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5 days ago, Cpshared
Long term team user suddenly disappointed in new updates
I have always liked the app. Simple and basic, perfect for my needs. I never was concerned with all the extras. I would have appreciated messaging (not as a paid add on, I’ll just have a group text for that instead of paying for it) but the other stuff crew users seem to have liked in the past. But I have to say…. My team can no longer just go to a tab to see their schedule. I manage 3 locations and the staff goes to each different location as needed. Not only is there a way to see all schedules at one time, via the check mark location select, but now the staff needs to literally select each location one by one to find where they are scheduled and when. There used to be up until a few days ago a way for them to just see their schedule and only their schedule. That is now gone. This is ridiculous. Also, as an employer, I have no way to see the whole day at once of who will be where. This was a terrible change on both of the mentioned issues. Please fix this asap. What you changed is terrible for employers and employees alike. If this stays this way it’s going to ruin the reason I have used this app the last 4 years for scheduling. I’m going to have to go back to sending pictures of a paper schedule to staff in the mean time.
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2 years ago, gmLady
Square Payroll: Predatory and No Cust Service
Beware of square payroll. This company is predatory. During tax season of this year I asked for an independent contractor’s 1099 to be updated due to monies paid prior to using square payroll. Via email the customer service rep was responsive and helpful. I completed the excel spreadsheet as per their directions, then I received a $150 invoice from Square for “labor” even though the update amount was LESS THAN $200. When I called customer service and asked the square NOT submit this 1099 to IRS because my accountant would handle this contractor’s 1099–10 minutes after calling and sending an email—it was submitted. Now, my business has until Jan 31 to submit the amendment (at a cost to my business!). I have tried chat messages (for 1 hr), multiple calls to the payroll team, escalating it to a supervisor (the rep stated “no one will probably call you back”—and they were correct!), and many many emails. I have been shafted by this company and I will soon close my account and go with a more established payroll service like QuickBooks Payroll or ADP. They will woo you, wine and dine you to get you to sign up. Once you do…they will ghost you just like a date you met in the club. Avoid at all costs.
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9 months ago, S.Coop21
Just installed, already noticed 3 issues.
Started to make the switch from the Homebase app to this one for my employees, however, starting to doubt that we’ll be able to use this with all the bugs. Firstly, across the top, there’s a red bar multiple time during use of the app saying “connection, lost, retry in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 seconds” then “connecting to square”. Secondly, when switching from one feature to another, the screen is white for several seconds before loading. (Despite being on Wi-Fi, and every other app working perfectly fine.) Lastly, despite the App Store description saying that there is a chat feature and the updates saying improvements have been made on this feature, we are unable to even find it anywhere on the app. The communication/chat feature is an absolute necessity. Most of us do not wish to share our personal cell phone numbers with our coworkers. Also it makes trading shifts would be extremely difficult because under normal circumstances, you would have a conversation with a coworker before requesting to trade shifts with them.
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2 years ago, kinda disappointing please fix
Needs immediate improvement!
Square is extremely helpful to clock in and out with my unconventional job. However—the sign in process is extremely irritating. I can always count on this app signing me out each time I work, either when I’m about to clock out—which doesn’t make sense since I am signed in & clocked in—or when I need to clock in for my shift. It will say “Account is Inactive” (which again, makes absolutely no sense), then it makes me manually type in my login, which makes me late to start my shift. To top it off, there is inconsistency with the next step. Every time I have to manually type in my login, it will take me to a screen with “My Business” and other stuff which has nothing to do with me. Additionally, I wish there was a way to delete my previous employer. I am really happy with the overall function of the app itself, as clocking and in out its easy and the hours are tracked down to the minute!
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8 months ago, aluravirginia
Infuriating. Stop with the unnecessary updates. Fix your interface.
This has to be the worst of the worst ever clock in/clock out for an employee. The amount of updates this app has, it’s different everytime. You guys are trying so hard to have a nice looking interface the app quits on me 5-7 times while trying to input my house for breaks. It’s seriously so frustrating. I have come back on in the morning and it doesn’t register my clicking of clock out- so I’ve had 15 times plus I’ve had clocked in for 24 hours. The app is so infuriating. To clock in I now have to click the button, the places, the title of job…that’s 9 times clicking to clock in including opening the app and hoping it 1) doesn’t have a new stupid update or 2) crash on me. I have no choice to use this app so can we please fix this damned issue. It’s been a year since I’ve started and have never had a positive experience once.
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2 months ago, ThisNicknameSystemSucks00701
Good enough, but some frustratingly bad UI.
There are a number of intuitive features in the app, and the layout is easy enough to navigate. My frustration comes from the “time off” option. When selecting dates for a time off request, the app only lets you choose from a calendar that cuts off halfway and doesn’t allow you to scroll down. Turning your device to its side only cuts off even more of the screen. Im honestly shocked this hasn’t been addressed, as it’s literally impossible to select any dates later in each month. This has been a huge inconvenience for me and my team for such a vital feature. This on top of frequent but brief outages of the app as a whole make it an annoyingly inconsistent experience, especially for an app designed to facilitate as much as it is.
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1 year ago, WeplaydominOes
Login Issues
The login issues with this thing are insane. I will log in, and then only be logged-in to one section of the app. Like, I log in to the home screen, but dare I click on “schedule” and I have to log in AGAIN. I also have the issue where sometimes I try to log in, and when I click the “sign in” button, it will redirect me to google on my safari, with no way of actually signing in. It’s not just me, everyone at my job has issues with this thing. I can never clock in on time because I’m spending like, five minutes trying to log into the app while customers need to be served. It also signs you out pretty much anytime you click away from it, so the glitches are magnified because I have to deal with them every time I use the app, even if I was logged in 5 minutes prior. Other than that it’s a great app, but I find myself avoiding having to use it because it’s such a pain.
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9 months ago, Fishy5456
Works but doesn’t at the same time
This app works in the way that when it loads, it displays what it needs to. There are a few bugs and issues I’d like to point out. 1. The schedule doesn’t load if you’ve had the app open in the background. You have to close it completely and reopen to actually load the schedule. Sometimes it doesn’t even load then. You then have to keep refreshing the page or close the app again to get it to load. 2. The schedule doesn’t load automatically with “all team members” even if I had selected it previously. I would like it to display everyone’s schedule if I set the filter to do so. 3. The clock in and clock out function occasionally bugs and doesn’t allow me to clock in or out but doesn’t tell me. This causes me to have to go in and edit time cards accordingly because I was definitely not at work for 24 hours straight. 4. The time off function sometimes bugs out and it’ll change the specific times I set to “all day”. Again making me have to go back and change something. What I like about the app though is it’s very user friendly when it works. The UI is simple and easy to navigate. If these problems get fixed, I can see it being much better.
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3 months ago, stevedougchad
Rarely Works as it Should
As an employee, i’ve seen some horrible apps and this one isn’t the worst, but it’s one of them. You have to click on each button at least 5 times before it shows you what you need. Otherwise you’re getting a “Something went wrong please try again later”. Or a blank screen. Other times it doesn’t work at all. As someone who’s constantly checking their schedule and their hours, it’s extremely irritating that it almost never works as it should. For an app that updates all the time to “fix bugs” I find it disappointing that they aren’t really fixing anything. Wish I didn’t have to use this app, and if I ever become an employer you can bet your bottom dollar I will never use square. As a computer science major, this should be relatively simple to fix but obviously they just can’t figure it out or don’t care to.
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3 months ago, SarahC744
The app actually doesn’t work
My place of employment just switched over to square and while some of the features have been helpful (hours and tip breakdowns) the app literally only works like once a day maybe. I can’t ever view my schedule when I would like to because the app won’t load and I’m concerned if I don’t screenshot my schedule the once in a blue moon when I am able to see it that I won’t have any way of knowing my shifts when I actually need to. It seems like it should be a ridiculously easy problem to fix and yet- I’ve tried closing the app and opening it, I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling I’ve tried on and off Wi-Fi and cellular data and been completely able to use all other apps on my phone and square is the only one that doesn’t work, it’s infuriating especially when I’m reliant on the app to know my schedule which changes every week
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1 year ago, WeightsAndMeasures
No In-App Support
Today the schedule for this week disappeared. I can see LAST week’s and NEXT week’s schedules, but not this week. Other team members and the owner can see it, so this is not an issue with settings. I tried re-logging in. I tried reinstalling. Nothing worked. There’s ZERO in-app support for users and the support link here in the App Store directs to SquareUp online - where, after an hour going back and forth with a support agent, I was told they couldn’t help me because I’m not the business owner or an authorized representative. But they WILL email with the owner within 48 hours to troubleshoot via email the issue with MY app not loading this week’s schedule. So essentially, they offer no app support for employees and there’s no way for users to get assistance for this product. I gave it 2 stars because it worked at one point. iPhone SE 2016
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1 year ago, Scarletmarkiewicz
A nightmare
Hasn’t fully worked since my boss and I fully transitioned to digital. Doesn’t let me log in. Error always popping up. Or it lets me log in and all the screens are blank. Won’t show me my schedule, my pay check: won’t let me clock in or out from my phone even tho my boss paid extra for the feature. Deleted it and redownloaded it, hasn’t fixed itself. My boss has to still manually clock me in and out. Every day for a week now it either stuck on a loading screen or a blank white screen. She paid extra for garbage. App doesn’t need any updated phone doesn’t need any updates. Idk how this app has such a high rating. My boss wishes she could get her money back since it won’t work for her main employee and she was just trying to make my life easier. It crashes every day, and doesn’t work. Do better square, people are trying to have faith in you.
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1 year ago, renee word
Has good features but the software needs work
Logging into the app there are issues. My company recently was bought out by new company that uses square. Having been employed by my old company that used square teams for employees, when I try to log in to my new company using my same email, it defaults to my old employer (even though they have deactivated me as an employee). There is no option in the app to switch to my new employer. Therefor, I cannot clock in, log in to see my schedule, or look at my timesheets. Another thing is that when you go to log in with Apple keychain, there is a glitch with your password where it auto populates but you have to erase the last character and re-type it. This only happens in square teams app. Not a huge deal but still something that could be adjusted.
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2 months ago, rubyt96
Worse every update
How does this app get worse every update? You took away the schedule tab and replaced it with "shifts" now you have to click that and then click into schedule (two clicks where it's used to be one). And you added a "team" tab. This tab isn't even functional. You click it and it shows your coworkers. Yet you can't click on them or do anything with it. Basically just a roster of your coworkers. Newsflash, we know our coworkers. I ask you put the schedule tab back on the bottom so it only takes ONE click to see your work schedule and remove the team tab because its useless. Seriously, did you guys hire a new team sometime last year because this app was amazing from May-July of last year and then has just kept getting worse!
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7 months ago, me9736714763
Doesn’t seem to integrate schedules well
I only use this from the employee perspective but: This app is great when we were just using it for timecards, paystubs, etc. Ever since we started using square schedules as well, there have been so many issues accessing the schedule pages. It’s been almost a year that we’ve been using square schedules and it has consistently either not loaded the schedule screen or given the loading wheel. I’ve deleted and redownloaded, made sure I was up to date, and the best solution I’ve found is just to give up and try the next day. Recently I have been trying to access the “time off” feature and am unable. It’s very stressful not to have access to your schedule or to your time off requests/availability. This has been a consistent issue I hope gets addressed soon.
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1 year ago, This My Season
Some products work
I’ve had square cash register for years and really love it. The square payroll is a problem and square team. If you deactivate your square payroll you cannot use your same business email to reactivate square payroll in the near future. What ends up happening is you have to create a whole new email address 😡that you cannot use throughout the square products and features and the end result is being forced to creat a new business with an email that you never used. And if you no longer want to use a feature, just don’t use it. But don’t deactivate it. It’s unfortunate that I have to seek a different payroll service outside of square. I hope they use this info to improve their product and it’s feature
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1 year ago, Otherlleft
Nice app, when it loads
All I want to do is clock in, but that's not possible unless the app can load. Each week, the number of times when it just won't load goes up. Some mornings I have to close and reopen it four or five times, and even uninstalling it isn't a guaranteed fix. Someone in management is cutting corners and I'm going to lobby for us to get a time clock with punch cards if they don't fix this soon. I did try making contact, but not surprisingly there is a crap AI interface, and when you can reach a human I hope you're not hard if hearing or that you have any trouble understanding accents. I'm not going to spend my time waiting on hold or asking the rep to repeat, and I see others also have problems which means it's not just me.
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3 years ago, woodnymph79
Absolute garbage app
I added my direct deposit info and finally got paid! But it’s super unclear how one actually gets their money transferred. And then I tried using the Split feature and add another account and now it not only deleted my first account but neither are there! It’s erroring claiming that it’s undefined and won’t allow me to get at least the original account added. So Square gets to hold on to the money I EARNED and make it impossible to get it in my account. There’s no support in the app so you’re basically screwed and the app gets to roll in your cash because why would they care about letting go of the money you earn?! I’m going to report to my employer and hopefully they will go back to paper checks or another system because this is a scam.
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2 weeks ago, liz ☆
Awful app
The worst app to transition to after using the Crew app. Got bought out to this dinky app that does not let us do anything. I can’t add new members into the app because I get stuck at the step where it tells me to chose the permission they may have but then gives us no option but won’t let me move forward, I do not receive time off requests from our employees but neither does my manager which means the time off requests is going god knows where, and all of our information did NOT, in fact, get copied over like it said it would and I have to manually put in all of our old files from Crew. For such a big company, this is truly the biggest disappointment of an app. A total downgrade.
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2 weeks ago, SelkieWitch13
Worse than useless
This app is so buggy it’s impossible to use successfully. Sometimes the messages just… disappear. So my employees can be sending messages that are important and time sensitive and they just go into the ether. I can see the red notifications but when I click on the app, the messaging tab has vanished. It’s not even an option, despite the fact that my employees are clearly messaging. This app is garbage at the moment. Update: Now my entire team has vanished from the app. It broke for every single employee. I reached out for assistance through the app. Waited 24- 72 hours. Was told in a canned email to contact my manager. I AM my manager. I still can’t make my team or my messages appear.
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5 years ago, ToasterBrains
Needs more QoL Features
Could really use some more quality of life features. For instance, as many people have said, I really wish it had SOME way of saving the login information. Face/Touch ID would also be great. Also, it seems fairly inconsistent sometimes. For example, I have the big clock in button yet one of my coworkers does not. Besides those problems, it certainly does what it’s supposed to do. I still can’t help but feel like there could be more. It’s also shocking how little this app has been updated. I know you are still updating it (last update was two days ago as of writing this), so it’s shocking that you haven’t seen/responded to any of the reviews.
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2 years ago, Jonny_kp
Incredibly buggy
This app is incredibly buggy with the inconvenient logging in process, to scrolling through the time cards and schedule. It gets stuck at the bottom if you scroll all the way to bottom of a schedule or any page for that matter. I have found myself constantly restarting the app and deleting it and reinstalling it and restarting my phone but all the buggy issues remain. I can’t even scroll through my current time card to see how much I’m making. It’s so frustrating. This app is ridiculously buggy and an inconvenience to use. If you’re going to push updates to fix minor issues, then start with these issues.
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9 months ago, Andrewbringier
The app has too many bugs
The app has a great concept but I’ve had this app for about a year and half and all my fellow employees and bosses to include myself have an insane amount of bugs with the app. Especially around time for the app to update, it will bug out, not work properly, not load, not register not even be available to be accessed for like a solid 2 weeks prior to updating. It’s a hand app, I just wish for smoother updates and smoother transitions. I know this sounds like I’m complaining and it is simply because I don’t have the technological experience to try and add a solution to fox said issues.
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4 years ago, 01632610&44
Super intuitive, easy to use
Wonderful app, definitely does everything it was designed for smoothly with incredibly well laid out pages. HOWEVER I also have to use Square Appointments and I wish that I did not have to switch back and forth a dozen times just to have the calendar and its tools. However, I understand that’s not what this app was designed for and otherwise deserves 5 stars. I just wish there was a way to enable the tools from other apps so I can just use this one and not have to switch back and forth.
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1 year ago, thejennajetpack
Great When It Actually Works
I really only use this app to clock in and out of my workplace. The functionality & layout of the app make sense, and when it works, it’s great. However, I find that I have issues clocking in/out at least a few days a week! My coworkers also have this issue. There was a period of a few weeks where none of us could clock in or out, we’d all just get an error message or it would load indefinitely. I see the square system around at so many businesses, so I’m deeply confused as to how they would allow so many tech issues to continue! Just fix it please!!
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7 months ago, luvthetropics
Don’t like the changes
There were some changes that were made to the app. On the home screen. It is hard to read and different. I liked the other version better. It was in bold and very easy to see the most important things. Not sure why the app was changed. But I don’t like the home screen. All I go to is time cards to see how many hours I have to work. I wish you would change it back to how the home screen used to be. where it shows my hours for the pay period. and everything else that you changed. I am not happy with it.
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9 months ago, 123327152
New update
Not a fan of the new layout! I loved the way it was before because it was so easy to see how much I was making each paycheck, when the pay period was, etc. Now it shows “my week” but it’s not helpful because I get paid biweekly. I don’t get the same ease and satisfaction of seeing the numbers increase until the pay period ends. It’s harder to navigate now, and “last pay stub” isn’t even the amount I’m getting paid out, it’s the amount I made before taxes and deductions. Please revamp the home page!
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7 months ago, ArtbyAlex
updates keep getting worse.
I use this app a lot to clock in and out, and to see how much i made during a shift or how much i made during the week. A lot of people get paid biweekly or weekly, I get paid weekly and ever since the new update I can’t see how much i’m getting paid. I don’t get paid for sun-sat every week, a lot of people don’t. You can’t change the dates anymore, you can only see sunday-saturday. You can’t even select one specific date. Why would you remove that feature? Every update gets so much worse, the app looks worse and operates worse.
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9 months ago, Wish I didn’t have to use this
Not great
What can I say about an app that freezes or crashes every other time you use it? Not great. Also, Square seems to like pushing out updates that make all the functions harder to use and more inconvenient, and they don’t even bother to tell you it’s going to happen ahead of time. There are also functions they could easily put in to make information easier to view, but they haven’t done it. I gave two stars instead of one, because if you can get through the inconvenient part, it does eventually basically work. Mostly.
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1 year ago, wowee that's a low rating
Works Most of the Time + One Suggestion
The app does what you need it to do. Sometimes it won’t load something and you have to restart the app or it won’t let you log in, but it usually resolves itself after a few minutes. One useful feature I’d like to see added is a notification to clock out 5 to 10 minutes before the end of your shift. That way there would be a reminder on screen before going over time.
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3 weeks ago, Dental Diva Queen
Our team absolutely hates it!!
Square purchased Crew app because of how many happy thousands of users have been using it. We use Crew because of his simplistic nature, easy to navigate and fully understand right out the gate. This new app- Square is horrific logistically, a total trash pit. We’re now forced to use it because crew sold it to Square. Tried to get fancy and add in a great deal into the application such as counting your hours and how you get paid taking payments, etc. we don’t need any of those features nor can we remove them that’s just the tip of the iceberg we have team members and every single person hates this app!!
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8 months ago, ChipperG2010
Gets better all the time!
I have been using Square for over a decade and this App has been a welcome addition to the services they offer to help run your business. I will give it 5 Stars when they can incorporate a library to house training materials (manuals and videos). It would be super helpful to also track which employees have watched training videos and when they have read documents. Keep up the progress!
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1 year ago, no thanks ubereats
Worst scheduling app
They have to be paying people to write these higher star reviews. It takes forever for this app to load. It logs employees out constantly and tells them to contact the employer when there is nothing the employer can do on their end. It never keeps settings set after closing out the app so you always have to go back in and reset them. From a management perspective, you cannot make changes to the schedule from the app. You have to do them from a computer. Insanely inconvenient and honestly a stupid way to go about it. What manager of a company has a computer on them at all times? And employees are always changing their schedule around and there are always moving parts so not being able to do so it’s so so silly. There is no place to see the entire team of employees you have on the app which is also kind of ridiculous. This app has not been thought out whatsoever. It looks rushed. So disappointing.
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2 weeks ago, garyf222
Better than the others
This is definitely one of the better apps I’ve used for work. Always great my messages but notifications sound could be a little louder and if you could have the app sync with the Apple Watch 8/9 would be great. I’m used to getting notifications on my watch makes it a lot easier ( I work with my hands and not always able to stop and check my phone)
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9 months ago, sylencedogood
Failure of an app
The app is fine when it works, but that is an increasingly rare occurrence. For a period of two weeks I could not access the app at all due to “updates.” Once functionality was restored, I lost access to my calendar on the app and on my desktop dashboard. Now the app claims to have no network connection, despite good Wi-Fi connection. I cannot clock in nor can I see when my next shift is. This app is a total failure, made worse by the complete absence of tech support. I expect all of these issues to persist while receiving zero communication from the company. I would only recommend this app to people I despise.
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9 months ago, SabrinaAsch
Inconsistent and cumbersome.
The main problem most of us (workmates) have is that the “clock in” feature doesn’t always register… So you may work an entire day only to realize wants clocking out that it never clocked you in. Most people are in a rush and present at their job. Once they get there, so looking at the phone to make sure you’re clocked in kind of slips from priority. There’s also been some issues with people having to login every time they are using the app. The new changes where you have to also input, your position adds to the annoyance of inconsistency with the app upon checking in.
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2 years ago, A7xShadows(;
Could use some work for independent contractors
Overall, the app interface is easy to use. My biggest issue is the lack of thought on the employee/contractor side of things. As an independent contractor, I work multiple long term gigs in the fitness industry. A lot of small studios use Square Team, but I have to create a new account every time I want to get paid with a new studio. I wish there was a feature to have ONE account with ONE e-mail address that could have a toggle between businesses that pay you.
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10 months ago, chrysannarose
Always improving, still room to grow
The nice thing about this app is that they do make improvements often. My current gripe: if I as an employee only have one “job” and one “location”, why do I have to go through the arduous process of selecting them every time I clock in? If there’s only one option it should be auto selected. Clocking in used to be simple but now it takes too many steps in the latest update.
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7 months ago, silly goof ball
I miss the old way
I liked when it had the buttons for the separate jobs on the screen right after you clocked in. Instead of the pop up screen where you have to push back button. It was a lot easier when I would take of driving and could quickly without looking click clock-in, driver, then boom I was done. Now I have the little tiny circle then the little tiny arrow back then clock-in again. Just a bit of a pain of repetition.
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4 years ago, Allienene
Can’t log in if you’re a minor
So the app is great and seems to work pretty well other than the fact you have to be 18, being 16 and having a job where this is used is hard to get logged in and get your paycheck. To get logged in being a minor I had to have my employer enter all my banking information and basically create a whole new account it’s frustrating that I can’t create it myself and had to give someone else my bank account info. I would love the app if that changed bc so much if part time workers are 16-17 years old and having to go to your employer to get it set up is a pain.
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7 months ago, kahoneykahoney
Bring back the filter for range of dates
The new update only allows you to look at full week views, not per pay period. The easiest way I could verify my hours before payroll, estimate my paycheck, and make sure my hours were correct were to use the calendar to select a range of dates. Now it only looks at the full week Sunday-Saturday. Super inconvenient especially considering there is no online browser access for employees using teams lol. We’re at the mercy of the app and our bosses to make sure our hours are correct which have both been pretty unreliable in my experience this last year.
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9 months ago, EsotericJess
Consistently Frustrating
This app has been beyond buggy since I installed it. It seems fine for a a few days before it would make me sign in every time I accessed the app. Making clocking in and out a massive pain The most recent changes, August 2023(ish) have removed the easy to clock in (when it woks) feature. And now I have to select my job and location every-time before I clock in. For our business, there is zero need for this. I understand things need to be updated and fixed when wrong or to improve things, but this change has not helped anyone here. And I’m sure I’ll get a “The team is aware…” reply that doesn’t actually mean anything. Please revert the clock in options. Or make th new version an selective option for businesses that need those features.
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9 months ago, So Fun :D
Can’t view schedule
This app worked perfectly fine before the most recent updates, but now it’s not even usable. It takes an abysmal amount of time to even load a single page which often times it can’t even do, and the weekly schedule is no longer displayed and instead is replaced with a blank screen. When the app works I would say this is one of the best in its category, but the issue is it simply does not work. Please fix this situation, as it has been very disruptive in planning my weeks.
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3 years ago, Weagle2005
Needs many features to compete with others
For the most part it works okay for the employees. As a manager the app doesn’t show me who is clocked in or allow me to edit time cards. That’s info I need daily and I have to login to the web site to get it. You can’t request off, only availability. We have to use a spreadsheet...in 2021. Time tracking in general needs work. I can’t reorder list of workers to make visualizing the schedule easier. Homebase is pretty much the same cost with more features and I regret switching. I really hope Square is pouring resources into making this better.
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2 months ago, Gabrielle Blanche
Daily tips gone and just gets worse
It’s really disappointing that the function to see your tips accrue for individual shifts has been removed, this was useful for me and my team to know how we are doing on a given day. Of all the things to fix or remove it could’ve been the long loading times, the constant need to hard-reset the app to get the schedule to show or any other page for that matter; but the update chose to remove tips per shift? Disappointing
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1 year ago, JaviDizzo
Selectively functional
It is so frustrating that this app and square in general has been EXCEPTIONALLY glitchy and slow. Whether it is updating inventory, creating new items, scheduling, or working on other parts of the app; it will crash or just not be available for periods at a time. This has made an impact on my businesses efficiency when we need to get things done. It’s not only happening to us, but I’ve also experienced it as a customer when I’ve gone into places that use square hardware for check out.
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3 years ago, CrowbarBunny
Set up went fine; then employer disappeared
Brand new to this app from Square. Used it the first day with no issue, set everything up and ready to rock. I could not use the navigation bar, but whatever, I could clock in and out. Day two, opened app to find I am logged out, logged in and employer is gone. Uninstalled, reinstalled, no change. No idea why employer information was dumped. Have not been able to trouble shoot it. Update: The entire navigation bar does not respond at all on my device. 100% unresponsive. It makes using the app very difficult and frustrating.
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