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SquareTrade, Inc.
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for SquareTrade

4.52 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, BLacK-HaRTz
Not bad. Little delay but they are good
Allstate is the insurance that's partnered with Walmart and I usually get my tvs, Apple products and anything over $100 protected. Little cost but gives me peace of mind In the long run. They have a list for you to do in order to get your item warrantied and once it's complete, they give you a Walmart gift card. I prefer to get the same item shipped to me but gift card is useful in case the item is discounted or something . I recommend square trade and the app easily tracks all your "insured" items in one app
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5 years ago, sleepless nights 51
Terrible customer service
I purchased four Plans in March 2018 I am fully aware that they do not cover lost phones, I call them to let them know that I have a new phone my sons phone was lost And I have had the worst time trying to get coverage for his new phone they gave me the incorrect information the representative gave me a false name he was Indian and gave me an American name I was on hold for over an hour he told me that a supervisor will call me back which they have not called me back as of yet every day that I’ve been calling up and getting the runaround and no one is giving me the correct information I spent over $600 on four plans and over it at this point I am about to go to the news channel to tell them what’s going on and I have the screenshots of me being on hold and on the call over and your and a half all I’m trying to do is get a phone covered and a phone fixed when you try to put in a claim it is the worst ever you’re better off going through your mobile phone company and paying a monthly bill at least when you call In your service Is provided immediately and your phone gets fixed right away I’ve been trying for three weeks to get service and to get my problem rectified and as of yet I have not Square Trade is an awful service You’re better off going through your phone carrier it’s less headache a little bit more money but it’s worth it.
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4 years ago, muffin7771
I been using ST for over 10 yrs they used to be great but now when I file a claim they pretend they don’t have the receipt even though they do then you have to find your receipt years later just to submit it again. Then they make you take a picture of the back of you product to see the serial number. Then they say we can’t see it or please use a different format and size. Then they still say they can’t see it. And they use email too. Using Email can detect all totes of formats but they pretend they still can’t see it. And if they do see it they say it’s blurry. It’s not blurry it’s clear and they can see it. So BEWARE they are liars and will Not hello you when your product fails. Use a different warranty company because they changed for the worse. They Also will say purchase date is different than warranty date even though they know you have a grace period of 30 days to buy a warranty. So of course dates would differ if you don’t buy warranty the exact same day. WENT FROM 5+ to ZERO STARS. What happened to this company? I guess it’s under new management.
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4 years ago, Angchi1990
Use with caution! My not be legit..
After seeing Squre trade at Walmart I figured I should give it a try since the NightHawk router cost more then 100$ so after purchasing the router with insurance they let me know that the warranty is already in the Squretrade website and app. After a few weeks I noticed the router was not working right after contacting Walmart they told me to go to my Suqretrade app and file a claim after going to the app there was no warranty at all and because I have no receipt I could not even attempt to return the router back to Walmart. I’d figure I’d give it another shot so on EBay I brought a metal dance pad from a seller and got Squretrade with it. After three box replacement I noticed that the dance pad may be the problem. After trying to file a claim they told me that because the item broke under 30 days there was not much they could do. So after all that I lost around 300$ for both the dance pad and router. The only thing I got was a refund for around 19$ for my failed warranty plan.. would not recommend.
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6 months ago, BrokeBulldog
Warranty Support is terrible.
I purchased two tablets from Walmart with protection plans. Both need to be fixed. Both on the same receipt. I made a claim for one but the second didn’t show up in their system. They wanted me to go to Walmart and get a new receipt. Again a new receipt but same receipt as the first with no new information. All information for the second tablet is on the same receipt. I had to explain this to Jack several times. I downloaded the receipt from the internet and they would not file a claim for the second even though I have proof. They would not go on receipt recovery to see it themselves. I had to email warranty support with the digital receipt. The tech could not understand this was a computer error between Walmart and Allstate. I have friends in supports like this and they go above and beyond to help customers. HE WOULD NOT EVEN OPEN A BROWSER! If it is policy or not you guys need to seriously train your techs. If it is policy change it.
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1 year ago, Snarficuss
Very confusing UI / buggy
There are a lot of small annoyances that have made dislike this app within 10 minutes of using it. The help bot doesn’t direct you to pages, just tells you to go there. The app disconnects after 3 minutes of completing a field or sending a message. (I.e. if you don’t have everything ready, you’ll have to restart if you have to find something) Typing doesn’t count, you have to actually leave the field before it resets your time. YOU CANT SEE THE TIME REMAINING, but you’ll just have to risk it. When filing a claim you still have to select the SN, what category the item is, the sub category. Even though the products are registered and recognized when I look at my plan.
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5 years ago, remymartin28
I bought a squaretrade warranty for a refurbished iPad that had a tiny crack on the screen (which didn't affect the iPad itself in any way). A month after purchase, the battery stopped working. It was approved for a claim so I sent it to them. They sent it back and said they wouldn't cover it because it had a tiny crack on the screen, which was there when they sold me the warranty, effectively selling me a product and lying about their service. I would not have bought the iPad had it not been covered. If that weren't bad enough, I now get spammed on Facebook, twitter, and online with their ads about covering everything I buy, all because I left them bad reviews. I was lied to, robbed, and harrassed by this company all because I wanted an iPad for my daughter and thought paying less for a refurbished iPad would be safe.
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5 years ago, usarose
I got denied because I supposedly selected physical damage
I could not go back and had to call anyway. The app is super sensitive and there is no going back and starting again. Be sure of the damage classification before you submit your claim -it was covered under wear and tear by the operator- Michelle who was super helpful. Faz was the online chat guy who helped as well to submit notes that it was wear and tear and not physical damage.
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4 years ago, Choirboyz
Phone insurance
SquareTrade once again is the gold standard for insuring your electronics (especially phones). The fact that they offer; outstanding customer service, simplicity and options, excellent coverage and fit, and unparalleled affordability makes SquareTrade THE go to insurance/warranty program.
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6 years ago, Jfromseattle
Terrible Customer Service
Ever since Allstate bought SquareTrade, it has gone down hill. Now, the claims process is a joke and call centers are in third world countries. Slow to respond and process. I’ll be 4 weeks minimum without a basic repair to my tv completed. They fixed it once but not with the correct parts. So back to multiple 24-48 hour processing times for a variety of things. Just ridiculous at this point. I’ve spent well over $1000 of my personal time responding to them. Warranty is not worth the money since repairs are managed in the old fashioned insurance company way of making everything difficult.
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7 months ago, 123simmy25
Makes no sense
I have insurance on my phone with them and when my phone screen broke I had the hardest time trying to get it fixed through them it went from them telling me my phone was reported lost or stolen then they need purchase receipt that I already provided twice, to now I need to fix the same phone I have insurance on and then send them a whole 6 items for them to verify as if I’m lying they need business name,address,number,email,repairs done and date done. What’s the sense in having insurance ridiculous
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5 years ago, kalsojrndmslsk
Used to be a good company
I had square trade for a while now and I always went with them because of the service. Recently I have needed to get stuff serviced. After putting in my receipt and them accepting it, putting in my serial number etc. Now when I need service they say resubmit receipt. This is after 2 years. Really. They just want to see if you keep your receipt even though they have it on file so they can deny your claim. If you have your receipt then they move on, even though you submit the same photo as last time.
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5 years ago, justice1st
Does not honor warranty!
Had a cracked laptop screen, within2 weeks of purchase, that they repaired within 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, I had a 2nd incident 20 months later (2 year insurance/warranty still valid). They immediately told me that they could not honor my insurance/warranty because they spent too much money on the 1st repair. 😧. I explained that I paid $309 for insurance for these type of events, not for a 1 time only incident. They stated that they would call me back after escalating the issue. I never receive a call back. No resolution for my laptop. Wasted money.
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1 year ago, MandyJ.
Doesn’t work
It should be easy to file a claim and yet, I wonder if they make it difficult so you just give up? I spent over 30 minutes trying to upload a photo of a stain on our couch, and the app just kept thinking every time I tried to upload a photo. I then went to the help button, and that was also a poor use of my time. They can’t help you there. This app is poorly designed and just doesn’t work. I am surprised Nebraska Furniture Mart uses this company.
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5 years ago, Bazeman
Easy to use app.
Very good and easy to use. Smart to make it easy. Used their service and warranty several times and they always came through and made good on the warranty with absolutely no hassle. Easy to recommend a good service company like SquareTrade.
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5 years ago, Paul GA
Hate to do this
I really didn’t want to leave a one star but it’s charged my card for a plan but the app does not show where it has been finalized or sent a txt for finalization. I’ve used this app in the past and it worked ok. Not the most intuitive of designs but can be figured out. Purchased a new phone and trying to get coverage and it will not show plan in manage plans even though my credit card was charged. Well, the please rate app badge keeps popping up so finally figured I would oblige.
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5 years ago, MickeyPerry
Square Trade is the best
Square Trade is the best company to do business with. I had to use their app to upload a receipt. It was super easy to use. When purchasing electronics use SquareTrade For the insurance. You will rest easy knowing Square trade is protecting you.
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4 years ago, Jeren_Ott
Haven’t been able to log on with most recent updates
App has always worked well. When trying to login now it tells me I need to change my password because they made some changes on Oct. 21st. I thought I’d wait and it’d fix with the next update but I am still having this issue. Once fixed I will give this a 5 star review.
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6 years ago, Tyrone for you
Awful customer service. Buyer beware!
Had multiple Warranties over the past few years, minor claims no issues. Recently had a claim that was denied because the receipt I submitted 2 1/2 years ago was deemed insufficient. Squaretrade said nothing when it’s was submitted. That’s right, 2.5 years later when there was a claim then something is mentioned about the receipt. Buyer beware. Be sure to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as well as the BBB.
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4 years ago, joelmonty
Square Trade = Peace of Mind
When purchasing items covered by Square Trade, I am sure I’m getting value for my investment. What’s more, if there is a problem down the road, I get my money back from Square Trade. Thanks.
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2 years ago, KY Duck
Great product, great price, terrible app
I use SquareTrade for all my devices. Fortunately, I haven’t had to file a claim. But their app is absolutely terrible. Get a couple new phones and see how impossible it is to delete the old devices and add the new ones-upload the receipts. You would think that in 2022, someone could develop an app that actually had working functions.
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4 years ago, Texcamper
My coffeemaker was not working properly. The process was easy and Square Trade took care of sending me a check so I could go get another one. Will always use them.
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5 years ago, DattMonaldson
Works quite well
1. The app works pretty darn well for what I was expecting 2. ST’s process for fixing my laptop was surprisingly efficient. Have no complaints 🖖🏼
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4 years ago, Emmaboo92
Please if you value your sanity do not purchase there insurance. My laptop has a crack. I’ve spoken to 5 representatives they either direct me to the web sight or app to file a claim. The website and app gives an this error, then I was directed to call. And again couldn’t file a claim. We are currently experiencing service disruptions due to the spread of COVID-19. Please check our latest updates before starting your claim.
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5 years ago, Rrddpatwtoaos
Update is messed up
New update caused my colors to be off. Some parts that were white, are now extremely black and I can’t see the text of those spots. It’s like a messed up dark mode. Needs to be fixed.
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4 years ago, stevethegather
Get your warranty!
I highly recommend you guys to get this it’s just a few extra bucks and trust it’s worth it I’m happy costumer
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3 years ago, dan88112
App keeps asking me to sign-in
Not sure what happened with this app, but I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the App keeps asking me to sign-in even though I am manually entering email/username and password correctly. Seems to be stuck in an endless cycle. Please get this corrected. This is causing me to have to sign-in via web browser, defeating the purpose of the app altogether.
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5 years ago, Whampum Hunter
Don’t do it
I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to submit a receipt. I’ve tried to chat multiple times with support and it never works. They will try and make it as hard a possible to file a claim. Company has gone down hill. I can’t believe Costco who is usually doesn’t do business with places like this sold me this protection.
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5 years ago, Sharkesha0000
Filing A Claim
The process to file a claim is a hassle. Bought a brand new laptop and had some overheating problems and they won’t do anything to fix it. I have to bring it back to the store now, but none of the stores have anymore so I’m stuck with an overheating laptop.
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4 years ago, buttermanwilleatyou
Incorrect email or password no matter what I type in. I tried the correct email and password but it doesn’t work. Tried fake email and password and it doesn’t work either. I can login just fine on the website though when I use the correct email and password.
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4 years ago, Brettsifdny
Beet warranty company
Bought them for a few appliances and my bbq.. excellent customer service and care.. awesome company..
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5 years ago, Payroll dude
Zero customer service and the app won’t allow chart
I Purchased a plan for my new iPhone and uploaded documentation that it was new. It is still listed as a used phone, and I sent a Feedback request asking why and have had zero response. I tried to do the chat feature and it does not work at all.
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5 years ago, 😞🤑
App it’s Good
It was easy to chat to the rep in the app they helped me at what questions I needed answered... now calling in for customer service was just a slight issue they put the wrong phone in !!!!!
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5 years ago, ChocolateMarine
Filing a claim
I purchased a protection plan for my phone and want to use it, but the app will not allow me to submit a claim. I click the correct buttons but it comes up with an error. When I try and use the chat feature it doesn’t work because it’s offline. Tried calling and no one answers. Judah Crawford
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2 years ago, Annalieelove21
Big scam
I have a plan with them and they still won’t fix my iPad screen totally b.s! and every time I call customer service they told me that they going to send me an email with the info to send in my device (It’s been a month an 1 week now). ZerO stars for SquareTrade!
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3 years ago, SuchValue
Sign in cycle repeating
Doesn’t matter if I just signed into the app, it just keeps going back to the screen asking me if I want sign in or setup a new account. I use a password manager that auto-inputs the credentials. So, it’s not user error. Maybe 1 in 10 times it’ll actually sign in.
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5 years ago, RicoDaRealLoyalPapi
Not too bad, no way to check current claim status on cell phone app?
The app should be more user friendly. Never a live operator to take a message or call you back- sad!!
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5 years ago, 00723
Purchased this for my son’s headphones 3 months ago. Uploaded the receipt and was very happy that it would be stored online so I wouldn’t need it. Now have a problem with headphones and they tell me to return to the store, can’t now because I don’t have actual receipt. Now this plan and the headphones are useless.
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10 months ago, slj925
App fails with first point of contact
After downloading, next step is to register email for link to create account. Immediately receive “server error occurred” Very poor development and testing to roll out release in this condition.
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4 years ago, acemanawc
Latest version 8.16 Crashes after opening
Please fix. I’m running latest iOS 13.3.1 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. It also crashes the same on my iPad Pro 2nd generation. Thank you!
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5 years ago, BIG REDIG
It’s the best deal on the market. It does not matter if your a millionaire or poor as a church mouse,square trade is hype best deal anywhere
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1 year ago, beaugard.B
Bad consumer service do not honor warranty
I’ve have file a claim in December and reach out again in January and still no answer from my case. Very disappointed knowing I paid full amont for the warranty and still can’t get satisfaction
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12 months ago, He jams
Don’t waste your money
Please do not waste your money on this company, they attempt everything in their power not to make up outs, just like every insurance these guys will do everything not to loose money.
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5 years ago, #wasting my time
App is poor. Service is poor. What used to take about 15 min takes 3hrs. If you value your time buy your warranties from the product manufacturer or service provider if it is a phone. They are a joke. Last $ they see from me
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5 years ago, lindaltucker
Linda Tucker
Need to have a contact number to get information for entering data for items insured
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9 months ago, dean myl
Junk app
When i try to use the email from my receipt or any other email, an alert window comes up with no server sound message. Never installed an all this junk. Im
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5 years ago, yosemite:(
Doubled their price
Plans for phones used to be a little over $4/month. Now, since Allstate took over, phone plans start at $8.99/month WITH a higher deductible. Cheaper to set some money aside and self insure than give it over to these crooks.
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5 years ago, Robbie8967
Never buy a warranty from them
They make it impossible to make a claim and make you jump through hoops and basically take your money without providing the service you paid for.
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5 years ago, iuutrew
Big bunch of junk
Basically nothing’s covered unless it’s destroyed. If it’s destroyed it’s probably not covered due to abuse. Most repairs are around $100 and there’s a $99 deductible. Put your money in a savings and pay for your own repairs. Big waste of money.
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6 years ago, beachox
Needs work
The Square Trade app use to work fine. Since the upgrade, it’s horrible. I have had to call every time I need something. And it’s hard to send bc they keep asking for different nicknames.
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