Staples Advantage

2.9 (174)
11.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Staples, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Staples Advantage

2.92 out of 5
174 Ratings
7 years ago, LK51316
Convenient, but has some flaws
Definitely makes it convenient to order, but most of the barcodes I scanned didn't show up, it has crashed on me and, like another reviewer mentioned, my phone gets super hot when using it...
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5 years ago, Ddodd16
Very helpful tool.
The app is very user-friendly. I can stand in the supply room and order the things we need. If I think of an item needed while away from the office, I can place it in my cart. If I am out and about in the building and a staff member need something I can open the app and look with them rather than them come to my desk to view the items. I like the ease at which this all works.
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4 years ago, dread using app
Horrible app
For a business that supplies businesses, this app is a complete embarrassment. And as much as Staples charges for their products, one would think they could hire a development team that would not make them look foolish. This app hangs up constantly, won’t allow you to remove things from cart from a previous session, doesn’t “find” very relevant products using search and more. Walmart and Target have managed to put their entire inventory online with an app that works very well. Staples, go to them for advice. This is a joke.
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5 years ago, avantmatt
Great Life hack
This app has helped my office ordering needs, especially when our team is on the go and need to see if an item is available at a nearby staples! Then we can use our business account to pay and reap all the benefits of discounted ordering. The interface is also very easy to use.
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3 years ago, Tom3891
Convenient but not the b2b tool it should be
Sure, it’s convenient but when it doesn’t even find staples brand products scanned with the included barcode scanner then what’s the point of having the feature? Other companies can figure this out, why not staples. Lots of other bugs and just overall outdated design. If they’re not serious about the little things, why would we trust them with our business?
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5 years ago, Heather122191
Easy ordering
Having this app makes it easier to order when I am not at work and can’t use my desktop computer. I am always thinking of more things that are needed for the office even when I am not there. This is definitely one of my go to’s to help make my job easier.
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5 years ago, CCJockey
Completely Ruined an Almost Perfect App
It used to be that I had my login information and could easily sign into my account and order items for work, or check things with orders. Now I have to enter my account number to get to the login screen, to REENTER the account number and my login information. And even though it says "remember my login info", it doesn't. Nice job Staples. Way to go finding in finding a solution that has created a problem.
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5 years ago, Jake1719
So convenient
Often times I am running around our building and it is very convenient to have the app so when a staff member needs something, I can add it to my cart right in the moment and not forget on my way back to my office.
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5 years ago, Linda in NJ
Might be good if I could open it...
It requires an account number to get to the login screen, and then a customer ID plus your log on ID plus a password. This is a LOT of data entry and maybe you only have to enter it once? I’ll never know, because I cannot activate the Customer ID field no matter how many times I tap on it, shut down and re-open the app, etc - whatever evil game you’re playing, Staples, you win! I’m out. I’ll just use my laptop - thanks anyway.
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5 years ago, Aimsycakes
Good to have - I’m still learning
The app is very useful especially when I’m out and about and I need look up items. I’m still getting used to it, so I’m willing to give it a chance! Hopefully it will serve us well here in future.
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4 years ago, TX➡️AZ
Easy and fast
I just recently started using this app but I like it already. It’s easy to search and reorder. I can now add items to my cart on the go and not have to wait till I’m in front of the computer.
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6 years ago, Chapolinecito
Productivity Wherever You Are
It is so great to be able to place orders even on ‘work from home days.’ I also like to be able to walk around the building filling up my cart with whatever the office needs.
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5 years ago, Elisaleann
Senior Administrative Aide
This app makes my life that much easier! I can be out, not at my desk and if I remember something that I need to order I can open my app and boom it’s ordered. No more having to wait until I’m at work to order.
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7 years ago, iamastephens
Takes the ugh out of ordering
Scan feature makes finding specific items so easy. Integrated pay with Wallet and order tacking makes life sooo much easier.
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5 years ago, ThisChozenOne
Upgrade continues to be a downgrade
While I love the new interface, the app has become a major pain to use. I can’t modify orders, only Approve or Deny, which is a major issue. Likewise, when I attempt to place an order it, it’s requiring a PO and POR and no matter what I enter on the app, it continues to tell me that lines are blank, when they clearly aren’t. A great app that’s almost unusable out of of being able to approve or deny orders, and nothing in between.
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5 years ago, Wazerod
Staples ruined a good app (2019)
Any reviews you read from last year have nothing to do with the current version. This gets zero stars. Developers have ruined this app for me by requiring my account number before I could even start to use the app. When I put my account number in I get the spinning wheel of death making this app completely totally unusable. I don’t know who is testing this, but they ought to be fired.
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5 years ago, miznit
New to me
I am so used to ordering on my desktop so this is going to be fun to try out. I love the convenience and the ease of being able to order anywhere I am and when I think of the items. Can’t wait to use it regularly.
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5 years ago, Lhfzvfh
Great Resource
I’m not always near a computer when I see a supply we’re out of it or when someone tells me they need something. I always have my phone so it’s great for adding supplies on the go.
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5 years ago, cocopuffebb40
I love this app
I love this app ordering our office supplies has been very helpful and convenient when you need to order anything and it will reach your destination the next day!!!
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5 years ago, RaveAyn
So easy!
I love that there is a mobile app now! Now I can be sure my facility doesn’t fall behind when I’m out because I can order even when I’m out of the office. I love it!
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6 years ago, dlbenson9188
Handy when necessary
I like the option of using this anywhere. If I had one negative, it would be I wish the categories were in alphabetical order, but overall good.
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6 years ago, Millymomma
Makin’ it easy!
Love how easy it is to scan and order products. I work for a large company so we do quite a bit of ordering. This saves time!
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7 years ago, Waxonandoffandthebbacloff
Awesome app for work!
This app helps so much at work I don't have to go back to my computer and look up everything all I gotta do is scan away!
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6 years ago, Staylo222
Order on the go
Sometimes people ask me to order things when I’m not in the office. This helps me order it right then so I don’t forget!
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6 years ago, bstevens0920
Easy on the go
This app makes ordering items when I’m out of town or on the go extremely easy!
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6 years ago, KJS010892
Awesome app
The app is great and the program is better! Takes very little time and points are earned quickly with their insider network!
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5 years ago, Cellohead87
New Update
The new update does not allow you to store login information. This requires me to constantly look up my account number to access my order. The previous version was much better.
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5 years ago, qwertyuippokjh
Can’t get in
I’m questioning our partnership with Staples right now over this failed update. Forcing someone to update the app then not being able to approve orders for over a week is ridiculous. Continuous loop of having to enter account number, ID , password only to end up at the same place and that is “IF” it just doesn’t just sit and think.
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6 years ago, Lindsey Bittner
Great app and account
I love Staples Business Advantage. They have some great features and also some great ways to earn free stuff. I highly recommend Staples Business Advantage and this app.
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5 years ago, spiffy22
Nice to have access on the go
I don’t have to sit down at my computer to order things!
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7 years ago, Havingitall
The app is easy to use for approving orders and getting those last minute items!
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3 years ago, FcukStaple
Terrible App
I'd give ZERO star if I can. What a stupid shopping app that can't let you track your order? Especially, the tracking info already on the website. So everytime you want to check your order status you have to find a PC to go thru everything from their desktop webpage. Ah, awful user experience.
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5 years ago, TT from NC
Do you know how hard you have made it!
I have a hard enough time remembering my passwords and now you want me to remember the account number too! The app is now useless to me. My company places orders and I approve all of them but can’t do that on the go now! How do you do an update and change something as important as this!
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6 years ago, Alicia101523
I love this app
It allows me to order on the go with just a touch of a button. I would recommended this to any office!
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5 years ago, shaughnessy tran
A game changer
This app is a game changer for sure! It makes ordering so much easier. I’m not sure how I was unaware of this app but I’m so glad it’s a part of my life
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6 years ago, inventory god
That easy!!
I am able to scan the barcodes and auto stock!! Amazing! Cuts my inventory time down by half!!
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6 years ago, teener787
Great site
This is a great app for ordering supplies even when you are not able to do it at the office. I love the accessibility options!
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5 years ago, McLowJo
Update is time consuming and inconvenient
Update is awful and requires too many steps to log in. Compared to the old app, this is a time consuming FAIL. Why is Staples is ignoring all the negative reviews on the new log in? Please update the app to make log in easy again or roll it back to the old app!
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6 years ago, jay551982
App not responding
I have had this app for about 4 months now and the other day it stoped working completely and I have not been able to open it now for about 3-4 days and I have tried to delete it and reinstall the app without any luck.
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5 years ago, Jammes P
Paper Guy
I love the app, it helps me order when I’m away from my desk, especially on business meetings days
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6 years ago, Lilo1287
Very easy to navigate
The app is very easy to navigate through and the scan option for items is awesome.
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5 years ago, park 2428
Free time
I like Staples app because it frees up a lot of my time looking on Web looking in ordering catalogs just point and shoot
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7 years ago, l
Easy to use
Easy to use and great for when I'm not at my desk and remember something that I need to order. A little sluggish and could use some speeding up.
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6 years ago, LaRueLAJ
This app makes buying supplies so much easier. And I can order from home when I suddenly remember what we forgot to get.
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5 years ago, Eurlp1984
Very easy to use
I find the app very easy to use. It makes my life a little easier.
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7 years ago, SnarferMom
After the first try, it speeds up ordering of the most common items quite a bit!
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7 years ago, eighty5 young man
Great layout and smooth
great layout and ease of use, get ms a bit sluggish but having ordering at your finger tips helps a great deal.
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5 years ago, TKNOGRL
App has been rendered useless
The recent updates make it nearly impossible to use this app to approve orders. Need account number, won’t save login information, etc., thought the update from 2 days ago would fix the issue but not the case. Please fix ASAP!
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6 years ago, Alisser09
Easy app to use with our business advantage program. Makes reordering easy!
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6 years ago, Cherim1000
Helpful app
Easy to order on the go. We love SBA and the app just makes it that much easier!
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