State Water Heaters

2.7 (12)
32.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
State Industries, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for State Water Heaters

2.67 out of 5
12 Ratings
1 year ago, Coach4play
Needs updates and useful info
Premium hot water heater with a very low quality app. I know that competitors have way more useful features than this. How about showing that the heat pump is operating, rather than having to go to the basement to check? A breakdown of resistance heating vs heat pump? More ways to look at and track energy usage? Hopefully you will update the firmware and app to reflect the the much needed improvements.
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4 months ago, NunyaBidnessDE
This app is inexcusably bad. Even basic functions such as ending “Vacation Mode” don’t work. Supports suggestion “Press the button on the water heater or do a Hard reset”. Well since the point of the app is for use when I am not there, then there is no point to the app. Energy utilization works about 50% of the time. Increasing the temperature only works if you had previously done it at the panel. There is no way to tell the actual temperature of the water. Honestly, had I known how poor the software was I would have bought a less expensive hot water heater.
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1 year ago, Airfaye
Very basic, could be great.
Spent thousands on a water heater that tracks power usage but the app only shows the last 30 days of data. Not really useful if you want to actually track the energy usage. Could be exportable data for not a lot of effort.
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4 months ago, bib2758
Very basic app
A useful, but basic, app. Both UI and functionality need an upgrade to meet modern consumer expectations. As other reviewers have said, product is a premium water heater with a not-so-great app.
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6 years ago, jellofresh
Great App
It makes it easy to see if a water heater is under warranty and check the part numbers.
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6 months ago, BeezyCreek
App very limited
Need graphical data tracking energy usage by heating mode, and. heating mode durations.
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3 years ago, Mine the plumber
Tools selector
The tool selector doesn’t appear on the app? Anybody else run into this issue?
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8 years ago, Pepe1101
Buyers Beware!!!
BUYERS BEWARE!!! MOST DANGEROUS WATER OUT THERE. If you care for your life and your family do not buy any of their products under State Water Heaters or any other entity A.O Smith Water Products. My water heater was installed less than a month ago, and caught fire. Thank god, I was home when this happened. I could have lost everything my family, my home, and our memories. When I reported the fire, they didn't even apologize or seemed like they cared. I spoke to several managers and they couldn’t care less what happened. I pleaded with them and begged them to help me to cover the cost replace their defective water heaters and the best they offer me was $100. You can keep that money and I am going to purchase something better so I don't have to fear at night that my house can catch on fire.
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3 weeks ago, Chicago b
Update this App!
Exactly what the other reviewers have said: - Real time status of heater, is it running? In what mode? Is the compressor running or just the fan? - Reset/restart feature in app, this is the only way to fix most issues - like when heater gets stuck in a mode - and the only way to restart is to flip circuit breaker or pull out and reinsert service disconnect. Alternatively add an automatic system reboot you can set to happen daily at 3am. - Detailed information in the electrical usage. - Actual temperature of the water and the intake air temp to know if you are close to the operating min/max of 45/120. (120 is a very typical afternoon temp to hit in a Florida attic- why so low for a max? Put that heat into the water!) - Push alerts your water is under a set temperature so you know to cycle the power before you get in the shower. - Why just in an app that is down 1/5 of the time? No website access to the heater? None of this is that hard. The data is apparently available just not usable/visible.
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11 years ago, Agentriegel
Easy and Useful
Simple, quick, and easy to use. Good for end users account required.
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12 years ago, Nchristner
This app shows me the warranty status much faster than the web with detailed supportive info. A must for any contractor
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12 years ago, Squad303
Simple works great! Easy to use!!
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