Stats Tracker for PUBG

4.8 (7.1K)
624.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tom Lake
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stats Tracker for PUBG

4.79 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Cam4801
Furthest kill Feature not working
Ever since the new update the furthest kill feature hasn’t been working for individual games. I can still see my furthest kill for the season and lifetime but for individual games it shows up as 0 when I get 2 or 3 kills sometimes and then it’ll just say 1 or 3 when I just kill 1 person in the furthest kill section. I don’t know what happened but that was one of my favorite features of the app. This is still an amazing app and I love it so much. It’s helped me so much to compete with my brother and friends. I’m still gonna use the app but it’s disappointing that it’s not working. Any response would be amazing!!!! Thanks.
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1 year ago, Developer, Please help us :(
7 day limit or no recent match view?
This has been a 5 star app. And I highly recommend the paid version/in app purchase that shows a 2d replay of your past games. Unfortunately all of this right now has been degraded as the app appears to say it only allows you to look at past matches over the last 7 days. As a player who doesn’t play more than about once a week this means if I haven’t played in a week or two and remember a game or a win that I forgot to see the 2d replay on I’m out of luck. As far as I know it would keep loading all matches in a season in the past which was excellent. I am actually not even sure this feature is currently working for recent games played within 7 days. Nothing is showing up. Extremely disappointed and I hope the developer changes this.
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4 years ago, ducktaker
Must-have PUBG app
I love this app! I look at it after every game to evaluate specific damage given/received, and the 2D replay answers all those questions of “where did that guy come from” and “where was that last guy hiding in the final circle?” It’s easy to check in on friends and see how late they stayed up after I couldn’t hang anymore. The creators are quick to update and make you feel important in search of feedback and through their great communication. This is one of the only apps I’ve ever paid for and it’s worth every cent.
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6 years ago, DayDay0550
Good but not Great
This app has potential, but it’s not there yet. First of all, caps doesn’t matter on Xbox or PC when searching/creating players names, so it shouldn’t on here when trying to search for people. Not everyone memorized the random capitals in our friends gamer tags. Also, there is no one page that has ALL stats on one page. If I want my NA and EU stats, I have to look at them individually, which means I have to go back and type in my case sensitive gamer tag over and over again to swap between the pages. Along with breaking this down by seasons, there needs to be an option for changing servers on your profile once you already looked it up. Retyping tags over and over is annoying
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4 years ago, Traaaaash Collector
Love the app BUT
This is the best stats app for PUBB but I noticed that my stats are incorrect. My winning percentage is wrong and my gun rankings are off when I compare them to the in game stats for my guns. For example my M16A1 is 100% ranked but this app shows it’s only at 90% and the same with other guns that I’ve ranked up. I have 32 wins in ranked with 120 games played but it says I’ve only won 13% of my games when it should be closer to 26%. So, once these minor issues are updated this app will be flawless!
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3 years ago, d in djxons no dbs x
Fun app... but
It’s a fun app for sure being able to see what happen in game. The only issue is that it seems like it takes forever to update your last matches. And then when it finally does, sometimes the 2D maps don’t load. Or they say they are loading but then after 30 minutes of waiting, you finally give up and have to close the app out since apparently it froze.
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4 years ago, JcBramble
I had no idea that you could tap into all of this data. The 2D model is insanely cool and I do like the fact that you can replay yourself killing a streamer. If you are a big on PUBG then this is the best app to download as a companion app. $9.99 is steep BUT it’s well spent to go back and replay my dinners. For the Dev’s, I’ve noticed I can’t go back and see back that far for a lot of my games. Is there limit on how for back you can go?
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7 months ago, M@tt M
Excellent App for PubG players
I love the way the stats are displayed in this app. Makes it easy to check your own stats, somebody on you team, friends, or any other gamertag you would like. Great job by developer. I supported the app by paying to get the upgraded features. You aren’t really paying for it, but it’s unlocked within the app if you donate. Worth supporting for me!
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5 years ago, Djkjdfkgxgijvd
Good app but not the best
The app is great you can see time played, headshot percentages, hell even watch the way your game unfolded from the map view but and this is a big but the app doesnt work with pubgm and it doesnt have iPad support, the ipad support isnt that big of a deal but for me it is and i feel like there is a missing market by not including pubgm it has a successful competitive scene and the gameplay is exactly the same as pc or console so im rather disappointed but overall the app is great if you play on pc or console
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6 years ago, ccrider22
Good app, some bugs
Overall the app is pretty legit, when it’s working. Until they release an update to fix the bugs if he app, it’s a bit frustrating. Some quick notes of bugs are: the app does not always open. When it does open, the stats do not always load properly. I have not been able to get the correct stat history the past couple of days for games that I’ve played. Please get an update out ASAP. Again, app has great potential and is awesome, just needs minor fixes.
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6 years ago, BenC321
Great app
Only suggestions would be to add the option to compare you and several of your friend’s stats side by side all at the same time. Also, PUBG Lookup, another website, has an option to look at your route for recent games, you can see basically a map overview of the game, where you got kills, where the circle was, and where you ran. Still a great app.
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4 years ago, dusty2613
Great app!
I love this app! The in-depth stat tracking and level of detail is honestly pretty crazy. If your a huge PUBG fan like I am, this app is amazing. I will say sometimes I have to delete and reinstall due to stats being wrong or not showing up at all but still 5 stars. Also I love the PUBG report, watching my self kill streamers and getting to see their reaction is great! Keep up the good work devs and team!
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4 years ago, Tomes JT
Great UI / Easy to Use / Informative
Really appreciate this app, I am not serious about PUBG but it is super interesting to see all the stats and learn about my ups and downs. It is easier to see it in this format than PUBG’s own Season tracker on Console. Worth a donation to upkeep and hoping PUBG dev keeps the updates going on the game so we can see even more stats.
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5 years ago, bartlanz
Great tracker, but a couple of stats are missing.
This app is great for tracking where you and your crew are at. It would be awesome if it showed team killing stats so we could see if the random we pick up is a risk. I would also really like to see a variant of this that runs on the iPad in something resembling a full screen mode.
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4 years ago, Anger Mgmt Inc.
Fantastic integration and a must have
The Pro features are worth every penny if you want to improve your game play. I’ve never experienced issues with the app and recent matches update quickly. I’ve spent many hours in pubg and this app helps with improving my game play. The 2D play back is fantastic. Not often do I come across an app with little or no issues. If you want to improve your game play. This app will help you figure out what went wrong. Additional game stats are a bonus. While the damage log is priceless IMO. The app is feature rich and intuitive. Money well spent on a well integrated game assistant app.
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5 years ago, basedgaming
Great app but not working
The last couple days it hasn’t been working! I thought maybe it was like the last time it needed updated it didn’t tell me and I had to do it manually. But it’s not working at all in my recent matches it just keeps saying erengal #1 now it won’t show my stats at all!
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5 years ago, This stuff makes me yeaaaaa
Great way but minor flaw.
So this app is great. I can keep track of my mastery, friends and even opponents. The one issue I have would be the incorrect stats about the dinners I have. I have way more than the amount it’s stating in my lifetime playing the game. But other than that the accuracy behind this is pretty legit.
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5 years ago, TheInfidelI
Where pubg fails...
... this app fills the gap. I was furious to find that pubg scrubbed my stats resetting me to zero. What is it to play that game if you can’t boast that you’ve won the ever coveted winner winner chicken dinner, we’ll you can’t brag without the proof. This app will show your stats, you friends stats, separate your data by season and graphically show individual matches. This app is everything for the die hard pubg gamer.
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5 years ago, DA Heroic
A way to fix this?
I love the app, it helps me keep track of a lot of things in a simple format and being able to watch the 2D replays is amazing! The only thing I wish it also had would be a directional arrow that shows which way a character is actually facing. If it had that I think this would be a perfect app and easily worth the 5 stars
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5 years ago, Kiesz
Cool idea but never opens
The app doesn’t always open and freezes up everything on the phone. I actually paid for the upgrade and it opens even less now. When it works it pretty cool stuff to see but that’s like once a week I can actually open it up.
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2 years ago, DDD31
Best App For PUBG
By far the best app for stats in PUBG. I had idea wasn’t sure how to tell the developers so figured maybe writing a review and telling them. I think it would be awesome if there was a way to add stat that tells you the average KD of the people you kill and average KD of that kill you. Just and idea
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4 years ago, TMK JOK3R
Love the app
I love the app. The only problem I am having is that I changed my gametag about a month ago and now I can track my stats at all. I looked up my old one too see if would work and doesn’t find it either. Now I can’t see my stats at all :( I play PUBG on Xbox.
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6 years ago, CRK1977
Great Mobile App for PUBG
Overall it’s my go to when looking up stats while playing. It’s nice to have an app at the ready instead of jumping into a browser to search for stats. Good stuff. Would be cool to have some sort of competition stats races with friends.
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5 years ago, johnsonbigboy
Pubg life
I really enjoy this game and loss track of moments that make this game special for me. This tracker allows me to see again what I did in a smaller scale plus allows me to see how and where I was killed from even though I didn’t know during the match.
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5 years ago, newyorkplays78
Bought the app
Bought the app and keep getting nothing restored even tho the App Store says I bought it and so does my bank so the app isn’t showing I have bout it I’ve un installed and redownloaded it this is a iPhone 11 it should handle that just fine
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3 years ago, Ernjuju
I’ve been playing pubg since 2018. One of my favorite games of all time, this app made it even better if an experience. Thank you for your hard work. And keep it up!!
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2 years ago, That Luke Perry
This app is amazing
As accurate, convenient, and detailed as it gets for PUBG stat tracking. I’ve used this app for over 3 years and it’s only gotten better. 10/10 recommended
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5 years ago, Nonpossible123
Not working on iPhone 5
Not sure what you did a couple updates ago but the app doesn’t work on iPhone 5 anymore. I launch the app and get a black screen and then it crashes. Too bad, It’s one of the best stat trackers for PUBG
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4 years ago, Ddueuenen
Exactly what you need !
2 mins into the app I bought the unlimited.....10 bucks whaaaaaat. Completely changes the game . On second thought ...... don’t buy it’s not worth it , I wasted my money , worst pubg app ever . (Great app, works great , well done )
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3 years ago, eLiTeXSaVaGeMiNd
PUBG stats
I just learned of this app and I think it’s great .It gives all the info you are looking for when it comes to tracking your stats .
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4 years ago, Xboxfreak420
Running like crap.
The last update seems to have fixed the crashing. Thank you sir. Really love this app. Was just getting annoying. All good now lol.
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5 years ago, Haidenwayne
This App has been Awesome, since I got it over a year ago.
This app has been the best way to check my stats and watch matches payed from the 2D replay is awesome also. This app is great and keeps getting better.
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6 years ago, BlaZeD FuZioN
Fantastic job!
Love the app. Been using it for about a month or so and it really does help you zone in on what you need to do to climb the leaderboard. Only thing it’s missing is the leaderboard itself! Keep up the good work guys.
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4 years ago, Ronald McDonald's Bath Water
Great App, No Major Issues Yet
Works great and it’s nice that I can go all the way back to my time on Xbox One. I could be wrong, but I feel like the stats on here are more accurate than in the actual game.
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5 years ago, penshockey
Profile stats
Hey I have been using this app since the day pubg has came out on PS4 and I love the app the only thing that bothers me is how every time I want to look at my stats I have to type my psn name is I shouldn’t have to do that it should pop up when I go in
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5 years ago, BruceLeeKick
Does what I want it to do
Needed to know my stats and this app does just that, just wish the layout would be a little more appealing.. maybe a little more PUBG-ishhh other then that good stuff
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5 years ago, friendly spider man
I’m giving this app a 3 star because, I like the traits that it has and the potential it could be but it’s far from accurate and that’s just being 100%. for some reason I should have about 110 wins and now it only says 27 before it was in the 50s something’s buggy with this app.
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5 years ago, Nickwiththediamondtouch
Quality app
Yet it does have some flaws, some of my wins haven’t been accounted for and it pisses me off to this day.I worked for those wins and for them to magically vanish, let’s just say I’m not cool with that. Ok I only named a single flaw but it is a glaring one so think on that
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5 years ago, Agent Recker
Nice app but stats are super incorrect
It is accurate on more recent games but it claims my highest kill game was 16 but it was 31 and my kd is most definitely incorrect I usually average 4-6 kills a game. So I wish it was more accurate with previous stats but overall nice and useful
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6 years ago, goodwiththechicken
Great app, looks amazing, and excited for more features.
My only gripe is I wish there was a setting to default view your stats and friends stats in “lifetime” instead of season.
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6 years ago, solesurvival
Not updating
This is a great app and it has greatly increased my enthusiasm for the game. But after roughly 3 weeks of using the app, it has stopped updating my stats. It has been almost three days and my recent matches and stats have not shown up. I’m really curious to see what my K/d is now, but can’t see it yet.
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2 years ago, Drippie RipZ
Nice easy too use very accurate shows everything.I can easily look up and who joins my party on Xbox !!!
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2 years ago, dhushndhha
Training mode
Would be great if you guys added a feature where we could see how much time we’ve spent in training mode, aside from that love the app!
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4 years ago, Deceptacles
Love the app. Awesome features, constantly updating, and the dev does an excellent job with bug fixes and feedback response. Can’t recommend enough
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2 years ago, Ninja balls
Stats not updating correctly
Since the update on Dec 14 app is missing games. Shows I’ve played 10 games since the update but match history shows 15. App data is missing info from 5 games
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6 years ago, Solus53
Surprisingly good app
Updates pretty quickly and keeps up with a lot of things when it comes to stats
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5 years ago, DollarDumplings
Awesome app but....
For whatever reason the ‘game modes’ tab hasn’t refreshed in weeks. Everything else works as expected and I can’t express enough how much I love the stats in this app!!
Show more
6 years ago, GREENYCREEPER14
Can you pleas do mobile to because lots of people play on mobile plus that will get more people to download this app
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4 years ago, LuckyStrikes851
Amazing tool
I appreciate this app greatly. It is intuitive and provides stats that help me and my team see where we are succeeding and need to improve.
Show more
4 years ago, Gator95c
Update stats!!!
Great app. Just needs to update stats quicker! It sometimes takes a couple hours to update my game stats even if I do close it out and wait. If this is fixed solid 5 stars
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