- Sticker Maker

4.8 (132.4K)
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Current version
NAVER Z Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for - Sticker Maker

4.78 out of 5
132.4K Ratings
1 year ago, I cloud
A few improvements needed
This is a great app but the fact that each time I go in to the application I have to sign in and add the stickers again to the messages app each time it’s annoying after I’ve added them before and have to watch the adds. Secondly when ever I add a sticker to a pack it doesn’t add to the downloaded stickers so I have to re-download them and now I have two of the same but one has the added stickers.
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3 years ago, Bubble-Tea🧋
Used to be a 5 start app but….
I was gonna rate this five stars, but in the most recent update, they removed capability for WhatsApp. In the update beforehand, there was capability for WhatsApp, and some packs even had capability for Telegram! I went back to the app to see exactly what happened during the update, and I checked one of my sticker packs. To my horror, the add to WhatsApp button was gone! Why? I don’t know! I was hoping that in this new update, they could add capability for Telegram. I have a few friends who use Telegram, and I want to send my personal stickers to them as well, but now I can’t even do it on WhatsApp. The only thing I can say is, if you use WhatsApp and wanted to make your own stickers for that, go somewhere else. Same thing for Telegram. If iMessage is your main platform, then this is the perfect app for you, and 100% get it. I still will continue to use this app for iMessage, but if I find another app with capability for both, then I’m just gonna jump ship. I don’t know if this is a problem on my phone, and if so, I would love it if someone could tell me. But if that isn’t the case, time to find another app.
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2 years ago, SaleVale05
The app has so much potential
I love this app so much because of the variety of stickers! I’m obsessed with them! But I have stumbled across problems that I really need a solution for. For starters, the search bar still doesn’t work. My question is why? Why doesn’t a basic feature on the app? I can’t find the stickers I want without it. And 2, why can’t you sync up other peoples stickers besides your own? The majority of us save other peoples stickers so not being able to is just dumb. I lost my favorite sticker packs because I logged in on another device and thought I had them synced just to find out they only synced MY STICKERS. I was so upset. And 3, why isn’t there a manage saved stickers feature? I accidentally saved a sticker pack which I thought was cute just to realize it was not appropriate for me and I can’t even delete it from my iMessage. WhatsApp gives you the option but not iMessage so it would be amazing if u added a manage stickers library which sorts from the apps you have stickers on to make it easier to access. Overall I love this app but these things could be a big great change!
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3 years ago, Keaton42
Not what I thought
First of all, the stickers get stuck loading at 50% or 100% for way too long. After that, you have to add 2 more stickers for no reason. I even lost my first sticker because it required me to make a pack first, which then completely forgot about the sticker that I just made and had me scrap it. After you add your 2 extra stickers, you can finally put them on iMessage. However, the animated stickers glitch out and randomly flash back to the start. The frame rate is so much lower than it shows in the app, and you can’t even use the animated stickers like you normally would a sticker. It doesn’t let you attach it to any text, so I just don’t see the point. Other than that, it’s kinda easy to use and is fun decorating your own stickers. I won’t use the app again, but if you want to then I guess you can get the app. 3 stars.
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11 months ago, Conflux.
Doesn’t seem to support iMessage
As the title of my review states, it seems like only WhatsApp is available with this app. While I know a lot of people who use this use WhatsApp, I do not, and I don’t see the reason as to why they wouldn’t support it anymore. I still think it’s a good app, better than any other sticker maker I’ve used, but I can’t use it anymore. Also they took away the Bible that you can hold down on so it’s easier to see where your tracing which is a downside, (or I just can’t figure it out after the update). I will still keep this app in case they allow imesssage again but for now I can’t and won’t use it. Hope you support iMessage again.. I think this is a really fun app and wish to be able to use it again.
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2 years ago, 2001BK2022
Has potential.
The fact that anyone can upload anything makes it very easy to find stickers one might like. It would be even better if the app had a working search function. The app is, for whatever reason, extremely slow. My internet is working perfectly fine, yet it will quite consistently give me error messages at the most basic app functions, which is part if not the whole reason that I assume why the search bar doesn’t work. It makes it very hard to actually find what you’re looking for, and the slowness and clunkiness of the app can make it somewhat aggravating to use. Otherwise, the idea of it is great. It would be ideal if some basic but fundamental changes were made.
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3 years ago, Seth Borgert
Near Perfect
This app is great for implementing BTTV and FFZ emotes into iMessage. It also offers a variety of other stickers and the ability to create your own stickers with a robust editing UI. HOWEVER, the fatal flaw of the app in terms of creating your own stickers is you are unable to edit stickers following adding them to a sticker pack. There is somewhat of a learning curve for the editing and requiring you to delete, re-edit, and re-add stickers to a pack is a real pain. If there was a way to go back and continue editing stickers already added to a pack this app would be perfect. Hope this feature can be added in a update.
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11 months ago, -Smiles_
Good but one weird problem
The app is easy to use, works well with WhatsApp, and is quite fun. You can find other peoples sticker packs and search for them as well- but there’s one problem. I’m only getting shown packs in Spanish, and there’s no option to change the language. And to make it more confusing- the only sticker packs showing when I search is not only in Spanish but also using rude language and imagery- normally that isn’t a problem to me but it’s the only thing that’s coming up at all.
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4 years ago, SamanthieC is angry
Amazing but
This app is amazing, does everything I want it to. The issue is that I can’t use multiple sticker packs at once like to choose between them when I’m messaging someone and I have to go to the app and do all of that every time i want a different sticker. But otherwise, I love it. Edit: nvm guys it works perfectly. It just didn’t load the first time <3 love it. Recommend 10/10
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3 years ago, xXAnonymous_PandaXx
Froze and crashed
I was making a sticker for a cat and when I clicked “manual” it didn’t really work, which was fine because I could “adjust” it and manually add it. However, when I clicked “next,” my phone froze and then it locked me out. When I went back into the app, the sticker wasn’t saved. I then had to do the process all over again. When I was satisfied and finished, I clicked “next” it froze and kicked me out again. I also dislike how there is only one size for the brush and eraser. Overall, this is a good app and would probably work better for a human and not an animal.
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2 years ago, Zion Berry.
“Optimized search experience” meaning it doesn’t work at all anymore and no one’s doing anything
(MIND YOU I WROTE THIS WEEKS AGO) I like this app a lot; the community makes great stickers, the recommended page is always spot on, and most of the time you can find what you’re looking for any situation. Keyword being MOST. You see, every now and then, I can’t search for anything at all. Say, I look for something common, like cats, and it shows no results. I don’t know if that’s just a me thing, and even if it is, that shouldn’t happen at all. Other than that, definitely recommended.
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2 years ago, Nelli Nctzen
I really like the app and it has really good stickers. But it has bugs and sometimes you can’t go back to the home of the app. Something like that. Idk how to explain it well. So that’s somewhat annoying. I would take that though if they had the option to add them to other apps such as Messenger, Instagram, and stuff like that. Just so I can send them to people w/o having to share my phone number. That way, I feel like it would cancel out the problem of it lagging. But in general, it’s a good app ig🤷🏽‍♀️
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2 months ago, Luna/moon552
Almost there
So I made a lot of little animations and ended but deleting some because there’s a little line that bothered me so much and it just stayed there it ruined the edit/animations but that’s the only bug I found overall *cause I still get ads even though I bought the vip pack or whatever it’s called*a 4 stars just a little more till I fall in love and literally marry this app it so good just a couple of bugs that I hate
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4 years ago, kikiamb0216
Nice app but big problem
I downloaded this app to make stickers for my whatsapp chats. It has been working very well. I’ve been able to make lots of stickers and the app is easy to navigate. But, it suddenly doesn’t let me transfer the stickers to whatsapp. I hope this gets fixed because I tried using other apps and none is as good as this one, in my opinion. Please and thank you!
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3 years ago, Macopeppers1203
Love it, but extremely buggy right now!
When saving it to the Messages app, the app on messages has been crashing. I also haven’t been able to keep my animated and still stickers on the same set. When typing down name of set in search, not all the stickers show up! Please fix this ASAP, and we’ll be blessed! Thank you! :)
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2 years ago, pipatonyc
At the beginning it was exciting to create stickers (animated and regular) and also navigate into the app to check more and more stickers… Since a few weeks until today I don’t know why I can’t explore or find more stickers available than the app shows in “following” “trending” “for you”…. Before I was able to find and to have acces to thousands stickers.. but now I can’t … always appears NOT RESULTS FOUND… 😤😤😤
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11 months ago, suggest and no more vip
Good but made me really mad
So what happened was I was trying to text my mom and I needed a specific sticker and when I went to get it every sticker pack except for two was deleted and I could not get them back and I did not remember the names of them so I lost almost all of my packs. Also when ever I download a new pack it takes forever even in good Wi-Fi.
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2 years ago, Amy-Jakelyne
I can’t search stickers packs
it was good but then i just can’t search sticker packs because it says no results for every single thing i search so it manes it impossible to search stickers of my preference.I have already tried to delete the app an re-install but nothing helps .
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1 year ago, Aishwaryame
Keeps Popping up in the Wrong Language!!
I have not been able to try this app, yet, because it keeps popping up in the wrong language!!! I want it and all the stickers to be in English but it is all just in Portuguese and Spanish! What’s the use, then? I have deleted and reinstalled it several times but nothing changes. Is there a way to fix this? Also, it is impossible to report or contact the developer. So far it’s been a useless and bad experience.
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1 year ago, Freud555
Nicely designed but…
I have two issues with this app: 1: there needs to be an option to save the stickers in telegram but as I’m writing this review, there seems to be iMessage and WhatsApp are the only options. 2: recently I’ve come across an issue that when I crop an image using the crop tool in the app, it won’t be cropped unless I grab the image and move it two or three times. If I don’t do this and hit next for the final part (where you want to add #s) the cropped will appear again as if I didn’t crop the image. All in all it’s a really well designed app and I’ve been using it for over a year👍🏻
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4 years ago, Swirl Rose 𖦹ͻ
This Is My Favorite App <3
I love this app because: ✰1. You can easily cut out the stickers ✰2. There are so many cool effects! ✰3. It is COMPLETELY free ✰4. There are no ads ( so far ) ✰5. You can share your stickers to others! And that is why, I rate this app 5 stars! Okay, so I rarely write reviews, but I just HAD to for this app. Making theses stickers are so fun, because I love sending my friends stickers, and sticking stickers on their messages. (😂) And to know I can make my own is very cool, with my own designs, style, and ᖇᗩIᑎᗷOᗯ Tᗴ᙭T! 🌈 I have no problems with it whatsoever, and right now, this is my favorite app. I love it! ❤️
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3 months ago, amjad fd
Two whats up FIX
please i have two whats up 1 whats up business When i open the app and save some sticker then I choose to upload to whats up they automatically open my whats up business and then ask me to open the what up i click on it but nothin happen and dont open my other whats up
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1 year ago, dragonchild🐉🐲
Glitches and bugs
So, when I tried to download a Wolf Link sticker pack that a YouTuber made (they even had a link that takes you to the app) it said I needed to check my internet connection and try again. However, I was on full bars on my internet. It also logged me out and I had to log in multiple times to get it to work. I downloaded a few stickers, but the search doesn’t work, just like other people said.
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6 months ago, Lexi💙👋
4 stars💙
You could make your own stickers or look at other peoples stickers! You can also follow people if you like they’re art of stickers just like social media. Something I do wish they could fix is that you can use the stickers on iMessage. Only ones you created you can use on iMessage. -Lexi 2023
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2 years ago, nkanji09
Decent. Not very intuitive. Still Needs work.
1) How do you delete sticker packs/collections from iMessage? It's not very clear how to do this? 2) Why create Packs and Collections? What's the difference, and why not just have one over the other? 3) The Auto wand feature is nice but could be easier to use if it also allowed to bulk remove items or even allowed the use of crop after the auto button is hit. 4) Adding to WhatsApp or iMessage should be the focal point after creating the pack...meaning a button should be visible, instead of having the user tap on the share button then selecting which app to import to... Otherwise, it's moderately functional.
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4 years ago, Korven 19
It’s doesn’t allow me to take stickers to WhatsApp..
To make my stickers for WhatsApp it was the main reason I downloaded this app. It work at first, but it stopped to allow me this, and I tried even to offload the app and lost all my stickers. And still it doesn’t allow me to take stickers to WhatsApp. If you can provide me any solution I would appreciate.
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4 years ago, KevR25
Needs pack organization
First off, great app!! Something that I haven't seen in many of these kinds of apps is the ability to organize sticker packs. I would love to be able to choose the packs I use most and put those at the top of the list instead of it just being based on when it was created. Thanks!
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1 month ago, Mac24232220
It’s ok…..
When I got this app I thought I could make stickers for free but, as someone who’s parents don’t want them to sign up for stuff that needs passwords can be a disappointment. I want to make stickers and save them but I can’t so I don’t want other kids to get up set. So all I’m saying is that there should be like if you don’t wanna sign up watch an ad to save the sticker but other that that the app has cool design and stuff.
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2 years ago, rma_ana1111
Search option
I love this app, I think it’s really fun but recently they have taken down the search and it’s frustrating cause the main page only gives you limited amounts of stickers. Once the search options comes back for sure a 5 out of 5.
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2 years ago, Her. Bunn
Very good
Is a very good app, But there's one thing I don't like that is when u wanna search for sticker Pack everything you search will end up with a " No results found"Like bruh 😭 I'm trying to get Sailor Moon stickers 🤨But that's the only thing I don't like, After that the app is very good! Well now I'm going to create some sailor Saturn stickers 🥲
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4 years ago, Diego Maya
Put the function back to add the WhatsApp stickers
The application is very good but what a disappointment that it only works to add the stickers to imessage when until a few days ago it worked to add to WhatsApp, they should solve this.
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2 years ago, Just another user more
Almost perfect
I love it, is easy to use and has a huge catalog of stickers, but for some reason, not all stickers are available for telegram. The only thing I would add is the option to edit again a sticker that I made, sometimes I realize I did a mistake and I have to restart the sticker.
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2 years ago, tiredtigerrun
Search function, useless
Paid for this app. Was a nice feature of it but now that it’s not there… idk.. I’m thinking about other options.. another thing about the search function, when it worked, LGBTQ terms were omitted? Idk how that could be offensive, what I find offensive is the omission of a certain type of sticker lol. Bring the functionality back. I might start using again
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3 years ago, AniDrawsStuff
Amazing but
I was making some stickers to use while i was messaging my cousins on WHATSAPP, when suddenly it only let me transfer the stickers to Messages and not WhatsApp, please fix this. I want to message my cousins in a funny way again.
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2 years ago, justarandompeson
Amazing but one problem
This app is great for iMessage and is really well done. But, I saved a new photo to my photos app, and it doesn’t show up on here even though I allowed all photos. Other than my problem, great app!
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4 years ago, lexrowmer
good App
this App makes really good stickers when it lets you, sadly I think it needs more tools, because most of the time when you are making adjustments to the sticker, when you are trying to make one and you hit the Apply button the App gets bugged out and your progress is gone...please fix this!
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1 year ago, UEEEYEHEHEHE
It’s like more than amazing
It’s more than just a app it’s an amazing app that you can use forever the second I saw it I downloaded it so why not download this amazing app, it happened to be my lucky day😉
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3 years ago, alishatherose 🌷🌹🥀
Amazing app overall ‼️
Could you can use it in WhatsApp or iMessage very universal with both plus you can make your own stickers as a bonus would recommend to a friend.
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3 years ago, jesusortiz3
Almost perfect
I like the app, it’s really amazing, but I give 4 stars because when y try to do animated stickers it doesn’t let me export to WhatsApp because it say “whatsapp doesn’t permit animated stickers in this moment”. I think it’s a error from the app and easy to fix, but leaving that aside it’s very well this app.
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4 years ago, Jesm117
Doesn’t download to WhatsApp
I downloaded this app because my friends were all raving about it. It’s great but on an iPhone it only allows you to transfer stickers to iMessage and not what’s app. Please help out with this !!
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2 years ago, realmarilopez
It’s almost perfect the only inconvenient it that you can’t browse the stickers by name only the one they show you, Hope they can’t fix that soon
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4 years ago, Cat in Space
Not working since update
Since the last update, I have been able to access my stickers from the app drawer in iMessage, but I cannot seem to drag them onto text bubbles (as actual “stickers”) like I could before. Other than that, the app does exactly what I need it to do. Just hoping they fix this feature soon!
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1 year ago, Gjr97
Doesn't let you access sticker packs directly from WhatsApp
The app does not let you access sticker packs sent by friends, when you click "view sticker pack" it redirects you to the App Store page where the trail is lost. Sticker pack codes are also unavailable so search is not an option neither is artist search since the information given in pack options is irrelevant on iPhone.
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2 years ago, cmime
Why only FB, Google and Apple for registration?
I was very happy with the app up to the last couple of updates where: First: you have to watch a long video to upload the stickers to WhatsApp; Second: all my stickers were deleted and I need to create a new pack from scratch but…they only allow that with a Facebook, Google, or Apple registration. I’m out!
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4 years ago, yellow- 14
It doesn’t work on whatsapp
It doesn’t work on whatsapp as it say it won’t give the option that it says it has for whatsapp to transfer.
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3 years ago, Ellie Liberty
Great app, I love it but..
I love the app. It works perfectly fine. It’s also free. It’s just that it takes a really long time to load. If you want to save something it says it’s 50% right away, but after that, you have to wait about 5 minutes.
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4 months ago, Appisablasttt
Unable to login again with my Apple user account
My Apple account is what I signed up with years back and made all my stickers with but it won’t let me log back in but I’ve been booted out of my account and even after updating app when I try to login using Apple saying oops something went wrong an unknown error occurred
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3 years ago, Jfsosa97
It’s pretty good
This app is amazing! However for some reason it doesn’t let me transfer animated stickers to WhatsApp l. It says that WhatsApp doesn’t support animated stickers yet, but it does. I have some, I wanted to make some animated stickers for myself and it won’t let me, hope it gets fixed some time soon
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2 years ago, zilliebilly
Good for making, but I can’t find ANYTHING when I search with the search bar. It says no results for literally everything. And I know it works for others bc for others it works, they look up the stickers and find what they want just fine. Please fix this, I can only find packs that AREN'T in the “popular” or “recommended” section.
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3 years ago, BoomBrian
Soooooo close!
The update from about six month ago was better at cropping out minute details such as hair and spaces that curve like the triangle around arm pits and very small pixels that overall make the image look more crisp and better cropped out. This update ruined it for me.
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