Sticker Maker Studio

4.7 (80.1K)
67.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tamara Vardanyan
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Sticker Maker Studio

4.73 out of 5
80.1K Ratings
I love it, but one small thing, though
I love this sticker app, because it never put limits on the other sticker apps like “pay to be able to put more stickers in your pack”, but recently I don’t know why, whenever I put stickers, they all appear with a white frame around it. I won’t stop using this app, I keep loving it, its just that it would be nice if you could just let people do stickers with the whole picture and not with white frames, as well as letting those who like the white frames on the pictures to have the option to do it, too. I don’t know if this was done on purpose, but I obviously assume it was, so I hope you know what I’m talking about, and I dunno. The point is, I really love this app, but that little thing, even though I can obviously tolerate it, I just wanna point it out
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3 years ago, 🖤 • Pixxiara • 🤍
Please fix the second sticker pack bug!!!!!!
So i made a sticker pack and it worked perfectly. But when I made a second sticker pack, At one point, 2 of the same sticker showed up and I didn’t add two, then i deleted the mysteriously appeared duplicated sticker. And then they all disappeared except for the duplicated. So I added em all back in. Then, when I tried using my second one, some where gone, but I kept scrolling and then they popped up and went away again. I started seeing some of my stickers from my first pack popping up there. Please fix this bug. Also Can you add more sticker slots please. Thank you for reading if your a developer or not thank you for reading. Also, when I tried changing the order of my second sticker pack, it went back to the original order right after. This could happen with the first sticker pack to but I didn't know about the change order feature then. Anyways, Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, Annabelle Brannen
It isn’t working right
What can I say? It isn’t working. I created a sticker pack and it worked beautifully. But when I tried my first sticker on my second sticker pack, I was only able to add a couple of stickers before it stopped showing anything. So I deleted this app and downloaded it again and again, over and over to see if it was just a glitch or something, but no! It just won’t load any photos. Don’t get me wrong, when this app worked I loved it and I love how you didn’t have to pay for everything. But now that it doesn’t work anymore, downloading it was just a little bit anticlimactic. So please, please, please, fix this app so I can keep enjoying this app.
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5 years ago, Glorop
Awesome app
This app is great! It’s really fun and I like how there is free hand, or it could do it for you! It’s nice how there is a magnified view of what you are cutting out, so it’s easy to make the sticker! The creator did an excellent job of making this. There is no problems with sending the stickers to relatives. I can’t believe this is free!! I don’t understand why some people are complaining about the border because 1. You can change the colour of the border- it’s not only white and 2. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO HAVE A BORDER IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! If you’re using the app right, you can expand and decrease or maybe not even have a border! So it really confuses me about people complaining about the white border. This app is great, and I really enjoy all the features! Thank you! 😀
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2 years ago, Artxruss
Best used on the iPhone
I was trying to use it on the iPad and transfer the information through iCloud back up to the phone… I didn’t work too well. This is the only application that allows you to access your cloud files so that the PNG files drop the background. iOS photos does not transfer those files properly, so the iCloud Files to the desktop is a solution. DiscoveredOutline feature solve the problem of dark mode wear a black lettering and cartoon lines disappear into the dark. A thin white outline Around the character and lettering keeps the shapes from being lost.
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4 years ago, Amy Hua Kitty Cat
Please fix this bug
Hello, I’ve been enjoying this app a lot making my own stickers. I got to show off all my custom stickers to my friends in iMessage! One problem though, a bug. When I added my first sticker pack in iMessage, it worked perfectly. The second sticker pack I tried to add to iMessage, it didn’t show up. Can you fix this? I only have one sticker pack I can use in iMessage. I want to show more stickers with my friends. I kept trying all over and over, nothing helped. I reopened iMessage, it still didn’t show up. Thank you for reading this review, apart from all these bugs, this app is GREAT overall. Thank you, once again!
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4 years ago, Tsuyu_Asui
This app is wonderful and I would recommend it to any one who loves stickers. It's free, easy to use, and you end up with gorgeous results! I wouldn't ask for any more in an app. I am currently making a sticker pack, and I am using an editing app that makes it just a little bit easier for me to make stickers. I would recommend being able to tilt the text boxes you insert in the sticker. Also, the dark mode doesn't work for me. That's not much of a problem, though. Those two things won't affect my 5 star review! It truly is a wonderful app.
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1 year ago, Only1priscilla
Best free sticker app
I used to have a paid version of this app that has the same name, but this one does everything that the paid version does the only thing that I find that's a drawback which is why I gave it four stars instead of five, is after you upload a new sticker pack to your text messages or whatever have you, if you go to make a new pack, and you start a new sticker pack it won't work unless you close out the app and open it up again otherwise you'll end up trying to create a new sticker pack five times and nothing will happen. Other than that it works fantastic!!!!
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4 years ago, Aikinai
The best custom sticker app
I think I tried all of the apps that looked decent and this is the best custom sticker app. It’s straightforward and easy to use without trying to be cute or do anything weird. It even supports iPad multi-tasking which makes it a lot easier to make a sticker pack quickly from an iCloud folder of images for example. It’s already great for what it is, but I also have a few suggestions that would make it even better for me. 1. The stickers don’t show up in iMessage in the same order as the sticker pack in the app. 2. I’d prefer a paid version to remove the ads. 3. It should sync across an iCloud account without needing to manually back up and restore. 4. You should be able import a folder full of images without copying one at a time. I have a folder full of transparent PNGs that could be imported in one tap, but I have to copy, paste, and select-all on each one to import them.
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6 years ago, Bluebity
This is my favorite sticker app for iphone, good job it’s really great. I just have one teny tiny comment. If you would please add the functionality that allows us to add ready made stickers, because I make my own stickers in photoshop with a transparent background and then when I want to add them I have to put a border again which kind of ruins the stickers sometimes. So if you would please allow the functionality to add stickers without editing/croping them. But the app is fantastic nevertheless, Thank you!
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4 months ago, |rosero|
Good app, needs an update
I enjoy the app enormously, is easy to use, it’s fun, 30 stickers per pack, many options to customize. I get the adds, the developers needs to make some money to keep this app running for free for us, so people should understand that too. The last update came with a little bug, when trying to reorder the stickers inside a pack the button “save order” doesn’t work anymore, it keeps giggling and I have to go back for it to stop. It would be nice to have that fixed… 👀 Other than that, I love the app.
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4 years ago, enriquearc92
Great App, just one small detail...
So I’ve been using this app for a while now, and I absolutely love it. I cut most of my stickers in Photoshop and save them as transparent .png files and transfer them to my phone. However, I’ve noticed in recent updates that whenever I add it and tap “select all,” there are tiny black outline fragments around the sticker (the outline slider is completely to the left). This is especially frustrating because I go through the painstaking process of making sure that the image is perfectly cut. This wasn’t an issue before, and it would be great if it could be addressed. Thanks!
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4 years ago, LEAN IMPORTANTE
Can’t send/receive the whole sticker pack
I find it pretty useful and one of the best apps out there. It doesn’t need you to pay or invest in any way. You have the cutting tool and shapes tools which are great. But I can’t search my friends sticker packs to download them into my WhatsApp.m, I have to manually save each one individually, which is very tiring. I would prefer if you add a page where I can search up peoples sticker packs and be able to send my friends the complete pack, which I have tried but it only sends them to the app in the AppStore it doesn’t actually open my pack.
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4 years ago, Dave9284
Great! Missing a few things
Love this app! Super simple to use. The smart select while making a sticker is fantastic. However it would be better if you could edit after the smart select as it sometimes keeps things you don’t want. Biggest negative is the inability to drag the sticker into an iMessage chat like you can with other stickers. You only have the option of choosing the sticker and sending it in a message. If that is added Then was this app would be off the charts great! Hope that is added soon. Def would recommend this to a friend!
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5 years ago, Michael K Steinberg
Change publisher’s name
I love the app and it works great. Would be cool if you could add these features though: 1) Change the name of an existing pack. 2) Mass import images from gallery. (For ppl who edit the photos outside the app) 3) Allow the user to choose the publisher’s name like the other sticker maker apps. I know it’s part of the marketing campaign, but I would prefer my artwork to be signed tbh. Also, this is basically the only sticker maker for iOS, so who are you really competing against? 4 not super crucial) Make rearranging the stickers easier, drag drop kind of thing, like the iOS home screen or smth
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3 years ago, Fabo =)
I like it but something is missing
I like this app but I think something is missing. For me what it's missing it's like you can download the stickers that other people do but not on the sticker app, what I mean is like when you look it in hoogle it takes you to the app but I have the app and I don't see those stickers. If you don't get it then just answer and I tell more but I think it's not just me 'cause some of my friends have the same thing and I bet more people do. Just want to know if you can fix that. Please :)
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3 years ago, Crunchyroll lover
Would like to have more source options
I love this app and how it’s been working but I’ve been having trouble uploading the things I want as a sticker as an Apple user. I want to upload stuff without a background but the only way to do that is to use a pdf file (not a jpeg) and Apple doesn’t let us download pdf to the gallery. I know Apple can get frustrating sometimes because of the limits it has so I would appreciate it if we could upload stuff from google drive or something like that/from other sources. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Mjs.twins
Problem solver
I’m going to help the people who read this about the white border problem you just have to go smart select if you want the foto to be cut out or to select all that’s where you can select the whole foto. Then in the top of the screen you can se a button that says border there you can remove it, change its color, and choose how thick you want it to be. Well I hope this information was useful- The problem solver
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1 year ago, mac a Rylee and cheese
Please HELP and please give me a immediate response
Oh my goodness I accidentally reported someone on accident :0 😭😭😭😭😭😬😳😱😥😰😟😨😰😨🙀😧😧😦🫢🫢🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣🫣 PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to hit the X button but I clicked the wrong button so I’m gonna have to probably get banned from sticker maker and I don’t want me to have to get banned PLEASE give me a IMMEDIATE response please!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know the person but I LOVED their Hilda Stickers!!!!!! Please help me PLEASE Ps. Im really panicking because i don't know the consequences
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4 years ago, ;w; lil cookie
Best Sticker App!
Hi there I’m writing this review bc whenever I go to get an app I check the reviews. I just want to say if you are looking for a great app to make stickers this is the one! In the past I would get apps, and they would say I needed to pay a subscription to make stickers, so I sorta gave up on it. Then one day my friend told me about this app and I was amazed! Totally free, super easy to customize! Perfect! Definitely get THIS sticker app!
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4 years ago, nandaguevarac
Good but more creativity
I love this app for making stickers I love it at competing to the other sticker apps I love it because you don’t need to pay or anything but I only have one issue you could put more creativity like for putting backgrounds and like make the stickers move and everything if it is possible to make your stickers move you ahold make that happen and like you can put your stickers in the stickers wold be the best and to like stuff for like edit your stickers like put the scream green or every color you like
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5 years ago, amjed4Games
Nice app but i would like one feature to be added
Hi, This app is really amazing and i have made a lot of Stickers since I downloaded the app, and i have noticed a missing key feature which is being able to re edit the sticker, and since i make a lot of stickers it means that i make a lot of mistakes, and not being able to re edit them after you finish is kinda annoying. And i kindly ask you guys to add more professional editing features that include (Multi-layering, Background erasing, Multi-cropping, etc...)
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3 months ago, ugfhjgsu
App has stopped working
Before an update Apple made that let you cut stickers from your photos, this was an incredibly good app. I especially like how it allows you to import an entire drawing without having it be shredded up by an auto sticker maker (looking at you Apple devs). However, after the photo-to-sticker update from Apple, the app has stopped working. I’m unable to see any sticker packs added to iMessages, and it is truly a sad situation because of how high quality the app is. Developers, please fix!
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2 years ago, Closes itself
Lot of bugs lately
I used to be able to delete stickers that i didn’t use anymore from the pack and now it won’t let me do that. And when I add new stickers to a pack it won’t transfer the complete pack and wants me to transfer only the new ones. That would mean a whole pack for every new sticker even if I still have packs with space for more stickers? That’s not logical. I’ve been waiting for these bugs to get fixed but it’s been months now. Sadly I’ll be using another app.
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6 years ago, @hebertojose
Really really good app but not perfect
As many of us, consumers, use this app I’ve seen the other reviews and the same opinion comes to my mind, more tools in the editing part, like erasing the background, make multiple cutting lines, even change de color of the background would give us an even more chance to make great stickers more now that stickers are available in WhatsApp, and an extra option that I’ve been wanting is the chance to change the name of each pack when we like it. Anyways those are just my opinions
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5 years ago, hokagayyy
Cant view entire sticker pack from whatsapp
When my friends send me stickers, the option to go see the full sticker pack is available BUT when i click on it, i just end up coming to the app here in the appstore, it doesnt send me to the sticker pack.... :( please fix it, it would be way easier to save an entire pack than to save individual stickers...
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3 years ago, Thorn•
Really good
I downloaded this app because I heard there were unlimited stickers, which was great. This is a really useful app and is very fun to use. My only complaint is that when using the freehand tool, you have to trace the whole area in one stroke. It would be nice if you could make a line and then let go, and then make another line connected until you have traced the whole area. Other than that, this app is fantastic!
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4 years ago, ilangal17
Sticker maker
I found this to be very user friendly and not very time consuming. It’s great that I can control the size of the text but It would be great if I could make the sticker different sizes. When I first made stickers I made the text to fit into the sticker not realizing that when I sent it it wouldn’t be legible because of the size of the sticker. The sticker was smaller and the text inside was tiny AND I couldn’t go back and edit. Would also love to see even more colors of text but that’s a minor thing.
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3 years ago, lolacolores
So SAD and disappointing
Great app the best!!! Be aware what are they doing with our data. Also you need to buy other games to be able to use your stickers. When you try to export them they force you to see advertisement of free games that will used your data. Before I use to export to whatsapp or messages… No more. I have to seeeee the games they promote and GET one and give them freely all my data. SO SAD!!!! A couple of years ago I did pay for this app… As for now… you become a data provider that they profit. So you decide on your own risk!
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3 years ago, CustomerReview1
Great app for sticker making! Just one small thing!
Great app for sticker making but I have some issues I was resolved. We should be able to go back and edit the sticker. If I make a sticker with an amazing cut, and I mess up a word for example, I need to make a whole other sticker. I can’t even edit the ones I like. The first time I downloaded this app, I made an entire sticker pack for my Whatsap and I didn’t know about the text and I made such great cuts!! I wanted to go back and add the words and everything but I can’t edit the stickers. When you click a sticker than it gives five options. The options are: 1) copy 2) share 3) delete 4) move 5) cancel There is no option to edit. I would like it and give the app five stars just if I can get an edit button.
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1 year ago, Dan Kupero
Overall would get again
It definitely serves my needs and is easy to use but, every time that you add a sticker to a pack and upload it a new pack appears which isn’t a reason not to get it, just something to have in mind. Another thing is that if you’re sent a sticker you can’t find the others from the pack
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4 years ago, samsjajdhaj
This app is amazing
This is app is amazing but i’d love if you guys could make it so that when we use it we could use the view sticker pack option would work it just sends me directly to the apps store. I think it would be way easier download people’s sticker packs easier instead of favoriting them one by one . Other wise app is amazing
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3 months ago, chromium protogen
Really nice app only two bugs
This app works very well, just when adding stickers to iMessage it pulls up a prompt to open iMessage and I can’t dismiss it without opening iMessage. When iMessage opens and I switch back to the app it doesn’t let me add more stickers without fully restarting the app. The iMessage app also doesn’t show in the sticker picker in iMessage. Other than that it’s great
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3 years ago, *AppLover*
Great overall, but I can only have one pack
Love that I can make sets of 30 with transparent backgrounds! The stickers themselves are great. But the app only allows me to have one sticker pack at a time. I can’t make a new pack, every time I hit the create button the dialog goes away but nothing happens. Every time I try to download an online pack, it says my internet failed (internet is fine). I hope this can be fixed soon!
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4 years ago, Q LO UEWUW
Pretty great!!
I really like this app, it’s pretty useful when designing and cutting stickers but I would prefer if I could check my friends’ stickers too! But whenever I try and press the button to see their sticker packets it automatically goes to where I downloaded the app instead of my friends’ sticker packet which is very frustrating. Overall this is a great app and this is my only complaint
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5 years ago, RAGE1108
So far so good, but........
This is like the greatest sticker app on the App Store, but I’d just like to be able to search and view and use other people’s sticker packs on like a sticker market of some sort. Have like a trending or hot sticker packs weekly random packs and stufff like that. Just an idea that would be amazing. You could choose to then make your packs public or private. All in all great app just this one thing that would be great.
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4 years ago, Lemon Boy 🍋🍋🍋
I love this, but there’s a problem...
Ok, this app is very cool, I love it VERY MUCH, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a problem, when I try to find my friends’ sticker packs, it immediately brings me to App Store, not to the pack, and when I press “open” it just brings me to the app, and it doesn’t open the pack I wanna see, I hope this is fixed, either than that, this app is very cool, I recommend it :)
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1 year ago, ROSEBUDilovemydog
Love it, but
I love being able to make your own stickers, most of my are of my dog lol, but I wished it would let you have more than 4 sticker packs (I don’t text I use stickers of my dog as replies) so I would love having the option of making/saving more sticker packs. Love the app so much ❤️🤗❤️
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2 years ago, Healthy Cuisinist
As far as easy to use, this app gets an “A’. You can easily import and create stickers just using your camera. Unfortunately, While trying to create stickers, you quickly find the only stickers you can make are the ones with unsightly white borders arround them. It forces you to add a THICK white border around every sticker. If you want a clean border, or a border other than white. You have to go elseware.
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3 years ago, annonymous noname
It is a great app because it doesn’t make you pay for more ways to create stickers. Everything was fine for a long time, but recently my stickers have stopped working. The app won’t open. I’ve tried to delete it and reinstall but it won’t reinstall. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
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4 years ago, wolvesacorn
I love this game, but you could add some helpful things.
I love this game and use the stickers all the time. I made a lot of stickers already. I would like it if you could edit the stickers instead of deleting it and redoing it with new things. I would also like if you could place the sticker on a text. Also it would be nice if you could rearrange the stickers. But that is all, otherwise I love this game.
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3 years ago, Man D.
It’s good
I think this app works pretty well, and I used it for a long time. But sometimes a notification will appear that says “File is too large” to import the sticker pack, which is fine and all, but I wish the app would show the problematic sticker so I know to remove it.
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3 years ago, Hasuni2111
Plz fix toggle dark mode
Hi how are you so i need to tell that if i put toggle dark mode it stays white so plz fix it because without dark mode its white with dark mode it stays the same plz fix this ok and i liked the app also its better than the others because the others you can't add it to whats app so I recommend this app
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4 years ago, DestinyManedWolf
Some suggestions...
I do enjoy using this app and sending awesome stickers to my friends and family, however I think the magic select should be upgraded to recognize CARTOONS and DRAWINGS instead of just people and animals. I also think it should give an edit option AFTER you make your first cut, because you can never get it right the first time. Other than my suggestions, I think it’s a pretty cool app. Keep on keeping on, and God bless. ❤️✝️
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5 years ago, By video game wizard
Good... but could use some fixing
The app is great and all but I can’t directly send sticker packs to people on WhatsApp. When I press the share option for WhatsApp it will send what looks like a file but when pressed on it does nothing. Hopefully this can be fixed to make sharing stickers easier
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2 years ago, Amanda kopper
Great app but…
I have just one problem with this, I love my friend’s packs but on WhatsApp when I click “view sticker pack” it always brings me here instead of taking me to the app… I wish I could save my friends sticker packs, otherwise why would that button exist? Hope you can get back to me when you solve it 💖
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5 years ago, @dri@n@di@zvill88
I love it but sharing a pack doesn’t work
As the title says, I love the app but I can’t share a whole pack with friends. When they try to open the file of the pack it doesn’t actually open or open in the app as the pack. The only way to share so people can use the stickers I made is to send them all the stickers one by one and then they add them to favorites. 😒
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5 years ago, I_Don't_Know_Either
Great App! ~just one thing
I love the app but I have one issue, whenever I try to make another sticker pack it allows me to write the title and author but then when I press create it doesn't show up. It may just be an issue on my part and I'm doing my best to figure it out but if your reading this review its a good app and I recommend it!
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4 years ago, WhoppadooFromTheGreatGoMA
this app is pretty good it looks fine and works fine until you try to make stickers and half of the photos you're trying to use don't work at all.. then you make a sticker pack with what you could use only to find that you can only use a bit less then half as actual stickers because they refuse to work. I like the idea of this app it has much potential but the fact that it only half works ruins the whole purpose of having it.
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5 years ago, Lailailailailaiiklaj
Almost perf , but one suggestion...
Hello creators. I’ve been using this app since many months ago. I ALWAYS create stickers in this app, and send them to group chats on WhatsApp. I just think that it’s a little annoying that you can’t use them in messenger, only in WhatsApp and Messages. I enjoy the stickers I make, but please read this, I’d be so much better if you could use them in Messenger! 🙌👍
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