4.9 (30.8K)
35.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tim O's Studios, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stopwatch‰

4.87 out of 5
30.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Fighter119
Running for the last 4.5 years
I started this stopwatch my freshman year of high school. I must’ve left it on, because I went on the app one day and discovered that it had been running for 2000 hours. Instead of looking at it, saying “cool” and deleting the logged hours, I felt a burning desire to allow the app to run in the background indefinitely. I’m now a high school graduate and a college student, have been through 3 jobs, 6 girlfriends, 2 best friends, and seen the life of my dear Grandmother come to a sudden end. Throughout all the uncertainties of life, I can always look towards this app for guidance, as it reminds me that no matter what happens in life, time will keep on ticking by. Make the most of every second in life, this is your once and only time to enjoy it. I miss you Grandma
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2 weeks ago, Eddie WannaBee
No Faults
Apple offers their take on their Clock App, which offers four distinctive options. Stopwatch, hands down, is a winner where that particular function is called to perform. Apple stop watch is so unpredictable in that it stops by itself, changes modes, resets, oh well, if you carry it around and want to keep tabs, forget about it because it will probably falter. This App does that one, highly appreciated thing to keep time, flawlessly. I went for a walk and tried it for the first official time. The Stopwatch worked so well I got emotional to the point that I just had to share the experience, so here it is. Tried and True. Did not disconnect, kept time like a fine tuned machine. Definitely an A+, and above average in performance. 4.5 Stars.
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7 years ago, tekman2000
So far, so good
I have an iPhone 6s and mostly it works great. But for some reason the built it stop watch .... the one that Apple (aka Macintosh) wrote .....turns it self off after it is on for a while. Other people have commented about this in the Apple support communities..... but I guess it is not a big enough of an issue for Apple to take it seriously because no one has a fix that corrects that behavior. Anyway..... I just downloaded this app yesterday and so far this stop watch app works great.
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3 years ago, PLR in JAX FL
Among the most annoying apps
I get that app creators make their money through embedded pop up adds but this app intentionally designed so near impossible to avoid clicking on the pop ups. They are placed directly below and nearly overlapping the start/stop buttons. If you’re like me you’re looking directly at some action elsewhere that you are timing, with your finger just above the stop button on the app and then drop your finger when the action is complete to stop timing. Unfortunately, very often my finger hits the pop up add instead of the stop button because I’m not looking directly at the stop button. Worse still, then you end up not even completing your timing because the clock keeps running when you get diverted to the pop up add! Makes my blood boil...stupid app!
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5 years ago, Neil_22
Simple and efficient
My favorite stopwatch because it's plain out simple and not cluttered with other features. Sometimes simple is best. Only thing I would request (something I never thought I'd ask for in an app) is for it to offer an ad free version for a price. I know, the ads don't take up much space, but it's a feature I'd like.
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7 years ago, Mendy's Banya
Not a fan of apps, but I love this stopwatch.
SIMPLE. EASY. EFFICIENT. It does what I want it to. Whether on a pad, pod, or phone, it’s super simple to see. There’s a start and reset button and the free version will NEVER interrupt your workout if you set it up to look at while exercising (If it did, it’d be gone before you could sneeze.) looking to upgrade soon. Best stopwatch online.
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3 years ago, BobKalk
Critical Timing Missed
This app asked for a rating while the timer was running. As a result, the event I was trying to time was not timed accurately because the stop button didn’t work while the “do you like this app” question was displayed. At this juncture, I would have to answer no.
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12 months ago, Dlvgolf
Ad’s too close to buttons
I like the app. Simple and easy to use. However, after a few uses, the ads start to pop up. They are really close to the start and stop buttons, so it’s easy to hit them instead of the start and stop buttons. I actually went back to the App Store looking for a version I could pay for to get rid of the ads. They don’t have one. Sadly, I’ll have to delete this one and find another.
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7 years ago, SaguaroJoe
Needs to be updated
The app was updated on 8/8/17 to provide 64bit support. Working great. I use this app a lot. With the latest versions of IOS come warnings from Apple that it will slow down your phone and believe me it brings the iOS to a crawl. One star would be five if it were brought up to speed.
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4 years ago, ouijahead
Good for your needs .
I set a stopwatch to measure over several days. Even if your phone gets turned off. The time is always being counted . Let’s say you want to measure time in between the last time you did something. It can do that. Over months I’m assuming.
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2 years ago, sick of incompetence
Too much hassle
It used to work, but the buttons are touching the ad bar to make sure you get as many Pop up ads as possible. It always wants you to review it, now it wants me to agree to page after page of terms and privacy policies- for a stopwatch app! I'll give it 2 Stars because it used to work, but this is just too much crap to deal with every time I try to use it anymore.
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3 years ago, lego9753
Very simple but effective
I use this app to find out how many beats per minute so I can plan my lesson for dance class. It’s simple so I can review several songs without getting tired of filling with too many buttons. It’s just stop, go.
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6 years ago, SofieTulip
Best Stopwatch App Available, Not Even Close
If you're going to bother spending your limited time downloading any essential apps, you'll want to remember to download this snazzy, simple and streamlined app. The competition out there isn't even close, at least not for the best price: free!
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4 years ago, Tollhouse Cookie
Big clear numbers
Easy to see at a glance or from across the room. I use it to time my daily crossword performance. Ad strip is annoying but at least it’s a little smaller in the latest update.
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4 years ago, xEllis33x
I accidentally left it running for 2.5 months...
So I opened this app to time my 4 year old’s run around the living room and apparently I hadn’t stopped it the last time I used it and it kept going. Tracked 2.5 months worth of time. Definitely reliable. 👍🏻
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4 years ago, @homeguy
Stop watch
As we age, are eye site also ages. This app is perfect. My wife and I use it to time are BBQ when we grill. I don’t have to keep going into the house to see the time. I just sit my IPad on the table and look through the window. Perfect!
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3 years ago, TAH.156173
Simple, clean interface
This was just what I needed with no extra frills. It displays large numbers that are easy to read. The interface is very user friendly and uncomplicated. The ads are annoying though
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3 years ago, Blaze1957
Simple Comment
It doesn’t get any easier or simpler. Quick download and install of the app too. Considering the speed and simplicity this gets a full 5 * rating from me…👍🏼
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3 years ago, alsamflux
So simple it just works
No inapp purchases to annoy me. And the Apple timer is embedded in the alarm app. Can I have a phone that works in the ways convenient for me instead of the way Tim thinks i should work?
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4 years ago, Dave3712
Perfect Simplicity
I’ve been using this app for more years than I can count and it is always dependable. No glitches. No need for constant updates. Easy to use.
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3 years ago, vgjvghchgcfddessscfcbjujk
I like this app
I like this app because when you open it up it starts you right at the stop watch and you don’t even need to press a bunch of buttons and I like how there is no adds
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4 years ago, pavan.aswani
So useful and easy to use
I love it as it’s numbers are big. It not a complicated dial so it’s easy to see. And the simplicity of just using and resetting. I use it daily for my prayers and it’s made it all so easy. Thank you to the developers
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6 years ago, SunnysideupFL
Works perfectly as it should
I belong to a group called Toastmasters. As a member of that group we have to give speeches which are timed. This app helps me to write speeches that I can deliver within Specific time parameters. Works perfectly all the time.
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3 years ago, robotsleavenofingerprints
Simple and safe
Works as promised and no scams, just one small ad banner. Great app and it gets me through my workouts when there's no timer available.
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3 years ago, Eannep
I am very happy with this app. It is JUST a basic stop watch which is exactly what I need. I don’t need all the extra bells and whistles that must be sorted through to find what I need.
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3 years ago, GGJean!
Stop watch
I am reading a long book to a group of people. 20 minutes each reading. What a help to practice and know how much time I’m using!
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4 years ago, Mhead runner dude
Great for workouts
I use this stopwatch on my phone several times a week for workouts. It is easy to use and has big enough numbers to easily see.
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2 years ago, Good luck anna
My stop watch
Finally, a stop watch with large numbers and easy to use. Thank you.
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3 years ago, WallyWalrass
Does its job
Work just as it should. Would be five stars if it could time laps and the Ad strip at the bottom only slightly annoying.
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5 years ago, SWT58
Excellent, the best one EVER!!!
I love this stopwatch. The numbers are large enough that it’s easy for me to see. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and they’re not getting any better. The stopwatch is exactly what I needed! And I love the one touch reset!!!
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3 years ago, LolaInUS
Love the simplicity
Big font, stays running and readable if you want (which I need), or keeps running in the background, either one. Simple, clean, good.
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4 years ago, Michelle Garforth-Venter
Voice Over Tool
Love this stop watch app - it’s EASY to use! I’m a Voice Over artist and use this app to time my reads and edits. Of all the options, this is my favorite- highly recommend
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3 years ago, Danny632
Great timekeeper
Nice large numerals make those easy to use. Clear stop and reset buttons are easy to use due to their positions I’m on the screen
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4 years ago, Rich Long Island
Stopwatch good
The stopwatch I use a lot for exercise I love it because it’s handy and I can see the the numbers very well unlike a stopwatch I bought where I can’t see the numbers
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3 years ago, Al Greenwood
Simple to use
Looking for a simple to use stopwatch? This is it and easy to read also
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5 months ago, Dicky2963
Perfectly simple
An absolutely flawless and simple stopwatch. I’m a 71yo male and use the stopwatch to time how long I can hold a plank position. This app is hard to beat.
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2 years ago, The Last Bookworm
Easy to use stopwatch
This stopwatch has helped determine how I use my time when working on my daily responsibilities.
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4 years ago, SportsMan69DOTeduSLASHgov
No complaints
I use it every day, non obstructing ads. Win win for developer and user of you need a second stopwatch on your phone
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6 years ago, WillyBob66
Straightforward, good app
I just needed a stopwatch with big numbers I could see from across the gym and this app fills the need. I doesn’t tell me the temperature, my horoscope, or anything unneeded. Recommended.
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3 years ago, Trajhver
Can’t complain. Got this app because I wanted a stopwatch that would work in horizontal mode since apple’s doesn’t.
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3 years ago, chris46962
No glitches or anything.
Keeps track of time
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3 years ago, leolink32
Stop watch/ timer
This app is so handy. I use it everyday for time sensitive things I do around the house.
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4 years ago, DrSharpzunFlatz
Perfect Basic Features
It has done exactly what I needed it to do without fail. Stop, start, in large size, decreased size. Doesn’t get better.
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7 years ago, Junkm
Effective Timer
Excellent interface, easy to use app, perfect for the task. It only needs an option to remove ads.
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3 years ago, TipToe_09
All I needed was a simple timer and this works just fine!
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4 years ago, Phy Ed teacher
I plan to use this for my students as they run outside. As they finish the run, they can easily see their own times. I’m excited to use it!
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2 years ago, cypress lounge
Stop watch
Easy to see well designed
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3 years ago, Sobusy Sograteful
Changing my life
Time segments are important for me. I recommend this stop watch to keep track of tome in your own life, professionally or personally.
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2 years ago, jpmidland
I used it to time my compressor
Found out how long it takes my compressor to recharge.
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3 years ago, ShameShameShimmy
A perfect app with one exception
I love this app because it is very simple. I’m an old man and I need simple. The only thing that I don’t like is the ads. I’d be willing to pay five bucks to get rid of those ads.
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