Storm Radar: Weather Tracker

4.2 (59.2K)
125 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Weather Channel Interactive
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Storm Radar: Weather Tracker

4.16 out of 5
59.2K Ratings
4 years ago, TechDev1
One of the best
I too used this app for years before the Weather Channel bought it. I also wondered why they felt the need to strip it down and change everything. However, that was then, nowadays it is arguably the best storm tracking and info app on IOS. The detailed information you get about the storm when you have Storm Tracks turned on is fantastic. All you have to do is to touch the storm center icon and a screen of probably 2 dozen attributes about the storm pops up. As I have quite a few rental cars on my lot, I find the hail percentage and hail size the most interesting. With that, though, since the last IOS update (I think) the pop up of the storm detail analysis doesn’t work. It pops up and immediately goes back down. Simultaneously, on the right side, a white rectangle that covers the entire right 1/4 of the screen pops up and goes right back down. I have tried it on my iPad Pro 12.9, my iPad Mini 4 and my iPhone 8+ and it fails the same way on all three. I have tried disabling ad blockers, changing font sizes and literally a dozen other tests but not one has made the slightest change. I hope this is something they can fix quickly as it is their best feature and the main reason I pay the yearly subscription.
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2 years ago, Downlinerz2
One Big Flaw
5 MARCH 22 The app is now working and showing the Storm Attributes. At least many of them. Glad it's back to functioning well. Thanks to the Storm Radar team. I had the previous editions of this app and liked it very much. There are many great features of is app but the “storm attribute”tables opened by clicking on the cell icons were the best for me. There was an abundance of information available on them and I didn’t need to spend a lot of time going from radar to Meso analysis sites to get the info. So I was happy to this version. After I downloaded the app (onto my iPad Air 2 with OS 12.4.1) I immediately opened a cell icon and encountered a major problem. The attributes table opened, for a second, and then disappeared. Now without this feature I can get what is available free on most other radar shows apps. I am waiting and hoping this bug will be fixed in an update but I am not holding my breath. As a major feature I would have thought it would have been a priority. I am very disappointed! UPDATE: 29 OCT 2019 After sending 5 or 6 emails & Feedbacks I have not heard one word from anyone. Not one response. They have my money and that’s apparently all that matters. The only reason I use this app is the cell attributes tables. And I cannot use them at all cause they won’t open longer than a second. It’s sad when they can’t even try to do something about a problem. I was disappointed up I’m angry.
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5 years ago, Closet Meteorologist
A Strong Storm Arising
Like many of you, at first glance I thought what a letdown and a waste the new Storm App is compared to the older version. Why would anyone put out a newer version that is inferior to their previous product? The new Storm Radar is an excellent app once you learn to navigate the new system. Just pulling down on the temperature banner provides you with much more in-depth weather data, probably more than the average person cares to see. Wondering about the weather in another place? Just tap on the map and the weather banner for that location appears, no need to search the city name. Need more detail, just slide downward on the banner and get your information. Monitoring storm systems? Add Storm Tracker in the Radar layers section at the bottom of the page. This will provide you Storm tracking data and by tapping on the storm marker, you will be provided all of the storm detail utilized by the meteorologists! The radar layers at the bottom of the page allows you to customize the data and alerts that you wish to receive. My daily job is heavily impacted by the weather and storms in general. Also, in my duties as a volunteer firefighter I monitor and depend upon accurate data for fire conditions and tracking storms. The Storm Radar tool is one of the top apps on my phone today. Load it and play with it to discover the many options available to monitor the weather the way you choose.
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8 months ago, Dom 22
Extremely helpful
I live in Florida where the weather changes frequently. Especially in the fall and winter. One day it’s 80 degrees and the next day it’s 40 degrees. In the summer, severe storms, lightning and high winds can ruin a day. So it is imperative that we know exactly what is coming. Hurricanes can be deadly. High heat and humidity can cause heat exhaustion. So, I am so grateful to have found this app. It is very useful, informative and most importantly….accurate. I need this accuracy to keep me and my family safe. I will give you an example…my son plays football for his school, the app warned me there were severe storms coming in 4 hours. At the time there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful day. I texted the coach and warned him of the impending storm. He said he was not going to cancel the game because everything looked fine. I even took a screenshot of the radar the app showed me of what was coming. He still refused to cancel. BOY…was he wrong. Game was canceled halfway through. Torrential downpour, lightning and tornado warnings. He looked like a floppy and soggy wet dog out there. My kid had a great time playing in the rain and mud… his coach…not so much. When we got home, I sent him a link to your site. Maybe he will listen next time. Thanks for creating such a wonderful app.
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6 years ago, SamThrash94
Sub par at best.
I had storm for a very long time before this. Paid the $10 for it years ago. Loved it enough to move to the subscription service when they dropped that. I gave this a chance but I refuse to even pay $.99 for the ad free version of this. A few of the issues I have with this app: the touch location feature is horrible I find myself accidentally clicking a location while moving around the radar. The radar centric version with the expandable bottom banner was wonderful over this. Also, why are advisories different colors from the standard! This is probably the biggest complaint, I see a red box around my country and worry it’s a tornado warning... it isn’t. I miss the markups on the radar you could do on storm, you could measure the distance and use this to predict when the front would arrive. Used to love the storm tracks but now they just don’t mesh well, and guess what when I try and tap the storm track to get more information I end up changing the floater box location because it’s easy to accidentally tap a location on the map rather than the track. Lastly, the ability to use local radars was great! I loved being able to look at the velocity track and find the hook when there was a nearby tornado. All in all what was an extremely user friendly and advanced weather app has become another “simplistic” “pretty” ui for the masses, next they will push out an update to include a news feed like the weather channel.
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5 years ago, Pmotz
New Storm not as good as old Storm
Well the Weather Channel has now ruined a perfectly good app. Since they “remodeled” the Storm app into the new “Storm Radar” app it’s just not very good anymore. The layout is odd and not very intuitive, plus they changed one of the best things on Storm, the wind speed graphics. It was real easy to see the wind movement with many wind speed arrows, but now it is the occasional arrow and no movement, just a direction. No where near as useful. The radar is ok, but when you zoom in sometimes the rain/snow that was there disappears! Something is wrong there. The current weather info seems to be lacking a measure of precipitation in the last 24 hours, something that is pretty basic for weather information. After using this for several months (I would switch to another app, but they are all bad!), I’ve found it pretty flakey. Quite often the app just quits for no reason. Other times I try to move the map area and it takes 10-15 seconds for it to respond. I also do not like the radar to go into animation mode when I open the app and have configured it to not do that ... but it still does occasionally. This is all pretty sad given all the time they have had to work on this. Update, now they are pushing the “Pro” version and have some icons on the left side of the screen that are only active in the “Pro” version. Problem is they block the view on the iPhone, but you can’t get rid of them. Another annoying money grab ....
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8 months ago, MeteoArs18
Very Nice App
So far this app has done a good job with keeping me safe here at home. It has a nice radar, satellite, and other layers that are useful for forecasting the weather. Another thing that I like about this app is that it has regional current weather and forecasts. The developers are doing a great job at keeping this app neat, but they are actually adding useful features and layers in there. My salute to the developers for that! The few problems that this app has is that in the future radar mode it has even the tiniest rain clouds becoming monstrous storms, I mean growing really big, even though is it obvious that most of the time, the atmospheric conditions are not favorable for the development of that. Additionally, the radar in the future mode is make up of smoothed large pixels. Hopefully Storm Radar will fix those problems. Something that I think would be useful for this app would be to add things like local radars and with them also add basic reflectivity and basic velocity. Thank you.
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5 years ago, djdidjdbd chejisixj
I’ve used this app for years and loved it. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. BUT something changed a few months ago after an update and now every single time I open the app it takes me to Africa. I live in Georgia. There is never a time now that it takes me to my location on the first time of opening the app. So I have to close it out and then open it back up again. My husband also has the app and his opens up to Africa as well and when you hit the location icon it takes you to our location but you can’t pull up any forecast information or see the radar or anything. It’s just blank. So no matter what you do you have to close it out and open it back up again. We’ve both tried deleting and reinstalling it. I even went on and paid for the pro version just to get it to stop doing what it was doing and if anything it got worse when I upgraded. I’ve sent messages to the developer (or whoever the feedback goes to) 3 different times and have yet to get any type of response. I’m so disappointed because I have loved this app for so many years and relied on it to keep me informed of any severe weather at home and also where our kids in college are and now I’m trying to find another app that even compares to the way this one used to work.
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5 years ago, Inter-Space Freight
Am I missing something? (Updated again)
It got better by only a little. Storm Radar is still an inferior app to what it replaced. Several updates to fix bugs and still hasn’t fixed most. App opens up showing Africa and the Eastern Atlantic. Must close the app and then reopen it to connect back with my location and current radar. I use it, but still wish for something better. Exploring other apps. All the comments below still apply. _________________________ The Storm Radar app is supposedly the replacement for the Storm app, which gave a notice of being discontinued May 24. I eventually found a very difficult to read graph of hourly temps and daily forecast. OK maybe for a LARGE display, but too tough to read on typical smartphone screens. I can save favorites of destinations I go for work but then constantly get unwanted weather notices for all of them. Haven’t found out how to turn that off while keeping my home location on. This is still NOT an improvement over the former app. It is a major step backwards. It is not intuitive. It is not easy to use or to read. I have to search for information where the former app gave great info all on one screen. Disappointed in the extreme. I’ve started using local news weather reports rather than turn this thing on. Hanging in there to SEE / HOPE it improves. Giving it the Summer months. If no better, it’s deleted.
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5 years ago, dgjuytfv
Took a good app and ruined it
This app is so disappointing, there’s probably too many things to list. First of all, it was way better when it was just Weather Underground. Once they forced you to move over from “Storm“, everything went downhill from there. First, I had paid for an ad free experience on Weather Underground (WU), and when they forced you to move over to Storm, they didn’t credit you for the ad free experience you had paid for on the original app. I have contacted them repeatedly, and have gotten no response whatsoever. Apparently they just don’t care about taking your money and then not providing the service you had paid for. Secondly, the underlying map in Storm isn’t nearly as good as the one they used to use when it was WU. Currently, you are unable to edit saved locations or recents. The delete button does not function. The satellite layer on the map doesn’t work. I’d say that their customer service sucked, but you would actually have to have made contact with someone to make that assessment. They can’t even be bothered to reach out to you when you have a problem and request some help. The list goes on and on. How do you take a product that was really good (WU), and then make it significantly worse, while effectively stealing people’s money for a service they had prepaid for. Truly mystifying. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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5 years ago, Cmeiman2019
What happened?
When I first got this app it was easily one of the best one the App Store. Great radar, easy to use tools, alerts that were on the mark. I’m in landscaping and snow removal so it was perfect, but that was 5 years ago. Since then through several updates and “improvements” the developers have gotten sloppy and greedy. On my iPhone 10 with the most updated free version the app constantly shuts down, won’t open several “free” and important features like special weather statements. A few years ago they changed the app so you could click on any part of the map and get the weather, but it’s very seldom I need the weather anywhere but where I’m at, and if I do need the weather in Canada I could easily search it. The only thing this map does it make me mad when I accidentally click it instead of the small carrot to minimize the forecast screen and get thrown into Toronto! Then there is the greedy part, only a few short months ago you could do anything on this app. There were some features to upgrade but they were very specialized or to go without adds. Now I can’t even make the app full screen without a subscription, what are the adds for? Don’t get me started on the IPad version.. bug city! I plead with the developers and owners, take a look at the old version of this app and remember what it was like when you were #1, Thank You!
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1 year ago, Stefunny01
Fix the premium acknowledgment
5.2.23 Update: Customer service reached out upon seeing my initial review, and recommended I completed uninstall the app from my phone, and then make sure to install version 3.15.1. I did. The issue with not recognizing my premium subscription still exists. Bummer too, because uninstalling and reinstalling caused me to lose all my saved places, settings, etc… that I had to redo. Wouldn’t have been a big deal if it fixed the problem, but alas, I still get pushed to upgrade 90% of the time. Love this weather app, and when they changed it from fully free to paying to get more functionality, I paid my $20. However, it’s hit or miss with whether the app recognizes I paid for premium or not. I’d say 90% of the time it thinks I haven’t, and on the seldom occasion, it automatically loads my premium version without me having to restore purchases. Sometimes when trying to restore purchases, it says it can’t connect to the App Store. The content itself is great as always was, but the annoying, ongoing inconsistencies with having paid for the upgrade, moved it down to two stars for now. I hope the developers get that fixed. It’s been doing this ever since they went to the paid model.
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3 years ago, Quint41
There’s always something ...
As others have said, this WAS the best weather app available ... until Weather Channel bought it. There was no need to “improve” upon the best, and they didn’t. We are full-time RVers who MUST HAVE accurate weather information in order to keep ourselves out of danger. I never feel that I can trust Storm Weather now like I used to. For instance, I just spent two solid days trying to decide if I should do a guided nature photo shoot today for $200 non-refundable. Two days I looked at your app and chose Tuesday over Monday for this outing because Monday’s forecast was cloudy, cool and quite windy all day whereas Tuesday was partly sunny, a little warmer and lighter winds. On Tuesday morning, I woke up to rain. After two days of checking the app and feeling confident that Tuesday would be better. Also, when I look at your app, at the top is the symbol for fog; just below it says 42% chance of rain; then there is a heavy fog advisory; then when you look at the hourly forecast it only shows 15% chance of rain for right now. Yet it is raining lightly but steadily. I’m so done with the way you cover all your bases. I need a RELIABLE weather tool. The last thing I need is to be in the path of a tornado and not know it because your app is telling me otherwise.
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1 month ago, Pam1055
Important to know
It’s important to know what kind of weather is expected on a daily basis. Our weather forecasts change in an instant! So if we can be a little prepared for what might come each day…well it’s at least one thing we don’t have to worry about. We check in with STORM RADAR every morning and then usually a few times during the day. We love the alerts we get to let us know about bad weather conditions that may affect our area of the world. STORM RADAR is right on the money with letting us know of rain expected in 15 minutes. I enjoy waiting to see how close to that 15 minutes they actually get to. It’s saved my husband from being on the lawnmower a few times. He’d be about to get things going in the yard and an alert would come on that rain was expected within 15 minutes…So I would go out each time and tell him and he’d stopped and put away his yard equipment and soon after the rain would come. So all that to say this…we love it…it’s worth getting, so what are you waiting for?
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3 months ago, theoreticalcreativity
Once my favorite weather app, it's now become a source of frustration. The problem? For weeks now, I've been unable to access future weather forecasts. Every time I select a location, the drop-down menu mysteriously goes blank, leaving me with only current weather information. This glitch has rendered the app practically useless for planning ahead, which is a major letdown considering I'm a premium member. I used to swear by this app, recommending it to friends and family without hesitation. Its sleek design and reliable forecasts made it a staple on my phone. However, the recent lack of functionality has completely changed my tune. Now, instead of singing its praises, I find myself complaining about its shortcomings to anyone who will listen. It's disheartening to see a once-trusted app fall short like this. As someone who relies on accurate weather updates for planning my photography trips and my day, this issue is more than just a minor inconvenience—it's a dealbreaker. Unless the developers address this critical error soon, I'll have no choice but to explore other options for my weather forecasting needs. Here's hoping they can get their act together before I'm forced to bid farewell to what was once a beloved app in my digital arsenal.
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10 months ago, HONKY TONK HEROS BAND
Honky Tonk Hero’s Band weather app
We always rely on this app to Get the weather that’s coming, some of our shows are outside and being able to see 6 hours into the future helps us to know if we need to cancel a gig or let the show go on. We love the feature that allows us to blow up the screen it may look like the rain or storm is going to run right though us, but blowing it up allows us to see that it will actually come within maybe 5 miles of us and turn just before hitting us. In our town that happens more than it don’t. Good app, good service, stays updated to help us keep or change our plans. We love to keep the old country music playing thanks to storm radar we can. As it may sound like a plug it’s not, we are a real band, play live and no, storm radar has not payed us to write a review, or give them a plug in our shows, however we often do. Thank you storm radar. Lead vocals for: HONKYTONK HEROES BAND. Country music with a little spice, from the 50’s to the 90’s
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5 years ago, NikolaiGranakov
Wow a lot of fake 5 star reviews
Hi, my name is John Fujita-Beaufort Weathervane and I was an Air Force hurricane hunter pilot before I became a tornado chaser for a big name weather company and I’ve got 45 years of experience with forecasting, even though I’m only 38 - Oh, I didn’t mention, I was orbiting the moon on a secret weather mission to see if there was moon weather, and I was going so fast that time actually slowed down, so that’s why my earth age is 38 but I have those seven extra years of experience. Relativity is a crazy thing! Anyway, this app has brought me so much joy that it brings tears to my eyes every time I open it on my phone. Most of the time it crashes, like that one time my C-130 crashed while hunting a hurricane, and the app has reduced functionality like, well, that one time when my C-130 lost an engine Come on people this is a terrible app, please review to balance out all of these fake five star ratings. Storm by WU was the best weather app ever, and I gave this app a chance for a long, long time, waiting for it to mature and it has just gotten worse. I’ve never been more sad about a piece of software in my life. 1 star because it works about 20% of the time, because of the baffling amount of patently fake five star reviews, and because I can’t assign a lower score.
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4 months ago, Jackknive
It’s my main weather app
New updated review: 2024. I have used them a long time. Stuff had changed. Not all for the better. But they are still the best app I’ve found to quickly and easily navigate map layers. Decent load times even with poor signals. Fairly accurate, or as much as weather can be. Wish they would add a few functions, but overall solid app -a weather loving geographer Old review from few years back: I hate what this app has become. This was my absolute favorite go to app. It was data strong and accurate. Now it’s a crashing broken shell of its former self. I had paid for the app back when it was the old developers. It was so much better then. Now most content is a much higher and reoccurring fee. But the app crashes constantly. Stuff doesn’t load. So much of what made this app phenomenal is gone or changed. So now I’m looking for something else after years of nearly exclusively using this app. Bummer.
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6 years ago, Concerned 343
IBM Downgraded Weather App
Don’t waist your time with this ‘upgrade’ —IBM’s ‘new’ Storm Radar app is sadly disappointing and wholly inferior to the original Weather Underground Storm App. It’s a shame to see that IBM purchased the Weather Channel and Weather Underground with the long term intent of implementing dated technology, removing superior competition, and providing decreased value. The original Storm app had easy access to everything one needs in a weather app, with the ‘new’ Storm Radar Weather app by IBM one would have to use multiple weather apps to even get anywhere near the performance of the original and still they would be lacking. The original WU Storm App helped my family weather Hurricane Harvey and saved us once from running directly in to the path of a tornado. Sad to think that IBM would purposely take away the public’s choice and access to an app that helped so many during Hurricane Harvey and could help countless others in the future. It’s also sad to see that someone is trying to raise the ratings on this app with all fake 5 Star one line reviews rather than fix the app’s issues or bring back the original Storm app features — in one month the rating has gone from 2.9 to 4.4 yet nothing has changed with the app.
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1 year ago, DJ Guilty Pleasures
Gone now was the main feature of this app
My habit of not updating apps when they work just fine has once again been solidified by the recent “update” of this app. Now included on this “update” is reduced functionality, so unless you pay for a subscription, the future radar is no longer available to free users. Like many I was upset when this app replaced the old app that was already an amazing app, but I eventually got used to this version and use it extensively for quick access to radar maps. No longer will that be the case because you can only see the past radar and not the future radar (as a free user). Time to uninstall this app and go back to viewing radar via bookmarking a radar page on some other weather information provider. I understand you want to be paid for your work on this app, but this money grab is going to alienate much of your user base starting with me. Im sure others will agree that we shouldn’t have to pay for a service that is free everywhere else. Complete disappointment this “update” was done. Had I never updated I would still have a perfectly function app, but now it’s just a waste of space for me.
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1 year ago, Jamieearlene
Sad to leave
I’ve been using this app for 4+ years to see the weather and the upcoming rain. I live in a tropical area so I find the app very helpful to see the daily rain expectations. I didn’t let it phase me when extreme amounts of ads were added to the main screen eliminating 30% of the screen. But now you have to pay to see future weather? You can only access past hourly radar and what’s currently happening. Which I could truly see by opening my blinds. I’ll have to find a new app that hopefully does what this app used to do. Thank you to the developers for being great. I just can’t bring myself to pay for something like this when the app has made no improvements but continues to try and monetize itself. I understand we all need to make money but making some features that are actually helpful (like the next few hours of rain) free entices the audience to want to pay for other features (like hurricane tracking…etc). Seeing what is currently available does not entice me to want to pay for a full experience and I’ve experienced it before so imagine someone new to your app
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3 months ago, Tavi o
Very Glitchy now & not as useful
This used to be my favorite most useful app. Now all of the tools & reasons I used the app have been taken away & a note appears that you have to pay for a premium membership to access what was already available for years. The remaining “free” tools are so limited & barely even work. I used to be a loyal, user and recommended this app to all of my friends and family but now based on Principle, what kind of company does that offers all these things for free and then takes them away and ask you to pay for them? For example to see the forecast for more than a day (weekly forecast) when I click on it I get a glitchy screen most of the time. Also the doplar radar is ridiculous now, I used to be able to see what’s coming, which is the whole reason anyone would use this but now it only shows you what has happened up until the current time. I would never pay for your premium subscription when the basic free part doesn’t even work especially when there are so many other apps, and websites that offer these tools for free.
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4 years ago, HelenaHanbaskit
Bring back the old app!
UPDATE: Just paid for a one month sub so I can see lightning and the lightning tracker won’t toggle on. Utter joke. Want a refund. I miss the 3 day thunderstorm/spc outlook display! The earthquake monitor (which the new app has but it’s hard as the dickens to see)! I miss the lightning monitor (again, this app has one but it’s not nearly as reliable). I miss being able to search a location by typing it in. Hunting it down and tapping the screen is a pain when I’m not 100% familiar with the area I might be looking for radar info in. I can’t tap my saved locations anymore and I miss that, too! My husband works in a different town, now when he asks is it going to rain, I have to hunt him down rather than tapping the location at the top of the screen. Overall, the radar is’s the sheer loss of functionality that stinks. I miss the current conditions at the bottom of the screen; the tap-to-expand setup now is frustrating and very confusing to read. Sometimes it opens...sometimes it causes the location pointer to relocate, causing me to again have to find where I wanted to be looking in the first place. You have a great radar, at this point. That’s about it. One star.
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1 year ago, McGyver1973
Being forced to purchase “Premium” for Average😡
I have used this app for years and until recently have recommended it to many; however, now that some of the normal features have to be paid for, I will be looking for a new app for my weather. In the past, they had a paid version, but now, I can’t even open the app without the welcome screen asking me to upgrade to premium and then the future radar not available without premium. It’s truly unfortunate that the weather channel made this decision when they have so many other methods of paying for this app thru ads at the bottom and truly “Premium” features like layers (which was an option in the past). There may be a win for you long term which is probably where your publicity team is convincing you, but, as for me (and I’m assuming many others), I will go support one of you competitors. I’m highly disappointed…it truly is one of the best weather apps
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6 years ago, 4HisPleasure
Hoping for more
This app, which replaced Storm, looks pretty cool with the theming. Unfortunately, that’s about all I have good to say about it. It has just a fraction of Storm’s features and customizability. I sorely miss seeing more details like dewpoint, cloud cover, and pressure in the daily/hourly forecast graphs. And those graphs need to be full screen instead of trimmed down to fit just three days/six hours at a time. The map options are drastically reduced from Storm’s, too. I could go on and on about what this app is missing in comparison. It just baffles me that they removed the best weather app (Storm) before releasing those features in this app. I’m not sure who this app is targeting. On the one hand, there is the great future radar, but some of the forecast details we weather aficionados use to understand what’s coming and how to plan are missing. Hopefully this is just an interim, growing pains gap (akin to Apple Final Cut Pro’s 7 to X), and the missing features will work their way into subsequent versions. In the mean time, this app doesn’t really offer much, so I will have to use a combination of weather apps and websites to piece together the full picture.
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2 months ago, math4geeks
Used To Be My Favorite; Ready To Give Up On It
Once upon a time, this was my favorite weather app, but those days are gone. I have two major complaints with it. First, tapping the current weather data is supposed to initiate a drop down screen with a great visual display of daily or hourly forecasts, your choice. That feature used to work great, but as of a few months ago, it works only sporadically; tapping the current data display results in that display going blank, with the work “Back” in blue text as your only option. So, the app is basically useless if you are looking for a forecast. Second, the iPad version of Storm Radar often shows data that is quite different from that displayed on my iPhone version, with temperatures variances of up to 10 degrees. I keep hoping that the owner/creator will fix this app, but I am losing hope. I loved the visual forecast display that enabled me to see temperature, wind, precipitation data and more at a single glance, but it has become so frustrating to use this app, that I’ve started using other weather apps, none of which I like as much as i used to like this one. ☹️
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5 years ago, Brian Cox
Great App though Recent Location Searches Cannot be Cleared
I’ve purchased and used at least twelve other weather apps over the last seven (7) plus years and this app is simply a superior product overall with side-by-side comparisons. That said, with the latest app software update, I am now unable to clear any of the many recent current searched weather locations. When I attempt to slide the location text to clear it, the app now crashes and closes up leaving me to start the weather app process all over again. This has become increasingly frustrating and leaving me considering going back to inferior yet more reliable Weather Bug or the original AccuWeather apps. I’ve removed and reinstalled this app with no success whatsoever when rebooted. I hope that this issue is fixed soon as the number of searched locations is well over twenty (20) and currently populating more every day. I’m sure that this cannot help the overall speed and performance of my less than two (2) years old iPad Pro and less than one (1) year old iPhone 8.
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2 years ago, sleepsimple
Easy to Understand
Even if you are the person who occasionally glances at the weather, this app presents a lot of what you need to know at face value. I have had this app for well over a year. It wasn’t recent that I purchased the subscription. Please believe me when I tell you that I am not endorsing a paid subscription; that is not what this is. The free version of this app does have limited features that presented enough information to get me by. Once I purchased the subscription, I thought to myself, “Wow! I was missing out on a lot of other things.” Every weather app you see out on the market offers a lot of the same type of information. It shouldn’t surprise you that they all piggyback off each other. What it comes down to is what features are offered; what the cost is and; how the user interprets that data.
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2 years ago, pilot5301
Why did you break a great app?
I loved the old “STORM” App but this replacement falls far short. Cons: 1. Adds at bottom of screen take up valuable screen space. No option to buy no adds premium like old App. 2 Controlling layers is not convenient. Requires too many taps. 3 Can’t turn off custom layers to access a single layer. A single tap should be able to turn off all customers layers so you can examine any one layer in detail. 4 Storm Tracts layer does not work very well. Haven’t seen a storm track on any very large intense storm. When storm tracts do show up, they do not show a direction cone! This is important PLEASE FIX IT! 5 legend fly-out does not work half the time. 6 Please explain what the Favorites fly-out is all about. Doesn’t make any sense to me right now. 7 A touch on the screen to ID ant colored weather alerts just changes the weather information location. Very disturbing. 8 No frontal boundary and high low pressure area layer is available. This is important in examining the weather. Especially important to pilots looking at flying weather. Pros: 1 None that I can think of. The old “Storm” App was far superior.
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11 months ago, alexansp
Awesome weather app features!
Of all the weather apps, Storm Radar really stands out in having awesome features and is 100% weather oriented! Sadly though, over the years, as IBM being owners of the app, greed for money has resulted in many of the good features desired, moved over to the "paid version"! ARG! One should NOT have to be paying $20/year for weather information app on one's Smartphone! While paying is annoying.... value and so many more people would probably be purchasing if the cost was $5/year! Recommend the app? Yes! Recommend paying $20/year for the extended features? No! I ONLY have the paid version currently because there was an $10/year price deal earlier! If there is no deal occuring when I need to renew... will NOT be doing! ARG! May something change in the crazy price structure as people move away to be using other apps instead! Yea! Hahahahaha! O:-)
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2 years ago, SaltySaladTutner
Was Amazing Until it Wasn’t
I’ve been using this app for years, and have enjoyed its very simplistic and user friendly layout compared to most weather apps. I’ve noticed over time though that a lot of features have been moved to being premium only, and that’s fine. But now the most basic feature of all has been made into a premium feature: the 6 hour future radar. This is where I stop using this app and move onto something else. Almost every weather app offers this as a free feature, and I can’t see why this has to be guarded now after years of it being free. I don’t want to be paying for a feature I can get on a different app or even off google for free. Prior to this change, this app has been consistently great and easy to use and I’d recommend it, especially if they every the “premium” lock on the radar. I hope they will rectify their tendency to make things a paid requirement and make this app as wonderful as it has been all these years.
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5 years ago, Techick74
I really liked this app but.......
I guess because I chose not to upgrade to premium I don’t get to see the weather at all. The last couple of times I’ve gone to the app all I get are dashes where information should be. My saved locations were gone so I entered them again to see if that would help, no. I refuse to put an app (that I can get the same information else where for free)on the payroll. I’m only willing to make a one time payment. Update..... The makers of this app contacted me after my first review assuring me that I would still receive basic weather information to keep me safe in the case of hazardous weather. I just went through a hurricane here in NC no thanks to this app. The entire time leading up to the storm all I got was a picture of the continents, I couldn't even zoom in on my location to see anything. I got the notification for a warning but because I couldn't open my location I didn’t know how to get to the warning. I probably wouldn't say anything now but this morning I got another notification for a weather warning. Why is it I can now get all the detail I could ever want about a storm that has already passed.
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5 years ago, BrrKsu
Worthless, unreliable. Don’t waste your time
This app was amazing a few years ago. Why is there always a need to take something great and “update” it to something that is trash. Every time I open the app, it shows me as somewhere in Africa (I’m in the Midwest USA). When I click the arrow to find my location, the app crashes and closes. Upon reopening the app, it shows my location and sometimes shows the current radar. It no longer shows weather alerts (highlighted counties with active weather watches and warnings), even with the “alerts” button selected, each time I open the app, I have to turn on storm tracks and lightning alerts because it doesn’t remember my preferences anymore. I’ve tried emailing Storm support, but get no response. Ever since “the weather channel” name was added to the app, it turned into trash. TWC is worthless in my opinion anyway. Bring back the old intellicast the way it was before TWC “fixed it”, or at least have your developers read the reviews and fix the bugs. I am away from home a lot of the time and rely on apps like this for weather alerts. It’s just too unreliable anymore. Fix it please
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6 years ago, Thaddeusrex
Way worse than the last version
What’s up with this?! Why did you launch a new app with a fraction of the functionality? I can’t find any of the old options I liked in the older version, like the wind arrows, which were actually amazingly accurate. Much worse. Revert back please. The loading is horrendous, especially the tropical storm/hurricane tracks, which are the most critical. It’s basically random as to whether storms will show up on my iPad screen or not. I open the app, then sit and stare at it for several minutes. Sometime none will load, so I zoom the view in and out, and sometimes that eventually works. Sometimes some storms will load, but not others. After all that, I still keep going back to the old version to view the wind arrows (which are my favorite feature, and are gone now), and going through the “OOPS, there’s an upgrade!” Screen, just so I can see where the arrows go into a tight circle, which indicates a hurricane. The arrows are so accurate, last year they predicted hurricanes before any service, or other data did! Bring back the arrows!
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4 years ago, Stormy83'
Best weather app available!!
My husband works outside for a living so weather is our life. I have had just about every possible weather app out there and I have found Storm Tracker to be the absolute best. My unscientific method for choosing a weather app is to have three weather apps and average them over a certain period of time. The winner hands-down has been Storm Tracker through at least a dozen rounds. It will tell you when it will rain/snow down to the minute and they are accurate over 95% of the time! Now that’s awesome. I love the personalization options that are available. My husband can save the weeks job sites and with one tap know the weather down to street level. Awesome job to the developers!! You have saved my husband from many unneeded road trips due to weather. I can’t say enough about how great this app is for anyone who depends on the weather for their livelihood. Great graphics too!
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1 year ago, Tom @&?
Was the Great weather app
Moving radar scans, color graphics, 2 weeks forward looking, see hourly forecast for next 48 hours and ability to look at multiple cities. But, about 10 days ago, this app automatically installed a “newer” version that took away my ability to view future radar weather systems moving. It used to show a few hours prior to present time, then the next forecasted 8 hours radar weather systems. Now there is no future radar future unless you pay for a subscription. I deleted this app off of both my iPhone and iPad and installed The weather channel AccuWeather app. It has all the features of this app, but provides 2 hours future radar weather system, and is free, no subscription. The user interface is different, but it only took a half hour to learn how to navigate this app. I don’t like bait and switch
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4 years ago, Catcala
Emails in link in app must go to trash
I’ve been a user of this app for years, mostly in summer to watch for tornadoes and hail. Then they downgraded it and make you pay for it. I paid for the summer at least this year but I’m about to cancel it. I mostly use the storm track details but it doesn’t work. It worked last year and every year before that but now I pay to have it not work. The storm track details won’t scroll. I can’t even get to the hail info. I’ve emailed twice for help but receive NOTHING. They must send them straight to the trash instead of replying. And the search for help topics, another big joke. You can find Covid info there but nothing about how to fix a problem with the app. So not worth it. EDIT: well I’m happy most people have an app that works for them. Me, nothing works. Still paying for it but this is now the 4th time I have written and said what the problems are and I get no reply whatsoever. No help nothing. It worked beautifully when it was free. As soon as I started paying-nothing works. That tells me one thing. All they care about is the money and could care less about any problems.
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5 years ago, joshybigmac
Sadly not what it used to be
I downloaded this app about 5 months ago and it was amazing to use. I used it almost every day and had some very useful and insightful information that I like to look at when viewing the weather and the radar. Recent updates have since stripped away all of the functionality that I used to enjoy in favor of a bogus $20 annual fee which wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t additionally extorted by a completely useless app for those who don’t wish to pay. I know this company knows how to do premium — the main The Weather Channel app introduced a premium program a couple months back as well, but instead of forcing users to pay by excluding features they already used, new and exciting features were made available on top of the free experience if they so wished to use them. I don’t understand why the same company could find it so hard to just do the same thing across all their apps. I’ll be sure to telling the people whom I recommended this app to to uninstall it if they haven’t already made the good decision to use the storage this app occupies for something actually worth keeping.
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2 years ago, dK_75
Great basic app made more basic by greed
This app used to be amazing and powerful in a wonderfully minimalistic format before the weather channel stripped it down to the bare minimum. The few features it has is enough for me to continue using the app. It is lite and still provides all the most useful information. However I saw a notification that the greedy weather channel is further stripping the app of features that I can subscribe to in the near future. I do t know what they will remove e from an already sparse app but I may have to switch to another weather app. I used to live the weather channel but the company has become so corporatized and greedy with subscriptions and ads that I prefer to use it as little as possible. I just want to clarify that the app is almost 5 star worthy due to its accuracy, ease of use and it’s concise information format, however the low 2 star rating is for my disdain of the greedy corporatization of the weather channel and it’s ridiculous subscriptions.
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5 years ago, Anana0016
Miss the OLD WUnderground
I don’t usually write app reviews, but this one is a long time coming. I used to love Weather Underground, and used them exclusively. Ever since The Weather Channel acquired WU, this app (and the desktop site for the record) has steadily decreased. After nearly a decade of loyalty, you’ve lost this subscriber. (1) TWC separated what was once ONE SINGLE APP, into two apps, the spinoff being this Storm app. Ok fine, I thought, this will help focus on severe weather. (2) Then it got glitchy and started crashing when trying to view the radar in future mode. (3) Then they take the awesome storm tracks feature from the free app and make it a premium-only setting. WTH?! That was like the one advantage this app had over others. (4) Finally, today was the last straw. I get a river flood alert in the push notifications. Opened the app and what does it always do when you try to get more info? It crashes. After three dIfferent iPhones...IT. ALWAYS. CRASHES. I’m done. THIS APP COULD BE ALL A PERSON HAS IN A SEVERE WEATHER EVENT. At the very least, it should not crash on us!
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5 years ago, Eagles215
layers once free, now a premium purchase! What happened?!!
many of the layers once free have been taken away and now are only available as a premium purchase. This also applies to some really basic layers you’d think would be free; such as satellite cloud cover and wind speed just to name a couple. This App was always somewhat buggy, but was still a must have for any weather geek. Now it’s just a simple weather app that cant stand apart from the pack after taking so much away once given as free and/or considered a basic feature and locking them behind a premium pay wall. I HIGHLY suggest looking elsewhere for a weather app. One that doesn’t drastically change their business model just to sell you something once given for free or considered to be an industry standard/basic weather feature. This is my first ever review left for an App if that tells you anything. I really hope this App comes back around and they resolve any internal differences, cause it really was once a great app. Not worth the price of admission today with the added concern of company’s unstable nature toward a business structure to build around.
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5 years ago, Beernun
Cluttered and counter intuitive
This app was great in its previous form. Now it’s an annoying mess. It’s got so much information in it, but the UI is horrible. It covers the map and only gives a tiny window to view. How many different ways to I have to turn off the animation of the Map? There are so many warning larders turned on that I can’t see THE MAP. I’ve turned them all off and there’s still several on that can’t be deactivated. The only good thing about this app is the lightning strike warnings. The previous incarnation of this app was still better at it though. When I’m trying to find the weather conditions I want to know now, not after if turned off a bunch of layers, then stopped the reader animation, and pressed the now button 3 times to get it to the current radar, then accidentally changed the location of the forecast by putting my finger on the side of the screen. This app has become a total mess. You can have all the information possible, but it’s useless because the UI is so bad that I do to want to use the app.
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2 years ago, Thornrez69
Radar Temperature and rain gauge
I’m a Weather Freak. I like the rain and despise the heat. I like to know how to dress for later in the day. I have several pay Weather apps and some I never upgraded. By far this is the most accurate app I’ve seen. I have complete trust in what the weather is going to be and this is the app I go to. The future cast portion is about 90 percent on target and the weather is right on the money. If You are looking for a reliable app this is the one You want. Weather Personnel is the only profession that you can be wrong fifty percent of the time and still keep your job. You don’t have to worry with this app. It’s between 85 and 95 percent reliable. The models they use and the Weather person do a fantastic job at predicting the weather. If You want a reliable weather app look no farther. This is the only one You will need
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9 months ago, SkipperGreg
Best Storm App Except for the BUGS
The Storm App functionality is awesome. High resolution radar, very easy to use, lightening tracking, storm tracks with timeline, hurricane details and cone map forecasts, and the best part are the alerts. I paid the premium subscription, which is fairly priced, to get the lightening tracking, storm tracks, and alerts. The in-app alerts are awesome. Can set government alerts for any location and severe weather/lightening/rain for your current location. But the bugs are frustrating and it takes IBM who owns TWC who owns Weather Underground who owns the Storm Radar App too long to fix them. Maybe too many layers or lack of focus in a company too big to be responsive. Current issue is that ALERTS arbitrarily turn OFF without warning. This happens many times. Generally every 2 to 3 days (3-4 times a week) that I know of. Sometimes multiple times in the same day. This has been happening for the last 5 weeks, since at least August 8, 2023. I reported this 3 times to the support organization via email with no response. In the past, the wrong alerts were getting sent. They responded to my support email and fixed that within about a month. Prior to that my favorite locations (which also trigger alerts) were arbitrarily disappearing. Support replied to my email saying it was a known problem and was fixed in about a month.
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5 years ago, IroqAtty
Paying for this app for the Third time!
So a few years ago I bought this app for a couple bucks, and it was a great companion to the weather channel app during stormy weather. It was a phenomenal app that I still miss in bad weather. After a couple years TWC discontinued that app and migrated to the *new* storm app. I paid a couple bucks (again) and got a app with reduced functionality, but it had weather boxes and lightning strikes. So I swallowed the loss and eventually sought out another app that had storm tracks and timing and some of the other functionality of the old app. Now Storm is insisting that I pay a few more bucks to continue doing the same thing I already paid for it to do, lightning and severe boxes, and that it was already doing just a few weeks ago. So now do I invest a few more bucks in an app that has now proven itself unreliable? Especially after I had to pay for a competitor app to fill the gaps left by the last migration? Perhaps I’ll delete Storm for the time being, and see if I miss it next time there’s a storm, the way I miss the original app.
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1 year ago, coopdad
Lowered rating. Pretty good but why does it lose the most immediate radar info?
New version severely limited functionality. The whole purpose is to see what storms are coming. But now all future views are premium only. This app is now useless unless you are a weather historian. Old review: Pretty good app. Easy to use, clean interface, reliable data. But over and over I’ll be tracking the history of a front moving through and when it gets to NOW the data disappears and the map is blank. It stays blank for several time slices and then (sometimes) the future radar prediction appears. This happens a lot and makes the app a lot less useful because the time period you most want to see is NOW and the time immediately following. But that gets blanked out. And this is not irregular. It happens a lot. Kinda makes the app not too useful when boating, hiking or doing anything outdoors! Update. Did it again. Tracking a storm coming in and right at my location after NOW time, the storm disappears. Your future predictions are horrible
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4 years ago, QuitRuiningApps!
Total Extortion!!! Don’t waste your $
With this new “update”, which again made this IBM/Weather Channel app even more useless than the original, they now are requiring you to pay for basically everything in the app that has been free for years! I have been a user of this app for years (even after IBM/Weather Channel bought and ruined it) and now they expect people to pay for this garbage app they have created? No Thanks!! ***There are tons more apps that are much better and are free!!*** I have never seen an app update that locked the entire app down and won’t unlock unless you pay for it! This is just infantile GREED AT ITS CORE!! Whoever at IBM/Weather Channel that changed, I’m sorry, RUINED THIS APP really needs to contemplate a career change because I’ve never seen garbage like this...ever. You should be so ashamed of this that you should fire yourself, and take some time off to figure out how you so profoundly messed up a great app. Or, go stick your head in a toilet and flush, because that’s the experience you get with this app since IBM/Weather Channel bought it. You have been warned!
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5 years ago, Grrrrrr4411
The only good thing about this app is watching it crash and burn.
Ok. I’ve hated this app from day one. It was a huge step back from WU. But watching the developers dig themselves into a deeper hole? It’s getting to be entertaining at least! I found new apps after a dangerous situation that Storm showed nothing and we had hail and tornados. I contacted the developers and got the canned responses of thank you for your feedback. There was a glimmer of hope when they added storm tracks again several months ago. It still sucked. But slightly better. And now we have to pay for it for premium in a subscription model? I deleted it today as these bad storms are moving through and I can’t get any info on them. How is it that the weather channel app is this horrible? I’m so disappointed they bought out WU and ruined it. If you want a basic radar that’s horribly inaccurate- there are a ton of free apps that will give you that. Weathermate, Aeries Pulse and Accuweather are my go to-s now if anyone is looking for help. None of the three give me everything I want but together have what WU used to.
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4 years ago, MomCatM4
Storm Was Better
This app has been stripped of a lot of what made Storm my go-to weather app. In Storm, I could have various locations set across the top so I could see at a glance what the temp was in another city. In Storm, I could get an hourly or daily forecast—extremely useful when traveling. In Storm, I could get specific weather stats like dew point, wind chill, and more. In Storm, I could GET RID OF THOSE ANNOYING ADS!!! In-app ads have the potential to track you or follow you and you would not know it. C’mon, Weather Channel, fix this thing!! Until then, I probably will use other weather apps that give me better information. They are still saying it costs 99¢/month. That is no longer true. It is now $3.99/month—a whopping $48/year. There is no longer a yearly option, either. This is being deleted off my devices now. I will periodically check to see if things have improved, but I doubt it will happen. There are other weather apps out there that easily have similar, if not better, features for a far more reasonable price. It was good while it lasted. :-(
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5 years ago, cobaltjump
Has become useless since TWC/IBM took over
App has slid downhill for ages now. Really, how does an app manage to get WORSE? I had been a paid subscriber $0.99 month for years to get the AD free experience. Started having issues with radar images not loading requiring an app restart. Then it started serving me ads even though I was paying to remove them. Numerous emails and support requests sent over 2 months with no response. Finally canceled subscription last month and was going to give them one more shot with re-subscription at the .99 rate when it officially expired a day from now with hopes it would reset my subscription token or whatever. Now I see they want 3.99 a MONTH to remove ads and see basic weather data other apps offer for free. No way I am taking that chance with no previous response to support requests. Putting 75% of a weather app behind a pay wall....hilarious. I am preparing to free up some storage space by removing this app. “Weather Mate” as mentioned by another reviewer has some amazing features and customization for free.
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