Storm Shield

4.8 (99.5K)
75.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Storm Shield

4.76 out of 5
99.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Arandur
Fantastic, but missing Critical Alerts support
Storm Shield is a fantastic weather alert app, but it is missing support for the Critical Alerts feature. First, Storm Shield provides more precise alerts than other apps, so I don’t get alerts about warnings for storms on the far side of my county and headed away from me. Second, the voice alerts actually speak the alert, so you know without having to look at your phone what the alert is for (e.g., flash flood watch vs tornado warning). The only thing missing is support for Critical Alerts, which allows notifications to break through even when a Focus mode is turned on. Ideally, I would be able to pick for each alert type whether the notification is a Critical Alert or not. (The Red Cross Emergency app let’s me do this.) That way I can decide which alerts break through and wake me up at night when the Sleep focus mode is on (e.g., Tornado Warning but not Severe Thunderstorm Warning).
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3 years ago, nayala1
I have loved this app for a little over 2 years now I believe. So much so that when our friends from California moved here to Tennessee with no experience in severe weather and were nervous about the weather, I recommended it to them to keep them up to date on watches and warnings and give them a heads up if there was a tornado warning in the middle of the night to get to the basement. Got us all set up with locations picked, alerts turned on and everything and felt good about it, until last night when tornadoes went through the area and there was not ONE alert that popped up for any of us other than the tornado watch that came through like 3 hours after it was issued. We never got any alert for the severe thunderstorm warning or the special weather statement that came and went. And thank the good Lord the radar still worked because I had to watch it all night and just happened to notice the red box pop up when the tornado warning was issued right over their location, and was able to call and tell them to get them and their kids downstairs in time for their area to get hit. People’s roofs were ripped off within a mile or two of their home and they would have had no idea they were even in danger if they’d just trusted this app:( makes me sad because it’s always worked for me and my family in the past and I trusted it too, but none of us (3-4 phones) got any alerts when it really mattered despite double and triple checking all our settings were correct.
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4 years ago, appfetish
Adding a star for customer support
Updating my previous review and adding a star for great customer support! Within hours, the developers responded directly to my review, noting a temporary server glitch that prevented me from adding new locations. Works now! It’s a little cumbersome on the search function and only supports U.S., but once the location is set, the swipe-between-locations feature in the main interface is easy to use. I figure the other issue re: dark vs. light background is related to the settings on each of my devices. No big deal. I may keep Storm Shield for local weather monitoring and still stick with my old standby Storm Radar for a global view and peppier radar. Intellicast was the best weather app hands-down, but since its demise, no one has been able to match it. Previously: I’m on the fence trying to decide between weather apps for my iPhone and iPad. Storm Shield is good, but on the iPad I keep getting an error message when I try to add locations. The darker radar background is preferred on the iPad, but I’ve been unable to replicate it on my iPhone. The simple interface, one click between radar and detailed forecast info, is easy to navigate — a big plus!
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10 months ago, Rev Jude
A Crappy and garbage app
I am a weather observer and when I first purchased this app I thought was pretty good. I contacted them and they got back to me in reference to my questions about the radar and also hurricane tracking? Now my son they are the speakers on and they want to charge you for them. I said something to them and they didn’t like it because I feel this way when we purchased these apps we can automatically get what is the add to it. All the other apps that I have do the same thing they give it to you accept with them. This app is very in accurate and also very horrible. It doesn’t tell forecast for nothing. I depend on it from my job and also packed a storm chase in this app is horrible. I do not recommend this app anyone. Do not practice is it a waste your time it’s garbage and very crappy. I wish I never purchased this app from them because it’s horrible. They only care about making money not a good app. I recommend AccuWeather even the weather bug is very good. Also any of the NOAA radar My radar apps are very good as well compared to this crappy app. I will add one more thing I do storm chasing and that was why I decide to get this app. I am a lesson learned from this garbage. Now are use other apps that a much superior to this crap.
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6 years ago, Scoot2mtns
Ok, so I was wrong
This is an update from my last review. If you know where to look, the features I liked about previous versions are still there. So I up-rated my review to 4 stars. The problem is that finding the forecast stuff isn’t straightforward in this version. In this version there is a fairly large button with the options “Current” and “Future”. Click on Future and basically what you get is a “Pay Up” message. To get the old forecast features, click on the little, tiny “More” in the bottom right, up comes a screen with current data plus sunrise/sunset. There is nothing to indicate that scrolling down will get you the forecast for the week that you were looking for. No slide bar shows until you actually start scrolling. Original review - Title: Last update turned a winner into a loser Great app but it’s really not free. With the last update it will only show you what’s happening right now. I can open the door for that. To get any forecast data (i.e., what’s going to happen), you have to buy a subscription. And it’s not clear that will even get you an ad free experience.
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6 years ago, kRashkin81107
Subscription features
I’ve read a lot of reviews that have the same complaint I’m about to make, and I’ve also read the developer responses to the reviews. I previously paid for this app years ago. And I get that the new version has all the same features as the previous version plus a few extra features. But the new features that require an additional monthly subscription, I don’t think it’s something that you should even be asking for an additional monthly charge for. Just have one flat fee of a few bucks to either upgrade to those features or raise the price of the initial cost of the app by a buck or two. I think the monthly charge to see future radar and lightning strikes is ridiculous. I would love to see future radar (could care less about lightning strikes), but I’m not paying .99 a month for it and I don’t think it’s fair to charge a monthly fee to see that. It doesn’t seem worth $12 a year, but I really would love to just have that feature if I could pay a couple dollars to add it if it’s that important to make a profit off of the future radar feature (lame). Otherwise I enjoy the app. Just think the extra subscription is ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Aaaaaaaaaaaamr
Pretty good app.
Just got this but so far so good. Kept us up to date on the latest winter storms. Hopefully works as good on summer storms. Seems to use a lot of battery. Would like to see road emergency levels if possible. Since last update it's terrible. Radar takes forever to load if it ever does. Right now its a waste of money. Thinking of finding something else. Will not advise friends and family to get this. Last update is useless. I live in a flood area and no longer receive audible warnings. As long as i am awake i know water is rising. If in bed guess i will just drown. Keep up the great updates and no one will be alive to buy your app. Why would i want a weather app that doesn't notify me. Hope a tornado warning is never issued at night. Think about us and not your pocket. Ok got notifications back and then another update In May--- lost notifications AGAIN. What gives? Really starting to rethink this app AGAIN.
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4 years ago, Zenman!
Dangerously Inadequate Weather Alert App
I was using this app during the free trial period. I got a Lightening Alert from the app which was legit alert as a storm was approaching. However, where this app is a total failure is that nowhere on its map did it show where the lighting was at, but my other weather alert app did show the location of the lightening strike. Another worrisome failure of the app is that its home screen indicated there was another Weather Alert in the exact area it sent a Lightning Alert 1 minute earlier, but did not indicate what kind of Alert it was. I have all the Alerts set to “On” at the time, too. So I’m canceling my free trial and will look at other subscription weather apps for dependable and accurate weather alert functioning. I appreciate the Developer taking the time to explain why some of the features (and by extension the usefulness and accuracy) of this app are out of their control. What I don’t like is that the Developer wants me to pay full price for their inaccurate, bug-riddled app and send them “trouble tickets” while they fiddle fart around trying to get it right at the same time I’m trying to dodge lightning and storms.
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5 years ago, Worm56
Best Alert App! 120%
I am a certified storm spotter and storm chaser and I highly recommend this app to everyone, from the average person to weather experts. I am rarely caught off guard by weather but many people don’t pay much attention to the weather. Once you set this app up on your phone or tablet you will never be caught off guard by any weather. This app will alert you while your device is in sleep mode (screen is off). Also use your location tracking to alert you while traveling. This app will alert you before the news channels because you will receive the latest watches and warnings as soon as the National Weather Service issues them! Highly Recommended I can't say it enough, some people don't pay attention to weather. Continue your daily routines and let Storm Shield monitor the weather for you, this app might save your life one day!
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5 years ago, Staceymac0814
Best App ever
Look we live in the Brighton Mi. Area and have a 14 year old son who is involved in 3 different sports all outside and let me tell you I’ve tried all the other apps and they don’t hold a candle to Storm Shield. He also snow boards here in Brighton so I really rely on this app foe sanity lol, thank you also for the Storm Shield Alerts for severe Storms I really rely on it I also have two dogs and yes we do hit the basement for severe weather and this app has saved our lives when I was pregnant with my son. I truly feel that all the other weather apps have tried and failed to imitate your wonderful work, please keep up the good work keeping us safe. Thank you so much and from this mom to others it is well worth the money to protect your family when you have the air on in the middle of the night and can’t hear the tornado sirens, this app will save your families lives.
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3 years ago, Mr. Sheppy
Good but needs to be better
This app is the best I’ve found for NWS alerts. But the fact that the announcement alert is always exactly the same is troublesome. It matters very much in the moment — when time can be crucial — whether the alert is “heavy fog,” which I don’t need to know since I’m not going anywhere and can see out the window, or “there’s a tornado three blocks away so get downstairs!” I get so many “fog” and “heavy rain” alerts that I can safely ignore that it’s easy to become complacent. Indeed, I rarely bother to look at the alerts anymore unless I have already got a reason for serious worry. Please make at least the notification wisher show more detail, and ideally have the spoken alert be more specific. Then this app would be the must-have life saver it could be.
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1 year ago, Benjamin from CA
No longer reliable
This app has gone from first to worst. there is an issue with this application that has been occurring for almost a year. Whenever an alert is issued I will receive a push notification from the app however the alert does not become available inside the app to read until 5 - 30 minutes after the notification is received. Tornado, dense fog, severe thunderstorm, it does not matter. The delay happens with all alerts. During tropical storm Megan I received a tornado warning that did not allow me to read it until 10 minutes after it was issued. This is happening for everyone in my family, as well as friends who live in multiple states across the country. I’ve emailed support at least 5 times over the last year and never received a reply. Sadly, this app is now a part of the graveyard of formerly good apps that have accrued over the years. this app is unreliable and I recommend you find something else.
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6 years ago, Wxnow
My severe weather lifeline
As noted by the developer, they restored the missing watches/warnings/advisories and even added some that they didn’t used to have. Some bulletins were removed in an app update. Storm Shield addressed the concern promptly. Had a warning tonight pop right up on my phone and watch. This app makes following the weather in tornado alley simple. The nice thing is you can plug in multiple locations to receive alerts for. So if you live in the north part of town but work in the south part of town, you can get location specific alerts for both. It’s perfect for keeping track of the weather where older relatives live—if I see a “blizzard watch” pop up for my parents, I know to check-in on them. This is my go-to app! ——————————————————————-
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6 years ago, Gamer3475
Almost Everything I Want
This app is so close to being perfect. I really like the radar and the severe box overlays. The severe alerts are also great; I’ve never seen so many choices for different alerts. I also like how you can easily tap any alert box anywhere and see the alert details. The only reason I took off two stars is for the subscription. I hate apps that have a subscription versus a one time payment. Why do you think your app is so great that we have to keep paying for it over and over again? I don’t understand this model. Just let me pay for it once and be done. This isn’t cable tv. I really think I would purchase a one time IAP to get the storm tracks feature. This is the only feature I think the app in general is missing. But I would never get a subscription from an app. Just let me pay you once and be done. Don’t be greedy!
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2 years ago, Ed. Always
Welcomed Alerts
I rely totally on your weather information to plan my daily activities. I will not watch television for weather information because you always seem to get lots of information on things other than the weather. The alerts I receive have become so beneficial to me. Your alerts are so important to me because it tells me exactly what important changes are going to happen. The explanations are essential to me because they allow me to understand step by step the preparations I should make for the upcoming changes. This lets me know that I am ready for the weather that is about to arrive. Thanks for such an excellent feature in your program.
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4 years ago, StarryEyes04
Didn’t go off for a tornado warning
I don’t know if it was an overall failure of the national weather service, but I-along with no one in my family or friends that live nearby- got an alert for the tornado warning right now. I’m sitting in my basement, thankfully because tornado sirens went off, but this app, along with all the other weather apps, did not even send a notification. I’m freaked out and I hate to give bad reviews, but I have it set to alert me! And I went in, and in the app, it was showing that there was a tornado warning, but I never got any notification. I’m sorry to leave a bad review, because otherwise it’s a great app, but this is a problem that is concerning to me.
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3 years ago, Alex Rohn
Using Storm Shield App
I’m from WPB so I always use the App for our weather down here. I just spent the last month traveling across the United States on a Road Trip as an excuse to “get out & travel” after being virtually stuck at home for the last 15months. As we traveled from state to state, we used the app to track the rain, potential storms and how hot or cold a region was, and if we wanted to drive in that direction! I’m so Happy I was already familiar with Storm Shield and the Extra help it gave us when we finally decided to travel & see how else the Country was dealing with “re-Opening Up” America. It made it a little Safer, and enjoyable knowing what weather to expect!
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2 years ago, TanteMargo
Customizing Alerts is Pointless
The app itself is great and the information it provides is helpful but the notifications are impossible to customize. I have only one alert set for notifications in my app — tornado warnings — but I still receive every weather alert the Weather Service puts out in the middle of the night. I don’t need to know there is a red flag warning from noon to 6 pm at 3:00 in the morning. I don’t need to know that the next day’s temperature will be excessively hot or cold at 1 am. I DO need to know if a tornado is in my area, regardless of the time of day and I want to be able to leave that setting on so I don’t have to remember to turn it back on. What is the point of allowing users to select notifications if they are all going to be received anyway?
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6 years ago, KeizerKate
Accurate and on time...
Alerts have always been accurate and on time. There are a ton of different alert options so you can set up exactly what is unique to you own location and region. For example as we get into the cold Northwest winter months, we rely on dense fog alerts, freezing fog alerts, rain and freezing rain alerts, flood watches and alerts, etc. If we know we will be traveling, we can set alerts for mountain passes, destination cities. If we just want updates about places where family members live, we can set those alerts too. We consider Storm Shield an indispensable tool and would not want to be without it!
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5 months ago, LewisLady
Great for warnings
StormShield is great for giving you just the warnings you want, and only for your specific location. Depending on how YOU customize it (which is easy to do), StormShield does not warn you if there is dangerous weather 30 miles away on the other side of the county, which I appreciate. The only thing I don't like about it is that the forecasts tend to flip-flop wildly. I don't know where they are getting their modeling, but sometimes the forecast can change dramatically three or four times even on the same day as the weather they are forecasting. So the way I figure out the weather to expect that day is by looking at the barometric pressure and the radar. Because the forecasts are pretty much useless.
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6 years ago, awargo4
Great app but needs improvement
This app is great and has many useful features. However, it is ridiculous that I have to open my phone to figure out the location of a weather alert when the app could easily announce the location with the alert. Also, it’s ridiculous that a weather alert app lacks the option to make severe weather alerts audible even when the phone is on silent. If third party alarm clocks can do it, you can do it. Finally, it would be nice to have the option to select whether chosen alerts apply to all locations or only the home location *individually*. Currently, it can’t be done at all. I want to know if severe weather is near my family. I don’t want all of the weather alerts for them that I have turned on for my home.
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4 years ago, Morbious23
Can’t believe what has changed!
Getting rid of this App now! I think having to pay a monthly fee to get what most other Apps don’t charge a cent for an App that I paid for in the first place is totally ridiculous, to say the least! This App is nickeling & dimeing to death! I’m so disappointed in this weather App & it’s going as soon as I finish this review! I’m sticking with the exact same weather icons that I can get for free on the other Weather App I got for free! This was once a great App , now it stinks! It’s a shame that I paid for this & now I’m deleting it! The stuff On this App is exactly the same as the free Apps so why should I keep this one that I have to pay several monthly charges to get the complete weather information that I need? I or any one else shouldn’t have to! Storm Shield needs to get over themselves! I’m over this App even though I paid for it years ago! You change it back, I’ll come back!
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4 years ago, Erin1776
Good, but latest update has problems
I’ve had this app for many years and it has worked well for me as a severe weather radio. I have my home location “pinned” on the map. However, with the latest update, the pin only shows up in the correct location if I am zoomed very close to the location of the pin(which doesn’t show much of the radar then). If I zoom out (even just to get a view of my entire county) to see a larger picture of the radar, the pin seems to move so that it doesn’t even appear to be in the same city or county any more. I never had this problem with the previous versions of this app. I hope that this issue is fixed because now it is difficult to tell if approaching storms will hit my home based on the radar image.
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6 years ago, Kevin539
App works great
This app literally nearly saved my family’s life when a tornado struck our neighborhood two years ago, and was very helpful during hurricane Irma. One of the nice features is if you allow it, it will track you so if you are on a trip it will give you up to date info on all sorts of potential hazards. From floods to fires and everything in between. There are so many hazards listed in the app you may want to turn off some of the notifications. Just to give you a heads up it’s going to make you jump the first time it goes off it’s loud and seems to go off when I’m the most relaxed or asleep!
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5 years ago, DEM0459
Storm Shield app
I have had your Storm Shield app since you first introduced it and up until lately I have been happy with it. But since I found out that the information is supply by somewhere in another time zone I have been less and less pleased with it. For instance, tonight on the 10:00 news Mike Nelson said it was still 81 degrees however when I checked my app it said 77 degrees. I know I don’t live in Denver but I’m not that far away that I would think I would have that much of a difference! Please, why can’t your app have its information loaded from here in your studios?? Sincerely, an unhappy app user.
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2 years ago, Songbird 1984
Must have weather app!
I am a blind user, and this app works wonderfully with VoiceOver. It is very easy to use and gives me all the push alerts at exactly the time I hear about a watch or warning on the TV. It is also very easy to customize which alerts you want as well! As I said earlier, I'm blind, so I'm basically writing this review for other blind users, so I apologize to the sighted people that are reading this as I cannot say how well the map and radar features work. Thank you, Storm Shield, for making this life saving app so accessible to the blind community!
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4 years ago, Password Pain
Audio Alert Worthless for Multiple Locations
I have had PAID version of StormShield for years and it is good for radar and forecast. However, the tremendous feature of tracking multiple locations so you can get real time alerts is gutted because the audible alert makes ALL warnings about “your location” which is false. Come on developers, how about you finally get the text to audio tech to read the location in the alert? It’s worthless because you still have to drop what you’re doing and look at the phone. Not to mention when driving this critical safety feature drives distracted driving behavior. Multiple locations is great but it never gets over the goal line with generic audible alerts as it stands now. Make it hands free!!! And how about letting us have a horizontal scroll bar to manually advance the radar pic as we zoom in? Many others have this. I’m sticking with this app hoping it improves but have reached the point I have to start shopping around, sadly.
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6 years ago, Mandyr735
New Updates And Pay Features Bad
I’ve used this app for years and really liked it. It was great for seeing local radar and the general trajectory of storms. Previously, the radar showed the storms moving and the projected path and continued severity of the storm systems, generally only for the coming 20-30 minutes, but it was there. During hail and heavy thunderstorms, it was useful. Now, any kind of future casting is an in-app purchase, billed on a monthly basis. Let’s forget that any of us using this app have already BOUGHT the app in the first place. Way to nickel and dime us all!! I’ll find another real-time radar app st this point. The in-app purchased of basic uses while the touting of “free inclusions” of features that the typical everyday user doesn’t care about has left a very sour taste in my mouth. Avoid this app.
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3 years ago, P ann C
Life Saver
This App is a life saver to me I live in a mobile home and I depend on it even when there are no alerts because of the trees I have around me I don’t feel safe when the winds get up so I leave my home any time there is bad weather especially at night when I can’t see this and the meteorologist people you have at news channel 5 are great and have saved many life’s hats off to you all and Thank You for the great jobs you do and this App that is free to anyone who wants it may I say what great coverage you gave on December 11 , 2021 Thank you again PAC
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8 months ago, AV8NDAD
Best Weather App - Hands Down!
I travel full time and have tried so many weather apps, but this app is the best. Accurate forecasts, emergency alerts, post and future radar, and I could go on and on. Stop wondering if this is the app for you; it is. Someday I hope Apple allows weather apps to show radar, warnings, and forecasts on CarPlay. Until then, Storm Shield’s audible warnings are the best! One feature I would love to have is a radar widget for my Home screen. I have to use a radar widget from another app, but I would strongly prefer one from Storm Shield! Please add this!!
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10 months ago, CutseyHumphrey
Great App! ✨🌸
Hi! I came on here to rate this a 5 stars! First, I don’t have the subscription but it indeed is still a great app and I recommend it! Some reviews say that the negative thing is the “Customer Support” I haven’t been able to do that yet because I haven’t had any bugs! Second, Every time there’s evil clouds, I check storm shield and it works every time! I can even see where it’s going in the future! Third, I do get critical alerts, but I haven’t got any yet due to lack of bad weather! (GOOD) Finally, This app even shows other regular alerts like excessive heat! Thank you! 💖🌸
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4 years ago, iOS master 2020
Storm shield, a great app for everyone including the blind community.
I really do appreciate this app having some improvements for someone who is a accessibility user, the audible feature is definitely better than ever before, I am going to get this update a try, and see how this app works, thank you four creating this app to make it a lot more user friendly and more accessible as well. Hoping that this update can actually fix the notification issue that has been happening lately ever since, thank you for your service.
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5 years ago, Rebb42
No longer gives weather detail
Update June 25,2019: the developer advised that the “weather statement” is a National Weather Service” decision. While those words mean nothing, it’s not the fault of the developers. Otherwise, in severe weather conditions, this app gives clear and loud alerts/warnings and we have relied on it for years. I changed my rating to 5. I appreciate the clarification from the developer. ************************* Previous review: This was a great app but the audible weather alert just says “weather authority has issued a statement”. That is unacceptable. For visually impaired and all others, we need to hear the actual alert details. Now we have to walk to the phone, open the app and read the alert. Please fix this problem quickly. Thank you.
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2 weeks ago, J23janice
Love it!
I love using this app. It alerts me when there’s an issue I need to know of and I can follow the weather or see it in real time ahead of time. I know when the storms are coming and what time it’s gonna hit my area and at what severity. I use it often. My only complaint is I can’t find a way to pay annually instead of monthly. I don’t like having a small charge each month - I’d rather pay annually and not have to think about it. Please come up with an annual amount so we can get it paid and have it done for the year. 🙏
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2 years ago, rkdr82
A very good app, but:
I've seen many apps, including the many that charge $ to warn us about LIGHTNING and more. WHAT is a weather app for? 1) It is for all of our protection! 2) It would be nice to know the precise heights and directions of T-storms as much as is reasonably possible, which admittedly may rapidly change! 3) Still, I am only +/- pleased. I have to switch to another paid app in order to protect people on a volunteer basis (in the "sand pit" neighborhood or even at swim meets). Really ??? 4) It is the moral equivalent of not warning people about tornadoes to not warn us about lightning (both should be free). Lots of other "non-lethal" data points can be used ethnically for profit. Thanks.
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3 months ago, Hotrod6045
Great App But Needs Critical Alerts & CarPlay Support
I still come back to Storm Shield after trying varying other weather apps and I rely upon it for its location-based alerts and accuracy. Couple suggestions: 1. The app should support Critical Alerts as mentioned in previous reviews. This would benefit greatly those that use Do Not Disturb or Sleep Focus at night or when the mute switch is on. 2. CarPlay support would help while we drive and use CarPlay. Maybe having notifications feed to us while using CarPlay would be of benefit as well.
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6 years ago, golfnut1982
Some annoying issues
Please tweak the location options like before. Uses a lot of battery and an annoying blue warning now appears. Not sure I can let it run all the time like before. Also, the app needs the location arrow to bring you back to your current location when you visit other places. Rearrange your locations would be nice and also a widget. Many features on the old version were better in my opinion. Update: latest version fixed the battery drain. Thanks for the fast update.
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6 years ago, jeffrey grey
Why it’s a good app
It’s the best weather app, because it lets you know what is going on. Weather is the most important stuff because in a Instant a tornado can just form and you have no clue about it and then you die from it. so I like this weather app because it just let you know what’s going on, in like the weather system and all that. it’s just a helpful thing when traveling or just sitting at work and all of a sudden it goes off and tells you if there’s a tornado or like a severe thunderstorm watch or if nothings going on, just a very helpful app.
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6 years ago, GwynetteK
Still love but...
Update: I really appreciate the developers responding to my review. I swear I remember being able to see future tracks in the previous version, but I must be remembering wrong. Either way, this is a Great app & I will continue to use this as my main weather app. PS I still would LOVE the option of a one time fee for the future track :-D I still love the app but I really Hate that it changed to monthly charge to show Future track. I’d pay a one time charge ( as long as it’s not an exorbitant amount) but am not paying monthly fees. But I’ll still keep using it because other than that it’s great.
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3 years ago, Rentsnarb
Simple and Reliable
If you like charts, tables and graphs, this app isn’t for you. But if you want something streamlined and easy to read, this is it. The app offers warnings for dozens upon dozens of conditions, from blizzards and volcanoes to tsunamis and tornadoes. I’ve used this app for a couple of years and it has never let me down. The radar also offers many different options, including a storm tracker, road conditions and lightning alerts. I gladly pay $1.49 a month for all the extra features.
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3 years ago, TheDonh
3:30 AM nonessential alerts
I downloaded and have use this app for a year or two. As of lately nonessential alerts come out at 3:30 AM waking us up. For now I have turned the sound off, which makes it useless as an app to warn of a impending tornado.I have been informed that storm shield is not the one that sends out the alerts, I think it is NOAA weather service. I will try contacting them to see why they have to send out useless information at 3:30 in the morning. I appreciate the app people contacting me to inform me where the alerts were coming from. Thank you
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4 years ago, Have Slipped the Surly Bonds
Storm Shield Review
This app is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive of any other weather apps. It shows large areas that could and or will be effected by the weather system that it displays. I use it a lot here in south Florida due to thunder/rain storms that pop up and head from inland to our east coast. The graphic information displayed leaves nothing to the imagination. You know and can see exactly what’s happening and where. It’s always my go to for up-to-date and accurate information. Thank you for keeping this app current. 😀
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3 years ago, campermama70
Helpful weather app
Storm shield is very useful since I travel all over the continental United States. It lets me know what warnings are in effect no matter where I am. I’ve gotten everything from tornado and blizzard warnings in the Midwest to high surf warnings on the West Coast. It’s very location specific and does not bother me with warnings that are not in my area at the time. When I’m at home, it often alerts me before my regular NOAA weather radio does. All travelers should have this useful app on their phone.
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6 years ago, SlimothyTV
Money Grab
Took away granularity of alerts and now charges us PAYING USERS monthly fees if we want other features. We paid once. Why on earth would we pay again? Go get MyRadar (there’s a free version). Used to be happy with this app, but not anymore. Greedy. To reply to devs: You do realize that giving someone 3 “free months” of a service that they didn’t want originally doesn’t make up for the fact that we paid $5 for an app that’s now free, right? It doesn’t put that 5 bucks back into our pockets for an app that everyone else now can have for free. Making us early adopters that helped this app grow, look like suckers. This isn’t how you treat paying customers. Tired of apps going this subscription route. It’s disgusting at this point. MyRadar is the way to go now, I guess.
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4 years ago, nicknameisrequired.
Seems to be the best I’ve used.
With my experience, it seems that the app has beaten all other weather apps in sending me weather alerts. Love the fact that it will also alert me with “Special Weather Statements” which seems to be unique to them because all the other weather apps I’ve tried do not seem to do this and if they do, I have not found the toggle for them and/ or it’s not on default. Also, really great that it reads out the alerts!
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4 years ago, Midnight Dena
I wrote a previous review about how slow the app had been the last couple of months, I got a very quick reply from customer service and they helped me fix the issue which was MY FAULT on something I had turned on making it slower. Once I switched it back, it was instantly fixed! This app is AWESOME and now I will add that the customer service is equally as awesome! Thank you for providing a wonderful up to date app!!! Love it and I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!
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4 years ago, njhersey
I wish to voice my concern about getting an alert at the hours of early morning (1-6am) for things that don’t start until late the following day. We jump 3 ft up when these alerts come through. I want to leave my alerts on for any immediate alerts or emergencies.... just wondering if a watch or warning that’s going to happen, let’s say 2 or 3pm the following day, could be delayed until the working morning hours so we don’t get jolted out of bed at 2 or 3 AM that night before.
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4 years ago, derfner
Let me start by saying that this was my favorite weather app. I paid for it years ago because it’s that good. I recommended it to friends and family Until... they stopped providing proper radar unless you buy a subscription. Now it’s pretty much useless for radar - which I relied on. I already paid for this app and it HAD radar that wasn’t perpetually 15 minutes behind. Until you disabled it to force people to buy a subscription in. That isn’t cool. Oh and it still defaults to Omaha randomly.
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6 years ago, Tim Delier
New review: Due to the developers response I am changing my review and giving it more stars. Their response is correct, all previous features and some new features do exist in the new build at no additional cost. In addition, the new UI is visually appealing. My original complaint is more focused on many developers / companies adopting an IAP / subscription, nickel and dime you model, and is a broader complaint than just this app. This is a great weather app, and I will still continue to enjoy it. I am just personally against the subscription components in a weather app. Previous review: Was a great app and have used it for a few years now, but the developers are getting greedy and jumped on the IAP / subscription model for parts of the application. Seems you have to have a subscription to use any services these days. It’s quite frustrating.
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6 years ago, JDubbDeuce
Added paid subscription
I have loved this app until now. With the most recent update, they added a subscription in order to get new features. This is an app that I already paid for, and should not have to pay for an additional subscription. People that paid for the app originally should be grandfathered in, and if you want to move to a subscription based fee going forward for people that are new to the app, then that would make a lot more sense. Storm Radar offers all of the new subscription stuff you added for free, and is now my main app, I am sure I will be deleting Storm Shield altogether before too long. I am tired of crappy excuses for getting greedy after supporting you guys for many years.
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