Storm Team 8 - WOODTV8 Weather

1.8 (293)
88.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Storm Team 8 - WOODTV8 Weather

1.75 out of 5
293 Ratings
1 year ago, UC it U will want it
Is an app for making money out to provide a valued service? This version proves you can not do both!
This version of the app is “not user friendly” I use to love this app, now I find it hard to navigate and the ads are i frustrating. When you finally get to the area you need for a quick and fast look because maybe you are working, this ad pops in and the close out x is so small that you end up opening the ad. Iam not joking but I nearly have thrown this phone through the wall a dozen times due to this very app. Let me give a significant suggestion to making your audience happy. Most users are not going to your site with the intention of staying on it and watching videos or reading stories or blogs, although an option for these is nice if you want further detail rather they are looking for the quick glance at the current weather conditions and then transition quickly to glance at the weather radar. Make these un-inhindered to slow the user to pop open the app (the earlier version would start with this page if you remember) and make the radar the next easy click to navigate. Try to keep the ads from full pop ups, if you have to have them put them in the periphery. Also ask yourself this question do e we provide this app to me money or provide a service to our viewers. Because thus current version and the last few years have proven you can’t have both!
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1 year ago, Kate R P
Used to love it…for years
This was my go-to app for years. I even put up with the redesign (which I didn’t like) and figured out how to live with the ads. However, when it started freezing when I tried to open it, that’s when I began to give it up. I thought maybe they’d have an update on here, but looks like the app is ignored or super low priority. Tried their news app that includes weather, but it’s super hard to find what the current temp is (it’s on the news side and not in the weather tab). I also didn’t realize we were under an advisory or warning from that app, so giving up on both their apps now after years of loyalty (and I don’t even get local TV so didn’t choose them for that). Now abandoning them for their “couldn’t care less” attitude.
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6 years ago, scoobamom
Too many problems!
Some things work and some things don’t. This app needs a lot of work to be something that works well. It’s difficult to work around the ads and there are too many popping up. Bill’s Blog is unreadable because the Continue Reading touch bar doesn’t give you the rest of the text but instead just reloads the page. It would be nice to choose Text forecast and have all the text instead of having to touch a second time to view it. It would also be nice to have the same forecasts align with the Wood TV8 app. The best part of this app is the radar. Being able to zoom out, move around, select layers, and activate a time lapse for current or future radar is very helpful.
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3 years ago, Jo. 123
It was a great weather app before the changes this week
Just want to say that I’m deeply disappointed in the changes made to this weather app. I don’t see any point in keeping it on my phone now, since it’s the same information I can get by going to the website. Before this update this week, I used to check the app almost every day for a quick look at the hourly or 8 day forecast. It was clear, fast to find information, had accurate hourly weather info at a glance, and easy access to the radar. Now it has the same difficulties I find when trying to get weather information on the website. I’m uninstalling this from my phone. It would be nice for it to go back the way it was.
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3 years ago, Hollander 2005
June 2021 update a step backwards
This used to be my go to app for weather for West Michigan and anywhere else. It was simple, quick, and had great feature on radar and current conditions. No longer since the June 2021 update. What was a clean a d simple interface is now cluttered and not convenient. No quick link to the Hourly, 8 Day, or Video Forecast. Sadly, I find the Weather Channel app now easier to get data from quickly, and I rarely touched that app as Wood TV 8 Weather had been superior. No more. This June 2021 release was a downgrade in the app.
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3 years ago, NoskyWMI
It’s not an app but a link to their website
That’s all this is now. It’s impossible to navigate, unreadable in the best of times and the ads completely and utterly destroys whatever use this weather app used to have. Again all this is is a link to their websites weather page which looks horrid on an iPhone since it appears they didn’t streamline their website for mobile. Add on top of that its almost impossible to navigate as there is no UI to actually go back or anything. I was hoping they would come to their senses and realize the huge mistake they made but clearly WoodTV doesn’t care as long as they sell ads. Just going to delete this app.
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1 year ago, Aelvery
Not sure what others’ issues are
After seeing the reviews and frequenting WOOD’s desktop website (an absolute mess of ads to sort through before you can even get to any useful content), I had low hopes for the app. I’ve never used the previous app so I have no comparison. I currently use MyRadar and the on board Apple Weather app. This app seems fine? There’s a small banner ad at the bottom and all the content I want is easily accessible. My only qualm is that even though we’re currently in a sever thunderstorm warning, my alerts tab was empty. However, I JUST installed the app, so it may be that there just wasn’t enough time for it to load in. Give it a shot. Others may just be nostalgic for another UI or debilitatingly lacking in tech savvy.
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1 month ago, disgustedindenver
Disappointing app
When I open the app the screen is blank unless I open the menu and select HOME. Then the forecast comes up, but the hourly forecast won’t open. Unless I enter specific locations I can’t get a forecast for there, even if I’m THERE, so choosing CURRENT LOCATION doesn’t work, even when I have it set to “always on” in locations. I sure hope no one depends on this app for life threatening situations because it sure doesn’t function well enough to rely on. I ultimately deleted it and I’m sad because I rely on Storm Team 8 on TV. Sure hope they can fix the functionality issues.
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3 years ago, Monster maker 2345:
New Update Ruined It
This app used to be amazing. This used to be a sleek and stylish weather app with quick access to things you need and a snappy and easy to use UI for navigation. The new update looks like someone wrote down an idea for an app on a napkin and never went any further. Terrible and confusing UI, laggy, most of the buttons are just quick links to the buggy mobile version of the website (which defeats the purpose of using the app). No idea who thought this “update” was a good idea.
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3 years ago, Amarawen
Just use the website
I used to use this app every day until the last update. The format is now cluttered and no different than just going to the website. The ability to fine tune the interactive map is gone. No more storm tracks. The hour by hour is not as good as what was there. I deleted the app. I will find something that is just weather with better options. If I need channel 8 weather, I will use the website and free up my memory space.
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3 years ago, Annesally
Best weather team!
Storm team 8 is the only weather team I’ve watched since Bill Steffens visited my elementary school in the 80’s…. He made weather interesting! Matt and Ellen and the whole team have been great through the years!!! This app is very reliable as well & I'm thankful I don’t have to use the news app to get my weather now.
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4 years ago, Chris not happy
Not great. Definitely can not submit or report anything
This is only average from a usability perspective. Maps are delayed, notification come AFTER the event has already taken place and there are too many pop up adds that get in the way. To make it even more frustrating, the “Report It” feature NEVER WORKS! I can’t upload a pic or video to help show local conditions, it just throws an error and gives up every time!
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3 years ago, 6558994347997632268
The update ruined the app for me!!
This was my go to weather app before the June 2021 update. It was easy to navigate and I used it several times a day. Now, with the update, it is super slow to load, overrun with ads, and not easy to navigate. I thought I just needed time to get used to it, so I’ve given it some time, but I’m frustrated every time I go to it because it takes so long to load. I really miss the old app!! I will be deleting my favorite weather app and going with another option, which makes me sad!
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3 years ago, ChesaCat1016
Oh my, the update is no good.
Wowee, let me start by saying I liked the old wood tv weather app. I liked being able to swipe and see current conditions, radar, etc. The new update, however, has eliminated that feature and made it way too confusing. There’s so many things to read and click on and it’s hard to just find a normal 8-day forecast without being brought to the video and text forecast. Please simplify it again, we don’t need all the extra stuff.
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3 years ago, Scramblebug
Update awful, please go back!
Updated 6/9/21 and HATE it. The old iPad app was great, a favorite. (Much better than iPhone version) Now doesn’t open to current conditions for location and *dew points are no longer part of hourly forecast.* Highlights relative humidity, which is useless in summer. Also, location tags for all saved places are huge and show on map, obscuring the radar! Too many clicks to get anywhere, oversized and crowded graphics make it hard to see anything. IM GOING TO FIND A DIFFERENT APP BECAUSE THIS IS A DOWNGRADE.
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3 years ago, Dave from GR Michigan
Video Weather Forecast Keeps Freezing!
I used to use this app everyday to view the latest video weather forecast and view other info, but since the very unfortunate app “upgrade” recently, the video forecast freezes about 10 seconds in and when I close and restart the forecast, it comes back with no sound, then freezes again and suddenly reverts to an earlier forecast. I’m taking this app off my phone because it’s useless!
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3 years ago, dutchgrl79
Terrible app
Awful “upgrades”. Have to click around to find anything. Terrible format of scrolling across instead of down. 8-day forecast has been stuck on the wrong week for weeks. Can’t see hour by hour for more than 24 hours. When you click on 8 day forecast to enlarge it or see more detail, it takes you to a page with a blog of the current forecast and you can’t back out. Awful and so frustrating.
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4 years ago, MaryB49021
Must have app
I admit the ads are annoying. Saw complaints on blog-I’m here for weather not blogs so no problem for me. Weekly hourly and daily forecasts are great. Radar is a must have. It is better here than through the internet site on computer. I can zoom to my home or zoom to see the whole country. Have tracked hurricanes on this app.
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3 years ago, sheep722
Too cluttered in June 21 update
This used to be the best weather app. It was simple, clear, and easy to find my weather information. Since the update in June 2021, it is too cluttered, and seems to be just the website page brought to the app. I’m finding myself going back to the Weather Channel app, because I don’t like having to search around for my forecast.
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3 years ago, HolyCrapBatman!
Works great!
Recently relocated and this app is as close to the app I was using before the move. It is a little different, yes, but works well. The extended forecast and radar are extremely helpful to me, as I work outdoors most of the time. Accuracy will have to be determined. I will edit rating if warranted.
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3 years ago, Nerkleson
What Happened?
Like many other reviewers, this used to be my go-to weather app. It used to be simple to use, very intuitive, but no longer. Now, almost everything about it is much less intuitive if not downright inscrutable. A once-very good app has been transformed into a terrible one. Who in authority at Storm Team 8 saw this new app and said “Oh yes, that’s much better.” It’s the exact opposite. Scrap this junk and go back to the app it replaced!
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3 years ago, kimVW
Don’t like the updates
I liked the nice simple 8 day weather from the older version. Just give me a quick visual chart. I don’t need a stupid video or a two page essay for each day. In fact only include the videos for an alert or extra info. They are a waist of my time to watch. I want short and sweet or I will stick to my apple weather app.
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6 years ago, MustangSharon
Minimize the ads
I use your competition’s (Channel 13) weather app because they don’t bombard me with full screen ads like yours does. Because I haven’t used your app for so long I decided to try it again this morning. A full-page ad popped up within the first few seconds. It was from Parenting magazine of all things! I am WAY beyond the need for Parenting magazine ads! You could minimize those ads at the top. No one likes full-page ads blocking the screen. I’m deleting your app.
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3 years ago, Mssuhy
Update thumbs down
This new update is visually, a mess. It is harder to navigate now and involves way to much back and forth to see what I want to see. Can we add a back button so we can easily go from one thing to the next and not have to re-choose home all the time. Please change it back.
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3 years ago, lchfykdtistaurkx
Weather app is terrible after the update
I used to look at the weather to see a quick look of the day, now it barely shows any information and the quality of the map is bad. I hope you guys can change it back to the way it used to be! 😃thank you and please LISTEN to this information, there is a lot of more people dealing with this problem
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6 years ago, gluten free
Maddening. Stop the pop-ups!
I just spent less than 5 minutes trying view closings and the text forecast and had *15* ads pop up. WoodTV8 - get a new app designer and a new format for advertising. Your apps used to get daily use, but due to poor design and MAINLY the advertising style, I can’t stand to use this app or the News 8 app either. Pop up blockers have been around for ages... why? Because pop ups are intrusive and annoying! Get with the times!!
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3 years ago, wxappsneedtowork
Bad update
The updated version of this app is a huge downgrade from the old version. The giant buttons to navigate you to the forecast or radar take up a ton of space and they all blend together. The only nice feature is the drop down menu on the top left.
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3 years ago, bcknoll
Horrible Upgrade
Nothing is where it used to be. Every screen opens too slowly. You have to wade through scads of ads to get to forecasts. Radar is especially awful in the update. Wish developers would just leave good things alone. Have been using this app for years and it was great, now it’s total bust. Removing it and won’t go back. Shame on TV-8. You blew it big time on this mess!!
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3 years ago, willis in GR
This app is useless
C’mon TV8…. This app is always crashing!!! How much additional ad revenue do you get if no one uses this app because it is terrible to navigate! The old app was quick and concise. This one is impossible. Go back to one click to get the information. Think I’m wrong? Make the old and the new available and see which one is used more often! Simplify or have it die!
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3 years ago, Reberisk
3 steps back
This Used to be a good app until they changed it to this new version. I can’t get anything to really work for me. I miss watching the live forecast. Now the person gets two sentences in and the whole thing stops and has to restart never to really produce the whole video. I don’t know if it’s because of so many commercials or what, but this app is sadly unusable.
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4 years ago, x files kid
Inaccurate data
Don’t bother with this app the only good thing on this app is the nothing this is the worst app ever the alerts stay on too long after a storm wind data is inaccurate an idea how awful this app is it shows a 30 mph wind when it’s blowing 10 mph and not to mention it crashes all the time so don’t bother with this garbage app good thing this garbage is free I’m not paying a cent for this garbage 😡👎👎👎👎👎👎😡 0/0
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3 years ago, TtttGlllleeennnn
How difficult can it be to make a user friendly app?
Forget it. I actually want the old version now. New version is NOT practical. Navigation is a pain. The old version at least had a better interactive radar. Menu and the app itself is messy and cluttered. Do yourself a favor a download another bona-fide weather app or just download their news app instead.
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3 years ago, Holland2012
A swing and a miss.
What was the best is now a distant last place. The app is designed for a portrait screen and looks terrible on a landscape screen. Functionally it falls well short of any previous version. Your app designers failed as did the UAT (user acceptance test) efforts. I will be using another app while your app is sorted out. Too bad, your weather team deserves better than this.
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3 years ago, Darwin4564
June 2021 update is terrible
I have used this app daily for years. It was clean and efficient. Why the update decided to change it to a war and peace novel is beyond me. It’s clunky, confusing and now utterly useless. I don’t understand why everyone currently feels the need to over complicate everything. And to top it off radar no longer shows future projections. I will be moving on.
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3 years ago, walk-on treadmill
Update June 2021
Not an improvement from what it was before! I gave it a few days to check it out and see how it looks. Not impressed. Radar goes way to fast to be able to see anything helpful. I used to do past and future, no option for that anymore. Looking for a replacement if it doesn’t get improved or returned to what was working.
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4 years ago, BeachB@by
Everything works for me
Recently deleted Facebook and wanted to see WoodTV weather each morning. The app works great for me. Exactly what I was looking for. Wood forecast cannot be beat. The best there is.
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3 years ago, westMI user
New update not efficient.
To cluttered, half of the items won’t load, and the radar is not the greatest to use in real time. The older version of this app was better with layout and user experience. I heavily used the app for my job based on conditions for emergency roadside calls... will be deleting this one for now until and if any improvements.
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3 years ago, Athlete10000
I do not like the new update. This use to be sleek and simple but now the app feels clunky and not how it was. If i could downpatch I would, but I’m not sure how too on a phone. Can we maybe go back to the older version because that was so much nicer. Older version = 5 stars. This version = 2 stars.
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3 years ago, Sad Target Shopper
New version is TERRIBLE
I loved the old version…used it several times a day. The radar, hourly and eight day forecast were easily available. I gave it some time, but I can’t get used to the new version. This app is confusing, messy, and honestly just tough to look at. I feel like I have to sift through a bunch of stuff just to get to the 8 day or hourly forecast.
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3 years ago, Hastings Sasquatch
What the heck
First off, I can’t find anything! The radar doesn’t have current and future forecast. I don’t understand the 8 day forecast. Way too many ads. What the heck is that about?!? Not user friendly (unless maybe I had a training course of some sort) I’m uninstalling and using the app that came on my phone or maybe Fox 17. This is ridiculous
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3 years ago, SunnyCircus
Changed for the worse
The previous version was organized, easy to use, attractive, and exceedingly functional. The new version is messy, cumbersome, doesn’t seem suited to a mobile phone format, appears amateurish, and is punishing to actually use. Try again WOODTV 8 in order to align your high professionalism with this app; it doesn’t reflect your stellar reputation.
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3 years ago, sycats
Another disappointed user
Was my go-to weather app for years until the June 2021 update made it so cluttered. Tried to live with it for a couple months hoping I would get used to it but now switching to Fox 17…their format is very similar to the Storm Team 8 app’s previous format.
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2 years ago, Mikey Limes It
Bring back the old version
Unfortunately switching to another weather app. This new version isn’t great. The radar hard to use and read. The old version was the best thing around and wish you’d bring it back. Gave it a chance.
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3 years ago, inprocess89
Liked old version better
This used to be a favorite for me. Finally updated the other day to 6.7.42, very disappointed. I don’t like it, especially the new way to show 24-hour forecast hourly info, or the new 8-day forecast. I wish I wouldn’t have updated the app to this version. Looking for another local weather app…
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3 years ago, Cruisegirl74
New update
I really don’t like the new update to app. Not as friendly to use. I don’t like the fact you don’t have the 8 day forecast showing as days instead of a description of each one like it is now. The interactive map does not show future either.
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4 years ago, D.J. 2
Quite often ads make the app unusable. An add will pop up and won’t go away unless you click it. 75% of the time it seems like the little X that you can click to close an ad after the time has past never shows up. It makes the app like a odd unfair game of pop-up ad Russian roulette.
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3 years ago, WoohooAlmostRetired
Newly Revised App
Hating the new, cluttered, difficult to navigate app that was launched this week. What used to be a simple, drop down menu now requires multiple steps to locate saved cities, hourly forecasts, etc. We previously used the old app regardless of where we were traveling worldwide but will be switching to another app that is more straightforward.
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6 years ago, wndwclner
Auto play ANNOYING.
While I get the need and idea to have advertisements, do you need to have video WITH SOUND pop up that automatically plays? Wakes my family up if I'm not quick to click "done" and exit out. Information on the weather is accurate and I like the format, but the ads kill it.
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5 years ago, Dean.787
This app needs help
I had to uninstall the app tonight because every time I went in to see the radar a pop up advertisements get in the way, and the power it was taking 5% battery each time I went on to look at the storm, this is a bad app for saving lives, hi Highly would not recommend it, we are better off with the weather channel.
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3 years ago, Jkvandyke
Don’t fix something that wasn’t broken
I normally like updates, but this update went backwards. It’s not organized. The layout is poorly done. Apps are supposed to be simple, easy to navigate. Used to be my favorite app. Please make the old version available. Users should have a choice.
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