Storm Tracker°

4.6 (75.6K)
334.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Impala Studios
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Storm Tracker°

4.63 out of 5
75.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Idea doctor
Reliability Approved
This app proved its reliability to me during the tropical storm/category 1 Hurricane Isaias, in the exact location where the hurricane entered (Oak Island NC) during our annual summer vacation there. Having lived in Florida for decades, I was used to hurricanes (with accompanying hurricane parties) and to me a tropical storm in an ocean front was not much to worry about, right? Well, as the tides began to change, and the tropical storm turned category 1 on top of us, this app was quite precise at telling me the exact location of the eye of the storm and it’s significant wind-bands, with accurate wind speeds and precipitation. All in all, I was able to calculate up to minutes apart from the worst part of the storm, to when the storm itself would begin to wind down - and match it to real time. The area endured some severe damages and scramble mode kicked in for our family, and with experience of post hurricane know-how, we were able to leave the island on time, with minor damages to our personal property the morning after the storm. This app was a significant tool at my disposal on a crucial moment in time, and allowed me to calculate adequately my next move after battling the elements that summer evening - and allowed me and my family to spend the rest of our vacation elsewhere, safely... A standing ovation for weather radars.
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4 years ago, Allen Lieberman
Outstanding presentation.
Running the app through it’s paces and thus far, love what what I see. Only thing missing and not a real big deal is satellite overlay. I already have a high resolution satellite image app that would be hard to replicate because it’s strictly very high resolution that takes high bandwidth that most people wouldn’t be interested in the detail it gives. My only hope is I NEVER SEE full page ads......
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1 year ago, BAMA BEAT AUBURN
We should get to choose updates!
Yeah probably sounds crazy, stupid, all things, but I friggin hate having a great app like I had with this then you go and update when you dident need to change a single thing it was perfect and now can’t stand the layout, now there are add pop up’s when you log on first when there wasn’t any before ,well it was just a simple easy system all around it didn’t need changing , truthfully if there was another I’d leave I’m looking now .I really liked it the way it was loved the format/ layout it WAS perfection ,simple to refresh still haven’t figured that out yet ,why did you have to change at least let us have a choice to either stay with an old version or go with a new don’t force it on us all the time it’s so annoying .I never had any problems in all the years I had this app it ran perfectly s sad to see it change ,I hate the ads at the beginning don’t mind them at bottom at all but why why I’m sad boo! It was a great app now 👎 was⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Now⭐️⭐️⭐️ You had a great thing the way it was!
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3 years ago, krismouse
Excellent forecasts, slow updates
Was looking for an app with a simple interface that shows the size of the wind field for hurricanes. This one has it. So many apps only show the eye of the storm. But the wind field is often larger on the east size of Atlantic hurricanes than in the west side, so the size of the wind field is an important piece of information to have. So viewing the forecast track was great, but on the day of Elsa’s landfall, the forecast layer got stuck at 5am and still showed the storm west of Tampa while the radar layer correctly showed the storm hitting the Panhandle. Disappointing. Can’t find a tech support link in the app to report the problem, either.
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1 year ago, Mmmjesustoast
Not Accurate Enough
I just switched from droid to an iPhone and really miss some of my apps. I am on my 4th radar app and this is the second maybe third that doesn’t accurately show freezing precipitation! This app just showed some green blotches moving near my area (light rain) not over us, even though we were getting freezing rain. I fired up my old phone with the radar x app and sure enough it showed some blue blotches with one passing right over us. I work outside a lot and appreciate having an accurate radar to gauge timing and intensity of incoming weather for safety reasons as well as being able to estimate the timing to make sure weather sensitive tools and equipment get put away before it hits. This app is useless for me. The search continues.
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2 years ago, Matt'nMaine
Great app, but blank spot in radar coverage
I have looked at/tried other weather apps, and I keep coming back to this one. I have only one issue: I live in northeastern Maine and there is always a blank spot in the radar coverage. It looks like it disappears on the NH/CA border and reappears south of Bangor. I do get radar coverage for my specific area (Kingman), but it would nice if that blank was available to gauge the progress of the storm. It would give me a more advance notice of the storm’s movement; especially if severe rain/lightening is approaching. Otherwise, I love it!
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2 weeks ago, mimchele
Not getting all that was promised
Ok so when I’m watching the radar in most weather maps and I advance the time or press next day, I get a simulated radar anticipating the weather to come based on the current conditions and how other conditions may alter weather patterns. This app I hit next day? I get the exact, and I mean exact radar I’m getting as current weather. Really feel like I wasted money on this app right now. But as there possibly is a glitch that is in process of repair I will wait a few days and see if I get an estimate of how long it will take to repair if they are or an update to fix. Then I will adjust my rating.
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1 year ago, Fustupidnickname
Recent update annoying
This app was good and I really liked it. However, the most recent update has added an annoying ad for the premium version. VERY DISTRACTING, PRACTICALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE, AND NO WAY TO GET RID OF IT!!!!! When you click the x to close, it just takes you to the full screen ad, then when you close that, it goes back to the map and the ad is still there. I would consider the premium version, but it is subscription based and way over priced. Update said it was to improve user experience-they lied, it made it worse. Apparently the update is just a money grab.
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3 years ago, SmartyMcSmartFace
Not sure if this is true or not
I think this app always tells people that the hurricane is going to die down. Every time I see a hurricane this app tells me that the hurricane is going to go back to a tropical storm in the next few days. I do not know if this app just wants people not to worry, but if you are doing this so people don’t worry, STOP. They could not worry and stay at home but then when a hurricane comes they could get hurt. Even if you predict that it will come so everyone evacuates and it doesn’t, this is still better than not evacuating and getting hurt.
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1 year ago, PNW-WTHN
Sad to say
Your last update has severely decreased my experience with your app. It is so frustrating to use compared to prior releases. The display is so crowded that it actually makes it more difficult to use the app! For the past two years of using your app, I had been recommending it to many people. Easily over a hundred people. I’m stopping any recommendations until changes are made. If they aren’t, I will remove your app. It seems you have lost your original intention for creating the app. If you need a boost in revenue, maybe use gofundme or crowdfunding. Some suggestions: Get rid of the ad icon near the lower left corner of the display. Takes up way too much space. Move the menu column and hamburger further up into the corner. Remove the ad that opens before anything else, when starting the app. It’s tough to acknowledge a wrong decision. The outcome becomes worse, if you don’t. Good luck
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8 months ago, Poorscratcher
You can help get daily weather alerts on storm tracker°
Storm Tracker° helps you get daily weather alerts and alerts from different cities and stuff and it would show you alerts and stuff like that and would say things like good morning today you can expect temperatures between the two temps tap to see and have a nice day
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3 months ago, High Rise 7
Very pleased with the service!
I am very pleased with the immediate weather feedback that the app provides. It is extremely useful in many aspects of our lives from just being informed about local weather as well as widespread coverage over given areas. It helps greatly with regular home life as well as travel plans. Great service!
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2 months ago, norellana 85
This help alone because it shows if there gonna be really bad weather… Like for example: A tornado it would right away send you a alert and a siren… it helps for my family so we can be put safe and not be put in danger. We would now know when to take shelter and know if it gonna be really bad rain storm or a huge hail or snow storm🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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5 years ago, trynoah
Wow this is good
This is a really good app thanks for making it but I have one suggestion that’s why I gave it four stars message Justin is that you should upgrade it to a higher level and it explains more about stuff and I like that you made this app thanks for making it are used a lot when it’s stormy I might use it some more of your apps to make make some fun apps to just swing bye
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10 months ago, Seeing true
Weather app
This is a really good weather app. It’s pretty accurate with the weather. It would be five star rating if the ads were taken away, this used to be ad free, which helped out more for observing weather patterns. Now every time you open the app, you have to struggle with finding a way to close out the ad pop up to view the weather map.
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5 months ago, Guy Banned
This app Saved my Life
Today, at February 8, I Encountered a Tall Cloud at the morning at 3 Pm the cloud Appeared real quick and I realized something really bad. The was a Tornado in Winsconsin. I need go get back to Shelter and the app said that the Tornado will Expire Very Soon after Many Minutes, the tornado Vanished and my life is saved. Thank you so much for Creating this app.
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2 years ago, anonanonaonymous9896877
It’s fine.
I wanted to replace the app provided by The Cable Channel, because the ads have just gotten completely out of hand. This app is sufficient, but the location is not accurate. I saved my location to my favorites, it’s the only location I have saved, and every time I open the app the map either shows Mexico or Guatemala (usually somewhere in between.) I live in Missouri…so sort of…but not quite at all.
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3 years ago, BraintreeLaw
Compared to 4 other weather apps I tried, this has a simple, clear design with all the information I need. Ads are in a discrete border only at the bottom of the screen. No need to navigate to another screen to get local information. Useful graphs for temp, rain.
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10 months ago, ilikedtheartwork
Was good.
Used this last hurricane season to get updates and track them since I live in FL. Now that hurricane season is coming back around I redownloaded it only to find it looking a mess and now I have to pay to track the most dangerous storms that effect my area, since it’s now part of the “pro” plan. If it was a one time payment I may have broken and bought it but it’s a MONTHLY subscription of 20$ and for a weather app that is wholly unrealistic and very stupid. I’ll find another app that allows me to track storms. Very disappointing.
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3 months ago, Ra04we
Won’t display cities weather anymore
I travel across the US and had cities marked for easy weather access. It won’t open the weather anymore for the cities I have marked. Won’t save the cities either. I will have to cancel due to frustration.
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3 years ago, WolfboyPlayzs
Best Weather App
I think this app is really useful because it allows for me to see the weather in my area without watching the actual new, and usually, I can’t watch the news because our tv doesn’t work, so this app is really useful for me. 😁
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3 years ago, Isaac Visisisisisi caeeeesra
My favorite thing about this is app is well, EVERYTHING! First I love the hurricanes, typhoons and cyclone on this app. They give information about the intensity of the tropical cyclone. Second, and one of the most amazing features of the this app is the CHILD ABDUCTION WARNING. This proves that the app cannot only track weather, but also a lot of other things.
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4 years ago, theflashdonuteater
Great app but if you want an hourly forecast you might want to look at a different app
I love weather and I think it’s really interesting and this app is super awesome for people like me who like to study weather. Also it’s really helpful for predicting storms although I live in PA so there’s not really any huge storms or anything like that A little glitchy but otherwise works really well Get this app
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1 year ago, I don't like this product
Great app
I like the features of this app. The information is accurate, up to date, and helps keep my family safe. It's a bonus to not be charged for access to information our taxes already paid for.
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4 years ago, ltordoff18
Hi! I was just wondering why you put child abduction on a storm tracker. I love that you do! But I was just wondering, because I just found child abduction on it in Arkansas! That is horrible! But thank you for the warning. I will try and keep a lookout even if I don’t know what this kid looks like. Thank you for all the info!
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3 weeks ago, Astros Fanatic
Weather App.
I use this App. on a daily basis (multiple times a day). I work for the City of Lebanon Fire Dept. In Lebanon, MO. It assists me to plan my day. I also am the Weather Chief for our county Office of Emergency Management (O.E.M.). This app. helps assist me with giving our Laclede County Fire Chiefs & our Laclede County O.E.M. Officials the best & most current forecast.
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2 years ago, yeremayahoo
Love this app
I use this app daily! I am an astrophotographer and need accurate weather apps in order to protect my equipment as well as knowing when it is a good time to image. Between this app and the clear outside app I find I’m never behind on the weather.
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8 years ago, BB211419
Will not open anymore
Used to be my favorite weather app, but now it crashes every time I try to open it. It has become useless and I've tried reboots of my phone but nothing seems to fix what is going on with the app.
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2 years ago, Bowler girl strike
Weather sometimes to the extreme!!
I like this app. it give me a good vow of the weather coming to my area. I give this app. two 👍🏼👍🏼! Don’t change a thing on this app. leave it just the way it is.😊😊I like that it shows colors of what going to happen in the areas where I live and other places. Prefect app.!!👍🏼👍🏼
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1 year ago, SpudHut
Once a great App
I’m a HAM operator and I used this app exclusively for storm watches. Not it’s gone full pay wall with Ads with latest update. It’s hard enough in this economy to have to keep up with all these pay-to-play apps. Priorities first, this is not. ‘Storm Shield’ is an excellent app alternative and very accurate. Hey developer, Maybe look at “pay-for” certain features instead of locking in subscriptions which are most annoying. I’m disappointed. Uninstalled
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6 years ago, FreightTtain
Need to know
Everyone needs to know what the weather is doing and will do. This program dos that for you. At a glance you see what the storm center is, where the storm watch boxes are and much more. You need this on your phone. Train
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4 months ago, Jly66
Waste of app space.
I have had both Storm Tracker & Clime NOAA for several months. As is the norm for my location (Sarasota FL), Storm Tracker is showing zero rain as it is currently pouring down rain. It isn’t always wrong, but who’s radar are they using? More often than not, it is WRONG! The NOAA ap is much more accurate when looking at current conditions and therefore I assume that the forecast is more reliable. Sorry, but I can NOT recommend this ap.
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1 year ago, nightstalker!
Not good
A person would die before getting around the ads to get an actual weather update. The app sold out. I understand an ad here and there. I understand having to buy some exclusive features. But having them all bombarding the display screen is unacceptable. This app was once the greatest app to ever exist, displaying tornadoes, hurricanes and more. Now I wouldn’t pay .99 for the app, much less a yearly fee. I can go elsewhere.
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10 months ago, hillbillt
Location problems
I’m not able to set locations for forecasts on my iPhone 13 Pro Max under iOS 16.6. Everytime I click on location, the screen freezes on the set locations window and will not bring up the keyboard to type a location. It won't even let me click on + to add the current location.
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1 year ago, cateteria
Obnoxious ads
I love weather apps and tracking unusual and interesting systems around the world. This is such a terrible “free” app. Every tap you either get a pop up with a hard to find exit or it’s asking for your money. I got so annoyed with it I finally deleted it. It was always pretty inaccurate and never actually showed current storms. Avoid this app because it is a scam and cancer for your phone.
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2 years ago, Billg_02176
So far so good 😊
I am looking for an APP to replace my NOAA RADAR PRO which disappeared from the App Store and with no notice became CLIME with a horrendous fee (annual) 😡. Now I am trying Storm Tracker but looking for a nominal annual fee one time only that would remove the ads which are annoying. This app seems to do what I’m looking for I’m not quite sure if it has alerts, but I like the layout and the ease of use. Would love to have an ad free app and don’t mind paying for it, but I’m not sure how to access. If you can help it would be appreciated
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3 years ago, Swt. Pea
Very easy to use
Like this app a lot so far as it has the Hurricane tracker that my other one doesn’t have. Plus it’s very easy to use and nothing to try figuring out.
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3 years ago, mrs. batsford
Always easy access
I live in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It looks cloudy every afternoon but with the radar I can see if it will be a storm or just a shower. So handy for getting in and out to go places.
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6 years ago, Richcor00001
I have looked at this program several times and have a few others. The radar seems to be completely off, it never compared to any of the other programs I have. This may be a nice program but as long as the accuracy of the radar image is off it is pretty useless. The forecast seems to be pretty accurate but that is all.
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3 years ago, hop samp
Storm tracker
It’s good for tracking storms and it warn us so when we see a storm we would know it’s not something else so we can stay safe and we would know it’s a storm if we think it’s a storm on a anber arlert we would know it’s a anber arlert
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2 years ago, Velcro 1988
I use this Application A LOT. As the Weather Guy for my County, it helps me see what weather is coming. I can also see what is going on at that moment. I use this everyday
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5 years ago, Gypsy Seer
Weather Radar
This is a handy APP. When I’m not home and need to know how close the rain is to my town, my windows are open, I check with this APP. VERY convenient! When I’m home I just like to check and see what’s happening.
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12 months ago, Jc ggghb
Download this app if you want to track a storm
I love this app. It’s amazing I think you should download this app if you really wanna see if you have a severe thunderstorm warning
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3 years ago, KTB2004
Great info for our area
We can see for our selves what the weather is doing. Local weather reported mainly focus on Oahu so nice to see for our selves what is going on in our area.
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3 years ago, Master Hb bander
Storm tracker
Easy to bring up, easy to one is standing in front of the map where I that blocks the radar view!! Thanks
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6 months ago, Rfb2768
Storm Tracker
Very Informative. This app should save thousands of lives if thousands of people take a few minutes out of their day to sign up for this—Storm Tracker. Sincerely, Rebecca Brady
Show more
3 years ago, looselegs1986
Always SO EASY to hit your app, see my location or even family members, and see what’s coming my way!! ALWAYS ACCURATE! Thanks for a great site and user friendly app!!👍🏻❤️❤️
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3 years ago, uusuck
I really enjoy being able to actually see what’s happening with the weather everywhere my extended family lives.
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4 years ago, Wishing We Weren't Here
Fantastic App
Weather Radar is a great app! It is very responsive and accurate to a t! It opens quickly and shows you exactly where the precipitation is and shows its intensity and movement in real time.
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1 year ago, dfiibgg
Tornado warning and updated news it might have saved our lives
Great updates. Life saving.
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