Stratus MLS Mobile

1.7 (28)
125 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stratus Data Systems, Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stratus MLS Mobile

1.68 out of 5
28 Ratings
4 years ago, KC REALTOR 2000
App Crashing when opening attached files
I read a review given 1 year ago regarding the app crashing and logging you off when you try to open a file attached to a listing. Very frustrating please update app. Also has been crashing while in Map mode switching from aerial to satellite.
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3 years ago, bklyntlc
Search results don’t load anymore
The app used to work fine, now unless I search by address, I can never see my results—even if I search by MLS number. What happened???
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5 years ago, Kiki心
Problem with sign in
I cannot even sign in with this app. Very user unfriendly, similar to its web version which is the same issue if you change your computer. Also if you click forget password, it crashes every time. Still trying to log in as of now.
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5 years ago, beefywugglesandnuggeys
Difficult to use
Often need to use outside realty sites because this app has log in issues (crashes repeatedly), slow to load and should be able to save password so it does not have to be logged in every time. When out with customers this is NOT helpful at all.
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5 years ago, someonenyc
Fix all bugs!
App doesn’t log me in! Keeps telling me my user ID or password are incorrect but no problems on a desktop. Please fix this along with all other bugs! Extremely frustrating that this is meant to be used on the go and there’s no functionality of the app.
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6 years ago, MAC 1957
Real estate salesperson
Many bugs. Whenever you try to open a doc in a listing it shuts off. You need to able multiple listings to be emailed to clients. Could be a good app but needs improvement.
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2 years ago, DeeCeeZam
It simply doesn’t perform
I used this app some years ago & it used to work great. Now it doesn’t even perform individual MLS# search, it freezes! This app used to be a great on the go help when out with clients, now it’s useless. Please fix
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6 years ago, Babylon Realtor
Mls stratus app
Please update this App. It does not allow you to search for condos. Also it does not show the taxes from the listing.
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4 years ago, InSecureMan
Garbage - a joke
Who the hell is responible for this app? Both the client and the developer should be embarrassed. As if the crashes-always app wasn’t terrible enough already, now you have to login twice. This is what realtors pay fees for? For this joke of an app?
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4 years ago, exquise nani
Needs Fixing
This app doesn’t allow you to do anything. Wish it was capable of just doing the simple things like looking up properties with the MLS number but doesn’t even load that. Can someone fix the whole app please!
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3 years ago, Gnatthenat
Constantly Crashing
I can’t seem to get this app to cooperate for anything; neither can anyone else, please sell the company to someone who will update this for us thank you.
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2 years ago, UncleYeti
On of the worst apps in Apple store
It’s an embarrassment that this is the best MLS can come up with. Long Island MLS is a dinosaur when it comes to technology. The plain just doesn’t work.
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10 years ago, Angiebaby45
Improvements necessary
First I would recommend the ability to stay signed in. Or at the least like banking apps, even if you navigate away, it should remain logged in for "x" amount of minutes of inactivity until it logs you out. But really this isn't a banking app and should stay signed in rather then having to put a password in each time. Second, when I click on today's listings, it always defaults to map view. I would like it to default on list view. Third, update for iOS 8 is needed since it closes on its own now.
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5 years ago, Danny Cos
You can’t even log in.
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12 years ago, ChuckNorris45
Stratus ap
I could sign in without difficulty. It is slow... But I guess I was so shocked that an Apple product could work with stratus that I became distracted. I think it can be a useful tool in the field assuming you have reception! Which in my area is dicey at best. Download it since we really don't have any other option with iPhone / IPad. Go Droid!!!
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12 years ago, Mao6885
Not easy to sign in
When you keyed in your ID, it kept asking your password from another page which gave you no place to put in your password. It means you have no access to log in, after all you have to give it up and delete the app.
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12 years ago, Happy meal 21
Poorly designed, just like the website.
The MLS Stratus website is a multi-million dollar example of what NOT to do, and this app is just another dingle berry from the LIBOR tree. poor design, predictably crashes, returns results that are irrelevant to the search request, and many more. The Trulia and Zillow apps are much better created and organized, significantly more user-friendly, and surprisingly more accurate.
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11 years ago, DonnaBocc
Not helpful
Unfortunately, this app is slow, so using it while you are out on the road and want to check on a property quickly- it is frustrating. But more importantly, it doesn't always pull all of the listings if you put more than one filter or if you try to look up the exact address. I don't really use this in the field- only out of desperation.
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12 years ago, LaBate217
Not only does it always crash units the most UN user friendly program ever. How do you even go back to the home screen or bring up search criteria? There's like 3 buttons, favorite, email and all and you can flip up map and there's garbage underneath. Thank LIBOR. I'm sure our 600 libor bill is due soon can you make something half way decent ?
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12 years ago, Sdkam
Not compatible with iOS 6!
This app is 100% useless and is not compatible with iOS 6 upgrade. Mac maps is awful and mls should remain integrated with google maps until Mac maps gets their act together. Search screen is also blank and hot pink. Please repair this problem ASAP as people are trying to conduct business!!!
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12 years ago, Krazynhazy
It works perfectly fine
The app works great. The people who are claiming that they are unable to sign in are more than likely not New York State REALTORS®
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12 years ago, Tech-Hell
Attempted to download Stratus MLS (App) on my iPhone4s...that was 24 hrs. ago & is still (Stuck) in "Installing" mode!!! When I contacted Apple...I was informed that I would have to pay for assistance, since my "3 month free trial period expired" Let me restate my reason for this review! I pay hundreds of dollars for the latest Apple ph (tech-crap) & must pay when it f----s up! To hell w/ Apple & we are lemmings!!!
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9 years ago, Lazer15
Crashes on opening AGAIN!!!!!
Don't update to this version. The app constantly crashes AGAIN! What is the PURPOSE OF PAYING DUES FOR THIS KIND OF LACK LUSTER APP?!?!?!?!! Your IT team should be embarrassed by this. All the money MLS makes and you can't update an app to work properly? Do everyone a favor and higher some 10 year old kids who can do this in seconds.
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7 years ago, Nancim
Not mobile friendly! Every time I try it says error wrong I'd or password. I've changed password several times and it still doesn't work. Very frustrating. I have not been able to use this for a long time now!
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8 years ago, Bunzerino
It's Working! Yay!
Is it too good to be true? I hope not. Thanks for fixing the app! I've really missed it!! Thank you!!!
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11 years ago, Tommy Mele
Thanks LIBOR. For nothing
This app was bad, so now with the update it is much better. Better because it will not work at all, so there is no need to even use it . Great Job. As for the reason I gave it one star, this review will not let you give it zero stars. So believe me this app is a zero.
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9 years ago, Angelahbw
Is it just me? Crashes on opening.
The app won't even open. When I click on the support button on the review page in the App Store it comes up "URL not found ". The program is useless.
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12 years ago, Sam&Zara
Crashes every time. Needs lot more work on this app. It's time to step up long island status!!!!!
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11 years ago, Beatrix Kiddo 2010
The App doesn't work
It doesn't even let me to log in . It tells me I have incorrect user Id or password but when I log in to stratus on my comp it accepts my login without a problem. It's a scheme it would be such a good tool if it work.
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11 years ago, FunkyMonkey0574
Works part of the time, at best...
Slow, crashes more than not. Yes, Im a licensed NYS realtor and a MLS member. Feels like this app was rushed to market without thorough bug testing. Update: many months later. Still very buggy. Crashes all the time. Worst app I've ever used.
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12 years ago, Suspicious.
No login
How can that person say people who can't login are not realtors. Smh. I also am having the login problem. Could be this app was created to capture agents accounts for stratus.
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8 years ago, Bossysane
The update still doesn't work
I still can not access MLS after the last 2 updates. I have to bypass the mobile app and log in on my phone web page ☹️ NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY AT ALL.
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13 years ago, Xxoo7
Doesn't work
As with anything from mls and apple it doesn't work. Hope they get it working ,it will be a great tool once it's up and running properly.
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12 years ago, S3GA GENESIS
Messed up after update
All of a sudden the side menu screen is pink and I can't choose open house or options like that
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11 years ago, LongIslandGirl-HC
Can't log in
9 out of 10 times I cannot log in. The rare chance it does log me in, I only get a "validating" window that doesn't ever go away
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12 years ago, Rah'Nique
This app doesn't work
For some reason I am unable to log in... I hope they work this kink out!
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12 years ago, Theoriginaldomesticgoddess
Uncompetitive and disappointing
Zillow and trulia apps updated before the "professional" app. MLService should be up and running by now. MacMaps is no excuse. 90% of all apps run on GPS. Very disappointing. This WAS a good app.
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12 years ago, Mdmarta
Realtor in South Florida
I am a board member of Greater Ft Lauderdale (So. Florida) board. When I downloaded the app it only gives me the option to choose the boards of Long Island or Toronto!!! How do I find my board ?
Show more
13 years ago, NYxStyle
Not allowing me to sign in
Doesn't let me sign in, says I'm not a user but I am... I pay to belong to stratus, this should work, I'm very disappointed :((
Show more
12 years ago, cantgetup
Don't waste your time
Cannot log on
Show more
10 years ago, Lord Conqueror G
Why am I signed out when I close app?? Why am I signed out when I multi task? Why did you remove the search bar on the top???? UPDATE THE APP PLEASE!!!! This is a JOKE
Show more
11 years ago, Jvusmc
Worthless app
I can't believe our dues went to develop such a worthless app.
Show more
13 years ago, The Great Caesar
Doesn't work
I wasn't able to sign in as well :(
Show more
9 years ago, Jasonjaytay
Crashes on opening
Don't download!!
Show more
11 years ago, TurboSentra
Who are the engineers working on the Long Island mls and this app ? 80 year old women? Useless, does not work at all. 💩💨
Show more
13 years ago, Nicoleli
Don't download
Doesn't let you sign in. It doesn't work
Show more
13 years ago, maria11561
Doesn't wok
Does not acknowledge my user Id Would b a great app if it worked lol. Ps didn't the creator of this app try it out???
Show more
10 years ago, demetri29
This app needs to be updated for ios8 .. Thank you
Show more
12 years ago, joyinlife
Can't sign in
I am Mls member & licensed agent, but doesn't accept my log in. Is this a fake app??
Show more
12 years ago, Stew13ny
Can't log in!!!
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