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User Reviews for Stripe Dashboard

4.71 out of 5
46.1K Ratings
6 years ago, GodseyApple
I LOVE using Stripe and they’ve been a continue blessing for our business. However, the new app update replaced the payout screen with “estimated future payout” rather than providing the actual estimation on those future payouts. This is a bit undesirable as the one thing I enjoyed the app OVER the dashboard was the fact that you could see the estimated future payout “date” on your overall balance rather than the only in flight payouts. It was just more enjoyable when you could see the payout estimate for FUTURE (over a day or two) payouts... If they’d change back to the old format with a color change like they did, I’d be happy. Thanks Stripe! Hope this feedback makes a difference. Love your services overall though. No complaints, just a cosmetic change I miss now that it’s gone... TL:DR - Maybe I can’t see it or am ignorant, but I can’t find the estimated payout date on future payouts over a day or that isn’t in flight already...
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12 months ago, Jaydrian 20000
STAY AWAY FROM this platform at all costs. There was an issue with matching names between my stripe business account information and my business bank account. I continued to submit supporting documentation multiple time (over 5 times) and instead of calling me to let me know what was it that they were specifically looking for, they kept and continue to decline the document without further explanation. I have contacted their costumer support personnel, which were very polite and had all intentions to help, they were unable to help resolve the issue due to lack of proper training and being inadequately equipped or supported by management. I honestly believe this company is scam and does not actually have licensed accountants to help resolve taxation issues. Why? Well the answer I was given by the rep didn't make sense and didn't sound legitimate. I was told that the name of the business name on the SS4 form given by the IRS didn't match the one on the bank account - which it did - just the bank account didn't have my own name on it because it's a business account and do business as XYZ but it clearly stated I'm the bank account owner. Here we are there weeks later and they're still holding my payout s hostage even after providing proper documents and contacting them multiple times. I'm still waiting on management phone call.
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2 years ago, Je y Jo
STRIPE, YOU ARE THE WORST APP. You are making me lose my business.
If you don't want your small business to go bankrupt, don't use this app. I am a Latin woman with a small business that I started 1 year ago with a lot of effort, and sacrifice and thanks to this app I am loosing my business and 3 weeks late with no payment. 3 weeks and half ago I opened my account with Stripe, because I thought it was safe for me and my clients. And it's already been 3 weeks that I haven't been able to pay my business or personal expenses because they are apparently verifying my business when I've sent them all kinds of documentation, screenshots of chats with clients, even a small commercial I did for my business and still they tell me that they cannot verify my business. This is arbitrary and I feel discriminated for being a Latina, a small business and even for being a woman who runs a business. No one from Stripe helps me and I have emailed all Stripe emails and they just tell me that their team is working to verify my business, like if I am illegal or a drug dealer. Wow!!! I am shocked to see how bad is this company. I believe they just say that to use your money to get paid interests and they just take advantage that you have a small business. Please Stripe, do not withhold my money, it’s the money for a service I have provided and I really need it.
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4 years ago, Girlstarr1975
Terrible platform beware!
I wish I could write a review with 5 stars and say that I am completely happy but sadly this isn’t the case. When I log into the site in the app or desktop version my entire Stripe dashboard is blank. It has never shown data for any of my payments over the last several months. I’m being charge processing fees that seem like they are much higher than what was indicated and I’m unable to look at reports to make sure. They deposit all of your payments in a lump sum but again, without reports I can’t see how much has been taken out of each transaction. I also received a call from an angry very high profile customer that was billed an exorbant amount of money for something that was an 1/8 of what actually came out of their credit card. My invoice shows the correct amount yet their credit card statement shows my business charging them a lot more. I am completely embarrassed and I definitely lost them as a customer. I am so upset to have to take away the ability to pay with a credit card online but it must be done. This is way too much of a risk to deal with. I will find another way to bill my customers. Probably through the square app as I’ve had a lot of luck in the past with them.
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2 years ago, SkyKidKronyum
Discriminatory (i do not recommend them)
Im puertorican, we have little to no payment apps options here. A artist recommended me stripe, i made the account, finished it a few weeks later- 1 hour or so later that day(august 13), my account is blocked. Apparently after being reviewed they decided i was a crowdfund, when im just another artist like so many other who use it. After around 4 to 6 emails, i gave up, they didn't change their mind and i went ahead and deleted the account instead of waiting for the 24 days. (August 26) I go on twitter and guess what! Another artist had the same issue! But surprise, their issue was resolved!! What difference did we had professionally? Nothing, we both used kofi, we both draw digitally, we even are stinky furries. There is one difference tho, he's white and im not. I don't want the acc back, i want EVERYONE ELSE TO KNOW HOW DISCRIMINATORY AND INJUST THEY ARE!! Either all or none. There are more than just a few artist using stripe, aren't they crowdfunding too? Why was that artist, who also used the Kofi link on their business account, resolved but mine wasn't?? If y'all don't want to be called racist, discriminatory, then judge everyone equally. I do not recommend them.
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3 years ago, cgvdsm
small businesses beware, there’s no customer support
Update: after waiting almost a month for stripe to issue a payout I was forced to refund $3,000 to my costumers which stripe still charged me $100. I’ve spent countless hours on this worthless company. DO NOT waste your time. They don’t have any idea what they’re doing in customer support and it takes days to get any answers back. I’ve contacted stripe multiple times, almost everyday for the last week, and I’ll get an immediate response claiming that they’re looking into why my payments aren’t going through and they’ll get back to me shortly but no one has gotten back to me yet and now my account is frozen. They claim to be looking into that too and will get back to me shortly, basically the same response for them last week. I’m a small business, stripe has 3k in payments I’m still waiting for, if you’re ok with not receiving money for weeks while not getting any answers or support to as of why then stripe might be for you. Most likely I’m going to have to refund them money and try to get paid another way which as a new business you can understand isn’t just frustrating but embarrassing. It looks bad on me for stripes poor performance.
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3 years ago, Robbi K
Quality customer service
When I first started using stripe years ago, I was very healthy and working all the time. Now getting coronavirus pandemic pandemonium so my students aren’t returning. Schools have closed and library‘s are shut down as well. These are two venues of the many that I have performed in for 25 years or more. But nowAs a Brown American grandmother that owns a business, i’m suffering. Grants from the government aren’t happening. I’m a small business and there’s very little support besides customers. Whenever I have to reach out to customer service, you’re always available to assist me trying to keep my business afloat. I’m grateful for the corporate support. In this socially distant world, it’s hard to have personal contact with other people now. But straight manages to maintain support for all of us business owners. PayPal is outsource customer service so it’s tricky. Thanks stripe!
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5 years ago, HomerHorowitz
Held my money for months with no communication
I’m a photographer and used to use Stripe to collect payments. One day totally out of the blue I notice that the payments payments aren’t going through to my bank account. They are coming out of my clients accounts and just being held by stripe. Two months later and a I’m still trying to get my money - at this point around $6000! They claim that one of the payments I received was “questionable” and they put a hold on my account. No notice, no communication, and Stripe had no problem collecting the money from my clients but wouldn’t let me transfer any of it to my bank. The worst part of it is that during the entire fiasco, I have never been able to get a hold of anyone at stripe! I’m at a loss. Update: many months later I got my money but it cost me a lot of waisted time and I was still never able to speak to a person. After threatening lawsuits to my invoicing al (Invoice2go) they where finally able to get the money through. I’ll never use this service and recommend staying away if your a small business that deals with personal checks.
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6 years ago, stacyogi
Refuse to reimburse service fee after fraud
I recently started using Stripe and felt very hopeful this would be an asset to my business after having a client recommend using it to process payment for my services. Upon realizing this future client was fraudulent and after a few google searches realized this has been the case for many other with the phone number they were using. I quickly refunded the credit card amount back to my account and reported it to stripe as FRAUD. However the $98 service charge was still taken out of my account, no questions asked. After several emails attempting to get the fee reimbursed after I was told it was (which is shown on my stripe account) they refused to release the funds to my bank account. They are requesting all sorts of information now in order to release my funds but had no issues with taking it out of my account with such information. As a single mom of two kids $100 is a lot to just throw away and after emails and getting the go around I will no longer be using stripe and will strongly advise others to reconsider going this route. Hope this may help others in the future.
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1 year ago, Ogili97
Best of the best
I've been using Stripe as my payment provider for several months now, and I am extremely satisfied with the service they offer. Stripe has made it incredibly easy to accept payments online. Their user interface is intuitive and straightforward, allowing me to set up and manage my account with ease. One of the features that I love the most about Stripe is the level of security they provide. They use the latest security measures to protect both my business and my customers' information, giving me peace of mind. I also appreciate that Stripe supports a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, ACH transfers, and more. This has made it possible for me to reach a broader customer base and increase my sales. The support team at Stripe is also top-notch. Whenever I've had a question or concern, I've been able to get prompt and helpful responses from their support team. They've been able to resolve any issues I've had quickly and efficiently, which is a huge plus for me. Overall, I highly recommend Stripe as a payment provider. Their ease of use, security measures, and excellent support make them a standout choice for any business looking to accept payments online. I'm confident that you won't be disappointed with their service!
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10 months ago, Thailand-Amulets
good app but reluctant pay out method
are use Stripe and Wise payments to accept payments in my online shops. With Wise payments I can withdraw payments to my bank straight away. With Stripe, if I have $10,000 on the account, it pays me 150 this week, 1000 next week, 200 the week after, by which time another $10,000 has come in. So far every $300 that comes in they only pay $100 out and always keep most of my balance in their account. Which I consider holding my funds over greedily. therefore tell most of my customers to use Wise payments to pay me so it goes straight on my bank instead of having to wait four weeks to receive a payment and have it split into five different small payments by wise just so that they can make money with my money in the meantime. Much too slow to pay out my balance and they split it into very difficult to understand portions. there's definitely a scam with keeping hold of peoples money for too long before they pay out
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3 years ago, Supercharge++
Unreliable service, avoid them
I am partnered through a website called Beatstars through which I sell beats online. Within around a week of working with Stripe, I was allegedly hit with a number of fraudulent charges that were all denied. Due to this, I was indirectly notified that Stripe decided to stop doing business with me because my business was "high-risk". I only had one successful transaction, I was expecting to get my money but the deposit is continuing to be delayed by 2+ weeks, with Stripe saying they are going to issue a refund without my consent. Similarly, they alleged that my business was not eligible and I am currently locked out of my account as I am not able to "verify my account" even though I've repeated the same process over and over again in order to remedy that. I have reached out to them several times but the response each time is that they will respond as soon as they can. If you can work with any other alternative site, please do. Paypal has been reliable and I've never had problems with fraud, being eligible, or anything I mentioned earlier prior to Stripe.
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4 years ago, dandanw18
Avoid at all costs
About 12 months ago we discovered a hole in their system- Stripe allowed users to have multiple accounts coming to one bank account. We had about $40k in fraudulent charges from users, spent 3 months everyday trying to get someone to resolve the issue for us. We finally got someone to assist us and As per their advice we requested refunds from the users which resulted in them putting a $22k reserve in our account. Charge backs are supposed to clear after 180days. Guess what 180+ days later still hasn’t happened. We keep getting the run around and nobody has any answers, I don’t think they actually know what the answer is. Since we started using stripe we’ve dealt with more customer support tix of our own about payments than we have anything else. It’s a pity because the integration is super easy and their general customer support is very polite ( if you exclude the-fact that all they can actually do is give the same level of the information as the FAQ’s from the website). As it stands we can’t even claim any revenue being generated, can’t make payouts from our bank account and have a $22k reserve.
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2 years ago, Billyboy99507
A really good payment platform but questionable App.
So this is my updated review, my original review is below that. I’ve been using the App now for 6 months. My updated review is more disappointment. Stripe, please use some of the profit from your $20 billion in revenues to create an app that works. More specifically, the charts are horrible. The are not correct and they are limited in options. The last couple of days the YTD don’t even have the correct revenues under the correct months. Yes I know I can use a desktop for more charts, but that’s not the point, I rely heavily on this mobile app to run my business. Please, get it together! I really like Stipe. Their service is reliable and simple. The app works well and is straightforward in design and simple usability. My only feedback is it’s lack of reporting on the App, and what’s is there is limited. Having a year over year comparison my month would be good to show growth would be good. I don’t care about the year over prior month because the number of days are different.
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6 months ago, JSDENVER
CROOKS Faulty App, Bad Support and Overcharging
I only have stripe because it is was Big Cartel used to process payments. I had to issue a customer a refund which required me to log in to stripe. First, they required to verify my identity, which took over a day. When I was finally given access to my account and tried to issue the refund I got a “something went wrong” error message. I tried contacting their support, someone replied to my message, asking to send more information about the transaction. When I replied directly to this email with the requested information, I got an email saying that “no one monitors this email account” even though it was the support account. Additionally, when I started looking into the fees I was being charged on recent transactions I found that I had been getting charged over 10% per transaction even though the stripe website claims to only charge 2.9%. I will be deleting my account, complaining to Big Cartel about Stripe overcharging and having terrible support, and probably closing my big cartel account and moving to Shopify
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1 year ago, Raynefr
the mandatory wait to transfer funds is DUMB
so i switched my website from an old provider to squarespace only to find that squarespace doesnt use Square for transactions online (which is already dumb because the web provider i used prior did and it was smooth and effective, but the web design was lacking) so my first sale on the new website took an entire WEEK+ for me to get the funds to complete the purchase on my end. the next sale i still have to wait 4-8 days before i can withdraw to again complete the order. on applying for instant payout permission(something i shouldnt have to ask for as a freaking business owner, yal not a bank and the money shouldnt be yours until ive actually received it) im denied until x amount of months pass and ive made $5000 but as a startup business being forced to drip feed my actions clearly this isnt meant to help the consumer get started. a lot of handcuffing these days and i really dont like that i cant withdraw money as soon as its paid to me. if theres a legal reason than square must be breaking laws because they allowed a much smoother process
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6 years ago, Ozexpat
Rock solid and great support for over five years.
Stripe has been the backbone of my business for five years. After processing hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve never had a problem with them. It’s sad to see so many negative reviews criticizing stripe for chargebacks. These are outside of stripe’s control and are completely arbitrated by credit card companies. When I’ve had a chargeback I found stripe’s dispute control system to be extremely helpful. Just make sure you keep evidence of your sales and shipping and if you sell digital products keep logs of downloads or site access. You’ll get your money back if you can prove that the customer received their product. Whenever I get stripe notifications it puts a smile on my face. Now that I’ve established my business with them my money transfers are extremely quick with the majority coming through in 48 hours.
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6 years ago, LTCFam
Stripe ...making business easy! 💳💵
I must give credit where credit is due and Stripe, you get just that! As a freshman business owner my biggest stress and anxiety was from my lack of computer literacy and lack of knowledge on payment gateways or set ups. Stripe is so simple to use and teaches you along the way. They pretty much have you cover on all ends, doing the job for you leaving you to the hands on part. Best part for me was the built in book/record keeping. At the end of the fiscal year all you have to do export and print and you are set! Oh and I can’t forget the built in fraud detection... IT WORKS! They immediately block fraudulent activity keeping you safe from future disputes. It’s a must have for all entrepreneurs and freelancer starting their business.
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3 years ago, Byan9812&
It’s OK so far… : /
I tried decided to give straight I try, I was a former user of Square for multiple years. I figured I could save myself .6% over the course of time that adds up. But I’m having an issue with my deposits being deposited promptly. Even after the initial week. I’m 10 days I have processed proximately 10 to 12 different sales, it’s taking about three days to get those in my account. I’m just not used to that is that the norm? With Square, I had a Square debit card and within two minutes of me running the transaction it will show up on my debit card. I went through all the settings and I have the settings on to one day after the sale deposit. I pause my review to give them a little more time with the deposits. I am now three months in to using Stripe and still if I run a charge on a Sunday or Saturday it does not get to my account until Wednesday of the next week that’s why I rate it three stars.
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3 years ago, Joshlyn q
Worst Invoice App I’ve ever tried
The percentages taken out, the added on fees for processing, are outrageous. Then on top of that when they mess up and back bill a customer labeling it as something the customer is unaware of, the customer disputes the claim and Stripe takes that money out of your account even though you’ve already refunded that money 3 months prior. For context i run a paint company and completed work for a customer who accidentally paid in full in advance. Calling her back and telling her it will be several weeks before we can start, I feel more comfortable taking a small percentage and then getting the rest upon completion. So I refund her money back. That money goes out of my account within a few days. Fast forward several months and I get an email stating there’s a dispute for “product not received”. I try and contact stripe and I get nothing but a email stating I have to fight that claim myself and hope the bank takes the evidence I have (screenshots of the customer telling me what the charges were labeled as “Masonry”, and that they’d cancel the dispute.”). Look on my bank account today and see over a 1k taken out for that dispute even though it was canceled. Plus fees and other charges added onto money ive never received. It’s a scam, I’m essentially paying for their mess up so regardless they end up making a few dollars. Do not recommend in any way. Stay away from this invoicing service if you can. Plenty of better ones out there.
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3 months ago, Me no like Stripe
Bad Really Bad
So I have had my businesses using Stripe for a year now . The first transaction was a nightmare to get my funds . It took weeks and weeks to get my money , there was no one to talk to immediately to find answers and the email responses were careless and no effort to help . Even though I decided to stay and put some time into it to learn and maybe manage better ,, it is expensive , they charge way too much commission , starting 2024 my business grew considerably and transactions went 250% higher , stripe made a lot of money out of my business and al the sudden sent me an email letting me know they were going to freeze 25% of my money due to ( Sales volume increase) . Asked me for all the Private Financial information of my business to which I declined and thanks to that I was able to find out my bank had better options for me than stripe . Money in my account same day which was imposible with stripe and lower charges for processing. Stripe is Bad really abusive and intruder of private information . Big No No
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2 years ago, Calan Soto
Payout Delayed Over 7-14 Business Day Time Frame
Verifying my account on Stripe has been a nightmare. Despite their friendly customer service- problems verifying my account has caused me to give them a one. I spoke on the phone with one representative and was assured my account “should” be verified only to receive an email later that day that I needed to upload additional documentation to verify again. After calling, there turned out to be something else wrong with my account. I sat on the phone for 2 days with reps to still not have my problem resolved. A problem I cannot fix from my end. Different representatives contacted me about my issue via email, and while timely and polite, my problem isn’t solved. The hold on my account hasn’t allowed me to receive any payments and I am 100% self employed in a small growing one woman business. Not receiving any payments this month has caused delays of paying bills and being able to support myself. Super disappointed in the time frame my account is being handled.
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5 years ago, briansroof
Money missing no records
We recently have customer whom paid through this service via credit card and we received the invoice and card number through the company app we have it linked too. In the past we have never had any issues. This transaction we received email stating they had our business account as a personal account and instructed us that we would need to get a new account. Our account is a business account which we have had over 15 years and nothing has changed but this company telling us we need a new account to get our funds. We now have to go through the hassle of contacting our customer and telling them their payment has been hijacked and needs to be cancelled. Therefor now it delays us getting paid for this amount of time. There is no record of the payment being made. In fact there is no record of any of our past customers payments either. I would have recommended this process before a week ago. Now I don’t know what to say except this is not worth it in any way.
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3 years ago, chrissgurl
No one else
No one else (Square, QB goPayment, CloverGo) Has been able to offer me such a simple streamlined merchant product that is user friendly and can be integrated on various platforms or as a stand alone. There have been zero processing issues, zero customer complaints so I am happy. The only two things I would like to see in the future are 1) for there to be Stripe Reports that are easily conducted customized and sent/downloaded. (If there is such a thing… PLEASE tell me how 😬😩. ) 2) for stripe to be able to integrate further with zoho app which is where my clients are accessing the stripe payment gateway) so that I can see the invoices from zoho and the payments associated in the same Report’s. (I.e. invoice numbers (zoho) : payment transaction number (stripe) TOGETHER WITH ITEM DETAILS ETC. this would be SO helpful for P&L and bookkeeping tracking purposes. )
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10 months ago, Don’t use Stripe
Frustrated Grandma
This company is holding money hostage. Applied for an account. We are a non profit NOT a 501c3. Told them that up front. They allowed the account to be set up. Have had 3 donors donate to us and Stripe is holding their money hostage. They told us we do not qualify to use them. We are on their restricted list. We are a grandparent organization working for an academic education for our grandkids. They won’t give us the money nor refund the money to the donors that have donated to us. I have asked for this account to be closed and the donors given their money back but Stripe does nothing about it. I have written MANY emails back and forth but all I get is the run around. I’m sick of this. Going to tell everyone I know never to use STRIPE. After posting this I got a response from STRIPE asking me to write to them AGAIN!!! I’ve emailed them probably 15 times with no results. This time this gave a different email address to write to them. THIS COMPANY RIPS PEOPLE OFF AND KEEPS YOUR MONEY!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!
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10 months ago, noneqwanr
The worst nightmare of a banking experience -Retired Army Veteran
After switching to stripe to utilize ACH transactions we processed two charges that the company then decided to cancel our account because the business “was too high risk” now.. unfortunately 1000’s of other businesses that do business consulting, web development, graphic design and many other services do use the platform without issue. After sending in invoice proof, tax EIN, monthly banking statements and even a DBA for our brand name Commission Based Marketing, they refused to allow us to transact stating that they would be refunding the money only if there was available funds. This is concerning since the amount transferred is less the 2.9 % fee… so not sure if Stripe is just now withholding the money for ever in the amount of 5,000 plus dollars from clients who already had service rendered. We will be filing reports with the following entities: Infusionsoft as brand partnership that is in Beta for using Stripe ACH- Attorney generals office Federal Trade Commission BBB And will be taking this to as many News outlets as possible to ensure the rest of the consumer market knows how shady this company really is. As someone who fought for this country.. I can tell you, our corporation that is 100% legit is not risky… I had expected such better experience when integrating payment processing and finding solutions for our growing business. DONT USE STRIPE
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3 years ago, Metancun
Client unable to make purchase from site
My client tried to make a purchase from my website through stripe and the site sent him a fraud alert on all his cards. The message from stripe told him to call customer service. He called several times and no one responded. I called stripe amd no respond. I emailed stripe twice and no respond back. My client had to make the purchase through Venmo instead for his Valentines Day Gift. This was a long stressful process and now I’m having to hand deliver a gift certificate because stripe will refuse to respond. No telling how many other clients I’m loosing on sales from no customer service response from stripe. I’m very aggravated and disappointed in this company.
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3 years ago, Stephenm1431
They will choke your small business for no good reason
Stripe keeps it very quiet that they won’t actually release your first invoices to you for up to 14 days, and then they shift this payout date around sneakily with no notification which caused massive cash flow issues for my rapidly growing business. They’ve caused overdraft fees for me and since I don’t have the cash on hand for fulfillment, now I have angry customers that are ruining the reputation of my business. All because of Stripe refusing to communicate. I have a several hundred person Facebook group that I am finding an invoicing software for, and I thought stripe would be the one, but after this awful experience, I will ensure nobody has an account with you guys. If you take 2.9% of every transaction, you should have more than enough money to figure these issues out and stop holding small business owners who are already struggling by the neck and choking them out. Because that’s how stripe has made me feel. Do better.
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1 year ago, rayfredi
First payment late & waiting
I’m a small business I’m a cab driver with one cab had issues with Square thought that I could make a move found in Stripe gave me all my proper information, my LLC my bank account routing number and when it came to the seven day waiting period I look at my bank account. My money is not there. I go to my Payment app Stripe app and tells me that it failed that I entered wrong information. I sent them a photo copy of my routing number and account number two days after I was supposed to have my money all I’m getting is thank you for sending us. Your issue will get back to you going on two weeks to get my first money they have issues with their system and it’s gonna make you wait and wait and wait square doesn’t have any competition. Somebody needs to do something but making a customer wait this long for their money I don’t know what to tell you. It’s just that I wish I hadn’t.
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6 years ago, Thiago818
BS Company
Use Stripe off another company to except payments. Been using them here and there for almost a year. Started out ok. Next thing they stop transferring payments and want you to submit info. Did that. A few months later the same thing. Did that. Then they stop transferring again because I didn’t have my website listed. I updated that and still didn’t transfer funds that have been sitting there for over a week. Next thing I get another email wanting me to verify myself with an ID or DL verification. After almost a year? The worst part is that you can’t call anyone (it’s extra) you have to send an email. Wait for a response to just say they got your email. A few days later you’ll get an email saying someone is looking into the issue you have. And then that’s it. I haven’t heard back from anyone. It’s been a week. I sent another email and have yet to get a response. This company is a joke and the way they conduct business is on par...
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6 months ago, Nellasmus
They will just close your stripe account and take away the money.
My stripe account was working fine for five months without any customer disputes, but stripe still closed my account and took the money from my account. I have 2 stripe accounts. In the first stripe account, they told me that the money in my account would be withdrawn to my bank card after four months, but it was not withdrawn to my bank card after four months. I went through After email consultation about this issue, they reviewed my second account, which had been working normally for 5 months without any trading risk, but they closed my second account again and took away the money in my account. They lied to me, so I hope everyone thinks carefully about using stripe, maybe they will close your account one day and reject the review information you submitted, close your account and finally take the money in it.
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2 years ago, DG12345678910123456789
Customer service is terrible!!
Holding my payouts for over two weeks. Keep getting the same email over and over!! No phone number to call!! This is so crazy I don’t even know what to say. I’m beyond frustrated. I trusted them with all my credit card payments and now I can’t get my money. Everything was fine and all of the sudden it just stopped depositing. I literally can’t pay my bills because Stripe is holding ALL of my money and I don’t see a way to get it resolved. This should be criminal!!! I would give them negative stars if I could!! Remember there is no number to call!! Only email! It’s a joke!!!!
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4 years ago, Sheneka Adams
Stripe does nothing to protect small business owners against fraud. No matter what information is submitted on my behalf whenever I deal with fraudulent payments, THEY NEVER consider the small business owner. None of the cc processing companies are good but what choice do we have? At least PayPal requires the customer to send back the items before issuing a refund, stripe doesn’t at all. What is the point of a business owner creating policies in place to try to protect themselves, but the credit card processing companies won’t honor any of the policies? What is the point? This is so unfair and I am so irritated with these practices because there is nothing being done to protect me and other small business owners against fraud. I’ve lost thousands and thousands of dollars using Stripe, and as of today I will never no longer use them and I don’t recommend anyone else to use them as well, especially if you are in a high-risk business such as myself.
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4 years ago, All the nicknames...
Not on the sellers side for disputes.
I wish I could give stripe leas than one star on this one. I’m actively looking for a new payment managing app. A customer disputed a month old transaction ‘on accident’. Stripe immediately refined the charge and charged me a $24 fee for the dispute, THEN sent me an email about the situation. Wow. No opportunity to provide proof of the transaction. I politely reached out the customer to inquire what the issue was, she replied that it was an accident and informers her bank. Great, I provided this in my rebuttal on the matter. A month later I get a ‘Your dispute is closed, and ruled in the customers favor’ What?!? The standard ‘It is not our decision, but the customers bank...’ email has completely turn me off to this service. I’m all about buyer protection but this is crazy. I provide all the proof you requested and now I’m out $140+ and the product, which Stripe just gave the customer for free. Thanks Stripe.
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5 years ago, Jodiecball
Just a dashboard
I wish this at least enabled me to withdraw to my account from the app. It’s a good analytics tool, but not really functional unfortunately. Also if I close the app while on the search function screen and the keyboard is up, I can’t get out of the search screen the next time I open the app because it opens to the keyboard and search screen and the “X” only deletes text in the search field instead of closes the keyboard (which also hides the navigation). So even though I don’t want to search for anything, i have to type something, hit “search”, and then navigate away from search screen just to get to the rest of the app
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2 years ago, ExoticPets
Customer support is dismal with weeks in between emails, if they deem you high risk they will hold your funds for over 120 days before doing a pay out in case of customer dispute or refund. They won’t tell you however that they consider you high risk so you’ll have your business all set up customers ready to go you’ll be getting money you just won’t get any payouts from them essentially they asked me to work for free for four months while I cross my fingers and wish upon a star that it’ll all work out 120 days. I suddenly found myself unable to put gas in my car to even go to my clients appointments because the paycheck I was expecting them to payout to me never came and when I questioned it all of a sudden I get slapped with the you’re high risk! Never had a customer dispute no reason for them to treat me like this!
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3 days ago, Flingshot
Stay away if you’re a smaller business
Stripe decided after ONE of my customers disputed a charge (which I won because I had done the work and had a video of the finished product) that they should hold 25% of my future charges in a reserve account for 60 days. Not one additional customer has disputed a charge during the 60 days and I have not had to do any refunds and now the 60 days is up and they are still holding my money. I reached out to see what I needed to do to get it released and the support people don’t even understand the question and therefor can’t get me an answer. Less than 1% of my charges were disputed and as I said, I won the dispute and the funds were returned to me. Stay clear of this company if you don’t want to be subject to draconian measures if one of your customers is dishonest and disputes a charge.
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5 years ago, Google Expert Reviewer
Stripe be straight up bs’n with your money!
Yal clucks need to market your deposit times the way yal market anything “instant” their service is FAR from instant everything works like they say it does but they are not up front about the fact that you WILL be waiting on your money for a week AT LEAST ( and that’s first deposit and the next ones.) That’s straight up bs how is it that square and even ancient and archaic PayPal can do instant deposits (for a fee is fine) but we have to wait a week to get access to funds that are already ours 🤦🏾‍♂️ does not make much sense at all! And they have bs scripts when you call them saying things like “it’s industry standard” when it’s NOT. I just listed two MAJOR companies in the SAME industry that do not hold funds for as long as stripe does!
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3 years ago, 12345678910-71
I had to give a partial refund to a couple of customers because they charged the wrong price. This was not possible using my previous financial service. So, I switched to stripe.I am a baby boomer and I can't tell the balance in my stripe account. I was making refunds and came up with a negative balance and stripe notified me. But the only way to increase the balance in my stripe account was to wire money from my bank which is costly and slow. I moved money immediately from my savings account to my debit account – but stripe wouldn't take it from there. It's certainly a good reminder never to have a negative balance with stripe. I put an extra four or $500 and my stripe acct Sometime ago and now I can't find it. Does that mean they sent it back to me or that it's in something that I can't find on the website
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2 years ago, No1dollface
Update to my previous great review
Was told today out of nowhere Stripe can’t support my business going forward as it’s high risk. It’s digital products for finance and credit. No risk, everyone knows what they’re getting. It’s instant and lifetime access to whatever information they purchase. After being told Stripe can’t support my business I was told everyone will be refunded. This means people have lifetime access to my digital products for free. All the support options are unavailable other than send an email which I’ve done but for the most part I’m now a sitting duck and have sold products for zero profit. This is worse than the nonsense I had at PayPal and even though I was having to wait a week for my money to pay out I was ok with that cause the process seemed so easy. Guess it was too good to be true
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4 months ago, DiabloSandwich77
Terrible customer service
I’ve used Stripe in the past for another business with minimal issues so I decided to use them again. Everything went great at first. After my first transaction went through I got an email about verifying my webpage. All the links sent me to login and then to the homepage. I searched everywhere for something about my verification issue, nothing to be found. Eventually my account gets suspended because they can’t verify my page, nobody else seems to have a problem with it though. As of today all I can get is an email from Stripe saying they’re looking into it, 11 days and they can’t figure it out. Luckily I don’t have a lot of credit card transactions and my customers understand. I bet I can find another company willing to take my money though!
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3 months ago, D.S4798
No Instant pay/bad for small businesse
I run a mobile tire shop and needed the funds to replace the unsafe tires on my customer’s vehicle. The initial payment takes about a week or two to get to your bank. After that I thought I read the terms thoroughly and correctly that they would be instant payout after that initial payout. They make it sound like it’s instant pay but it’s not. You still have to wait 2 to 3 days for it to process completely and get to your bank and they don’t process during the holidays or the weekends. I called Square and they do instant payouts for a fee. at this point which processing doesn’t include a fee. I will be using Square. if you have a fast paste, need your money now business then I would recommend using something else not Stripe. Now i gotta deal with my customer…
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1 year ago, Yurii_M
Worst experience in years!
PLEASE NEVER USE THIS SHADY COMPANY! Worst communication ever. You are being passed around different reps non stop and your direct questions being ignored. In common language it’s a shady company that just uses any excuse to freeze your money and put it on hold so you can’t use it and maybe they can use it for their purposes meanwhile. Who knows. I see a lot of people are going what I was going thru with them verifying my account endlessly, putting a hold on my account without approximate date or explaining. When I asked for my case number I was simply ignored. When I asked who’s working on my case, name of the rep - I was ignored. Everytime you request a phone call it just calls and drops right away and they send you an email saying that they tried reaching you but you didn’t pick up the phone.
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2 weeks ago, Chatchki1000
Apparently a growing business is bad
We have a remodeling business and take large payments. Switched to Stripe because the are integrated into our accounting software. After 8 months we were notified they were placing 25% of all funds on hold for a rolling 60 days. We have never had a chargeback, refund, decline or dispute. Asked them to cancel my account and I’ll just go back to our previous processor (Square - never an issue BTW and faster payout). Got a response they reviewed my account but because our charges were increasing rapidly they were going to continue to hold a reserve. What kind of morons work here? I just told you to cancel the account and you think I care about your review. I would never trust money to a company who will arbitrarily hold funds because my business is growing too rapidly.
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3 weeks ago, Black Aubie
Co owner
This absolutely the worst company we have ever dealt with we were notified by email that are account was suspended and they were refunding my customer who has spent over 300,000 with us in the last yr over 37,000 for invoices that the customer paid for work we had performed on multiple jobs without any explanation. It’s a hassle to get in touch with a live person and they sent emails stating they didn’t have to give a reason. Would not recommend that any business use them in the future. I know multiple companies right now that do and are considering other options after the way they treated us completely trying to shut our construction business down. There are definitely better options available and we will never do business with stripe again
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8 months ago, BrentSpeaksSpanish
Have to manually refresh to get updated info
A few problems with this app. When I open it the information is outdated for today until I manually refresh it. I refresh my MRR then go to my balance tab and guess what? That is still out of sync so I have to refresh that again. Gets pretty annoying. The other is that I can’t compare todays gross revenue to what I did last month. You can kind of do that on their desktop version but even then you have to manually change the comparison date. Would be nice to get a rolling comparison…e.g. if today is October 28th then it shows my gross revenue for September 28th. Then tomorrow it shows the comparison for September 29th automatically. Like I said desktop version kind of does this but doesn’t do it automatically which is also annoying
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3 years ago, asmylez
Horrible customer service and steals clients money
I had a client sent me a payment through stripe and then they sent me an email about a dispute that my client and friend never did. Then they kept the Payment in the stripe account and when I emailed them to try to rectify the Situation they don’t respond and my client has yet get her money back and I can’t touch it either. I doubt there is an actual customer service and they falsely Flagg payments as disputes and then shut down my account with payments stuck in there 🙄. And I’ve sent emails for a week straight. NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLATFORM UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR MONEY OR CLIENTS MONEY “LOST” in limbo and no response from any customer support. Obviously if the money doesn’t go back to my client I’m this week I’ll will definitely direct her to look into legal action against the platform that stole her money. On a Fake dispute
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2 years ago, YoungSanAntonio
App barely works, it’s ONLY good for in person sales with a credit card. Any other type of payment will be held for MONTHS. They have held my payments while trying to “VERIFY” my website. My website is through a 3rd party website market and they couldn’t verify me for over 2 months now. People in there business keep dropping the ball and they have a HORRIBLE customer service system. The average response time from customer service was about 1-2 WEEKS !!! At this point they’ve LOST me more money than they’ve help me make. I can’t even move forward making sales because they keep putting my case on the back burner saying “we’ll get back to you” but then ONLY reach out with a email saying “your case has been resolved” when it NEVER was. This company is horrible and their THEIFS!!!!
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6 years ago, Luv22thisss
Poor service
I keep trying With this app but every time that I get a payment they claimed that the card holderDidn’t make the payment and I’m just sick and tired of their customer service they copy and paste the same email and they always want to hold your money and never release your moneyThey’re always trying to hold your money , they never get back to you about your account, no customer service number Then on top of that they send you this same copied and pasted email and they just change the name very fraud I hate this company with a passion its a WASTE of your time . They lied and told me that they were going to keep releasing my funds until I got all my money and held it in reserve didn’t send NOT ONE EMAIL about it . Do you think im gonna wait til 90 days ? No I am not . Do not use this fraudulent app nor service that they’re providing
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2 years ago, *%#{]
Don’t do it!
Took over six months to resolve the issue that involves $360 that I didn’t know was in a Stripe account.I use the Invoice app to do transactions and stripe was a middleman for money transactions and transferral of deposits. Stripe set on $360 for six months and didn’t let me know that this money was available to me. When I tried to challenge and get the money sent to my account they came up with a lot of excuses why I had to verify who I was in my business and what I was doing in order to receive my funds. It took me to contact a lawyer and contact the Kansas City prosecutor office to see that this was a fraudulent procedure within their department. When I inform stripe of their error they quickly addressed the issue and reimbursed my $360 back to my bank account. I would avoid this company at all cost.
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