StrongVPN — The Strongest VPN

4.4 (5.8K)
28.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Strong iOS 2.7.0
Strong Technology, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for StrongVPN — The Strongest VPN

4.44 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
3 years ago, rkellylover90
Issues with making payments
IDK about anyone else but I’m having issues paying. I thought if I pay for a whole year I won’t have these issue but every time I try to long into my account. I don’t understand I don’t know how many more do I need to make?
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3 years ago, Boberuska
Tremendous VPN
I heard about Strong VPN 3 years ago from friends who are professionals in the industry — and it has not disappointed. Easy to use. Simple to connect. And always works. In addition, the website has a great interface that lets me keep up to date on security issues and news around the world. Finally, the customer service is top notch. Early on, when I had questions, I always got a callbacks in minutes and got my questions answered fast. Just today when I called about renewing, Ken not only offered me a special discount but helped me take care of a small issue with a family member’s older phone. Couldn’t be happier with Strong VPM and recommend them highly.
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4 years ago, AsTheTuneTurns
Fast Response
The support staff was quick to reach out to fix the error. That is good they are keeping up with what their useers are saying on forums like this. I am going to give StrongVPN another chance and re-downloadf it and sign up for a monthly subscription and also reach out to the support staff with StrongVPN like they asked me to (if I have the same errors as before). I have used many vpn’s over the last couple of years and I kinda have an idea of which ones are the better VPN’s in class and which ones are not! I am late at getting to this issue, it’s sat in my inbox since the day after I left a 1 star review, they were quick to reach out to help me and I appreciate that!
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4 years ago, Minimal141
Great VPN and Service
StrongVPN has been an excellent VPN during five and a half years of living in S. Korea, and has been my go to provider since my very recent move to Shanghai. One very highly rated VPN for China has yet to connect once for me. StrongVPN might take a few tries now here in China but it consistently connects to the internet. It provides numerous servers to connect with and many protocols to choose from. When I first downloaded this service I did need help from their support staff but they were very helpful and easy to contact. I hope the same is still true but I haven’t needed to contact them again after almost seven years now. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, astosfan
First-Class Customer Service
I’ve never written a review for an app before. But I feel compelled to in this case. At first I was having some issues getting the app to do what it was supposed to. So I submitted a ticket via email and requested some assistance. I received a blazingly fast human response from Nathan Kohler. I tried what Nathan Kohler suggested and that fixed part of the issue. I sent Nathan Kohler another email and he responded with two more equally blazingly fast email responses which solved the problem. This app does as advertised and it comes with first-class customer service, particularly from Nathan Kohler.
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4 years ago, Reeeza
The best vpn ever I had since 2012
I’m really happy to be Stringvpn user since 2012, even on beside I have tried couple of other ones like vpn unlimited or nord. All are craps with not friendly costumer service or not working in Iran. This guy’s gets updated and adjust itself by new filtering protocols in Iran, best panel, best pc and mac apps and even not nagging when you are sharing your account with someone momentarily! In addition, I really trust stronvpn as I haven’t had any breach of my data’s confidentiality as I’m running all of my bank and other important information through strongvpn.
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6 years ago, Jonnyappleskins
I hate writing reviews
... but Im going out of my way to write this one. Tried this for a month and used it quite a bit. It would break its connection once in a blue moon (when I switched networks or my phone went to sleep) but I was still a very satisfied customer as I didn't expect it to do otherwise. Now since the update, this app never fails. Rock solid. I use this service for all kinds of stuff. Works with Netflix too. You guys rule. Had I known this service was going to be this amazing I would happily have paid double. Keep up the amazing work!
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2 years ago, JoeTK
Love this service
I spent a few minutes today reading uninformed customer reviews about this service. I have been using this app for years on multiple devices, and never had an issue. I am very happy with the service and their pricing, and took my time researching VPNs in the beginning before deciding on this one ,and after receiving a strong recommendation about the service from a friend who is a Senior Network Administrator. I can’t see myself switching to another service.
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6 years ago, bphawkpilot83
Cannot get the app to work on iPhone 8 or Ipad mini 4
I’m sure many people are enjoying this app on their iOS devices as many give it great reviews. However, after deleting and reinstalling the app many times over on both the iPad and iPhone, following the setup instructions online, and switching protocols, the app has never worked. It will say I’m connected to the vpn, and display the vpn connection symbol, but cannot access any webpages or refresh any apps while connected. The StrongVPN app works great and as advertised on my wife’s Samsung. I also reached out to Tech support who told me to just set it up manually. That’s the whole purpose of this app! Tired of having to manually reinstall or setup the vpn profile anytime we decide to switch servers.
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1 year ago, Marcus the Marine
Impossible to Reactivate Subscription on IPhone
Every time I try to reactivate this subscription, they make it impossible by sending me through an endless loop. The app won’t work unless you have an active subscription. When I attempt to reactivate, it tells me ‘user ID’ already in use, then it tells me to sign in. When I attempt to sign in, it fails my attempt by telling me my UserId is invalid. I can sign in to their website, but it won’t let me activate subscription. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and checked my userid and password. I’ve tried both the app and the site. Unbelievable how they can make it so difficult for me to try and pay them. I finally gave up and using another VPN app.
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5 years ago, Vanevita
Excellent Customer Service
Initially I wrote a review that says “ Application Stopped Working” because my application was getting frozen every time I click to open . In that review they replied and gave me the email address of the support team. The same I wrote an email to them they replied with the solution to the problem. Now the application is working fine. Thanks for your support Strongvpn team. If are lo located in Asia and your application stopped working contact them and they will guide you how to solve the problem. Bes regards, Marielba Irigoyen
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12 months ago, Completely True!
DO NOT waste your money on StrongVPN!!!
DO NOT waste your money on StrongVPN!!! I purchased a 1-year subscription, but only find out the VPN became completely unusable. Within 2 weeks when I contacted support, a guy named Russell Hatfield refused to give me a refund just because I had used it for over a month. Apparently their policy is to charge for "reserving" the service rather than actually providing it. This is an absurd policy that lets them get away with selling a product they can't even deliver. StrongVPN simply pockets your money while providing nothing in return. Stay far away from these scam artists. We should fight companies like this that try to rip people off with unfair policies!!
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2 years ago, atifghazi
Save your money.....
I have been using strong vpn for 2 years now but recently it's pain in the neck.......on all platforms. It isn't about any specific os. Whether it's windows, Mac or ios, totally unstable. Doesnt connect..if it does then not internet. Few times when it work...gets disconnected after some time. Another huge issue is that sometime it takes device into a state where you won't be able to browser internet at all. On app it will say disconnected, IP will show the last connected server. Only solution at that time would be to restart the device. Not worth the hassle. No renewal this time from my side.
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10 months ago, Intlpilot1159
Frequent Drops and NO Support
I used this for a couple of years without problem. The last year I had frequent drops requiring me to reconnect. A pain but I persisted. When my subscription ran out, I hit renew and regretted it soon after. I spent days trying to reconnect, as password would not work and then I tried asking for help. No reply. A few more days of asking for help, then requested to cancel and refund. Apple was just and ignorant as Strong VPN. I reckon the customer is NEVER right and it is their birthright to take money for nothing. Bad faith. There are other apps that will actually help you. NOT this group.
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1 year ago, 14:nick
Poor App - Unstable Service
I am not sure that I would recommend Strong VPN to anyone. The service is not stable and often falls. Quite often providers recognize that I am using VPN. The App updates but too often. Each time when it updates it kicks you out so you need to resign with ID/password. Sometimes even it kicks you out even when it’s not updating. The app often freezes while it’s “updating servers”. To me it looks that that server updating is bit too often. Not sure why is all this happening, but I rather pay and forget, then pay and have all these hustles.
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3 years ago, Dragondel
Really reliable!
In the 12 years I have used this VPN service, there has been only one day of interruption (the New York snowstorm day) and I have sent a ticket twice due to an error on my part, both resolved in 24 hours. The app has made things even easier to use. I wish all businesses were as reliable and as customer friendly as StrongVpn!
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4 years ago, ten yr customer
Does not play well with video services like Disney+ and All Access CBS
Does not play well with video services like Disney+ and All Access CBS. I have placed several tickets with Strong and they will take a few days to get with me and make some DNS changes and it will work for a month. Then I’m locked out again. As a customer of Strong for over Ten years I hate to say they are not up to par anymore. There are other VPN services that appear to work much better with the streaming video services
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12 months ago, 16kGb16
Needs improvement
Price increase on a Poor product. Not worth the cost. I try to use the VPN and it logs itself out consistently. I also cannot access certain websites as it is clearly seen as a VPN and I am asked to “turn the VPN off” before I can proceed. What is the point if it can be detected? I was just notified they plan to increase the price of the product by $20 a year upon my renewal in a few days. Hard pass. When your product isn’t great, you shouldn’t be increasing prices.
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6 years ago, Kwkahler
Awesome service
I have used StrongVPN for 4 or 5 years. It has always been up and simple to use. Every time I have needed support, the experience has been great. I mostly needed the support, because I am using the service in a very advanced way, to generate a wifi hot spot with VPN. A normal user would probably never need support, since the service is simple to use.
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2 years ago, Roozbeh.MP
Not working
No mater of the price I think one of the main missions in VPN industry is making ways for people who can’t access the free world, I live in Iran and government ruled heavy filtering on internet. I subscribe StrongVPN and After many unsuccessful attempts I asked help from support team and they said : “Unfortunately, due to sanctions we are no longer offering service in your country, and that is why you can't access the site and login into the app.” Also they didn’t refund and there’s no information about restrictions in use of this VPN.
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4 years ago, Orange*orange
The company can’t track of their subscriptions.
I had a monthly subscription, and EACH month I got an email notification stating my subscription was suspended due to non-payment! But it’s on AUTOPAY! Apparently they have problems getting the funds from Apple or something like that. So they want their customers to do the leg work and send them proof of purchase EVERY MONTH before they would reinstate service. The service was good, but there are other VPN’s out there where I can simply sign up and forget about it...
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3 years ago, Giants1980aclu
App good OpenVPN pfsense not good
The app configuration works well for iOS. However the OpenVPN settings for pfsense don’t work. If anything configuring the OpenVPN allows other people’s internet traffic from the VPN to use my internet connection. There needs to be very clear directions provided on how people should configure on pfsense. The provided directions work to make the connection, but I could not access the internet through the tunnel/gateway.
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5 years ago, Bored100
Great service for over 8 years
Been living internationally for over a decade and have had StrongVPN for most of it. Flawless service and great tech support the few times it was needed - such as when streaming services upgrade their geo-blocking. I have the app on all iOS devices and use a dedicated router for guests and AppleTV.
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4 years ago, HiMeMichael
This is great
I like because it protects me more than any other vpn and I like because it tells you where you are connected. And it also tells you if your connected or not connected. It also tells you how long you have been on it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VPN OVER ANY OTHER VPN
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5 years ago, Adia1011
Superb customer service
I have been a loyal customer for a long time because StrongVPN never fails. Every time before I travel to a censored country, I will chat with the technical support on the website to get the latest updates, such as which server/setting works best for my destination.
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2 years ago, Alex.9876543210
Stay away
I paid the service for several years and only used it a couple of times. At least have of the times, it wouldn’t work. When I had it, I requested the cancellation and a refund for the remaining and, of course, they won’t do it because …” we are not able to refund any part of the last payment made due to the length of time involved since the charge being as it is past the thirty day refund period”… It sucked twice.
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2 years ago, navy s
Fantastic VPN
I travel overseas a lot and strong VPN is super helpful especially when traveling to less free societies. StrongVPN simply bypasses the monitoring and allows me to electronically remain home and safe. Don’t travel without StrongVPN. If I have a complaint, there should be a better way to configure DD-WRT routers for WireGuard use.
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6 years ago, Minainmind
Can’t connect to any IP since yesterday
Was recommended by a friend. The connection was really strong and stable for the first 2 week. Getting harder to connect to the right IP after that, and it stopped working from 2 days ago. Tried everything I can...Help?
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4 years ago, Spv1002
Great service and great support
We’ve used this for 4 years now with almost no problems and the few times we had an issue the customer support staff responded quickly and was super helpful. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Kerri Taylor
My go-to vpn
Really like the simplicity of this update. Everything I need is on one screen. I like how I can just turn it on with one click (really dig that ‘best available location’ option) and I can “set it and forget it”.
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6 months ago, 24h Newscycle
On demand feature NOT supported!??
This defeats the purpose of using a VPN. Every time I open my phone I have to manually set up this VPN. It takes a while to reconnect which uncovers my actual location to websites and apps. Why am I paying for this again??? Instead of saying the on-demand feature may/ will be développes in the future, go ahead and to it, that’s what the money you collect from us is for.
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6 years ago, lcord
App stops working after 8 months
This app worked well for 8 months and then stopped working. I paid for a year and got 8 months. A big rip off. I’ve followed all of their fixes. None work
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6 years ago, Willie Bangg
Very Impressive and Affordable
I have used Strong VPN for 4 years and I am totally impressed with the speed and ease of use. I frequently use personal and GFE and want additional layers of security. Keep up the excellent work out Texas!!!!
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5 years ago, Mr$T$
Excellent customer service, speeds are far superior to all other vpns. To those complaining about canceling subscription. I live in China and I’ve used Nord, Express, and all the other trash vpn services you can think of....this is by far the best on the planet periodt!
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4 years ago, amato024
If I could give 0 I would
Awful interface. Puts you in an endless cycle of trying to connect to a server after you turn off the phone screen. Had it for less than 24 hours so far and I’ve had to reinstall configuration profile 4 times already. Only reason I have this is because they bought out my other vpn service.
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5 years ago, DOGYN
It’s pretty good
I went on vacation for thanksgiving and the country I went to didn’t have Disney+ so I got the app and I had no problems with it and it is good if your country doesn’t have a tv show on Netflix
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4 years ago, Beijing JS
Excellent customer service
My service in China was very good, but then was blocked by the government. After checking with customer service, they provided a customized fix that got me back on-line immediately. Best service to bypass the great firewall.
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5 years ago, Pzzl adct
Please go back to the days where we had to manually configure everything. At least this used to work well then. Now with the latest version where everything is automatically configured, it can’t connect 3 out of 5 times I try.
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6 years ago, Ashley08766777
Doesn’t work in China
I’m a paying customer who would have changed vpn providers had this company not automatically rebilled me without a heads up. Their app doesn’t work in China which is where I live, making this app completely useless. Their customer support is indeed quick but if you’re not very tech savvy everything is a headache. I DO NOT recommend. I also think all their positive reviews are probably fake.
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6 years ago, chengduren27
I can’t take it anymore
I’ve had this vpn for 5 yrs now and I am very sad to to say don’t use it more then 75% of the whole year!!! I can’t even connect I’m in a country where I can’t have freedom to watch what I want! And this is the only way to enjoy some of the things want I am so fed up with is vpn I’m going to express vpn many of my friends have it here and it work most of the time sorry I cant it anymore!
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6 years ago, Elindstrom1333
I really wish this worked as well as the other reviews. I went online and saw that it had a 5/5 review on this website. Ever since I’ve had it on my phone, the app never wants to connect and if it does connect it’s only when I’m using my data. It won’t connect with WiFi, while my friends have other VPNs that work perfectly with and without WiFi.
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6 years ago, A nick Nelson
Finally refreshed, looks great!
Using it on my trip to Iceland. Getting great speeds and the new version looks and works awesome. Should add a feature to auto secure and ad blocking would be nice to see.
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6 years ago, Pahvantman
works great except (revised)
This was adressed by the StrongVPN excellent support!!! 6 stars an 2 thumbs up !!! othat the on demand does not. i am on ios 11.4. if that matters. i have got to have on demand. yes i worked with support. they are great but alas no solution.
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3 years ago, Czrooster
Always happy
Never a problem with connections or anything. I’m a happy customer.
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6 years ago, jml10f
Great update
Really loving the new version of the app. Connects even faster than it used to and the interface is easy to use.
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6 years ago, ISG111111111
Love the update
Super Easy to change locations now! Great when on the road a lot and needing multiple locations across the globe.
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6 years ago, phnork
Strong VPN review
We live out of the U.S. In Central America where our internet is normally slow. On the best days and low volume use we may get 5mbps. Connect Strong VPN and the speed drops to under Two. It seems like so many businesses lately they're more worried about the numbers of customers and not providing a quality service. As of July 11 .33 mbps Anew low in speed and service!!
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6 years ago, jaxbeachdude
Working Well
The new on demand feature did not work at first so I contacted support. Support was provided and I resolved the issue. The VPN service is working well now! Thanks StrongVPN!
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5 years ago, Al123lllll
Terrible service in UAE
Not sure about anywhere else in the world but Strong VPN here in UAE has been the worst service. Slow on internet connectivity when connected, if you can get connected, and drops offline every other minute. I have updated app on iPad and not sure what else to do as I’ve contacted Customer Svc multiple times about it.
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6 years ago, Dippy1014
Does not work for tv
Tried to use a specific server to appear as if at home. Apps still knew I was in a different location and I was unable to use as intended. Have used when traveling internationally for same purposes and it worked fine so my belief is that they don’t actually have the specific servers they claim.
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