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4.4 (19.5K)
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Tue Nguyen Minh
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1 month ago
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15.1 or later
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User Reviews for Stud Finder®

4.4 out of 5
19.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Swimmyswimswim
This is legit
This app is legitimate. It actually did help me find a couple of metal studs in my wall to help me mount a small TV, replacing an ancient box tv. Interface was easy to use and read. I double checked everything with a stud finder tool that I borrowed from my mom and it gave me the same results that this app did. Only reason why I took a star off is because of the annoying “cool-off” time. Every minute or so, you have to wait about 10-20 seconds before you can keep using it, unless you pay $2.00 to “unlock” the ability to use it continuously. After the first three or four minutes of this I did end up forking over those coveted $2.00. Still cheaper and more convenient than buying a dedicated stud finder tool and served my needs well, but the pop ups were pretty annoying.
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3 years ago, Jgman100
Overall works well
Using the magnetic sensors is smart, but to be even more useful I would display arrows pointing the direction the signal is stronger. This would help avoid going back and forth, or up and down to find the center. It would also be beneficial to overlay a bullseye specific to the device showing the location of the mail center. I end up tapping around to find the stud after the signal beep. Mainly because the iPhone 12 Pro Max is so large, I am not sure if the stud is more at the center, top or bottom of the device.
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2 years ago, campercore
Regretful purchase
I paid $1.99 for the full version of the app because I thought it was decent, thinking I would have access to all the features. Which I did.. but every time I close the app, I have to go through the trouble of restoring my purchase through the app so I can get things set up again to have the pro features. By default, you are on the free version with the time limit. The way their menu for upgrading/restoring is designed, you definitely can tell that they already expected this to be an issue. Waste of money. There are other free stud finders that have way more features and don’t limit how long you can use it. It’ll be way easier to just close out an ad every now and then than it would be to deal with the frustration of having to restore your purchase every time you use this app.. on top of knowing you actually paid money for it. I promise.
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3 years ago, Spectere
Extremely Aggressive Monetization
I wasn’t able to willing to properly evaluate it due to the aggressive upgrade prompts. I didn’t even have time to put it near a wall before it started asking me to upgrade to Pro. Dismissed the box after the requisite 10 second timer, put it up to a wall, and found that the sensitivity was too high. I adjusted it. Upgrade prompt. Put it up to a wall, not quite sensitive enough. Upgrade prompt. Closed and uninstalled! I would strongly suggest that the developer consider a different approach, such as letting the user use the app freely for a few minutes before starting to pop up nag screens. As of this writing the evaluation model is actively user hostile and doesn’t allow the user to get a feel for the app prior to purchasing it. It’s only $2, sure, but there are plenty of other options, and first impressions go a long way.
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6 months ago, TomDoesn'tHaveANickName
This app does just what you do with one of those little magnets mounted on a swivel. The magnet may actually work better. The so-called “free” version of this is a complete waste of time. The time you are given to use it is a small fraction of the time needed to accurately pinpoint the location of a single nail. You get a pop up message telling you to buy the version that isn’t free. Or wait a few seconds. If you wait a few seconds, it times out again before you half a chance to find that nail. It is designed not to be usable unless you buy the pay version. And all it does is find nails. Which you do they old-fashioned way using 2-3 small rare earth magnets tied to a string, i.e., the ones with a hole like a washer.
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2 years ago, kingof000
Perfectly Frustrating
The developer must have a lot of family and friends writing reviews. It will find metal if I have an item on my desk I move over. Trying the wall, you only have 10 seconds to slowly move across seeking a nail. Then the app stops for 10 seconds, encouraging you to upgrade to paid version. After 10 seconds you start trying to find a nail again (can be a slow process), only to have the app stop you again to wait another 10 seconds (just to force you to upgrade). The app might work if you upgrade to paid version, but I never found a nail on free app version. All I found was incredible frustration.
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3 years ago, Not-so-handy
What do you know...
Needed to hang a 55inch wall mount but was really not inclined to start drilling holes to find the studs. Tried tapping wall and other tricks to no avail. Was about to go to hardware store when I wondered if there was an app. Found this app and it actually worked. It will work fine in free mode but the app only works for a few seconds, then resets after a few seconds. I paid for the upgrade. Hey, only 2bucks. Worth it. Did have to remove protective case; no big deal.
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4 years ago, Habitat Vic
Finds survey pipes buried in the ground
I was selling a bit of my property to my neighbor and needed to find 1 inch steel survey pipes that were buried in the ground at certain points. Nearly 30 years ago. The stud finder app worked just great! You did have to hold the phone on its side toward one corner, and you had to be within about a foot of the pipe in any direction. Basically get close enough via rough survey measurements that you could go on your hands and knees and find the beeping sound of the pipe. Worked fantastic, very pleased.
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2 years ago, ...<>...
This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen. Completely unusable. Every few seconds a pop up window with a 10 second countdown timer blocks you from using the app. The pop up has two buttons - upgrade or continue - but you can’t hit continue until the countdown reaches zero, so you just have to stand and stare at the screen while the numbers count down. It’s one of the stupidest and worst designed apps in existence. On top of all the dysfunction, the app asks you to rate it as soon as you open it the first time. Well, here’s my rating: this is garbage. I deleted it within 45 seconds of downloading it.
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4 years ago, Young homie H
Thought it was a scam...
I thought there was gonna be no way in hell this is gonna work but it was my only hope after putting multiple holes in the dam wall. Downloaded it and put it up to my tv wall mount and it spiked up. Brought it up to my wall and moved it over to where my holes were and it was going off in between 2 holes I put in the wall and what do you know....... there she was bud! Anyways yeah 10/10 would 100% recommend
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4 years ago, Neoncolors
It really DOES WORK! Don’t listen to fake reviews try it yourself
I am a real apple user I all apple products I’m 22 lol and wanted to see if there was app for stud finding because I’m trying to put up tv mount for my Airbnb and I’m not the best handyman I usually just work on computers. This app REALLY DOES WORK! All the “fake” reviews just don’t read the easy instructions or know how stud finders work. Simply move across the wall slowly and it’ll find the nail. EASY! Hope this review helped 🙏🏿
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3 years ago, CNCRouyerman
Free version total waste of time.
Needed a one time use (metal) stud finder for one project. Tried this app. You get a limited amount of active time before the app stops working and you then must wait for a while before trying again. For my purposes this makes this application worthless. Since the working time is so short, I am not interested in taking the time to see if this application is worth upgrading. Given the performance observed thus far I’m rating it as useless and deleting it. It is possible that the upgraded version is wonderful, but what I can determine from the initial download suggests it’s not.
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2 years ago, Uncle Villy
Works great!
This works better than hardware stud finders. It’s simple to use: you just have to get the hang of fine-tuning the single calibration slider. That’s it! You can use the free (= teaser) version to see for yourself, but like me you will probably be happy to pay $2 for the upgrade (= normal) version. The free version keeps pausing and soon drives you crazy. $2 for a stud finder that really works is a deal.
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3 years ago, trippymane2
Gave it a try
So after reading reviews cause I didn’t want to go to Home Depot to buy a stud finder for a one time use in the next 5 years. This app is super off. I marked where multiple studs it showed were located. Drilled with small pilot holes to test it. What do you know it’s off! Lol The studs are about 6-7 inches away from where this “stud finder” goes to 120 showing metal is there. I did this in multiple spots to give this a fair review. The only reason I did this was because every 8 or so seconds, it stops you from finding the studs and prompts you to wait 8-10 seconds to try again for another 10ish seconds before prompting to upgrade again. Granite it is only 2$ but what’s the point of paying 2$ to an app that is clearly wrong? Save your money, drill your pilot holes with tiny drill bits where you think the stud could be, get dry wall patch repair kit, and just use the speckel to cover the hole and paint and boom never even existed.
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4 years ago, ryansandphoto
It actually works!
Ok, I honestly didn’t m ow if I could trust an app on a phone to be a stud finder, but it was free so I gave it a try. Sure enough, it said it found a stud (had to sit through a few upgrade or wait prompts, it it was free) and when I went to put the nail in, it sure enough was a stud! I’m now buying the app because $2 for an app on my phone or $20 for a separate piece of hardware that I have to remember where I put... easy choice.
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3 years ago, Dillon Raffone
It actually works but...
It’s actually works BUT it only detects metal objects so it could be a stud or ANYTHING you don’t really know. I gave it 2 stars because the time limit is SO SHORT! you don’t even get enough time to actually find anything. They give you a time limit of what seems like literally 3 seconds then you have to wait an extra 20 seconds to be able to go again for 3 seconds lol and if your wondering how your phone detects metal, if you have ever used a charging pad to charge your phone it uses the same mechanism.
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3 months ago, Jenni1873
Most annoying “free” app
If you want to charge people for the app then just do that in the first place. You can only use the app for seconds at a time before an ad pops up that says to stop this ad upgrade to the paid version and you have to sit through it for the designated time before it allows you to x out and use the finder for a few seconds again and the cycle repeats. Good luck doing anything in the seconds it gives you. I think calling your app free but no one being able to use it unless they pay is just weird sneaky marketing.
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7 months ago, Destyini
It works
Needed a stud finder to mount a tv but didn’t want to buy one bc I just needed it once, it definitely worked in helping to find the stud however the “cool down” pop up is severely annoying, every minute or so you have to wait 20-30 seconds so work quickly if you can.
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1 year ago, rismakay
Doesn’t work
I tried for a while, did not work at all. The same spot on the wall gave me a different reading each time I went over it. Pretty mad I gave money to a scam. Idk who wrote these positive reviews but don’t believe them, this app is completely useless. Also the timer that pops up every 10(?) seconds is extremely annoying, I almost deleted the app right there but I was desperate and it’s just 2 so I bought it. So the free version is unusable and the only way to find out it doesn’t work is after you’ve paid for it. What a scam.
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3 years ago, Gilles007
Not worth my time!
I barely opened the app, it started bugging me to upgrade, with a window you can't close for several seconds. The nagging window popped up again and again every 10 seconds or so. I couldn't even use the app to find anything due to the constant nagging. Advice to the developper, let the find one or two objects before nagging them again. I gave up not being willing to put up with the constant nagging. There are other apps out there that are better written, and dont nag as much.
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2 years ago, amuser1
I thought it was free until it wasnt
I just wish developers would realize its ok to charge for their work. Like a lot of apps its advertised as free and then when you need to use it for more than 1 second theres a charge. Maybe Im naive but when I see the word free, I believe it. To be clear, you can download the app and put it on your wall for free. However after a few seconds it is going to ask for a payment to continue. I did not have any success with the app.
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4 years ago, r!s8*
Don’t know if it works bc free is only free for 30 seconds
Don’t know if it works bc free is only free for 30 seconds, then you have to wait 10 seconds, then you have 10 seconds, etc. There isn’t even enough time to find the first stud much less get to the next. So either you already know how to use stud finders or not, do not attempt to learn with this free version, you literally can’t. Why even bother offering a free version? Just make ppl pay like other apps. I for one will be trying another app
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3 years ago, TonyTone1985
Annoying upgrade prompts
So I would say this app works but I really couldn’t say for sure since literally every **15 seconds** (honestly) the app has a pop up asking to upgrade to pro and won’t allow you to tap continue until a certain amount of time goes by and then you can choose to continue. So if it takes more than 15 seconds to get to the next stud then you’ll get that annoying pop up and won’t be able to use the app until 10 seconds goes by.
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3 years ago, RoxyTemper
It worked!
It worked! The timeout is annoying, but I understand the need to force a purchase. However, it served my needs perfectly.
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4 years ago, GADSavage
Not worth it since update
Used to be a great app but now the developers added a feature where you can use it for 10 seconds then you would have to wait 10 seconds before you can use it again. This really isn’t helpful and it starts the 10 seconds soon as you open the app so while your trying to calibrate it and figure things out you have to wait 10 seconds to see if it’s properly done. I’ll just use my physical stud finder just wanted this one as a secondary confirmation.
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10 months ago, Pootercowboy69
If this is your only option…
There are a few other ways to find a stud in the wall if you don’t have access to an actual tool to do so can watch online for help. I ended up paying the $1.99 fee to use this and it was pretty useless in finding anything accurately . I think I could have had about the same luck if I just randomly swung at the wall near where I thought a stud would be. Not worth it.
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3 years ago, erinmcm
Might as well just be a paid app
The free version is completely useless. It gives you like 10 seconds to find a stud, and then pop-ups start appearing to prompt you to upgrade. If you don’t upgrade, you have to wait an allotted amount of time to use it again, and then within a few seconds the pop-up is back. You spend more time waiting than you get to actually find a stud. Next.
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4 years ago, DasWulf
Good at finding only nails
So... failed in this old house... first checked it with a free nail I had to find the spot on the phone that actually detected the metallic location and then proceeded to can my wall marking nails I went. Then started drilling into what I thought were studs based on nail marks... missed every time. Knocking with knuckle found all the studs with out a miss—-sticking with old school. So... not really a stud finder.
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2 years ago, HappyCamper@33160
Beeped Endlessly
Once it beeped, it never stopped beeping. Really found nothing. Went to store and bought stud finder, job done. Not workable with phone. Stud finders have lights and a pointer. Finding a stud means data collecting. Going back and forth and back and forth finding many nails and averaging stud location. An app on a phone, no. Couldn’t even find a stud for a simple TV mount. Best method, located your outlets, remove covers and find studs.
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3 years ago, Shopgazer
Right tool
I was skeptical until it worked I didn’t have to purchase another tool There is a pause but that out weights the fact that it works! Happy stud finding!
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3 years ago, Jeremy7071xx
Hurry and use before the upgrade pop-ups
The upgrade pops up and stays up longer than you get to actually try and use it. Just downloaded it, opened the app and it’s already asking for a star rating! Every app from this developer does it! In the few seconds I did try using it on known wooden stud locations- it doesn’t work! It would go crazy when I found the edge because of the metal edging strip but, that was it. Get yourself a real stud finder from the store.
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1 year ago, Mama HDF
Really Works!
I have to admit, I’m surprised it really worked! You have to wait due to timing out but if you’re going to use it often just pay the $2 for pause in the app.
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2 years ago, Nmetolen
You get about two seconds to use it
The free version gives you about two seconds to use it before it gives you a time out and a prompt to upgrade. Then you get another few seconds and another time out. Plus the moment you open the app, before you can even use it, they ask you to rate it. I can’t even use it long enough to tell if it works.
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4 years ago, riverpeace
Will it work?
I wasn’t sure if this app would work for my needs and it times out before I can even figure out if I should purchase it. I’d be happy to purchase this if I felt confident it would work. Most likely, you will also “timeout” quickly before you can see if it fits your needs. I have a limited space to check and the orientation didn’t flip. It seemed to find wires but not the stud that I had thumped out prior to trying this.
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4 years ago, DaveO1969
Yep, it actually worked
I wasn't expecting it to work, but it does! I liked that it let me see it work without paying for it, but once I saw how well it worked, I went ahead and paid to get rid of the nag. Thanks!
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4 years ago, 1???1
Was expecting this
So I knew that no detecting app would work as good as an actual metal detector, and this app was going GREAT but every ten seconds you have to wait another 10 seconds because of your time is up. Then it goes back to the regular screen, and let’s you detect for about 10 more seconds then makes you wait. 👎
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2 years ago, Epic so cool and Awsome
Just don’t
I agree with another user about the silly upgrade prompt. Way too frequent and annoying to dismiss that and then adjust sensitivity. Don’t waste the couple of minutes using this app and maybe try some videos on it. I would even prefer a 15 second vid every 2 minutes than 10 second wait and then 10 seconds of use. Very stupid
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3 years ago, ManhattanMacMan
Saved the day
I was trying to mount a TV in a building with metal studs that had just been painted and therefore I couldn’t find the studs. This app saved the day found the metal studs easily and accurately. Thank you
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4 years ago, Hsunic
Must purchase upgrade to try
I wanted to try it out before purchasing the “upgrade.” It literally gives 15 second time limit to find the stud. I have no problem paying the $1.99 for the upgrade (no time limits), but I want to see if it works first. They should offer a trial period (like 15 minutes). So, I can’t really say if it found a stud and I don’t have the patience to keep trying in 15 second increments. Too bad.
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2 years ago, Bessie higgenbottom
After downloading it asked me to purchase upgrade. I haven’t even used it yet! I just opened for the first time and it asks you straight away for money. A word of advice, just skip this so called “free” thing and just go straight for paid app only! I would’ve understood better but this was a waste of my precious time. So the “free” part is basically just opening the app. Shameful
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3 years ago, GrEEnEyedGoldiE
Would have given it 5 stars if it worked. The app didn’t even let me try it once before asking me to pay to upgrade. Total would have paid for this app if it had actually worked like another reviewer said it did… but without being able to try it even one time before it asks for money, now I cannot trust it.
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3 years ago, Bagelslol101
Grab for money
Basically every 30 seconds you have to wait to use the app unless you pay them. Only reason it’s not a 1 star is because it does work but there are probably hundreds of others apps that do the same thing without being annoying .
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3 years ago, nhcdrkohxsfv
Upgrade issue
Started using it and it only allowed me to work for a couple of minutes. Got a message stating had to upgrade or wait 6 seconds. Upgraded for $1.99. Received confirmation stating I was upgraded. I tried to use it again and got the same message. Was not going to pay again for another upgrade after I had just done do.
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4 years ago, jayakbar
Doesn’t work
They must’ve bought the positive star rating which a lot of companies can these days. It’s horrible and doesn’t work. The trail one seem to work but when i actually bought it for $1.99 it wouldn’t even work. Also it doesn’t specify if it’s one time purchase or you’ll probably be charged monthly. Don’t buy it positive reviews must be fake. Idk
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2 years ago, Everyone must have!
I downloaded the app for 2 minutes. Within those 2 min, unless you upgrade and pay for the app, it only allows you to use it for 5 seconds, and then makes you do a countdown ranging from 10-20 seconds, before being able to use it again, FOR ANOTHER 5 SECONDS! Doesn’t even allow time to see if the app works or not. SMH
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2 years ago, KoryeJean
Waste of time
Never did even find out if it works because in the short 60 seconds that I owned it, I wasted more time waiting for the time limit timer to reset than I did using the app. It goes off every ten seconds, and you have to wait ten seconds til it’s up every time, until you purchase the “pro” version. What a waste. Cheap tactics.
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2 years ago, Shelby2929
It won’t let you use the app for more than two seconds before asking you to upgrade. After waiting ten seconds to be able to close the pop up you will only have two seconds to find the studs before there’s another ten second long pop up. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, Akjuliana
No valid trial period
If it does not allow me to try the app for more than 10 seconds before the upgrade adds appear, when you need to wait 9 seconds before continuing…. Apparently they don’t have enough confidence in their product to allow you to try it for at least a full minute? Seriously?
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4 years ago, rose moy
This game is broken
I don’t like this game because every single time it wants me to pay so done with the paying for what I’m never gonna play it again
Show more
3 years ago, K.Winner
Since I didn’t want to pay for an app that with a less reliable sensor I tried with the free version which allows about 5 seconds before annoying you with a prompt to buy. Just buy a regular stud finder for less. I feel bad for the people that had to fix all their projects after using this.
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