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User Reviews for SubItUp

2 out of 5
47 Ratings
1 year ago, Book😍lover
new update ain’t it
LISTENNNNNN I really had no issues with the old look of that app and the new one was cool for about like three seconds 1) why are my RTOSs the same color as available shifts? it was so much easier to distinguish when they were different colors and seriously for convince sake it was nice 2) I don’t like that I can’t see which of my coworkers dropped their shifts and wants one picked up - I’m not petty but I’ll decide whether or not imma pick up a shift largely based off of why dropped it and honestly it’s a good thing to see if like it’s the same person dropping all the time you know 3) I’d like to be able to set it again so I can see my shifts first thing instead of going through a couple buttons is it that bad? no but again sheer convenience
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1 year ago, Bunkie2.0
Revert back to the old set up
I don’t like the new set up. I don’t know what was wrong with the old one, but this new one is not great. I cannot filter in or out by specific jobs or other options and I noticed that the time frames are not all in order by shift start (which as a manager using the app is kind of needed). You also can’t search for a name of a worker for that day either. I’m even having issues with the schedule loading and showing me all the shifts I have listed for that day. It will repeat the same shifts. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Kiki_Chapman
Update Broke App
The app was working fine until the most recent update. Now my coworkers and I can’t use it at all, it won’t complete to SSO process. I liked it before, I wish I could still use it. The website is not mobile friendly at all but that’s the only way we can see our schedules anymore.
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3 months ago, Mihir Prakash
App crashing when trying to view schedule
Since the latest update, app is crashing and a white blank screen is visible whenever i am trying to access my schedule.
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1 year ago, Darshan1234567
Old version was better than the new one. I am unable to distinguish between the colors of available or pending add shifts as it looks so tiny. You should keep it simple as it was before. ScheduleHead works better than yours. At least its easier to pick shifts and we can clock-in and clock-out with the same app and no need to download separate app for it on ScheduleHead.
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3 months ago, BSCGRE
Will not let me view my schedule
The app was working fine until this update. I had previously been able to view my schedule without issue but now whenever I click on schedule, my screen just goes black. Please fix this as I use this very frequently for work.
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9 months ago, Oreogirl18
Absolutely Terrible Interface
I can’t access any of my shifts or the full schedule from the app, it shows nothing whatsoever even though I should have weeks worth of schedules to few. And the mobile desktop interface is awful! Y’all are making my job much harder, please fix it!
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1 month ago, James Weasley
Ok app
Overall ok app, kind of weird features but great speed and processing for getting through the app
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8 months ago, Robloboj
Add a way to sync shifts to Google Calendar
Fell like this is a basic thing to have for a work scheduling app…
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3 weeks ago, HelenT’s
Not able to use app
My manager had me remove the old app. and reinstall it on my iPhone since I didn’t have the updated version. Since I did this I am not able to sign in. Why?
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1 year ago, _srk_
No push notification
Not getting app notifications after update with push notifications on
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4 years ago, Jimmy Boland
5 star until app was updated
My icloud keychain stopped autofilling after the most recent update
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1 year ago, danyelle914
New Update
The new update is AWFUL!!! It doesn’t show my shifts, when it does have a shift it’s the wrong times, and I can not see if there are any days that need shifts picked up. Go back to normal!!! It used to be great.
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3 months ago, Bby31
Can’t see any shifts at all
Awful new update. I cannot even see my current scheduled shifts. Can’t see them or add or drop any (because I can’t see ANY). Huge issue
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1 year ago, noel💗
updated review
love the new layout !! and i was having prom lena with así login but now that it works it’s working fine !!! thank you for the fix !!
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6 months ago, Cara dood
Very annoying that I’m not able to drop,add, or swap shifts on the apps. The only purpose of this app is to view your schedule and submit rtos.
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1 year ago, mary loo hoo
Sso login no longer works after the most recent update
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2 years ago, Millzdaddy
Barely Functional
Works fine if I want to view schedules but I can’t authorize trades, reassign shifts, or even see a list of my employees.
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1 year ago, lucygersten
new update
really hate the newest update i cant see all of my shifts and that’s really inconvenient. the version before this was great and it shouldn’t have been changed :)
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7 months ago, Sanjay2402
Search my name
Add search by name (Typing)
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5 years ago, rkinney6
Work on it
This app desperately NEEDS an update. I’ve been using it the last couple of months as my work switched to it from W2W and I have to say, it is significantly worse in all categories. It’s slower, has more load screens, doesn’t any animations or anything to make it smoother, doesn’t have any way to have a nice, well done calendar view like the one that W2W has, none of that. Worst of all, the app hasn’t even been updated for iPhone X devices, how? They’ve been out for years, and this app just hasn’t released an update for that. Please fix, for the sake of me and my coworkers’ sanity.
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1 year ago, gwlillie
SSO login doesn’t work with new update
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1 year ago, Rockayeee
broken :(
the sso login doesn’t work after the update 😭
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1 year ago, maxi kleber
Sso login does not work with new update
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1 year ago, SkeletonClique24
where are the push notifications…
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12 years ago, Noelle D
Could be much better...
I downloaded the app with hopes of it having similar features to the website. I'm a manager and work 4 different positions within my place of employment. Not being able to see the full schedule with all of the employees on the app is disappointing, seeing as how the website view of the full schedule is not iPad friendly.
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9 years ago, X-Files Chick
Won't work for me
This app is in serious need of an update. It won't even log me in. It just freezes every time I click login. When you can get it to work it doesn't save your login info which is incredibly annoying and you can't see the entire schedule, only yours, which makes it impossible to try swapping shifts with someone. Also it's not optimized for iPhone 5 which is incredibly lazy of the creators since we're on iPhone 6 now. They updated the website not that long ago so one can only hope the app is next.
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10 years ago, bm0c
Outdated app, but works
This app needs a refresh terribly. 1) optimization for iPhone 5 2) remember login info 3) view overall calendar 4) show which dates need to be covered rather than clicking each individually 5) relocation of the logout button since the upper left hand corner is synonymous with a "back" button
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5 years ago, strez04
Horribly Optimized
This app is horrible. It’s almost impossible to use it on the phone. You can’t click out of anything since the back button is stuck on the wifi provider in the top left. It’s horribly optimized, slow, and NOT user friendly whatsoever. Extremely buggy, and the app freaks out when I want to add my phone number to my contact information. It gives me a headache to operate this.
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10 years ago, libby2999
As an employee
As an employee I find the Mobil app very useful although able to remember accounts would be great. Other than that this is great site in general and the app works fine too.
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5 years ago, MundoHeywood
No issues
As an employee - very straightforward check in system and calendar review. Some more functionality would be nice since I'm not always by a computer as things change.
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9 years ago, Flanhart
A few things
The app works fine but it is just a little slow and the back button if you click on a shift is behind the service indicator witch makes so you can't exit out of a shift. You have to close the app and restart it. But other than that it's good
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11 years ago, the poopsmith jr
Solid app/service, just some missing components
Could use a "Remember my username/password" option, as well as the full schedule view that is offered on the website. Calendar sync would be nice.
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9 years ago, Ratchel D
Wish it actually worked
Wish it actually worked after logging in as an employee it never fails to freeze. When it used to work (before site change) it was convenient. Please fix this app!!
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12 years ago, gblakely
Good job
Overall is it a good app but I think they should update it so when u have to work your schedule goes to your notifications. So it would be an easier way to access your schedule
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5 years ago, Waynetsrak
Logs you out all the time.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the overall app is fine but it continues to log you out even after you clicked “remember me” or save passwords, which can be inconvenient when trying to quickly check your shift.
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6 years ago, odoowodus
Very laggy and unresponsive, unintuitive screens and just has overall bad design. Some of that could be overlooked if the app worked more smoothly but I really shouldn't have to squint to read the text. Whoever coded this clearly isn't worth their salt.
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10 years ago, Mikey85875
Good service needs update
The app does what it's supposed to do. But it's outdated, missing some easy features like remember login info, view the overall schedule; other peoples schedule and such. Just update. Get with today's iOS
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4 years ago, Scott655665
Update it
It’s been 5 years since you’ve updated the app. Please do something. It barely works and takes forever
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12 years ago, MelissaON
A Nice n easy app!
A Great way to keep track of my teen's schedule! Much easier than using browser.
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7 years ago, cxrtnv
Display details not working
every time i click on a shift to open the details it doesn't show. extremely annoying as it is the only way i am able to actually pick a shift up.
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6 years ago, Anthony03824
SubItUp employee app
Works fine for me, I can see my schedule and trade shifts
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9 years ago, iJon2012
Convenient BUT extremely outdated
As an employee that uses this app to check shifts. I would think by 2015 they would have updated this app. It still looks like it's for the original iPhone...the iPad version is outdated too....
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4 years ago, Lampini77
Update your app!!!
This was working fine for up until a month ago and now I can’t even get past the phone screen. Please fix the problem as I need this for work
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5 years ago, ryanw888
This app is awful
Severely needs updated. Constantly logs you out, certain functions work very rarely, and is always slow. Not good for any professional setting
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8 years ago, AC071692
I use SubItUp for both of my jobs and it works great! So easy to use.
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12 years ago, Heichwkstcrwox
Good but sync with calendar?
Hey this app is helpful and awesome, but if is there anyway that the work schedule on this could be synced with iCal? That'd be sooooo nice!!!
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5 years ago, Brain Stelter is a weine
Subitup is terrible and the app is even worse. Their is no real mobile version of the website so it’s always a pain using this program. I miss whentowork ... 😞
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6 years ago, Ahdbfbgsbfnydbuxnj
Remember me
It makes me sign in every time and it’s so annoying. Even when I hit remember me it makes me type all my information in again.
Show more
8 years ago, Hshhwhhdbwhsbdhjsh
Keeps logging me out
Every time I open the app I have to type in my info and log back in even if I chose "remember me." It's so annoying. It's an easy fix...
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