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SuccessFactors, Inc.
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11 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SuccessFactors

4.29 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Maurenito
App crashing
I’ve re-downloaded the app several times, and it seems that on every subsequent launch of the app it continues to crash. It only ever works right after the initial download. It’s only been happening after this recent iOS 14.2 update on my iPad. Additive else hands the same issue?
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5 years ago, ConsultingTechNut
This application allows me to take care of business no matter where I am in the world! The intuitive design makes it super easy to find what I need! I can quickly get to my team and provide meaningful feedback and provide feedback to other team members. I don’t have to pester the payroll admin to get to my pay check and pay history. I can update my personal data, and make it effective when I need it to be. I can assess candidates! I can even take learning courses and review analytics to gauge the heath of my organization. Wow! The list goes on and on!
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2 years ago, Joeshadowman
What a worthless tool that is obviously spy wear
This stupid thing claims to not know the people I work for even exist. This should be illegal. I should get my checkstubs through the mail or sent to my email. I’m sure this even existing is breaking some kind of law. I’m not going to download 5 different apps just so I can see my pay stub. I better be able to pull it up on my companies website or get an email for it. Because this is simply withholding information that I’m legally entitled to and companies like this holding my stub ransom should be shut down and it’s owners arrested. I better be able to get my check stub within the next 24 hours without having to jump through anymore hoops, or I’m calling the fbi. Something scummy is going on here.
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2 months ago, Postive feedback2
The app works great. I love being able to clock in & out over the phone. However It is taking some getting used to. I do recommend adding the time sheet option as a favorite so that I can click straight in to my time sheet for the day to clock in. Or even having it pop up in the “reminders” section when I have not clocked in or out for the day just to help keep me accountable to recording my time, daily. If I could “favorite” my time sheet & add it as a reminder with a push notification, it would be less easy to forget to record my working time for the day.
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5 years ago, landryDL
Best efficiency delivered!
I use this app every single day. It makes it easy for me to navigate my Organzation, look up team members, directly connect with them by phone, text, Skype and more. I can also keep track of my large team and give feedback in real time to all of my direct reports and extended teammates. Mobile learning keeps me up to date on all of the compliance and development training. So much more, but this absolutely makes my employee and leader experience better... and simple!
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3 years ago, Sid cdk
Navigation in app and error messages
Poor design. On my mobile device, I am logged in to SuccessFactors of my company’s web page, the web page shows that I have installed this app and gives me the ability to open the app, so far all good. When I click on the open button for the installed app, it is then asking me for the company name or URL. The app design is so stupid that it does not know how I arrived here and use the credentials from the web site to log into the app. After typing the company name it still does not recognizes the company to log in. The app is lacks human factor engineering. The app appears to have been programmed by the 5 th grade students. Just .
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2 months ago, Saji Latif
Review for Roush App
Excellent tool that employees can utilize to stay updated and notified on valuable and important information needed to stay up to date and improve. Offers a great wide variety of different topics and information and tools to help with everything. Just an outstanding app, helps out a lot.
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1 year ago, 4321MS
Easy to use and ALOT of access to info
I’ve used this app over the years and it has continued to add good easy to use actions as an employee. I often times use the directory to quickly view a coworker to get a mobile number rather than use our portal site.
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1 year ago, Derekjbh
Horrifically Unoptimized and Actively Harmful
After months of trying to use this application I was injured on the job and told to use this app to get the paperwork and it, unsurprisingly, doesn’t work. I’m fine with difficulty or poor customer experience, but if your product is actively preventing your customer from accessing legal paperwork and medical information - you’re not a “bad app”, you’re borderline illegal and at least unethical. If your company requires this app, quit and find someone who cares about their employees more
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5 years ago, MegaCubic
Great App
Thanks to this app, I am able to do my work and take care of administrative tasks without any hassles. The app allows me to easily find SMEs and key stakeholders across a global organization with ease - colleagues that can be of help on project work. The org chart view is easy to interpret and navigate. Repetitive time-consuming tasks can be checked off swiftly.
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4 years ago, Mbhat69
Simple but effective
I am one of those people who use apps heavily. I have used this app ever since I heard of it several years ago. The app is not fancy. But it gets many employment related chores done even when I’m on the run. One of the keepers. I can suggest several improvements but on the whole it is effective as it is.
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5 years ago, tuj9
Business Analyst
The user interface is beautifully designed, intuitive, and user friendly. The ability to be connected while traveling on business or working remotely is outstanding. The user experience and design speak for itself. Great to get the job done!
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3 years ago, Vhato
App Crashing
App only runs upon initial installation. Subsequent installs just bring me back to the iPad Home Screen until I delete and re-install, then it returns to crashing. Also, the App Support link in the App Store does not work, hence I am complaining here. Good app when it does work.
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2 years ago, KDiVin
Great way to manage the Team
I’ve been using this app was required by my organization and it works great, just like the computer app on my laptop, but I am able to access now on my iPAD to get easier access to my team.
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1 year ago, Very rude customer service
Stupid app
This stupid app has been working fine. Till someone decided to update to another version. Now I can’t use it because it’s telling me to update it to the new version, Which I did... and log into WiFi. Why can’t I use this app when I already updated it to the latest version, and why couldn’t they keep the old version and stop making peoples life’s complicated??
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5 years ago, Rollin Rubber
Powerful - Especially If You’re Remote
Really appreciate the integration with core iOS functionality (phone, email, maps, etc). I keep track of all my learning opportunities, my performance conversations and look at my organization chart with great regularity.
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3 years ago, Wm.
VA Logon Problematic
Out of the box experience for use with Dept. of Veterans Affairs did not work. Could not logon. It is frustrating having “training”, which is technically public data put behind a security barrier like this. All VA training material can be requested through the freedom of information act (FOIA) so it’s not about protecting classified information. Making it easy and interesting to get training means more people consume the material. Trying to use Success Factors this morning was more of Failure Factors and a waste of my time.
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5 years ago, Brod18
Search for people and learning recommendations
Love this app as I use it to search for people within my organization of 100k+ employees. Big fan of the Learning recommendations that have been helpful to me as I learn things about some new product offerings.
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2 months ago, Carthyc
Easy and useful UI
For quick tasks and updates, very reliable and so far no major issues accessing and updating content.
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6 years ago, 睿奕有奔头
Love the new version!
I love the newly updated version. Everything looks much better. The new home, and profile are great! Need to improve the performance though, sometimes it takes forever to load.
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3 years ago, Bellyfat79
Ease of Success Factors
Not being one well versed in setting up and using apps on a cell phone, this app is very user friendly. I have no trouble getting around and setting up what I need to.
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3 years ago, Rpreston513
Surprisingly easy
I didn’t expect to like the app because the program is slow and poorly organized. The app is everything the program is not: organized, logical, fluid. It just works. Good job.
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5 years ago, Westcoastgal
Amazing access on the go
I literally use this multiple times a week to check our org chart. I can figure out who people are and what group they’re in with just a few clicks!
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5 years ago, hR is me
SuccessFactors Is Simple
I use SuccessFactors mobile regularly to connect with colleagues, take classes to meet my annual development goals and share updates with my manager as part of our continuous performance management initiatives.
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1 year ago, harmonkdh
Quick and Efficient
Great UI with all the tools an employee needs to become more involved, knowledgeable, and engaged with their company and community members at work.
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5 years ago, Kristi.Sanders
Simple and easy to use
I live the SuccessFactors app! It is easy to use, allows me to get all of my work done to manage my team, take learnings and request time off. The user experience is so intuitive!
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1 year ago, ChiragSF
Very convenient and easy to use!
I appreciate that I can request Time Off, look up colleagues in other countries and a range of other functions all via this app
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4 years ago, Silksterweb
Much better
Using this app after dredging through the old web interface is a much better experience, bar none!
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5 years ago, Scooter5100989
Great experience
This app makes my work day life easier and convenient. I can now prioritize my development with learning and manager feedback because I can do it on the go. I also love the org chart!!
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2 years ago, Mike806316
Easy to use
It’s Perfectly lays-out. Whenever I have Limited access to internet I fined the app the best option to finish the job.
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3 years ago, Al-nsem212
Great app
I love this app it’s very easy to use and the org chart is just amazing. My only comment is the untitled selections under MyRequests section, where i have to tap on every option to see what’s in it.
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Simple and Easy!
I love this app and I use it every day for my job! It is simple and easy to use and intuitive. Success factors really get it right when it comes to user experience!
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1 year ago, CaliHR
Easy user friendly
Easy to use and great tool for approving workflows or viewing information needed on the go.
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2 years ago, G1 993
I really love the Success Factors app. Super functional and user friendly. Saves me so much time not having to login to a computer to perform the simplest of tasks for me or my team. Nice to run on SAP!
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5 years ago, Sassybug72
Great feedback & productivity tool
This is a great way to quickly provide feedback to my team in real time. Great time saver, and makes feedback so much more relevant. It’s also a great time saver for me on a daily basis!
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5 years ago, humbledog1822
Love to org charting!
I love the fact that I can find anyone in our organization, see who they report to and get their contact info and call them right from the chart!
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5 years ago, Blackmars33
slick and fast!
This is probably my most used app on my phone from the company. It's so easy to look for colleagues and coworkers in the app , add them as contact and also look at the org chart !
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4 months ago, Ghada_A93
Enhance your work experience
Easy to use, made my work life balance much easier
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2 years ago, anggie2033
Optimize productivity
This apps can help us to work remotely and control our time off by one-click away.
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3 years ago, Mrs. T. Gee
Easy and convenient
Being able to view / correct / add time at my fingertips is awesome
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3 years ago, EJK momma
Works great
Easy to use. Able to see balances, apply for time off, etc.
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3 years ago, Deb Wat
App is easier than the site
Very intuitive, easy to use - would recommend
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10 months ago, Sparky033
Love the ease of Use!
Love the new UI and how easy it is to see the actions i need to take front and center. As a Manager on the go, this saves lots of time!
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1 year ago, Elitreo
Works as expected
All functions work as expected
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2 months ago, Clktt
Very efficient app
Completing my HR documents in the iPad app is very efficient, over doing it on my laptop. I would recommend this app.
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6 years ago, QveenAlpha
I wish I could submit 0 stars bacause I just got hired at Forever 21 & everytime I try to search the company by name or url it says sorry we could not find a match for forever 21 when I’ve already logged in through the web browser yet I can’t even log in on the app. I have an iPhone 6plus so this APP NEEDS MAJOR FIXING or the app simply needs better dev’s that know what they’re doing.
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11 months ago, Dr.Abdullah 🔬
Easy for work
Send everything about work and sickleav
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7 years ago, JhathMA
Easy to seach co-workers
Use this all the time to search and connect co workers. It’s also easy to view/change my info & access my pay slip and
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5 years ago, Toddasevedo
This has to be the most elegant and humanizing mobile HR experience I have seen.
They have come a long way with employee and manager experience.
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5 years ago, 5HUTCHS
Doing smart business
This app really helps me do business on the go—Learning, professional dev and all things HR. I highly recommend it for it’s efficiency!
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