Sulekha NRI

1.5 (140)
88.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sulekha US LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
8.1 or later
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User Reviews for Sulekha NRI

1.48 out of 5
140 Ratings
1 month ago, Anjoo Kaur
Does not work. Please review and improvise.
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2 weeks ago, Ronty Jhodes
App built by idiots
This application seems to be built by idiots, you can’t go past the OTP stage. First I didn’t understand is after receiving OTP on phone why do you need to again have an OTP via email. Once you reach that stage it doesn’t move forward.
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1 month ago, Gautam431
It’s abysmal
The app won’t allow you use it unless you update the app. But then when you go to App Store there’s no update available. The app is practically unusable.
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1 month ago, gp-ram
iOS app keep routing to update
This is really frustrating. Fix the application ASAP
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4 weeks ago, Traveller900
Even login isn’t working
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5 years ago, rbd65535
It’s a good app but operates very bad on iPhone
Hi ! This a request to iOS dev team ! I am trying to login the the app ! But it says enter correct credentials ! I clicked forgot password and send me the actual email and password!! I use that for login ! Still says enter valid credentials! 1. It should not send the password in email! It’s violation of privacy! 2. Why the hell i am not able to login ?
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5 years ago, Vnauduri
This is piece of crap now
About 5 Years back it used to goo and user free site for manu of us from India and the sub continent. Now it is just as useless as it can get. It is just very intrusive and Will NOT let you browse anything. I am not sure why have website and an app if you don’t let the users browse the content and information? Most unfriendly website and app. Just stay away. Doesn’t even deserve one star. If you people to pay to browse the information, then be brave and make it clear upfront, like for members only and charge a fee. As i said this is useless website now. Never will recommend this to anyone.
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1 year ago, Mahi Tara
App Registration
Tried to register account using phone number. Received OTP which is working well and good. But the verification isn’t redirecting to the correct loop. Also User interface doesn’t seems user friendly. All the toasters aren’t aligned to the device sizes. Tried in various sizes but found inconsistencies. Might have been used hybrid platform to develop this but needs more work around before deploying it to the public.
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11 years ago, Pdonde
Great website
Great web site to find entertainment programs, services etc. But it can be improved to make it user friendly. It is a bit difficult to navigate even after you start using it.
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5 years ago, Snehal Chills
It's like in Browse-Only mode!!
Even if you login with your same credentials, it doesn't show up your Ads listed in the App. Can someone please correct this? Sulekha has soo much user base and you can't even have a working app! ☝🏼You will phase out like Orkut if you don't keep up with the times. Plz take notice.
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4 years ago, hfufyfuff
No way to turn on location
I was unable use current location Iphone
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10 years ago, Webgirlny
Do Not Download
Absolutely useless. No search button or option. No updated jobs or in order. Everything is scattered around like some little kids play room. Desktop version is same with 1 added feature that u can put cursor on local jobs and than move it to latest jobs and click. Otherwise good luck finding needle in haystack.
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5 years ago, Rasheed suleman
App has been designed and looks great. Search filter is based on multiple screens. If the sort & filters could get all one screen that could save alot of time. Overall great app.
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6 years ago, yxor1
There is no negative star, app deserves negative rating
I have paid ad, but my ad does not show up on the app. I cant edit or upload photos using this app. Multiple ads doesn’t show up either. I have been sending feedback no response at all. Waste of time downloading this app, website is better atleast it works in some browser not all.
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6 years ago, rick1601
Do not update your old app
The older version works well but they stop supporting it This app is the worst of all time Sulekha make all this money never paid the original developer Get an fly by night person to put out this update Apple should look at these app especially company like these who make millions, before they are allowed to put an app out
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12 years ago, Mohlimohan
Good to begin with!
Looking for a long time. Room mate searching and map view is good. Bring us more feature n definitely we all will like it more:) Thanks
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2 years ago, 007sanr
Fix font color
I’m trying to post an ad. The text entered is coming up in white color with is same as back ground. How can such a simple bug not be fixed before release? Can you please fix this ASAP?
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11 years ago, G13_R
Good app, needs some work
The service offered it self is good, but would like to see more options for sharing the classified. Also, the app hangs sometimes and needs to be killed to get it working again
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8 years ago, Saddy451
Much more worse now
I usually don't write. When I saw the update, I was happy- it's going to work now. But you made it worse. Every time I try to search something its asking my requirement. How can you match whole of my requirements ? Just show the search results in each field. Hope new update will be better.
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8 years ago, Maruti 800
Want to use it but couldn't
Please improve the app, looks flashy but not usable. Classifieds link takes me to a web page which shows add to install app and further click brings me back to app. Not worth the time, removing the app, will try later.
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6 years ago, Vamsiguduru
Better off browsing on a laptop or computer .
not a single task i could accomplish trying using this app., cannot even scroll down to search results , keeps opening first listing in the list . Doesn't open links i click on email to open specific listing. This is just a showcase app.
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9 years ago, Jake1880
Very well done
An amazing improvement from the previous versions. Love the user experience.
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10 months ago, Pradeep_aaaaa
The options at top of screen - ellipses, search and location selection cannot be accessed. Bug that needs to be fixed.
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4 years ago, vkcrizzy
I don’t think this app can submit applications, I am trying from one week and it’s waste of using this application, either I get an email after success message or I get a response from anyone, so basically applications are not being submitted may be you will one email for 100submissions.
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11 years ago, Rajbthana
Great app
This is a great app to find a place within a Indian comity in the USA. Also I could able find out new release movies and buy tickets at the same time.
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10 years ago, Pardhu Gorripati
Stay connected!
Improved a lot!
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12 years ago, MKS9425094005
Great app. Much better and fast than website.
Very fast. Less no of clicks. No crashes seen so far.
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2 years ago, Mark_018
Organization could be better
The information on website is useful but very unorganized. The login works on desktop but not on application. Also, too many ads, could be better.
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12 years ago, Grandmaster/
Good app
Very Good app, could add a general search section for local search for categories not already listed. Make it easy for nos and email to be listed.
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8 years ago, Stghi
Something I was waiting for
The app has many useful features. Needs some UX touch. But overall good job!
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8 years ago, Wolf7176
Phone gets hot and drains battery.
Technology is not there yet for such demanding UI. UI should be light push most processing to server side. But it's a helpful app. Fix this soon. Unfortunately I have to u install it for now.
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11 years ago, Reddyyyzzz
Had no issues at all. Informative fast and user friendly
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11 months ago, KRS650
This company is a crook. I booked an event through them and it got cancelled. I have been going back and forth with them to get my refund. It’s been 2+ months and still they are ghosting me. Pure crooks. Avoid if you care about your hard earned cash
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11 years ago, Sam_554
Not the best
Could have been better, lots of features don't work. For ex: Location feature with GPS doesn't work, app is too slow.
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9 years ago, S_Khandu
Complete waste of time...
Have the developers of this app tried to use this app themselves even once? Try post an ad from an iPhone device ? The date cannot be selected and it does not move forward without this info. Waste of time !!!
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11 years ago, Anilnarad
Takes time
This app is not so good as it was in internet site. There you will get things easily. Some gap is here.
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7 years ago, MasalaTea
Horrid App
The most horrid painful app I have ever come across. Not at all user friendly and very difficult to navigate. Completely useless and frustrating. DO NOT INSTALL. You may have an easier time using a browser on a laptop instead.
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12 years ago, CarSearcher2012
Does its job
Good easy to use, found it to be better than sulekha website
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12 years ago, Rakeshsingh4
Good platform for Indians but lacks a bit on content side
It's a very gud platform for all the Indians in US. But content wise can be improved.
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4 years ago, Nknyc
I need to post an ad for nanny ? What’s the category ? I took me ages to find domestic service . After that where is the place to pOst my needs? Don’t make an app if you are not ready. Your website is complicated enough
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10 years ago, YassuSurya
Not all good looking, works the same way
The first glimpse if the app update was wonderful.. Until I realized I cannot slide the mile radius button.. Cannot search at least on the words.. Hope an update soon fixes all the issues..
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11 years ago, Ashutosh ahuja
Good one but need improvement
Can only do basic stuff. You need to login on laptop to check details
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11 years ago, niyu88
It helps me to keep the track of indian events in Tx as well as all over the US...
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2 years ago, Seeshootpost
Worst app!! Absolutely nothing works.
Everything is broken. Search. Address set-up. Location detection. Filters. Sort function. Absolutely nothing works. Shamefully poor app!
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4 years ago, Mike$ired
Bad service
This website has full of scammers. This site charges premium price for posting ad and does nothing to contain scammers. Ashamed of u guys . U have changed nothing since last 3 years . Grow up sulekha u need to change
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8 years ago, Roommate and rental user
Very nice functionality for all my needs in usa
The app works best .. Very nice design
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8 years ago, Sravanmummadi
Waste of time and energy
Previous version of the app was very good. The new version is really painful and time consuming . I just needed a room for rent and it takes me through hell lot of questions . Please don't use this app.
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9 years ago, dube101
Crappy app!!
I tried to post an AD and it paused at available date. It keep freezing up while trying to post ads. App is very buggy. There is no reason to download this app and waste free space in an iPhone.
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12 years ago, MAK123007
It's a very good app if you are Indian and helps a lot to find Indian stuff and lots more
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11 years ago, Laki1808
Easy tracking and convenient
Very good app and makes it so simple and convinient to post and track .. Liked it..,
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