SumUp: Payments and POS

3.6 (376)
368 MB
Age rating
Current version
SumUp Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SumUp: Payments and POS

3.62 out of 5
376 Ratings
9 months ago, Qiitxx
It gets the job done
I’ve been using this app for 5 years. It is robust and really works consistently, after you get all the bugs out. The only issue, and not sure this is really and issue, is that the sum up company thinks that everyone or every thing is a fraud. This makes it almost impossible to send invoices, get change backs etc with out undue scrutiny. This slows down your payments.
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2 years ago, Rob36009853
Avoid, Complaint Filed With BBB
This company which is actually based in the UK is selling credit card readers and claims to offer merchant accounts for credit card processing at rates lower than others such as PayPal, Square. etc. Our account application was denied even though they had no legitimate and legal reason to deny the application. They appear to access credit reports and databases but they are not providing customers with denial letters identifying which databases they have pulled and there is no disclosure if the data they harvest has been sold to third parties. They collected our personal and business information and documents and then denied our application without any legitimate reason and apparently contrary to state and federal banking and privacy laws. They said there is no way to appeal their decisions and their telephone customer service will not escalate any calls to a supervisor. We are reading they have other complaints from other businesses who have been impacted in this way. We feel this may be a violation of state and federal law since they have our private personal and business information and we have no idea what they have done with it. You can read more about their poor ratings on the Better Business Bureau BBB site.
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4 months ago, Looney8855
App is Ok, Signature Process Needs Work
The App is Ok BUT there is a major issue when having a customer sign their receipt on the iPad. If they touch the screen ANYWHERE outside of the white signature box, the signature screen goes back to the connecting to the reader screen and there’s no way to get it to go back to the signature screen. I have to force quit the app and start over, which then causes the customer’s card to have a hanging authorization and a full charge. They generally don’t like this. The other problem with the signature page is that the button to submit the signature and erase the signature are at the end of the signature line… where most customers with medium or long names touch while they’re signing. These buttons should be moved elsewhere on the screen. Otherwise, it’s very easy to set up, enter a charge amount, and access my account. Everything I have to do is fine, but the customer interaction with the app is not going well.
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4 years ago, Veliksamas
Good service, decent app, missing basic features.
I like this merchant card processor however the app is missing some basic key features that other similar apps have. For example, you can’t disable the requirement for customer signature for transaction under a certain, this is very inconvenient for small transactions under $25. I run a taxi business and people don’t have time, they just want to pay and get out. Also I am not able to run a card not present transactions, we get many customers that call and want to prepay a ride for their family members and friends. We even have doctors offices that want to call and pay us to go have their customers picked up. We can’t do any of that with SumUp and I have no choice but to continue using my old processor for card not present transactions.
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6 months ago, briendless
Do not use if you do custom work.
I am a custom upholstery tradeswoman. I do high end interiors for marine and auto as well as furniture. Part of my business requires customers to place a deposit and then come back later to pay for labor. If you want to be able to order materials ahead….. this app isn’t for you. They will accept the payment and then refuse a payout requesting insane amounts of paperwork. I do NOT recommend. And I will let all of my colleagues and small business owners in my area to NOT use SumUp. As I have $3000 that is inaccessible even though all documents requested were entered. This does everything BUT help small businesses with a trade. Also my account was closed and refund was sent to my customer. However my only confirmation was an email stating a refund has been sent. No amounts. Nothing. Just don’t use this service.
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2 years ago, Digitalfox23
Stay Away from SumUp
The low ratings from everyone else speak for themselves. This company has been nothing short of horrible. I made one transaction and they flagged it as suspicious. They claimed that after getting all the proof they asked for about my business, that they were closing my account and threatened to hold my transactions that they held for another 4 months! The only other option was to ask them to refund all the pending transactions that were made to the original card holders. So after almost 2 weeks of not being paid, now I have to flag down the original payment people to resubmit their payments through another service. Their customer service is an absolute joke too. ZERO STARS. Would not recommend.
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2 months ago, Fusumup
Let’s start with if zero stars was an option I would have never given a one star! The customer service is horrible with no option to contact IT or a supervisor. “Manager” lied and said he sees all emails and forwarded them to onboarding then the next day same “manager” stated he could not see any emails from us in over a week. It’s been almost a month with no access to our businesses money. And when asked for IT was told it would take several days to get IT to look into the issue! They ask for pictures of your products and inventory lists and state that legal documentation from the state, county and federal government showing we are a legitimate business was not proof we run a legitimate business!
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2 years ago, ETS1990
Good Service
I use the card reader air and card reader Solo, i love this service because it is very fast and useful, I don’t have any problem with the app or card reader fortunately, i case the problem the support is very important. After the registration is important provide the information, in case the service don’t work, I had this problem, the support told me to provide the correct documentation, then the app and service working. I use the service by 2019.
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3 years ago, Jftvhgf
Awful. First time using and they decided to close my account
My experience has been horrible with this service. I got concerned after it had been 5 days of no deposit from client because of this service. They needed verification, I provided contract information, the invoice,contact number of the client because the cardholder name was different. I was answering questions about the card that they should’ve asked my client because that’s none of my business. I waited 3 weeks after playing hopscotch with these losers and scammers and they decided to close my account after ONE attempted transaction. I WILL NEVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUNNING AWAY. THESE ARE SCAMMERS. My client has my equipment and I’m still not paid. They are a joke. STAY AWAY
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10 months ago, Kopernikus1314
Helping the little guy
Using SumUp has been the first time a big company actually cared about my small business. I needed a second card reader for markets and they gave me a good deal. Other big companies usually brush me off once they find out that my little shop is not really killing it yet. As an American in Germany it’s been tough to adjust. Maybe I just got lucky, but the support agent I spoke to actually gave me the feeling that they want my business to succeed.
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2 years ago, Caitlyn2028!!
Not one problem
I have been using them for just about a year. I use the solo card reader and invoicing. I have customers in different states. In the beginning to verify my account I sent everything as proof of legal business. I have not had one payment held, always receive on the 3rd day to my bank account. iOS app needs help, when choosing business account it freezes app and closes..
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5 years ago, Reggiejuice40
Never got got my reader to work
I setup my card reader. Got connected to work with my phone. The problem I was having, was that every time I tried to use it. I keep getting a error message. Tried to contact support, numbered times. Kept telling me that someone from support team will contact me soon. Well it’s been over two and half months now. And I still never heard from anyone. I truly think it’s real bad business practices, the way you all run this company. Plus am hearing from other users that they are having problems with this company. If you’re not going to help people, or reach out to help your customers. They why are you even in business.
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2 years ago, Chief919
Recent update really annoying
I enter prices for item ssold manually instead of having saved items due to the nature of my business making entering every item impossible. It used to be you could just type a price and hit add. Now you have to hit the add button, enter the price on the pop up keypad window then hit add again for every item. While minor it adds a lot of extra keystrokes, especially with a sale that is 10+ items, and is both annoying and slows down the process.
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2 years ago, Jamaica Kincaid
Canceled my account
Did a pop up shop, and next day they closed my account for no reason. They sent me the terms agreement which stated “ 16.1. You may terminate and close your Account at any time. We may at any time suspend or terminate and close your Account for any or no reason” I wrote them in an email stating what grounds and they kept sending me this. Stay away from these guys. For small transactions they won’t do anything but when you sell a lot of product they’ll close your account for no reason. Either use PayPal or sell one shirt a month with these guys. Wish I could leave one star. Smh
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3 years ago, applenash
Continued Login Issues
I signed up a week ago and still not able to login due to technical issues with their server. Usually the turnaround time from other companies are relatively quick to fix huge issues that refrain from customers logging in to use their service. They offered free processing for 30 days but you can’t use the app or login on the website to use the service anyways! Very poor first impression since they are advertising all over Nashville market, but can’t seem to put an immediate fix to login connection issues for new accounts.
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1 year ago, samiaht
Currency change option not available
Good I enjoy but if I want to charge my USA customer there is no option to change currency
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9 months ago, motherdoc
Very useful and good support
My first SumUp card reader had a fatal flaw and was replaced after” support” deemed it so! I have used it with 100% success since Wifi is essential, so either data or regular WiFi works! The smaller payement deduction was why I chose it! It holds a battery charge for at least 2 months. I have not checked more. This is a good card reader. Clare
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3 years ago, issaquahjon
Avoid this company as much as you can. It has horrible customer service. You get put on hold every time for a minimum of 10 minutes. Thy say they are going to give you a call back and don’t. After two weeks trying to get one transaction to go through and countless hours trying to get a phone call to go through the said they could not help with a transaction that they advertise they can do. This is a horrible product with lack of customer service that lacks any training.
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5 years ago, Kzdaddy
I had two of their card readers and they worked great. Four months of service with this company and I get an email that says they can no longer service my business. No excuse, no reason, just Term 15 of the user agreement that says they can cancel your account for no reason. Called them and they can not give any information as to why. This has left several of my customers hanging and this company could care less. After referring many other business owners to this company, I am now warning them to run away from this company.
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1 year ago, Lcheard
Works Great for my business
This app is very convenient and fair with fees. I get paid out within 2-3 business days. The only issue is customers don’t ever receive my payment links via text message, only by email. But other than that I like it
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9 months ago, lutang
Doesn’t work.
I tried to set up a profile and use this but after entering how much my average monthly sales would be it kept giving me an error and to “retry.” Then I went to support and it was offline even though I tried at 9:40am on a weekday, and the support tried to make me login again. Then that tried to make me complete my profile. Which ended in that same error at the same point. So it apparently doesn’t accept new signups or the company is no longer in business.
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6 months ago, Quetarshe Textile Designs
Sumup for small business
In my opinion I have founded that my Sumup account has been precise, functional, easy and affordable. My art does not require a daily sales output and effort because I don’t operate that way. I can produce invoices when needed. I am not technically smart. But I can manage Sumup! Quetarshe Textile Design Studio
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2 days ago, Scangy
Really not a fan…
I was very excited to partner with SumUp in the beginning. But that quickly faded. It is almost impossible to get a hold of support. Chat is NEVER available. No phone number listed on the app and when you call the number from google, no-one answers. I have had money waiting to transfer out for weeks and can’t get it out. And their rates are 3.25% plus .15 cents. Too high as well. Just really unhappy with SumUp.
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2 years ago, TannerMorkie
Updates causing delays-seeing many negative reviews
They could have made the process much simpler by launching a notice that Update required “ instead of causing delays on our end trying to figure out the strange behavior of the app. It also doesn’t work with a VPN on. We also noticed many negative reviews lately which is concerning. We may start looking for another alternative. We had to do the same thing with Stripe after they created so much difficulty.
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Customer Service NonExistant
Bought the hardware…finally got the email that after Delays due to heavy volume, I could start taking payments…However when I tried, it wouldn’t process the payments…I called customer service (India pretty sure..hard to understand)…all they could say was, they would send my case to the proper department and that department would take care of it. It’s been a week and 3 more attempts and nothing. Going back to Square.
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2 years ago, (BooleanCubed)
Has potential, but yet to be reliable
Pleasant app design, but gives server errors when attempting to verify information, and thus far every attempt at processing a transaction has failed. Will continue to troubleshoot the reader for a day or so, then will swap for a square reader if these can’t be consistently functional in trials.
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5 years ago, Ricciar2
I can’t login
I just downloaded the app and I am trying to log in but it keeps telling me that the app it’s outdated and that there is a new update available in the Apple store asking if I want to do the update now or later . No matter which one I select , it just not letting me go any further . If I choose update now then it tells me that cannot connect with Apple store , if I choose update later I need to log in again and the process repeats itself over and over .
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1 month ago, Leonelglez
Do not get this if you want to charge big transactions
It’s the worst platform to make transactions, you have to be sending forms of good and services and invoices through email, you can take up to 2 days emailing back and forth and wait for them to review them and if they think they have enough evidence for you to get paid you have to wait another 1-3 days for you to get the money, not worth the headache
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2 months ago, Try it out they really payout
Very bad company to use for small business unless you can wait 120 days for payout
Bad bad bad go with someone else Very bad company if you are a small business they let you process payments for a year then if you get a 2000 transaction they want you to wait 120 days for your payout even tough you never had a charge back and this transaction wasn’t charged back then they change what your agreement was be careful
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3 years ago, Sh@eMom
Poor service
We bought a SumUp pro reader to sell some jewelry that our family makes and after waiting a Long time for the approval they denied us anyways.. and the only reason they gave was they have the right to Deny service to anyone the deem to.. it took so long that we missed the selling window for our jewelry so now we have to wait until next time.. this was a waste of money and time..
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5 months ago, BVille Tx
Poor customersupport
Took them alittle over a month to verify my business everything is fixed via email phone number to customer support is useless they just greet say have a ood day and wait for an email to fix your problem it took me a month to get paid un full $4,000 even though i kept sending all required information pics invoices proof of everything requested
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8 months ago, El esencial.
a garbage program
I do not recommend it, they have withheld some sales that I made, they have not credited me with the sale, there is no option to make a refund, this is rubbish, it is theft. You have to be sending an email and they don't respond, they give you a case number, this is not reliable. Square is safer and more reliable here when it comes to making a refund, you can't.
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4 years ago, Sebuhi shanghai
Terrible service, terrible customer service, I don’t recommend one one this company. I’m the owner AVRS Furniture one of my costumer dispute quarter of transaction Sumup hold my whole money. Finally i paid for costumer and he cancel dispute. Even pass 7 month SumUp did not refund my money. When I call them they say will call you back or refund this Friday. They never call me never Refund. They are just stolen money give worst service!!
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5 years ago, alsa711
Simple set up
It was quick and easy to set up my account, and straightforward to sync my card reader with the app! Perfect for a small business
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5 years ago, FoodeeSFO
Take 4-6 days to receive your funds
They take a long time to process your transactions. Being a caterer you want to make sure you get paid before delivery. It’s not possible all time to get 4-6 advance payment. Looking for faster processing service.
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7 years ago, THE LANDMAN
Takes a long time
I takes up to five or six days for your money to get to your bank account, for a small business, that can seem like forever when your money is all tied up.
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6 years ago, MarcWilk
Credit Card Processing Ease
SumUp is incredibly easy to use and the fees are lower than competitors! They even offer live customer support! 10/10 would recommend.
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11 months ago, Albert Santa Cruz
This is the worst app possible. I literally can’t access my funds and being a partner of the dmv it’s very critical of me having my funds on time. I only have 2 chances today is my first! Now my account is suspended for 5 days. I have to tell my clients I can’t help them. No way I’m going to give them another chance. They’ll for sure get my DMV account terminated.
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1 year ago, hvacguy91
I would suggest using another company. This place is a complete joke. Customer tried paying an invoice, and they won’t allow it because we gave the bid in November 22, the job just now got ready for installation and they won’t allow the transaction . Complete joke, please use someone else and don’t waist your time with this company.
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4 years ago, Achernar2
App does not have “printer” option
I am highly frustrated with this SumUp app. So I am trying to connect a compatible printer with this app, however when I log into this app, I do not see the “Account” tab in the top left corner at which the “printer” button is supposedly located. Therefore, I cannot use the printer. Has anyone got the same issue?
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5 years ago, Johnymendez
Canceled my account without any rhyme or reason
It was going great, received my money in 1 or 2 days, except on weekends. But suspended my deposits, without telling me why, then found out they were investigating my account. They canceled my service without telling me why, just citing an article on the terms and conditions. I didn’t break any of their rules or regulations. I submitted all the paperwork they required.
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10 months ago, Innovate Repairs
Regret it
Regretful experience. More likely they will block me. But I’ll keep writing bad review from today on to warn as much people In this app , in social media and warning as much people I can by mouth. Don’t want people being rub of their hard earn money. I would rather not even take the job if the want to use cars then these people
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11 months ago, ues1244
The worst credit card processing company!! My was not being transferred into my bank account, rather was going to SumUp account. Couldn’t transfer money, could not enter card manually. Also had to wait 30 minutes to get support, if your lucky you’ll receive an email in three days.
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5 years ago, spamvictim
Horrible, deceptive company!
SumUp hides and does not disclose details that would make most firms not sign up with them. 1. You firm can’t do manual entries from clients over the phone. 2. They hide and conceal that after your company signs up with your social sec # and bank account info, you firm can run a few small transactions, then without advance notice or disclosure they automatically block your merchant account until you risk identity theft and provide them a copy of your passport or drivers license and proof of your home address via a utility bill even though you’re a Corp. Stay away from this shady, disreputable U.K. based company!
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5 years ago, Dedimo
Stay away and don't lose your time
After months of using the system they decided to randomly close my account for no reason. They just sent me an email citing an article of the terms and conditions which I didn't violated. When I called support the gentleman told me he didn't have any information and the email support just did not replies.
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3 years ago, MissBrii
No customer support
I’m convinced they don’t have a human being in customer support. I’ve had trouble with my account but I cannot contact anyone. I’ve tried for over 2 months now. I’m in complete shock. I‘ve sent messages and I’ve tried the chat during their “hours” and can’t get a person.
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3 years ago, PrettyTee79
Fix the login problem!!!
Downloaded just fine I uploaded some items next day tried to upload more I couldn’t get past the login it kept saying wrong email and password entered so I’ll change it but it still wouldn’t work I finally gave up and deleted the app
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2 years ago, Alexander Coffee
Easy to use
Downloaded this app to take payments for my coffee cart. Super easy to use
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1 year ago, Yhanejdidknej
Won’t approve for my application for my small biz…no reason for this
Totally ridiculous how all my sole proprietor and single member llc friends can get an account, but I can’t because Sumup doesn’t feel like approving it. I had provided all documents they requested, included a US bank account info, purchased their recommended device. Received a email after several weeks later that according to their user agreement they rejected it and don’t need to give a reason why my case is rejected. The Government needs to look into this suspicious practice.
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2 years ago, horrableservice
Beware scam
This is the worst experience I have ever seen . My business used a analog credit machine for 19 years , it became obsolete so we tried sum up . Total crooks charged my clients card for a large ticket ,, held her money and refused to pay me . All seams illegal . I’m going through the process now to get this resolved. RUN FROM THIS POINT OF SALE !!!
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