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User Reviews for Supra eKEY

2.43 out of 5
759 Ratings
5 years ago, Bri the Real Estate Guy
Too many lockbox programming issues
I am a listing agent that uses all the functionality of this app (and the old one) on a regular basis. However, the new app is terrible! Now, when programming boxes for new locations it’s nearly impossible to see what you’re typing while you’re trying to actually type in the highlighted field. The keyboard gets in the way of the field that you’re supposedly trying to enter data into. Additionally, setting opening and closing hours doesn’t always work properly. Weekend appointments don’t seem to be able to be set to the half hour. Clearing the lockbox data doesn’t seem to work despite the program telling you it works.
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5 years ago, SwamiPeter
Having used both systems, I can assure anyone thinking about getting this app that they should go ahead and do it immediately. This app is as simple as they come, works perfectly, updates nearly instantaneously - even on the go - and has never failed me once. The previous system, where I had to carry an extra little device, was really a pain. A couple of times I had forgotten the device and then had to run back home, being totally embarrassed in front of my clients (which I deserved!). I realize this is my fault, but nonetheless, there it is. With this new app, I never have a situation like that, the lockbox is opened up, it’s just a non-issue, as it should be. I heartily encourage my fellow realtors to get this app ASAP. As to why some people have chosen to pan this app in the reviews, I cannot say. It makes no sense to me. Perhaps it is folks from another app company trying to sabotage this app, but I really have no idea. All I can say is that it makes no sense to trash this app because it works perfectly!
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3 years ago, Jeter03
Unreliable not relevant
My complaint with supra starts with the fact that if you show up to a key box that is out of cell phone service range you can’t open the key box if your key has not updated for the day so you are stuck not being able to open the key box. The app should be independent of cell service or daily updates that apparently have to be manually run even though the automatic update is already selected. Next they released a faulty update that has major known issues that won’t even allow me to open key boxes and they just tell me to keep waiting instead of rolling back to a working version. Not a company that understands their customer base. Realtors need to be able to access key box all the time anytime not when it’s convenient for the app or it’s developers. Mission critical failure!
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7 years ago, Retroprty
Ignore every single negative review
This app is WONDERFUL! I have had literally 0 issues with it, it works immediately and the updates take about 2 seconds. I was hesitant to get the app after reading all the negative reviews, and I don't ever write reviews for apps, but I felt this one needed someone to speak out on its behalf and let everyone know that it works exactly as expected, with 0 issues. Please don't let the other negative comments sway you into not getting this app. I also spoke to the realtor association in my city and the representative there also said she's never had any realtor call and say they had any issues with the app. Choose this over the Supra remote simply because it's conveniently built into your phone and takes seconds to unlock any door, so you don't have to carry an additional device with you, and I believe it's cheaper too. Overall, a win win! Thank you for creating a great application that actually works Supra! ❤
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7 years ago, WDWKevin
3-years and no issues, not one!
I have been using this app for three years now and I've never had a single issue with it. Always open a locked, never crashes, couldn't ask for anything more from an app. It's a very basic app, and works just as it supposed to. Our local association is doing away with the old active key system so many agents will be installing this up. If you're in the Orlando area, I have no fears, this app is amazing and you'll be happy to have it instead of the old active key.
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5 years ago, Broker Ron
Tired of Supra and lack of component support
Standing outside 2 homes. Both with Supra. I couldn’t access one so I called Support. It was nearly 100F in south Florida that day. I had husband and wife buyers, their 2 children under 4, and a grandparent. All stuck outside. I called support to be told to do everything I had already tried. So that was a waste. I then walked next door and accessed this second box which required CBS. Ultimately the highly trained professional, after talking to me like I was sitting in the comfort of my A/C office without clients staring at me, said “well I guess there is nothing more I can do for you”. Yes there is, give me back the money I paid for technology that when it fails you don’t what is wrong and leave me hanging. That’s what you can do!!!! #mustbebetterlockbox UPDATE: it took you nearly a month to acknowledge this feedback and your best reply is “send us an email in private”. A month. A MONTH TO REPLY. YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSIE. FIX IT. IM TIRED OF PAYING FOR “sorry there isn’t more I can do for you” Question: if you can’t identify and resolve an issue, then who??? It’s your product after all.
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2 years ago, Marrakenzai
Updating takes forever
I have “automatic update” checked yes but it doesn’t do it automatically. When I click the “update” button it says “updating” forever. I set my screen to never go off so that I can leave the app open and updating and sometimes after 30 or more minutes it’s still not finished! I try closing the app and other tricks to no avail. Then sometimes it only takes a couple seconds. I don’t understand why and it’s stressful to go to a showing appointment not knowing if the thing will work or not when it’s stuck in the forever update cycle.
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7 years ago, TEXAS FOREVER!
Reset phone every time to use this.
The Supra eKEY app succeeds magnificently in one area: making you look incredibly unprofessional. I can get over the UI being ugly; fine, it's just a tool to open doors. What's entirely unacceptable is the app refusing to communicate with lock boxes until you hard reset your iPhone. This has been a consistent problem with the eKEY app and is not being fixed. Time is valuable in the real estate industry, I prefer not to waste it paying for a terrible product that doesn't work. iPhone 7, latest iOS release.
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8 months ago, Housey1971
This app doesn’t work with IPhone 14!!!
I have been trying to pay to activate the app and it just gives an error. They can’t override the payment with putting a payment on file over the phone. They elevated the issue yesterday and I never received a call back. The app is creating all kinds of financial liability for the developers and the Associations that have locked them into the monopoly stronghold they have on the Real Estate market as it is locking out buyers, sellers and real estate associates out of transactions. The associations need to disbar the app as the development is not timely. It worries me from a security standpoint of storing my Credit Card information also.
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1 year ago, Agent-Agent
Inconsistent, outdated, and needs to go
I understand the need for electronic lockboxes so that sellers feel secure, but someone out there needs to produce a better product. This one is horrible. It always has been. The old keys barely worked, and the phone app is about as fussy as it gets. There are always problems of the system, they lock you out constantly, and it's embarrassing when you're standing there trying to get into a house to show it and the ridiculously stupid app can't find the lock box to send the signal to open it even though you're holding your phone within 6 inches of it.
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3 years ago, Kissy Smoochy
App won't open
Not sure what happened because I've been successfully using this app forever, but today when I open the app it opens for a split second and then closes. Somewhere a glitch. I am an iPhone 12 Pro Max user and I cannot completely delete the app from my iPhone library to reinstall. Anyone know how to do that? The online instructions for doing so must have change because there's no "delete app" from my library option.
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5 years ago, Realtor sunshine
Wonderful App!
Talented people at Supra! But I cannot believe everyone has not given the new and old app 5 stars! I have used both since it can out. Never a problem. If you are having a problem it had to be your phone. I gave an older Apple and never had a problem. And their tech support is great if you have one. This app helps you be the professional you should be! Keep it up Supra!
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5 years ago, RealtorBHHS
I’ve been on hold for over 45 min now waiting for tech support because my phone won’t sync with key lock box. Message says they are experiencing high volume of calls. This same issue happened to coworkers of mine yesterday. Worked great yesterday for me and figured maybe it was operator error for coworkers. All is updated on my phone and my membership is current. Never had a problem with old app. This is unacceptable and unfortunately this is the standard lockbox support company in Arizona. Waiting for listing agent to bring key so I can show home. She said she had issue yesterday as well.
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1 month ago, SpokaneRealEstateBroker
Won’t open and is stuck on payment screen
I used have Supra thru my MLS. Our MLS since cancelled the service. I had to purchase 2 other Supra memberships for NWMLS & CDAMLS. However, once the Spokane MLS contract expired (my primary) I can no longer access the app. It flashes the main screen and immediately goes to a payment screen and says my key has been disabled. Ideally, it would let me go to one of the two screens for the other MLSs I belong to. Both are processing my payment. I’ve contacted Spokane and Supra with no solutions from either. Which means I cannot show in the northwest MLS or Coeur d’Alene MLS. Handy.
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3 years ago, Upset Realtor
I purchased a new iPhone and Apple Watch Christmas 2020 because I wanted to be able to open Supra lock boxes from my watch instead of having to carry my phone. According to Supra ekey the Samsung watch was not compatible with the app so it would not work on that watch. Since buying the new devices the app on my Apple Watch as only worked twice. I spent over $1000 and I am still not able to open the lock boxes with my Apple Watch. I could have just kept my Samsung watch and phone. I am not happy and ekey is blaming it on Apple and Apple on Supra eKey. I don’t really care who is to blame. I just want it fixed.
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4 years ago, Ipad ryan
Works reasonably well
It usually works first try. I find it works best when you close the app and reopen it at the beginning of your tours. It seems to lose its Bluetooth connectivity if it remains open multiple days and requires closing and reopening. Also, make sure you aren’t connected to anything else. I have had issues when I was too close to my car when my car was still running.
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1 year ago, Joedog93
App is faulty
Works great most of the time. Have tried to update, gives an error, tried to reactivate the app and it keeps giving an error. Tried calling 3 different Supra eKEY phone numbers and kept getting dropped on all the calls. Finally got through on one, followed directions on restarting the app. Still won’t work. Have tried to speak to a person but no one answers
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2 years ago, Michigan Realtor®️
Nothing but issues.
Where do I even begin describing the problems with these Supra lock boxes? Everything from their customer service, accessing the lock box, managing their app, having no other backup way to access the boxes? What an absolute joke of a company. This creates more problems than I can count. Forget about keeping your password with this website. Need help accessing the box while you & your clients are standing outside in the heat/cold? Sit on hold for an hour! Don’t waste your money on this crap, save your time and money.
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4 years ago, Anon MN
Too many lockbox issues and unclear billing practices
It’s very embarrassing to have a client with you and you can’t get the box to unlock. Not sure if the battery was dead or the rain pouring down on us hindered the box’s performance but we had to walk away from the listing. On average, it takes 3 attempts per box for the key to be released. Not worth the money and recurring fees for potential buyers to walk away when a combination lock works 100% of the time. Billing cycles are not clearly outlined and no documentation available. Overall, poor technology for what all realtors have to pay.
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2 years ago, rdbnrb
Wasting Realtors Time
Supra has gone down Hill fast. If you are showing properties and are in an area with no internet service and you don’t have the recent update then forget about showing that property. I should not have to remember updating versions before Showing properties. I am so sick of having to power down my iPhone and reboot just to get it to work half the time. For years this was flawless but in the last 6 months it is garbage. So dissatisfied with this garbage and their useless customer service.
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3 years ago, bfbcjens s
Failure at the worst time
I go to do a showing and check to see if the app is ready. I’m in the car and It opens then immediately closes. I try to open it 4 times but it repeats and closes just as I open the app. I’ve see a lot of people with iPhone 12 have the issue. They’re lucky they have a deal with the local MLS because boy they’d be screwed if they didn’t. I will bring this up at the next meeting to attempt to see if there is another system that works when we need it to.
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4 years ago, mr.bullion
Great when it works, frequently doesn’t
This app serves its general purpose well. It’s not flashy, but when it works, it works well. However, more often than not, the app doesn’t utilize the Bluetooth properly for opening boxes. I have to carry around my old physical key at all times as a backup, since the app doesn’t always communicate properly with the Bluetooth boxes. Hopefully the new update will address this issue.
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5 years ago, GummyJelly
Poor design
Just awful this new update. The design is horrible, I can’t even look at my previous readings from each lockbox as I was able to. The history would just stay on the app and now it’s all gone and I would have to recheck each one again so it will disappear again. Font is very small as well. Old layout was just fine, why change it completely? I downloaded this update by mistake as I read horrible reviews on it but I must’ve clicked on update by mistake while updating my other apps. 👎👎👎
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4 years ago, Zaksinho
Information Display in Dark Mode
The app works great; however, if your iPhone is set to dark mode, the text does not invert correctly and nothing is readable when programming the key box. It took me months to figure out what the issue was, I thought it was the app but when I changed my phone settings to light from dark mode, voila, everything was readable. Please consider making an update to address this.
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3 years ago, CorretorBrsileiro
Very unreliable technology
This technology works whenever it wants. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes just doesn’t work. Support takes a long time to get back to you and when you are at a property’s door with client melting on a 100F in Florida, nobody wants to wait to make this technology to work and you just can’t show the property and do your work. I lost a few clients because of Supra but unfortunately some realtors are still insisting on using it... but risk for them to lose a showing and a potential client.
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5 years ago, camcamcz
Should be able to update box over air
We should be able to update our box’s info without having to program the box and be right next to it. Let us be able to edit and update the box and whoever the next person is that opens it, it auto updates... It’s stupid that I have to drive 30 minutes to update my box because I want different unlock hours.
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2 years ago, Yoloboii
Works but at a cost
This app and this company works, but it is so difficult to get your key set up. Once you do, they use a predatory method of billing in that you owe for months you didn’t use if you want to use it currently- unlike every other subscription service. They only have as much say in this because of the monopoly they have on realtor services. Bad company.
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3 years ago, Ean Sadler
Don’t know how this app manages to have so many issues when it’s so straight forward, I have to airplane my phone before I use the app every time and I simply shouldn’t have to. Recently I have been unable to use currently active boxes, I can mess around with boxes not on homes all day, but if the box is connected to supra or somehow connected to the MLS my app just won’t open the shackle or the keybox. The last update mentioned bug fixes, I have literally only had bugs since the update.
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5 years ago, lessiejane
New App Release Uncoordinated & Beta
I get that the aesthetic of the app is better, but has less functionality and information than the previous version. The handling of the roll of of this app by both Supra and the participating MLS’ was less than dismal. I lost access to two of the three MLS’ I was on when I reset and downloaded the new app as instructed by SupraSupport, who initially refused to help me. Now it’s the weekend and my MLS’ are closed so all my clients are cancelled, including my Zillow lead who I paid $1,000 to contact(yes 1 lead is $1k in my market). So the monetary value I’ve lost is at least $1k and if I had a commission $20k. Also if you’re thinking I wasn’t proactive, I called my MLS’ and Supra Support yesterday to ensure I’d have access today and all assured me I would. Big thumbs down for the new release.
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5 years ago, barb Siam
Update notice
I updated occurring to your files a week ago the version 5.1. etc. but yet The app on my phone keeps having I notice for me to update I go back to try to update again and then it seems to be telling me that I’m fine but I can’t seem to get rid of that notice that I have to update. It’s driving me crazy how can I get rid of that update notice? Collins
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2 years ago, Shuttled CFI
Do not Subscribe to the service
This company has unethical customer service policies. They will lock the key and attempt to extort additional fees from you without any professional accountability from their billing department. They can’t produce invoices or late notices by their own admission. This once was a valued professional service it is a scam operation now! Real estate professionals are choosing not to subscribe. WARNING do not give them your credit card information.
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2 weeks ago, mxshred
Can’t use my ekey
Every time I am trying to open the lockbox it won’t let me it says I need to turn Bluetooth in and try again even though I have it on. Nothing has been working I turned Bluetooth off and on. I tried to update it, I am trying as much as I can. I am going to try to delete the app and redownload it. I hope it works. If it changes I will change my review but for now this app is not great at all.
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2 years ago, VaN8v
Crash crash crash
In recent months, this app gets me into lockboxes okay but it crashes repeatedly and without end when trying to program a box. It usually takes 5-6 tries just to get a box attached to a listing. I haven’t successfully reprogrammed the box I needed to; I had to just use a different box that was already programmed. 👎
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5 years ago, Barbshrew
Doesn’t need cell service!
I like the fact that we don’t need to update with cell service while at properties anymore. We are in an area that doesn’t always have cell service nearby. No problems with this one!
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5 years ago, Taylor Gutierrez
Apple Watch Capability
I love the added ability to open lockboxes with my Apple Watch! No more fumbling with my phone while I’m showing homes to customers! Plus, I feel a little James Bond-ish when opening a lockbox with my definitely adds “cool” factor. 😎
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2 years ago, KariLove21
Key failure
My eKEY constantly requesting to be update and once it is update it works 2 times and then I have to update again in the same day during a showing. Often times it does not open the lock box even after it states it has been update. It is very frustrating and my eKEY on my Apple Watch does not work either.
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6 years ago, ir_0h
What do you do with my monthly payment?
I paid $50 or so to get access to this app, and now I pay $15 or so a month. Every month. Forever. What are you doing with that money? Shouldn’t you be updating your app? Looking through your version history it seems you only fix what’s broken due to it being out dated. Come on Supra be an industry leader not a pathetic second thought.
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4 years ago, 2dolistguy
I keep getting “Bluetooth not turned on” error
Well, I am not sure why this error keeps popping up, Bluetooth is on and open for discovery. Something is not working with this app. I can connect to Bluetooth speakers, Apple Watch, and other devices just fine. I’ve tested the app out in the field and at home and I get the same error. Until this is fixed, I can open any key boxes, need help quick! Also, Apple Watch is not working either.
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4 years ago, bsbradbury
Sue Bradbury- Broker
Great app ! After I finally figured out that my hearing aid Bluetooth and this device will not work together one or the other. Lot more people using Bluetooth than usual so power is not enough to support both at the same time?!?
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5 years ago, bsudknffddh
E payment doesn’t work on app or PC
When I click on the button to update credit card, it doesn’t work. The keyboard doesn’t show up to type the numbers, although the button to change credit card month/day works. I tried to do the same thing on PC, for some reason it doesn’t work on PC either, the button to change credit card number either has an error sign or isn’t there.
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5 years ago, 161Chris
Apple Watch
How come only half of the time when I try to use my Apple Watch to open a lock box does it work correctly? Half the time at least it tells me unable to communicate. I have tried updating the app while on WiFi, turning my phone off and turning my Apple Watch on and off to no avail what is the problem why can’t you get this correct?
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3 years ago, awestsider
App won’t open
I can’t get the app to open. I have an iPhone 12 and suddenly it starts as though it will open for a split second and then goes back to my phone Home Screen. I shouldn’t have this issue. Luckily I was trying it out before scheduling showings and now don’t know if this will be corrected in a timely way. We pay a lot for your service. Time to get it together!
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3 years ago, garbones99
Apple Watch App
My iPhone ekey automatically update - when I first got my Apple Watch this app worked fine- but it now gives me “key not updated” message and won’t update when I update my phone - not sure why - i’ve tried uninstalling and the updating and still get the same error. I got this Watch, series 6, 44m to be able to use my ekey on my watch - very frustrating
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5 years ago, Seldomly Write Bad Reviews
My Supra e-key app hasn’t worked since 2018 and the company hasn’t fixed the issue. Instead they continue to bill my account. They won’t fix the issue and give me back the money like any legitimate company should. Instead they are charging me for months the app didn’t work before they address the issue. I use to have the handheld e-key device which I did pay monthly for as well and it worked. This is extortion!!!
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2 years ago, donormg
Most of the time I hate this app
I wish I didn’t have to use this app but I do. It’s not reliable. Most of the time I find myself canceling and re-inputting my pin multiple times at a lockbox. Today it happened on 5 of my homes. Then I uninstall and reinstall the app. Shouldn’t have to do this EVERY TIME. Combination locks are less of a pain.
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7 years ago, Realtor in SLC
Best App for Realtors
This is a slick app and I love all the features. I would recommend it to other agents. I have found that the only reason it doesn't work for people is because of user error, not the app.
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3 years ago, JohnnySunshine9
iPhone 12 Pro Max
I just upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro MaxAnd the app would not stay open when I opened it. I deleted the app and re-downloaded and installed it. Once I requested a new authorization key the app works just fine
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2 years ago, Pasqualerose
Often have to turn phone off after updating
When I go to use the app and it’s not updated it often takes a while, and then when The only way the app could be used is if you turn the phone off and turn it on again.
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3 years ago, code master developer
supra doesn’t care, classic lockboxes better
concerns repeatedly expressed by many have gone unnoticed, or worse, noticed and unaddressed by Supra. I’ve already purchased old school combo lockboxes for my properties, especially after realizing the supra lockbox provided very minimal advantages, and in practical usage for 98% of agents in 98% of the time - when simply entering a property is the only need - a classic combo boxes offers the best solution. Period.
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3 years ago, jeirbwjhwb
This app constantly freezes and I have to turn my phone off and on to reboot it. That’s an issue when I’m showing houses and annoying when I’m checking on my listings. Plus it does not track agents visiting my listings well. And yes I hit the update icon but that does not usually update the visits. I have to go to the website to stay updated.
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