SwiftScan - Document Scanner

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Maple Media Apps, LLC
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SwiftScan - Document Scanner

4.77 out of 5
19K Ratings
3 years ago, Stuart779
This app is excellent
**update-they changed the name from scanpro and have now gone to subscription payment. It used to be 10-20 bucks and you were done now they want 3 dollars a month. My glowing review is going to change if they don’t grandfather in all of us who purchased pro. I hate subscriptions. Charge me a one time price for your software, one that is fair to you the developer-I don’t expect it to be cheap, but please stay away from these monthly subscriptions. Easily keep all receipts together from travel and organize in iCloud. Easily make copies of all important documents and organize in iCloud folder. Use your phone to scan and immediately access it from your mac or iPad. Fantastic app. One of my favorites. A must have. Business travel tip: on a business trip FORCE yourself to scan every receipt the second you get it, whether at hotel checkout, restaurant, airport, gas station, everything you spend. It takes two seconds to do this. Just make it part of your routine —sign the check at dinner, pull out your phone and scan. Two seconds. Set up the scans to be named with the date automatically and you can add additional words at time of scan or later. If you do this, it makes doing expense reports or invoicing an absolute breeze. Everything is in a folder on your icloud, accessible from your mac or anywhere. I use to dread gathering receipts and doing expense reports. Not anymore. This app makes it easy.
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2 years ago, Rukia H.
Powerful and easy ocr. Want a more robust import feature.
Thank you for making a really nice app. Mainly, I am looking for a scan/ocr app to easily apply ocr to existing documents on iOS. SwiftScan does it and does it very well: powerful ocr compared to my experience with scanner pro and scan hero. I love the in-app text search after ocr. I wish for a more robust import feature, where I can easily import in SwiftScan from all three sources (camera scan capture, existing photos, existing documents) into one file, like PDFpen scan+ by Smile did very well before they discontinued ocr. Compiling scans from different sources into one file is currently a pain. For your R&D reference, the first step in my workflow is compiling the scan from different sources like hand-written notes, photos and existing docs (add, remove, reorder pages and make light edit). Then ocr my compilation, export the file, create a hyper-link to the file, reference that link on calendar, continue to work and add to the file at a later time from again the same three sources of camera, photos and documents. It will be so nice if I can make SwiftScan my one and only stop in compiling my scans/notes. I appreciate any insights and tips.
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8 months ago, SomeOtherJoe
Updated Review
The developer contacted me and clarified that they had not intentionally taken any features from my original version and there must have been a bug or glitch in the program. I do have all of my features back and am a satisfied customer. PREVIOUS UPDATE: I had complained that features I had paid for had been moved to the subscription version only. I started using the new Notes app instead. I noticed that many many others were complaining of the same thing. We were talking tonight about feeling ripped off and I went into the app to show friends the issues we had…. I was surprised to find that all of my previous features are BACK! It appears at least for now that the authors have reconsidered and realized that they shot themselves in the foot. My review has now gone back to the opinion that this is the best scanning app I have used for my phone. If the authors come up with some cool new features, I will probably be willing to pay (once - not a $10 subscription) to upgrade. Thank you writers of the app for rethinking the business model. You have a happy customer back.
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6 years ago, MW31
Scanbot on iPad Pro 2017 / iPhone
I'm a 75 year old housewife, keeping track of our expenses by scanning receipts into .pdf's usually on my iPhone 6S, then sending to iCloud Drive on my MacBook Pro (late 2013). My laptop is in the shop for repair. It will take at least a week to get it back. I continue to scan, now with iPad Pro, sending to iCloud Drive. Scanbot is even better on iPad Pro than iPhone. I am keeping up with the bookkeeping and filing.😌 It might be nice to be able to list store names which are often used, so one could select, rather than retype each time. But if that never happens, I will continue to appreciate Scanbot with all its bells and whistles. Also, Apple is hinting that Bento will no longer be compatible with the upcoming systems. I dream of a companion APP with Scanbot, that would automatically add my scans to a Spreadsheet, with ability to open any actual scan, as well as sort the various columns in the spreadsheet. I know that is dreaming large, but is that ever needed. Thank you for your good work. eHw
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2 years ago, Jaded_Empress
Constantly surprised by newly pay-walked features
I purchased the full version of this app in 2017 and have used and recommended it constantly since then. Or at least I did until a year or two ago when I was told by a friend that the “amazing and affordable scanner app” wasn’t quite as affordable as I told them. Each time I open the app I’m met with fewer features available to me because they are now part of the “VIP” annual subscription. When I bought the full version in 2017, it was with the promise of full access to the app and all future updates/features. I understand that perhaps, in hindsight, the creators realized that a $8 one-time purchase wasn’t sustainable…but also promising full future use and taking it away isn’t a great way to treat longtime customers. Will it be likely that I’ll find a cheaper full-version app that has the same features? Probably not. But at least I’ll be going into that app knowing the actual future costs of usage. The way the price and feature changes were handled here with no warning to longtime paid users that they would lose features unless they paid again has soured my impressions of what was once a very solid and reliable app.
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3 years ago, JuicyJay587
I’m most likely one of the many iPhone users to try every last productivity app the App Store has to offer. For me personally I have to scan and organize dozens of documents for work. I’ve played around with every scanning app, file manager, and general PDF management app in the App Store and let me tell you Scanbot does the job of at least 3 or 4 apps combined. The quality of the scans are amazing, the file management features are incredible, sharing options, markup, etc all top notch. Security was a huge plus also(nothing is stored on their servers, you have the option to password encrypt any file you please. Throw in the fact it’s a fax machine with very reasonably priced in app credits and what you got is a solid, reliable, secure powerhouse of a productivity app! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for this type of app.
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5 years ago, kjv21
It was a great app...until recently
Have used this app for years to keep track of receipts for business and it has been everything I could need. It has been amazing. This last month something I was promoted to buy an upgrade and locked out of use of the app. It appeared that in order to access the use of the app and to recover previous scan I would need to purchase an upgrade. This issue was compounded by the fact that, first I’m not sure why I have to buy it b/c it was working finely to this pint and second, every time I tap on any storage options there is an error message so even if I did want to purchase it, I can’t. It at least three days of very concerned on/off searching to figure out how to regain control of the app. I did eventually figure out how to do this, but am no longer anywhere as enthusiastic about this app. To hold my 7 months worth of tax receipts hostage as a marketing tool is a very low tactic. Bottom line, be prepared for a hard sell into their premium tier. This app seems to be more about making money for the developer than the ease of use for the consumer.
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6 years ago, UnicornPortal
Make sure you have your game face on.
Granted I haven’t even gotten an opportunity to use the app to the capacity of my own choosing as of yet...I’m still incredibly disappointed that what looked like the introductory page, (showing off all of the features and whatnot) was actually a sorry way for this company to get the customer to buy $8.99+ packages. I’m only 29, and I’m not stupid, but I’ve been extremely sick for a somewhat extended period of time...so yeah, I don’t always have the time or the brain power for tutorials; however, I am SO GLAD that I happened to glance down near the very bottom of that “introductory page” and see those price increases with each extra feature. *Stop patting yourselves on the back for putting the prices in a pretty, unique color from the rest of the page, because you lose the ability to congratulate yourselves when you literally decrease the font by 3 or 4 points* I’ll still use you if your product seems to work well, (although I’ve already noticed that the “free version” charges very high amounts to purchase the credits necessary to use the fax feature.
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7 years ago, uuklanger
A comprehensive and complete tool scanning
When I first installed ScanBot I just needed a tool for capturing receipts in a user friendly way. What I ended up was much more. This app auto detects when the receipt or document is in fully in the camera view and then takes the picture. This app talks to every cloud storage system including OneDrive. It is flexible in how you name documents and manage them. It is visually beautiful, flexible, stable, and easy to use. This tool makes travel, purchases tracking, and expense reports much easier. The pro features are also worth the in app purchase. UPDATE: The new version has taken a perfect tool and made it better. The new file naming is fast, flexible, and intuitive. I scan things for many reasons. I can now easily include the receipt reason as part of the file name.
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5 years ago, jasonw754
Abruptly upgraded to a subscription model
This is absolutely the best scanning app out there, and I’ve been using it for years in pro mode after paying like $4 once. Now they’ve abruptly switched to a subscription model, which is fair and I totally support it, but there was no transition. Yesterday I was doing just fine with Scanbot, but today I can’t do the same stuff without paying up. The company’s blog says all features that I previously paid for will still work and I’ll only need to start a subscription if I want new features, but yesterday I was using folders, and today I can’t because it’s apparently a new feature since the folders look a little different. The iOS Notes app has since become able to scan documents pretty much just as well. I ignored this before since I’d already paid for this app, but now I find myself back in evaluation mode and I’ll have to consider weaning back to Notes since it’s getting a nice update soon.
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7 years ago, scottaw66
Best scanning app
Overall, this is my favorite scanning app. It’s my go-to first choice. Scanbot is quick, nice-looking, and handles multiple use cases. The border detection is quite good, and smart naming and the ability to auto-upload to cloud services are both really nice. The white background scanning capability doesn't seem to really work all that well (at least when last I tried). However, this is not a huge deal, as previous to this, I just got used to putting on a contrasty surface to scan anyway. My only one real complaint is that the iCloud sync causes documents to sometimes reappear after I delete them. iCloud Drive sync issues aren't really something that developers have a lot of control over. It's obvious that the developers of ScanBot made user experience a priority. And that's what makes this my default scanning app (along with the excellent scanning accuracy of course). I do wish it would allow single page scans to be saved as JPEG without having to save to camera roll, as Evernote Scannable can do. In the past, I found the OCR to be completely useless, but in more recent testing, I found that it's either been vastly improved or I was just really lucky with it for a change.
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6 years ago, KushDad72
Scanbot is my choice for best Scan App currently available across entire App Store. I began using Genius Scan some 3-4 years ago and found it to be clearly a capable app, I also worked fairly extensively with Scannable. Yet in using both Apps above, each of which were adequate for the basic task at hand, but only Scanbot offered me an incredibly easy and intuitive interface while still accommodating a power user looking for a large set of features in the apps ability to connect more extensions than I could ever use, and offers an endless array of connectivity solutions satisfying the most discriminating power user. Skip the learning curve which I dealt with and go with scanbot from out of the gates.
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4 years ago, PatriotUSA
Best to OCR large documents
I am a historian who does a lot of research online. I frequently run across large PDF documents that are scans of older, public domain, books that have not been OCR’d. Scanbot is one of the only iOS apps that I have found that allows me to take those already existing PDF documents, sometimes hundreds of pages in length, and OCR them. The process is a little clunky, but it works and works reliability every time. (The only other iOS app that did this that I know was discontinued last year, and even then it did not work reliably.) This feature also alllows me to OCR documents that I scanned in years ago myself and make them searchable. So kudos to the developers for including this capability.
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2 years ago, iMac Rig
Have paid app and still get ADs every time I open
I purchased this app a while ago when it was called something else. Then when the company that currently owns it now bought it,and change the name to SwiftScan, it seems every time that I open the app it asks me to upgrade to VIP for a charge even though I purchased the highest tier available at the time years ago. I’ve reached out to SwiftScan about this issue and they told me to click the top left restore button. however, this does not resolve the issue and I still get this ad every time I open the app. The whole purpose of me buying this app is because it opens fast,But now I have this stupid extra step I have to click through every time I open this app making it not so instantaneous. This is shady business practices and apple as well as customers should be aware what kind of company they are dealing with. Very disappointed!
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4 years ago, Sin.rau
So after nothing but snark and non-answers from customer service, my app FINALLY decided to unlock itself today!!! Luckily I left my folders in my iCloud, so all of my hundreds of important documents were recovered inside the application! BUT the application updated a few months ago and when it did, it erased my ‘Pro’ settings. I had paid for a year and that was deleted. So now that I finally have gotten it to work again, all on my own, btw, I am hesitant to pay more than the smallest amount because I do not want my money taken again, just for the app to roll back my payments and act as though I have never paid again. Then I have to pay over and over. It is ludicrous. I would delete completely if it wasn’t BY FAR, the best scanner app on the market! I guess I have to draw a line at where ‘the best’ doesn’t matter as much as ‘working correctly without stealing my money’
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3 years ago, Godric209
Not worth it any longer
I’ve been using this app since the scanbot days, not sure why they decided to swap the name so many times but to each their own. Let me just say functionally this app probably can’t be beat if your looking for a scan app with loads of amazing features and don’t mind paying a premium, this is it. That being said, the premium is where I draw the line I paid for the pro version a long time ago and now I’m told that a need a subscription? And $4/mo at that. Frankly, there are free apps that fit the same bill and don’t come with the price tag. This was a ludicrous money grab by this company, who’s probably feeling the heat because Apple is stepping up their game in the photo scanning business. Ultimately I would not recommend purchasing this app because subscriptions always go up in price and for what the app does it’s simply not worth the money.
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7 years ago, Pb-Flash
Scanbot support works!
I bought this app a couple years ago and was very happy with the functionality so much so that I recommended it to several colleagues. In the last two weeks though the app crashes within seconds of opening and I am unable to access any of my scans on the phone. I sent an email to support via their support portal and within a day I got a very detailed response with steps to try. Ended up deleting and reinstalling and that fixed the problem. Saving grace was that I had auto backup turned on from the beginning so my previously scanned files were safe. Very happy once more that my fav business related app is working again.
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2 years ago, tonettip
All documents lost
I have been using this app for over 1 1/2 years ever since my wife passed away and I scanned all the death certificates and all the documents and everything needed also this last year I got sick and had all of my medical records scanned my Covid tests my vaccine records blood tests health reports doctors reports all the things that I need to be in contact with including all the bills that I need to pay for medical expenses had several hundred documents scanned in and sorted. Then all of the sudden the application locked up put a red screen when I restarted the iPhone all my documents were gone and there is no back up. Do not trust this application these were some of the only copies of my documents that I had and I just assumed they were backed up to the cloud including a property that I had just purchased and I urgently need to get a document to the bank for tax purposes and it’s all gone
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5 years ago, CSiegell
Automatic scanning and fax pricing needs improvement
The automatic scanning algorithm used is very good in that scans are taken quickly when aligned. Although, if you compare to “Genius Scan” you’ll see the algorithm used is little to quick and does not let the user see always when the item to be scanned is aligned and can cause multiple mistakes to happen. Although I’m really liking the dark text quality in black & white scans. Scanbot’s fax pricing is questionable. Both Genius Fax and Scanbot offer 10 pages for $6.99. But Genius Fax offers also 1 page for $.99 cents. It appears the faxing sources are the same, but Scanbot is purposely trying to force you to buy the higher priced $6.99 option to profit the provider and themselves. Additionally, Genius Fax offers the user an option for a fax number and Scanbot doesn’t.
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5 years ago, ffass
Version 9.0 works for me
Using in iPhone 7 running iOS 12.3.1. Upon installing this latest version the app launched to a black screen and stayed black. I forced-quit the app and launched again and again it launched to a black screen. After letting it just sit for about a minute the black screen went away and the app functions fine. Maybe the app was updating all the scans I had stored to work with this new version? Seems to be faster than prior version as developer says. I noticed a subscription option in the app but I seem to retain all the same full app functionality without paying for that. This is, imo, still the best scanning app available on iOS.
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4 years ago, Kubaton
Great mobile scanning solution!
Old Pro user here. My scans are automatically OCR’d. If I search in the text pane of the document info the text is found. If I search from the search field on the document list screen the text is not found. The text is found from Spotlight search. It’s as if Scanbot is only searching document names and not text within the document, even though the manual states it should be searching within the document. Edit: I was able to fix the issue by force closing the app and disabling then re-enabling automatic OCR. I edited my original review (above) but my initial review went through anyway. I also received a response from the developer, which is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great app and support!
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7 years ago, christihilderan
Find myself using it more and more and more and...
I really didn’t expect that this app would become a central part of my life. Initially I bought it to scan receipts for an insurance claim. These days I use it almost daily as my primary document scanning and filing tool. Now that it has fax capability it’s replaced another app! One thing I wish for, but haven’t asked for yet, is the ability to combined two or more PDFs, or other types, into a single file. Would simplify tasks such as faxing docs from multiple sources in the cases where I’m not scanning multiple pages at once. Would also allow me to delete another party’s app! Keep up the great work!!
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6 years ago, shawsome.brian
Fantastic App / Support
I wrote these guys because I paid for the OCR, but couldn't find a way to use it with my flatbed scanner. I explained what I was trying to do, and they got back to me (on Easter Sunday, no less) to tell me how to do it. Their email was pleasant, easy to follow, and worked like a charm. (I wasn't even expecting a response). Kudos to the developer! The text recognition is probably on par with Acrobat DC (depending on the quality of your original document), but it doesn't retain formatting as well. Ultimately, I got way more than I expected for $5 vs around $149/year for a subscription to Acrobat. I'm very pleased with the purchase, and recommend this app to anyone who needs to archive paper documents in a search-friendly way.
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7 years ago, nicolzi789
Who needs a scanner when you have a phone?
Scanning documents is instantaneous, and it is done on your phone! I really like that I can simply grab my phone to take a picture of an important document and it turns into a PDF. Plus, you can make it color, black and white, adjust the crop, and more. No more scanners, USB's, and running to the nearest office store to pay to have a document scanned. I bought the pro version because I wanted to combine multiple documents into one PDF (a function not available in free version). I also got a coupon to send to a friend who will also get the pro version for free. I am very pleased with this app.
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5 years ago, marker inbound
Best of 4
Scanbot is my fourth and favorite document scanning app. It finds page edges more reliably than DocScan, Docr or Scanner Pro. When it does miss, the manual cropping control is steadier than Scanner Pro, which was prone to shifting as my finger came off of the screen. The automatic contrast and brightness adjustment usually yields sharp, easily-printed documents, with few grey areas or extraneous dots to slow inkjet printers to a crawl. ID cards with photos, though, often need manual adjustments to make the text and photo good at the same time. Scanbot does not correct distortion from wavy or folded documents. This is only a rare issue for me, but your needs might differ.
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5 months ago, Ben Mat.
Subscription issues
Updated from 1 to 3 stars based on developer response Swiftscan did find and fix the subscription issue after about a week. The app is now useful again. Two stars deducted for the loss of productivity from not having the app when I needed it, time wasted troubleshooting, and the hugely annoying, spammy, and mostly useless interface that I had to interact with when the app reverted to unpaid mode. There should have been an immediate work around to get me productive while they did the technical troubleshooting on their end. ------ I paid for a vip subscription which is active through the end of april. I noticed recently that my files stopped syncing properly to icloud and ocr stopped working. Today, I went in to investigate and the app became unusable- my subscription was deauthorized and instead of my files I get ads and nag screens. I am at a conference and expected to use this app every day. Now, I have a stack of files to scan and am left to wait for whenever someone at swiftscan picks up the ticket and decides to make my app usable again. Not cool.
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4 years ago, Matthew28DiscipleofChrist
Good app but sometimes a bit buggy
This has been my go-to scanning app for a long time. Recently it seems to be more buggy than normal. Sometimes it will lock up on processing a scan when trying to save it. I also just opened the app to scan a document and it froze up while processing the scan. I went into the documents section and none of my previous scans were showing. I freaked out a little bit, but after closing the app and restarting my phone everything came back. Just be aware that this may become a more common issue as the developers focus on their paid subscription version and this version loses their focus.
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2 years ago, WorkingIntheCloud
Subscription Not Recognized - Double Charged
Long time user of this app and was willing to commit to an annual subscription to support development and growth. Opened up the app today and was prompted to subscribe to “VIP” and all the previous features I have under active subscription were gone. Restore subscription would not work and I was actually able to “subscribe” and now have two active annual subscriptions. My original is at $24 and new one is at $35? Hmmm… how is that even possible unless something was changed in the app. Requested refund for higher priced sub from Apple and still have existing sub and still not getting sub features. Too bad… really good app but useless without sub features. If it does’t get fixed going to report to apple and ask for refund for existing subscription.
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9 months ago, DarfNader
Unstable and Bloated Since Name Change from ScanBot
I have relied on this for scanning all of my paper docs for nearly a decade. Back then it was called ScanBot and it was an efficient and rock-solid app. Since then the developer sold it off and the new devs have somehow made it so unstable that it crashes in the middle of a scan half of the time. When it does run, it uses so much CPU that the phone gets hot. (I have experienced this on both the iPhone XS Max 512gb and iPhone 14 Pro Max 512 gb.) The kicker is that I still use it as the scanning and document workflow features that it has had since 2016 are IMO still the best that I have found so I guess I will keep using it until something better comes along.
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5 years ago, ArtOfTrail
Portable doc scanner and fax machine in 1
I'm delighted to have the Scanbot Scanner app on my iPhone. I bought it for the capability to look up barcodes and QR codes and had low expectations for its ability to scan documents into usable .pdfs since I already have a good flatbed scanner. For chuckles I tried the multi-page doc scan, and Scanbot pumped a stack of paper into a useful pdf file in a single bound leaving my flatbed in the dust. A charity where I volunteer has been paying $39 a month for a seldom used fax line so I tried the Scanbot Fax tool, and can say goodbye to the dedicated fax line. I happily recommend the Scanbot Scanner app.
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1 year ago, mrcrabbster
Slowly removing features
I paid for the pro version before they switched to the subscription model of $40 / yr. Now they are slowly removing basic features that I paid for before they are charging for a subscription. First it was the constant nagging of their subscription every time I open it. Even when you tell it, no thanks, I don’t want pro, it will remind you in a few days of the subscription offer. Now. I can’t sort my scans into folders since I don’t pay for it monthly. And there are even more ads. Slowly putting basic features behind their paywall. It’s too bad that they don’t honor the purchases of those who paid for the app. I will be removing the app and finding a new one.
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5 years ago, Apple_App Gamer
Why is Scanbot Pro $70?
The free Scanbot is good but not necessarily better than other free scanners. In fact, there are other free scanners that can do more than Scanbot. All the locked features are available on Scanbot Pro for $70. However, even those premium features are free in other free scanners, so whenever there is a limitation in one scanner, I simply move to the next scanner that does offer that feature for free. Most free scanners have limitations, but, as long as I move from one free scanner to the next, I basically get to use the “premium” features. I hope Scanbot Pro can reasonably reduce the price in half, because with the availability of free apps and in-app purchases, few people would pay monthly for a scanner.
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6 years ago, Puppyluvr98
Amazing. Simple as that.
This app has acted as a great reference for when I’ve already submitted my work, and my teachers want me to refer to my previous turned in work to complete my upcoming assignments. I can organize my material by course subject, which is extremely important to me. I continue to have a few complications with the picture to text option, but I am satisfied as long as my pictures can be clearly read. Although I had to purchase Scanbot Pro for the full amount of options, it is absolutely worth it. Thank you for this app!! 😁😁😁😁
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6 years ago, Senturion1186
Love it!
I use this for personal and professional use and couldn't be happier with how well this tool works. I love the ability to make a quick step to send a new receipt to accounting, or to automatically file my receipts in my OneDrive -> Receipts folder. The OCR works great and auto crop is priceless, making the doc look like I used a professional copier to scan it in, yet I can do at any point. I recommend scanning the doc on a flat surface that contrasts well with the document, like a wood surface or dark table. Glass tops don’t work the best, but it can typically find it quick.
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5 years ago, Fototico
Misleading prices
This app's description in the App Store is confusing, in the description it states that it's a subscription based app. But bellow that, where they list the In-App Purchases, it lists what appears to be a one time fee lists. Such as 6.99 for the full Pro features, or 8.99 for the VIP Full Scanner App. I always look at the section first before I read the description. I figured that any fees should be listed under In App Purchase list. Isn't that the whole purpose of that section? I do not purchase any apps that are subscription based, unless it's a periodical such as a magazine or newspaper. Sorry but the crazy prices this and other apps charge is nothing but ridiculous. Unless you are releasing new features every few days) there is no reason to pay so much for the same o' features. There are plenty of scanning apps full of features that are just as good without a monthly subscription. Many developers claim that they need the money to develop the app, but really, that much money? Again, are they rolling out new fetures every few days? No! Come people, stop milking people. Yeah, you wajt to buy your new BMW but milking people is a rip off.
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4 years ago, Dave Cornell
I have to pay now...
Had to change my stars to 3. So I was using this app for the longest time and it was great. But now I have to pay for features that were free before. That’s low and grimy. Your business model should be rolling out new features you want me to pay for because you entice me with your innovation. That’s a good subscription model to follow. Changing it so people pay for what they are already used to using is ghetto and shows your company lacks some insight in attracting customers to make more revenue. Pick up your game or you will lose out on current customers and future ones. Don’t do current customers wrong for trying to make a buck.
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4 years ago, megokc
Scanbot is one of the best on the App Store
I downloaded scan pro two years ago and forgot I had it on my phone. When I went to download a scanner app recently I took one off of the top of the charts instead of scanbot. Dissatisfied with it, I went searching around for a new app and realized I already had a scanner app installed. I have scan bot a try and was really impressed. It’s best feature, even for the free service, is it’s API integration with 3rd parties. It saved you a ton of time organizing file locations. Well made app, really recommend.
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4 years ago, PixelRo
Greedy company....
I had paid for the pro version, top-of-the line. Upgraded my iPhone to iOS 14, and suddenly nag screens everywhere you tap asking for more payments, subscriptions - AND WHAT APPEARS TO BE LOST FUNCTIONALITY that was paid for in the previous app. Upgrade comes at the expense of: - requests for more money, subscribe. - prime real estate now displays developer messages - no in app ways to get support (so issues are now here in app review instead of support ticket.). Current message is ASKING TO SUBSCRIBE - stuck at the top of the screen - no settings to remove it - annoying pia distracting marketing messages when what you want to see are your documents — NOT MARKETING MESSAGES!!!! - slower workflow requiring extra taps to get work done ——— Terrribly disgruntled young have paid for the app to then have another developer let customers down flipping to subscription models - no wonder why so many hack the apps - you can not trust developers any more. I trusted Scanbot and that was the mistake. Greedy company bailed, changed business models and stuck it to everyone who paid.
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6 years ago, SammyDuck
Can’t believe all the new features in Scanbot! I’ll have to reserve judgement at this time, but I’m trying it out, again, this new version, and so far I’m quite pleased with the results. I’d recommend the free or trial version (I’ve used this app irregularly for years) to try it out and see what you get when scanning a print photo or document. Also, import a favorite photo, do some brief editing, and try the art filters, pens, and other art tools. You’ll be intrigued, I believe, but I’ll have to do some followup later.
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6 years ago, cls getting wa
I’m able to do things I have been unable to do for years;...between the learning curve I’ve had in the technology age;...& at the unfortunate realization to the truth of my life’s circumstances @ being helpless throughout my life being alone and helpless to help myself..... Well I’ve set in motion a determination to continue to change all of these things by taking action;...practicing this daily; and w/ GODS HELP and no kidding your app; I am doing things I’ve been waiting to do all my life and never dreamed I would be doing thanks for this ability to see myself actualized in dreams and goals come into fruition!!!!
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1 year ago, JK-_-47
Amazing for a college student.
I have used this app since it was called scanpro and it has never let me down. If you just need a smooth app to scan pages into a hw pdf to submit then look no further. The paid version is great for those who need to take a massive about of scans and need more organization but the free version works just fine for getting a pdf into your icloud shwere you can upload the file to any school website.
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3 years ago, tb2112
Works same as usual
new names , same app. it never gets smarter with finding borders. i wish there was a button and each time you push it the crop frame moves inward to the next possible border. there should be this button for the whole crop and a button for each of four sides. also it should be easy to move crop without taking the corner out of 90 ° right angle. basically it’s very annoying as it always was. also the new icon is terrible. Looks like a grayed out icon for an app that didn’t install correctly. Please allow choice of the red icon which appears in the settings.
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2 years ago, onyx-4
Great app but need to honor previous paid full version without reminders
I purchased the previous version before swiftscan became subscription based. We need a way to completely disable the splash screen when entering the app. It makes the product I purchased almost unusable because the whole point of the product is to quickly be able to open and start scanning right away or access my files which I have scanned. Please provide an option for classic members to not remind about the subscription splash screen.
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6 years ago, SBB2084
The best quick scan/OCR iOS app
Easy, fast and accurate scanning. App does nearly everything for you, just hold camera over what you want scanned and Scanbot does the rest, automatically finding the document's edges, snapping the picture when steady, cropping appropriately, and optionally uploading to your cloud storage of choice. OCR is fast and accurate. Great UX, fantastic workflow, excellent app all around. Truly the best of the bunch, with frequent updates and enhancements. Pro IAP features (including OCR) well worth the price.
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2 years ago, Magmotif
Was one of my favorite apps, until.,,
I bought this app many years ago and really enjoyed the speed and accuracy of the scan function. But then they changed the name, and now every time I open the app it prompts me to upgrade to the subscription version which - as I see it - offers absolutely nothing that I need. It getting really frustrating to use the app now that I need to dismiss an upgrade prompt all the time.
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2 years ago, jga08
Used to be better
I bought this when it was scanbot. They updated to a subscription that allows you to keep your features but hides them to try to get you to upgrade. It is a useful app and works well. I purchased 100 fax credits and only used 30. The other 70 disappeared from my account and they are trying to get me to buy more. After emailing support, I am 2 months in and they don’t respond other than to say “we have received your note and will respond.” I loved the app until the recent changes and moved it from 5 to 3 stars.
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4 years ago, Master Csifu
Pretty good app, but...
I have used Scanbot for a few years and was happy with it, however I found I cannot rely on it which makes it unusable for archiving my important documents Often I would notice that some of my scans disappear ( when I scan but do not completely finish, it just disappears without notifying me ). I have lost quite a few important documents this way that I cannot get back anymore I always get my scanned documents copied over to my own storage using the cloud drive functionality , but had issues there and sometimes I get duplicates and sometimes things are missing Especially when they decided to switch to the subscription model, I could no longer transfer my important documents over to storage which made me very angry. I will not pay for this subscription as a couple of the free scanning apps are just fine for the scanning and I can not justify the fees for the difference in functionality. Especially when these changes make me lose documents
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6 years ago, GuilhermePS
Go for it
Updated: The developers really did a fantastic job with the v7 update! (And the Sharing menu now works properly.) Original: One of the nicest-looking scanner apps, but doesn’t get the job done. The shadow of your hand and phone always comes up on the document and the filters can’t adequately get rid of it. On top of that, when you click “Share” the Share menu doesn’t show, so the document’s stuck in the app unless you want to email it (I don’t).
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7 years ago, Rosamatsas
Best app on my phone
I have been using thus app for a few months. I started off with the free version and then purchased it a few weeks later. It has been a lifesaver for countless documents. Besides using it for work, I’ve used it for my kids homework assignments and more. It’s time saving. I’m no longer stressed about loosing paperwork, or misplacing something. When I have forms with signatures, I simply snap away and file them creating my digital back up copy. I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, anonymous bunny
watermark :(
i’ve been using this app for four years; genuinely my favorite scanner app ever. over the years, features have been paywalled, but the basic, easy-to-use functionality was the same, so i personally didn’t mind. however, the app has recently added a WATERMARK to all the scanned documents, only removable through a separate payment, making it virtually unusable for submitting important documents, especially as everything is now online. two stars because it is still unmatched in terms of user interface, but i’m really sad that i basically can’t use this app anymore.
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