SwipeSimple - Point of Sale

4.8 (4.7K)
45.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SwipeSimple - Point of Sale

4.79 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Butterflygirl410
Customer service improvement suggestion
I absolutely loooooove this system!!! It has made our job sooooooo much easier. I would like to offer a suggestion to improve it even further. It would be really nice if customers could login to the system, provide their invoice number, address, etc. & pay using their login account. A lot of our customers have a hard time using the link. They cd also store their payment data to use with subsequent billing as we have mostly repeat customers. Ty for all your hard work & please consider my suggestion.
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4 months ago, 1joe1000
SwipeSimple payment processing app
I have been using SwipeSimple processing app for about two years now for my towing business.. We absolutely love the platform never any problems rather you doing it from your desktop or from your phone always connect Bluetooth to the card reader. We love the feature where you can also manually enter the numbers in. It’s a great processing payment app!!
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5 years ago, AlexiScar
Swipe Right is More Than Alright With Me!
I work for an Attorney and have processed many credit cards! This is the easiest system I have used in some 10+ years and I couldn’t be happier! It has made my job just that much easier and less time consuming! I “thank” the person who came up with this system of processing credit cards via the cell phone!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!
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3 years ago, *End User*
Always seems a little buggy-
Generally, and app functions well and is nice and quick. That said, there’s always some sort of bug. If it’s not the Bluetooth card reader not functioning for Apple/Android pay, the system might freeze completely upon checkout, or now the most recent after v6.6 release- we cannot do a keyword lookup during a new purchase (even with the catalogue showing the products I’m searching for)… but the system did stop freezing after v6.6 so baby steps.
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5 years ago, Arenarosa
There has got to be something better!
This app is not user friendly. Also tech support is 9 to 6 Monday through Friday. The Bluetooth card reader does not stay connected and we lose time and customers when we have to key in the info. The app logs us out in the middle of a sale. They fix bugs when you complain but even more pop up. They say there is 24/7 support, but the number goes to a voicemail that offered a callback on Monday. If you are a mobile business with moderate to high volume weekend and/or evening sales I would look for a better option. They told me that they would work on some of our problems, but we opted out.
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5 months ago, Tamz Dezignz
ALMOST love this app… Please add 1 thing.
So this app is awesome except for one thing…. Can you please add the function to create a Payment link in the app? Doing it on a website on the go (on a phone at least) is super tiny. Doing them on a computer I have to copy the link and send to my phone where all my messenger apps are to get it to the customer. Having the function with ALL the same options would make this app a 5 star for me!
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6 years ago, daycarelady
Works great
I have used this mobile app for over 2 years and have not been disappointed. Whenever I have had questions or an issue I’ve received prompt technical support and quick resolutions. I also like the fact that I can use on multiple devices without an issue.
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1 year ago, MuricanCookies
Almost perfect
Hi, I work for a farmer's market and we use this system. At the end of the day we report our finances to the market organization. The only thing is we have multiple devices using a single account. It would be great if there was a way to show the total for transactions per device only and not for the entire account.
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1 year ago, Home LAEL
Hidden fees
Regarding the system, I never had problems with it but what is so frustrating is that I explained that my business is small and I would not have a big use for this. I was told there were no other fees other than transaction ones. Well, after 4 months of use and a tons of transactions fees now I have also monthly fees. I canceled the service and was charged another month so I denied to pay that. I call them to dismiss that charge and I just got a collector letter in the mail. So frustrating.
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3 years ago, Jerry's ambivalence
Great! But….
I’ll go ahead and give back the two stars I knocked off if the developers fix two things: 1) When printing receipts the gray text on the receipt comes out so light it is illegible and you cannot see any of the text on the printed receipt. Developers need to keep the font color to black for receipts. 2) I can’t paste text into the credit card fields like address (which I have clients text to me)
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1 year ago, principal-lady
Swipe Simple
There are so many things that are great about this app! I wish there were a few simple updates that would allow more flexibility, but overall it is simple to learn and use and covers the bases of my small business.
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5 years ago, Biggins82
Easy to use
Great for a small business! It’s made my life easier going from job to job all day everyday. You can do a key entry if you’re swipe adapter in not with you. Also sends email & text to ur customers once the transfer goes threw with all your company info. Great App!
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4 years ago, Rx It
Terrible Sales Report Data
Own multiple businesses and familiar use with Clover and Square applications (have both). Purchased this system for a new retail business based off my appreciation for the local banker and the setup took several days to setup properly. The reasoning for the the low rating is not from the frustration in the setup but the minimal data reporting available by the app. This app currently does NOT provide: 1. Same day reporting with summary breakouts of charges, cash, and taxes 2. Quick report for last month sales summary with breakout 3. Custom search for particular date or time period for sales day 4. Ability to separate and charge/collect multiple taxes (state/local) in this case I’ll give them some time to add these features, however if you need them now, I recommend trying another system.
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11 months ago, malack O
Need improvement
The app seems easy to use. It does need few more functions like being able to add customers on the app and paying and clearing invoices on the go. I will love to just click on an invoice on the app and add payment. I am still new to this system so I will give it a chance.
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5 years ago, AngelaGtoAngy04
Trouble with another device
I been using these app for a few months so far it has work wonderful but except from yesterday to today when I try to charge the costumer it appears that the card decline but if I’d try on another device it works perfectly. But I need it in both devices due to having to workers. Please a need help cause I need both of my workers to use it please I need it by today!!!
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1 year ago, RPA/outdoors
Owner operator
I have used this system 2016. I appreciate that it is easy and user friendly … some reason my address for sometime has been wrong and can’t fix it.
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5 years ago, Cactus Adventures
Switched from Clover to Swipe
I like it so far but my Clover App allowed to post a message for each receipt. Also very disappointed to see a $25 monthly service charge. That was not discussed when I switched services!
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3 years ago, Maggie Kowalik
Not sure about the new update
Since the new update launch, it’s been a bit frustrating. I type in the amount I need to charge, hit charge, then card option and that’s when it goes straight to cart. Seems like it’s a hit or miss. Once in a great while, t will work and take me to the check out when I key in the cc number and we’re all good but for the most part, it just goes to cart and I can’t do anything with it.
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5 years ago, Gratefullisa
Massage Therapist
I love love love SwipeSimple is so easy and convenient to use. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to accept debit and credit purchases and probably would be out of business. Thank you for this vehicle
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5 years ago, Bobby QQ
Good but not great
Everything about it is great however, it is not analytics friendly. You can only see a daily,weekly, and monthly total for sales. You do not have the ability to go back to March from July. It needs to allow the user to have tools to better predict the future using numbers.
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8 months ago, kmcghghy
Firmware update
The last couple of months it’s hit or miss if it’s going to work. So it tells me it needs to update. EVERY time I try it gives me an error. So I bring it home with me. Same thing at home on my network. I look up instructions and it tells me to download the file. No where can I find the file. Other than this the stupid thing used to work. 😡😡
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3 years ago, RelaxnRevive
Card reader fails to connect
I am so happy I keep my square reader as a back up. The B250 card reader that is suppose to work with this app is garbage. And I have had it replaced already. Square is so much easier. Please if you like getting paid fast go with the another app and stay away from the b250 card readers. Wix uses those as well and its more trouble than it is worth.
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7 months ago, New Happy Customer 23
They will make you loose thousands
Warning!!!! Our business did a job simple swipe said the payment went through 4 days later they returned payment to the customer. We’re a handyman business so what we do we can’t take back the product. So they made us lose $4000. Do not use them. This is a joke. I’m fixing to seek legal action towards this company
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4 years ago, prompttransports
Swipe Bluetooth
Very good credit card machine. Works really quickly and any where! Never gave me a problem and had it for 9 months now! Will recommend! Prompt transport & towing LLC
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4 years ago, FishRMe
We have tried every product and nothing works as well as simple swipe. Fast, easy and accurate
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5 years ago, lmllc
Overall good
Needs reports that retain filters when downloaded. Currently it contains the entire history. Refunds are easy to process, unlike QuickBooks merchant services.
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5 years ago, My Seller
I think there should be a system like Cash App connected to Simple Swipe. Some people don’t have credit cards and would like to send money electronically
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4 years ago, Dakota Ring
Love it
Inexpensive, so easy to use and the customer service is a real human that is easy to reach. I recommend this service especially for small businesses.
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4 years ago, Krafty Screener
Very Simple & Easy
This app is very easy and simple to use, even if you are not very tech savvy. I would recommend it to anyone needing to run credit or debit transactions!
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5 years ago, JasonGalvin1224
Works great
I use Global Electronic Technology to process, they turned me on to this app for my mobile processing. It’s great. I used to use square, this is just as good and much more affordable!
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4 months ago, Timrd2282
Something happened
Last update something went wrong it does not keep me logged in so when ever i close the app it kicks me out and i have to log back in hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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1 year ago, Rah-TX
Easy to use
This platform is easy to use and very reliable.
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5 years ago, Trustco HVAC
Great product!
Easy to use. Never had any issues. Great product.
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5 years ago, Wes with healing hands massage
Swipe simple
I am a relatively new user to swipe simple and I am very impressed on how easy it is to use. It’s easy to maneuver throughout the process to get the data that I need I am so glad I switched . W Fortner RN/ LMT
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2 years ago, brett bra hume
Issues pairing now freezing when prompted to tip
Always had issues connecting to Bluetooth and now freezes on tip prompt. Great when it works the 10% of the time it decides to.
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3 years ago, Jrichins17
Swipe Simple Liars
I used swipe simple and was upfront about the fact that I wouldn’t use it often. I was promised I wouldn’t be charged any minimum fees and now I have been charged several. I will be cancelling my service first thing Monday. Service worked great and it was super convenient but I have zero tolerance policy for liars!
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6 years ago, nourim1
Works as it should, great for on the go
Smooth running app for charging cards on the go
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5 years ago, Shanapa
Love it!
It’s very easy and quick transition. I have been using as their customer for 3 years. Awesome!!!
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1 month ago, BlackTulipSalon
Buggy app
Mobile application is horrible. It never loads any transaction history or the account overview; despite having good data connection.
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5 years ago, Wrecker1293
Awesome tool to have!!!!
It’s so easy to use. Makes credit card payment a breeze. Thanks SWIP!!!
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5 years ago, tadhouse
Customer Service
Good luck getting anyone on the phone in a timely manner when you’re having issues.
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5 years ago, Bg000987
The Bluetooth reader disconnects constantly, especially if it’s around a lot of other connections. Freezes up, doesn’t allow “keyed in” option when the reader is acting up. We are switching back to the old school way very soon.
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3 years ago, randyallweather
Freezes up !!
As soon as I got this last update,, nothing but leaving stranded in front of my customer wondering if this thing is ever going to work again!! Just had to follow a customer to the ATM machine because this thing is still not working!!
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2 years ago, Snake3222
Limousine service
The best of the best easy to use and all form it’s accepted
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5 years ago, Lily910910
Update has bugs!
Now the daily transactions are incorrect! It used to work properly. Please fix it! The daily transaction includes previous charges from days before! Not current day like it’s supposed to be. Thank you!
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5 years ago, bistroonwheels
UhM so so
The service can be great one minute and terrible the next. The Bluetooth app for swiping connects and disconnects constantly. No way to talk to service, since everything is email. Very disappointed with this app Wade
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5 years ago, Luckybug66
Lucky Bug Antiques
So easy to use and track sales an Inventory.
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6 years ago, supper crab
Simple basic , stupid
This’s the stupid app ever.. simple but you will to really need to look for the item ... can’t print recipes, no subtotal before tax , if you want to make your self crazy use this app . Whoever do this app need to get your head update too . And be better .
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6 years ago, aal wood restoretin
Don’t use it it’s not worth it
It’s been a nightmare ever since I got it over a year ago I can’t get rid of the charges and they are selling your information to telemarketing wanting to lend you money and less cost Do not sign up for it it’s not good
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4 years ago, dielayla
The BEST ! Easy to works whenever you are!
I love to use simple swipe
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