symplr Access

1.3 (184)
26.8 MB
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Current version
symplr software LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for symplr Access

1.3 out of 5
184 Ratings
3 years ago, LandBsDad
Garbage app
I’m not sure who developed this app for symplr but they should find another job. The app has an Add Appointment feature that doesn’t work at all. When trying to add an appointment the app tells you that you have no facilities in your profile. When I emailed about it, I was told I needed to use the website to add an appointment. Why then is the feature on the app? The message board doesn’t have a way to post or read other messages. Again, why have this feature listed if it doesn’t work? When uploading credentials with the app you can’t send a pdf. You need to take a screenshot and upload the picture. Again, when I called and asked about this, the customer service reps told me they where trained that I could upload a pdf. You cannot. I was told if I wanted to send anything in pdf format I could email it. I did that as was sent a reply email asking that I upload credentials on the app. But make sure nothing you are trying to upload is larger than 5mb because it won’t allow you. Just junk. Reptrax or Vendormate have their issues as well but nothing like this.
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4 years ago, Yelpispayforplay
Deserves negative stars
I went to check into a facility and was denied entry. I proceeded to call customer service and was told I had an outstanding credential that needed to be resolved. Despite my Symplr app showing my credentials were current and satisfied, I was told I had to log in from a computer in order to see the “attention needed”. Get it together Symplr! You have ONE JOB! I pay a substantial yearly fee for your service; I expect your system to accurately reflect my credentials on any digital platform. Your customer service took zero accountability and cost me thousands because I was unable to attend my case. I strongly encourage all health systems to use Vendormate or Intellicentrics. This company is absolute garbage.
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1 year ago, Live4fridays
Who is your customer?
Your service is terrible. The app has constant glitches. Submitting credentials is a headache. Your “customer service” should be renamed to something more appropriate. If I’m paying your fee, does that make me your customer? If so, why do you treat me as an adversary? Is the health system your customer? If so, why is it that only the administrative personnel see any value in your service? The front line Clinic staff hate you and the hassles you cause them. The current medical clinic environment is too busy to deal with your garbage and the problems you create.
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3 years ago, ionmguy
Time for a class action lawsuit
We need to fix this! Now they have decided that a TB test needs to be done by their deadline, what drop kicks! Worst customer service ever. The app quit working after 6 months began sending me into the update to latest version loop. I spent 2 months screwing around with these losers and finally got the word from them that I need to go buy a new phone, new update won't work on my iPhone anymore. You have got to be kidding, jail time is what these rip off artists need. Have had huge annoyance with this bunch for 8 years, this one tops it all though!!!
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4 years ago, jonagwoo
Dangerous To The Public
I can’t tell you how many times this app has glitched out and not allowed me to print my badge, or not allowed me to log in. Whenever I open this app at a medical facility, I never know if I will be stuck outside the hospital due to a technical malfunction on symplr’s behalf. This company is dangerous to the public. Vendors/Reps and associates that provide lifesaving products and services are left at the hands of symplr, which has proven itself to be an incompetent organization. Terrible!
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1 year ago, BSNnurse
It’s true—garbage like all the other credentialing apps
Give us all these requirements to fulfill and make it nearly impossible to submit them. When needing to upload credentials, MOST of them need to be able to be submitted in a PDF or similar document. Not just a photo from your camera. “Sympl” common sense. This makes it so you have no choice but to use desktop site to submit nearly all of your documents. Thanks Symplr. Amazing.
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1 year ago, skyman65
Absolutely horrid. I sign into the app, select facility check-in, select the account and am then taken back to the sign in screen. Second time through the process it ends in a blank, white screen. When I called for support I was told to remove the app, reset my iPhone, reinstall the app and try again. This worked! The ridiculous thing is that I have to do this EVERY TIME I want to make an appointment. For $300/year? Really?
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5 years ago, BoopJW
I wish I could give this crappy app a -5 star rating. Even the name Symplr is a joke. It should be named “Difficult as HELL”. The fact that I have to scroll through nearly 200 locations every time is proof positive of how non user friendly it is. Of course there’s absolutely no incentive for Symplr to improve the functionality because they have a captive audience. Users are forced to pay for and utilize this product which accomplishes nothing but extreme frustration on behalf of the user.
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5 years ago, NashMarth
This App does not work
Many of our hospitals are moving to have the scan - in only machines (requiring the app) and it’s comical that the APP doesn’t work most of the time. My APP shows a “loading please wait” graphic for sometimes up to AN HOUR. No badge? No access. Revisit the machine. APP doesn’t work. No badge. No access. Symplr needs to invest more money into their tech team. I would recommend hospitals use a different credentialing company.
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6 months ago, Pennylane8468
New update keeps giving me a connectivity issue even though my cell service and WiFi are working fine. It’s amazing for the money we spend per year on this “service” how terrible the product is. It’s a requirement we use this to get into work and it doesn’t seem anyone actually cares how this effects the users day to day.
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6 years ago, Frustrated medical vendor
Simply the worst
Easily the worst, most convoluted credentialing app/provider. They have scammed medical systems into believing they offer a valuable service, when in fact they merely provide roadblocks and hurdles to vendors and medical providers, all under the guise of enhancing patient/Info safety. In fact they deter medical professionals from enhancing patient safety and outcomes and delay timely assistance to in-house providers who rely on the various vendors that Symplr stymies through uncooperative or denial tactics. The worst.
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6 years ago, Still entering by hand
The worst vendor credentialing system
This system has idiosyncrasies that make it especially difficult to use compared to Reptrax and Vendormate. Frequent login errors. Not to mention that they have convinced many hospitals that they will be more secure if the users are required walk down to the basement and find a human to sign them in. This makes it more difficult for everyone.
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5 months ago, AnnoyedRep
App crashes consistently
I shouldn’t have to call Symplr customer service every time I need to check in to a hospital. The app consistently crashes when trying to check into a facility. Deleting, restarting the phone, etc. good luck! For what vendors have to pay yearly for access, this is garbage!
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6 years ago, Almeeko11
Wish I could give 0 stars
This is the worst credentialing app I have ever used. I can rarely even get to the facility login page as it says “please wait” constantly.I have to wait until supply chain is open to have them print me badge. This is awful considering most cases at the hospital start before 8am when supply chain opens. They need to resolve this asap.
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3 years ago, JBandrew
Clunky and time consuming
Please streamline processes- especially the policy signings. Extortion should at least be fast, right? If a policy is signed it should auto-close and the next one should auto-open with a sign button at the bottom. Click sign, that one closes and the next opens. One click. Make the torture less painful.
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8 months ago, Trohern
Awful experience
The app is listed as a “daily” pass option. How is it the case if you have to wait to be approved. Horrible customer support. Why any hospital would use this as a vendor method to be granted daily access is beyond me. Horrible experience.
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5 years ago, bossofthebossoftheboss
Very frustrating app
Unreliable. For some reason it keep uninstalling on itself and I have to download it over and over again. It doesn’t not remember my login info, never. The app very often shutdowns when I try to choose a hospital and department. Very frustrating app.
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1 month ago, Arrrghhhhh!
The app mirrors the company and ineptitude. Can not use an iPhone to take pictures and upload to even complete your application and this is after I spent an hour fixing my incomplete registration. I’m not looking forward to the future here.
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4 years ago, Teemo134
Required update is impossible
Tried to sign into facilities. System says i have to update, but the system wont let me update. Deleted app to get the updated version. Wont let me download. These rep companies software are such crap. What a joke.
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4 years ago, Defjeff004
Fix your app request for Update won’t let you login
New version of app will not let you login in. It sends you back to App Store and then you open app and try to login and update window request opens. It send you back to App Store Please fix. Can not login to hospitals
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5 years ago, dmzaz
Please wait
I have restarted, reinstalled and even just waited. Still can’t make this app work. Please fix. Now i can’t sign in or sign out of my hospitals that use symplr as it seems you need the app to check in with. If that is going to be the case, the app needs to work...
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6 years ago, zacharypaul_82
Just downloaded and couldn’t even get to the log in screen. I waited for 5 minutes while the screen said “Setting up few things.” No, I did not forget to type “a” before the word “few.” That’s literally what it said. I gave up. Good job, guys. Super legit.
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4 years ago, Katyrh609
App is just ok
When it works, it’s fine BUT I have to restart my phone every time I use it. Sometimes more than once. Frustrating when trying to do a check in and out.
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5 years ago, jc123242
Symplr mobile app
The symplr app works great. Never have had a problem. Easy to use.
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6 years ago, That guy from nowhere
The worst in the industry
Not end user friendly. Truly the worst credentialing company there is in the industry. Not really sure what type of spin they’re putting on their services to fool facilities into partnering with them. Just another me too that doesn’t live up to the others.
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3 years ago, ERJGJL
Scam Artists
Symplr takes advantage of the fact that vendors need it’s services to access facilities. Was charged a yearly auto-renewal subscription for a company I no longer work for. I called the day of the charge They refused to refund the money. What a joke.
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4 years ago, vendor clinical consultant
Terrible app. Doesn’t work. Just a cycle of update to open. Symplr will not even read documents. I have to call and explain them before they are approved. Not user friendly. All about making money. Nothing else.
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6 months ago, M Marrin
Worst app ever
Symplr is the worst vendor credentialing company by far. Their app never works and their customer support is non-existent. Really hard to do my job when something required isn’t working. 0 stars if possible.
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4 months ago, Brian_Murdock52
Not Good
Very slow which makes it difficult to quickly check in and check out of hospitals. They need to improve this app.
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3 years ago, TMAY25
App support is not good
Can’t get anyone to help with the app. I can’t change the date or the time and there is no one in app development that can’t help me fix it. I assume there needs to be yet another update.
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4 years ago, WolgGanf
Garbage App
Symplr is a totally useless money grab as is, and it’s clear they put very little of their scammed money back into their app development. The app won’t even allow me to upload credentials, so there’s basically no reason to even have it.
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4 weeks ago, Jett5560
Scum bag company
They charge you before telling how much private information you will have to give them. This includes medical information. Beware stay away.
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3 years ago, chelbror
Glitches at sign in as
I have to delete and re download this every day because once I use Face ID to sign in it glitches and tells me to wait some time before signing in again
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4 years ago, Vendor2
Worst Credentialing service I have ever used
Have to call almost every single time to get credentials approved. Never have any issues with Secure which I use at almost every other facility I work in.
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5 years ago, Joshcoolfire02
User info won’t save
I am sick of re entering my user name and password every time I need to sign in and out! Today’s technology allows fingered print and at least enable the remember my login feature!
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4 months ago, brludi
App is blank
Every time I try to log into my facilities the page is blank. Not understanding why this issue is occurring all of a sudden
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1 year ago, OR Manager
Appt approval in the app?
It would be really helpful if you could approve appointments in the app when you’re logged in as a facility administrator - otherwise this app is not helpful.
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3 years ago, VendormateSucks
This may be the most unreliable app and company in the world. They also have a NO REFUND policy and will force auto renewal to your account. They are evil and do not deserve business
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4 years ago, mhayter
The worst
Simply the worst Credentialing app out there. I have had problems with this app for years. Just updated it and still log in problems.
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1 year ago, fbjejdjc d38736
Terrible App
This App doesn’t work properly! The facilities have given up on even requiring it from their vendors.
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5 years ago, Peepeebrainarooski
Update NOT available
Sticks in a loop of needing an update and. I update being available. Broken, and when it did work it was terribly slow. -1000 stars.
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5 years ago, Vendor Steris
Almost an hour trying to get pass
Almost an hour trying to get pass
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5 years ago, Yahoo shamoo shampoo puzzle
App won’t open
New update is looping to iTunes to update. Can’t open app because it keeps looping. I even restarted phone and still doesn’t work
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6 months ago, Ebaw57
One star because zero stars is not an option
Dumpster fire in a tipped over porta potty. This is the worst app I’ve ever used. Was this programmed by Pre school kids
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5 years ago, Old Guard Dave
This has to get fixed
Forked over $240 for the credentialing service only to have the app NOT work. Hospital requires this for admin access. This has to get investigated NOW!
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6 years ago, Jlew17
Medical Rep
This service is definitely not ‘Symplr’ to use than other apps... It Doesn’t work at all. Worst part is their customer support team can’t get it to work either. Symplr... AAAAHAHAHAHA
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5 years ago, DrGEBKzoo
Every other credentialing service is free. Symplr charges vendors a minimum of $300 annually per person. I hope hospitals realize the frustration Symplr causes their vendors due to the ridiculous hurdles they impose.
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6 years ago, bg3861
Horrible app
App will never open. Probably have to delete and reload app 4 times a day to get it to work
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4 years ago, 846Tower
Still a sham
Vendor credentialing is one of the many problems with healthcare today, and Symplr is right at the forefront. This app is garbage. One star is too good for it.
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5 years ago, San Fran Mission
Crappy Crap
Touch and Face ID doesn’t even work. Besides that it’s still crap, hard to use.
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