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User Reviews for symplr Workforce

2.59 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
6 years ago, LauraRN TX
Could be better
App functions but could be so much better. When looking at my week it color codes my requested non duty days the same as my scheduled days. So to glance at your calendar is useless as you still have to click on the individual days to see if you are working, or just requested non duty. Why not make non duty requests a different color circle? Also, I work in a large Health care system and when I look for availability of shifts on a given day, it gives me EVERYTHING. Why can’t I save my favorite hospitals, thus just seeing their available shifts instead of going through 50 shifts to find the 3 or 4 that are relevant to me? Come now GE.... you can do better...
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6 years ago, jakenNC
Needs a lot of work
Not user friendly at all. Needs to be an option in my schedule to see only days scheduled. Currently on most weeks just looking at the calendar it appears I’m working 6-7 days a week, this is because the app shows any note, unavailability request, you name it as the same color or as the same value as a shift you are actually approved and scheduled to work. Very confusing, I split 12 hour day shifts and night shifts from time to time but all shifts show on calendar the same color, would be much better to have different shifts (that are already setup and existing in API) to show different colors. Also, unlike the online version of API you can’t see others schedule within your department so forget about seeing who’s on your shift or looking at possible co-workers to swap/trade shifts with, this app only shows your own data. I recommend NurseGrid even though you have to enter schedule manually, it’s much easier to use and you can add all of your colleagues as they and your unit/office/team create profiles.
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4 years ago, HailsR97
I use this app to check my schedule and to clock in and out at work. Not only has it not shown my schedule at random times, it has shown me working the wrong days. I don’t have access to the website needed to login from home, I can only access it at work so if I were to forget my schedule or if my schedule changed I wouldn’t know. The clock in/out feature has been buggy at best for about a month straight, there have been multiple times that it’s said I’m out of range of the clock in/out point even when standing right next to it, moving around doesn’t help either. The past two days it won’t even show me the clock in/out option and the settings button disappeared so I couldn’t even report an issue. I literally would not use this app if I had any other option.
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2 months ago, Ashbugcampbell
So many misses.
What’s good about this app? I can sign off my time card without having to get to a computer. What’s bad about this app? It’s like it was designed by someone who doesn’t understand what a schedule is. You realize I mainly need this so I can easily view what days and shifts I work, right? Why does it use the same color to mark days I work and days I’ve requested off? That’s kinda an important distinction. Why is there no way of indicating which shift or how many hours I’m scheduled for without clicking each individual day? Why is the sign in so clunky? Why is there no way to view who else is scheduled to facilitate trades? Why does it mess up every time I try to export it to my apple or google calendar? Why even have that function when it’s going to give me a heart attack by putting shifts on my personal calendar that I don’t actually work? This app would have been mediocre ten years ago. Having an app that works this poorly just feels like another sign of how little employers actually cares about workers. We GaVe YoU tHiS cOnVeNiEnT aPp BeCaUsE wE vAlUe YoU. It’s just a barely functional slap in the face.
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7 months ago, AHSfrustratedfan
This app tells you to sign off your timecard 4 days before it needs to be done. Thats too much time between. Make it closer to the actual sign off date so it’s actually useful. Also, it tells me that I need to sign off on the wrong day. It goes by the pay period instead of the sign off deadline. That’s confusing, especially since I work overnight. The app doesn’t go by our shift times, just the date. Please change this to make it more accurate and useful.
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7 years ago, 2dognite
Timekeeper review
This app is very unreliable in is functions. It takes multiple attempts to approve a single request, oftentimes resulting in multiple errors before finally approving. Also I will get an error when trying to calculate someone’s timecard after approving requests saying “The employee record is locked for an affected pay period.” The person’s timecard is uncalculated until I can log on to a computer to refresh it. Many reports from my staff that they are not able to see notes that we have entered into their schedule to tell them their exact location for departments that share the same cost center. For a 3 year old app with 6 versions, I would expect a little more in the functionality. Since I am timekeeper for multiple units, it would be nice to filter between them.
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7 years ago, nocnocnurse
Not night shift friendly...
If you work night shift, 6p-6a for example, when you look at 'my calendar' it shows you working both days... we know we work through the night and into the next day. We don't want to know that. We want to know what day we need to show up to work. It completely takes away from the convenience of just glancing at the calendar to see which days you work... scheduled 3 days in a row, it shows up as 4... easy enough just ignore the last day. Scheduled 2 on, 1 off, 1 on and you have to actually open each one to figure out your schedule... if anything at least make it so we can configure the app and turn off the alert for the back half of our shift if we wanted to.
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2 years ago, Nunya@95
Not user friendly
Ridiculously cumbersome app for 2022. Should allow you to remain signed in on verified devices &/or allow sign in with a pin or biometrics. Should allow you to see all staff scheduled for *every* calendar day to make trade requests easier vs only letting you to see who’s working on your scheduled days. Should allow sign up above core numbers so the unit schedule coordinator can shift staff around as needed to balance skill levels vs a “first come first serve” model where if you’re not first in line to request a shift you’re just out of luck. Should have more options for notification personalization vs all or nothing. Most of my coworkers hate it equally. We would not use this app if our employer did not require it.
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12 months ago, Red Grange
A lifesaver
I work remotely most of the time and cannot connect with our companies PC-based software. This has made it impossible to create a schedule unless I am on campus and connected to the intranet (clunky software on a PC as well- a Windows 95 interface). This app does everything I need and I can access it from anywhere. It also has a clean interface and is so much easier to use. Could use some different terminology and UX is not intuitive initially, but so very much better than the Windows clunker.
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3 months ago, shayzoo
Horrible app.
This app is not good at all. It simply won’t let you log in at all at certain times of the night, like right when I need to clock in or out of my night shift lunch break. Sometimes it says my punch is accepted but then it doesn’t show up in my time card. And now in the latest update it has started logging me out so I have to do my complete login every time with password and Duo authentication. Face recognition no longer works. And it won’t even keep me signed in like it used to. The is the worst. So bummed my job switched to this system.
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5 years ago, KyleSudds
IPhone IOS updated to 13.1.3 recently and now some employees with IPhones are having issues clocking in. They get signed in and when they clock, red bar flashes across the top then the screen freezes. Can’t go back , cancel or sign out. I have asked them to uninstall and reinstall and still the same thing. I got in the app over the weekend to do calendar request and it did the same thing and froze. I do not see that this app has been updated recently so maybe this is causing the problem.
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4 years ago, Jf20160402
Gets you by
This app is okay but could be much more up to date and user friendly. I am unable to add notes to any of my clockings that I add from the app. There is also no way to select more than one day for a calendar entry if I am trying to add a full week of vacation. I also don't like that I am unable to adjust clockings or calendars once I've submitted them. Like I said- it works well enough to get you by but it could be much better.
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4 years ago, JNH95
Freezing App
When clocking in, a red bar appears. If you do not “x” out of it fast enough the app freezes (grays out) and nothing happens. You have to force close the app and log back in to attempt to log in again. You then have to attempt to “x” out of red bar (error) fast enough to actually clock in. This happens several times. So your time is incorrect. I have to go in and edit my actual clock in time to the correct time. This also has to be approved by the manager. So not only a difficulty for me but my employers as well. I have emailed customer support and notified my employer but no corrections or have had any responses back from either.
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12 months ago, Rosie 007
Unable to subscribe to calendar
Very frustrating that one cannot subscribe to the fluid calendar. You can export only into your iPhone calendar but it isn’t a live feed. This is be basic programming like an app such as TeamSnap, where you can subscribe to a calendar and it updates on the fly. I did already email customer service abt this as a suggestion to implement asap. Also, there is no way for me to harness a link that I can copy and paste into my google family calendar on my computer. Can you please provide the steps to be able to create a URL that I can import into google calendars?
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2 years ago, Almirah
Need to get with the current times
All functionality of this app really can’t be evaluated when you cannot access the app two issues one you can’t show your password so you can see what you’re typing in and the simple fact that you have to type your password every single time you use this app and you’re not able to use facial recognition or any type of recall so you don’t have to type your password every single time you use this app is absolutely ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Kallenlalker99
Unreliable and You Will Not Get Paid
For something as important as punching in and out of work on time, you’d think this app would be a little better. All it does is prevent you from signing in and even if you uninstall and reinstall it, it doesn’t work. I’ve been late and missed documenting a fulls day work because of this app. No longer going to use or trust it and will use the work computers. I’ve also gotten confirmation alerts that I’ve clocked in and out for a shift, but they will not show up like they’re supposed to. I was supposed to be paid the following Friday and now won’t be for another three weeks.
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4 years ago, bridget1910
Face recognition or fingerprint recognition
Rated this app as a three because as long as this app has been available the app seems to be behind in the technology times. Fingerprint and Face recognition have been out for at least two years. My bank even has this feature! Please update the app to have this feature. Especially since it’s only on my phone and it’s only my schedule that I can see. Thanks
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2 years ago, murkamiii01
Horrible for clocking in
I’ve had issues with this app for the last few months, it started to act up when I’d sign in to clock-in. When I’d press the clock-in button it’d log me off so id have to login once again and then it’d just keep logging me off. I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled it, restarted my phone, actually bought a new phone and then the issue resolved temporarily. I’ve had the phone about a month now and the app has started doing this again. I’d give this app 0 stars if I could. It’s caused such an inconvenience to my work day.
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6 years ago, Kaleinani93
Has potential, but needs a lot of work
Was very excited to get the app but was disappointed when I got it. I was looking forward to finally being able to view my schedule on an app but sadly, it didn’t have my schedule correctly. Just like what other reviewers said, it color codes your scheduled days and requested days off the same. So when you’re looking at the calendar, it looks like you’re working quite a few days in a row. It also doesn’t show staff meetings, or other things that I’m scheduled for (i.e., training, education, etc..). Hoping improvements are made soon.
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7 months ago, Bunnao
The developers never fix the app
If u look back at the reviews from 5 years ago, people stated the schedule never shows the days that u have pto/etc, it only shows the days u r scheduled to work. People from 5 years ago requested the fix/change, up until now it still hasnt. My work place is now starting to use this app and i see the same crap. I see that the developers do not care to modify and accommodate the many users reviews/actual needs. Piece of crap app, only have to use it because it is mandatory by the work place.
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6 years ago, Nikkijamz11
Not accommodating for user
This app takes forever to login to. I’m let’s get with the times and allow fingerprinting for faster login time. For monthly schedule, everything is a blue dot, you need to add more colors and color coordinate for req off, pto, and actual work days. I have to click on each one to make sure. I can’t go on this app and self schedule into the next pay period.... I can’t even add a vacation. On my time card, it only allows me to approve not make changes such as if I float to another unit or such. Overall very rigid and old. Needs to be modernized and user friendly. The reason why I gave 2 stars was 1- because even if everything is a blue dot in scheduling I can still see it at a quick glance. 2- my workplace computers are too slow so this app is slightly faster for sign-in and more importantly sign-outs .
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4 weeks ago, CardiologyGuy
Delete this app ASAP
If you work for Advocate/Aurora, delete this app immediately. There's often a lag of up to two hours between when you clock in on the app and when it actually registers on your time card. My clock-ins were audited, and I almost lost my job because of this issue. HR accused me of stealing time, thinking I was clocking out while driving. I’ve deleted the app and now clock in using the work computer. This app seems designed by corporate to make your life even more difficult.
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1 year ago, gay2P
Limited function, only Good for looking at schedule
My workplace introduced this app to us and It has limited capability. First on the Staffing Line UP. It wont allow to separate the list of employee according to their role in thd Department. Its all mixed together RNs, Techs, UA, CNA, Equipment Techs. Its hard to do head count on How many RNs, Techs, CNA in the Department. Then the time OR schedule. You cant modify OR delete changes if youre a staff requesting change on personal schedule. Its quicker to write on piece of paper to change it And have Manager validate it. This app is pretty much like an eye Candy.
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5 years ago, mgcockman92
API app
It doesn’t allow you the option to retract a request especially when trying to figure out the best schedule for ones self. Also it should allow notes to be seen. It would benefit a lot if we could see our complete assignment for the night and not have to login to the website on an actual computer. Other than that I am pretty pleased with the app
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2 years ago, youngc15
It needs a lot of work
First off, I see what they’re trying to do but it needs a lot of improvement. I hate the fact that I have to input my password manually every time I go on the app. Wish they had Face ID or something simpler. My company does (RED DAYS) which means I can’t work those days but on the app it tells me that I am? And when I click on it, it just says 0.00 hrs. I wish they made the dots different colors depending and what kind of shift etc..
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6 years ago, Mimi AKH
Terrible app
It is not user friendly. If you are working, available to work, on vacation, not available, have a day shift or a night shift it is all highlighted the same color on the calendar. You cannot see the total schedule with the other employees you work with so you can tell if the schedule is crowed on one day compared to the next. So you really cannot make a good decision on when to work. You have to go to the almost as terrible website. One positive is that it is easy to sign you time card on you phone with this app.
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3 years ago, NoBias2020
Utter garbage
No updates to the app, no customer service, you can’t see your schedule because of random errors. You can’t see your future schedule, you can’t see see past the current pay period. No quick identification such as fingerprint id of Face ID, especially no that we have to wear masks. Your better off writing your schedule on a napkin and posting it on your fridge because this app is just garbage. How is it that this app is supposed to help healthcare workers with anything?! If I need to check my schedule it doesn’t work!?
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11 months ago, Joanna S.T.
Unable to sync with other calendars
For an employee experience to be improved, we should be able to sync to other calendars like outlook/google. At very least it would be helpful to be able to download an .ics or excel file of calendar data so we could manually upload data. Right now I have to open another app and login each time to see my work schedule. If I want to share my schedule with family, I have to manually add to google calendar each shift.
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6 years ago, DaltonLowmanJe
Has potential
This app has potential. First off it should save your password / have Touch ID so it can automatically log you in without having to type your password in every time. You cannot clock in using your phone. Once you submit request, you can retract them. It should also allow you to view your unit schedule (so you can see when your co-workers are working - Incase you need to switch days). The app has no push notifications to notify you when your days/schedule is approved and so on.
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7 years ago, Kyrrah74
Not very helpful for nocs....
I agree with one of the previous reviews. It's not very easy to see a night shift schedule. I have a couple weeks where it appears that I am working every night. The app developer should rethink the blue dot for the scheduled work day. It works great when all your hours are worked in one calendar day but when a shift extends past midnight, this is pretty confusing.
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1 year ago, Rcp mike
great app
Some people have issues but they need to understand the employer make the final adjustment to what can be done. All I wish is that we can do quick badge on the app.. Overall this app helps me keep track of my work days..
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5 years ago, Alexadren
Could be a lot better
Had it on phone and changed phones. Added the app to new phone and the app no longer works! Deleted it from old phone thinking maybe cannot have app on two devices (kinda like what’s app). Nope still doesn’t work! If you have requested a shift and want to go back and change the shift later (even by five minutes later) try to go back and change it, “sorry Charlie,” you’re scheduled to work that shift unless go into your job and make the changes!
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3 years ago, G=?6
Frustrating app
This app doesn’t work under the Wi-Fi provided by the hospital. I minus well use my card to clock in because in order to be clocked in, I have to stand next to the clock out station. There needs to be some real upgrades to this app. It’s so frustrating when trying to clock in and out. The zones to use the clock in/out functions are wrong. Maybe for the future it would be better to state where exactly we can use this app.
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4 years ago, KaptnGrayBeard
No Longer Working???
The app shows up as offloaded on my phone (iPhone 6s) and upon trying to reinstall, I get a message saying it is unable to reinstall. I have plenty of storage left. When I visit the App Store, it appears that the app is stuck in réinstallation as it has a “stop” square on the download button, but no installation progress is being made. I’ve tried to reinstall on data as well as several different Wi-Fi networks. It appears there are other users experiencing similar issues.
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5 years ago, Adry07
I like it
The only thing I would like is for days worked and days requested off to be different colors so when you look at your schedule you can easily see what days you’re actually scheduled to work. Also to see the schedule as a whole as far as who you are working with would be good too.
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6 years ago, cmonette
App works mostly for what we need
We use this app for time cards now. It’s usable but you should really get with the times and add the fingerprint sign on option. When you have to you cryptic passcodes it can slow down the clocking process. Adding that would make the sign on so much easier and faster. Other than that, I’m satisfied with the app.
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1 year ago, ISPGUY
You are able to add requested time off however, you’re not allowed to edit it in the app. You are able to edit it online. There are many other features that you can perform online that you’re not able to perform in the app as well. It would be nice to be able to access this program online as well as in the app.
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3 weeks ago, Thread Ender
Making life more frustrating!
This was an awful app that took forever to load, longer to recognize you, and even longer to actually let you clock in. Now with the recently updated version, it is even worse. If you are a major corporation executive looking for clocking apps, this will save your company a fortune in payroll. People can’t work because they’re spending so much time trying to clock!
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3 years ago, I c ju 55 vc
Hospital uses for scheduling
Wish my employer would use another app. This one is so bad. First off you can't save your login you have to continously put in your password. Capabilities on phone vs computer are very different. Phone capabilities are extremely limited. If I change my mind on a shift I can't drop it on my phone. Lots of room for improvement but I've been using this for over 2 years and nothing has changed.
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2 weeks ago, Jason Pattison
The worst time clock system to exist
Feels like a downgrade from what I’ve used before. Slow interface, too abstract for something as simple as clocking in. Kronos has that down with their badge reader system. The at acts as a extension of myself. This is like going back to 2005 and using aol mail. Opposite of innovation. Also doesn’t catch every clock in which requires too much attention when clocking in. Y’all should close your doors
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2 years ago, jayemt
It’s 2022 Catch Up!
While this app functions the exact way it’s intended, there is much room for improvement. Like my review title says it’s 2022 there is no reason I should have to sign in with a password each and every time to get into the app. The iPhone has biometric login capabilities. If the iPhones Face ID is good enough for all my banking apps it should be good enough for this app as well. So one star is what I give this app. For lack of ingenuity to use modern technology.
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3 years ago, Stephlynn82
Needs more
I would think since you are in this app several times a day having to login every time, they could add face recognition to speed up the process. Also, app needs more features for the schedule end, I want more! It’s pretty cool to use your phone as a time clock, so run with it!
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3 months ago, afd202
The worst!
If you’re company has resorted to this app you probably need to be looking for a job Biometric has yet to work ….. I’ve had to delete the app and reload 7 out of 10 logins and the same password lets me in after the first attempt before downloading says wrong credentials. On average I’ve been at work an extra 5-10 minutes trying to clock out and usually 5-10 minutes late clocking in
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5 years ago, Jbook1
This app should be banned from App Store
Cannot login, keep getting error message. Every other co worker I’ve spoken with is having trouble with this app: not able to submit request, miscalculated hours, totally wrong information. Expecting something more professional when it’s dealing with serious matters: time cards, sick time, vacation, my JOB, my CAREER. This App is totally lacking in every area, not even close to operational. Nice concept, but not ready yet. I tried reaching out to their support team, every issue remain unresolved. WARNING!!!! This app is not yet operational. Where are the standards? After early December 2018 update, I started using app again. Many improvements, app looking promising. I’ll be exploring features for future review. Thank you for update.
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7 years ago, Dancerkayla@nda
Can't make request adjustments
When schedule is not finalized by manager and I am making unavailable requests you can't adjust your existing request. You have to actually make another request. It would be nice if the same request would record the days you adjust request already made
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2 years ago, Maya.nicole17
Face ID
Please get Face ID I’m tired of having to put my password in to look at something simple. Also please allow us to see who were working with on the schedule, and allow us to see what shifts are available to be picked up.
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6 years ago, ck19476
Could be so much better
This app misses out on a lot of functionality that nurses need for scheduling. Any sort of request on a day shows as a “scheduled day” even if it is PTO or an unavailability. Color coding these would be super helpful. You also cannot put in schedule requests (other than adding clockings or unavailability) or see others’ schedules. I know that it is simplified, but other than signing off on my time card, I don’t see it being of much use.
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6 years ago, mcrn222
Not convenient
The app isn’t user friendly in that it does not differentiate between shifts you have requested off and shifts you are working. All show up the same color, and it will tell you you had a “missed clocking” for a day you have requested off. Also, not everything shows up in the app calendar like certain trainings, meetings, etc. Needs significant upgrades to improve ease of use/functionality and user friendliness.
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2 years ago, Caerta
Still waiting…and waiting and waiting
The app is amateurish. It can barely provide the calendar. Cannot schedule anything. They said the biometrics were added in a previous update, but they are no where to be seen. There is no way to adjust anything since there are no settings options. Basically, it does nothing and is of little to no use.
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4 years ago, hagggggardddded
Upgrade makes the application not work anymore!
You have me an automatic update and now I cannot sign into this application and use it anymore. I use this to clock into my workplace and to see my schedule among other thing! I would like to know how to fix this on an Apple iPhone. The old version worked very well. It is the upgrade/updated version that will not work at all. So I cannot see my schedule or anything remotely!!
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