T-Charts (Pros and Cons)

2.2 (32)
1.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tekk Innovations LLC
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for T-Charts (Pros and Cons)

2.19 out of 5
32 Ratings
6 years ago, BYGecko
So close
Really liked this app, being able to weight items in each column. Was really disappointed when my lists just disappeared when I synced my phone with my computer.
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10 years ago, Mammoth thumbs
Don't ever write reviews but...
Look I'm not paid to write this so let me get that out of the way. Sometimes there are too many details to think about and I've been making charts for years on scratch sheets. This is neater and more organized way of doing it. Absolutely love it. I'm not trying to decide major stuff like economic analysis,just everyday stuff like; what flight departure/date works the best for me, or what day should I take off work to get something done, or what car should I get. I use this app at least twice a week. It's simple and just works. The results are powerful. I'm making very good decisions that are well thought out. To get 5 stars the only thing it needs is to be able to delete a pro or con within a project first. That's almost inexcusable but hey, I can still use it. Second is to be able to group pro/con lists or projects into decision groups. There are always many scenarios for each decision. Group them by decisions and store pro/cons under them. Terrific efficiency saver and organizational tool for me. I love his program. Hope you didn't abandon it because of some wisecracking idiot. This is important stuff. Thanks for making it.
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6 years ago, dancingheart67
My list disappeared
Seriously, my lists just got up and poof disappeared!!! There are two options to save your lists to email or Facebook. There are no options to save or backup to the cloud, Dropbox, and etc. Neither can you export as a PDF. I picked the email option and emailed my list to myself in case it got lost, but still hoping to expand my list later. But I go back into the app. and it’s not there. Apparently if you email or save to Facebook your list just disappears, so you have to go back to your email to enter the information in it again, if you want to add or make changes to your entries. So if you want friends to give you insight to put in your list, you will not be able to do so after sharing unless you enter it back in over and over again. An endless circle. Great for someone who doesn’t need to share or save your lists. Useless to me to have info stuck in the app and not used elsewhere! ...Oh I forgot to add, there is no option to print, the only way you can, is to email it to yourself and loose the info. Also tech support link takes you to a page that says it’s a fake (impersonating) web page attempting to steal your personal and financial information.
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7 years ago, Neekygirl unhappy
I’ve never written a review, but I felt like I just had to for this app. It only has bad rating because it used to be really sucky, but now it has updated and improved since those bad ratings. So, I’ve been trying to choose a high school to go to next year and I needed a t-chart. I new that I was going to loose a sheet of paper. This was really useful, and I think I have made my decision. I will definitely use this app again!
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10 years ago, Borec360
Really like it
I really like this. I usually hate it when people write 5 star reviews for things cause I feel like it's lazy but I seriously can't think of anything else they can do. Also, to the person saying you can't delete, you just have to slide to the left and click delete. Also I find the interface to be fine. I recommend this as it is the best one I found.
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7 years ago, D1234567890123846507
Needs an update
I really like this. It's straightforward and easy to use and u can change the points so like if u add something to the pros and it's not that big or important you can change it so it is worth less. I really do like it it's just when I downloaded it it says it needs an update but no update is available and I'd like to continue using this app in the future with future iOS updates.
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8 years ago, Mbmoffline
Simple, straightforward, and works
Needed a simple pro/con list, and app fits the bill nicely. Found the interface intuitive and easy to use. Swipe to delete line item works, and might also be nice to have delete option on the edit screen for the line item.
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9 years ago, Commander579
Does what you need
I bought the app for the same reason most of you are looking at it. You want an easy way to organize pros and cons for a big life decision. It's simple, easy to use and it's free. Try it out, if you like it great, if you don't I suggest a pen and paper.
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4 years ago, KnowNaMe
Five Stars for simple functionality
Minus all stars (REALLY wish zero stars was an option) for your hard-worked on lists being Thanos Snapped into dust when you tap the share icon. Unlike the other long review, I didn’t actually email my list to anyone or myself, I hit canceled and *poof* list was dusted. Great, simple app but completely ruined by this boobytrap of a “feature”.
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6 years ago, Writer87
Does Not Save Lists
Created a list, exited the app, came back and the list was gone. Would be more valuable if it saved your lists. Make sure and email your lists before you leave the app.
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12 years ago, iOS teacher
A very simple way to organize your ideas into pros and cons. It allows you to weight some ideas as more important than others. I can see using this with students in school as a writing planner, however it comes with two samples that I wish I could delete as they are not appropriate for my elementary school students. When I delete those lists they reappear the next time I open the app. I'd also like the option of renaming the columns - although the app is for listing pros and cons, it would be more useful in school if I could use it for other things too. Finally, I don't see an option to remove the ads. For personal use, this is fine EXCEPT it doesn't save my lists! Close the app and come back and my list has gone :-(
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6 years ago, MSAlamo
Deleted my list 😑
Tried to share a list I made. Clicked on Facebook and got the message “Facebook Unavailable: Please enable Facebook integration in the Settings App” Ok.....then I go back and my list is gone. Spent a long time making this list. Guess I’ll just go back to pen and paper.
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6 years ago, Boo Prompts
Absolutely awful
I had a list of ten items in each column and the entire list I had worked on in the last twenty minutes disappeared after switching to another app.
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5 years ago, Die in a hole gamer
I would lose entire lists not just a few points and the app crashes frequently avoid at all cost get some paper and pen that would work better than this.
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8 years ago, geckovision
Junk junk junk
This app does not work at all. Cannot click on the line down, and is extremely unintuitive. This should not have been released till it was ready
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8 months ago, cokipoint
It is not worth the time to download this app. There is no direction and it completely deleted my assignment. There is nothing to see here!
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8 years ago, Bruroz9
Nice app easy to use.
Nice easy app. Perfect for that tough decision.
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10 years ago, sonydog123
Start from scratch.
The design of this app is revolting. It is difficult to use. It needs to have a simple design. Pros and Cons in this app are not very clear. It needs a makeover and then I might re-review it.
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5 years ago, barryb203
Deleted everything
I have been working on a list all day and deleted everything!!!
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9 years ago, StacyEld
Please fix the scrolling!!
The cons side will not allow complete scrolling to bottom to edit list. After that is fixed I'd rate it top notch.
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8 years ago, Can't play cus it keeps shutting down
All cons, no pros
Doesn't even save your list. Can't read your own text, too jumbled up. Not user friendly. Delete.
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8 years ago, Magicalunicornpower
I can't even type. This app is a waste of time...
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15 years ago, aquanina
One main problem
The app does as pictured in the screen shots. However one major problem is the way it cuts words in half that run onto the next line, which gives you very little space to work with in each block. See screen shot if you don't get what I mean. I would give the app 4 stars if this problem was taken care of. I also feel this app would benefit greatly from utilizing landscape mode, allowing more room in each block. Colors would be nice to denote priority level of each item along with the number value.
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12 years ago, Fair Witness
Very Useful
Good, solid, no frills app that gets the job done. I had a question and emailed it to the support address. Got a prompt, courteous and helpful reply from a real human being. Features I'd like to see... The ability to drag items to new vertical positions manually, so I can get related pros and cons to sit next to each other. Makes analyzing them easier. Longer title lengths. I use an iPad, so there is plenty of available title space at the top of the app, but the the app only allows a pretty short title. Table row items: Could use font face, size and color choices. Ability to set background color for each item independently of other items. A help view to answer basic questions like the one I had. All of the above would make using it easier. Glad this app was out there when I needed it.
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12 years ago, andrewn488
Functionality needs improvement
Update functionality to work like "Notes" app (ability to place cursor in different locations of the display) rather than needing to tap "pro" or "con" when adding an entry. Entries should be able to be moved to different orders. Column headings should be customizable. The point system is a good idea.
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13 years ago, molepoblano27
It's all better!
Way to go the developer!!--He fixed the problem with the erasing data--now I can say I've tried all the "Pro vs Con" apps, and this is my favorite. It's well organized, it looks good, you can choose specific numbers for each pro/con--I like it! (In fact, I would even pay at least $1 for this, and then they could get rid of the ads.)
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14 years ago, mlindsay1
Would be good....
I would give this app a higher rating because it does what it says, but every time I create a chart, within 24hrs it gets deleted and the app reverts back to the default charts it downloads with. I deleted the app and re-downloaded hoping this would help, but it didn't. I have now deleted the app again. Fix this problem and I would download again and give a better rating.
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12 years ago, bdurisseau
Nice but....
I'd like to see the pros/cons be customizable too... Not every t-chart is for pros and cons
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12 years ago, Mags410
Don't waste your time!
Reading the reviews before downloading there were a bunch about the app crashing and deleting data, but then said the bugs were fixed. NOT TRUE!!! I made a few lists, closed the app for only a minute or two then came back and everything was gone! Deleted the app within 10 mins of downloading, complete waste of time
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13 years ago, celtic-tiger
Thank you for fixing the app!
Everything saves like it should now.
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11 years ago, C12ASH13
Works well
App works fine for me. I haven't had any issues with it. Gets the job done.
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12 years ago, Lgirl88
Like it
A simple app to sort out your thoughts in making a hard decision.
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14 years ago, morristhecat20
Erases your lists
Seems like a great app... Until you open it and it has reverted to its original settings/lists and has erased all your personalized lists. I will give it a better start when this is fixed.
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11 years ago, K_Serg527
Only verticals
You can only view this verticle which doesn't work with my keyboard and gives you a small on screen keyboard. You also can't just tap the page and start tying. This app is frustration.
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11 years ago, Parker Bailey
It works in a very easy to understand way. Just what I needed.
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14 years ago, ----arrrr----
This is great!!
Totally simple, clean and does what I want it to do ... For free!! Thanks!!!
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11 years ago, Neamhni
Simple, easy; exactly what I needed.
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11 years ago, Bullpen111111
Needs some serious work
Like the concept. It could be good, but: the ad "feature" is way too easy to launch. Keyboard orientation is off axis. (Pro /con Screen wont rotate to Landscape view, but keyboard /only/ launches in landscape view. So basic. Decision tree is only one pro/con item deep. Could have been good, but its like developer was on a deadline of some kind, and just didn't finish it.
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11 years ago, Caldwellone
Deletes all info
As soon as you switch apps or goto the home screen you lose all your input data.
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14 years ago, The emperor's tailor
Crashes and erases
Bummed! Can't add more than a few entries. Crashed completely and erases data! Looking for a replacement
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14 years ago, Potato22222
Crashes and deletes info!
Would be cool but crashes and deletes everything... please fix this!
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12 years ago, Patriroqt
Good but...
Needs landscape.
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12 years ago, Cat0665
Unusable - can only enter title
I can only enter title and nothing else using iPhone 4S. Uninstalled.
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12 years ago, Hipmark
Won't launch on iPad3
Needs some work.
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14 years ago, Jojochee
Waste of time
Erase data so what's the point?
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11 years ago, Dddddjhsbhduduuev
Doesn't work at all!!!
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12 years ago, Abraham_review
Can't write anything?
All I can write is the title. Why is this?
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13 years ago, Iezzab
This app deletes all info after a while, as they want you to buy the full version, I would not trust either, Don't bother
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10 years ago, Radar3
Excellent Utility
To delete just use the Apple Convention and Slide to the Left to expose the Delete Button. Very Simple and takes the place of a Yellow Pad of Paper nicely. Pay 99 cents and the tiny ad at the bottom is removed if you want. (Too bad another company doesn't let you do that on the Weather.Com App.)
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