T-Mobile Internet

4.4 (88.9K)
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Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for T-Mobile Internet

4.35 out of 5
88.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Bill194
Two weeks and still going
I’m still in the test mode, will test for 2 months before I turn off cable internet. I consistently get three to four bars mostly 4. I have about 20 devices on the network but, usually only two to three devices run concurrently. My T-Mobile internet is located In my study. Also in my study I have multiple streamer (from testing) and a smart tv that are directly connected from the T-Mobile router via a 8 port Ethernet switch, works well. My network Wi-Fi printer works well and fast. So far my only complaint is, and I must explain. I have an Apple TV streamer and a ESPN+ subscription with this I can view up to 4 game at once. It has always taken a few seconds for a the Selection to sync and clear. T-Mobile takes much longer to sync and sometimes l must reselect the game to get it to sync. I would have thought with 5G it would be faster. Also I would like the option to use the T-Mobile as a modem to my existing Network rather than switching all my devices to the T-Mobile network. Other than that I’m very satisfied with T-Mobile Home Internet.
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2 years ago, Gwizard1121
I’ve been with T-Mobile in general for 5 years have had the home internet for about 4 months. No real major issues, in fact this internet worked when the regular home internet wouldn’t. However over the course of the last week I’ve major service interruptions. It started with no internet connection at about 7pm est and the first night was only off for an hour. I assumed maintenance and I was right it came back on no problem. Following night at the same time it goes out again and doesn’t come back for about 4 hours. Almost midnight. And the following night after that it goes out again and has yet to come back one. Nothing in my house will connect or stay connected to the gateway and when it does it says connected without internet. The internet app won’t load becuz it uses the Wi-Fi to connect to ur gateway so I constantly have to re setup my router from factory in order to get Ben log into the app. I called customer services and they reset my gateway from their end. It worked after another 20 minutes of resetting my gateway up from the beginning yet again. I’m a loyal customer. I recommend T-Mobile to anyone and everyone that will listen but something needs to be done about this. Granted it’s cheap but I still pay for a service, that for the most part I haven’t been able to use over the last couple weeks. This needs to be fixed or ur gonna lose me as a customer and if it continues you’ll lose a lot more people.
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1 year ago, pleescrib
Service great, app is broken
Great service, no complaints there. But I can’t actually manage my hotspot because the app appears to be buggy. I’m on iPhone 14 pro max so I know it isn’t my hardware or iOS. The quick start guide says to go to a particular URL to manage the device while connected, but the admin portal won’t load. So that means it’s entirely up to this app to manage the network, and it won’t. I do everything it tells me to, exactly as it tells me to (I’m a tech savvy guy, so this is extremely basic stuff we are talking about) and yet on the final step, it just refuses to recognize the fact that we are connected to the correct network. It thinks we are not connected. No VPN is messing it up, I’ve reinstalled the app three times, I’ve tried manually connected, auto connecting, and even disconnecting and reconnected while on the final screen and the result is the same. There’s an icon to call support but what are they going to do, put me on with a member of the app development team? Nope, a bug is a bug so hopefully this gets forwarded to the team who can fix it. Rating two stars instead of one because if it were actually operable it would be a pretty good app. Clean interface, easy to understand, lots of helpful hints. I just can’t get under the hood to manage my device (which still works fine, btw, using the default password and network SSID.)
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1 year ago, Blue Wire
Good App, but couldn’t connect to gateway, until…
First thing you need to do is make sure that you have your T-Mobile ID setup and you can login via the website to your account. Now as for the App, it is a Good App, but it was hard to figure out why It was not connecting my iPhone to the T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway. I downloaded the App and followed the step by step instructions to setup my gateway and connect the App to it. Well, everything went well except that the App was not able to connect to the Gateway via Bluetooth nor Wireless Internet, even though the Internet was working great and my iPhone and other devices were connected to the Internet via that gateway. Since the App was not able to connect to the gateway, I was not able to configure anything, like changing the wireless network name, passwords or even see any connected devices. After many tries and looking closer at the Settings of the App on the iPhone, you know by going to Settings and Scrolling Down through all the Apps to T-Mobile Internet and clicking on it, I found out that the Option for Local Network was turned off, so I Turned It On, and that was the magic solution. I went back to the App and clicked on Already Setup? Login option, and voilà I am able to connect to the gateway and configure it.
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2 years ago, Bosun1965
Internet Excellent; FIX the App
After 11 days of 10 devices connected and working well or excellently, we are very happy with T-Mobile as an ISP. HOWEVER, after 3 calls & speaking to 6 reps, i had gotten wrong advice, bad advice and finally some good advice. I did get a callback as promised from Neresa and some help from Matthew, BUT we’re still having issues with the app. After deleting & reinstalling the app, still won’t load. After a reset of my phone, app won’t load. After hard-reset of the Gateway, using the app to find best location worked, signal strength excellent, but the app has same issues as other reviewers have had: app requires login with admin password, then says it’s wrong. No password works to login: neither the default admin, nor the default wifi passwords from the back of the Gateway, nor the personal password which I generated. We’ve been happy T-Mobile customers for 8+ years and have always gotten great service. T-Mobile, you MUST fix this Home Internet App … and it would be somewhat reassuring if the reps told you up front that T-Mo is experiencing issues with the app after speaking to 5 reps until the 6 said there are issues.
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5 months ago, HarmoneyLovee
Connection issues
I just started using my 5g internet box , I moved from North Charlotte to Concord by the mall, not a big difference in distance to not be covered suddenly internet wise .. it was working last night at the new location fine but this morning it quite and now they say where we are , isn’t eligible for signal and asking us to upgrade to a better plan to cover and ask for coverage where we are , when we were told our internet works almost anywhere just plug and unplug ? ! ? We were sold on its durability and reliability and were sure it was a good option since my mother in law has the same router and it works perfect ! And When a T-Mobile store is right up the street from our new location , the same store we originally bought the router from with our phones ! so I’m not really understanding what they are saying or why it is not working when it did fine last night for awhile and they don’t have much of a explanation as to why or a fix .. I’ve watched videos explaining things , I’ve been told the router I have is one of the worser ones out of the 3 or 4 they have available and has connection issues the most. Just wanna put that here so if anybody else has any of the same issues please tell me how to fix
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1 year ago, Mauetcie
The worst experience with T-Mobile. I decided to switch providers from Verizon. I was with T-Mobile for more than 18 years and switched because my boyfriend wanted me to be with his service after he bought me a phone. But we broke up and I switched back to T-Mobile. I decided to buy the Pro Max 14 Purple with 225 memory. When I got the phone it was the wrong one. I got the the smaller one the pro. I was going away on a trip to Turkey for Two weeks and I was planning to take my new phone but that did not happen so when I returned I did it. I asked for the Pro Max Purple with the middle size memory. I got the wrong one again. This time I got a silver pro max with 125 or lower memory. I decided to keep my old phone. The internet is horrible. The line keeps dropping my calls and right now as I type this, the line has been dropped twice as I speak with my mom. I have been speaking with customer service for I also purchased a plan for Italy for 30 days but the card never worked. While in Naples, Italy it would not work and since I got it for the GPS I got lost for more than 3 hours. I had to get an Illiad card from Italy which made me lose my SIM card. Currently I find myself with the worst possible signal and about to switch providers.
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6 months ago, Bubastu
Much better than expected.
Tried it out of curiosity and spent the week using it to replace my Comcast router. We are a heavy use family (3 tweens, all streaming tv, and 4 camera cloud uploads). The router gets a consistent "very good" connection in my enclosed cabinet, but likely better outside of it. Does not matter, the current state is working great--the software does tell you where best to place it. I cancelled Comcast yesterday, as I see no need for it anymore. Pay attention to where you live and where you are told to put it and it should do you right. Try it out for a week and see before cancelling your other service. Be aware though. I work 2 miles from home and the service is not available there, as the connection for T-Mobile is not as strong there, so this service is great if it is great where you want to place it. Also, it is not meant to travel--the device makes you tell it where it is located, so it is not meant to be a "traveling hot spot," or at least that is what it seems.
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5 months ago, GreatMedic
I was very skeptical about T-Mobile. Primary because it sounds too good to be true. I live in the northeast suburbs semi rural. Our cable internet provider was CenturyLink. We had constant drops and throttling down of bandwidth. Even though they said “we don’t do that.” I told the customer service people to talk to the technical people who said clearly they did have me marked as too much data and would improve with the new billing cycle. Good thing they record those calls… Anywho…. When I set up the TMoble modem, which was simple, I had 100 times the download speed, and 30 times the upload speed. Side by side test. I scraped CenturyLink, and the speed hasn’t changed. The T-Mobile WiFi signal is much stronger too. It works better than my work AT&T FirstNet hot spot. We have been a customer for just over 2-months, wow, what a difference! Unbelievable! And thank you!!
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2 years ago, Not Michael
Gateway is working, App isn’t
Just unboxed the gateway and plugged it in. Downloaded the app and followed the setup steps. The location assistance step found my signal but quickly lost it (multiple times) so I skipped that and continued. The step that has the 2-minute wait for setup up has never completed properly and has force-closed the app several times. Somehow I was able to get to the final step where it says “go to the settings on your device, sign into the network, then return to the app to finish setup”. Every time I’ve returned to the app after I leave settings, the app has a loading animation like it’s trying to do something. Then after about 10-15 seconds. It disappears and 1 of 2 things will happen; either the app forces me back to the very, very, very beginning and tries to get me to sign in with the admin password again OR after the loading animation disappears I’m just stuck on the same screen where it tells me to go to the settings on my device. Im connected to the internet. Im playing games with my friends. But the app says I’m not finished setting up. Idk what to do.
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1 year ago, deucefrmdblockk
I have been using this internet for about 3 months now? WORST INTERNET EVER. I cant even download a game and watch t.v./use my phone at the same time and i cant even upload a under 1 gig video and watch t.v. at the same time. All the while having a “very good connection”. Lets not even mention that fact that they had to send me a new modem because the first one would randomly disconnect all my devices and show a good/very good connection on the app but in actuality i cant even play apex with a very good connection. You would think that the “no limit internet thats constantly improving” plan would be great but no, It is clearly limiting my wifi seeing as how just using my tv and downloading a game at the same time is literally impossible. Lets also not mention the fact that they literally didnt add an email to my tmobile account upon purchase so now it is impossible to create one for some reason after hours on hold nobody can simply create my account, you also dont get notified of upcoming payments until they’re late. Honestly with all the hassle they’ve caused me im willing to pay $80/month for just normal wifi. You literally cannot ask for 4 hours of stable connectivity.
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1 year ago, Gjk715
T-Mobile internet
I have had T-Mobile Internet for approximately one and a half years so far. In this time I have replaced my gateway which is a device that allows me to connect to the internet at least four times. Last week, after having sporadic service for the last two months, I got a new one in the mail. I tried to connect it and it was defective. Tmobile said they would send me a new one overnight delivery. I spoke to them on Friday and did not receive the new gateway until Monday. So much for overnight service. Luckily for me my Internet did not go out too many times over the weekend. Time will tell if this box my fifth one and a year and a half well last. I have seen online critiques of this box, and from what I have heard this box is been a problem for quite a while. When my Internet is working, it works good. My problem is this defective Gateway device that connects, then disconnects, then connects and then disconnects without warning. I hope this Gateway device last longer than the previous ones.
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1 year ago, another black man
fine, until…
I just got my modem and app today and it was fine until I moved it while the app was up on my phone and it broke the app on my phone I see the screen for a flash of a second but after, it’s gone forever stuck on loading. Wifi still works just can’t configure the vpn I was about to install with it. Edit- I guess I just needed to find a work around by : Disconnecting from wifi Turning t mobile app on Waiting for the screen to show “default “ information “Select log out/connect to existing” Found my way back to where you have the administrator password( on back of modem) and punched that in Reconnected to wifi Working fine and as intended. Pretty simple yet, I have the mind for trouble shooting, anyone else may find themselves just thinking they have to “deal with it” until they give t mobile a phone call.
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2 years ago, Follower of JesusvChriat
Thank you
On Friday, September 16th, 2022 I went to the Hayden, Idaho store and Cris and Christian were working very hard servicing many customers. I was immediately greeted with a smile and told they’d be with me as soon as possible. There were at least 8 people (some were grouped together) in the store and both experts were helping all of them professionally and with much enthusiasm/kindness. 3 more walked and were all greeted politely. Cris helped me, answered all of my questions, even while helping a very old lady at the same time who interrupted Cris while he was helping me. I didn’t mind a bit and he was actually working on his I pad and her phone for a quick second! Very impressive! Michael is another employee there that is also fantastic. It is your team members that we so appreciate just as much as the technology devices and Internet service! Thank you, Lisa K.
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2 years ago, gregc82
Was working until today.
Everything was working perfectly fine but then I noticed my phone was not connected to the WiFi. So I opened the T-Mobile Internet application to see if my phone was on the list of connected devices. The application asked me to enter my admin password so I entered my admin password but it said that the admin password I entered was incorrect. I tried again, same thing. I did a factory reset in the Internet gateway and I tried to login again but still received the same error. I used the same password to connect to WiFi from multiple devices and I was able to connect to the WiFi. I tried that same password to login to the app but it still was not working. Called technical support and we tried to reset the gateway, for the same issue. Tried to unplug the gateway and plug it in again but that did not work either. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and tried again. Still the application continues to say the administrator password is incorrect. I have no control over my Internet connection name, password, nothing, without that application.
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7 months ago, Beto Ramirez Jr
Switched from ATT wifi to TMobile wifi
Best thing I should have done a long time ago. I would pay $124 for internet and sometimes bill would go up because of added data because I ran out of data. Saw commercials of $50 per month and a coworker had TMobile wifi and had zero complaints. A second coworker then switched from Spectrum also to TMobile and that’s when I followed from word of mouth recommendation. I just find a spot by the window and there’s a huge difference on how fast my phone or any other wifi device works. I have six cameras around the house it’s impressive the difference on how they respond. I called and had my ATT wifi disconnected. All other internet businesses will have to lower their prices once they see how many people are switching services.
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6 months ago, T-Mobile app review
Some issues
So, I have been forced to start completely over. New city new everything so when I needed internet I went to T-Mobile cuz I needed a phone as well. Got it set up and the service for the router is amazing. I absolutely love the internet and works great! Just as if it’s hardwired like Xfinity. What I do have complaint about is the app for the router hasn’t worked since the night I was able to get and set up the box itself. Idk why. But, I cannot get into it. Deleted it reinstalled I’ve done everything. Other than that customer service for T-Mobile is I mean absolutely god awful I have never in my life experienced the things that they have put me through with my account etc. I need a phone but I need the home Internet more and bcuz it is so good especially where I live it’s this or something else I’ve never heard before and it’s so expensive. This is so cheap yet so good. I’m paying 25$ for the service.
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2 years ago, Smack🔥J
The 5G Gateway I received in the mail did not work. A call to tech support confirmed: my home address was in a good signal receiving area but the device was defective and they would send me another one. The second one actually showed on its display that it was receiving a “good” 5G signal. But any and all devices I connected to it showed “no internet connection.” I called T-Mobile customer support again to cancel and return the two 5G Gateway devices. This painful phone call lasted 57 minutes dealing with three separate customer service outsourced “experts” who finally emailed me return authorization labels to ship the useless modem/routers back to where they came from. Later that same day I coincidentally received multiple spam text messages and emails. After all of the trouble they put me through, the T-Mobile customer service representatives sold my contact information! I really wanted this home internet system to work for my residence but it was a complete failure. Thanks for less than nothing T-Mobile 5G Gateway Home Internet Service.
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2 years ago, kaandba
Terrible service
We have T-Mobile internet for about 2 months. In that time we have had numerous issues with losing the internet and streaming on the tv. We have called repeatedly and have gotten poor results. Just tonight we were told that we are not getting the service we are paying. That does not make any sense. After the girl did some adjustments she said’ you will no longer have these issues again’. About 5 minutes later.. we were back having the issues again .. I would not suggest this service to ANYONE!!! They obviously have no idea what they are doing and on top of that the network has no one willing to talk on the phone about the issues and they do not return calls!! Very hard company to deal with
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2 years ago, seedman76
All the others are correct…horrible experience
DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS INTERNET SERVICE. Yep it’s true. T-Mobile really is as bad as everyone states. It took me 45 minutes to go through the sign up process. Within 3 days my gateway arrived. I downloaded the Home Internet app despite all the 1 star reviews. I walked through what seemed like simple setup steps yet the 5G gateway never works…it cannot connect to service. The app is horrible. It errors out constantly. I called T-mobile and they can’t even find my email address despite the fact they send me 3 emails a day since signing up. Companies with this poor of a product and this poor of customer service shouldn’t even be in business. When calling to cancel service they’ll put you on hold forever, claim you don’t have the right password to cancel the account, and are now telling me I have to go to a local t-mobile store to cancel. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! Not only are they losing a internet customer but this reaffirms why I don’t have mobile phone service with them as well.
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3 years ago, moss mama
Terrible service mentor Ohio
I had t mobile for awhile and the last 2months (July and august) the actual connections were terrible: if I moved my head, the call would drop; calls wouldn’t go through; if I walked anywhere different from where I was talking, the calls would drop, calls wouldn’t ring through. The most upsetting was the service. I went to one of the stand alone showrooms and there were 2 inexperienced representatives in the store and they knew nothing about t mobile and plans or service. They suggested I go to the company owned store about 5 miles away. Upon entering, no one greeted me. The was a male person sitting at the desk where they do the service start up! He was rude and condescending and couldn’t answer any of my question or problems I was having. I said I guess I should take my business elsewhere and he said be my guest if that is what you want to do! I wanted help, the calls would drop while trying to get someone at the 611 number! Got frustrated and canceled my cell phone coverage
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2 years ago, DocTua
Good for 2-3 months, now I might as well not have internet at all.
The main reason why I switched to T-Mobile Home Internet was because my previous internet was barely usable. At first this new internet was such a blessing with its insanely high speeds to the point I would watch livestreams while streaming myself on Twitch to promote my art skills and commissions. I was seeing speeds of at least 20MB up and 10MB down. After two or three months of service the quality has gradually declined to as it is currently 4.35MB up and 0.14MB down. This is worse performing than my previous provider by more than half the speed in both categories. The router has sat in the same spot this whole time. I’m not able to open the app to trouble shoot at all. Tired of talking to support staff to fix it for it to get just as bad again in a couple of days. Currently I’m really wanting to return the modem and cancel my service because I honestly might as well have nothing at this point. Really sorely dissatisfied and disappointed.
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2 years ago, Jojo.marie221
Honest opinion
I went with T-Mobile WiFi because it was cheaper than a lot of other providers. For the first few months everything ran smoothly. Now anytime I’m using a streaming service, every 5 minutes it’ll do that lag pause thing where it’s stopped. In order to fix it I have to go to the Home Screen reopen the app and then play it again. Mind you this is on my smart tv that is connected via Ethernet. All other devices have this issue. What I used to be able to do was go into the app and restart my gateway(which was many many times a day!) but now I can’t even do that because when I open the app it’s on a constant loading screen. At the time I restarted my phone reinstalled the app even closed all my apps out and jumped into airplane mode for a few minutes. I recently got a new phone redownloaded the app on my phone and same problems with the app. Quite honestly I’m ready to return this horrible device and cancel my service. Honestly should’ve kept Xfinity…
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7 months ago, rbjcaruthers
Ready for prime time
When we first got T-Mobile internet with T-Mobile phone service, it was okay, although the price was fantastic. But watching streaming videos, they would hesitate or drop completely a bit too often. That was a few months ago. Fast forward only a few months and it seems all the bugs are worked out. Internet is consistent, we have a few devices connected - phones, a watch, a Samsung smart TV, a laptop, a Google Chromecast, and the Internet is something that we simply don’t think about most of the time because it’s always working… and the price is still fantastic. If you’re really frustrated by cable internet price creep, you need to look here. It could be the answer.
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2 years ago, SamCadia
Another tech company that is awful at, well, tech!
Why is it that the companies that are supposed to have the latest and greatest tech have the worst app and user interface?! Nor do they appear to read reviews. Like others, set up is a nightmare. Cannot get past the setup screen on the app, and tech support keeps sending me links to a page with links that go back to, yes, the same page. To be fair, it connected easily to an iPad and iPhone, though I had to go through the whole set up process twice. Trying to connect a laptop and Kindle on the other hand….wouldn’t recognize the password on the gateway, wouldn’t recognize the admin password on the gateway, I never changed or could even get to a place to try and change. Tech support half read the issue so that was fun. Finally gave up after 4 hours. Will give it one more try then, sadly, going to keep Fios. Glad I didn’t turn off or turn in the router yet. Come on T-Mobile….get your act together.
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2 years ago, hardcore tech nerd
Sorry to say, but I must be honest
Can we please update the app already!!! I don’t know how long this million dollar company is gonna wait but lord even the cox app is better,(just be ready for hidden fees and a way bigger price tag) To start out you can kick people off, rename devices, pause wifi, and set timers way better and easier. Honestly it is basically the same speed don’t get me wrong sorry to say that. I’ve been with T-Mobile for years now since high school and it’s been great but wow this app feels old ,buggy, and sad. Especially now that a lot more people are going for your wifi you should try a bit harder on customer experience. Honestly be ready for the disappointing outcome this app will bring. Although I haven’t had any issue with customer service and I’ve been with this company 8-9 years now. It’s just sad Let’s get to it guys much love.<3
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2 years ago, Firstamend
Terrible development
I ACCIDENTALLY pushed reset or restart or something like that. The app asked me for the admin password. I tried to back out or cancel out of that screen but the app wouldn’t let me. That is the main problem. How do you make an app where people can’t go back if they accidentally push a command?! I put in my admin password but it didn’t work. I then tried the admin password on the back of the gateway, using spaces between the words, periods, and hyphens. I then tried closing the app, thinking that would force it back to the hime screen. Nope. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Nope. It’s still asking me for the admin password. I even tried deleting the app, turning off the phone, and then reinstalling. Nope. So the app is effectively locked on that screen and therefore functionally worthless. Luckily I have a mesh network and that app lets me do most everything the T-Mobile app does. So I just deleted it. Nice work T-Mobile.
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2 years ago, wkhsdca
Works great on iPad
I don't understand all the negative reviews. It works great on iPad and all you have to do is search for "T-Mobile" in the app store to find it. Quick install, easy setup. I am consistently getting over 300Mbps down and 50Mbps up, so I'm quite happy so far. I would like to be able to monitor the gateway away from home when not connected directly to it, for monitoring or resetting when necessary. I'd also like the ability to rename devices when they show up with just their MAC address. Cox allows both of these features with their gateway app. I'd also like to see the tower ID for the 5G signal in addition to the 4G signal, just so I can look up its physical location. Overall, I'm very pleased.
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11 months ago, RaiderRX
Home Internet App is horrible
The app works when it wants to work. It takes a while for the app to open up and when it does open up it’s very laggy. When you want to see the devices connected it shows there aren’t any devices connected, meanwhile the device itself shows the number of devices connected. When you try to refresh the device tab it doesn’t refresh and the app goes into standby and you have to close the app and reopen again. It’s very annoying that T-Mobile has good service but the home internet app is trash. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 12+ years now but little things like this makes you want to move to a different service. Things like this never get fixed yet you see all the commercials that T-Mobile is for the customer, if you are please redirect your services to make a better app. Lastly it would be very nice if you could rename the devices on the app. T-Mobile your still the best but the app not so much.
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2 years ago, Mamie1022q
Ugh! So much potential but drops the ball
This app is absolutely terrible! The potential is there, but it only has very basic controls, and half the time they don’t work! I like that I can control the connection of each device, but when I disconnect a device through the app, reconnecting it is extremely difficult and can sometimes take days!!(not even kidding!) I wish I could rename the devices that are connected so I know which device is what(I was able to do this is century link so I know it’s possible). And WHY can’t we control the modem unless we are connected to it?!? This is also something I could do with century link that I miss-if I need to turn off the wifi while I’m at work so the kids will finish homework or chores. Or reboot it while I’m away and the kids need internet connection but it’s slow or not working. Please fix it! Because I love the internet and the speeds and the company, but I’m going to have to switch if these things can’t be fixed
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2 years ago, Newerazy
Unreliable App. Returning device to the store.
I couldn’t even use the 5G gateway device because this app is terrible. First it couldn’t find my location saying “Sorry, that didn't work. We can't provide signal direction in all locations just yet, but we're working on it”. I don’t live in the mountains or a remote location, so that wasn’t a good sign to begin with. Then it wouldn’t accept the admin password that came written on the device, so I was forced to do a factory reset. After all of that, the app decided to give me more errors after prompting me to create my own admin password, continuously saying “Initial configuration failed.” I could not move beyond this point. I purchased this because it was free to take home and try it out, but it’s too much of a hassle to get this app to cooperate. Additionally I think any device that comes with a sticker suggesting that it’s going to work best near a window in the year 2022 is a red flag. Definitely returning this asap and deleting this app.
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5 months ago, vickiedgm
T-MOBILE Home Internet
I can not say anything that’s very positive when it comes to tmobile home internet. I have been with tmobile for about 16 yrs or longer and we changed to there internet maybe 4 or 5 yrs now. It has been a rollercoaster ride the whole time. First it was great getting fast speed and then it slowed down to a crawl where are tv would buffer and freeze at times. Then it would pick up for a short while and then slow back down. It’s been like this for the duration of our time having it. We have replaced the box itself several times and that helped alittle bit but all in all we are living right on the outer zone so they say that’s why we don’t get a decent signal. So I heard from one of the workers that right after the new year 2024 they are supposed to finish putting up a tower that should boost up the signal in the area and we should see a big difference but so far we haven’t noticed any change. I’m staying hopeful
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7 months ago, Ctop49er
T-Mobile Home Internet Save x Safe
When faced with having to explore an alternative option for home internet this T-Mobile Home Internet was presented to me by store associates and every step after that was made simple. At a more than reasonable cost per month when compared to AT&T, Sparklight, and other competitors. I easily broke the price of my bill down by Referencing my friend and occupation, bundling, and autopay. (Please take note) No hassle! Quick self setup that can summarize and/or give me details if I prefer a more in depth aspect ti my activity. I can enjoy reliable fast speed. I Honestly can’t recall a time I was inconvenienced by this service. That’s why I took the time to show my gratitude👍🏽Thanks a lot!
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6 months ago, LateNightTaboo
Device Issues
T-Mobile Internet is good so far. I just paid my first bill so it’s roughly been a month. When I first downloaded the app it seemed to work perfectly! I was able to create multiple networks and view the devices. I thought it was great to be able to schedule when certain devices could be disable. This would be a valuable feature …… if it worked probably. Now, to date, I have deleted and reinstalled the app about 12 times because the devices don’t show. It shows the amount of devices on the router but I can’t see anything in the app. After REdownloading the first 6 times, the devices would eventually show but now it says no devices. Or it keeps telling me to connect to a network that I’m already connected to. I wish this app worked as well as the one that collects your money to pay the bill every month. #nothappy
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10 months ago, thoSSeSSeSS
Crippled Product - Could be Amazing
Need the ability to use the gateway as a modem only, bypassing router functionality and the ability to TURN OFF the Wi-Fi radios. Why? If you’re using your own mesh network, you’ll have a double-NAT situation and radio frequencies from the gateway interfering with your home network. Lastly, need to implement tower band locking - Why? At my house, LTE Band 2 stinks, I get about 2 mbps upload; however, on Band 66 I get up to 60 mbps. This is a big deal because when working from home, I cannot use Zoom on Band 2, so I have to hotspot from my T-Mobile phone, yes you read that right, in order to join a Zoom meeting, instead of the T-Mobile home internet gateway. If T-Mobile can fix these issues, they’ll have a winning product, but I’m not holding out…There are comments on their forums for a year+ with the same complaints, and they’ve done nothing. We’ll see if this comment ignites anything. Come on, T-Mobile! Do Something!
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3 months ago, LMNWCF
The best deal around!
The offers T-Mobile has are the best around! The customer service is excellent too. They go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy and satisfied. It’s such a great deal to have phone and Wi-Fi and the only complaint I have is they are always working on the tower that I use the most and I can’t watch tv or use Wi-Fi for anything all day. The prices make up for it and the service on the phone is excellent. I never lose service anywhere and again I have to brag on the prices. They are such a great deal compared to other services we have to choose from in the area. I’m completely satisfied and would definitely recommend it to everyone
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1 year ago, CBR954
Got tired of century link charging me $75 a month for 12Mbs. Got the T-Mobile home internet. I’ve returned two KVD21 gateways. Always works for the first day or two. Then every device we have drops WiFi every few minutes. Love the speed when it works. But it never works. T-Mobile forums are overrun with people talking about the same issues. Absolutely no answers from T-Mobile. The 20 year old girls in the store can talk all day about which camera phone takes the best selfies, but have ZERO knowledge about anything else. The call center guy I had on the phone would go silent for minutes at a time. Absolutely no help at all. They know these gateways are bad. They refuse to acknowledge it. Have barely any access to deep admin settings in the gateway also. Don’t get T-Mobile home internet. You’ll regret it. I had to fight to get my free trail extended. It didn’t work for over half of my trail yet they fought me on it. Garbage. Total garbage.
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2 years ago, Phoenix customer
Do not under any circumstances get T mobile internet
Getting T Mobile internet is a a decision I regret almost every day. It craps out so often (3x so far today) and given I work from home this is incredibly unsustainable. In addition we already had to return one device because it was crapping out every few minutes and we couldn’t work let alone watch any tv. We had a pretty terrible experience with customer service and their working solution was to mail us another server since they aren’t available in stores. Well the person who helped us shipped the new one GROUND which left us without internet for 8 DAYS. Did I mention I work from home? This is not a functional internet service and we will absolutely be switching as soon as we move in 3 months never to return. Definitely don’t consider this as a good replacement for regular internet providers. You get what you pay for here and that’s a cheap product.
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1 year ago, BamaCountry
No issues, great internet
The internet is great, after finally kicking Charter Spectrum to the curb after 20 years, our download speeds more than doubled to 700 and the upload more than tripled to about 100, haven’t had any outages unlike the weekly outages by Spectrum 14-16 hours at a time. As for the app, it works, haven’t really had a reason to use it often, no need really, it’s good to have and to see the connection status and quality. I have noticed that the device section doesn’t show the device’s that’s connected sometimes but other times it does, we have 16 devices connected. Awesome to have his locked in for only $30 month.
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1 year ago, Jaystayler
Intermittent service
Out of the blue, the Internet was simply drop or degrade in the middle of a workday, and it happens in waves. For weeks and nothing happens and then for two weeks in a row it was slow down to zero interrupt, my video conference calls, and renter me uses for my workday. in the past I have called T-Mobile support, and while everyone is friendly and professional, at one point, they suggested that perhaps a building had gone up in my neighborhood that had blocked my signal, that was absurd as I live in a more rural suburban area, where there are no tall buildings, and nothing had gone up, and I’m less than a mile away from the cell tower. Then suddenly the service started working again and months later as of right now I’m still in one of these cycles where the signal drops or degrade zero and I have to reboot the modem over and over. Screaming fast when it’s fast but when it’s not it’s terrible.
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2 years ago, Jake3223456
Worse internet service ever
Summary: DO NOT BUY INTO THIS Details: Since I had 2 T-mobile accounts they said 1. I was told It would cost $30 a month. They lied. It is $50 a month. I was told you have to have 2 magenta class voice lines for that rate. 2. I was told the 1st month is free. They lied. By the time you get your 1st bill and see the charge for $50 and call back, you get a “I am so sorry but you needed to apply for a $50 gift card with8n 30 days”. Scam Scam Scam. PERFORMANCE IS HORRIBLE. You will not stream anything without aggregation. 5 seconds of video, 2 minutes of frozen screen with spinny wheel. Sound will start, but screen still frozen. Then another 5 seconds of video before it all starts again… Emails take 15 to 20 minutes to download. Maybe more if they have attachments. I had one with a 50k pdf file that took 30 minutes. Webpages will take 5 minutes minimum to download. Expect to reboot the modem / router 2 or 3 times a day. If you know what FTP and something like FileZilla is, please google t-mobile internet problems with FTP. It will not work in most circumstances. You will have to go use your neighbors or work internet. Lastly, if you need custom router parameters, forget it. You are not allowed to modify any router parameters. It is a take it or leave it choice. LEAVE IT. DO NOT WASTE 3 or 4 WEEKS OF YOUR LIFE TRYING TO RESOLVE THESE ISSUES.
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2 years ago, Tamanzi
Improving app experience? Not.
For an app with a latest update that reads improving your app experience with every update, these people seem to be completely oblivious about the actual English definition of “improving.” Because I have not been able to get the app to load past a spinning loading wheel for more than a week now. And even when it used to load, there are no tools to control the device’s network settings — or to turn them off all together when you are using your own router. Otherwise, T-Mobile’s Home Internet service is delivering an adequate connection speed for my WFH needs in Hurricane Ian battered Southwest Florida when my previous ISP failed to deliver. But this review is about the app - not the service and really deserves a 2 star, but I was feeling generous.
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1 year ago, Daddew
Internet is fine, the app is terrible
First off, I do not have issues with the internet. It works well most of the time. The app however, is not much of use. I liked the idea of being able to have times where I can disable the internet on certain devices using a schedule. The “devices” section of the app does not show device names, rather device(followed by a set of numbers) and no option to rename a device. So I had to figure out which each device is based off its MAC address. Finally I was able to set up a schedule for disabling internet. Turns out, the schedule does not work properly and the device remains connected, even during the disabled times. So I had to manually disable device each time and manually re-enable device each time. Could be a great app, if it was actually given some effort.
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2 years ago, Cantobellus
Spotty, Slow, Overpriced
This may be some of the worst Internet Service I’ve ever had minus Dial-Up. The idea is clever, the execution is poor. Having internet without wires seems like a fantastic idea, but unfortunately it just misses the mark. It’s extremely spotty and pretty slow. Often my TV will be pixelated and my internet will crash. I’ll have to restart my Gareway between 2-5 times A DAY because my internet can’t handle a TV, phone, & laptop on the Wi-Fi. Honestly it can barely handle a phone and TV on the Wi-Fi. If it was priced at say $20 a month I’d say maybe it’s worth what you’re getting but at $50 a month it’s VERY overpriced. I got this internet because I moved into a new built home and couldn’t get anything else as my address wasn’t available with any other provider. I live in a Metro as well so I would have thought with their towers it would have been fine but unfortunately it’s just not good internet.
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5 months ago, Motor3475
Very good and then meh
The first two weeks of having T-Mobile home 5G was good. Easy set up and worked very good for the first two weeks - then we noticed it started dropping devices in our home. We have to constantly reconnect certain devices. It’s frustrating. Customer service over the phone tried to be helpful but there are no technicians to come out to see what’s going on. The customer service is friendly and responsive but they basically tell you to try and move your router to a different position or place within my house. I ask them, “Why did we have zero problems the first 2 weeks but all of the sudden we’re having issues?” They can’t answer that question. I guess that’s why T-Mobile gives you a 15 day trial period.
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2 years ago, TraderAct
Thought the process would be easy
This is a very bad experience for me and I tried to give this a chance even though at first I wasn’t sold with the cheaper price than Spectrum. I decided to give it a try and took the modem home and found out I needed an app to work it. I wasn’t to happy about that but I downloaded the app. The app is totally useless it does not give much information on how to hook up the devices or allow you to name the devices I have and I kept catching problems with passwords, login issues and connection. That was just the set up process smh. I have about 30 devices to hook up and it was just time consuming to figure this out and customer service was polite but was much help also with configuration and I am pretty good at figuring things out on my own. I have a free 30 days to try it out and this did not make it past 2 hours. Sadly I will have to return this.
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3 years ago, kc70406
This App needs a lot of work!
The t-mobile Internet itself works great in my area. I find it to work better than both Comcast & Verizon, and it's WAY cheaper without any hidden additional cost. As for the APP...that is a whole different story! The APP is pretty basic, but it should still be somewhat beneficial with checking connectivity to devices, speeds and making adjustments with connection /disconnecting or modifying internet control /schedule restrictions to specific devices. This APP seriously only works about 20% of the time which is really annoying! T-mobile needs to make this fix a priority or they will lose out on potential Internet business that they are trying to expand on. In my opinion, the severity of these inconsistencies when using the APP will most likely be a deal-breaker for a lot of people!
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2 years ago, Jim from Diamond Ohio
Best I’ve ever had
In my second month of t-mobile internet. I live out in the country and internet has always been a problem I have tried 3 different services in the past 20 years . I decided to try t-mobile because it was half the price that I was paying for DSL. I am so happy!! It is twice as fast as the service I had. I stream 2 tvs at once and 2 or more cell phones without interruptions. And when they say 50 dollars a month they mean it!! Not a penny more. No added fees of any kind. I also set it up in 10 minutes by myself. I’m definitely not a whiz when stuff gets technical. Highly recommended by myself and my family.
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1 year ago, Rhythmwerkz
If this service is available to you, JUMP ON IT NOW!!!
I was a T-Mobile subscriber years ago, like when the Google G1 was out. They were ridiculously expensive and coverage sucked. That has all changed. After almost 15 years with AT&T, T-Mobile has won me over, especially with their Home / Business Internet. The service even beats Spectrum Business Internet. The T-Mobile Internet app is just the icing on the cake. Easy to navigate and change settings. I just changed the router SSID and password to my old spectrum login setting and everything fired right up. While setup took less than 10 minutes.
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1 year ago, turbofish
Horribly inconsistent service
I really have high hopes for this internet service. Unfortunately, those hopes have been dashed I consistently get 3 to 4 bars of signal, but the bandwidth ranges from an awesome, 300 Mbps, one day to less than 1 Mbps the next day – this makes it completely unusable roughly a third of the time. This is not just an occasional short term problem, we have been using it for over a month and the problem is consistent. When it does work, the dynamic IP addresses which get assigned to the gateway are apparently on numerous block lists for having been used to create spam in the past, therefore many websites and services we try to use block us from access. Sadly, we are going to have to switch back to cable. T-Mobile for mobile phones has been wonderful, it’s hard to believe they could do so badly with this service. we expected more.
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