T-Mobile Prepaid eSIM

4.9 (11.3K)
7.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for T-Mobile Prepaid eSIM

4.87 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
2 years ago, BigRed717
Worked flawlessly
Got an iPhone 14 plus. Had Verizon prepaid and they wouldn’t let me add this phone to a prepaid account. So started searching for other providers since Verizon wouldn’t help me. They would only do it for a post paid account for triple the price I was paying. T-Mobile was first on the list. Tried adding a new prepaid account online and it wouldn’t work. Then seen this app in the help section. Downloaded and was up and running in under 10 minutes with a new number and account. 5G works (although it’s download is more like LTE, 26 mbps DL but upload is 18 so better than VZ lte) and everything was good to go. Anyone wondering why T-Mobile is growing faster than the other 2 in the US? This is why. Painless app to add eSIM only phones that works. No phone calls or endless transfers. This is how it’s done Verizon.
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1 year ago, ClassyKimmy18
Great so far, highly recommend!
Can’t say about service or billing yet but so far SO GREAT! I have AT&T prepaid right now and I legit had to go into a store and wait for 30 min just to start service on an eSIM! Super inconvenient for me not to mention I was activating an electronic sim there’s nothing physical that should make me physically have to go into a store! Now with T-Mobile prepaid it was as easy as installing an app onto my iPhone then picking out/paying for a plan and DONE! Very easy hassle free CUSTOMER FRIENDLY process and so far I am very very pleased!
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3 years ago, rgran53
Easy to use!
I made the decision to switch from Mint Mobile and Visible Wireless due to sever deprioritization issues. I made the decision to go with T Mobile prepaid. I stumbled across this app and couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up on my iPhone 12 Pro. The only “issue” I had was that I didn’t see any option in the app to port my number from my previous carrier (It assigned me a new number), but I made a phone call to T Mobile prepaid and it was ported instantly! It took maybe 5 minutes, in total, on the phone (make sure you have your account number and pin from your previous carrier). Very minor inconvenience, but if that option was added to the app, it would make this app PERFECT.
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2 years ago, Evodziobak
Good app but small problem with buying from outside US
I like the idea of being able to buy a 30 day prepaid plan before traveling to US. A couple months ago I was able to buy the plan without any problem while being outside of the US, but now the app shows an error while trying to open it being outside of the US. I had to use a VPN connection in order to use the app and buy the plan. It was easier last time when I didn’t have to use the VPN connection. It made more sense to give the ability to buy the plan to use in US before arriving in the country. I don’t know why t-mobile changed that.
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2 years ago, ShoddySkill
Clutch App
I had just opened my iPhone 14 Pro and wanted to convert my physical Verizon SIM to a Verizon eSIM. After multiple calls to customer service, both my new phone and old phone were no longer able to receive calls, texts or use data. I downloaded this app in need of cell service and within 5 minutes I was setup and ready to go. Porting my existing number was easy too. The convenience of this app definitely brings in new customers.
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4 years ago, ნემო
This is BIG
Since I use T and Metro sims while visiting US, I always struggle - go to store, buy a SIM card, extra expenses, no refill for Metro, system do not accept non US cards... This app makes my life much easier - thanks Only improvement you can do is to add a week or two plans for tourists who do not stay for a month and just visit for short period of time
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3 years ago, sashabiker
Does not work with Display Zoom enabled
The eSIM is great and price can’t be beat but I could not create an account while Display Zoom accessibility setting was on - the Next button needed to advance from the first page of setup was offscreen due to larger image and no scrolling was possible. Once I fixed this I had some problems with getting bank payment to succeed - it failed with two different credit cards. I tried with a third debit card on which I am principal card holder (I was only additional for first two) and also I enabled precise location for the app - I don’t know which change or changes made a difference but the “third time paid for all” as they say. It would be great if T-Moble could fix the issue with Display Zoom - it is helpful for everyone who just needs larger view so they can read the phone without needing glasses.
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2 months ago, W.P. Archer
Doesn’t support autofill, or account help
I was able to use this app to successfully start service in my phone using an eSIM. But the process was so much more difficult than it needed to be. My biggest complaint is that the app does not support autofill — for name, email, or (worst of all) credit card information. This is completely unacceptable, given how many years autofill support has been easy for developers to add. Other problems: - the app does not help set up an online account, so I had to do that on the website after the fact - after starting service, when I open the app again it does not automatically recognize that I have service—it again asks for my email (after that, it recognizes my account, but takes me out of the app to the website)
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1 year ago, Tom_Bay
Great app few kinks
Great app for family visiting from abroad, but: 1) still need a card issued in the US to pay (perhaps other countries work, but so far no luck with LATAM cards) 2) I still need to help users 65+ set this up, it could definitely be more intuitive, especially when leaving the country and providing assistance deleting the esim from the phone itself 3) no data at all in America’s top 5G network? Perhaps 2-3 gigs?
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3 years ago, thalvfx
Security concerns!!!!!!
It’s a great idea and I have been excited about eSIM for months waiting for my carrier to unlock my phone after the 90 day period. T-Mobile was innovative by releasing this app but their US operations have no commitment to security. Their customer support is terrible and they’ve been suspicious and dishonest toward me. I am 99% sure they compromised my phones security or at the very least deliberately altered setting on my line and went against my wishes. I noticed that Telekom Deutsche has much higher standards than US operations. And I am an investor and they did this to me so imagine the average customer.
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2 years ago, best prepaid
I have been pulling out hairs with this prepaid plan system but I downloaded this app and I have service and a phone number is one minute. AMAZING, so simple, so affordable! Get this app it is so simple and way easier to navigate then other prepaid plans. You don’t even need a SIM card it’s great. 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Sickbar
Half baked solution
So when I first used the app I thought it was brilliant. You give your email. You choose a plan. You get the esim installed with no hassle. Really great. However as a visitor I left the states and now I’m heading back. You can’t reuse the app. You need to give an email, which they clearly remember but they won’t allow you to activate a new prepaid number or get your old one active again. When talking to support they need your T-Mobile account but the app doesn’t really helps you to create an account. So this really smooth and easy solution for travelers is really half baked. I would expect that the system (which again recognizes my email) locate your email or help you create an account and then allow you to get a new prepaid plan every time you travel.
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2 years ago, Imalgea
Have to call to cancel
Myself and 2 members of my family added the prepaid digital eSIM to our phones while we were on vacation in the USA from Europe. It worked pretty well, though getting messaging set-up correctly took some time. The big problem is that the only way to cancel the line and avoid future charges once we returned to Europe, was to call customer service. There needs to be a way to cancel through the app or I won't use this again on our next trip to the US.
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9 months ago, BiancafromPR
Most convenient thing I’ve ever came across
This gotta be the easiest way to set up phone service on an unlocked iPhone! I’ve done it so many times and it won’t take me more than 30 minutes! Truly a fast set up! Love love love this service
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2 years ago, Wideopenscooters
You down load the app, it checks to see if your phone is compatible. 40 bucks and less then 5 minutes later and I have service on my phone and I didn’t even have to get it. Super easy and simple to use
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3 years ago, Papa Fatz
Wow. Hello e-sim
I’m contemplating a switch from Verizon to T-Mobile. I really need to test drive T-Mobile coverage first. Setting up the pre-paid account and configuring my iPhone XS was smooth as silk. What a great option to try out T-Mobile. Totally worth the price of a month of prepaid service.
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2 years ago, JC241986
Great service option
This is a great service option offered by t-mobile with several options to choose from based on needs and budget.
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9 months ago, Diogo Jobane
Scammer and not works! Tourists get out Tmobile!
I have just enrolled for a prepaid account using T-Mobile eSim app. All the process seemed to work fine (I got a phone number and had my CC charged) but in the end there was some kind of problem installing the new eSim on my iPhone. Now it seems I am locked out of service, since the app requires a different e-mail and the creation of a new account to run again. How can I get the eSim for my existant and already paid for prepaid phone number now?
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1 year ago, Jamin0726
Fast and easy set up, instant activation of e-sim. T-Mobile customer service and 5G. I highly recommend T-MOBILE E-SIM over the many others who are difficult and don’t have all the features you’re looking for
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4 years ago, ~Miku~
To ppl bought their device in CHINA
To ppl bought their device in CHINA, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! It will say device not compatible with this app and cannot use eSIM on this device. Chinese iPhone does not support eSIM and this app will not work as normal. The app is good and easy to purchase a plan on the phone. No need too many steps. Good.
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4 years ago, clos1203
Super easy set up I had a iPhone XS who I bought from someone. They hadn’t payed their bill in months and I didn’t want to go through a process of calling an operator or wait super long. This literally gave me a number and set up my new cellular data in 5 minutes. Awesome!!!
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2 months ago, God is Good forever 1
Never thought
I’ve never thought it was gonna be just easy to do a eSIM with T-Mobile and get a prepaid service for such a low price and good service at that. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Cellular phone dude
A no-brainer for carrier unlocked phones
Couldn’t be easier, I was up and running with a new T-Mobile phone number in under 5 minutes!
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11 months ago, Denisekill
Prepaid simplified
This was so easy and I recommend it for anyone needing prepaid. I use it for my extra iPhone. For a just in case situation!! T-Mobile is the best service I have used!!
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3 years ago, Ben1295836164
Error 505
Tried a bunch of different approaches, but ultimately I always ended up with a 505 error. The phone number on the error screen recommended calling support, who in turn recommended “trying again.” I have tried again maybe six or seven times now with different combos of WiFi on/off, SIM card installed/removed - I give up. I’ll just stick to WiFi for the duration of my trip.
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11 months ago, JC San Juan
Easy e-sim
Used the t-mobile app for registering an e-sim from them and it is very easy and convenient for me. Works like a charm and I now have a prepaid sim to use. 🙂
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2 years ago, Sad:(mmk
Waste of time
Went through everything, paid and even grabbed the e-sim and never received a confirmation email and I had no service. Checked and I was charged, called twice spent 2 hours on the phone and no resolution since they could not locate anything. I will have to go through my bank now since I have a charge from them.
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2 years ago, KiuryXXX
This app saved me
While the other carriers gived me a lot of problemssetting up my new iPhone 14, T-Mobile helped me making everything easy 10/10
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10 months ago, Blazehbk
Very fast
Fast and easy, I didn’t expect it to be so quick & very self explanatory, it’s fast & easy setup, definitely gives this a try.
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3 years ago, myers10987
So fast and simple
I tried Visible and AT&T first but could not get them to work. TMobile worked and was installed in less than 3 minutes. Awesome!
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1 year ago, RichyRichBda
Only works for limited countries
Traveling from Bermuda and thought this was a good way to get service before arriving. Have to load the app and get all the way through to payment only to find out they don’t take many international credit cards. Disappointed and now have to go hunting for a store to buy a sim when we get there.
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1 year ago, Phloofcat
Missing Data only plans
This isn’t helpful for dual e-sim devices. I get to the plan selection screen and the prepaid data plans aren’t listed. I don’t need another voice plan. It’s frustrating that T-Mobile makes it so hard to add a second data to a device.
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3 years ago, LeoSaysThis
Many problems signing up
It took many,many,many attempts to get this app to work and activate an account on a iPhone 13 pro max and iOS 15. Once it does go through the service works fine.
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2 years ago, N37_
Easy to Use and Setup 2nd Line
Worked flawlessly on an iPhone 12 Pro to set up a Prepaid eSim when I was struggling for data service.
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4 years ago, hllywluis
Easy and Fast Service
Service activates instantly and porting a number (if you don’t want to use the provided number) is fast. Thanks, T-Mobile!
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2 years ago, Trip Rumble
Cannot Advance Past the 3rd Page
I select which plan I want on the “Select a Prepaid plan” page, I tap “Next,” a loading animation plays, some terms pop up, I tap “Accept,” another loading animation plays, and the “Select a Prepaid plan” page appears again. Tapping “Next” starts that loop all over again. This app is functionally useless.
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3 years ago, Tim.se
Game changer
This is amazing. We now have a European sim and an American eSim when we travel to the states. Set it up on the plane…. No visit to stores and waiting in lines; game changer.
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2 weeks ago, Greenvref
Doesn’t work.
Once again T- Mobile took my money and didn’t deliver service. It went all the way through charging my credit card but when trying to activate the E sim said the eSIM was not compatible with this phone. It’s an iPhone 14. Way to go TMobile. Would have been nice you told me before taking my money.
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4 years ago, LouDixi
Sticky divorce had me in limbo between carriers. Aha moment—realized I had a esim capable phone!! Saved the day and saved the stress of having to buy a new device! Thanks T-MOBILE!!
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4 years ago, jim-74528
Most excellent service
I was going to get an account with a different carrier but they didn’t support eSIM on prepaid. So here I am on T-Mobile and much happier. Simple process - just works.
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Easy easy
I was trying to add a new plan to my unlocked phone while I using a Telcel SIM card and in 2 minutes o got my e-sim card easy plan
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4 years ago, Dr of Professorshipness
ZERO Stars - Cheap plans are still missing
Don’t even waste your time, as you can’t get the $15 unlimited talking and text with 2 GB., Rather typical, with hold the best deals to try to soak an Apple user. Thanks TMO... it seems like you’re definitely bringing the Sprint trash with you in the merger... so sad. Hello... T-mobile, this damages your brand and makes you look like greedy Verizon. (my review Last updated May 11, 2020)
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3 years ago, heber911
Can’t get past opening screen
I would love for this to work but can’t figure out how to get past opening screen : enter email The app doesn’t give any way to continue from there so that’s as far as I get. No errors, no user feedback. I am using a new iPhone 12 unlocked and purchased direct from Apple.
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1 year ago, MisterMfHicks
T mobile eSIM
T mobile is amazing they make things simple the way it should be
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5 years ago, AlexFrostNemo
Missing Pay As You Go plan
Could you please add Pay As You Go plan ($3)? I would like to use this plan when I’m aboard and don’t use T-mobile’s eSIM. Thank you!!!
Show more
3 days ago, Josephsh25732562
This is how getting a SIM card in 2024 should be!!
Extremely easy
Show more
1 year ago, gold.coast
3 minutes and set up
So quick! Great variety of plans.
Show more
3 years ago, Markb424
Very buggy. Disappointing
I tried to sign up as a new customer and have had multiple issues. Now, I’m not even able to advance past the point where I enter my email. Customer support was unable to help and eventually asked me to go into a store. Very disappointing and not a great initial experience with T-Mobile.
Show more
3 years ago, ViperAggressor
Great system
I activated the rain prepaid plan in Europe so when I arrive in the US I will have a phone that works.
Show more
3 years ago, cbong23
Allow existing prepaid customers to convert to eSim
I was so excited to see this app in the store, but it seems like it’s not for existing prepaid customers to convert to eSim. Please make this functionality available.
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