T-Mobile Scam Shield

4.7 (186.4K)
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4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for T-Mobile Scam Shield

4.75 out of 5
186.4K Ratings
5 months ago, RLNfirst
Unique Outstanding Design App!
Funny as I sit here I can remember when security was never thought to be so important for your phone. You could pick up a phone book and get the number you wanted to call. Remember when you could get a operator to help and dial the number for you. When you answered your phone never was any danger that goes on today. When the idea that the phone company came out with that we could hide our phone number from the world seemed like a good idea but as it turned out this was the start of the security system problem that now has blown out of proportion! This app is truly trying to get back to where it is safe to answer your phone again! But it is not simple and the Crooks that have caused this mess are not making it easy to correct the problem. They are not rolling over and playing dead. They use tricks to try and keep on trying to steal your money and Identity. But they are losing with the help of this great unique technology outstanding app! So hang in there and help the Developers report what is happening to you and report the phone number that is a scam or fraud. Your helping to beat the Crooks even though it may not seem like it so Mr. Developer I Tip my Hat 🎩 to you and say “ Thanks “
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1 year ago, MABasenjis
It works but Unknown & Blocked that are Reported calls are still allowed to come through
Calls are still allowed to come through from unknown callers or scam calls even though you have reported them and block them several times and you do not know you have gotten a scam call sometimes until you look at your scam shield app for example the last two days at like between 8:30 AM and 9 AM I’ve been getting several calls from individuals I do not know and I leave them go to voicemail and then I blocked them and I report them as a scam or fraud or spam but they still are allowed to go through if they’re blocked and reported they should not be allowed to come through otherwise it’s a good app and if you want to do anything else you have to pay otherwise it’s free those are the only things I don’t like about this app if I don’t know who your eye don’t want you to be calling me if you’re blocked this app should not let it come through and if you reported this app should stop the call otherwise T-Mobile has a good app here so I hope T-Mobile fixes it because I’m tired of getting calls from people I do not know on a unlisted private number that is on the National Do Not Call List t-Mobile please work on this if a call is blocked no other calls should be coming through from that number and also allow the person to know it’s a scam call when it’s ringing through as well as if it’s blocked once it should not be coming through at all and that’s final!
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2 years ago, JpC02021986PmC09072006
Peace of mind
This app helps you blocked unwanted calls also blocks wanted calls unless you add them to your contacts. I love how I’ve got a peace of mind to know scam calls are silent cal also in the app allow block send to voice mail. It’s cheap to pay for the best blocking app ever!!! Just one thing I think would do a world of good on this app the ability to add custom written reasons for blocking and some details on said and faster reports to T-Mobile. Though I’ve got a peace of mind to know that scam calls are down by I’d give 100% can be a pain once you get to know it works your ready to Rock n roll. This app was worth it and makes my life easier. I can’t say how many numbers I block and actively report plus undesired number I don’t want to hear from ever again. You got T-Mobile down load and kick back see any unknown calls just delete but Learn this app. I’ve got my peace of mind get yours with this app
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3 years ago, FF Doc
I Had No Choice but to Download this app
I was more or less forced into downloading this app because T-Mobile shut down Sprints app. This app is totally worthless unless you go Premium. I pay over $300 for 3 phones each month for phones that don’t work more than half the time. The service is horrible & T-Mobile says they have the best coverage out of anybody, talk about half truths not even. I’m worried I’m going to have to dial 911 someday & something is going to go wrong in the worst way. Call gets dropped as it usually does, call taker won’t be able to hear me due to poor signal, or it goes to 2 other counties that their borders are close to me. That’s already happened 4 times. Thankfully I’m a volunteer FF & called our 911 center on my radio. I don’t want to get started about text messages, voice mail, & email. Anyone of those I can get somewhat in a timely manner or it can take up to over a few days or I’ve gotten voicemails or emails that took well over a week to come in. I’d like to hear that explanation. Finally is it common practice that I have to reboot my phone once a week? I don’t think that’s how it works. I was prompted to give a review & so I have. I’ve talked to other Sprint/T-Mobile customers & they have the same complaints that I’ve just placed in writing. It’s mind boggling that I pay that much for something I can’t rely on. I highly doubt I’ll be around much longer to make anymore complaints in a review.
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2 years ago, SS_Mind_Seeking
The worst
This app is the worst thing that ever hit the App Stores. It only blocks calls that it seem as likely a scam. Hence why it is called “scam likely.” If this is any indication of what the “new T-Mobile” will be like—there would be no point in my family staying with this telecom company. We were loyal to sprint, and their service/business since 2007. T-Mobile was still shucking prepaid minute plan’s back then. As new telecom subscriber’s of this “new T-Mobile” we deserve better applications with doable features that combat all these warranty/credit card/insurance robocalls, burner number’s from scammer’s, and unwanted text codes. I don’t even own a car, so why am I even getting those kind’s of calls? Not sure, but sprint’s call screener app allowed us to block, report, and get educational geo information about these kind’s of calls AT NO COST as their subscriber. The scam shield app only has ONE OPTION of Premium and that service has to be paid for. Now, shall we phone in and complain about our every day annoyance’s or take away our business? Because It’s kind of leaning towards both. And even though $300 a month might not seem as a big deal; every month the bill is paid in full and we’ve been with sprint strongly since 2012 when they were getting in their groove. Your move. What are we doing T-Mobile?
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3 years ago, Cortney’s MacBook Air
Worst Scam Block App in Existence
Not only did this app not even manage to block most of the spam calls I got and it’s phone reverse lookup can never “find” info for any given number, worst of all I’ve missed calls from contacts and so many other numbers that weren’t contacts, but weren’t at all spam nor flagged as likely spam. I have missed calls from several friends and family and also including important, awaited calls from two physicians this past week because of this app. Constant issues with T-Mobile; been a customer for years, but honestly about to switch. I lost two important doctor appointments and had callers blocked that I was never aware of to where they couldn’t even leave a VM. There’s no telling how much more I’ve missed, and have been unaware of. Thanks, T-Mobile, no scam was blocked, but I’ll be spending hours on the phone rectifying important canceled physician appointments due to your app and network never working properly. My grievances aside, this app is legitimately terrible at blocking any of the annoying, obvious spam calls. It’s blocked a whopping 4 calls over several months; the car insurance scams were able to call and leave a VM when other numbers only got a busy signal and I had no idea they called.
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3 years ago, Imani0823
Terrible Amount of Scam Calls
July 1 I started receiving 40 scam texts and 25 scam calls a day all of a sudden. I never had this problem when I was with Sprint 2 years ago. It is RIDICULOUS the amount of scam calls/texts I am receiving. It makes me not want to have a phone anymore I downloaded the scam shield and blocked every type of call but the calls still come through. It was about 25 scam calls a day and now it’s 10-12 which is still bad considering this app is supposed to block them. It got so bad I called T-mobile so they could “troubleshoot” but that only worked for a day. I spend more time running to answer my phone and coming to find out it’s just spam calls than I actually do talking on the phone. I have never seen such a useless app. How are scam likely calls still coming through when I blocked scam calls on the app lol? I also signed up for a DIGITS number last week and since having the number for 4 days, I received many spam calls on the new number. I think T-mobile has a data leak or something because how are these spam/robos getting our phone numbers? T-mobile needs to hire better software developers and network people to fix this app!
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4 months ago, Osctbr
Do not expect this application to work while you are out of the country
I have been out of the country for more than a week and using a vpn on all my devices. This app doesn’t stop unwanted calls while you are traveling and it doesn’t update the call list at all. I am getting calls all night long while on another continent. This app is a complete waste of money. Add to the fact that I am part of not one but two data breaches now and my number is being used to spoof nuisance calls. Thank you T-Mobile for not caring about people’s privacy. There are calls that show up in my missed calls list that do not appear in this application. Why? How can you advertise that you block spam calls when this application allows calls to come in and does not even track them at all? How is it that this application blocks a number one day, but someone calls from the same number the next day and the call gets through? How is it that you report a number as spam, but someone can still call you from the same number a day later twenty times and it still rings? This application is a complete waste of money. Don’t bother.
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1 year ago, Alberto G-mez
Download it! And love it!
It is 1:17 am and with insomnia so I guess I should talk about this app. I love it even though it isn’t perfect. It has alleviated so many headaches with spam numbers ever since I’ve downloaded the app. I wish I was lying but at one point I counted 125 “telemarketing” and “scam likely” calls within 35 min time frame! I am not joking! With that being said there are instances where the same number would attempt to make the call 10-15 times in a row and 1 out of those would come through, no biggie. At some point there was a time where I couldnt report, block or do anything within the app, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it now works great! HOWEVER I would really appreciate if the app would stop asking me to turn on my notifications to alert me of potential spam callers every time I open the app or report a new number. Like I don’t want know I have 500 scammers trying to connect with me! The less I know about them the better. To developer: thanks for your hard work with this app! It is underrated! ATT could never and I’m so glad I switched over, so if You could please remove that “connect with us and turn on notifications” pop up would be great! Thanks! Now if you’re still reading and still debating weather to download or not, you’re wasting time! Do yourself a favor and download now!
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2 years ago, a girl with great taste
Don’t bother downloading this app. You’ll be disappointed.
If I could rate this app with less than zero stars, I would. I was a Sprint customer until they were bought out by T-Mobile and I had to switch carriers, but Sprint’s call blocker doesn’t work on T-Mobile’s network, so I was basically forced to download this app in order to block spam calls. One glaring problem, it doesn’t block any of the spam calls from going through, nor does it do anything that a call screening app should be able to do. On the Sprint app, everything was available for free, but with T-Mobile’s app, you don’t get anything at all unless you pay for premium. I’m very frustrated because I can’t even report a fraudulent number to T-Mobile’s service. It makes me question the purpose of even having it on my phone if it isn’t doing anything or making any difference in the number of spam calls I get on a daily basis. I do not recommend using this app. It’s better to just download and/or pay for a third party spam blocker that will actually provide the service that it was designed for in the first place. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, LHunt6770
Love this!
Currently I am using the basic version , my phone ringing has now gone from a constant all day and night to mostly only the people I know . Once in a while I still get calls that I myself consider spam, but they are actually not , they are just now that I am closer to an age that I need to think about certain insurances I get those calls and they never shut up and leave you alone. I simply keep blocking each number they keep calling me from in hopes they will run out of numbers lol. I am considering upgrading to the premium . As it does me a lot more options I can control and it is truly less than a cup of coffee these days or even 1 gallon of gas ! If you have not added this to your phone I suggest you do ! If your tired of hearing your phone ring and it’s not someone you know it is worth adding to your phone !!! I am so glad I did!
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2 years ago, Skylark DuQuesne
T-Mobile’s “Scam Shield
It is a great app but could use some work on functionality. It could be made a bit easier and clearer to navigate through all of the many features. An ad-on condensed manual to dummy down the steps for use by neophytes. I have to provide support to many of my customers who use T-Mobile that have installed “Scam Shield” (neophytes with various mobile phones). Usually not time-consuming, so no charge. But if users could browse through an integrated or printed condensed “use” manual with an index, many newbies would find their answers themselves. T-Mobile has an excellent record as a mobile service provider, along with their excellent support teams and their apps, which would only enhance their quality of apps.
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3 years ago, justblamebob
Why is it when you get used to one thing you guys always have to change things
Well now that I had to go to this T-Mobile thing instead of my sprint one I’m getting all types of calls because you ain’t blocking him and then I got a set them in there and you’re blocked and calls that are very important to me from someone that is in jail you block that that is not good and I’m old and I don’t like getting used to new things and learning how to operate new things why can’t you just left me with the sprint app and put the T-Mobile name on it it worked just fine to yours I get more calls now but I do like the service and it is better since I did get that Sim card I doAnd I do talk into my phone and I don’t proofread it because I can’t read the print I’m old and wise can’t see it but it be a little better if you are did a little bit more for your older customers have been with you for years with Sprint and everything instead of giving new people new phones knew this and that but yet as old people have been faithful to you you don’t wanna do nothing for us
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1 year ago, msjm421
Is this the real scam?
I downloaded this app because i was getting around two or three scam calls a day. After downloading the app about a month ago, the shield seemingly worked. I wasn't getting anymore of these calls. However, when I went into the app to try to quantify the effectiveness, I noticed that the Scam shield App hasnt blocked any calls in the last 30 days. This means that it isnt that the app is doing its job, its just that no one is trying to call my number anymore. So, I instantly went from 60-90 calls a month to zero attempted calls a month as soon as I downloaded the app. That is fishy. So here is the question. Is T-mobile giving ur data to scam callers in order to generate a demand for this app then discontinuing this once you have the app to prove its efficacy? As a communications company there are limited things they can do with ur call records, but as an app developer that ties into your call logs by ur acceptance of their privacy policy how much of your personal communication data that is normally protected by law is now for sale to whatever bidder.
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3 years ago, Jjohnson x
When it works, it works good.
Lots of talk about being able to block calls but the BLOCK feature seems to not work occasionally. You can select BLOCK on a number and the block button will light up; however, when you return to the number in the ACTIVITY list, the number you just blocked is unblocked again. Therefore, the 4-star rating I am giving applies to the app when it is working properly. This situation has happened several times over the period year-long period I’ve used the app so the failure is temporary. When the failure situation is happening - like it is at the time of this writing - this app deserves maybe 2 stars. The reason I’ll give it two stars is because it still blocks known or suspected scammer numbers that are preemptively blocked by the app. If the app already knows them, they get blocked...but those only amount to about 20 percent of the scammer calls I receive.
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3 years ago, Jane Doe Not
Beware if you have to swap your SIM card and use this
The app wants to charge for spam blocking features I used to have with my sprint spam blocking app. (My phone stopped working properly. Because T-Mobile bought out sprint, I was forced to switch networks and apps. Now I am losing functionality with this app. This app wants to charge for blocking certain types of dangerous calls that a) I could block with the sprint app and b) T-Mobile should be blocking in the first place IMO! Also the app is not easy to figure out / intuitive like the sprint app. Every single thing I try to do i have to contact CS. They should have help features built into every single task so that if someone needs information you just tap an “I” or something. Instead it keeps telling you you have to contact customer service for help when customers find features are grayed out. So disappointing and unexpected after using the sprint app which quite frankly did not look as good but worked much better.
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3 years ago, tmobileloyalcustomer90347
Not what I expected
I was giving Robo Calls a trial run, then switched to T-Mobile shield to find option are vague, goes to my Voicemail to only get my name and they leave a message which is justas bad. Cost for premium should be free for T-Mobile customers honestly, and I’m confident enough to use as a basic. All honesty Robo Call app is awesome at voicemail and calls are answered as a variety assortment messages to choose from and the joke is on the spammers. At the same time you get all notices of who calling and from where, if not in your contacts it doesn’t get through! Important calls just add to contacts, check out trial run and go from there. T-Mobile can rock the same and give free for T-Mobile customers you would get 100% support. Back to Robo calls and for one year it’s a little over $20 bucks too. A bargain for all you get. Will keep a look out for further updates until then thanks for trying T-Mobile step it up a bunch, I’m just saying.
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2 years ago, _waffle_
You need this app
I typically don’t review apps unless they are really bad or really good but this app is a saving grace. I changed my number and ever since have received spam calls non stop, I didn’t want to go through the process of getting ANOTHER new number and having to update all my contacts as well as hospitals place of work school etc. Whilst searching for a solution on google I found two solutions 1. A number to put you on a no contact list and 2. This app! I have Metro/T-Mobile already so I was very delighted to see the app was made by my service provider. It’s been only a few weeks and I haven’t received even ONE spam call! The app even shows how many they’ve stopped and it’s over 100 for me. No more annoying calls!
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4 years ago, Amir Sneaky
A really great app. I got the app from a message T-Mobile sent me and I downloaded this. I get less scan calls now. Of course I still get a few, but nothing is perfect right? It’s a nice add-on to my current T-Mobile network. It blocked some of my friends, but I can just favorite them and they don’t get blocked. I love the fact T-Mobile sent me a message saying, “Download Scam shield from T-Mobile.” We did not have to wait and randomly find it. Overall great scam killer. Be fore the calls got annoying. So I got an annoying voicemail greeting. Blocked real people but not scam bots. My missed calls feed got spammed with calls. This app changed all that. Much less scam calls. Just so you know, THIS IS A SERVICE OFFERED BY T-MOBILE. ITS MOST LIKELY NOT GOING TO BE PERFECT. Thanks for reading this long review
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3 years ago, Excgchief
All Incoming Calls
Selecting activities I get a list of all incoming calls that come from my phone’s recent calls. I have blocked and marked all that were spam calls yet the all incoming calls feature shows some of the numbers I’ve labeled as spam in red with blocked indicator. It also shows spam calls that I have labeled spam and have them blocked it shows those numbers in black without the blocked indicator. Also under manage this is where you have the ability to add numbers to either a favorite, block or send to voice mail. Somehow a number on my block list showed up under favorites and there is no way to delete it. Now it’s no big deal except how do I get rid of it if it’s no longer a favorite and the issue if I should add a number to the block list and then later change my mind. In short the app needs some fine tuning.
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3 years ago, PGin29
When I saw that T Mobile has a spam block app, I was not sure if it’s going to be reliable or good. Although, I know T Mobile is an amazing company! However, I hesitantly installed the app. From day one without me having to do anything at all I have not received a single spam call! And the fact that there is an option where I can look at the activity, I love that! Because it showed me that indeed the spam calls were blocked and it also showed the calls that came through. So if there is ever an error you can correct it. But as of now, I have not felt the need for it! And I’ve been using it for about two months now. I love love love it and put highly recommend it to anyone!
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1 year ago, Susan Mowatt
Hello, not all people are in a financial situation where they can pay to upgrade on your system… These systems are made to help your phone and if you don’t have them, then you get inundated with spam calls, and all kinds of stuff all day long… I am brain cancer and I am 62 years old. I don’t need all these calls. My phone is just filling up. I’m constantly having to try to clean it because I have a service that is you that won’t do it for me because I don’t have the money to pay the extra for the premium… I do appreciate the closet do you get blocked? I do thank you for that. That is a very good feature but that’s it that’s all you do when I would really like to have the whole thing I just cannot afford to pay for it no matter how much it is… Disability does not pay much and it’s kind of hard to eat these days… Thank you and you have a blessed day. God bless you, Susan.
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3 years ago, 1992 Lia
This is a scam
Unable to use features and no response from T-Mobile. Toggle greyed out for option to send categories to voicemail, also cannot manually add a number to be blocked. Numbers already marked as spam still ring through. They do not verify a number is legitimate, I still get at least a dozen calls a week from numbers “not in service “. The number of spam calls claimed to have been blocked doesn’t change. The procedure to report a call is cumbersome, and still let’s call ring through. I am also getting spam calls on my “proxy “ line, and calls that seem to be forwarded from my voice line. CORRECTION: I did get a response from T-Mobile, which said they were marking it “resolved”, although nothing was done. Manager was supposed to callback March 19, luckily I am not holding my breath
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4 years ago, Hatethisapp2
Very far from my expectations
I reported an issue few weeks ago, had not heard from their support team. First it ask for access to your contact list to then block people that are on there, even on favorites. Also for some reason it does not filter all calls, or at least not all calls are present our call list - I’m unable to report spam if the call is not in the incoming call list (I’m using the free version). I recently moved from AT&T and I never had any issue with this two things. On top of this I’m getting calls from spammers, more than ever, something that did not happened with AT&T. Sorry to compare but the difference is huge. Also, been unable to block call I’m the free version it makes this app useless for me, since I’m unable to block spammers that call me multiple times per week and this app failed to recognize as spam. In short: at least the free version is useless. I hope that support can respond my emails.... eventually
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1 month ago, Jaime Marie R.
First 5 star review
I love this app!! It definitely filters out all the spam calling. Telemarketing, bill collection, political calls etc. Once in a while it will filter out a wanted call due to it not being in my contacts. I’ll accept that because missing one or even a few wanted calls is better than the spam I was getting all day and night long. I love that it shows a list off all numbers is blocked then allowing you to edit whichever numbers you want to allow in the future. I have never given an app 5 stars.. this is the first. If your looking to have a little more quality time without all the unnecessary noise..try Scam Shield. You won’t be disappointed.
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2 years ago, Appselector007
This application says , click get started to check settings . Where is the Get started part at I missed it ? And this Application automatically sends unknown callers to voice mail … I got news for you , they may be unknown callers to you , but I recognize those numbers . Every day someone is trying to force $250,000. Into my account. So most of those text still get threw ?. I recieve Groupe messages from a group of 10 people where no one knows who the next person is , people text me asking me to stop texting them , when my number is being used by scammers I suppose.. This is not a complaint i give you 5 points for Your hard work. Thank you
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2 years ago, jazzyj j
Scam Blocks well except not abke add new phone number to Block List. Also Not let me search for phone number. Also need to be able to block unknown callers as well as marjeting sales calls instead of only send to voicemail. I do not want voicemails but want to permanently block phone number. I know callers not in my contacts still get through leave too many messages. Please add where I can BlOCK add this to toggle switch. Make it easier to block phone I get from phone log who not know. Scan Blick not allow me to search or add phone number but go to contacts but this not in my contacts but unknown caller. I need be able cluck pkus sign to add under Block category list but not let me do this for years. Please fix this bug
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1 year ago, Meemoff
Could be better
Ive been trying to post this nice review for days I’m new to T-Mobile and while my spam calls are blocked and this app is super effective in that way I wish I could delete all calls at once rather than individually. Too time consuming ! Also I wish I could turn off voicemail to text . For me it’s unnecessary I did get a quick response explaining TMobile was responsible for the VM to text . I was able to go to the TMobile app , which by the way is awful and after much trouble did disable that feature ! Thank you support team Now if only we could erase all call history on this app at once I stress of individually
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2 years ago, Stvtrusty
Excellent! Awesome! Effective!
Works as advertised. There is not another app available that I have used that has “effective” features like this one, that is so easy to use. Now when my phone rings, I can look at the caller ID and know with confidence that the individual calling is not trying to waste my time. The simple reporting function is effortless in managing what calls come through, get send to voicemail, or get rejected. So even if one slips through the cracks or a non-spam call gets blocked, I can correct the accident swiftly and with little effort. Yet another T-mobile advantage over the competition.
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2 months ago, tricem
Is this thing on?
1. It still won’t work over a vpn connection. 2. It now tells me to disable ad blockers to function correctly Those two are deal-breakers, Developers. As of late, this app has been extremely useless. Where it used to average 30-40 blocked calls per month, it hasn’t broke the single digit mark in the last six…and I’m getting a buttload of spam calls making it through. I also would like to know why some allowed calls from my contacts keep showing up as pink in the app, and others do not... Get more aggressive with the blocking and way less so with the annoying the user(s)... On another side note, if T-Mobile would STOP selling their user information to third parties, a lot of this would likely stop. I get a lot of spam on my phone for every member of my family plan (all 6 of them), and rarely ever for myself....
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2 years ago, HoserSmoser
Blocks many legitimate calls
I realize the technology is fall evolving, but I didn’t know how poorly spam shield was performing. it has been blocking calls from a number of people in my contact list that are not spammers. to avoid this problem I’d like to suggest that you make the default setting for the “notify me when a likely scam call is blocked “set to ON also during a version upgrade leave the setting as it was before. when I upgraded to version 2.11 it turned the setting back off. today it also blocked a legitimate call from your own technical support team at phone number 888–2 11–4727 Perhaps in a future version there could be a default “white list “that includes your own validated phone number list
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3 months ago, SueeBeeG
Trying this again
Not starting off great - checked the call log and my # was marked scam likely... (I normally do not call myself but when I call my work # and staff forget to unforward it in morning the call still forwards to my phone) The spam and scammers are out of control. It seems the phone companies could figure out a way to stop the spoofing of #s and they know when the call isn't originating from the device or phone system the # is registered to. Or maybe they just want to money off the unwanted calls and sell a premium call blocker and now you may miss a call that you do want to receive because it's not a perfect system... We pay enough for phone service so why pay for more for this?
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2 years ago, Ll8291
Been receiving multiple calls from different numbers for weeks from scam or spoofed numbers. I did research and spoke to friends with T-Mobile who have a feature that upon dialing the caller has to input digits manually in order to get through (for free mind you). Spoke to a representative who said that all I needed to do was download this app and it would do this for all my calls, for free. It didn’t do anything. Called and spoke to someone who said I need to pay $4 per month. $4 per month for them to screw up yet again and for this to “maybe work”. How do other people I know have this feature for free but you want me to pay $4 per month? Been a customer since 2014 and Sprint/T-Mobile has caused many issues with billing and service. Will be switching providers soon to get this feature for free as other providers offer.
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2 years ago, 121HB
Have to pay doesn’t stop calls
So now the scam calls don’t say scam. They now list the name of the city. And the calls still come in even after I block them physically on my phone. The company was hacked what 2 years ago with all our numbers. Why should we have to pay for this service. It is their fault everyone with T-Mobile was hacked back in the day with all our personal information. I receive about 10 scam calls a day and the app shows 0 blocked. The only difference is it shows someone’s name now if it’s a number I don’t know in my contact list. This should be free due to their lack of better security and our information being out there for scammers. I still receive scam calls but they no longer say scam on them. Still to this day after having it for about a month it claims 0 calls have been blocked. Not happy.
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2 years ago, Mooo66
used to work well…
now it doesnt. a few months ago i downloaded this because i was getting a crazy amount of scam calls and texts. i’m talking I’d get 10-20 calls a day and at least five messages. after i got this three went away and every now and then, one or two calls would come in. i have no idea what happens but ever since yesterday spam calls and texts have flooded in again. i counted and just yesterday i had a total of 20 calls in one day (some were from the same numbers which i’ve now blocked but even that doesnt help- i block one and another pops up). i don’t know why i’m suddenly getting flooded with a ton of spam again but please update the app or something to help. it used to genuinely work well for me and now i’m back to getting spammed daily…
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2 years ago, SherriM&
Tricky to get to work properly
The app used to work fairly well. But all of a sudden it just gives me an “authentication failed” message every time I check it. Calls that have come in (good or spam) don’t even register in the activity tab. I do what it prompts me to do after “authentication failed,” and it shows “Spam Block is ON,” but then when I check it again, it shows “authentication failed” again. I even deleted the app and redownloaded, but got the same results. Disappointing because it used to work great. *UPDATE: The app is working again. I noticed my Bluetooth setting was ON, so I tried turning it off; and, don’t know if that was coincidental or related, but it started working again after that.
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3 years ago, Dean Buzzell
Fair, at best
I’ve a hard time quantifying this app’s value. I see it’s activity list, showing it’s blocking calls. Well and good, but there are some gaps. I’ve gotten close to 20 calls in the last three days from one of those cold-call, hard-sell Medicare insurance firms. They all have the same caller ID, but each comes from a different number, in various states. Since this app will only allow you to block a number manually, I’ll have to keep receiving these calls, and block them after they give up and hang up. It would be nice if this app would allow you to block callers by caller ID, or at least allow you to categorize them into a category I choose to block, so I don’t have to keep seeing them.
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8 months ago, Shen13G
Is it working?
The past few months there is no way to tell if this app even works anymore, except for the fact that you cannot turn off Scam Block. If you need to turn it off temporarily you will get a message saying “We’re having trouble turning off Scam Block. Contact 611” The Activity Log used to show any phone calls you received or made, along with those blocked. My activity log has been blank for months. I have made, and received, phone calls, yet the log is still blank. Makes me wonder if any unwanted calls were ever blocked, or not. I was told awhile back by someone at T-Mobile that they are aware and the app just needs to be updated. An update/fix would really be nice!
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3 years ago, Ewilridge87
Love the app, but......
Love the app, but Im mad that it now cost for the features I had that were included on the call screener app with sprint. Once I switched my sim card in store, I no longer have to the other app. What was once free on the sprint app and network now cost $4 a month on the tmobile network. So disappointing, didn’t this conglomerate of a company make enough money from the merger of the two cell companies and provide better service and have happier customers. Update: Thanks for the prompt response, however your response is untrue in the facts. You can’t use any of those options you mentioned without first having to subscribe to the “premium“ service. Which those same options were free to use with the “Call Screener” app on the sprint network. Had I known this I would’ve never switched out my sim card.
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8 months ago, Mwilliams5375
Scam Shield doesn’t actually work.
Seems like every week the amount of blocked calls in the “blocked calls” section, per the app, decrease over time. Went from 1k to around 200. That’s not to say it’s working. It’s not. Specifically, calls coming from Vanuatu keep making it through to me. Can we not block entire countries if we know we don’t have a contact out there? I shouldn’t have to comb through my list of missed, or ignored, calls just to block specific numbers. It doesn’t matter. They’ll spoof and call from a different number. Why am I even paying for a service that DOESN’T WORK? EDIT: Still get unwanted calls, and the blocked calls show numbers in the single digits at this point. I’m not going to manually log/block numbers. That’s what this app is supposed to do. T-Mobile needs to do better.
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1 year ago, Andrea Robby
I’ve been plagued and cursed by a hacked I phone for 9 months….which means no matter what phone I buy 3 now, two computers….unless I want to erase my existence off of this earth by going up in smoke, my identity will never recover. It’s been a nightmare no one wants to know or might not believe how bad it can ruin your life. This app doesn’t do it all but for me it’s easy and quick and user friendly I’ve gotta set it up to be more complete I just got it. I Just Started entering every single contact one by one what a shame, I lost so much personal information and Photos and all user names passwords. Anywho… great little affordable helper to have handy. Try it! You’ll love it too!
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2 years ago, Wangchung83
T-Mobile doesn’t care
As a T mobile customer for the past two year I’ve come to the realization that they must sign there customers up for robocalls. This is simply asinine as I get 20-40 robo calls a week and sometimes that in day. It’s just become a nightmare as a physician who’s time is just not worth it. Robo calls interrupting real patients who have real concerns. I’m done with t mobile as their service isn’t what they claim it to be. 5g is really just a reliable lte that is overloaded. Also I was originally granted first responder discount but I guess being on the front lines isn’t enough. Have seen 40+ COVID’s this week in a group home outbreak, lost my father who was a physician to COVID, but somehow the firefighters, ems, and others are at more risk so they get the discount. Five more robo calls since starting this review. See ya later t mobile!!!!
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2 years ago, Mochuv
Reduced scam calls to almost zero
I’m not sure why there’s some poor reviews of this app. ScamShield has worked really well for me. Despite having blocked (and I kid you not) thousands of scam numbers, I’d still get 10-20 scam calls a day. That number has been reduced to almost zero with ScamShield - and that is with the free version. The first two weeks it blocked 168 scam calls. I’ve recommended the app to friends who also struggle with constant scam calls. I’ve been able to turn the ringer back on my phone which I had previously kept off due to the frequent calls from scammers.
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10 months ago, Verticaltakeoff
Works great a few tweaks would make it perfect
This app works very well at reducing spam calls. My only criticism would be that it can be quite laggy to use at times. Pressing buttons often takes 2 seconds to respond. Annoying but it’s not often that options need to be changed. One thing missing from the app is a way to manually add a name to a number. Some people’s names don’t show up just the number. I have accidentally blocked a number I didn’t recognize only to later find out it’s someone I want to speak with. If I had the ability to manually add a name to the number that wouldn’t happen.
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11 months ago, Puzzlememan
Relief! (Updated)
I wrote the review below just a week or so ago but since then the scammers have figured it out. If they call within about a minute of their first call, the second one will come straight to my phone!!!! Previous review - I was getting upwards of 22 calls daily, didn’t matter that I was on the West Coast and the calls appeared to come from the East Coast. I use to answer to tell them to remove me from the list but they would hang up before I finished so that technically I never told them and they could just call again. I downloaded this app and I get so much relief. Would give 5 stars if I didn’t have to upgrade to add the few calls that do make it through to the Scam list. Whew!
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3 years ago, Nottagaymer
I Will Not Be Silent Anymore.
Since downloading and installing this app, I can finally take my phone off of silent. I think the app works well. Randomly some scam/spam calls will come through but not like what it used to be before I installed this application. I recently drove from Kentucky to Northern Illinois to visit family, and when I returned home I started getting spam calls for a couple days from that area. The calls eventually quit coming through. Overall I’m happy with the functionality of the software to block all those annoying phone calls.
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2 years ago, Shaunt69
Needs work
I’ve just had this app a few days and it seems to work for the most part. However, a friend of mine tried calling from a VOIP line and he was blocked. Instead of just sending me a single notification my phone buzzed for several minutes and notified me nearly 30 times even though I only received one call from that number. So not only did it block someone I wanted to receive a call from, the app harassed me far more than a spam caller would have due to the nonstop bombardment of notifications. On top of that, the caller ID for the VOIP line is only 4 digits so I can’t add them to the allow list. It’s either delete this app or stop getting calls from my friend.
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3 years ago, uhzoomzip
Is it even working?
I’m a T-Mobile customer and turned on my Scam Blocker. At first it seemed to be doing well, blocking a bunch of calls. Over the past month, it seems to have gotten a lot less effective. I’m getting hit with daily scam robocalls from various numbers with the same infamous “call us back to discuss this urgent situation or we will be forced to take legal action against you” scam. No warning from the service that it might be a scam caller either. I block the offending number and the next day, I get the same robocall from a different number calling me (I never pick it up, always letting it go to voicemail). Right now, I’d have to say I’ve been more satisfied with Hiya than with Scam Shield. Obviously nothing is 100% effective, but Scam Shield seems to be falling behind.
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2 years ago, Bigsteve850
Another reason I LOVE T-MOBILE
I recently switched to T-Mobile and wish I had made the switch years ago. I can not tell you how amazing this cell service is. This app is hands down the best scam sheild app I have used. Not to Mention that it’s included with my bill. This app gives me piece of mind knowing what all the scammers (99% of them) can not connect to me. I hate receiving those pesky “possible scam” phone calls and ever since I downloaded this app, I have yet to receive any annoying phone calls. Thank you app developers. You hit it out of the park on this one. KUDOS and cheers!!!
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2 years ago, Boboasty
*Update* Notifications aren’t up to the minute.
Update: the problem seemed to be fixed in a recent update and maybe the iOS update. In the meantime, the support team did reach out to me to see the issue. They were very cordial with me. T-Mobile has a great team that wants to help! App does seem to work on spam calls. Issue is it doesn’t provide a notification for when the spam call is made. It seems that every time I power cycle my phone is when I get the notification. For instance, I power cycle my phone today and I would get a notification after a minute. Then I would look into the notification and find out the spam call was made yesterday.
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