Tab - The simple bill splitter

4.3 (895)
44.4 MB
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Current version
bring10, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tab - The simple bill splitter

4.32 out of 5
895 Ratings
6 years ago, pdk_spamela
Good, could be great
I recently used this app for the first time and was able to split a bill between seven people fairly easily and give them their total. I had a question come up later but could not get back to the details to verify that we had split the bill correctly, adding some audit trail would be really useful in this situation. Additionally, another great feature would be to be able to send out, via text or email, an itemized receipt to each of the bill participants. The people I regularly split large bills with have a wide range of comfort with technology, it would be nice to be able to send them something more detailed than just their totals but show them the items selected and their portion of taxes and tip. Asking them to join the bill from their device is way beyond what they would be willing to do. With these two enhancements, this would be the perfect app for my needs.
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9 months ago, Rosentrotter
This app is a must have
Rarely do I write reviews. This app has likely saved me money (of me missing a few dollars/cents trying to figure out this math on my own) and so many headaches splitting bills of large groups at restaurants that do not want to take the time to do separate checks. Over time, I have actually found it easier to just use this app rather than asking the server to do separate checks. In my experience with Tab, if you’re willing to do the work of figuring out who got what yourself, your servers get the order right, your food comes quicker (since they don’t have to spend a long time at the computer typing everything in carefully), and it makes the experience for the group better as a whole. A few feature suggestions: Appetizers: A conversation that tends to come up when deciding who got what is “well this person are more of this than this person.” Can you create a way to say “this person had 4 of 12 items from this” instead of splitting it 12 ways and tapping it four times? Technically the app does this, but it requires a bit of extra taps. Alcohol: Guests may feel it’s appropriate to tip more for elaborate cocktails than they would for a pizza. Servers also tip out the bartender. Is there a way to figure out how to skew tips up based on how much of the bill was alcohol? For example, 15% for the food, 20% for the alcohol.
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4 years ago, rebs21012
This app is amazing
There are a few weird functionality things that I wish would be fixed or modified (happy to provide feedback if the developers reach out) but all in all this app has saved our friends group so much time and energy splitting the bill. We have a few people that don’t drink, or only eat special or specific food and so when we go out a few people always owe a lot more than others. This app is so easy to use, we use it all the time now. 1. I didn’t understand how the birthday button worked, but now that I do I love it! Allocate everything and then hit the button and say whose bday it is and it splits it amongst everything. 2. We had a weird tax on the bill last night and it took us a while to figure out how to edit it. There were 2 “sub” taxes listed and a total and the app added all 3 in. 3. It’s hard to label the bill. You have to go back in and hit it from a weird screen. 4. I love that I can text the breakdown of the costs to my friends, but like the layout and info of the breakdown in the app. Might be nice if you could text the image of the breakdown by person, instead of the whole thing, or for it to make a pdf of the breakdown that I could text to everyone! All in all the app is great and with weird situations the app usually has a response, it’s just hard to figure it out when that happens. We all love it. Most useful app I own by far!!!!
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2 years ago, Pinochle lady
Love the app!
I love the app. It helped me split the check fairly between 11 people. It was easy to use. But I do have a few suggestions. I usually have a meal with a big group(10-20) and everyone wants a separate check. When the restaurant will not do that I will pay the check and then tell everyone what they owe. Most of the group is technically challenged (seniors) so have no clue how to use an app or do not want to so I get stuck with figuring out the check. It would be helpful if; 1. I could identify the group before I get the check, 2. Be able to see a snapshot of the details for one person at a time after I identify what they had as part of the totals so I could show them and 3. Allow cents when entering a tip (sometimes when using a credit card we add a tip amount that would round the total) 4. For me the most important one would be to be able somehow to show all the details of the bill when emailing it or texting it or printing it. It only shows the “All Up” $ and a list of the items assigned to each person but not the detail prices, taxes, tip, etc. for each person.
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6 years ago, ialexryan
AWFUL UPDATE - deletes your data unless you give them your email!
For years, Tab has saved bills locally once you’re done with them. I rely on that to do the math while I’m still at the table, then have people send me money later. The developers have CHANGED the behavior, with no notice. Bills are now DELETED once you leave the app, unless you sign up for a totally unnecessary account with them. The app still has the technical ability to save bills locally of course, and iCloud can sync and backup app data, but they have to find some leverage to get us to give them our email addresses so they can sell them or monetize us somehow. I’m at least accustomed to that kind of selling-out by app developers at this point. But what I cannot abide is lacking the common decency to TELL your users what you’re doing. I relied on behavior that’s been consistent for years to save ten minutes of unpleasant manual entry work, and you tossed it in the trash with no warning, for no other reason than to strongarm me into signing up for another account I don’t need. Shame on you.
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7 years ago, JaeBee981
Still Needed to Use A Napkin
I was so excited to be able to use this app, but unfortunately, I still had to bust out the old pen and paper. One problem that I encountered was with the splitting of items. My friend ordered 2 of one item ($5/item) and I ordered 1 of that same item. All three items were included on the same line and combined into 1 price ($15); however there was no way to assign 2 of an item to 1 person, so we had to create another nickname to assign to her to account for it. In addition, I had difficulty with being able to add the tax—-try as I might to click on the tax line to manually enter the number. In the end I just evenly split the amount amongst our party (even though that’s not accurate). One thing that I thought would be really helpful was if there was a tutorial (that wasn’t real time) or FAQ section—-unfortunately, the only way you can try the app out/learn how to use it is when you actually have a bill to use.
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2 months ago, imfoofy
Almost there
I actually use the app to split grocery receipts with my roommate moreso than for restaurants. UI could be vastly improved. Editing Bill Names, for example, can be a pain. If my bill name is too lengthy, I am unable to exit out of the bill to go back to my list of bills (so I end up having to force close the app and reopen). Another fix would be typing in general. If I need to edit the beginning of my text, I can move the cursor over to the spot I need but the moment I backspace or start typing, the cursor moves all the way back to the end & I am left having to delete the whole thing to restart and get it right the first time. Because my use case is a little different, I don’t need to have the tips auto set to 18% - if there’s a way to just have this default to zero instead, that’d be ideal.
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3 years ago, 059248
Love this App
Love this app and think it's the best thing to make splitting checks painless and fair. It even let's you split a single line item across multiple people - which I just figured out. I wish they'd consider a more intuitive UX for this - like clicking on the item for it to pop-up with a list of everyone on the bill and selecting all those that it applied to. That said, it ROCKS and getting the ability to send the results of everything over text without anyone having to download the app gets rid of any concerns about if you split the bill correctly. Great job - would love to see this sold as a feature to a payment company like Venmo!
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5 years ago, ktw1995
My favorite app right now, minor change suggested
I absolutely love the ease that Tab provides in splitting the bill with friends. Many of my favorite restaurants don’t offer split checks, which used to cause a lot of confusion and frustration when paying the bill, but now I immediately pull up the Tab app. My friends that are unfamiliar with the app are amazed and download it right away. The only thing I have trouble with is the Venmo sync feature. I have successfully connected my Venmo account, but can’t seem to request payment from my friends using Venmo via the Tab app. I get a message that the phone’s owner must make the request and am not able to proceed. This app easily warrants a 5 star review with this feature corrected!
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4 years ago, pnyc12
Incredible app to split bills at restaurants
The functionality and user experience in this app is unparalleled. I’ve been looking for a good bill splitting app for a long time and this one is perfect. Snap a quick pic of the bill, it recognizes each line item and lets you assign a recipient to each plate. It then let’s you go even further and not only identify items that were shared - but also items that were shared unevenly. Meaning you can charge different percentages of the shared plate to different people. It takes all the complication out of splitting the bill and allows easy sharing the split bill calculations/breakdowns with friends. I will be using this app constantly. GAME CHANGER!
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7 years ago, CarolPants
Must-Have App
This app has changed everything. Gone are the days of getting stuck tipping way more than you owe because your friends were ordering top shelf cocktails and you were drinking water and at the end you just split tip and tax. It's so fast, so easy, and takes all the awkwardness out of telling everyone what they owe at the end of a meal. Being able to split things, to break up items that servers group together.. it's like the app developers have thought of everything. The ONLY qualm I have with tab is that the bills disappear after a bit. Would really help the morning after a night out to be able to review receipts from the night before. Other than that, WOW. Amazing.
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5 years ago, BC Sis :)
I really love this app and think everyone should download it! It’s definitely user friendly and really simplifies group meals (which I’ve often avoided in the past because of splitting the bill lol). I do have one qualm tho! I was the one to put down my card and noticed that the total bill amount did not equal the bill amount on the actual receipt. Later when I got home, I realized that Tab based the tip on the subtotal BEFORE tax whereas the restaurant based the tip on the subtotal WITH tax (which is a much higher amount). If there’s a way to change that so the user has the option to change which total is taxed, that would be great! :)
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1 year ago, Pharod
Amazing idea but execution could be better
I spent a few hours trying to find an app that can snap and OCR receipts. Tab was the only one I’ve found and it looked very promising. Unfortunately for my specific use case it didn’t work out well, but I still believe it’s a great app. A few notes for devs, hope this could be useful: - Since my checks are in foreign language I have to translate these using Google Translate and save image of translated receipts. Luckily Tab can use receipt image! Unfortunately it’s OCR capability seems to be limited, it can’t handle these translated receipts well, even text actually look nice and sharp. Probably just need better OCR library. - Somewhere closer to final step it tells me that $23 is not distributed. I expect a shortcut here to let me quickly fix this. It’s not here. Also on a step where items are marked it could do better job showing issues like not assigned items. - Not all receipts are in USD, people in other countries use other currencies 😏
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3 years ago, SIMBA25
Nothing like it 5 stars
This application is amazing! I recommend it to everyone I can. They are just always shocked. Some updates are needed to the app though. The layout doesn’t fit on my iPhones screen and buttons are cut off. Also having trouble uploading receipts from my library for splitting. Says check my data. But I tried over both wifi and celular and still same issue. No problem when uploading directly from the camera lens. I’m still gonna give this app a 5 because it’s amazing. Hope you have the time to fix some of these bugs :)
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6 years ago, Iram Zetineb
App is glitchy
New: Their response team has been absolutely wonderful and super communicative, we figured it out and I’m super happy with the app again. Went from 3 stars back to 5 stars, super impressed that they reached and wanted to figure this out together. thank you guys soooooo much!! Old: The last two times ive used this, the was completely inaccurate, the subtotal was nearly double the bill but the split was somewhat evened up - it was off by $4-5 which doesnt sound like alot but it is when you are the one paying the difference after everyone had already paid and its happened more than once. Please fix!🙏🙏🙏
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7 months ago, Dariusssssssss1
This app is awesome
Love the app!! Overall a 4.9/5 for me, there were certain parts of the process that weren’t so obvious at first but could easily be figured out by revisiting. For example, The item assignment for claiming bill items. Upon arriving at the final page to pay, I realized items were unclaimed as it wasn’t entirely obvious in the moment. Finding a way to make it obvious the first iteration would be awesome, but that’s a difficult design question. Other aspects were related to the Venmo integration having issues, but that’s prob just a backend integration issue.
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3 years ago, Jessicaaxleah
Helpful But Needs a Fix!
Ever since my friends have shown me the Tab app, it’s made large group outings at restaurants so much easier. I have used it multiple times now and until last night, have not had any problems. Unfortunately after scanning my receipt, the app did not pick up on the tax amount listed on the receipt, and instead listed it as $0. I understand that sometimes the text may be hard to recognize on receipts, but please add a manual edit option to the tax/tip screen in case any of the amounts need to be modified. Other than that, overall amazing and helpful app!
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4 years ago, Kinnaird213
Great product
First time user! Love the app already, made life so much easier for me and my family when dining together. Only have two suggestions/questions: 1. I tried signing up a couple of times and each email that I got with the link would not take me anywhere once I clicked on it. Just sent me to my google chrome but nothing would happen. 2. I would suggest a feature to put the tip percentage including the tax as a percentage of the tip. My family and friends usually always tip of the total (subtotal plus tax) rather than just the subtotal. Thank you and I love the app so far!
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2 years ago, KDubbou
Easy to Use, Skip the Headaches of Splitting the Bills
It takes into account the individual dishes, cost of those dishes, taxes, tips, and allow you to add names to one or multiple dishes (if you’re sharing). Then after all of that it divides taxes and tips based on your subtotal!!! There’s also an option to split the birthday boy/ girl’s meal, how great is this app! I always use it at group meals, it’s so hard to go without it once you’re use to it. If you need something like this, get it right now!!! I don’t normally write app reviews but this app really deserves a 5 star review!
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3 years ago, TheDeathly
Almost perfect!
I'm really hoping the developers read this! Just installed it today and used it for grocery shopping, not the most intended thing but it worked out well! Then I ran it through say ordering take out from delivery or uber eats and that's where it falls short just barely. It would be fantastic to have a flat fee option near the end that gets split equally among everyone for things like service fees or delivery fees. This fee shouldn't be taxed or influence it. I think once that gets added the app will be perfect to use In restaurants and for delivery services with friends. Seems like a perfect fit for this cpvid influenced world.
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6 years ago, bige2035r
My Favorite App and Here’s Why!
My friends make fun of me because any chance I get, I pitch Tab to everyone who will listen. I used to have so much anxiety before going out to dinner with friends because I dread the uncertainty of how to split the bill. Now with Tab, I’m the first person to offer to Tab it and perfectly split the bill fairly every time. Thank you so much, developers, for making this great app and seriously improving a pain point I’ve had for so long! If you live in a place that refuses to split your checks, get Tab and seriously never worry about it again.
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11 months ago, kingdrockula
Way too many steps for a simple bill
So where the Plates app is too simple and constrained, Tab is far too complex for a simple bill. I have to first scan the receipt (which doesn’t always go well). Then I have to manually type each diner’s name. Then I have to enter each line item with both a price and a name (or correct the OCR from the picture). It’s like a full 5 minutes for a single lunch bill. Oh but wait, the stupid Tax line doesn’t work, so I have to record tax as a “second tip.” Then I can finally calculate what each person owed. It’s insane how many steps this is for a single meal. At this point, I might as well keep using the Excel spreadsheet I wrote with formulas for splitting tax and tip.
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5 years ago, Danielle Pan
Great potential!
Great app but there are some features I’d love to see in the future! Splitters each with a unique color for easier organization (maybe opening up the possibility for a dark theme or choosing the color gradient in settings), splitters’ names longer than 5 characters, ability to add additional surcharges (3% health tax), itemized individual receipts that can be shared in-app via text message or other social media, compatibility with iMessage or a URL link to claim items on receipt without downloading the app (à la Jackbox games), ability to edit item list/taxes while pulling up the image of the receipt (in case the receipt has already been thrown away or lost), and saved common splitters. I’m also not too into having the camera on in the main menu without selecting New Bill. I’ve also encountered a bug where the item name is uneditable. The workaround I’ve found is Select All > Delete and then manually entering the correct item name.
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5 years ago, Hugo_Molina
Nice app but needs some UI adjustments
When adding names they show up on the bottom which works if you have an iPhone with a home button. But for newer iPhones with FaceID and no home button apps tend to avoid having actionable buttons in lower area where the white bar the represents home is at. In this app when you have multiple names on bottom and have to swipe left/right it sometimes causes swiping between apps because that area within iOS is design that way. A solution would be to move the names a little higher and make them a little bigger too. This is frustrating and I sometimes end up just not using the app at all when it occurs.
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2 years ago, unhappy-investor
This app rocks, but Venmo integration doesn’t seem to work
I just used this app for the first time, and it is unbelievably awesome. Makes splitting bills super easy. I do, however, feel like half of the convenience would be the Venmo integration, but I was not able to get it to work. When I click “Connect Venmo” all I see is a blank screen with 2 empty circles, and clicking “Allow” does not do anything. After awhile I’ll then get a prompt that says “We were unable to connect your Venmo account, please try again”. This app is such a great idea, and I would love to come back and update this review to be 5 stars if the developer could reply & comment with how to get the Venmo integration to work.
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3 years ago, JoSchmo007
It's nice, but needs some polishing
The image processing is the main attraction. The accuracy of extracting itemized items is decent. Could be better, although I realize that's not an easy task. The app may mistakes items with the word 'tips' in it (e.g. S-tips/steak tips) as included tips and so it will not appear in the list of items. Deleting the included tips should automatically add this misinterpreted item to the list, but it doesn't. It has to be entered manually. I'd like to see the tax displayed as a percentage as well. Because I know the tax in my area is 7%, I'd quickly know if the list of items is wrong. I also would like to see a pre/post tax option to for tip calculations.
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5 years ago, Clumsylikebambi
This is the best app I have installed on my phone
This solves every pain point associated with going to dinner with a group of folks. Servers will love you because you don’t have to hand over seven cards with amounts to charge on the back. Your dining companions will love you because nobody has to pull out a pen and calculate what everyone owes (and then end up guessing on tax+tip), AND it solves the “I just had salad and she had two cocktails I don’t want to split this evenly” problem. I cannot speak highly enough off this app: it’s intuitive, beautiful, and unobtrusive. It’s PHENOMENAL.
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6 years ago, Shealewwy
Amazing App
I had this idea tonight while I was with friends. As a designer and product developer, I couldn’t do this better myself. Good work guys!! Grandma everything so well and makes life way easier. Only tip for design would be to separate the section where it says the person that already claimed item. This should be a different color or more bold so it’s easier to tell what’s already been claimed on the tab! But other than that, you have a fan! Now I don’t have to stress about splitting the bill anymore. Good work guys!
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7 years ago, ShayheartsAltrock
Almost perfect
This app is is very intuitive to use- can you do the math in your head/with a calculator? Of course, but if you are looking at an app like this chances are you want to just make things easier. I like that you can keep track of the food someone ate and then use the "birthday" feature to split their share amongst everyone else. My one real gripe is that once you finish dividing up a tab you can't see the itemized receipt, only the totals for each person. Fix this feature and I will have no complaints.
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1 month ago, Lottifish
Just what I was looking for!
I run a meetup group and splitting the bill with strangers is the worst! This makes it sooo easy! Just a quick pic of the receipt, assign each item to someone, and you’ve got the total for each person in 2 seconds! Then- I just give them the total and they can pay how they want. I just wish there was a quick way to mark each person off as having paid. But seriously- this is simple to use and just works!
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5 years ago, jetic83
Extremely helpful app, but only in US!
Thank you so much for this amazing app! I know it from New York. But we had recently a dinner with 11 people in Arosa, CH, with unbalanced foods and drinks. I showed it to my people, but they could not use it as it was not in their app store. The app worked great also with their receipt, and just printed „USD“ instead of „CHF“. But the numbers from the check were parsed correctly. So how difficult would it be to change the currency sign, adjust the tax, connect with „paymit“ (CH variant of Venmo) and open to the Swiss app store? Thanks so much!
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8 months ago, Flowingrace
Better than all other bill splitting apps
I recently was asked to try Plates when I was out with a party of 13. The app is pretty, but when it comes to functionality and splitting checks, Tab is the best. Take a photo and it will automatically note all of the dishes and $$. I love that you can add people to the bill, not just random plates (looking at you Plates). Would highly recommend Tab to anyone going out with large parties where you need to split the check 😎
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5 years ago, Alxvry
Unknown Unclaimed Amount
There’s bug where an unknown unclaimed amount is added to a new bill. Update: we’ll duh on me! Now knowing some line items captured by OCR shouldn’t be included in the “menu”. Makes sense now. It took a few attempts to finally figure out how to tag line items to people properly. The only thing left to mention is if you include the tax in your splits, the the next page should be $0 for taxes. If you remove the tax line item and add the tax in the next page, then your tip amount is before taxes and you’ll have to manually split the taxes. Confused you yet? In the end, I’ve figured it out. Great app for large groups!
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6 years ago, Stayclassics
Has potential to be a must have app by falls short
It’s a great app to organize a check. I’m usually the guy in my group that Venmo everyone their portion of the check. This app made it super easy to split it by pressing the items. The part that’s missing is that, there is no way to request a person their portion of the check. They have to all download the app and choose themselves. This is a bit impractical when you have a large group and possible friends that don’t want to download the app or people you don’t know well. It would be so much better if you can send requests via Venmo since it already integrates with it.
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11 months ago, Gimme CC Points
Your big group is now your server’s favorite table
If you love going out to eat with friends and being your server’s favorite table by asking for one check - this is the app for you. Take a picture of the itemized check, take note of what you tipped and that’s all you need. This has made group trips and big dinners out a breeze, so you can grab those CC points without worrying about getting stuck with any extra beyond what your share is!
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2 months ago, alexdhad
helpful but needs several fixes
I like Tab a lot and use it often to split meals with groups. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about it sooner! However, after using it for a couple months, I have realized there are several bugs that are super annoying to deal with. - Uploading a photo you’ve taken separately, instead of using the in-app camera to take a pic of the receipt, often results in incorrect tallying (by several hundred dollars). I then have to manually upload each item and its price instead. - When manually uploading, you for some reason can’t add tax? I have to add it as “additional tip.” - If your receipt name is too long, you can’t exit from the receipt. You have to restart the entire app to get back to the home page. - The most bizarre one: why can’t I use more than 5 letters to name someone? Please change this. These fixes would make a HUGE difference in the usability of the app.
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2 months ago, Kymmeeh
Been using this for years and so happy it’s got an update!! You take a photo of a big group receipt. You select who ordered what. If anyone split things it allows 2 people up to however many in the party! At the end, it allows you to decide on the tip % and everyone gets a sub total with an itemized “receipt” if needed. I love that tabs are split fairly in large groups cuz then no one feels upset it wasn’t fair. Thanks for continuing to invest in the tab!
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5 years ago, SantiLove9
Life changing
Not to be dramatic but this app absolutely changed my life! Group dinners & brunches are no longer stressful and awkward! I tell everyone I know about how incredible this app is. The recent update that lets you see everyone’s totals & breakdowns together at the end is great. Love that you can do on the spot or upload a photo and sort out later. It’s transformative - get this app and make group outings a breeze!! Oh: The only weird thing is that names can only have 4 letters (why?!) nothing major just odd.
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5 years ago, Lnzr
This is the best app to have when going out with groups of friends
Seriously, where has this been my whole life. I’ve used this app for the last 8 months or so and it’s been a life saver. So much quicker than trying to manually add up everyone’s bill with tax and tip, and even figuring out how to split shared items! Love the ability to adjust the tip % and also birthday feature that lets you treat someone by splitting it up equally! Everyone I have recommended it to also loves it!!
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4 years ago, Amyyh0
Highly recommended; used often
I recommend this app to my friends whenever I go out to eat! It is super easy to use — you just take a photo of the bill and then the app magically itemizes the bill. You can then correct anything per line and rename items. After you do so, you can then add each person, and then select which item they had. It’s also super useful if splitting one dish between multiple people. The app then calculates all the tip, tax, and then the totals PER person (also itemizes in detail). If your friends have the app and are linked to Venmo, you can request in-app. It’s a game changer and I use it all the time when eating out. I’m sometimes able to request (and receive) payment from all my friends even before the waiter picks up the check! Again, highly recommended.
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5 years ago, LovingJesusCatholicStyle
Love the app, but...
I would REALLY love to see the ability to put in a custom tip amount rather than putting in a percentage. I usually calculate what people owe me after I’ve left dinner. So the tip is already done. And I can’t edit the tip on here to be exact, it can only be the closest percentage point. EDIT: Thanks for the tip! (No pun intended, lol) Would be awesome if the Tip field were able to be touched to edit manually, then it would totally intuitive. But otherwise, the workaround is definitely doable! Thanks again!!
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1 year ago, ugfdfhfdddgg
Love this app! Ability to scan in bills is such a nice feature. Only thing— currently the bills don’t save after you finish them (even tho app gives confirmation that bills will be saved), Feature request: make the ability to have a “full page” screen shot (makes a really long scrollable screen shot, built in feature for iPhone if content is flagged correctly I believe), then I could send friends the breakdown much easier.
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4 months ago, OriginalGumshoe
Wow and wow!!
I have used similar bill splitting apps in the past but this is light years ahead of everything! I am so impressed! It would be nice to have MORE integration with other payment tools other than Venmo AND allow each person to use a different form of payment. Also, include an ‘expensing’ option so that if work is reimbursing the meal, you can exclude items they do not allow (eg. alcohol, etc). Great programming!!
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5 years ago, JayBeeSee
Makes Life Simpler!!
Love the app - I think it successfully plays its part in making one common thing much simpler. It’s easy to understand and rarely has mistakes. One thing that I’d love to see fixed is the use of Venmo within the app. I can’t seem to use it because of error messages every time, stating that it needs to be on iPhone user’s account or something confusing along those lines. If Venmo can be incorporated in a much easier way, this app would be air-tight! Love it.
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3 years ago, Escobear123
My literal favorite app
Greatest, most functional app for eating out or doing activities with friends. Makes it so insanely easy to know who owes how much; no more having to awkwardly request a restaurant split the bill 10 ways. The photo scanner makes it super easy, the receipt items & tax are always accurate. Plus, you can save the receipts so can always access them again if needed. Don’t know what I’d do without this
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2 years ago, Nikky1123
Amazing app!
This app is great for bill splitting! Pretty simple and user friendly. I think the only thing I’d add is to have it completely connected to Venmo/Apple Pay/ G Pay/ and even Splitwise! The addition of splitting items with venmo / cash app / apple pay / g pay / etc would allow for certain users to send money in any way they’d like and to request items too. I think if Splitwise & Tab got together it would be an absolute beast of a way to split things and dinners as a sub section!
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1 year ago, blessed be the fruit
Hard to Edit Photo Captured Bills
The instructions are clear; however the app is a little buggy. I had several items that had parentheses on the original bill and once imported through the camera, the items’ names for some reason cannot be properly edited. I couldn’t delete the words of the name that were attributed to the wrong line items. I had to delete the items, with the dollar amounts, completely and manually input them back again; at which point, I just decided to go back using an Excel sheet because what’s the point.
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6 years ago, K19845
Love It!
This is a great app. One suggestion I have is to be able to edit a person’s name or have the ability to remove them all together. Other than that, this app is exactly what I’ve been needing! I will use this all the time now. At large dinners it was always a hassle to split bills and people would get charged equally for tip and tax but always felt it was unfair to get charged the same tip and tax rate when they got a cheaper meal - so this app solves that problem for me!
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6 years ago, Gurflob
Responsive developers
After having used this app quite a lot, I realized that the only complaint I had with it was the lack of conclusion screen that shows all the person/bill-total pairs in the same screen. I reached out to customer support and they replied very quickly and updated me on plans to incorporate this feature in the future. I appreciate how the developers continue to iterate on the design to meet users needs.
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2 years ago, _ivoon
Perfect for a night out with friends
The app is great! Saved me a lot of time having to figure out and split what all my friends ordered. There are just some small things I would fix about it such as being able to save friend’s names for multiple bills and maybe a better view of the existing bill (mine saved 4 times not sure why). But overall definitely 5 stars!
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