Tableau Conferences

2.6 (57)
63.8 MB
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Current version
Tableau Software, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tableau Conferences

2.6 out of 5
57 Ratings
6 years ago, guychild
Needs better scheduling
Difficult to build/manage a schedule, especially when there are multiple sessions of interest at the same time slot or slightly overlapping. Would be great to have something that resembles an Outlook calendar.
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4 years ago, @vzwiz
Would like to see some improvements
Pre conference likes for sessions wasn’t helpful in creating your own schedule. When creating your schedule there wasn’t a way to first select all the topics, presenters, companies that you wanted to see, then prioritize and make scheduling decisions on that smaller list. So all that had to be done on paper, figured out, then renters into the app only to find that the chosen sessions were sold out since the pre sizing using likes didn’t work as hoped. During the conference the app doesn’t help you connect later with those you meet. It would be great to have the ability to star folks that you meet and provide some location aware context as to where that meet happened. Adding notes to the connect could be entered later, or even a message sent. It would also be interesting to have a proximity alert for those you have starred (providing a user to selectively exclude themselves from discovery or blocking some). And, based on the amount of walking and travel a person experiences at the conference, perhaps just aggregating distance travelled by day when the app is on into a collective viz of attendee travel experience?
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7 years ago, Dilate delayed
Cumbersome and somewhat helpful
User interface is not intuitive. You have to keep clicking different things until you finally find what you need. The sessions filter doesn't work, so you have to look through all the events in order to find the one you need. And then they just don't get added to your calendar. Which defeats the purpose of having one.
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7 years ago, AustinDahl
Getting around login issues
I was also having issue logging in as reported earlier. I removed the app from my phone, rebooted my phone, reinstalled the app, then signed in during the welcome sequence. That did the trick for me, but perhaps one of the steps is overkill.
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10 years ago, Jbtestpilot
A little buggy, but worth it
Great to have a way to flag favorites. Like the rich set if features. However, I had several problems loading the attendee list and had successive (uncancellable) popup dialogs in a row as data tried to load over and over and failed. Even rebooting the app did not prevent this data problem, which I found a bit ironic for a data conference. :)
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5 years ago, Jim_61
#TC18 app barely functional
I’m at #TC18 and this app is barely working. Which pretty much trashes the entire conference. I’ve got two different phones and it isn’t working on either one. Says I’m off-line when I’m online, or blows up every time I log into it. They put way too much into this conference to wrap it all around this app and have it not work.
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4 years ago, Orlando2517
Doesn’t function for most of my team
This app app works for 2/12 team members going to the conference. The most basic functionality of seeing TC19 listed doesn’t work for most (no upcoming events) and for those who see TC19, login doesn’t connect and all session data is blank. Awful overall.
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7 years ago, GauravA
Works great -TC17
No crashes (as others have mentioned). Worked wonderfully... complete guide for the conference.
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7 years ago, WhimSQL
Great app!
Great for figuring out my schedule for #data17! My only complaint is that on the smaller iphone, I cant hit send on the messages to my coworkers.
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4 years ago, tjc0254
Should filter by open sessions
This app is frustrating, as you can’t filter by the open sessions, so you have to scroll through all sessions each day
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7 years ago, dpldpldpldpl
Cannot sign on
Hopefully I'm just a bleeding edge adopter, but the app won't retain my conference credentials. I sign in and I briefly see my name on the account profile page but it doesn't stick. Hoping they'll fix soon. Looking forward to TC17!
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6 years ago, FormerWeatherMaxUser
Unable to register for events through app or web site due to "server issues." No response from support.
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7 years ago, laconicsax
Crap app
Maps aren't useful, UI is cumbersome, get logged out randomly in the middle of using the app, notification badge keeps counting up, but there's nothing in the notifications list in the app
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7 years ago, Tmeyers2323
Unable to export agenda
I am ios11 but I keep getting an error when trying to export my agenda. Unable to send mail. The email application is not configured.
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5 years ago, GRNich22
Worse than many other conference apps
Frequently logs you out, and then you need to have your conference registration number memorized to log back in.
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7 years ago, Bpschoon
Doesn’t retain my sessions
I and several others are having real issues with it holding our sessions. How are we supposed to plan? Wake up and rechristened among hundreds of sessions?
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6 years ago, msw70
Server errors over and over and over...
App would be great, if they built the server to scale... Try clicking the support link in the App store. It goes nowhere.
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5 years ago, Motec2602
Keep getting errors
I get an External API Error on everything I try to schedule.
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4 years ago, Yoki_N
Broken App
The iOS app is just broken. Not able to sign in with correct credentials.
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5 years ago, beahahasnerk
Cannot register for sessions
“External API Error” for every attempt to register. Web version also fails.
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4 years ago, farhanfarooq-
Very unstable
Looks like this has been deployed without any testing.
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7 years ago, Docfoz
Can’t login
Can’t login. Support just keeps telling me to uninstall and reinstall...
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10 years ago, Seattle-!'nb?'
Worked inconsistently
There were a lot of bugs, to the point that Data14 would lock up often, or not download info it was supposed to (attendee list). The maps took so long to download the first time, that I thought they were broken. The User Profile page seemed to have unimplemented functionality, like ability to send other attendees emails, update our pictures, view our inbox. Inconsistent spellings of favorite/favourite, with the same page. Major events were not listed in the schedule, like the Welcome Reception and Data Night Out party. Those were buried in menu Happenings. Would have been nicer to have a complete schedule and be able to filter on event types. Really wish there was a conference schedule matrix!!! We had to view 270 breakout session descriptions in one really, really long list. :(
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8 years ago, SatisfiedStill
It is nice that it provides you the schedule, let's you select your favorite events, and let's you connect to the people you meet. It would be nice if it could show you your schedule of events you select as well as any schedule conflicts.
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10 years ago, Staeppan
Login with credentials from Tableau email
I just downloaded and logged in to this app no problem. You need to use the credentials provided in attendee email from Tableau Software, they provide a custom confirmation number. This app works great, very easy to navigate, keep notes, select sessions of interest. If you’re attending the Tableau Conference 2014 (in Seattle September 8 - 11) get this app.
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9 years ago, Torbay81
1st Time Using
This is my first time using this app. So far I'm pretty impressed. Nice to see they have an app to help guide through the conference. Glad to see they have added pre-registration from the stories I heard last year. Think it's a big benefit.
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7 years ago, eatthefrog
Works great; does what it's meant to
Hasn't crashed, has answered the few questions I've had before TC started. Have uploaded a profile pic and looking forward to using this App to meet other passionate Data lovers.
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8 years ago, PlaysWithData
Much improved, still room for more
Very good app, definite improvement over last year. Would like better filters for finding attendees (company & interest searches) and the ability to literally locate people amongst 10,000 attendees (15,000 next year)
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9 years ago, Agould15
Very useful and comprehensive!
Thanks for offering another well integrated app for the conference. I'm excited to use the social features to see what sessions other attendees have on their schedule.
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10 years ago, MaryKayL
Looking forward to my first Tableau conference!!
Favs: The schedule calendar sync; the Happenings category Thumbs down: You can't change your profile picture. Overall it's an amazing conference app with a few minor flaws.
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7 years ago, yohanyoung
Login issues but works now
At first I could not login, but things seem to be working now. So far app seems stable and decent.
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8 years ago, ErinJean
So nice-- with a few flaws
Really want a filter able attendee list! Would also like to see who will be attending certain session. Would also enjoy having a way to swap virtual biz cards easily.. Overall-- looking forward to navigating TC 15 with this
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9 years ago, OracleWORM
Needs a search and sort feature on attendee list
Much better than last year, but it really needs the ability to search and sort the attendee list. Impossible to find anyone with 8000 attendees.
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7 years ago, Billiam210
Cannot deregister
I cannot remove registration for courses and claims that I do not have the right attendee type to register. Despite the fact that I am already registered! Please fix as I am stuck in my current classes now!
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9 years ago, Data is Cool!
Love this year's TC app!
Easy to use. Also filled with content that will really help get around the venue quick to make the most of the conference. Thanks Tableau!
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7 years ago, Byron818
As advertised
They improve this thing every year. It's much easier to schedule sessions.
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8 years ago, A mildly entertained listener
App force closes when attempting to log in
The app force closes on ios10 when trying to log in. Frustrating.
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8 years ago, mbucherl
Well integrated with prof/social media
I really like what I'm seeing so far with this app. Could be five stars before too long!
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7 years ago, ParadoxEthan
Handy app for information
Once logged in, this app is helpful for all tc related info!
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9 years ago, Bip12386
Data nerds dream app
Second year using the app and it rocks! Don't go to the conference without it!
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9 years ago, wheelieking seattle
A hugely helpful app for navigating Tableau Conference!
Very helpful app for navigating the conference, venue maps, schedules and connecting with other attendees. See you there!
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7 years ago, jei623
Login Fail
Login fails when using supplied credentials. When login fails once, it locks up the login and won't allow me to try again no matter how many times I restart the app or my device.
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7 years ago, 我随便创建一个名字吧
Super awesome
Like it a lot~ easy to add my favs and check on updates and msg ppl~
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7 years ago, Andrew LB
Can't login using credentials supplied
I can't login using the credentials supplied by Tableau. The "reset password" option takes you to a password reset for their website, not the app. Frustrating user experience.
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10 years ago, ijaypod
Not the best
Ap requires cryptic initial password followed by a new assigned cryptic password. No way to change to a useful, friendly ID. Ap itself does not allow for good planning and organization of sessions. A huge disappointment coming from a visualization company
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9 years ago, Ginger Bug
Looking forward to tc!
Good app, easy to navigate, getting excited about conference
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8 years ago, CoolSpringsChristine
Sounds great...if I could login
Can't login using my email address and registration ID from my confirmation email. My coworker got in and said it's great. So, that's a bummer.
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8 years ago, Stuch23
Cannot remove a course - receive error that not eligible to attend course(although already selected) Inability to adjust your schedule for registered courses PLEASE FIX
Show more
8 years ago, Chuck53753475433
Can't log in
I used the e-mail address and the registration is from the email and it still wouldn't let me log in
Show more
8 years ago, Black4mandm
Not working on iOS 9.0.2 iPhone 6s
Like many other apps, the upgrade kilked it. Favorites don't work at all, no notifications. Pretty useless.
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