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Tailscale Inc.
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User Reviews for Tailscale

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1 year ago, abromber
Seamless cross-network connections
I manage a number of computers in different locations and different networks but am not a network engineeer by any means. I used to use commercial citrix software to connect and control the machines remotely but I knew there had to be a better way. Tailscale is it! Each machine is now a node on my virtual network and they all connect seamlessly -- as if they were all on the same LAN. Super easy to use, very solid and reliable, regular updates, etc. Highly recommend!
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6 months ago, sangyeij
First app I install. And I have 400 installed!
As a knowledge professional with an odd passion for productivity software, and several different tech-centric hobbies, I use a frightening number of apps. I currently have over 400 installed on my Mac, and 250 on my iPhone. Any time I've had to start from a fresh OS in the couple years since learning about Tailscale, it's been the #1 first app I install. No lie. Not Raycast, not my preferred note-taking app, not iState Menus or Bartender. Love them all, but I don't even have my bearings without Tailscale.
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7 months ago, t3chm@n
Absolute Bliss
Having an app that makes wireguard configurations a breeze is a breath of fresh air! Tailscale empowers IT staff and professionals to be securely connected to devices and computer no matter where they are. The robust set of rules alow one to leverage theis techology to allow or deny access to spcific groups / indivuduals or mahcines with a command line based rule set. Object groups can be created and acted uppn. Would be a nice feature to have this command line subset set up as a drag n drop rule set for basic filtering features.. Highly recommend
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10 months ago, mrdrennan
Love It
This makes VPN connections between your devices a breeze. I was using a built-in VPN server on as ASUS router to access my home computers away from work. When I upgraded my internet service, the old router was no longer doing the job and I lost my VPN capability. Tailscale is dead simple and I had my work and home computers up and talking within minutes. I love the MagicDNS so I can give the computers plain English names to refer to instead of IP addresses. So happy I found it!
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4 years ago, jzelinskie
All of your devices, everywhere
Tailscale is the best way to keep your devices connected no matter what network they're on. You can always manually setup Wireguard, but it just won't be the convenience and extra connectability that Tailscale falls back to when a network is configured in an awful way. I have no major complaints, except for Apple who needs to implement Wireguard in their kernel, so we can get some more efficiency.
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3 years ago, ryank425-1
Improvement required
Having a notification when token expires soon is a good, but it shouldn't stop there. Clicking on the notification should give me option to renew the token by triggering sign out and sign in. It took me few minutes until I actually lost the connection to realize that there is no such hint in App's menu to follow up with the notification of token expiring soon. It requires clicking of manual sign off, and sign in, and that worflow doesn't seem natural or intuitive. Have the option to Renew token in menu on such conditions.
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2 years ago, onpaws
Brilliantly easy to setup and use. Just works!
Wow. Impressively quick setup on all my mac's, iOS devices and synology's. Working flawlessly, makes screen sharing (vnc) and file sharing amazingly easy like everybody is on the same network. A execution that makes networking so simple with no network knowledge at all
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2 years ago, Caleb13367864
My new fav app
It's hard to describe why this app is so great, I read the landing page numerous times and just couldn't understand why I needed it, I read blog posts praising it and still didn't get it, then I just decided to install it and now I get it.
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1 year ago, Sc to the Br
Got it up and running in 10 minutes
Getting one computer set up as a "server" on a local network and another as a client, I was able to use my phones hotspot to access IP restricted resources with the host computer configured as an Exit Node just by poking around in the settings. Impressively solution!
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8 months ago, ah….
So easy. "It just works"
Had to take an urgent trip and needed to be able to access my devices at home while I was gone. Found Tailscale. In about 10 mins, I had everything set up and tested. Super cool!
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2 years ago, NotAFakeReviewer34
Life saver :)
I use this to access my Plex server and home network when I'm away from the house. Unfortunately my ISP uses double NAT (like many today) so port forwarding doesn't work. This is a wonderful workaround that works perfectly and super secure
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12 months ago, elmenaito
Can't set up an exit node... it just doesn't work. It doesn't have any options you can configure either, so there's no fixing things. If you're looking to set up your own VPN, look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, BaronRogue
Seems too good to be true, but it does indeed give you WireGuard with zero headaches. Incredible amount of flexibility, and works with all protocols so you can focus on topology rather than locking down VPN firewall rules. The free tier is extremely generous, thank you TailScale!
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4 years ago, Lalaperson12
The future!
Seemless, works as advertised. I wish my work would get rid of the clunky traditional VPN we have. I used the subnet route feature too, was awesome! A minor note on the subnet route behavior, I noticed that when I changed the subnet route advertised, I needed to reauthorize the 'subnet' toggle of the relay node on the web admin page. Took me sometime to realize this. One think I miss with this produce is the auto-DNS and domain-name configuring that happened when my traditional VPN client connected, wish there was similar capability here.
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2 years ago, Dsculptor
Best solution for home-lab enthusiasts
Put all your devices (incl servers) on tailscale. Host services on http/https/tcp/udp. enjoy without worrying about exposing services to the unsafe internet. Very generous free plan. Really wish there were more subnet routers!
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2 years ago, V2EX Livid
Great app but
Whenever I update the app, it needs me to restart the computer, or Log In would never work.
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2 years ago, nsemenko
Seamless connectivity, no headaches
This app is a stunningly elegant approach to VPNs and connectivity. With just a few steps, it replaced all my relatively fragile infrastructure (custom VPN configurations, NAT and forwarding rules, dynamic DNS, etc.) with a seamless SSO-enabled app.
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2 years ago, 4realdude
Pretty cool
I like the simplicity compared to zero-tier and it seems to work while using other vpn's. Though zero-tier seems to have more advanced features like custom ip's and bridging networks.
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1 year ago, JimmyDeanSalsas
Actual Modern VPN
This tool has been tremendously useful for our teams. Recommend this tool as a replacement for your traditional VPN.
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3 years ago, tailscale-is-the-best
Must Have App
Tailscale is one of the best apps for everyone who have the homelab environment. I recommend to everyone.
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3 months ago, qwerty campbells
The Best VPN
Easy to use, safe, and most of all comes with great customer service
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7 months ago, aksmdlacksn
cannot open
It took me forever to open it. It has no response when click open. Terrible. It's just for a network security class requirement. I have to do it. Make it better please, make less students suffer.
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4 years ago, @hrbrmstr
Finally, a painless VPN
This is an intelligent wrapper around wireguard and it does what it says on the tin. There are many manual steps for wireguard-proper and this handles all of them for you. Very well executed.
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2 years ago, ethicalsean
It’s incredible how well Tailscale works. Keep up the great work!
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9 months ago, Megaroeny
Can't login on macOS Sonoma
Please fix the issue on macOS Sonoma. Its totally broken, and it either won't connect or it won't respond to the Login menu option.
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4 years ago, Naomi Neva
Easy to use
Easy to use and great customer service.
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10 months ago, 很好,支持作者
very heleful and easy
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6 months ago, yfhustchina
The new 1.56.0 version can't login to my own server
I have to downgrade to 1.54.1 to login to my own headscale server
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9 months ago, dry-squid
Login button doesn't work
tailscale seems like a great app, but clicking on the login button doesn't do anything
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3 years ago, Kirkkerekes
Privacy Fail
If you don't have an existing "identify provider", TailScale requires Google -- a huge offender in the war on privacy. Until TailScale uses _good_ identity providers like Sign In With Apple, I cannot recommend this product to anyone.
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3 years ago, MajorNelsonJR
Broken on the new Macs
Having issues both logging in (infinite hang) connectivity to my other Tailscale nodes.
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2 years ago, porth20045
Love this SaaS
Fantatic SaaS
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2 years ago, elogicocal
tailscale not work on mac m2 ventura 13.0.1
after installed, tailscale gui not show.
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2 months ago, Aidan 73
It's ok
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3 years ago, Sumocomputers2
Runaway CPU on IPNextension Process
I love Tailscale as a whole, and use it on my iPhone and have subnet relays running on Raspberry Pis, and all has been well for months. I don't really have a need to run the native Tailscale app on my Mac Mini server, but I had installed it long ago before I understood how it all worked. More than once I heard my 2018 Mac Mini fans running at full speed, and it turned out to be the "IPNextension" process using 300-400% CPU. I will be uninstalling it from the Mac, but continue to use it on other platforms.
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