Tally Counter

4.4 (431)
4.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pixel Research Labs, Inc.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tally Counter

4.36 out of 5
431 Ratings
9 years ago, JohnPoltrock
Great app! Please fix watch app!
Perfect for what I need! I bought an Apple Watch recently and was really excited to see there was a watch app. The watch app is very laggy and does not provide accurate counts. I tested it and could tap it any number of times 5-15 or so and it would come up 1-2 high or low from what it should have been (i.e. If at 3 count and tap it 10 fast taps, it would come up to 12 or 14 more often than it was correct at 13) simple, intuitive, love it! Please just fix watch app because I would love to be able to use it.
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8 years ago, Chewie314
Does exactly what is says, no fluff
There are several of these apps out there that work perfectly fine as counters. I'm trying to quit smoking and keeping track of how many I've had throughout the day is crucial. I was looking for a counter that would allow me to quickly and easily adjust the count with a control center widget, and this one works perfectly. You don't need to launch the app to adjust the count, and you can have the app icon display what your current count is. Does exactly what I need it to with no unnecessary frills. --- To the user looking to reset the counter through the control center, it appears if you double tap the counter it does just that.
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4 years ago, meltav09
Great Tally app
We use it at my job location to keep track on the foot traffic during the COVID-19. My only call out is that when you touch the black part of the screen (in order to keep your phone on) it sometimes takes it as you pushed “+” or “-“ so it messes up your count. I think it would be better if we can just make it less sensitive. It’s a way too common mistake we have here.
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2 years ago, Yeazzal
Very Dependable!
This app has remembered what tally count I am at, for more than a year now! It has never lost what number I am on! On this game called Spore, there are these evil cyborg aliens called Grox, they have 2400 systems under their control and have been fighting them off and on for over a year, I’m at 1464 systems remaining And this app has faithfully remembered what number I am at, and for over a year it has never lost track! This is the best counter I know!
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4 years ago, BenParkerKenobi
Does it’s job, but outdated
I’ve had this app for years, but it’s really due for an upgrade. It does not support haptic feedback which is important when you are not looking at your device. The UI is also pretty old, it doesn’t have the look and feel of modern apps. It even links out to very old apps in the settings, some of which aren’t even available in the App Store. I hope the developers will update soon, otherwise I’m moving on to another counter app.
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5 years ago, chrisward2012
Haptic Tap
The app works fine for counting. But I wonder why there’s vibration to tell you you’ve hit zero but no feedback/vibration for each +1 tap. Would love that feature as I don’t look at the screen when counting and I feel like I lose track when tapping.
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5 years ago, cookie monsters son
Amazing app
It is one of the greatest cookie clickers i have found yet, great for idle play and has endless gameplay with cleverly implemented prestige mode that sets you back to 0- it rly gives a sense of achievement as you get higher and the notification display lets you know how high you are with a glance, it also makes you feel popular
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5 years ago, Billion12345
Perfect Counter!
I’ve had many apps over the years and this one is the best! It is simple and intuitive and beautiful. Best part: it keeps my score forever, so when I come back to it later, it still has my previous count on it, so it works great for tracking items in the long run.
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2 years ago, Note_Luver
Perfect for my needs
All I needed was a simple app that would allow me to track how many “laps” I’m walking during recovery. Sure there are a plethora of apps that are over engineered but this perfect. Additionally as a lefty I appreciate the left-hand option. Found it quite useful.
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12 months ago, not surprised579
So simple and useful
I have searched for so long for a counting app without some premium thing and here it is! If you looking for a simple counting app that you can just go to without passes or whatever here it is!
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4 years ago, amazing099
I like this app
I love the fact that this is basically a mechanical counter since I have been waiting for one to come in the mail for over a month. I have already used it for lots of things like a timer and a move counter
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1 year ago, BayArea!!!
Works from the Lock Screen!
Only app I could find where one can increase/decrease from the Lock Screen widget without it opening the full app. Thanks much!
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2 years ago, jensoaowbenf
Great dabloon bank
This app is a great way to count my dabloons. With all the inflation occurring in our economy it is important that there is a secure way to keep track of our dabloons. For reading this your are granted +5 dabloons. Spend them wisely traveler. 🫶🫶🫶🫶
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2 years ago, omar3131
Great app
Really easy to use, No ads. App doesn’t crash. When counting it lets you subtract points, if for some reason you added more than you need it by accident or you just have to take points out. ( + & - ) Also when you reset your total results it has a undo arrow that lets you bring that number back to the screen, perfect if you forgot the number or reset it by accident. Highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, SHess1928
Please fix on Apple Watch!
I love the app and use it for shopping at the grocery store to stay on budget. It won’t work on my Apple Watch though. Says it won’t work with the newer update. Please fix.
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6 years ago, rowlama1
Excellent counter!!!
I found this app to very useful while performing physical therapy exercises. Of course, it could be used for counting anything. Has a lot of nice options, very good for a freebie app! Very professional looking, and very professional performance.
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8 years ago, Microtodd
Simple and easy
I use this app for one thing: to count reps in my workouts. Very easy to use and a clean and simple interface. No annoying ads. If your needs are simple then this is a great app.
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3 years ago, reese and anna
The app is nice because it always lets you keep track of basely everything but it could let you Keep track of a few things that would be fun
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7 years ago, Alphaman64
Awesome, wonderful, simple, and perfect feature set. Even syncs the count between your iPhone and  Watch. Well done, and no ads, just a simple suggestion to check out other apps by the dev. Very classy.
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4 years ago, Mary#4
Simple and effective
I live that I can set it to use for my left hand or right hand. There is an easy one-click to rest. It is super easy to use with one hand.
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7 years ago, Tom02
Quite useful
I use this for counting my kids exercise reps especially since they get so sidetracked due to autistic behavior. It's not the apps fault but they get sidetracked just by seeing it because it is kind of cool looking too.
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6 years ago, By officereso
Better than you would think
You know for an app that hasn't been updated in over 2 years it works very well.
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3 years ago, NACknaim
I love this app
I got it to help me keep track of my crocheting and I love it it’s easy to use and there aren’t any ads it’s free and out of all my apps it’s my favorite
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5 years ago, محمّد السّوقي
Works as advertised!
I have never given a 5 start to an app in my life! Amazing and simple! This app has almost reached an endpoint of design, and -unlike other apps- the widget is so useful!
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3 years ago, BellJockey
I was using this app to count an online set for a world championship kettlebell sport event. A few minutes in, an ad popped up. I couldn’t get it off-screen and back to counting. Thankfully there was video back up, since this would have invalidated the athlete’s result! I used a thumb counter for the remainder of the meet, just to be safe. If there’s a “pro” version without ads, I couldn’t find it.
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2 years ago, Salvadorzinho
Is the best yes?
One of the best and most underrated apps ever if they update it to work with new and old versions of watchOS this could be the greatest tiding to bring with you in Christian and Doctor’s Hippocratic Oath!
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4 years ago, ArooshA9
It is amazing
What i love about the tally counter is that it keeps track of all the numbers going in my head. And it is really helpful and i hope you would enjoy it too!
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2 months ago, getfacsw
Doesn’t turn over properly.
Doesn’t work after you hit 10,000. I inadvertently “turned” the counter over from 9999 to 10,000. I deleted the numbers but now there’s NO increment button.
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4 years ago, tominco
Sweet little counter
I wanted a counter to keep track of how many coats of lacquer I had sprayed on my latest guitar. I usually used a calculator app, but this is a sweet, simple, and very visually appealing alternative.
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4 years ago, Ft9034
Nothing wrong with the app, very efficient. Just switch the + to the right side and the - button to the left. I think it would be even more efficient
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3 years ago, benzikii
Annoying reset sound
I would give it five stars if I didn’t have a deafening reset tone, you guys need to fix that, please…lol
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7 years ago, RoyalMarsh
Works perfectly.
It does exactly what it's supposed to do. Nothing less. It's convenient and useful, and it does exactly what I need it to do
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5 years ago, your friendly neighborhood bob
I upgraded to the Pro version of this app, because I wanted to be able to see a calendar/history of my progress with my goals. But nope—this app doesn’t do that. You have to reset it each day and your tallies are gone. Total waste of $1.99. I should have saved my money and bought 2 quality items at the 99 Cent store.
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6 years ago, FF Security
Counting My Way Silly
I am security at a nightclub and it is the perfect tool for our establishment. You can go forward and back. Well done.
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6 years ago, Palasid
Good. Really good!
It’s a counter app. It does what it is supposed to really well! Also you can trick gullible family members into thinking it is a game to diffuse a bomb. Good stuff!
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3 years ago, Parkeram123
Awesome counter!
This tally counter is perfect for keeping track of many different things. It’s awesome!
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7 years ago, NMBob
Just count
The single counter version comes up and you start tapping. That's perfect.
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4 years ago, Justbetia
Really great, but not for watch
Would be five plus stars because it works above and beyond what I need it for. But it doesn’t work on my watch because it hasn’t been updated in 4 years.
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7 years ago, Bhamelback
Tally counter
It does exactly what I want and no more. I wanted a simple counter to click off laps at the gym. So the free version is perfect for me.
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6 years ago, 1st grade math star
It’s great
I like it because you can go up really high and I hope there’s a 10⭐️
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7 years ago, Tez2013
Quick and easy to use
Use at events- helps me keep track of guests.
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5 years ago, Streyon
Sometimes less is more
This is a very simple app which is what makes it great. Kudos!
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4 years ago, eyeofthetide
Great app - needs update though
Works just like you want it to. But I just installed it, and it won’t work on my Apple watch because the app itself needs updated to do so.
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8 years ago, TonyTheMouse
I love this application
Tally counter works great on my Apple Watch and iPhone, the app works seamlessly and I love it. Solid 5 stars and a perfect tally counter app!
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7 years ago, Glrichardson
Easy and convenient
So simple and smooth
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4 years ago, sandman1318
Apple Watch app?
I’ve tried everything but cannot get the Apple Watch app to appear. I haven’t had this problem with any other app that offers an Apple Watch app. Please advise.
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2 years ago, ColoradoKnits
No longer works on Watch
I loved this simple app to count rows while knitting. I even had it as a complication on my watch face. And now it doesn’t work. Which is a bummer. It does count UP, but you can no longer reset or subtract.
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6 years ago, nicholas nombre
Buttons small and tough position
The buttons to count are small and in a unique position on the screen. The app works well. It is not suited for rapid counting or counting with one hand without looking.
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9 months ago, JDT301
No watch app
It says there is a watch app but I have never seen it and I searched . Maybe it’s on the pro but I don’t trust them to try it
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5 years ago, DrShayy
Where is the watch app?
The update claims availability on the Apple Watch but, it does not show up there. The app says iPhone only but, update notes says Apple Watch. How does that work??
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