Tape Measure Calculator Pro

4.8 (1.7K)
36.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bugfoot Studios LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tape Measure Calculator Pro

4.84 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
2 weeks ago, Wash-DG
Slay the shop fairy
I’m measuring a lot during the day. I calculate cut lists so I’m not crossing back and forth across our 8,000 sqf shop waisting time. I need to divide measurements and multiply measurements and having this app has saved a lot of my brain cells from short circuiting. A normal calculator gets frustrating because you’re going from 16ths(my general margin of error) to decimals and back and forth trying to apply decimals to what that means in inches and quite often the shop fairy swoops down and steals 1/4” or 1/2” or adds 1” and then I’m going back across the shop to grab another piece and over to the saw and someone notices and knows that the shop fairy struck again. It’s unbelievably convenient to have a calculator for anything down to 64ths if you need it. What’s 7 & 5/8” times 13? Take out the phone and 8 seconds later I’ve got my answer in inches. What’s 3/4” times 23? Boom! Down goes the shop fairy. It’s a tool in my arsenal like any essential tool and it’s definitely something I wish I’d started using much sooner because it makes things much quicker, mistake free and it makes me look more like a wise professional woodworker. Kind of like the Japanese pull saw🤔. I got a few of those in my arsenal now too. I still refuse to get a marking knife though. I like my pencil when I can find it.
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3 years ago, Allie Katz
Great but please correct
So I’ve had this app downloaded on my iPhone and iPad for some time now. I use it multiple times a day. It has always come in handy to have, and always been perfectly calibrated and on point. But I’ve noticed recently with my iPhone not on my iPad, that whatever equation I type in, or even if I type in a number like, 2 1/16” the tape measure at the top is off by a 1/16” of an inch. As if it’s not calibrated. I use this app to help my crew understand where I need a measurement done during loud work sites where showing them the spot to mark is easier than loosing my voice, or when it working with someone who’s I can’t communicate with, because of a language barrier. Even though it’s not something I would consider a deal breaker to discontinue use of the app, it’s definitely annoying to see that measurement line off on the ruler section. Otherwise, this app is a must have for anyone who frequently uses measurements for carpentry, or even craft projects- even those who drift more on the “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it”
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6 months ago, coolbreeze1
This is a Great app, it does all the work for you.
This app has proven to be the most valuable app I have. It's user-friendly and easy to use. It’s nice to have it when I need to figure out different types of measurements Quickly and correctly. I have been building high-end furniture for a well-known furniture manufacturer for over 40 years. I wish I could have had this app a long time ago it would have saved me from the headaches and frustration that came with all the different types of measuring I've had to do throughout The years. If you do a lot of measuring you need to add This app to your tool arsenal you’ll be really glad you did when you need it.
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1 year ago, DM Arch
Love this app!
Computer programmer on the weekdays, woodworking hobbyist on the weekends. So most of my time my brain is used to integer and decimal float math, not fractions. This app is a godsend for me on getting my calculations right and not rage quitting woodworking entirely. Once you get familiar with the fraction section (labeled x/y on the key pad) and that each calculation needs a measurement unit defined before it will allow you to calculate, this app is a breeze to use. This app has saved me endless frustrations with getting my brain to do fractional math right. Thanks to the dev team for knocking this one out of the park.
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4 years ago, Lurker326
Best app ever
Best app ever for calculating feet and inches. I used this app on layout of all the underground in the building I’ve done and they came out flawless. So many times trying to calculate in my head and messed up so many times😠. When I found this app and started using it, I noticed I was 3X faster at adding everything and accurately getting my measurements that I need. I have used this app in every construction job that I’ve done and will continue to do so. Not only does it calculate but it shows on a tape measure where your measurement is! Best app EVER!!! Thank you
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8 years ago, aimager
Great App! Some thoughts
Great app that does exactly what is says it will do! Some thoughts for consideration: -On the main page after you've double tapped to display the visual ruler on top of the screen, it would be neat if you could "scroll" this ruler left to right. Any measurement falling on the red indicator would be displayed in the Answer Bar (with the usual fraction/decimal numbers). If this number could then be selected in some way for use in calculations, it would save the user some steps. -The primary scrollable ruler could benefit from a red indicator bar that would show the selected measurement as a fraction/decimal. It would also be handy if this number could be sent to the main page for calculations. -The ability to add additional markers to the primary ruler, perhaps in different colors, would allow the user to 'mark' the ruler as one might in the physical world using a piece of masking tape. These marked numbers could then be sent, if chosen by the user, to the main page for calculations. Overall, you've got an outstanding app!
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7 years ago, morpheusoptic
Excellent App
I don't like paying for many apps but this one is well worth the price. I have always done these calculations by hand or in my head, however this is a much faster and easier method. I like the design of it and the layout of the answer on the tape measure as well. I think for some that can't read a tape measure accurately on the smaller fractions this may help teach them. Keep up the good work on your product and for anyone that is on the bench about purchasing this product, I suggest you buy it, you won't be disappointed.
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8 years ago, SKingSeanS
Only app I've ever actually paid for
If your like me and didn't do so well in math class and have to calculate measurements regularly, this app will be the smartest thing you ever did. I have to do a lot of adding, subtracting, splitting differences and dividing fractions at work so this app was a no-brainer for me. My boss has been doing my job for over 20 years and undermined the app at first until he saw how helpful it really is. Now he asks me to pull up the app regularly haha. Thanks a lot to the creators! My hard earned money (not so hard earned any more😉) was very well spent!
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4 years ago, Alex Dj*
Totally useful and amazing.
I’m a cabinet maker and I use this app frequently in the shop. This is a great app for when you need to make quick calculations when adding fractions or millimeters and more. Totally useful in the shop and everywhere. Even when I shop online some measurements show up in millimeters and this app quick coverts them to cm or in. It’s a must for everybody. Easy to use and intuitive.
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4 years ago, Mikmeister
Exactly what a woodworker needs 👏🏻
Simple, thoughtful and intuitively designed. Exacting what I was looking for, something to knock out calculating feet, inches and fractions and this does exactly that. The developer asks a flat fee instead of milking the user with a whole plethora of in-app purchase options. I appreciate that. I love that the result shows as a value on an actual tape measure! That is actually not just nifty looking but really helpful when in the middle of a project. Love the app! 👏🏻👍🏻❤️👏🏻👍🏻🥇
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12 months ago, The definition of autism
Fantastic app for many uses
I work in construction/carpentry where x/32” and x/64” count; this app saves me hours on projects when I would normally be finicking with numbers, adding up, subtracting, multiply, divide, getting averages etc. I’m not gonna say it’s the best app in the world, because it’s the only one I’ve tried, but I’ve rarely had to do something myself that this app hasn’t been able to do.
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6 years ago, TurtleCoveBrewer
New take on an old problem!
This apps solves three common problems in modern measures. First the issue of fraction math when adding, subtracting and dividing SAE measures when building. The second issue it solves is converting measures between SAE and metric basically automatically. Last it demonstrates where to find your solution on the tape measure, an issue that I have yet to become comfortable doing. The bonus feature is how the app can be used as a tape measure, in a pinch. Very cool indeed.
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7 years ago, AMEX Experience
Left-to-right vs. Right-to-left
This is an exceedingly well done app. Perfect for carpenters and cabinet makers. Personally, I would rather read the measurements the opposite direction as this would synch with the way our shop equipment and table tapes are setup. Note: using this app on an iPad is a bit different than on an iPhone. The size of text and scale is larger which is great. Not bad - just different (the menu and help features are missing).
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9 years ago, sdsu93
Straightforward & quite handy
I was looking for a construction type calculator to help me with calculating cut lengths for a deck rebuild. The app was easy to pick up and I really like the tape measure visualization for the final calculated measurement. The only enhancement I would like to see is the ability to tap & hold a previous calculation and copy that information to the clipboard for use in another app (email, notes, etc). Otherwise, great work. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Jleworth
One of my favorite apps
I don't usually take the time to rate apps but I think that this one deserves it. This is one of my favorite apps, it's simple, easy to use, and it works exactly as described. This app simplifies taking measurements and doing math which is something I do almost everyday. It's much faster than doing it in your head or on paper and I recommend that everyone who uses a tape measure to download this app.
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3 years ago, Lounge diva
Love this app
So much better than trying to find something to write on to do the math or (oh what’s his name forbid) trying to do it in my old head. It’s great that the answer shows up right on the tape and even the camera measuring thing is pretty darned accurate. Not sure when I got it but it was years ago, use it almost every day. Like I said, I love it!
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7 years ago, obxsmm95
(One of) a girl's best friend!
You will use this app more than you ever thought. Perfect for hanging pictures and finding that center on the wall, then subtracting space, etc. My husband is so glad I'm not putting multiple holes in the wall. I also make signs from old wood and have always been terrible with fractions. This saves so much time plus it's helped this old lady re-learn some grade school math.
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5 years ago, Carbonfreek
Great for woodworking
Awesome app. I use this for cut calculations when building cabinets. I can do the math in my head but one mistake can cost you especially when you’re building cabinets out of high end expensive wood. Just to stay sharp and not get lazy, I still try to figure in my head but double check my answer with this calculator. It caught my mistakes several times. I love this app.
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6 years ago, Tex'M Woodworking
Very Handy!!
I purchased this app a few months ago and have since started making furniture in the garage as a side project and this app has paid for itself at least a dozen times over. I’m good at math but this app takes all the fraction conversions out of the equation and cuts down my time by simply putting in my measurements and computing the outcome quickly and accurately!
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3 years ago, FlyingJed1
Great tool for avoiding math errors
I find that i’m using this app more and more. It works well after you get used to using it. I’d say the only deficiency is that when specifying fractions (x/y button) you have to set the denominator before setting the numerator. This is backwards and takes a slight bit of mental adjustment. In reality, it should work either way. Numerator 1st or Denominator 1st. If it weren’t for that I would gladly give this app 5 stars.
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8 years ago, msw0941
Great App
Downloaded this app while putting in pipe for a water catchment system to help in adding different lengths of pipe and subtracting pipe or joints. This app worked great no more paper and reducing fractions. Read the tutorial and play with it beforehand, and once you get the hang of navigating the app it will be a must go to when doing construction work.
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2 years ago, BMF_VET
Must Have
I’ve been using the metric system for 30 years, but since America doesn’t use the Metric system this APP is a life saver when I have to look up specs relating to anything that is not in Metric. 3 Countries in the World that doesn’t use the Metric System and America is one of them. So sad.
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4 years ago, NRP87
Just download it it makes your life so much easier even if you’re good at math and fractions it’s not only speeds it up but it stores all your calculations so you can go back and see what you did and run the formula again or edit what you input if you’re only changing part of it it frees up myself
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7 years ago, Gnomeo42
Thank you!
I'll just get right to the point. This app just saved my job! I looked everywhere online for something to help me with this strange math with no luck. Tapeulator had everything I was looking for and more! Thank you so much. I'm now doing the math on my own but I'm keeping this app like ... forever. 👊
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4 years ago, Dan Tana
Almost perfect
This is a fantastic app with tons of useful features that I use almost daily. One pet peeve I have is that the fraction wheel entry requires me to enter the denominator first and then the numerator. So for example 8, then scroll to the 3 for 3/8. Otherwise the numerator resets as you choose the denominator. Other than that.... it’s fantastic.
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6 years ago, Deano9 naples
Great for layouts and construction estimating
I use this app because my company bought a crappy estimating system that uses ridiculous inputs ( its 2018, we’re using 1960 tech, then again if our CEO knew anything about what we actually do, he would invest in his people) until that changes Inise this great app...
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7 years ago, Emily 89
Easy to Use
So easy to use - especially if you ever have multiple measurements in inches, feet, decimals and fractions. Put it all in ... and it will convert it quickly to one common measurement! Also great if you ever need to go back-and-forth between US and Metric! I use this app almost daily!
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5 months ago, LKPRULES
Easy to use
I’ve used this app thousands of times, and absolutely love it. It’s 100% accurate, and helps save one from making mistakes. When working with very expensive hardwoods, mistakes can be very costly.
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2 years ago, Galen w
Best app for measurements ever
In my fashion construction class we have to do division of measurement all the time and sometimes the calculations are just too hard to figure out what they look like visually and this Apple TV so much time so me and my classmates love this app
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4 years ago, Cheifmafioso
Works great
helps me double check my measurements. I really like that it can do feet and inches and fractions as well. I would like to be able click on a measurement I just calculated and be able to add or subtract from that as well
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9 years ago, BigTrug
Great Help for Part-Time Project Home Owner
From time to time I do projects around the house. This app helps me greatly when I need to do some woodworking and putting up fences and gates, etc. I was putting up the gate for my wife this weekend and it made it very easy to figure out the dimensions for this gate.
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7 months ago, Mraim
Great app. I use this all the time to crunch calculations with. Fast and easy.
This is a great little app very powerful for those people that can't quite calculator in there head fast enough. Are use all the time in my shop.
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3 years ago, King Woodworks
Finally fixed!
I am glad I checked back. I always loved this app. For over a year it was off. It was never correct. I provided feedback multiple times and received no replies.
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5 years ago, wdee3
Not a gimmick!
I’ve dealt with fractional dimensions for decades, and inputting decimal equivalents into a calculator can get confusing. This app is incredible in its simplicity, and presenting the answer on a simulated tape measure is brilliant! Regardless of your skill level, if you work with measurements, this will make your life easier.
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3 years ago, Mediocre_Mike
Pretty handy
MI tried others, this one tops them all. I’m a hobby wood worker and this app is a must. Update: this app would eliminate all other calculators if it added a toggle that allowed you to switch between a plain calculator and this carpenter one. I find myself switching back and forth between a regular calc. and this one.
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4 months ago, 3/4 garner
Simple and powerful Tapeulator
I use the tapeulator several times a day and found it to be quick, accurate, and easy to use. Couldn't ask for more! George
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1 year ago, ChemicalXRated
crashes between 5 or 8 complete calculations
…although I absolutely love this app, it crashes after five or more inputs. I am currently using it with an iPad iOS 16.2. I’ve removed my five star rating because of it. I will change my rating back to five stars once the issue has been fixed.
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6 years ago, Lfd159
I wish I had this a year ago when I was doing a lot of woodworking. I love how the total gives you feet inches and cm. So easy and accurate. You will not regret buying this app. It also would be great for a kid learning to read a ruler or adding decimals.
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1 year ago, pghoperafan
Tape display useless
The calculator function works flawlessly. However, when the result is displayed on the tape measure screen, the readings are incorrect on both the imperial and metric scales. Also, the imperial scale is almost impossible to read due to irrelevant numbers all over the place. I haven’t tried the scan function yet, I’m kinda afraid of what may happen.
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2 years ago, Mitts MU2
Great product, however…
It would be a better product if: For those that need to stay in a fixed unit of measure like, feet, inches, or yards, there is a preset so the user doesn’t have to hit the unit after every number. The line in the tape should be semi transparent ONLY in front of the fraction. The solid red line blocks the fraction. You can’t read it on the tape. So….solid red line, then semi transparent line where fraction is so user can read the fraction. Hope this helps.
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4 years ago, D3M4NNU
Exactly what I needed! The visual tape is a great feature.
Been using my brain and it’s not perfect. But this app is! I’m a visual/pattern thinker and the visual measuring tape helps me memorize smaller fraction conversions. Developer: What’s on the menu for future updates? Is this also compatible with the iPad?
Show more
9 years ago, EasyE69
Great app!
I don't like having to do math on weird fractions and tapeulator does the work for me, and puts the answer right on a tape measure. A friend pointed me to the app and I didn't buy at first, then it clicked on how valuable having this is when doing a home project.
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9 years ago, XvietnamvetX
As a draftsman I work on various architectural projects. This saved me at least $15-$20 on a feet and inches calculator. I would like to deeply thank the team or person that created this, and offered it at such a reasonable price. Outstanding app 5 stars
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5 years ago, wet okole
Clear button is a pain!
The clear button is below the fraction button. I have cleared my calculations in error due to the proximity of these 2 buttons. Please move the clear button. Swap places with the back space would be helpful.
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8 years ago, TJ Dillingham
Significant productivity increase
I wish I would have had this months, years ago. I'm not mathematically inclined, and this thing saves the day time and time again. Thanks so much for an incredible piece of work.
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9 years ago, Jjurek4911
Helps math mistakes
This has saved me from messing up a few cuts while in my shop, when you're working with material that can cost a lot, its worth the few bucks to check my measurement math.
Show more
3 months ago, Salkire
Great calculator!
Love this app for double checking math. Great visuals! The only thing I wish it had was an automatic halving setting. Just type in a measurement and it automatically shows it’s half measurement
Show more
10 months ago, Kford118
Awesome no-nonsense app
Helps break down measurements quickly with no nagging adds. Gets down to the point, which is rare to find these days. Highly recommend Carpenter 25+ yrs
Show more
1 year ago, f150ferrari
This is one of the most versatile tools you can find for on the job. Easily manipulate fractional and decimal measurements together to get my desired answer. Worth every single penny.
Show more
6 years ago, Oacjuly
Best tool in my tool box
It’s the most handy devise you would need to calculate measurements on the job or at home, very practical. My only wish is that it was a stand-alone device, not an app on my phone.
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