Tape Measure™

4.4 (75.5K)
32.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Level Labs, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tape Measure™

4.41 out of 5
75.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Banshee41a
Worked beautifully
Wish I knew how much this app was. I bought some property and needed to stake off where my house was going and where the property perked and low and behold, I left my tape measure 40 miles away. 40 winding country miles at my house I currently own. So I thought surely someone has made an app for that! Found this and omg, I was saved! I was measuring hundreds of feet on my vacant land and it did beautifully! The septic inspector went out and when he called, said he’d be sending me the permit through email. Whew! I got it right! If the price is right, I’d buy the whole app because my house that’s being built, I will surely need it. But I’m not taking no 3 day trial if I don’t know what I will be charged after that! Give us a price
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2 years ago, sammylbrown
Inaccurate measurements and deceptive setup that makes it seem like there is no free option. Combined with the 3-day free trial and high yearly fee this seems designed to trick people out of their money. Edited to add - My apologies for confusing the subscription period to be monthly instead of annually. I have corrected this above. I stand by the rest of my review and find it off putting that the developer responds to users reporting challenges by insisting the app is easy to use. I did use the tutorial before trying the measuring feature; I still could not get an accurate result. Moreover, while a $30/year fee is much less crazy than $30/month I still find it excessive for the functionality offered, and it is sketchy the way setting up a pro subscription appears to be required to proceed to use the app. Other apps make it much easier to use free features and clearer when you are opting in to paid services. Although I realized what had happened and was easily able to end my subscription, it’s clear from the reviews that others have been billed because they either didn’t know they’d subscribed or were unfamiliar with how to unsubscribe and I think that’s deceptive. If the developers are so sure their tutorial will address everyone’s complaints I’d encourage them to promote it instead of pushing the pro subscription and let users seek out the latter on their own or as they try to access the paid features. I will not be using this app again.
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6 years ago, Thundercaaat
This app totally blew me away from the moment I opened it and saw that it wasn't like all the other so-called ruler apps. I've downloaded countless of them, all claiming to be AR enabled measurement apps, yet every single one of them was either too difficult to learn and/or use or they simply didn't work at all. Either way, none of them lasted more than 30 minutes on my phone. Honestly, I was expecting one of those outcomes when I decided to try this app as a last ditch effort at having a working, reliable ruler on my iPhone. You know what it took for me to learn to use this app? A 17-SECOND HOW-TO VIDEO THAT'S AVAILABLE FROM THE SETTINGS PAGE. Hallelujah, Devs! You've earned my business for as long as you keep updating this app - oh! And that's the other thing! I'm usually such a tightwad, especially when it comes to paying subscription fees for the "Pro version" of any app - I can't believe I'm typing this, but I truly think this app is worth EVERY PENNY! Save yourself the headaches and just download it. (You can even take it for a free 3-day test-drive before you get billed for the annual fee.)
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2 years ago, halliehall
Smooth and Accurate
Alright so I rarely write reviews but I got to for this. Lots of good reviews for the app and some one stars that I see and a lot of the same replies from the developer. It’s pretty simple, a lot of the users just need to watch the tutorial to see how to use the app! Maybe there should be a walkthrough when you first download that better explains but the video right now shows enough to get the idea. And contrary to what some people say, you can measure for FREE. There are a lot of other tools you can upgrade too but it’s optional like the developer says. I like the level tool better than other apps so I use that and would recommend trying out all the tools. Just my two cents 😌 I also have used the floor plan tool and the screen ruler which is nice. I wish there was a way to make the screen ruler longer, I know you can scroll but sometimes it’s too short. Overall would recommend, try it out and make your own assumption. Okay gthats my review for tape measure ✌️
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2 years ago, Jackk45
Works better than others
Pretty nice app, find myself using it nearly everyday. The ruler and level tool come in handy all the time and the regular measuring is pretty darn good when you know how to use it. I recommend this one over the rest. Edit - I have some suggestions that might help. I would really like to see an option in settings were I can see measurements in decimal place mode. Something I need a little more precision that 1/2 inch etc. I also wish I could see my saved floor plans in the app and not just an export option. It’s still nice but that would be helpful. Lastly I do think there should be some additional tutorials in the app. The video and tips are good but for the floor plan tool there are no instructions. I still figured it out but it may help others learn easier. The level and ruler are self explanatory so those are easy to figure out. Just some ideas. Glad there is one app that has all the tools I need so thanks for that
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2 years ago, I'm Kimberly
Decent if not super-accurate
I understand that AR is limited, so I don’t want to fault the inaccuracy of the tape measure function. However, the ruler too large by 1/8 inch per inch on iPhone XR, so that would at least be nice to have a calibration feature. All in all the app is intuitive enough to pick up and use but wasn’t accurate enough for what I needed it for. I also agree with the other review about the deceptive set-up almost forcing you to get the free-trial for pro but this may not be intentional, and I think it is a design flaw. Upon first opening the app, there is no way to get past the pro subscription screen because the X, in addition to blending in quite well, is mostly cut off on the right. If you close the app and re-open, it will ask for camera permission and allow you to use the free feature.
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2 years ago, susie 😌💕
$30 for a ruler on your screen
The tape measure itself, which in my opinion doesn’t even work well as it’s very hard to get it to want to measure something, is the only thing included in the free version. This tool is also available for free on the Measure app by Apple, and it works much better. You then need to pay $30/year (I know $30 isn’t a fortune, but for what you’re getting? Not worth it) for several other tools including a ruler, level, area, and floor plan. Also included is a height tool… which confuses me because are you not allowed to measure height with the tape measure? I couldn’t find out because the tape measure didn’t seem to find anything measurable, no matter how straight the lines are on the thing you wanna measure. The level is another tool that’s already available on Apple’s measure app. I don’t know how valuable the area and floor plan tool is, but I recommend looking elsewhere if it works as well as the tape measure.
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1 year ago, Michael Darrell
A piece of garbage
Do not spend your money on this piece of garbage. You’re better off going to Lowes and spending $9.00 for a Craftsman and get better bc item. And you’ve got a tangible item you can touch. If you try this crap out for the 3 or 5 day trial period, make sure you cancel it one day beforehand it expires; if you don’tb, you may see $30 debited from your checking account for an item that does not work. I tried checking the length and width of something and all it returned were zeros. Trust me, save your money, go to a brick and mortar hardware store, and invest $10 or less in a real tape measure. And keep the receipt in case you need to return it for a refund
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5 months ago, The Hungry Ghost
Very difficult if not impossible to use
When you open the app you can take a measurement relatively easy, but the problem comes in when you try to use the toolbar to change the mode. It hovers at the very bottom of your fov and moves with your head. This makes it nearly impossible to change modes, and when you do almost impossible to change back out, all the while the app is drawing measurements that are really just documenting your attempts to change the mode. Please make the toolbar a stationary window that I can drag and place where I need to. I think Apple’s design guideline specifically say not to pin UI to the user’s head, partly for this reason and partly for nausea. If this app fixes this it seems like it will be very useful, but until then I cannot use and don’t recommend.
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3 weeks ago, PrinceOfMexico
The All In One Measure Tool
This is a great app that combines a bunch of features in one! I’ve used floor plan apps, ruler apps, measuring apps: this makes sense to have all in one. While some of these are in the premium features, the measuring tape, which is the biggest feature, is free. I’m torn on the subscription. I think like many it’s hard to make the plunge to subscription plans. I feel the prices are a bit high for myself that does only a few projects here and there. IMO a 5|10|20 for week|month|year feels more doable, with a clear increase in value the longer the subscription. Another idea would be watch an ad for x amount of time on one of the premium features? Another cool feature would be if there was a plan for remodelers to share the premium app to customers for a way to do estimates. This could be worthwhile to get measuring without needing to stop at the location and share to the company to give a floor plan, window area, etc. Anyway super great app and my favorite for measuring!
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6 years ago, Kejdnrifnfeoevefd
I would say for what it is, your app is definitely a cool idea and I like it a lot( hence why I am giving 4 stars. However, One change I would make is for you guys to find a way for the points to snap to the edge of a surface you are trying to measure (kinda like a vision system on a cmm works). I say that because I notice a large user error in trying to get the points on the edge of what I am trying to measure. If you guys can figure out how to make your measuring points sense the edge of a part and allow me to pick a point and have it snap to it, you guys would have the perfect measuring app and it would be one that I would trust to use in replacement of a tape measure.
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1 year ago, Hollemdak
Pay to Play
I find the developer’s replies to these reviews to be disingenuous and condescending. Nearly every single feature in this app is blocked by a subscription (paywall). Unless you only want to use them for 3 days before being raked over the coals for a finicky tape measure. And while, yes, there is an X in the top right corner of the Pro ad that pops up constantly it’s designed to mislead users into selecting the subscription option. (They can act obtuse about this but we all know this is the most common tactic used in “free” apps advertising.) And if enough users have complained about having the same confusion without any change it’s obvious they see it as a feature not a bug. I get they need to make money but there are less disingenuous ways to accomplish that. But don’t worry, developer, I will have a better day without your app.
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7 years ago, Droobie-Doo
Love it! I know it isn’t accurate.
Ok. I have to say the negative reviews are pretty harsh. Many are because they aren’t paying attention to “6s and above”. Others expect it to be dead accurate. Folks, AR is just in it’s infancy. For an early attempt at taking measurements in 3D space, it’s pretty darn good and I think the approach is on the right track. Yes it needs some additional prerequisite calculations to place the anchors before selecting start and stop points (and the reticle needs to light up when you have an anchor highlighted) but it’s a work in progress. And good grief, it’s free so stop complaining. Keep an eye on this one, I can’t wait to see future versions. Nice work y’all.
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3 years ago, Lovely Rita Lu
More information is needed
The tutorial shows a green circle to start the measuring but there’s no mention of the red circle. The instructions are inadequate but I was able to make it work and I got the measurement I needed- the length of rope on our tire-swing which needs to be replaced. Also I received a prompt response from the app developer to my questions. (Ps I would not have left my complaint in a review if I could have found a way to contact the developer directly)
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3 years ago, JPBRUNSWICK
Very accurate
I work in construction and I’ve always been hesitant to try one of these tape measure apps. Yesterday I needed to get a measurement and realized I left my tape on the other side of the plant. I downloaded the app took the measurement. Later, I went back to that spot and pulled a hard measurement with my physical tape measure and found it to be very accurate. I measured half a dozen other things since then and they’ve all been dead on. You just need to be precise with your start and stop points. Definitely recommend this app.
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7 years ago, Gropoppoli1
Great idea. Needs a lot of work.
This is a great idea for an app, and I love the AR features. However, there are a lot of glitches. For instance, it attempts to get a layout of a room/object and line it with yellow dots. Some of these dots are floating in thin air, others are way behind the object. If you stand and measure in one place, you won’t get an accurate measurement at all. If you bring the camera of your phone exactly to the two points you want to measure, you get a better reading but still inaccurate. I never got the same reading with the app that I did with an actual tape measure - no matter what I tried. This is a great idea but it needs a lot of work. (Note: I tested all the other competing apps on the App Store today and none are any better).
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3 years ago, YodaGaba
It’s good, but why do I have to pay for so many features?
On newer phones, it comes with a tape measure app. And it has more features that this. A free version on my phone has more tools that the paid version. Plus, you can’t close the premium purchasing window. You must exit, restart the app, and reopen to remove the buy premium pop up. The free one already downloaded on my phone has measuring, chaining, and testing how flat things are, while you have to pay for that on here. The only reason people use this is because older models don’t have a pre installed measurements app. It also doesn’t put the marker where I want. When I try measuring my table, it just puts it floating in the air behind it. Bad,bad,bad.
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5 months ago, Jackk45
Great start
So the Apple Vision Pro has only been out a week and this app is shipping new features surprisingly fast. And best of all FREE. It’s the only app with actual measuring too and not just short distance finger measurements. Standard measuring works good as expected as well as the height feature. The ruler is slightly laggy/slow but it seems to be an OS thing because other hand tracking apps seem to have the same issue. Not slow as in unusable but just feels like it could be more responsive. Overall really happy with the app. Other reviewers have nagged on the floating menu but I actually like it. I don’t want to be looking around for the menu while Im measuring. Maybe make it an option for people to choose? Pretty excited to see what they ship next as every update so far has made the app more valuable, keep going!
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6 years ago, Geowil
Interesting but suffers from serious bugs
This is an interesting app but there are some huge problems with it. In large rooms or over larger distances the app completely fails. Much of the time it will stop tracking the distance mid-line, lines that have already been drawn will be shifted around as you take other measurements, and in some cases lines will just vanish. This app furthers the new subscription bs that has infected the App Store as of late but I did not take any stars off for that. Note to devs: photo mode should be free because you can take a screen capture with your phone; why make us pay for something we can already do?
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6 years ago, MacX.Dmg
Not as awesome as I hoped
It looks like it can do amazing things, maybe in the pro, but the free version it was incredibly hard to measure my desk or walls, I would end up several feet or inches away on one end of the measurement quite often. The numbers were within a few inches usually, once a foot off, it was not close enough for what I required. The pay for benefits I never tried before I uninstalled the app, turns out a tape measure actually works well to measure things, much easier than trying to get this app to attach to the corner of a desk or a wall. To the devs, good effort, it looks like you might be outmatched by Apple in iOS 12 though, best of luck.
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4 years ago, Endless Creations
What kind of sorcery is this???
Okay so my title is a biiiittt dramatic but, I’m kind of in love with this app, more specifically the tape measure. This app has taken place of any kind of physical ruler I’ve previously owned. I love how the little dots appear and I can click them and proceed to drag it to where I need to measure to. I could go on and on about this tool but I’ll not bore anyone with a novel length review (although I’m pretty close now lol). Whoever reads this will just have to take my word for it. Yes, the word of a stranger 😂 but an honest stranger, nonetheless.
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2 years ago, Garymon
So frustrating
I’m trying to measure a window for blinds. I click on the corner of the window frame, slide over to the other corner and click to end measurement. I stand back to look at measurement and the starting point is floating in the middle of the room. I tried several times and it keeps doing wacky things in 3D space. The built in iPhone measure app was a bit fidgety but worked. I downloaded this hoping for something less fidgety and more precise. Oh well. Back to a physical tape measure. I will check back in 5 years and see how things have improved. It’s just a matter of time before this is useful and precise.
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6 years ago, Pharaohlll
So far so good
This is pretty handy so far, just downloaded it and I’ve put to use a number uses as a full time photographer and a part time property manager. Finding uses for it more and more. Going to try some long distance applications as I’m taking my rifle out for some target shooting. Saw some negative reviews but seemed like most “new app” concerns and and few people not following through with instructions. Will update review along the way. But as of now so far so good...
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2 years ago, Neodigms
Nice app. Some difficulties with unlocking after paying.
I had difficulties unlocking the professional version after paying for it. This was very frustrating. It did eventually start working and I used it for some measurements in our house. There are a few glitchy items, but overall I’m impressed and think I will be using it quite often.
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6 years ago, TJay96
Not Useful
Tried to measure a TV screen and it couldn’t even do that, it was inaccurate. It’s not intuitive at all; no matter how many yellow dots are around, it hardly sticks and when you step back, the measurement starting point has moved to the middle of the object. Finally, the tip to turn on the flashlight is probably the one thing that’d make this app usable (even in a well-lit area) is locked behind a paywall. They even disable your phone’s flashlight while using the app. For $25 I can just make a one-time purchase of my own tape measure... useless! And before the developer comes in here with the same canned response: yes, I looked at the tips (see above) and watched the how-to video.
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4 years ago, Rlhopkins167
One flaw found that needs to be fixed!
So far the app works great, it has helped me with a few tasks that not many other methods could have so for that part I would definitely recommend this app, BUT THERE IS ONE MAJOR FLAW I FOUND AND IT IS THE FACT THAT THE “RULER” PORTION OF THE APP DOESN’T WORK AND AS A MATTER OF FACT IT CAUSES THE APP TO SHUT DOWN EVERY TIME I ATTEMPT TO SWITCH THE APP TO THE RULER... SO THAT MAJOR FLAW NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND RESOLVED ASAP, and then the app will be absolutely perfect. Thanks! Once that is fixed I will come back and give my star ratings or up it if this thing forces me to select at least one star... we’ll see in a second... here goes!
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3 years ago, 好玩就去玩
Really really terrible app
When you open the app, everything in it just tells you to “pay for the pro version”. I accidentally hit the “pro” button, a window pops out that you could never get rid of, so I have to go for “pro version” in order to try the app. OK, I’ll give you guys a chance and try pro version…. And oh my god what a terrible app this is. I try to measure the size of my chair, it kept selecting the floor as the surface. IT IS EVEN MUCH WORSE THAN APPLE’S FREE MEASURE APP!! Why would I pay extra for this crap? Delete it right away. I can’t believe such terrible app gets such high rating, they must have paid to get fake ratings!!
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6 years ago, Happy.cloud
Terrible... DO NOT GET THIS
The pro option came on while I was trying to figure out how to measure something. Now I cant find anything in the settings to say no.... only the ominous warning that I will be charged if I don’t cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the 3 day trial. It doe not even say what that charge will be. I am so screwed..... I hate this app. I don’t even know how it works yet. All I know is that if I don’t figure it out in the next 48 hours, I will pay some kind of money.... this is really bad.... I hope others read this warning!!!!!!! I hope the developer reads this and helps me before I am stuck with a bunch of charges on mu skinny bank account!!!!!
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5 years ago, yoli_Bear229
Just like all the other apps
I downloaded it thinking it was going to be really easy to measure things and stuff by reading the reviews but when I downloaded it I realized you couldn’t turn the camera and so I tried to take a picture then measure it but I have to sign up for a “free” trial and it wouldn’t let me do anything else besides the basics.I was really disappointed because all the reviewers said it was a really good app and it is but I wish there was at least one app without people having to sign up for for “free trials”
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4 months ago, dallasdelerium
Great now, could imagine a great future
The product does what it says it’s going to do. I use similar measure apps on iPhone and iPad, but with a Vision Pro it seems like a much better interface. Since I really do use these types of measuring apps frequently, is there a way to save what you measure I tried taking a screen grab, and that did not seem possible. Maybe there is a way?
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6 years ago, Sir Bobbo IV
Legitimately works
I was very skeptical of this app and I tested it around 20 different times scaling it to objects I could prove the length of. Other than a few bugs, where the computer gets confused about where you are looking, it works accurately almost every time. I measured myself, and it checked out with almost exact accuracy. Would highly recommend.
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6 years ago, DrPhyzx
Nice AR demo but not better than guesstimating by eye.
Be aware, the first time I tried this app, I discovered than none of the AR apps were working on my iPhone 8 for some reason. After a quick google search I tried rebooting the phone and it worked fine afterwards. I don’t know if this will happen again or was because it was the first time I had used the capabilities of arkit.
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6 years ago, outdoorsman830
Dear app
This app blows worse then my moms boyfriends soccer team. They make it so you can’t even use the flashlight on your phone! You have to buy the upgrade to be able to use your light. That’s like paying to unlock your house door every time you come home?! The lowest I could go was 1 star but it needs negative 16 stars. Plus the measurements aren’t accurate. I would rather drive across the country to Home Depot and steal a tape measure and wait my time in the county jail for stealing the tape measure. Hope I remembered what I was measuring in the first place. and do that.. Like I said this app blows. (Thank you for your time)
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3 years ago, Valoussa
I like the app a lot but still trying to discover how it works. I hit restore purchase by mistake, can you cancel it for me please. I will restore the purchase when I know it’s right for me. I wanted to explore the floor plans first. Let me know if you need any information in order to cancel. Thank you for your assistance.
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3 years ago, boardgamereview
Fantastic, easy to use.
One thing - didn’t see a way in the app to save floor plans to go back and look at in-app, but the export to pictures works great! Just have to make sure the measurements don’t overlap and become unreadable. But definitely 5-star worthy, super easy to use, and accurate for my needs (didn’t do any fine-testing).
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3 years ago, WayneAL
Doesn’t work well outside and long distances
I was trying to figure out the square footage of my house for AC sizing. It kept resetting as I walked around or reset when I was far enough away to see the entire house BUT it reset when the scan crossed an obstructing tree. In reply to the business rep. Maybe it works in pristine conditions outside your office but in real world situations that I was in it stopped tracking and rest and restarted. I ended up pacing the distance, measured my footstep with a real tape measure and multiplied the 2 to get an accurate measurement
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4 months ago, D.H1000
This is incredible!
Would it be possible to have custom colors for the measuring tape and toolbar? This would help to provide contrast against certain backgrounds. For my use case, blue on black would actually be very helpful. I would be happy to buy the pro version to support development. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Ravenburton
Save your time and money
They literally took 10 dollars from me and apple refuse to refund me. please save your time and money. I downloaded this app to measure my waist. I still wasn’t able to measure my waist and now I’m out of 10 dollars. If i had known i would be scammed i would’ve left it alone. who in their right mind is paying 10 dollars a week for a RULER, when apple litterally comes with a feature similar and it doesn’t work well neither. Moral of the story. Don’t be dumb like me and forget to unsubscribe after the free trial.
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5 years ago, skksjagsvsnusys
It’s good but there’s some major issues
I downloaded this app as a last resort because the Apple one completely fails when I measured, same with other apps. I tried it and did a couple of tests and it was pretty accurate, so high hopes for this one. Then when I try to measure my walls, it does the same thing, it fails. I measured super slow and close to the wall and it completely cuts out! I read the tips but it should be able to replace a measuring tape right? Now I’m here with my trusty tape and measuring my walls.
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7 years ago, Andrewjbolton1
Should be 4 stars But…
There are NO instructions at all. What I learned is that you move it slowly around what you desire to measure, to allow the app to get its bearings, then move the camera CLOSE to the starting point prior to tapping, then again CLOSE to the ending point prior to tapping that. With this procedure it works great. Other than not knowing how to use its WONDERFUL
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6 years ago, What'sthepointofanickname
Don’t be so greedy
I’m trying to measure something and it says that it is too dark so I try turning on the flashlight only to find out that it’s only a pro feature. Believe me I understand you’re in a business and you are trying to make as much money as you can but don’t block a basic function of a smart phone just so you can make a quick buck. That’s a feature that should without a doubt be free.
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7 years ago, Jr07gull
Cool concept, will be cooler when it works
The tape measure is really cool in terms of what its supposed to do. It attempts to measure depth and movement in order to give you accurate measurements. Its very glitchy at this point still with your starting measuring point randomly moving around and making it all but impossible to get any kind of measurement at all. Super cool idea! Not there yet though in terms of any real functional use. Not that this app in particular is bad, all of the “measurement” apps react the same way at this point.
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4 years ago, T & Dee
Measure with pleasure
No more ruffling through the tool drawer looking for a tape measure; Easy to just pick up the phone just zip-zip and you’ve got it. Don’t have to have someone holding the other end of the tape because you can’t reach with two hans, but point the camera and measure alone.
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5 years ago, Ice.Karp
Very Accurate
I couldn’t believe that I’ll find a free app that will measure the length or width or any object. Be it a door, tile, table or anything else and is COMPLETELY FREE. This app measures many other stuff but I only use the length. I always lose the measuring tape when I need it most, now with this app I don’t need it anymore.
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5 years ago, NyshaOren
A great idea whose time has clearly not come. At least not from this developer. Measurements are not accurate. Functionality is clumsy at best. Update - developer suggested watching tutorials in settings on app. Problem is that there is only 1 video which covers the basics that were not the issue in the first place. If I measure two or three times in the same manner and get two or three measurements - this is inaccurate and means it doesn’t work!
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6 years ago, Dukerandom
Great app, so much potential!
AR is the future, and this app is an example of possible applications. Yes, it is not perfect (what a surprise, brand new technology not being perfect), but for what it is, and the price point it’s at, I think in the next 3-5(ish) years this app will keep growing with the AR industry to become one of the better apps for early adopters to this technology.
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6 years ago, drcamy
The coolest thing ever used !
The coolest thing I’ve used. I’m still learning how to use it but it made moving so much easier I could measure my couch and the spaces to place so much faster than a regular tape measure. I recommend this app to anyone! Thank you for making my life easier !!!
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7 years ago, ZenJim
Doesn’t do anything
I opened the app and got the “look around slowly” message and I followed instructions and even after a couple of minutes no yellow dots show up. Restarted app and tried again and still no yellow dots show up. This is on iPhone 8 with latest iOS 11 Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled it and still no dots show up. I’ve tried from as close as 6” away from an object all the way to a few feet and everything in between and still no yellow dots show up
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4 years ago, gabby salsa gooo😱😱😱🥎🥎🥎
What I don’t really like this app
Because every time I try to measure something for my schoolwork it keeps sending me to the pro advertisement and I can’t get back to measuring it so I keep having to delete it and re-measure it
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5 years ago, Bawsoman
Your tape measure all is terrible
I need something that works can’t have something that’s measured 4 inches and 7 at the same time just doesn’t work like that let me know when u figure this technology out cause right now clearly you haven’t
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