Tape Measure®

4.6 (32.3K)
93.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Laan Labs
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tape Measure®

4.63 out of 5
32.3K Ratings
8 months ago, Fence Dude 1972
Add ons
Love this app. I am curious if it’s possible to make an add on that would sort of work like the floor plans tool and populate a drawing with measurements included. I work in the fence industry and use this app to take my measurements. While I am taking my measurements I’m also using an ipad to produce a drawing and noting in the measurement I got with each line measured. I am curious if an add on could be made that would record each line then produce a drawing similar to the floor plans tool. The reason the floor plans tool doesn’t work is because with fence projects, the fence doesn’t connect all the away around. If further explanation is needed please let me know and we can talk! Thank you so much for this wonderful tool you have created and I hope you consider this request.
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2 years ago, Giggle6!
So easy even at 57 year old lady can use it!
I love this app! I work in sales and provide posters and promotional items that are custom made by my art department. Every office is different with the space they have for items like this. So of course, I never remembered to bring a measuring tape with me. because I’m old, I can’t remember everything. Ha ha ha So this has been a lifesaver! It works so crazy amazing that every nook and cranny.
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5 years ago, mister zed
Impressive but buggy!
This is an ambitious app (well it appears that way, although it's possible that all the impressive programming is provided by Apple's AR frameworks), but it fails miserably at times. For example, it's really cool that I can visualize (virtual) furniture in a (real) room, but the fact that the furniture refuses to rest on the floor and instead floats in the air means I'm going to go looking for a different app. This showed me what is possible with available AR apps, but it didn't deliver. Keep looking, or test an updated version to see if they've fixed it since I wrote this...
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2 years ago, D|F
The *ONLY* Ruler App You Need
This app is incredible!! True to its name, its functionality as a tape measure is sublime! Additionally, it has all the other ruler and measurement functionality that competitors require in-app purchases or recurring subscriptions to unlock. What I was NOT expecting was all the extra features (even a stud finder that WORKS!) that make this app the absolute BEST! That it is a FREE app only serves to further distinguish it.
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1 year ago, Nathan Sheldon
Free(ish) But Limited
Seems to work fine for measuring short distances like for hangin on hoots. Fairly useless as a whole room measurement tool if you have any furniture obstructing a corner of the floor. It doesn’t seem to be able to measure walls unless you can see all of the floor unlike other apps that can calculate the floor corners based on the ceiling corner locations. So if you need to measure a furnished room, you may run into issues. Also, free-ish because the developer does disclose that the app tracks your activity for linking you with other apps and web sites.
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5 years ago, FujiangZH
I used to have an earlier version of AR measure app that didn’t do an accurate job long time ago. I’m surprised that this app has an accurate measurement and a looot of functions that you can give a try. I like it without the ADs in most pages, but hope to have a “share the app” button somewhere that I can easily share it with my friends. Good job!
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4 years ago, Lilz_6
Easy to use, great for interior design
This app has been incredibly helpful during our move. I’ve used it to measure furniture dimensions & window sizes for decorating, and it’s been incredibly easy to use. Haven’t compared it with precise physical tape measures, and I haven’t fully explored all the features, but for quick & approximate dimensions it’s been great. Highly recommend it!
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4 years ago, Jakerz420
This thing works. If you need total perfection, you probably shouldn’t be using your phone, but for quick and easy estimates, it’s awesome. What I really appreciate, however, is the fact that it’s free. He could’ve charged, but he didn’t. So I thank you very much for giving this to us!
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11 months ago, sherd head 999
Way better than I expected
For years I always thought that this would be possible but not only is it possible, but it’s totally accurate and easy to learn . Well done !
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5 years ago, Junya-Dee
I’m impressed
I haven’t been using this app very long but before I saw it I was just about to order a digital tape measure, I found this app, I tried it and I was immediately impressed and I love it. I always have my phone or tablet around and never a tape measure till now with this app.
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5 years ago, Rv lover
Awesome app!!!
I usually never write reviews may just give 5 stars and go on..., but I had to write something up for this awesome app that help me measure up my kitchen counters to order some drawers insert when I hadn’t have any measuring tape at my new home... this is an incredibly easy to use!! Love it!!
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3 years ago, QuinnTanna0227
So Much Better Than I Expected
This app is really awesome and convenient. I have used a regular tape measure to see if the tap measure on this app is accurate and it is. I actually like this better than a real one.
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5 years ago, bw2004
Doesn't work
Every time I have tried to measure a distance, half way through it loses inches and the length ends up short than the object is. I was measuring a straight object, it got to 3.2 feet and suddenly showed 2.7 feet instead. So instead of the correct length it was too short. I tried several times, even moving very slowly and steadily. The last time the total was heading to what I expected it to be but right at the end it dropped a foot.
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2 years ago, Nenatalk
I can do this
Helpful, user friendly and when it wasn’t there was a tutorial right at your fingertips.
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2 years ago, ihateihateihateihaet
Very good
It’s fun to play around with and I was in my backyard and went to the metal detector thing and pointed my phone to the ground it said there was something so I started digging and I found a screw so yeah very cool app
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4 years ago, Entinc
Amazing app!
This is the best app I’ve ever used for this type of thing. No ads and completely free! Worth sending them a donation on the option it gives in the app.
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5 years ago, Marcaurellius
6s or higher
All of these reviews that say it doesn’t work are either idiots, liars, or people with iPhone 6 or below. The coolest thing I’ve found in the app is the stud finder/metal detector. I’ve been playing with that crap for hours now.
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1 year ago, Tracey Phan
Works well
I used this app to measure my couch after moving when I did not have a measuring tape and it works extremely well!
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5 years ago, StrangeEmu
Useless App - use a tape measure instead.
The app isn’t able to measure anything. It keeps telling me to scan the area. So I spend several minutes trying to scan the area being careful not to scan too fast because then the app loses tracking. As soon as it is finally ready to measure it loses tracking and I have to scan the area again. I finally just deleted the app and used a tape measure instead.
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8 months ago, Tuffcuts8
Handy Tool
This is a great idea, very handy tool to have with you at all times, every one carries a cell phone but every one doesn’t carry a tape measure , but now you can!! Ed
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2 years ago, ScottH00000001
Hard locked my iPhone 11 Pro for several minutes.
The virtual tape measure works well, but the in screen tape measure wouldn’t work. More concerning is that this app caused such a performance issue so bad, I couldn’t remove the app or restart my iPhone. Eventually, my iPhone caught up and I was able to remove the app. The performance issue was solved by removing this app. Cannot recommend.
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3 years ago, LED3rd
Percent of Slope Please
I gave this app 5 stars for its accuracy alone. I tested another one but immediately deleted it the measurements ray off. My question is, would you ever consider adding percent of slope? I’m a golfer so I would really love that. Thanks L
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4 years ago, Cowsaysmootoo
Doesn’t measure
I downloaded the app and it only shows the slide ruler option. The slide ruler option must be manually moved (with your finger). I’ve tried it on multiple surfaces, nothing happened except my finger got a workout. I’m not sure what the purpose of this app is. It says additional features require the ARKIT app. So basically this app shows what a ruler looks like but has no other function.
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4 years ago, musicnie246
I never write reviews I must say this is the best app ever! Makes measuring so easy especially if I’m out I want to get measurements of furniture or the like. Definitely worth it enjoy
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4 years ago, JBG6
Just Excellent
Down loaded several apps, tried them all. This was easy to use, accurate, and great features and capabilities. Jay/Seattle
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2 years ago, RMelrose
Doing Measurements Right Away!
Watched to quick video and was measuring things within two minutes. Totally cool!!
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2 years ago, Zoinqman
A very useful device
The more you use this, the more accurate your results
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4 years ago, Downtownmtbmike
Practically unusable
I don’t find this tool accurate or usable. The top of the screen on an iPhone 11 is cut off and the measurement is unreadable. Floor plans do not show the camera view and are only dots with lines between. Great ads though. The tape measure graphic keeps going away to only a line and the line has no data on it. The free measure app in iOS is more usable. Sry, I was hoping this was better.
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2 years ago, sweaty b$alls
It worked like a ruler. and then it worked like a yardstick. I was able to measure an inch a yard and a meter a kilometer a mile. I measured the distance to the moon and equaled 6 million hamburgers from McDonald’s.
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5 years ago, '50Chevy
Even Free is not worth it!
Frustrating and useless would be how I describe this app. Can’t see any way this could be more accurate than eyeing it, or even guessing. Maybe with the paid version... although there really seemed to be no documentation on how to use the deee version or what was needed to use the paid features. Buy a mini tape measure for your keychain, it will do more good!
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3 years ago, Redfeather813
Tape Measure on iPhone
Convenient but not as easy to use as you might hope - if you’re over 60😳
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5 years ago, 费力客死
Great AR tape with lots of features
There are a lot of useful functionalities in this app, including at least 3 ways to measure things. My favorite and most surprising functionality is 3D drawing in the air!
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1 year ago, G Hollier
Hardy Board
Love this tool! Easy to use, and information available when needed.
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3 years ago, UR2BOK
1st time user
All I can say is wow. I have a first time user and if I can do it right out of the box anyone can. Very good tool.
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8 months ago, Likasjsnsnsjs
This app helps me and my husband when we are building something !😇
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3 years ago, King_Guido_1
Somewhat works
For things close up, about 12-15” it is accurate. Step 3 feet away, and it was consistently off by 3/4” to 2”. Better to just do things old fashion, and use a tape measure. Even after getting a decent reference measurement, take a few steps back of the same an it is off.
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5 years ago, Megidd1024
Does not even let me measure!
This app is terrible it give me the instructions to slide the iPhone and slide the screen. Doesn’t let me get past that. I have an iPhone 5s and the instructions had an iPhone X. Maybe that’s the problem...🤯 But that’s the only good reason why it might not work but it had it in the Apple Store... Just don’t waste your time and download this app!
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6 years ago, Jackflash1212
Good App!
We just a little common sense, most people will find this to be a good application. The electronic instruments in smart phones will only allow good approximations, but these approximations are good enought to be useful in many applications.
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7 months ago, Nnx cnnd d
Piece of junk
It looked very promising, however, none of the help videos work on iPhone. I tried to click on the email developer within the app, and it would not let me click on send. Seems to be like nothing important works so for all intense purposes, this was like a video game a.k.a. waste of time.
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5 years ago, Alan Layne
Says it’s compatible...NOT!
Looked like a great app to watch the videos of what it can do. Said it would work on this iPhone. However upon opening the app after it downloaded it said ARKIT features unavailable. Virtual ruler and other tools require ARKit. 🤔 Too bad it didn’t say that anywhere before getting it. 👎 I’m using an iPhone 6 model MG4R2LL/A with version 12.1.4. Bummer. 🙁
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1 year ago, jagear38
This is a wonderful application. It takes the guesswork out of difficult measurements.
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2 years ago, WideHide
It is like magic,
Has every tool you could ever need. I love this, thanks for creating it.
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4 years ago, qendike
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t even work. Waited and waited but nothing ever happened. My camera just stayed dark
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4 years ago, Michael Sica
Couldn’t get it initialized
I fought with the app for about 5 minutes. It repeatedly showed a message stating there was too much motion or it was too dark. I’ve given up and will uninstall it.
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5 years ago, blazer1971
Love the tape measure
Out shopping for furniture and it’s so handy to be able to see how long a sofa is or how wide a table is without having to ask for a salesman’s help.
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5 years ago, Figy1424
Holy freakin cow
This is 2019 fellas I don’t normally review apps but... I’ve literally been playing with this thing for the past hour and want the world to know it’s amazing.
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3 years ago, Zach Piroutek
Good app
measures very accurate for a phone and lots of different tools to use.
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2 years ago, Gus Sillypants
Too difficult- didn’t work as expected
I tried this app to see about using the floor plan portion. Every time I pointed the little pin at a corner or anywhere it said to press the large plus sign. The plus sign always seemed grayed out and never worked.
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4 years ago, chip_sticks
Measure unreadable on iPhone 11
iPhone 11 displays edge to edge, except at the top center. This app displays the results of measurements at the top center of the screen, right in the dead spot. Since I can’t find a way to reconfigure where the measurement result appears on the screen, I will delete this app.
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10 months ago, jakeman1010
Doesn’t always work
I appreciate the format of the app, but I would never use this professionally (at my work) I tested it at home and it seems to be accurate about 50% of the time. It definitely could use some work.
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