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User Reviews for Telephone

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6 years ago, PhilipPeake
Did work well.
No issues at all with function as VOIP client. Took me less than a minite to hook up to my VOIP system. One minor problem is the lack of a mute button sincd OS X doesn't provide any reasonable way of muting the microphone. —————————— Revised rating: down to three stars. This used to be close to perfect, minimal but all the functionality required of a basic VOIP phone app. However, it has now moved to subscription model (I would gladly pay for the application, but subscription? Never!). It still works without a subscription, but nags each time it is launched. A new “feature” is a list of previous calls. I don’t want this. In particular, I don’t want a list of who I have been talking with displayed on my screen for all the world to see. The number of previous calls made is limited in the non-subscription version, but neither version seems to have the ability to completely suppress this unwanted “feature”. For over a year, there have been promises of new functionality (for subscribers). None seem to have materialized, it has just been left in this annoying state. Actively looking for a replacement.
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6 years ago, AnnoyedAtThisApp
Was great, getting progressively worse
This was the perfect softphone app. All the things "missing" (as claimed in other reviews) are there- you just need to spend a couple minutes, at most, reading the docs to discover them. You can interact with phone menus just by typing, you can mute, transfer, etc. The problem is that the dev is now adding unwanted "features" while breaking other features. And it's started to crash - not frequently, but before, it *never* did. It's still head and shoulders above every other client I was able to find when I checked them all out a couple years ago. If this keeps up though, I'll have to start checking them out again. :-( Maybe one has gotten better.
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4 years ago, TheHammer610
Confused As To What This Does
I downloaded this App to my iMac and started it up. It gave me a 'connecting' message and nothing else happened. After several minutes, I quit the App the removed it. After reading a response to my comment, it appears that I misunderstand the function of this App. Not sure I understand it now. The website could use more documentation besides 'It allows you to make phone calls over the Internet'. In the blog it states, 'If your current provider doesn’t offer that, you can search the Internet for a SIP provider. SIP is a standard protocol for VoIP that the providers and the phones support. After the registration, the provider will send you settings to use in an app.'
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11 months ago, Pigeonman99
really basic
interface is extremely basic, but it works, so not complaining. what's pretty ridiculous to the point of being funny is that they would cap the # of recent dialed calls to 3 unless you pay a monthly fee. i was like LOL that's nickle-and-diming to the extreme.
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4 years ago, Hlorri
Simple & To The Point (Update: No longer)
It is one of the very few (reasonably priced) SIP phones that support Address Book integration - which is exactly the one feature it needs! Everything just works - crystal clear voice, choice of I/O channels for voice and ring (built-audio vs. USB headset vs. …), and ICE for firewall traversal. The two things I could see added in the future are: * Visual list of your address book (now you have to type in the name/number and it will start matching) * Voice Mail support… (Then again, I setup my VoIP account to forward voice mail to my email inbox…) For what it is, it’s the best thing out there. :) ------- Update 2020: It's been a few years since I've used this now, but somehow I've been charged for "subscriptions" each year. My fault, probably; I should have been more careful to check what I actually paid for - but this left me with a bad feeling of being ripped off. I'd be happy to pay outright for an app, and subscription for services (like an actual VoIP serivce) -- but subscriptions just to keep using an already-purchased app? Gimme a break. Automatically 1 star. (There are other reasons too; it's gotten more bloated).
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4 years ago, QA Jo
super responsive support!
I use this app regularly for work, and when a bug was introduced, I sent an email about it. Not only was the bug fixed, but they replied to my email personally to let me know when the fix was going to be available! This app is great for my use, I recommend it for a simple sip calling app.
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4 years ago, KaloianM
An almost useless application
If the bugs are excluded, this application provides an absolutely bare minimum functionality. It doesn't support DTMF (or at least I couldn't figure out how to get it to work). However what is worse is that it barely works - for example there's a 50/50% chance that I won't be able to hang-up a call, even though the call window closes, leaving me uncertain if the call is still active or not. Application of this quality should not be allowed on the Apple Store.
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2 years ago, Eddie B.
Fabulous sync w/my iPhone
What I like about this software is that it further cements connectivity between my iPhone & my MacBook by also pulling up inbound phone calls onto my screen; better than even the OEM software integrated into Monterey!! Bravissimo!!!
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1 year ago, Farrah912
Click to Call Issues
When I try to Click on a phone number from a webpage, it tries to open my Teams app and NOT the Telephone app. Ive tried looking in all settings everywhere and nothing helps... This should be the default for "click to call" actions and it only seems to work when you actually type in a number to make a call...
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4 years ago, Paul CR
App works perfectly!
Had one problem and was fixed quickly - customer service is like non-other! HIGHLY recommend!
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6 years ago, mclaborn
Fixed my problem
This app did not itinaially work for me. The developer worked very closely with me and finally figured out the problem (was in my configuration, not the program). Works fine for a basic VOIP program. Only 3 stars because the UI is a bit clunky.
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2 years ago, mooneydude
Any SMS function coming?
This app is better than any softphone app I've used on a mac and very close to 5 stars. I use it everyday and only wish it had a feature to send sms/text messages.
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5 years ago, tgwaste
Decent but...
Its decent but a subscription for a voip app? Come on. Also any plans for iOS version? I would pay a one time fee of about $3 to support the company but I would never pay a subscription for a voip app.
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2 years ago, iMuhtaseb
Good app
I like the app a lot but it needs lot of enchancements. One thing I wish is to be able to pick up the phone using my AirPods instead of reaching out for my Mac.
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6 years ago, Diopr
Simple and works great
It's really challenging to find a good SIP client with a good interface and where the developer is available to listen to your suggestions. Telephone surprised me.
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6 years ago, vahan007
Great app, works well, dependable! To Dev: Prevention of App Nap fixed the issue with the app being in the background. Now it works anywhere anytime - thank you!
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5 years ago, Antonio137
Lightweight and robust
Super reliable tool for making calls using macOS. The only one issue I got was that it breaks Continuity and I'm not able answer incoming GSM calls.
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4 years ago, Aaron Boatin
Works well, but what about BigSur support?
I would love to support with a purchase of an annual subsription if there are assurances that it works on MacOS BigSur. Would also like a Codec setting to select G711 / G729 Codecs please.
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5 years ago, Ulrich234
Simple and it works
Whenever I need a SIP phone, this app delivers, it has been doing so far many years, it's great.
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4 years ago, Michael zzzo
Doesnt work
I saw the post about the computers configuration, which mine is a 8 year old mac, I just updated it and still can not use the app, please help me fix this or reimburse me.
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8 years ago, Nicktastic
This app was great until . . . no dial pad.
I have been using this app in my office for about a year. I have a PBX system with 10 or so extensions. It is incredibly simple and the transfer function works very well. I also appreciate Telephones ability to recognise numbers and contacts from my address book. The ability to check missed calls in my Notifications center is a nice new touch. It was perfect until . . . I am not sure when but at some point the ability to "show dial pad" disappeared from the menu. This is an absolute necessity if you ever need to punch in numbers to navigate a phone answering system or enter account information when calling a bank. ADD IT BACK! I only noticed this function is now missing since the optional patronage began. I would be happy to support this app, I couldn’t believe it was free, because it is a well developed app and since I have used it professionally for about a year but at the moment I am looking for another solution which has a dialpad option.
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4 years ago, DennyP
Can't change
I tried to log in, but this didn't work. Perhaps I used the wrong identification information. But now it is impossible to change that, so I'm stuck!! Basically, it is worthless to me.
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4 years ago, Sarah Jones5
Its been over year, after that update, it not been able to configure with my SIP. Is there nayone using the latets version of this app on a Mac with IPComms ? I have tried taking the SIp support, all the ocnfigurations are in place. Can anyone suggest another soft phone app for MAC ?
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7 years ago, noNameHereRandomNumberHere
Audio stops working eventually with Telephone while running Kodi.
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13 years ago, We Are Chris
Telephone is AWESOME
I've used many sip phones from, Counterpath, Skype & various other providers. I've used and enjoyed my sip service for a long time now, to the point I've completely gotten rid of my landline and cell. I REALLY like how telephone has a small screen footprint on my screen, integrates seamlessly with my address book without having to "re-import" all my contact information again & simple setup. It's window styling looks as if it was almost made by apple. Now granted there's no "video" involved or SMS integration, but it's not meant for that. It is what it says it is, just a phone. :) From what I can see, even though it "lacks" additional features, it's stability more than makes up for it. If there's a problem there's tons of support, either from the author or other users of the application through their email support list & always in a timely fashion. I use it with a USB headset rather than in "speaker phone" mode & the sound is always really clear and representative of the service I'm getting from my provider. A MUST HAVE if your a sip user on a mac!
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13 years ago, IDontNeedAGodDamnNickname
Works as advertised!
Telephone works great! I'm using it with a SIP number from Sipgate in conjunction with Google Voice. If you don't know what VoIP programs do or have never heard of SIP, then you will need to do a little research before using this application. Don't go rating legitimate applications 1 star before you do your part! That said, you feel right at home in the cocoa interface, and the controls are familiar for anyone that has used iChat. The setup process is quick and simple if you already have a SIP provider. This application also uses pretty minimal resources; on my machine while idle it uses about 40mb of memory and 0.6% of the CPU. One feature I would really like to see would be the ability to run the application from the status bar and remove the icon from the dock. On a tiny 13" screen, dock space is very limited! With this option, I would definitely rate 5 stars. The option to show a dialpad during calls would also be very useful.
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12 years ago, CPruitt
Great for Personal Use - Maybe Not for the Office
We use X-Lite in the office and the UI is bloated, ugly, and always in the way. I thought switching to Telephone (this app) would be a much nicer experience and it certainly is. Setup is super simple (you do need to have a SIP provider, this isn't just going to give you free phone service) and making calls is about as straightforward as can be. Just type a number in the number field and press return. In my tests calling coworkers, I was told that this client seemed a bit more choppy than X-Lite. I'm not sure what impact the client has or how it can affect voice quality, but in this case I'm sticking with X-Lite for now for the sake of percieved quality of service to my customers. That said, if you're calling grandma to plan a birthday party for the kids, give this app a whirl. It's a heck of a lot nicer to use than pretty much every other SIP client I've tried.
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12 years ago, Bully Dog Tech
Good App…but could be better.
This is as clean and simple a SIP client as you will ever find for the Mac. With that said, it's lacking in a few areas. As mentioned in previous reviews, there is no menubar icon or quick-access functions from the dock - it's keyboard shortcuts or nothing. Growl support is broken if you're running Mountain Lion, and there is no Notification Center support. Calling works fine, from what I can tell, but the app insists on using a new call window for every call (and I can't find a call history log either). Sometimes "simple" can be taken just a little too far. Very slim, unobtrusive little client that with a few easy updates could become my goto for SIP.
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13 years ago, Ask Bjørn Hansen
Simple, efficient, to the point
"Telephone" is my favorite "soft phone". It's simple, it "just works". The UI is generally minimal and elegant. Whenever I work from home I use it for work phone calls (both conference calls and regular calls). I don't use a headset, just the microphone and speakers in the Apple Display. There aren't too many settings, but you'll have to know how to "translate" your account information to the right configuration to make it work. If you have trouble there's a wiki and a google group with help. We use FreePBX (Asterisk) as our office phone system and it was easy to setup with that. If you are a software developer, Telephone is open source! This is the only software SIP phone that I don't mind having running all the time.
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8 years ago, MeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMii
thanks, but...
Thanks to the author for this simple voip client, that was actually close to what I was looking for. I don’t need a history, contacts etc I just need occasional calls. And it’s actually working fine for me. The only disappointing thing is the interface, I believe the author decided it’s easy to use, but actually it’s just looking unprofessional, especially when you don’t allow access to your contacts. PLEASE, dear author, add the CALL button to the right of the text field (maybe just the phone image button is enough) and add «Enter phone number» suggestion inside the text field, which will disappear when typing the text. I believe that is 20 minutes work. Thanks again!!!
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13 years ago, TBD32
Minimalism at its finest!!!
I love the how efficient & unobtrusive this app is. It is just about perfect. Set up was a snap with the right settings from my sip provider. It just works. My only feature request: I wish there was a way to answer the phone w/o having to physically switch to the app first - perhaps it's as simple as a "Bring app to front when ringing" preference setting or some sort of dialog box where a simple cmd-return can then do the job while leaving the app in the b/g, idk. I use Growl, so it's not too big of a deal to click on the notification first to answer, but as efficient as this app is, it seems like an extra unnecessary step. I will agree with the other user here that removing it from the dock to an icon in the menu bar is a neat idea. Other than that, don't change a thing. Keypad is not needed. I chose this over VoiceMac, Blink, Express Talk, SIPGate's proprietary software, and many others. Some of them are "full-blown" systems with voice mail, hold music, SMS, etc. I chose Telephone because is just what is says it is: a telephone - plain and simple. Thanks so much! I love it!!
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12 years ago, michael-ashby
Fantastic SIP Client
Telephone is a minimal, easy-to-use SIP phone that caters to keyboard centric users that favor function over features. This is a fantastically simple SIP client. If you favor keyboard shortcuts and apps like Butler, or QuickSilver, then you're going to love Telephone. It's minimal and simply gets out of the way so that you can focus on your work. For example, with a simple USB headset on, I'm listening to my music and a call comesin, mutes iTunes and with the click of the accept button I'm taking the call. End the call and my music picks up where it left off -- a completely seamless experience. With most phone systems, simply filling out the account form is enough, but there are some advanced options if you need them. That being said, although I found the setup to be easy, it DOES assume you know what you're doing. So if you're new to SIP, you might find the meager setup information a bit daunting. That being said, the applicaiton is FREE, so I strongly encourage you to at least give it a try.
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13 years ago, nycjack
Great app for the price
I have tried practically every SIP client available for the Mac and like this one the best because it is a true Mac app. I would be willing to pay for a Pro version that adds the features already requested like dial pad, call history, call control buttons plus voice mail indicator and voice mail dialing. The phone book integration is great but a dial plan filter/macro is needed in order to modify dialed number. For example my phone book entries don't have a leading +1 since my mobile carrier doesn't require it but my SIP provider does. Keep up the great work. Look forward to future versions.
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13 years ago, RomanMSK3
this awesome app is missing some musthave features
Dear author, thanx a lot for this app! It's as simple as it could be. But I believe you missed some extremely important features while creating the Telephone. You should have added at least keypad, Yes/No buttons, and Recent calls, of course. I also dislike the way you did "format phone numbers". You can only replace + with any 2 symbols. And what should I do if I need to replace +7 with 8? Is there any possibility to do so not fixing all my contacts thru the Address Book?
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13 years ago, Dan F.
Great basic VoIP client
Telephone is a great, although very basic, VoIP client. It doesn't have many bells and whistles, but it works very well. It's the most stable client I've used on a Mac. There are several features that would be nice to have, but I understand the the developer wants to keep it simple. For example, it can do call transfers, but not conferences (3-way calling). I can even be on two calls at once, where I hear both parties, but the other parties cannot hear each other. I hope the developer keeps working on the app, making improvements along the way.
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13 years ago, /mrg
Pretty good...
Nice and simple if you already have a SIP account. I'd rate it 5 stars if there was echo cancellation so I could use it in speakerphone mode. Without echo cancellation requires me to use a headset. It would also be nice if the app listed the type of number on addressbook look-ups instead of just providing a listing of numbers so I could differentiate between work, home, mobile, etc. Beyond these issues, as I said, nice and simple if you understand how to use SIP. If you don't understand how to use SIP... then the problem is NOT the app but the complexities of SIP and SIP configuration.
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13 years ago, Bret ATX
First Tests Proved Positive
Although the menus and online help need work, you can find help using the links on the App Store page. I hooked it up with Vocalocity and it made and received phone calls quite well. Will be using it in our home business environment to put it through more paces. I suspect, however, that the biggest limitation for us will be handling more than one incoming call. I have been testing iSoftPhone for those situations and it's probably a better multi-line fit. BUT, if you only have one VoIP phone line, this appears to be a very good choice.
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13 years ago, Ask Bjørn Hansen
Simple, efficient, to the point
"Telephone" is my favorite "soft phone". It's simple, it "just works". The UI is generally minimal and elegant. There aren't too many settings, but you'll have to know how to "translate" your account information to the right configuration to make it work. If you have trouble there's a wiki and a google group with help. If you are a software developer, Telephone is open source! This is the only software SIP phone that I don't mind having running all the time.
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10 years ago, random4t4x14
I love this app, but...
I love this app and use it daily, but I have issues when attempting to transfer a call. I have yet to be able to click the Transfer button and the other party get the call correctly. In my testing, I can transfer a call, but only the callee can hear the agent that the call was transfered to, but the agent can’t hear the end customer. Funky. I still use this app, only now I transfer to my old Linksys phone and then Transfer again, if this was fixed I’d give 5 stars, still pretty solid VOip solution though.
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11 years ago, DVkid
The best just keeps getting better!
I’ve been using Telephone for a few months now as a way to tap into my office phones while on the road. I had used Zoiper before, and find the clean, uncluttered interface for Telephone to be leaps and bounds ahed of a everything else. I don’t want my computer to become a desk phone, I want it to provide the functionality of one while letting me take notes or continue to work on the remaining screen real estate. Telephone does a great job of getting out of the way in those situations. I do wish it had some softkey support so that I didn’t have to remember voicemail and other feature codes, but transferring is the most important of these and it is baked in. Besides that one small omission, this app has and does everything a solid smartphone should do, and better and easier than anything else out there.
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13 years ago, CharlesNAustin
Does what is say!
This is a very simple program which does what it say in the Mac fashion. I just installed it and got it to work with minor setup changes. I have not seen were I can set it up to turn on automatically everytime I log into my computer and make me available, this would be a good feature, but a free its worth every penny. I think I would have paid $2 for it. If you like the minimalist apple fashion of app, get it. If you like a bissy GUI you may not like it as much. Also it works with Lion OS.
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13 years ago, What3v3r
No need for a keypad
For those of you crying for a keypad, you don't need to "see" the keypad to know it exists. Your keyboard is your keypad. If you're checking voicemail or following voice prompts to press numbers, just blimey press them on your keyboard and that's all! The numbers pressed, just work and you don't hear the annoying DTMF tone - which is even better! This is the best SIP APP out there and I have been using it for a very long time- much before it was launched here. Toodle-oo!
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13 years ago, laveur
Simple and Easy to Use
It does exactly what it suppose to do, and I've been using it since 2009. For all of you that are complaining about it not working.... Ask your self these questions first: Do you know what a PBX is? Do you know what SIP is? Do you know what Asterisk is? Chances are this program isn't for you if you can't answer any of those questions above. As for the complaints about no support... There is plenty, the core developer of this app is on his own mailing list and generally responds to your questions within minutes. This program is great for what it does, making calls through a SIP provider. I've had very good success using it with GoogleVoice account through Gizmo5. And when I had to set up a PBX for a project a few years ago it was an indespensible debugging tool.
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13 years ago, oli1970
great VoIP app
I used BRIA from counterpath before for my sipgate account but never liked the UI. Telephone works great and is minimal as I like it for just a VoIP app. Very well integrated with my Mac. I don't share some of the other reviews, the missing keypad is actually great as it minimizes the app and if you need to send tones for automated systems and such, just press the numbers on your keyboard! Works perfectly! Therefore no keypad needed! Thanks for this great and simple application!
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13 years ago, greymda
using for quite a long time - totally impressed
so, i was looking for a nice looking, simple UI application for SIP telephony. after quite a search, i finally got it. it was Telephone. I can surely recommend this app for everyone looking for a nice and reliable SIP app. 5 star rating and hope this app will get as much reputation as it deserves. keep up the good work! p.s. just deleted the previous version, so i can get this one, from App Store :)
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10 years ago, Doug77777
Works OK with an GrandStream PBX
The setup up is your name, the IP of the PBX (the app calls domain), username/password. To call type in number. To answer push accept. Thats the entire UI - There is no dial pad, volume control - its as basic as one can get. First phone either virtual or physical that does not have dial pad that I have ever seen. So this means the phone does not have access to any options your PBX or SIP service may offer, like voicemail. I can answer / make calls on it - that it.
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10 years ago, Vick Khera
Simple and does the job
We use this inside our office LAN to connect to our VOIP phone system. The UI is barely there. You just type the numbers using your keyboard and it does the right thing. Sound quality is pretty good, too. I don’t understand whtat Crash1977 says about any proxy. There are none it uses by default — it connects directly to our server which has no public visibility.
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13 years ago, Cory Allen
Great minimalist phone
I was able to replace my hardware desk phone with Telephone app. Being built on Cocoa it is very usable, minimalistic, and beautiful. It is refreshing that a dialpad is not needed because it connects with Address Book or you can type in a number. During a call you can type in requested information in the active call box. I love this app and cut the cord.
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11 years ago, S.Jerusalem
Answered but would not receive or send voice
This app answered calls but wouldn't make a voice connection, so I deleted it. I opened up my firewall to registered apps just in case but it still didn't work. I could not hear the other end and they could not hear me. There was nothing unusual in the logs. I'm running the latest version of osX on a late model macbook air. Also, even if it worked for me, it really would have needed a touch tone generating key pad for dealing with services like voicemail that use that interface. I hope it works for others. I just downloaded apps that did work on my iPad and iPhone instead.
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13 years ago, Uniquename48531
Telephone is TERRIBLE - don't waste your time.
I CALL SHENANIGANS! i honestly think the "good reviews" being left on here are from the developers of this app or their friends. there is no documentation whatsoever on how to use it; no prompts, no help, nothing. you can read the forum if you want, but it's more posts from lost users asking for help. the app may very well work... that is, once you figure out how to make it work. dear developers: please spend more time writing up helpful hints on how to use your app and less time writing lies --- i mean, raving reviews about your own app. thank you very much.
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