Temp Mail - Temporary Email

4.7 (14.1K)
48.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Privatix LTD
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Temp Mail - Temporary Email

4.7 out of 5
14.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Mike the Official Reviewer
I bought the yearly subscription
I love this app it’s amazing, I sign up for many sites and I never feel safe putting in my info, with the premium features I am able to create my own random emails which last for about a month or two and no one has access to them since it’s not the free version, this app is legit secure and reliable, I will continue paying for subscriptions monthly and the devs of this are awesome! Thanks guys! Although I do love this subscription, I was wondering if you could possibly lower it a little bit, it would increase your sales, this service is already amazing I just feel like a lower price would help for long-term subscriptions, thank you
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3 years ago, Harry Potter is too cool
I’ve been using the website for a long time, when I saw there was an app I was very excited. I’m not comfortable with putting my information into sketchy websites (if you didn’t guess, I have to work with sketchy websites a LOT) so this was really helpful, I also do a lot of discord videos so this helped me with setting up many accounts instead of having to go through the process of making a whole new email!
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7 months ago, ritababy99
Best app
I will pay even if the subscription is $100 box plus. I wish they have a subscription where the domain doesn’t disappeared after sometimes. I know it’s a temporary email but I don’t want to lose access to the emails. I urged the admin to please look for a way to have a subscription for the domains to remains
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1 year ago, Kit212213
Cash grab app/ infested with ads
It used to be fine but now its more of a cash grab, yeah the occasional ad is fine but now you LITTERALLY cannot click on ANYTHING without it asking about premium or showing an ad. Wanna go to settings? Ad, wanna open the app? Ad, wanna open inbox? Ad, wanna open something in inbox? Ad leave the app for one second to check something or to paste? Ad when you open it back up 0.2 seconds later 2 ‘cause it used to be great, i didnt mind watching the occasional ad but now its too much, 4 ads just to copy the address, open inbox, and open a verification email in inbox.
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1 year ago, TravlnRalph
Operates Like a $$ Grab
Although the concept and would it should do draws me in to use an app with the proposed features - but unfortunately this app is very buggy. After working t total of 2 times, my emails disappeared from the inbox. And, then the app asks me to “purchase premium, because my 3-Day Trial had ended. I just purchase premium a couple months ago, not even a year has passed. And, just because support replies to these reviews doesn’t mean they are right, or that they are Helpful. They will say “please describe your issue”, after you’ve described it in your initial email. Then, they came back with “Please insure your subscription is active, and to delete/reinstall and restore.” Didn’t help one bit. This SEEMS TO BE a CASH GRAB app, that I am forward to Apple to investigate. Again, great idea, horrible support. And please, no need to reply to my message with hollow assistance or apologies, unless it to fix the app or REFUND my Money!
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1 year ago, Mr_Goodevening
The Site Isn’t Working
Hello Is there something wrong with the site? I bought a subscription for a year however not sure if it went through or even if the site will back up and rolling ?
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4 weeks ago, z06this
Significant Downgrade
Although I would once argue this was one of the best apps in the App Store, I am slowly getting a bad taste in my mouth. It it is an investment in my privacy. I use the app frequently too. I understand the company must pay employees. Most likely, they were operating at a deficit because the app was free for years, but the sheer quantity of advertisements is beyond excessive now. Please tone it down a notch.
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2 years ago, ayecece2002
The new feature of bringing your own domain makes this app 10x better than it already was. Being able to have an email to input for verification purposes, without giving your personal email is awesome.
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2 years ago, darealskid
Works well
Works well can change ur email n it will save the other ones too so u can go back n still use it price a lil high doe
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6 months ago, Weeeeesnaaaaaaw
Extremely overpriced
The free version has a ridiculous amount of ads. I have no problem paying developers for apps but the price of their subscription costs way too much. You can easily find websites that provide temporary emails for FREE! I only got this because I thought it would be more convenient on my phone but the ads made it practically unusable.
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2 years ago, hduejgieje
I subscribe to this service and it was great, but shortly after subscribing i started getting emails from merchants about fraud where my cc was charged. They were using my temp email addresses. How did they get those addresses when i never used them when shopping online? And how did the scammers have those email addressed AND my card information and billing address?
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1 year ago, UlviM
When I downloaded and installed the app, they offer me 3 days trial. I accepted, however, they charged my AppStore balance 7.99$. I felt scammed and I immediately canceled the subscription and asked apple support for a refund. However, they said it’s not eligible for refund. I don’t understand why? Why do scammers force me to pay for an app I am not using? I ask the developer for refund. Because apple support say ask the developers to refund the money. If you don’t refund, I will understand that I can’t trust apple anymore and the tempo mail app developers are scammers. Waiting for your reply. Reply to: Apple support said I am not eligible for the refund. I don’t know why? Please refund my payment. 7.99$.
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4 years ago, Sonnny Sre
Not sure if safe.
Someone posted on reddit that he got an old email with messages already in inbox. Are these emails recycled again to other people? That would make it risky if someone had signed up for something the other person could easily reset their passwords if they get the same recycled temp email.
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4 years ago, FilmDoctor
Works as Described
App works perfectly. However, I think the premium version is incorrectly. I use this to sign up for trials and check out services before I commit to them. I can easily enough unsubscribe, so I don’t personally see the value at just under $100/year.
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4 years ago, twolfcale
Love this app/service
I used it on google chrome but now downloaded it because it worked for my specific need. Love the service
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2 years ago, bwwtle
This app needs a lot of work
I’m rating this app low because you can’t see the last mail you used. I know it’s Impossible to see everything but at least you should be able to see the last two or three. Honestly I could have rated this app lower because of what I lost through it
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4 years ago, ew0054
Great app
Great for stores and web sites where you need a login to get coupons or read content. Beat them at their own game.
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2 years ago, jamaideputy
You should let us put in our own Gmail
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2 months ago, ghggvchjvtx
Roblox come
5 star so u can see this It stole my Roblox account don’t use guys plz don’t don’t do it Plz contact Roblox immediately
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2 years ago, trebla2k
Must have mailbox for safety
Highly recommend this app if you ever need another backup acct this is very useful
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7 months ago, miiikuhh
Malicious use of Ads
I’m all for Ads as an alternative method to offer a free service to your customers but I got to say, the way you all have chosen to deploy these ads are right on par with those scammy Indian virus alert website pop ups. Have some kind of dignity and deploy ads at least in an honest way!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, John J Ripper
Exactly what I was looking for it’s simple and easy and makes life a lot easier!
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2 years ago, heavydence007
They’re the best
Temp mail is the best app on here, which I can recommend for anyone who wants a temporary mail app, they’re the best
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4 years ago, josephlbailey
Life Saver!
Hate putting your email in sketchy sites? Then this service is for you!
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1 year ago, Twitch user
Doesn’t work anymore
I guess these websites are catching up because I haven’t been able to use a temp email in the last two months on anything. These websites just keep rejecting these emails.
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6 months ago, CS010101
Used to be great, but now has so many ads that it's completely unusable. Literally, it forces you to watch ads with every single click. It took me like 5 minutes just to get to the inbox and open an email. I'm moving on to competitors.
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3 years ago, Ceypher
Can’t login to premium
I purchased a premium service on the website with a different email address than my iPhone has and this app won’t let you login using a different account. Fail. Responding to response: Ok, I’ll ask for a refund and switch to another app that offers this.
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2 years ago, DeluxeSwerve
I thought it was fake but it actually works
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5 years ago, Eliseu2003
What happened?
I was using this app to create PSN Accounts,but now it says the emails are not valid! Why the sudden change? I was using the app for like 1-2 years and this recently happened to me like 2-3 days ago! Pls fix it! Thanks!
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2 years ago, ReezyCuz
Great app
Great app it works perfectly I will be upgrading when My trial is done
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4 years ago, Lazo Amanj
I can’t create PSN with the e-mails
Recently I have been trying to create a PSN account and it seems when I try the emails it says “the email is not valid” so I hope you see this and I hope it can get fixed. Thanks!
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3 months ago, whateverskkckej
Too many ads
Used to have a normal amount of ads which is no problem but I can’t even open a mail now without having to watch a 30 second advertisement, genuinely ridiculous and sad
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4 years ago, Ayoo JJ
In valid error
For the past 3 years, i have been using the generated emails to make my psn accounts. Now, any email I use through tempmail gets marked as invalid? What happened? Was there a change on ps’ part or tempmail?
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2 months ago, Bologna Sandwich22
Sorry, I’ll just use the free browser application that has no ads instead of this garbage where you get an ad literally every time you click one of the ribbon tabs at the bottom of the screen
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4 years ago, Josue46229928
Great app
It’s a great app overall but I’m curious to wonder if you buy the premium service do the emails last until the subscription finishes?
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3 months ago, EnronRocks
Ads Are Ridiculous
The amount of ads in this app is ridiculous. It destroys the usability of the app. There’s a significant difference between having ads on an app to generate revenue vs using full screen ads that no one can bypass just to inflate advertising numbers.
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2 years ago, $gtre
It’s okay
I haven’t seen this before I love the app like kilode temp mail keep it up
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1 year ago, ebanfufu
Download this
Good. Good Good. Swift .Swift .swift is all I can say. Only if. They start doing the same with numbers too
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1 year ago, adeleke@20
Well done guys 🤗
Nothing to complain about very supper good to use 😍❤️
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1 year ago, respectfully 111
Can’t create instagram anymore
Please app need update Thank you for the update
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4 years ago, steve54677
I love this app on my phone please I want all my profile to get approved Steve major Thank you Am faithful
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2 years ago, wilson chase
Why can’t we use the mail we created and reply any message sent from other email… that’s really poor
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3 years ago, Himalaya01
Re, user unfriendly…
Google attachment can’t open in iPhone, also can’t open in google mail after forward …. Why so difficult to use these basic functions …. I’m gonna to quit it
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4 years ago, Katbernas
Perfect Temporary Email
This is the best temp mail system around! love this app so much
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4 years ago, BostonFrank
Can’t reply!!!
So the idea of this service is great but there is ONE important thing: YOU CAN’T REPLY to messages. That became quickly apparent to me when I did my first test run.
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8 months ago, PurpleDrank19
Great app but
It would be nice to but it right out with a one time purchase I get that you’re tryna make some money but put yourself in a consumers perspective.
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2 years ago, follydollieman
Very Excellent
It’s well developed , too many infinite mails
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4 years ago, Cj Garc
How omg dose the email work for
Hi I just downloaded the app and i love it how long dose the temp email work for
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4 years ago, asotiation
Perfect for me
I use this app to be secure of my email and it works!
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1 year ago, MADASEF
Great App
Worked as advertised
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